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 this is too much it’s too good to be true I’LL NEVER LET GO OF THESE TWO 

Musical Shitpost

this is what happens when i watch mama mia with my mum and we both cry at meryl streep

team voltron love musicals. this is a fact. but who loves what


  • keith loves legally blonde
  • he can’t help it
  • the music is all so fun
  • and they all have such a good time and no one ends up hurt except a couple assholes
  • every time he watches it he starts to sing the song what you want at lance behind his back
  • no one minds
  • hunk and him do a perfect duet of serious


  • this man loves les mis
  • he doesn’t hide it either, his jean val jean impression is spot on
  • sometimes he’s found doing his eyeliner singing both parts of a duet to the mirror
  • often it’s the confrontation
  • he isn’t good at it
  • he cries whenever a character dies too which is hard
  • because like
  • they all die


  • you do not wanna get between this woman and wicked
  • she used to love hamilton but as soon as she heard no good deed she fell in love
  • she can hit all the high notes especially in deying gravity
  • she tried to make keith duet what is this feeling but he couldn’t learn the lyrics
  • sometimes she and lance sing popular together and lance kills it as glinda
  • she refers to the mice as munchkins sometimes


  • when lance is sad he sings my favourite things and it chers him up without fail
  • he has a playlist of his favourite sound of music songs to go to sleep listening to
  • spoiler alert: it’s all of them
  • he convinced the team to do do re mi together and it almost made him cry when they did
  • once when they found a planet where the hills actually were alive he almost died imitating julie andrews
  • he still says it would have been worth it


  • i don’t know if you know this but pidge and heathers go together like shiro and suffering
  • candystore is her anthem
  • and whenever lance pisses her off which is a lot she belts out yo girl around the ship
  • losing rover put her into full on i am damaged mode for weeks
  • lifeboat makes her sad because it reminds her how much of her family she’s lost. sometimes she’ll be alone in her room crying thinking how much she’s lost. no one knows.
  • dead girl walking reprise puts her back in a good mood though so it’s fine


  • i bet you thought this would say high school musical
  • everyone loves highschool musical lance isn’t a basic bitch
  • although he does love it
  • lance‘s favourite is obviously mamma mia and i’m not just saying that because i just watched it
  • it has meryl streep in it for christsake
  • and abba
  • dancing queen is his anthem but lay all your love on me is pretty awesome to him too
  • winner takes it all still makes him cry with pride
  • he’s sung S.O.S about both hunk and keith at different times and same times. they are so perfect for it
  • the musical both makes him incredibly happy and incredibly homesick. use only when needed


  • avenue q of course
  • this was the first musical he’d ever heard and every one since has been a disappointment in comparison
  • he sang everyone’s a little bit racist to allura when she was having her issues with keith
  • it didn’t help
  • he sang if you were gay when keith first got his crush on lance
  • it didn’t help
  • when lance had to handle keith’s bonding moment issue he sang mixtape
  • it helped.


  • grease all the way
  • alone at a drive in moo-vie is his favourite
  • beauty school dropout also resonates deep in his heart
  • this is the only musical the poor cow has seen, he saw it when lance watched it with shiro
  • grease is the word was a spiritual experience

im sorry this is what i made tonight


  • zarkon likes Hairspray purely for Miss Baltimore Crabs
  • haggar enjoys chorus line surprisingly
  • shay adores RENT in every way
  • the blades of marmora watch rocky horror regularly and each have assigned roles to sing. ulaz was dr frank n furter
  • lotor is high school musical 2. he wants fabulous.
  • varkon likes shrek the musical.


  • riches and wonders by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: In some universes, love blossoms in swimming pools. In others, there are kittens involved.

  • #hashtag by Bellakitse
    Summary: Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.


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Bts reaction to their innocent s/o being into horror themes:

Anon requested:  How would bts react to their sweet and innocent girlfriend being really into Paranormal and chilling mysteries. (Black Dahlia/Enfield House/Annabell/etc)

A/ N: I was gonna search up the examples but then I remembered its 4am… The gifs got a little suggestive and irrelevant towards the makane line but I’m a sinner so


Originally posted by jhope-shi

Laughs it out. No one is completely innocent and he would be lying if he said he hadn’t sensed it when you squealed every time a horror movie was suggested. Doesn’t mind at all though he would appreciate it if you didn’t insist on a hair-rising movie each date night.


Originally posted by jminies

Actually impressed. A soft girl wouldn’t last long in my opinion with Yoongi if she didn’t have it in her to be brave. He would think that you’re all up for rainbows and barbies but when he saw this side of you, he couldn’t be anymore thankful.


Originally posted by shinenamjoon

This is one is different. Wanna watch a horror movie? you're alone because Hobi clearly exhibited how much he dislikes horror themes. Just remember to warn him before you drift into your spooky realm otherwise the poor baby might have a heart attack.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by ksjknj

He finds it entertaining whenever you get too enthusiastic about popping a horror movie at night. If anything he loves that side of, how you survive all the gore and mystery despite other girls who might start crying few minutes into the movie. 


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

The maknae line is a bit different. Jimin is the second most willing member, after Jungkook, to watch a movie with you. Though not the best choice, he just finds that horror movies have a specific time and place and it’s certainly not every night.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by mvssmedia

I can see him happily choosing My Little Pony over The Conjuring. Do I have to explain any more?


