crying inside and outside

a basic understanding of the signs
  • aries: angry gay
  • taurus: good stubborn friend
  • gemini: two-faced but at least one of the faces is nice
  • cancer: sweet crybaby
  • leo: self-loathing narcissist
  • virgo: [sex joke]
  • libra: "this is fine" dog
  • scorpio: acts like an asshole, is crying on the inside
  • sagittarius: acts like an asshole, is crying on the outside
  • capricorn: e x i s t e n t i a l c r i s i s
  • aquarius: do they ever talk??
  • pisces: bubbly mom friend™ who can kill a bitch
BTS Reaction to You Calling Namjoon a "Humpty Dumpty Dumbass" For Using the Wrong Side of the Knife When Cutting An Onion

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jungkook ; *dying of laughter while hitting everything from his leg to tae's shoulder to the table* “this is some funny shit!” lowkey wishes that he said it.

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taehyung ; he’d laugh a little but feel bad for him so he’d go over to him and show him how to use the knife correctly,, sarcastically sighing in the process "why are you like this hyung?“

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jimin ; *dying,, can’t even say anything* he’d just laugh his ass off tbh

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namjoon ; he’d be embarrassed as hell. he’d be laughing on the outside and crying in the inside while he watches taehyung (show him how to cut the onion) treat him like a kid. what you had said would keep replaying in his head which would make him salty,, "man i know how to use a knife.”

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hoseok ; *dramatically falls out on floor but hops up and laughs in namjoon’s face* he’d quickly grab a knife and mock him,, adding on to what you had said. “how were you one of the smartest people in your class but you can’t even use a knife correctly? headass”

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yoongi ; *chuckles and covers his mouth until he has his poker face back* “jin hyung? are you taking notes?”

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jin ; *windshield wiper laugh* but his laughing comes to an end when yoongi tells him to take notes from you. “hey, my jokes are funny!” *starts telling wack ass dad jokes*


Their broken little faces after they found out that Wes died in the fire… I cried so much man, I can’t believe Peter Nowalk and Shona Rhimes killed off the main and I mean MAIN law student out of the K5!!!! Like idek how i’m supposed to watch the rest of the season now that he’s dead… This is worse than anything i’ve experienced for TV… As well as the Red Wedding.

Shona better find a way to bring Wes back to life cos i’m not having this!


Evening walk with the fam.

Don't pay for a $20 CD, smash your Dad's $250 sunglasses.

This happened in grade 8.  First let me introduce the target; we’ll call him Douchebag.  Douchebag was loud and obnoxious and always walked around like he thought he was the sh*t.  I, on the other hand, was more of a wallflower, quiet and reserved.  

My dad loves buying the newest computer gear, and I was the first kid in school to have a CD-writer.  Back then, blank CDs cost $20 and word got out I could burn stuff for people, all they had to do was pay the cost of the CD.  A few of my classmates would come ask me for favors and I thought sure why not.  One day, along comes Douchebag, asks for a game, and I happily oblige.  He says he can’t pay until later, and since we’re in the same class, where is he going to run away to?  I give him the CD and a week goes by.  He acts like his usual self.  Tired of waiting, I gently asked if he had the money to pay my dad (I wasn’t making money, my dad wasn’t making money, CDs often failed and that was $20 in the trash each time).  He kept making excuses.  Months passed and eventually I gave up.

Now, in grade 8 we have a school trip to another city for three days before we graduate and go to High School.  While we were riding the overnight bus to our destination, Douchebag was being his usual over-the-top cocky self, except this time he was sporting a pair sunglasses.  He made it loudly and annoyingly known to everyone that he borrowed them from his father and that they were worth $250 and that no one is to touch them. The trip was to last three days, and on the final day, the school rented out a party room for everyone to have some fun.  For one of the activities, we were divided into groups and given a song to perform for the rest of the class.  I was placed in douchebag’s group.

The revenge:

Because the party room had dim lights, there was no need for Douchebag to wear his sunglasses and he left them on the table in front of him.  One group ahead of us went up to perform on stage, and Douchebag was just having the time of his life thumping on the table and hootin’ and hollerin’, but unbeknownst to him, he had thumped the table so hard the vibrations pushed his sunglasses off the table and under his feet.  I saw it all, but decided to keep quiet.  Douchebag continues to pound the table, and STAMPING HIS FEET.  All the while I was watching him with a smirk on my face.

