crying its my fave as well

so my brother and his girlfriend watched last weeks and this weeks episodes with me, neither of them new the plot or the characters, or even who/what i shipped.

here are some of my fave comments:

“I thought he impregnated her?”

[in response to the west@llen scene] “oooh she is just taking advantage of the fact that katie (caitlin) isn’t around”

“whats her name?” “iris” “well iris needs to GTFO” 

“I feel bad for Katie, she’s locked up AND her man is getting hit on”

“its ok Katie he loves you”

[about Dante] “WAIT THERE ARE TWO OF HIM?!”

[west@llen scene at the end] “OH GTFO IRIS GTFO”

“Please Iris he’s not even your boyfriend stop crying”

“wait so did the evil guy impregnate Katie or not”

I’m literally dying my brother is snowbarry trash and he’s only seen two episodes lololololololol

*aggressive crying*

I hope he gets better soon omg I love him so much like he’s one of my fave male idols of all time and this really hurts my heart to know that he isn’t well. He’s such a pure smol who deserves only the best in life and I really really rEALLY want him to get proper medical attention for his condition. It’s been obvious for a while that his mental health hasn’t been in the best shape but the fact the YG has finally had to confirm it means that it’s truly bad. Please recover soon, Taehyun. Inner circles will wait for you. We love you :’(

So I’m sat staring at gifs of Grant and Candice as Barry and Iris staring at each other trying to see the acting and they sell westallen soooo damn well that I’m about to cry about it. Seriously, the chemistry 🔥 the intensity HOW did we get this lucky?! I know they’re paid/hired to be good but they’re reaaaallly fucking good, man. They make me want to cry and I legit have never felt like this about any of my fictional tv faves. It’s actually so overwhelming I don’t care how extra this sounds, its the truth.