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Loves it. jungkook is probably the most into these stuff and if you suggest a horror or mystery movie he is never objecting. in fact not only will he be having the time of his life, it will kinda make him fall for you more. 

anonymous asked:

Maggie and Alex are dating and J'onn wants to meet Maggie and talk to her about their relationship. Alex is happy that J'onn is looking out for her. (Write this if you have time, please.)

It’s not how she wanted J’onn to find out, and it’s far from what J’onn would have preferred, too.

Far, far, far from it.

Because when he walks into his earth daughter’s lab and Detective Maggie Sawyer is on the lab bench with her shirt tugged hastily up and her fingers woven into Alex’s hair, whining as she holds her head steady to her chest, he really thinks he’s seen enough of this damn planet.

“Agent Danvers,” he clears his throat, and Maggie’s breathy whining of Alex’s name becomes a curse and he didn’t know Alex could make that kind of squeaking sound.

“Sir,” she breathes, zipping her pants and helping Maggie pull her shirt down, her fingers trying to pat her hair back into some semblance of acceptability as she snaps to attention, lips swollen and slightly parted, breathing hard for very different reasons, suddenly.

Maggie doesn’t turn around as she hops gingerly off the lab bench, because she’s trying so hard to just breathe, breathe, breathe. Because she’s been here before, been caught by someone’s dad before, and it hadn’t been pretty – to say the least – and she was so stupid, she should have known that something so reckless and impulsive would destroy everything.

Like she always does.

“At ease, Alex,” J’onn says, and there’s something in his voice that Maggie can’t identify, and – when she chances a glance up at Alex’s face – she can tell that Alex can’t quite read it, either.

“Detective Sawyer, can I please speak with you for a moment?”

“J’onn, she – ”

“No, Alex, it’s fine. It’s fine.” It’s most certainly not fine, but she squeezes Alex’s hand and she winks softly at her and she puts on a brave face, because he is much more powerful than that father who’d called her into his garage and beaten her senseless for kissing his daughter, but she’s long since trained herself to keep a brave face, so she does.

J’onn doesn’t look at her as she follows him out of the lab, feeling a combination of distinct dread and the panicked urge to laugh, because Alex is supposed to be the one feeling like a teenager again, not her, but god, she does.

He leads her into an office and he gestures her into a seat.

“Prefer to stand, sir,” she clips, forcing herself to look up into his unreadable eyes.

He speaks without preamble, and what he says shocks her. And she didn’t think she could be shocked by much anymore.

“Do you love her, Detective Sawyer?”

“I… Sir?”

“Sit,” he says again, and he sits, too, this time, so she follows suit.

“Detective Sawyer, I know a lot of things about you. Protocol, you understand, for letting you into the DEO so frequently, for partnering with you on cases these past weeks. I know that you won an impressive amount of Intel competition awards throughout high school; that you suffered a compound fracture in your left arm when you were sixteen years old; that you rose to the rank of detective more quickly than anyone else in your graduating class at the academy, largely due to your extensive knowledge of alien life and your community work with LGBTQ children. I know, too, that your first girlfriend in college was an alien of unknown origin, and you helped her fix her pod so she could go back to her planet, even though it broke your heart when she told you she was planning to leave.”

He pauses and Maggie tries not to feel naked. “I…”

J’onn speaks again, and his voice is different, now, a little lighter. A little less stoic DEO Director, and perhaps a little more the stoic DEO Director space dad figure that Alex idolizes so much.

“And now, I know more things about you than I ever wanted to know, and good god, I wish now more than ever that Martians didn’t have such impressive memories.”

Maggie blushes and starts to stammer out an apology, but J’onn continues. “So, now I know that you’re deeply attracted to Agent Danvers. But what I don’t know, Detective Sawyer, is if you love her.”

“You wanna know if I’m good enough for her,” Maggie rasps softly, tears in her throat, and J’onn watches her face closely.

“It hasn’t been that long, you know. And she… she’s just coming to realize… things… about herself. That’s for her to tell you about, and she was planning to, you know, soon. Just trying to find the right time.” She looks up at him and gulps. “But that’s not what you asked. It hasn’t been that long, but I… yeah. Yes. I love her. I… I haven’t told her yet, because I don’t want to rush her, I don’t want to pressure her, but I… I know it hasn’t been long, so maybe this is stupid, but I love your daughter more than I’ve ever loved anyone. She… she’s just… you know Alex, she… she’s perfect. For me. She’s perfect. And as for whether I’m good enough for her? Probably not. Almost definitely not. But I’ve been trying to be, every day. And I’m not going to stop trying to be.”

The skin around J’onn’s eyes crinkle slightly, and his lips tilt upward.

“Alex! You can stop hovering in the hallway now.”

Maggie startles and turns, her mouth open and her eyes wide. “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to know that two of the people I love most in the world have got my back,” she whispers, and the tilt of J’onn’s lips becomes a full smile, and Alex crosses the room and slips into his arms.

“Thank you for wanting to protect me.” She turns to Maggie, and there’s pure vulnerability, pure love, in her eyes. “And I feel the same way about you.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she licks her lips and she can’t speak.

J’onn clears his throat. “Do you two need the afternoon off? Because I certainly don’t need to witness anything – like that – ever again.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, J’onn, I – ’

“We’re just not going to discuss it, Agent Danvers.” His voice is gruff, but his warm hand on her shoulder, and then on Maggie’s as he leaves the room, gives him away.

“Maggie, I – ” Alex steps closer to her and takes her into her arms.

