crying into my soda

  • ponyboy: *brings home a six pack of pepsi cans*
  • darry: we don't have room for soda in the fridge, pony.
  • sodapop: yeS YOU DO.
  • darry: soda-
  • sodapop: W A T C H ME.
  • darry: soda please-
  • sodapop: *trying to cram himself into the fridge*
  • darry: s o d a.

ayyy, tagged by @tsukkishyou!! thanks!!

so this is a 10 songs/10 mutuals thing. i’m just gonna grab things off my #grooves tag/list anything that comes to mind since i like too many songs lol 

not in any specific order, btw~ i also provided links to the songs in case anyone is curious about them.

1. ellie goulding - take me to church

2. fleetwood mac - leather and lace

3. dj okawari - kaleidoscope (this is an album, so it is maybe out there, but i highly, highly, highlyyyy recommend dj okawari and nujabes for feel good grooves * ___ *)

4. nujabes - spiritual state (another album lmao)

5. phiemc - without you (a pearl fansong) (this song always gives me my pearlrose feels CRY)

6. shawn wasabi - marble soda

7.  yakushimaru etsuko - kami-sama no iu toori

8. flower flower - yui (such a satisfying music video~)

9. oh wonder - without you

10. hayley kiyoko - gravel to tempo

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of course, no pressure to do this!!

they tell you that it’s brave to be strong, to keep marching on with a straight face even if tears are flowing down your cheeks and even if your feet are bloodied from dragging them across rocky ground time and time again.

but sometimes, i don’t want to be brave. sometimes, i just want someone to hold me and stroke my hair and tell me that the universe is a lil bitch and that i don’t deserve it. sometimes, i want to be weak.