Then it’s our turn to perform.  He gets up to go, but before I join them, I take his seat and also step on his glasses a few times for good measure.  After, we get back to the table, and Douchebag realizes his sunglasses are missing.  He freaks out, starts yelling at everyone angrily, accusing people of stealing his glasses.  I suggest maybe they fell off the table.  He finds them.  Bent and broken.  I’m living my life inside but acting surprised on the outside.  He starts crying, saying how his dad is going to kill him.  His friends are all around him trying to comfort him, saying maybe he can find a repair shop before the trip ends.  

I enjoyed the school trip much more after that.

When S5 premiers, it’ll be nearing 7 years since they first landed. 

It took Mulder and Scully 7 years to kiss.

I swear to gawd, if I don’t get my ultimate MSR parallel with a kiss after 7 years I’m going to fling my body from a clifftop and into the ocean below.

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Samm D is that one uncle you’re too embarrassed to bring around your friends cause he starts trying too hard and he’s just so damn extra all the time. Bewhy is feeling this a little too strong. Jaewon is laughing on the outside,  crying in the inside, so many regrets. Bless G2 and DayDay may they come out with their sanity intact. Prayers for Bewhy…

EXO Reaction when you have a fight with them and storm out of your/their place, leaving them all worried

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*Can’t stop thinking about what he said* “I’m an idiot… I hurt her…If she doesn’t come back in fifteen minutes I’m going out for her… I can’t leave her alone.. not like this”


*Stops you before you can even go* “Baobei please… I messed up and I’m sorry, I really am. But please don’t leave… no matter how angry you are.. it’s storming outside… Please stay here and we’ll sort this out”


*Completely broken* “What have I done… I made my girl runaway… I really don’t deserve her… but I love her… and I have to fix this somehow… where could she have gone to?” *Feels really guilty*


*Literally him running after you the moment you storm out* “Oh no no no girl don’t you dare leaving in this storm!!! Come back here or I’ll have to carry you back! Even if that’s the last thing I do, I’m not letting my girl catch a cold and definitely leave like this after a fight!”


*Calls everyone he know* “Have you seen her? Please… she hasn’t come back in a while.. I’m worried.. can you help me find her? I need to find her asap… She needs to know I love her..”


*Stays up late until you get home* “She won’t go back to my place so… she’ll come here.. but maybe I should go look again for her… it’s late and… she’s alone and… broken… yes I can’t stay here waiting, definitely not”


*It starts raining so he goes out to find you* “Jagi… no matter how bad we fight.. please don’t leave like that.. I don’t want anything to happened to you…” *Always worrying about you*




*Runs after you and follows you around all the city* “Jagi.. please don’t runaway from  me… I’m really sorry.. please come back, come back to my arms”


*Finds you in the park, alone* “What have I done to her… she looks so lonely… she was supposed to have me.. I wonder if she can forgive me… she’s the love of my life” *Gives you his coat as he sits on the bench next to you and hugs you tightly* 


*Can’t stop crying and worrying* “What if.. what if she doesn’t come back.. she said she needed some space but… maybe I should go after her… convince her to come back… my girl…”


*Takes his car and goes to find you, yet he can stop crying* “Please jagi get inside… it’s raining outside. Jagi please don’t ignore me… I can’t do this jagi, I need you… I’m sorry”