“Never again, Agent Danvers!” J’onn calls without turning around, and Maggie and Alex laugh, laugh, laugh, into each other’s arms.

And if they cry, just a little bit, it’s out of the sweet relief of being so, so loved.


I was 13 years old. It was my birthday. Royston Sinclair III had broken my heart in front of everyone. I had snuck into your closet that morning and took that green beaded top that was your mother’s…that you kept so carefully wrapped up in tissue paper in your cedar closet. I was never supposed to touch it, but I stole it. And I wore it to school with my Chemin de Fer sailor jeans. And I thought no one was as stylish as I was. Royston laughed, he said I was cheap. He said that the only reason he’d been my boyfriend was because he was mad at Angie Morgan and he wasn’t anymore. He called me loud and weird. And he said there was a rumor going around that I wasn’t actually a Gilmore..that…I was the gardener’s daughter and…you’d bought me because you couldn’t have children of your own. And I was crushed. And I ran out of class. And I ran out of school. And I went to the mall. And I was sitting in the food court, wishing I had some money to buy a pretzel because I was starving. And I looked up…and there was Dad..standing in front of the mall. He never came to the mall. That day…he went to the mall…and he was furious. Why aren’t you in school?, he asked. Tell me right now, Lorelai. Why aren’t you in school? And I tried to think of something…some lie that would make sense, but I couldn’t. All I could think was that yesterday I had a boyfriend who loved me and today I didn’t and I started to cry. I just sat there like and idiot, bawling. And finally, after what seemed like forever, I managed to control myself a little bit. And I calmed down and I waited. I waited for him to yell at me…to punish me…to ground me forever…to tell me how disappointed he was in me. And nothing came. And finally I got up enough courage…to look up at him and he was standing there with a pretzel…a giant pretzel, covered with mustard. And he handed it to me and he said, let’s go.  And he took me to the movies. We saw Grease and An Unmarried Woman. Something for me and something for him, he’d said. He bought me popcorn and Red Hots and we sat in the dark and we watched. And then he took me home and he gave me a sweater to cover up the stolen top and he told you that he’d picked me up from school and taken me to the club for a soda. And that was it. We never discussed it again. That was the best birthday I ever had. I just thought you should know.

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hey! I was wondering if you do one shots based off songs? If so, could you maybe do one for Peter Parker based off Wasted by MKTO? If not, that’s fine. I love your work!💗

A/N: love you too nonny || and yes, I do imagines/one-shots based off songs. and i’ve never heard this song (but i love mkto) but when you showed up in my ask box i listened to it, and i’m legit addicted to this song now. so thank you nonny lol, i found a new song that’s on repeat :) || Feel free to listen to this song and read :D

Warning: None

You saw as Peter was falling asleep, his back was faced towards you. You really felt like Peter was something different. He had an actual connection with you, he had lots of things in common with you. He was sweet, gentle, practically everything you were looking for, was what Peter was. But before you jumped to conclusions, you just shook it off and denied it. 

You’ve never really thought that you can be in a positive relationship with anybody. You constantly move on, guy to guy, you’ve got serious commitment issues. And it’s hard for you to know who you really want. You slipped out of the bed, trying not to wake Peter up. You started to silently pick up your clothes off of the ground, putting them back onto your body. 

After you finished getting fully clothed, you looked at Peter who looked fast asleep. You sighed and started heading towards the closed door. You open it up, making the door creak loudly. You closed your eyes, hoping you didn’t awaken Peter.

‘‘Where are you gong Y/N?’‘ you hear peter groan, making you turn around.

‘‘I’m just.. Getting some water, that’s all. I’m thirsty.’‘ you smile nervously.

‘‘You need me to show you where it is?’‘ peter asks.

‘‘Um, I’m good. I can find my way.’‘ you smile, turning back to the door.

You stepped one foot out the door before Peter said those three words that made you weak.

‘‘I love you Y/N.’‘ peter says.

You turn around and look at him, the innocence in his eyes were killing you. He smiled at you and you smiled back. Nobodies ever said I love you to you, it’s usually just you do what you do. And you leave, no words to be said. But the fact that Peter said those words, made your decision to leave, a lot harder.

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do you think right before louis was gonna perform by himself on the xfactor harry hugged him really tight and louis made himself really tiny in his arms and they didnt say anything just stood their hugging backstage until right before louis got on stage and when they called him for show time harry softly pat his back - pat pat pat - and louis felt a little bit more at ease, i bet harry did that all the time when louis was nervous or angry or sad or maybe when they couldnt show affection publicly, pat, pat, pat - i, love, you

Our anthem

How would BTS react if thier s/o (also an Idol) wrote a song a bout them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this song at an award show?

