crying jong suk


You’re just a character! You understand?! A fantasy that I created! You’re telling me that you’d shoot me with that? Go ahead and shoot, if you’re going to. Do you think you can pull the trigger? No. You can never shoot. Because you’re a character who cannot murder from the get-go. Because I’ve predetermined you to be a righteous guy. A guy that lives conscientiously and according to the law. You even have to carry out revenge in accordance with the proper law. That is how you have become a hero and people like you. You are a guy who cannot shoot a completely unarmed, powerless old man just because you are angry. That is your predetermined configuration.


“You’re the one who lied!”

why do we lie when we actually truly love someone?

Ep1: The Adventures of Pinocchio

Ep2: The Ugly Duckling

Ep3: The Snow Queen

Ep4: Romeo & Juliet

Ep5: The King Has Donkey Ears

Ep6: Two Years’ Vacation

Ep7: The Frog in the Well

Ep8: A Lucky Day

Ep9: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Ep10: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Ep11: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ep12: The Magic Flute

Ep13: Christmas Present

Ep14: Hansel and Gretel

Ep15: Don Quixote

Ep16: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Ep17: The Scarlet Letter

Ep18: The Red Shoes

Ep19: The North Wind and the Sun

Ep20: Peter Pan


Lee jong suk is such an amazing actor and ive followed him since his role in School 2013 and let me just saying he never disappoints! He has this way of expressing the way his character feels so effortlessly; nothing about his characters ever feel forced and im glad everyone is starting to see that with W. At one point in every drama hes been in he makes me cry.