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@nevilllelongbottom‘s first impressions of every member of bastille

dan smith: dan looks like that librarian that 17 year old girls have a crush on so they go and check out super advanced books or classics to impress him. and he’s never interested in them but he gives them a soft, validating smile and he likes to have long meaningful conversations with them and help them realize what career path they want or what they want to major in when they go to college cause he’s just really soft looking??? he also does a reading hour for kids even though half of the time he just ends up playing with them until their parents come to get them. buT THERE’S THIS ONE KID WHO’S THERE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY AND JUST LOVES DAN VERY MUCH AND HE’S LIKE ONE OF THOSE KIDS WHO’S STANDOFFISH BUT HE LIKES CUDDLING WITH DAN IN THAT BEANBAG CHAIR THINGY THAT ALL LIBRARIES SEEM TO HAVE

kyle simmons: he looks like a friendly beginning-to-lumberjack lumberjack who’s had dreams of becoming a lumberjack ever since he was little even though he knew that it was a lonely job but he figured that he’d still like to spend his life with the the trees and the lorax. but then he met singer dan smith who was like “well there’s a life outside of the woods” and he’s like???? so dan took him in like a super old car to the city and he’s learned to move on from his lumberjack dreams and find new ones with friends by his side

will farquarson: will looks like that one chill uncle that you can joke around with and he uses dad jokes a lot. he calls all of his nieces and nephews “kid” so whenever he asks one of them to get a beer for him like six kids come running up. but one day he finds you crying on the stairs inside your house while everyone’s enjoying the barbecue outside and he just lays down life knowledge and he takes you on a walk to the corner store where he lets you choose anything and he swears that if you look at the price he will never help you skip gym again

chris “woody” wood: woody is that friend that you’ve had since you were eleven and you guys met because you fell at recess and he threw a piece of mulch at you after you lowkey just laid there for like two minutes but then he got up to make sure you were okay and y'all end up graduating as besties but then you somehow end up losing contact cause he decided to stay home and teach this guy how to become a lumberjack and you went across the country to go to college at some ivy league school. and then you come back summer of your junior year and you go to a pub and he’s there and y'all catch up and talk about “back when” and he keeps saying “hey, remember when-” and hE LIVES IN THE WOODS AND IS FRIENDS WITH A BEAR WHO LIVES IN A CAVE NEAR HIS CABIN and you play mario kart until three in the morning

bonus!! charlie barnes: charlie is the guy who goes to carnivals all the time and his favorite ride is the ferris wheel. and he actually likes the annoyingly long lines cause it gives him the chance to become friends with the people behind and in front of him and he gets people to sing disney sings with him while they’re waiting cause everyone just sees him smile and they’re like “i want??to?? see??? this man??? smile??? forever???????”. he also has tried to go on a super cool road trip with his friends that none of them really wanted to go on but they love him sm so they said yes. and they rent one of those nice vans but the trip ends up being a disaster because they get a flat tire, get lost, someone loses a shoe, and they get caught in a storm, a n d run out of gas. but it doesn’t even seem that bad in the end cause he has an alternative rock and disney playlist that is on a never ending loop in the background and he makes too many puns and jokes that he laughs the hardest at. on the other hand, takes his friends aside and talks to them one on one and takes them on friend dates if they’re having a rough day and he makes his mom care packages and pies  and sends his little sister small gifts from everywhere he travels

and that’s it for this episode of rachel’s really good at catching vibes and if you think otherwise you can f i g h t m e

Monsta X (bf) being jealous of Minhyuk being your bff

A/N: This one is for @anniebromberg, thank you so much for your request, I realy hope you like it ^^ Take care xoxo


You would think he doesn’t care at all because he never complains about it, but as soon as you give him the slightlest chance to throw shade, be sure he will. 

You: Wonnie, I’m cold!!! Come here and let’s cuddle in the couch.
Hyungwon: Naah… I don’t feel like it.
You: But I wanna cuddle!!!!
Hyungwon: Why don’t you ask Minhyuk, as you two guys are so close?

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He would be extra jealous, but instead of getting mad at you or him because of that he would do  everything in this world to win your attention over Minhyuk.

You: Hey, Minhyuk, do you know-
Jooheon: *gets in the middle of you and Minhyuk* I DO KNOW, WHAT DO YOU NEED?
You: Get out of the way Jooheon, I really need to ask him something.

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He would be really chill about it. Shownu is a very mature man, so he would understand that even though you are super super close with Minhyuk, you guys are just friend and he is your boyfriend.
(Besides, he is the dad of that kid, why would he have to worry tbh? lol)

You (on the phone): Are you sure you’re okay with me and Minhyuk being best friends?
Shownu: Sure, why wouldn’t I?
You: I just don’t want you to feel awkward with it.
Shownu: Not at all. Actually we are about to nap, hurry up, you can sleep in the middle of us. 