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Joonie would be really touched by the fact that you chose a song you’ve written meant for you and him to a whole crowd of people, and at an award show! like he’d seriously be a proud and happy boyfriend. As you sang you’re heart out to the song about you and him he becomes all shy but would have the biggest grin on his face while he watched you perform. Once the song was over there is a small break so he rushes backstage to see you. “Baby you did amazing!” he embraces you in a great bear hug. “You really liked my performance?” you look up at him smiling. “All of it,” “that’s good this song is already special but I wanted to make it memorable for you.” You nuzzle your head onto his chest hugging him a bit tighter. He can’t help but smile and kisses the top of your head. “I love you y/n.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

When he sees you on stage and hears the familiar tune he would be a little caught off guard and laugh away his shyness. But as you began to sing the song jin would stare up at you with so much love and sing along with you. After you’re performance he heads over backstage to tell you how well you did and how it surprised him a bit. “Y/n I can’t believe you sang our song,” he hugs you. “Was it too much, I just wanted to sing it for you and I thou-” he cuts you off by capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. “You did great and I loved every minute of it.” You blush and hid your face a little “You liked it that much?” “How could I not it’s our song y/n you made my heart jump and every thing!” You laugh at his reaction and kiss him again. “I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


Originally posted by daeguboy

Personally I don’t think yoongi would be able to hide that gummy smiles of his because he’d be so freaking flustered the moment the music began to play and realizing it was the song you wrote about your relationship. Like he tries to be chill about but he can’t because he’s kinda low-key fanboying over you. He would see the way you poured your heart into singing the song and how much passion you were showing in front of the crowd would make him all giddy inside and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. When your stage was over he sneaks away to find you. “Interesting choice of song babe,” “Did I surprise you?” you grinned at your boyfriend and gave him a playful hit to the arm. “maybe a little, but you did great up there?” he puts his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. “A little?” you raised a brow. “Look I really liked that you decided to sing it ok, you can tease me later about it just let me hug you.”


Originally posted by joeguk

Hobi gets emotional at certain times and this would probably be one of those times. The fact that you’re singing your guy’s song at this time in front of all these people, with him there would take him over the flipping moon. He would smile and sing along and then at some point just cry a little because his heart just hurts from all the love he’s feeling. When you finish he wastes no time to get to you and hugs you like it’s his last day on earth. “Hobi did you cry?” you held his face in your hands and tried not to laugh. “Psh no,” he sniffles a bit. “I had something in my eye,” “both your eyes?” Hoseok smiles widely and kisses  the top of you’re head. “Don’t judge me I was bound to with you singing our song.”


Originally posted by jitaeme

First things first, he would have the biggest smile the second you came up on stage. He claps and cheers along the crowd and the other boys to just feeling so proud to see you up there. Although he’s already seen you perform multiple times. And the second he hears the beginning of the song he’d instantly become shy and hide his face a bit as the members teased him a bit. He’ll see you singing to him and just kinda wave at you not really knowing what to do with himself. “Y/n!” you turn to see him calling you over to him. “So our song huh?” he smiles shyly.  “Yep I thought It was the perfect time to sing it,” ‘’Ah, good thing too now everyone knows how much you love me,” he smirks and slings his arm around you. “But they already knew mi-” “shh I know I’m just happy. let me have this moment.”


Originally posted by beui

Tae would be a happy puppy singing along with you with just as much passion as you showed on stage. He’d be cheering for you and sometimes look at the crown behind him to point at you like yeah that’s my girl up there. Tae would have that boxy grin that you love so much plastered onto his face the whole entire time and even after when he went to go see you. “JAGI, Y/N,” he was basically speed walking to you. “Hi tae,” you kissed his cheek. “I saw you down there you were really excited,” you laughed. “Of course I was you sang my favorite song,” he did some cute little dance while singing a line or two from the song. “So it’s your favorite song?” “Well why wouldn’t be?”


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

You walk on stage, the crowd is cheering and with jungkook as well. The music starts and he freezes mid clap because he’s like wait a hot second. He’ll listen for a moment hearing you sing and trying to comprehend what your saying before he realizes and is like oh wait it’s our song. He’ll become shy because one, your up there singing to him, and two, his hyungs would tease him a bit but would think it’s really freaking cute. “Kookie did you like my performance?” you look up at him and smile waiting for his response. “Yeah I really liked it,” he chews his lip a little “I was a little surprised though I didn’t think you were going to sing it.” he laughs a little. “Thank you?”  “For what?” he shrugs his shoulders a  bit. “For singing it, I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckles nervously. “You’re happy, and you love me?” “Yes, very much.”

Hope you like it 😊
Much love~💖

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hi—i'm here for the 'even more 7x12 discussion' group meeting? let's pore over it some more! after hours of study, i think my (current) fave part is after rick talks about "the two of us, you and me reordering thangs together" (*sob*) and michonne says that soft "yeah" and he smiles this small, tender, and proud ghost of a smile and it breaks me into precisely 712 pieces because riiiick! you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel. i just really love him, ashley. god.

“you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel.” I want this tattooed on my neck.

Okay, but somehow, I missed this in my 8430 viewings of this episode, but bless you for bringing it to my attention. Even though it makes me wanna cry, because the way he stares at her for a beat before the smile even starts to tug at his lips is just a little bit too much. And when he does smile, you see it in his eyes more than anything, and I’m not sure how he manages to express in this millisecond just how thankful he is for this woman. And I just adore that he’s so genuinely happy with her, and soft with her in a way that reminds me of his scenes with Judith. So thanks, show, and more specifically, Andy Lincoln, for allowing this hardened soul to be so unabashedly affectionate. And for saving such tender moments for the love(s) of his life. 

A Rather Small Event

The low rumble of the car’s engine lulled Alexander into a slow train of thought, the passing buildings and scenery fading into his mind. He was going to see Lafayette later, and as he fidgeted with his engagement ring, he knew that today was going to mark an enormous change in his life. The stiff suit and tie Hercules had forced him to wear was much more somber than he would have liked, but it didn’t concern him much, what with the main event of today overtaking the parts of his brain that hadn’t been tucked away as to focus on today.

