crying last night

after some reflection I decided that year 2 of Night Vale supplied us with the best lines ever:

  • “Did he say something?!?!?! …Was it cute??????”
  • “He is holding a cat.”

  • “Oh,” I said again, but softer, sadder – which is when he leaned forward and kissed me. Just once. Just…gently. Just before slipping out of the car and into the lab.” 

  • “Hello? Hello? I’m Cecil! Cecil Gershwin Palmer! And you cannot scare me! You cannot! You canno –…Hello?” (this was great because we found out Cecil’s actual full name)

  • “Did you know there’s a Faceless Old Woman who secretly lives in your home? It’s true! She’s there now. She’s always there, just out of your sight. Always just out of your sight.” (the first mention of the FOW!)

  • “Ahh ahh, I see. The sun is going out. Yes. A black tumor of darkness, of absence, is on the face of the brightness. The brightness is dimming. The source of all life is going, is joining the rest of us in taking today to do nothing.That’s probably not good.We should probably do something about that.But…it’s like…well, anyway. At least I got to see how Breaking Bad ended.”

  • Listeners, the only thing more terrifying than seeing the devil is no longer being able to see the devil!

  • “Trees,” she said sadly. “They are us,” she added, waving her hand lazily in the air, as if to shoo away a very slow bee.

  • “We’re getting more updates about those doors. In fact, I have a very important scientist on the phone right now. He’s at the very top of his field, a really handsome scientist!” 

  • “Sad is not the land that has no hero. Sad is the land that needs a hero.” 

  • “Not one citizen outside of Tamika and her band of brilliant, brave, children stood up to tyranny today! We all chose to stand down, and hope change would be won for us, and not by us! By someone else, we believed. A hero, we believed.But belief is only step one. Action is step two. Fighting for what you believe is step two. Solidarity is step two. Unity is step two. We did not take step two today, Night Vale!And now there will be no step three!”

  • “I’ve got guests in my studio. I don’t know how they undid my secret barricade made of cardboard signs that said “KEEP OUT!” and “SECRET ROOM!” in all caps with an exclamation point “ 

  • I’m not a hero. I’m a scientist! 
  • A scientist is always fine.

  •  Cecil, hey. Um, it’s Carlos.
  • I– I– I hate that I got your voicemail, but listen, I figured it out.



you were my anchor but now I need to learn how to stay steady without you. when night hits i hit back harder. when morning gets here I’m bruised and aching but I’m still here so it counts it counts it counts.

every time I have a dream about you, I wake up crying. last night you loved me and the night before you didn’t. once you told me you had a dream we were together and I still think about that, but only when I’m trying to convince myself you were good, too.

i’ve never known how to say goodbye so I keep saying hello but you don’t want to hear it anymore so I’ve stopped calling. the cards are in your hands and if I were you I’d throw the deck but this was never my decision it was always yours and you made that pretty clear when you chose her.

i’m not petty I’m just tired. its okay and it’s not. every song hurts but so does silence. i keep trying to wake up but the punches aren’t landing. nothing is impacting.

nothing is impacting.

—  can’t get a grip can’t get better– lily rain

Seungri solo acoustic version of Koe wo Kikasete