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how can these girlies stay so calm and collected when making eye contact w exo at these fansigns… like i know their asses must be CLENCHED and theyre dead inside but id be crying and shaking so hard id be dead on the inside and outside.

shanks reaction to his s/o telling him that she’s carrying their child please? ❤

A/N: The end is rushed bc my brother annoyed me I’m sorry, I hope this is fine! 🌺

Shanks s/o tells him she’s pregnant

  • Shanks is not the type to take things very serious, unless it gets … serious… (but he might not be very fast with realizing that it just got serious tho)
  • If you told him that you were having his child, he’s probably thinking you were joking
  • “HAHA! Sure! That’s a funny one, Y/N!” - “Uhm… Shanks…” - *He’s laughing and now leaving the room*
  • You would be a bit hurt and annoyed by him being so…stupid, but it would be fine, sooner or later he will find out anyways
  • so you just go on with your days, from time to time you still mention it, but he just starts to think it’s your inside- joke
  • “Oh, I can’t drink alcohol, it’s not a good idea.” - “Right! You’re pregnant! Haha! Don’t worry, if you’re ‘pregnant’-” *makes dramatic air quotes* “-I’ll drink it for you!”
  • The whole crew knows about your pregnancy by now, Shanks turns out to be the only joke on the ship
  • Then there’s this one evening where he gets completely drunk
  • It’s nothing new, like it’s just him celebrating wednesday or something
  • You both lay down, the sun hiding behind the horizon for hours now
  • You can feel him stare at you from the side, so you turn around and stare right back at him
  • His hand slowly touches your belly and carefully feels around it
  • “I don’t like the pregnancy joke anymore.”, he just mumbles drunk and you just…. feel vv sad
  • like really sad :/
  • a part of you thought the ‘joke’ will make him get used to the thought of kids, like it will somehow make him happy
  • but there he is, red hair falling into his face and a concerned look on his features while he talks to you
  • “Why is that?” you whisper back
  • You lowkey don’t want him to touch your belly anymore, it feels wrong and you feel like you betrayed him, maybe he even betrayed you
  • so you take his hand and try to push it away but he just doesn’t move an inch
  • “I don’t like the joke anymore” he repeats
  • “Shanks…”
  • “because it makes me want to have real children with you”
  • And you just go WOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHH what *cries in overwhelmed*
  • Like you gasp loud and cover your mouth with your hand
  • Did he just say that?
  • I swear he did!!!
  • And you feel your eyes get wet and silently cry but he doesn’t really notice bc he’s too drunk :/
  • “I can’t help but imagine our kids… like a red haired punk running around… he’ll probably be so stupid if he turns out to be like me… and a beautiful girl… she’ll probably turn out to be so smart if she’s like you…. what if they have my hair colour? what if yours? what if both! Like some half half thing!!! Like a remix!”
  • He just gets so happy and your heart aches
  • “but that will never become true hah”
  • he turns around on his back and stares at the ceiling and just smiles so sadly…………………
  • “Because I’m a pirate, like… really…. a pirate
  • You grab his face and turn him around, making him stare into your eyes
  • “Shanks, I’m pregnant. It‘s been four weeks, it was not a joke, it was the truth. It is the truth.” you grab his hand and push it against your belly “This is our baby.”
  • There this long second that passes, neither of you speak, you too scared to say anything and him just trying to progress what you said and then….ugh
  • It looks like fireworks errupt in his eyes, his grin turns massive and he just looks like the happiest person alive
  • You’re about to hug him and tell him how much you love him, him and your unborn child when….
  • …..he just falls asleep
  • Your face falls and then you just laugh, leave it to god damn shanks to fall asleep after you tell him you’re pregnant
  • When you wake up again, like hours later, he’s already awake
  • You glance at the side of you, where your lover is supposed to lay, but he’s not there, at least not laying down
  • He’s sitting up and staring at you with a frown, you can hear him say your name once
  • “Hm…?”, you mumble and yawn, then you remember your conversation from last night and you sit up too
  • There’s this weird feeling around you, like some unsaid thing
  • something uncomfortable
  • “How do you fe-”
  • “Are you really pregnant?”, he just interrupts you and you gulp
  • His stare is intense, there is nothing playful about him anymore
  • “I…well,” you nod “Yes I am.”
  • A long second passes, you can hear voices through the wall and footsteps all around the ship, but shanks and you… there are no words spoken
  • then He grabs your face and kisses you for a long long time, he kisses your head, nose, cheek, neck EVERYTHING AND YOU’RE JUST CRYING ON THE INSIDE AND oh wait you’re crying on the outside too
  • You hear him sigh and just like that everything feels right, feels so perfect
  • “I love you, Y/N”
  • When you guys announce it officially to the crew, they start to clap, shanks thinks it’s because of, well, your pregnancy??? But they’re actually clapping bc shanks took four fucking weeks to notice his wifey was pregnant