As they passed a park, a particular memory fell into his head. That was the park where Lafayette had taken him on their first date. Alexander had spilled his coffee on the frenchman, and asked what he could do to make it up. Lafayette had jokingly suggested a date, and Alexander had jokingly agreed.

The summer air had been fresh that afternoon, soft winds blowing through their hair as they laughed at each other’s fake over-romanticized flirting. They had joked and Lafayette had teasingly held out his arm with a pen, joking that the only way to get a cute man’s phone number was to have it written on his arm. Alexander had taken the pen despite Lafayette’s giggles and scrawled down his phone number in the glittery ink.

‘Why do you even have a glitter pen?’ He’d asked teasingly, handing it back to Lafayette once he’d written his phone number down on the other man’s dark skin. Lafayette had simply laughed and told him that a good magician must keep some secrets to himself and blown Alexander a kiss before running off.

“You okay, Alex? You seem a little nervous.” John asked, interrupting Alexander’s thoughts with his uneven voice.

“Aren’t I allowed to be nervous?” He’d replied, smiling weakly at John. He was glad that John had offered to drive him to their destination- he didn’t think that he would be able to drive there alone, with all that was on his mind.

“I know, I just don’t want you to do anything stupid, Alex.” John told him, eyes focused on the road.

“I always do stupid shit. That’s why we’re friends, John. And…I won’t do anything stupid. I really don’t want to mess anything up today of all days. You know that, right?”

“I know, Alex.” John replied quietly, dropping the conversation as quickly as possible. He needed to focus on traffic, which was getting pretty bad- and Alexander didn’t want to be late for this. It was essentially the one day he could not, under any circumstances, be late to, or even miss.

Bright sunlight flooded through the car windows, shining into his eyes as they passed another familiar building- it was the shitty apartment complex Lafayette and Alexander had first lived together in. The landlord had been a dick, and the heating was old, but they’d both been recently starting their careers, and it didn’t matter where they lived at the time, so long as they were together. He supposed that was what gave him the best memories of the place.

Cold winter afternoons spent together watching reruns of 90s sitcoms, warm spring mornings spent in bed together, trying to memorize each curve of each other’s bodies before they had to get dressed. He idly wondered if the shag carpeting was still softer in the spots beneath the windows, which had also been the warmest place in the apartment. If the people living there cleared out the living room to dance together, just like he and Lafayette had.

Perhaps it was for the best if he didn’t know that. Opening the window slightly, he felt the breeze flutter through his hair, soft and feather-light. He closed his eyes briefly, only opening them again when the car stopped at a traffic light. His breathing stopped for a moment as he realized where they were.

The ocean was next to them, trapped below nearly twenty feet of a concrete wall. It was the place Lafayette had proposed to him. Alexander had been staring out at the water, only turning to see Lafayette down on one knee when he felt the silence overtake them. There had been crying, and kissing, and muffled “Yes”s as Lafayette slipped the ring onto his finger and they embraced, the evening sky’s stars not nearly as bright as Lafayette’s eyes.

An ocean became a blur as John passed the sight, not able to look Alexander in the eyes even for a passing moment. This would be a hard day for him, but he would get through it-he had to. He had to be able to watch as it happened, and he had to be able to live with it for the rest of his life. He only hoped that he wouldn’t break down halfway through the ceremony.

The car abruptly stopped, pulling up to the parking lot beside the church. Not many cars were there, as they had decided to make this all a rather small event, despite how large it would impact the lives of those who attended. Stepping out of the car, Alexander twisted the engagement ring on his finger, a nervous habit he’d acquired in the time he and Lafayette had spent as each other’s fiancees.

He smiled slightly at the sight of George Washington, who had been hurrying into the church accompanied by his wife, Martha. John turned to him and placed a hand on Alexander’s shoulder.

“You ready for this?” He asked, voice nearly silent, and not making eye contact.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Alexander replied at a similar volume.

Taking in a deep breath, he stepped into the church, and smiled. It wouldn’t do well to cry, even if that was slightly expected of him. Nodding slightly at John, he entered the main area of the chapel, ignoring the stares of everyone in the room.

Hands at his side, he walked down the rows of pews to the front of the church. Lafayette, was there, seemingly waiting for him.

Alexander smiled weakly at him, feeling a single tear fall down his face as he remembered just how much he loved Lafayette. Lafayette looked peaceful, almost, nearly smiling as well.

He let himself cry a little bit more. After all, the man he loved was at the end of the aisle, yes, but he wasn’t standing there waiting.

Lafayette lay in his coffin, silent, with his arms across his chest, protecting the heart that had once loved Alexander.


A - Z baby list Dan Howell

Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting? You told Dan started screaming with excitement after sneaking the pregnancy test into the bathroom. You guys told the world with a cheesy photo of the two of you standing in front of the oven while holding bread.

Books.- Did he read the books? Dan said that books are overrated and that all his information will come from his mother or the internet. That was until you caught him reading the one you had on your side of the bed. “Did you know this book has some actually useful information?” 

Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? Dan does at night in the chair when he is doing anything to get the little human to stop crying. “Please stop crying little pet. Mummy is sleeping and I’m starting to get a little jealous.”

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Comments- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

Ok so I actually thought this one would be harder than I thought, but it went smoothly so I hope you all enjoy it!

Warning: a few cusses (maybe just one)

Anon Request: I absolutely love your writing!!! I was wondering if you could do a mitch marner imagine where some fans are being mean to you and you get really upset about it and Mitch cheers you up? Thanks!!


              ‘I don’t know what he sees in you!’ 'Fatso!’ and 'Ugly!’ were not exactly the comments you were hoping for, but ones you were expecting.

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genre: angst/suggested smut

summary: your simon dominic’s girlfriend and you are younger than him, by quite a few years, and he’s not sure he’s the one for you but you reassure him he is

a/n: i kinda have like a deep love for simon d that’s often hidden, so like this request made me hella happy. I changed it a bit because i felt suggested smut was better than the full out smut, hopefully the anon is okay with that

Originally posted by youngkaezy

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Time Of The Month

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(Fluff. Jonghyun comforts you on your period.) 

Your hormones were going insane, making you feel every single emotion that had ever been invented but the main one which caused you to cry none stop for an hour was sadness. Without mother nature blessing you, you were stressed as it was, you were trying so hard to get your shit together but thanks to that time of the month, everything was amplified to the extreme. It was only natural for your boyfriend,Jonghyun, to freak out when he found you sobbing on the bed with a hot water bottle on your stomach to ease the cramps. He was an emotional person; seeing his love crying hard ripped his heart of gold out. 

“Jagi! What’s wrong?! Why are you crying?!” 

He cried, running over to the bed and wrapping his arms around you. Just being with him made you feel better. You sniffled as he wiped your tears from your face affectionately. 

“I don’t know Jongy…just everything.” 

You answered, making him pout with big sad puppy dog eyes. Jonghyun held you lovingly in your arms as you cried a little bit more, resting your head on his shoulder. 

“You’re trying so hard to do everything at once baby. It’s impossible to be perfect. No matter what you do with your life, I’ll always support you, I’ll always love you.” 

He placed a sweet kiss on the top of your head. His soft, charming voice soothed you. 

“I know what you need Princess. Go run yourself a hot bath while I go to the store and get cookies, chocolate, ice cream, whatever you want and we’ll watch a movie together.” 

You closed your eyes in bliss as jonghyun’s soft hands massaged your aching shoulders on the couch. The lamp was dimly lit in your living room that smelled of fresh cotton with a hint of vanilla. He let you put your favourite movie on and fed you your favourite ice cream from the tub while smiling adorably. You could see the love in his sparkling eyes. Taking care of you was his favourite thing and you loved that so much about him; the man was an angel. Once he finished working on your shoulders, his hands moved down to rub your lower stomach gently. 

“It’s not an easy time for you is it darling.” 

He stated as he laid down on the sofa behind you, spooning you while still soothing your stomach. With Jonghyun growing up with his mother and sister, he knew how to treat women and understand how sensitive they got sometimes. When it came to taking care of you, he knew exactly what to say and do. He cuddled you close to his body; you loved the smell of his cologne as it relaxed you. The little kisses he placed on your neck and head made your heart melt. Jonghyun was just relieved that he managed to stop you from crying; the smile he put on your face meant everything to him. He knew you were going to be his world from the moment he met you. When Jonghyun saw you yawn, nuzzling in to his embrace, he encouraged you to get some rest and promised he wouldn’t move. As long as you had Jonghyun, whatever pain you felt would never be so bad. 

When He Sees Me

Summary: A beautiful stranger is always at the café you work in. Your friend tries to convince you to talk to him. Things aren’t so simple.

a.k.a. - What if he breaks my heart?

Word counting: 830
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Characters: Reader, OFC, Bucky
Warnings: Just a little bit of cussing, and - if you relate to the song as much as I do - angst disguised as awkwardness (The song honestly makes me cry). Reader is afraid of loving.  Inspired by “When he sees me”, from “Waitress: The Musical”. Gif isn’t mine, but from google.

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name. (Female one)
Y/N = Your name.
Y/N/N = Your nickname.

“No.” You answered your best friend, trying not to attract attention to you two in the full place.

“What? Why?

“I don’t want to.” You lied, walking around in an attempt of making her leave you alone and leaning over an empty table.

“Don’t lie to me.”

You took a deep breath.

“Go work, Y/B/F/N.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I am working, Y/N/N.”

You went back to the balcony when you saw people entering the place.

You and your best friend worked together for years now, both of you trying to survive in New York City as students.

“Okay, you know what?” You looked back at her after taking the new orders. “I can’t.”

You see: There was a beautiful stranger who always came to the café you worked. Every day, he ordered the same thing, at the same time, and left half an hour later. He was beautiful: tall, with broad shoulders, blue eyes and dark shoulder-length hair, and always wore a glove on his left hand.

In response, Y/B/F/N frowned and put her hand on her waist.

“You can’t?”

“I can’t.” You affirmed.

“And may I ask you why?” She asked, smirking.