I have three usernames in my inbox for me to respond to, but I’m sorry, I can’t right now, I’m having a crisis over Daehyun’s solo, “You” BECAUSE I HEARD IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER TONIGHT, AND I KEEP REPLAYING IT, AND I’M A M E S S

the sheets are soaked
and i am crying;
inside and outside it’s raining.

i am alice around a long table,
around some broken bottles;
you are getting bigger,
and i am getting smaller.

all i can think about is you, the funhouse,
needing your eyes to see myself.

all i can think about is how i have a catalogue
of backs without faces.

all i can think about is that love must be all this
but without punctuation.

—  after the using / nlp
BTS Reaction: Your First Roller Coaster Ride Together

‘My friend Bri asked me to do this so of course I’m gonna do it~

A/N: I’m new to reactions so I’m sorry if it’s bad!


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He would be all for it in the beginning until you got on the ride and it started. Then he would start screaming like a 3-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. He would be calm and collected and making sure that you really wanted to go on the roller coaster while in line, mainly because he would be hoping you would say no so he didn’t have to.

“Are you sure about this y/n?”

“Yes, of course I love roller coasters!!”

“Do you really though?”


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Yoongi would be hyped. He isn’t normally one for these kinds of things but if it made you happy then he would be happy. He would have the time of his life as long as his love was as well.

Lets ride the biggest one!”

“If that’s what you want y/n, but if you get scared I’m never going to let you live it down.”

“Fight me, Min Yoongi”

“Nahhhh I’m too lazy for that”


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He is my daddy fight me Namjoon wouldn’t really care what you all were doing as long as you were together. He would probably give you multiple reasons why you shouldn’t be scared even though you weren’t anyway. He’s probably saying it all for himself. Would most likely scream like a little girl but refuse to admit that he was scared at certain parts.

“Were you scared, Joon?”


“You screamed more than the 5 year old that was behind us”



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He’s going to be extra as hell. Starts screaming before the ride even starts. Grabbing your arm so hard for no reason and screaming random stuff in your ear. Screams the most out of everyone on the ride. He would act so dramatic after it was over and act like he just went through the most horrifying experience of his life.

“We are gonna die!!”

“Hobi the ride hasn’t even started yet…”




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He would have so much fun with you and would scream mostly because he is enjoying himself. Will want to ride 1000 other roller coasters after the first one because he thinks you look cute with your hair flying around and a smile plastered on your face.

“You’re so cute y/n!! Lets go again!”

“Jimin I love you but we have gone on 10 roller coasters l’m gonna get sick”

“awwwwww come onnnnnnn”


Originally posted by 6-15am

He’s a mix of Yoongi and Hobi. Happy to do what you want but hes going to be extra about it as well. Lots of screaming and making weird faces during the ride and will end up dragging you on other roller coasters just to see you laugh at his antics.


“You are such a weirdo”

“THIS IS SO FUN” *starts dancing while screaming at the top of his lungs*


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He would act all manly about it on the outside but on the inside he’s crying. He only agreed to it because he didn’t want to disappoint you. He would end up screaming and having fun though because he is with you. Seeing you having fun would make him so happy that he wouldn’t really be worried about himself He is an actual sunshine 

“Y/N are you having fun?”

“Yes this is the best!”

“Good, then i’m having fun too~”

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