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Scott Ryder headcanons

To honor Ryder Appreciation Week I decided to write up some headcanons about my Scott:

  • White is his favorite color and yes, he knows it’s not very practical, but he will wear it regardless, try and stop him.
  • Both he and Sara are biotics, but their level of power is different. As kids, Sara was better at using her abilities and teased Scott mercilessly. Now things are different. Sara is an okay biotic, but prefers to use guns in combat. Scott on the other hand, is an incredibly powerful biotic, easily on the level of asari commandos. Using biotics is as natural to him as breathing, so he hardly ever needs to fire a gun to deal with any threat. Also biotics are great when he’s too lazy to go and fetch something.
  • Scott is very sensitive and as a child was a bit of a crybaby. It was very easy to make him cry (“You’re a crybaby!” “No, I’m not!” *waterfall*). Even now he finds it hard to keep it together when someone yells at him.  
  • When he was little, Ellen gave him for his birthday a lion plushie in a pink shirt with the caption “I love you” printed on it. It became Scott’s favorite toy and a huge source of comfort. He loved it so much that Ellen started to call him “her precious Lionheart” and Scott was just so happy. He brought the plushie with him to Andromeda in secret. When things are especially awful and Reyes is not there to comfort him, Scott sleeps with the cuddly, worn out lion and feels a little better.
  • Being so sensitive, he grew more attached to his mother, whereas Sara had a better connection with their father.  Scott resented Alec for never being around when the family needed him. They clashed a lot and Scott was convinced that it was at least partly because Alec couldn’t accept his sexuality. Alec had never been overtly homophobic, but Scott just knew, he could feel the disappointment. The fact that Alec sacrificed himself to save his life, giving the ultimate proof of love, makes Scott think that maybe he had misjudged his father and he wishes they had been closer.
  • Scott calls Reyes and Sara (if she’s away from the Tempest) every day to stay in touch. He doesn’t want to lose contact with people he loves and needs to know if they’re okay.
  • He and Sara are very close and they can talk about absolutely everything, there are no taboos between them. As a teen, Scott got a very detailed description of how it felt to be on your period and he repaid in kind with a tale of awkward boners during classes. Reyes overheard once how Sara recounted to her twin a case of particularly awful diarrhea after eating a mysterious plant on Havarl  and he still isn’t sure if he admires or is concerned about that level of honesty between the Ryders.
  • Scott dated a few guys in the Milky Way, but Reyes is his first serious partner. Sometimes he feels as if he’s fumbling about in the dark, not knowing what to do, and he’s still in awe how the hell did he manage to start a relationship with a literal shadowy king of a planet, but he’s not complaining. He truly feels happy with Reyes, even if they can’t meet as often as he’d like. But when they do… well, sex is amazing. Reyes is an experienced and attentive lover, always giving Scott what he needs and wants. Scott finds himself falling harder and harder for that smooth bastard with every day that passes.
  • At first Scott was weirded out by the constant presence of SAM in his mind, but he eventually got used to it. Right now he thinks of SAM almost like his younger brother, wanting to help him learn and grow. It’s nice not to be the youngest sibling for a change.  
  • Once he found out that Reyes has a very good singing voice, he convinced his lover to record a few songs for him. He has them on his omni-tool and asks SAM to play them for him before falling asleep. He loves sappy, romantic music, he can’t help it. Luckily for him, Reyes shares that vice so they both can be disgustingly mushy.
  • As a kid Scott LOVED Firefly-like show about a bunch of smuggler misfits of questionable morals who were flying across the galaxy having tons of adventures. He loved the excitement of seeing new places and how the characters of different races and backgrounds created a family of sorts. And he had a giant crush on the captain of the ship. He looked a little bit like Reyes.
  • Scott loves to eat and is hungry all the time, probably because his biotic abilities require tons of energy. His stomach is like a garbage can – he can eat absolutely anything without any problems later on. Stale pizza from three days ago? Sure! Moldy cake? You got it! A suspicious cookie fished out from under the couch? Yum! Lexi is having a mini heart attack every time she sees Scott munching on something.
  • Scott doesn’t believe in any supernatural stuff. He laughs at ghost stories and thinks that superstitions are ridiculous. Sara on the other hand is terrified of ghosts, so he likes to scare her sometimes.
  • Scott uses humor and snark as a coping mechanism. People may think that he can’t treat anything seriously, but that is not true. He simply makes jokes when he’s stressed and recently he’s been stressed all the time.He needs rest.

anonymous asked:

Phichit Seung Gil and Yurio love at first sight headcanons :0?

I LOVED WRITING THIS ! Honestly, 10/10 for these prompts. Thank you, like so much. <3 Please enjoy~

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • This man isn’t shy at all, so of course he’s going to approach you when he first catches a glimpse of you
  • You’re in your favorite cafe alone, holding back tears and staring into the contents of your cup; you can imagine how upset you look
  • It’s been just a bad day in general, and you thought that getting your favorite drink and sitting alone would be enough to clear your head, but it hasn’t been proven effective yet
  • but it’s about to get a whole lot better for you holy shit fan just wait a minute okay prince charming is comin
  • Viktor enters the cafe to get a coffee for a little extra push of caffeine, but he stops in his tracks when he sees the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen tucked in the corner of the cafe by themselves
  • He’s immediately drawn to you and his heart swells in his chest; he’s become devoted to you before he even knows your name, and he can’t stop himself from walking over to you
  • at this point you’ve got tears leaking from your eyes so when he approaches you you’re like ‘oh fuck me right in the ass fuck fuck fuck go away pls’
  • “Hello, love. I just saw you from over there and wanted to tell you that you’re very beautiful when you cry.”
  • “What the fuck.
  • Viktor blurts the first thing that comes to mind because his smooth talking function doesn’t seem to be working, and his comment takes you off guard
  • He quickly apologizes and asks to sit with you, and you reluctantly allow him to do so once he introduces himself
  • “I’m sorry if this is unusual or a bit odd. You just caught my eye, and my heart is racing a little bit. Wow. It’s almost like love at first sight, I guess!”
  • You blush and giggle a bit, feeling a bit better because of the stranger that you’re beginning to fall in love with already

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri’s in a grumpy mood after skating practice one day, and he decides to go unwind with a shopping trip
  • but honestly the clothes aren’t whats going to turn his day around lmao
  • His day only gets worse when one of his favorite stores doesn’t have a jacket he adores in his size; he goes to the lengths of yelling at an employee of the store
  • “I don’t care how limited stock is! I came all the way here for this damn jacket and I plan on leaving here with it, today! Unbelievable!”
  • “oh my god please calm the fuck down you child why are you yelling at m e”
  • Soon the manager is involved, and she calmly explains to Yuri that the last jacket of that style and size in the store is being tried on by the person in the dressing room
  • Yuri about to start yelling again when the door to the dressing room swings open, and you step out in that leopard print jacket he wanted so much; you look stunning, beautiful, and magnificent
  • In an instant, Yuri’s heart isn’t racing with anger, but with infatuation instead; he can’t seem to stop staring at you in that damn jacket
  • Pleased that Yuri has shut up, the manager goes over to the dressing room to compliment you, while Yuri just stares while his heart pounds in his ribcage
  • “holy shit who is that idk but i want them and i want them in that jacket n o w holy fuck ily”
  • His trance is broken when you approach him at the counter, standing next to him to pay for the jacket
  • You offer Yuri a smile and a wave as you exit the store, while he is unable to form words around the fur the has seemed to grow inside of his mouth and dying it out
  • He follows you around all day, determined to get that jacket, and—hopefully—your attention as well

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Phichit is the type of person who loves anybody and everybody he meets—unless, of course, they give him a reason to not like them
  • You’re definitely not an exception to the rule, but something about you is a bit more special than everyone else
  • It’s no secret that Phichit also has a special love for ice skating, which is what brings you together
  • sorry if this is stereotypical or basic but cmon it’s a cute troupe lmao
  • He’s volunteering to teach children how to ice skate on a day off, determined to spread his love for ice skating
  • Phichit’s goal is to let everyone know how fun ice skating is, so why not start from the bottom and show the children?
  • well he’s gonna gain a bit more than the satisfaction of spreading good vibes if you get my meanin wink wink
  • He enters the rink to see the kids all getting bundled up into their coats and getting their skates on, but someone else catches his eye as he scans the scene
  • Phichit is unable to stop the smile that spreads on his face at the sight of you helping a child lace up his skates, you kneeling in front of him with an encouraging smile on your face
  • His swallows a lump in his throat, suddenly very nervous to be in your presence, but he approaches you anyway; he wants to get a closer look at your beautiful face
  • omg imagine nervous phichit like he’d probably tell really dumb jokes and laugh way too hard and smile a bit too big and he will probs get antsy ugh what a cutie
  • As soon as he sees you up close, the butterflies in his stomach seem to come up and choke him; he finds himself lost in your eyes as you greet him and smile at him
  • “Hey, uh, I’m Phichit! I’m guessing we’re a team today? Let’s have some fun then, shall we?”

[Seung-Gil Lee]

  • Seung-Gil can be known to be a bit headstrong or emotionless, but he’s got some love in him
  • That love has only made itself known to him around this family and his dogs; this love takes him off guard when he’s least expecting it
  • and you’ll never guess why lmao it’s bc of you of course duh
  • Seung-Gil is out for an evening walk with his dog, trying to unwind and relax after a long day’s work
  • He wears a bored expression the entire time, staring at his surroundings and letting his mind wander to wherever it wants to go
  • His train of thought crashes and derails when he catches a glimpse of a dog running towards him with its leash dragging on the ground beside it
  • He glances up to see you running towards the dog in a dead sprint, calling for it and yelling for it to stop
  • Seung-Gil gets a good look at your beautiful face, hair, body, everything, and he can’t seem to stop his heart from racing or his eyes from staring at you intently
  • As you get closer, he realizes that you’re yelling at him and trying to get his attention to help you get your dog under control; it takes a moment to register, but he snaps out of the trance you put on him and runs after your dog, managing to grab the leash
  • As soon as you catch up, you thank him with a huge smile, and Seung-Gil knows he’s fucked in love with you, but he decides to be bold and break the ice
  • “I’m Seung-Gil. Would you, uh, like to walk with me and date me?”
  • Of course, you agree, and Seung-Gil counts it as his first date with you
Calm of the Storm

PARING- reader x Thor 


WARNING: SMUT, ORAL, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped), little it of angst (sorry)   

Request from Anon- Hello beautiful 💕 i’d like to request some smut with thor where you’re his fiance (you are an asgardian as well) and you’re really in love with him but he doesn’t like you at first because of Jane but after some time he likes you already.. Ps. Can you pls put as well that Thor brought you to Earth to meet the Avengers??? Thank you XD THANK YOUUUU!

Another smut for you all! I was so keen with this prompt, there is some back story with this, also you are known as the Goddess of Peace and Wisdom, just because I think it’s a nice contrast with Thor being the God of Thunder! But let’s be honest you’re all just here for the smut hahaha ;) well enjoy xx 


Originally posted by thordaily

Family, Honor and loyalty, those were the words that your father had brought you up on. Your family were close allies to the All Father ever since your birth you had been connected with the royal family of Asgard. More specifically to one member, Thor. Ever since your birth it was proclaimed that you were to wed the young prince when the time was right, a fait that had its hold on you your entire life. You had grown up with your betrothed when you were old enough your parents sent you off to the palace with the words.

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