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A Little Mistake Messenger

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Summary: MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: Mature because smut

Tags: Jumin x MC, Zen x MC, mystic messenger

Authors note: THIS TOOK FOREVER AND ITS SOOO LONG. May or may not have damaged my eyes staring at the eclipse LOL. Sorry if i forgot to tag anyone at the end there is SO many people and keeping track is getting difficult. 

–Jumin’s POV–

The calm before the storm it seemed as the sun just beginning to peak behind the large towering skyscrapers behind my office window. It looked as if it would be a much milder day outside from the forecast this morning. The mornings were always the best time for me to be productive and organize my thoughts before looking into important exchanges and potential investors. Unfortunate timing of an upcoming business trip putting a strain on my staff. To say I wasn’t stressed would be an understatement. I half considered asking MC to come along with me. For one to keep all the paperwork organized and allow her to plan out the meetings. Secondly, because having her by my side takes away the lingering stress at the end of the day. I needed to think about the health of the baby and stress asking her to come with me would put on her body.  

I wondered when MC would wake up from her rest after the night we shared together. It was torture prying my body away from her warmth and the comforting sound of her breath against my skin. I could just lay in bed with her for eternity and still be pleased by the small sounds she makes while she sleeps and the soft snore she makes when MC burrowed her face into my chest. MC’s soft hands laying across my chest her head nestled between my head and my neck. Sighing I glanced at my phone checking for missed messages during the night and important business calls that I gladly ignored. Of course there were the messages I purposely chose to ignore including the countless voicemail’s left from Sarah. I did not understand that even after telling her that I was uninterested in her advances still continued to send a ’good morning’ message.

I had a good feeling that soon I would be able to put an end to Sarah’s constant attempts to change my mind. Sarah still called my phone even after kissing MC in front of her sending her crying out of my apartment. I had a feeling that after this attempt to persuade her to stop advances I might have taken a step too far. After all it wasn’t Sarah I needed to convince of my disinterest, but my own father still forcing me become serious with my future. I would rather elope with MC than be forced into a marriage with a woman who only wanted my money and to dig her fake nails into C&R. 

I understood why my father would be concerned about marriage due to my lack of interest and overall disgust with the women my father brought home. I was a 30 year old bachelor with no serious intentions of settling down. As much as I appreciated his concern the numerous arranged blind dates and introductions to wealthy businessmen daughters at formal gatherings was enough to drive anyone up a wall. Or that was the case until I picked up a teary eyed MC from the airport. 

I wanted MC and she wanted me, and that was all there is too it. I may be completely unsure of how our future would unfold in the upcoming months would unfold but I do know that no matter what I wanted to make it work. Love. This new feeling inside of my chest just thinking about her made me feel like a jittery teenager again. I was no idiot knowing that Sarah was just like every woman my father had ever tried to bring home. Even after MC was dating Zen my feelings for her had not changed and was still drawn to her like moth to flame. As much as it pained me to see them happy I told myself that she was happy.  

I swiped from left to right on my phone deleting Sarah’s unread messages still lingering on my phone. I made a bet with myself how long it would take before I got the dreaded call from Sarah about the article I had spread all over the city. I turned my chair to face the window as I watched the sun peer between two buildings and illuminate the darkened streets below. I gave myself 10 more minutes before she called about the article. I turned back around in the desk chair sitting at my elbows propped on the desk, and hands folded against my head as I clicked on a business file reviewing documents about their revenue and profit margins. My phone screen lit up before the sound made it to my ears. The assigned alarming siren ringtone going off in my ears as Sarah’s face illuminated the screen. I debated how long I should wait before I answered the phone just to not give her the satisfaction of knowing I was waiting for her call at any moment. The phone buzzed on my desk once, twice, three times. Before the fourth could annoy me any more I reached for the phone propped up against files on my desk. 

Taking a sharp intake of air before holding the phone lazily against my ear. A loud piercing shriek shouted through my phone. I immediately jerked my hand away from my ear almost dropping the phone on the floor. I shook my head out of pain from the loud noise shaking my ear drum. Sarah’s shrill sobbing cry reverberated again through the speaker on my phone causing me to hold it at arm’s length away before it destroyed my hearing for good. Another sobbing wale that sounded more like screaming than crying rang through the phone. I muted the phone as I sighed as she kept crying over and over. After 2 minutes of hearing her cry she began trying to speak in coherent words. “J-Juuummin,” Sarah sobbed and I shook my head in frustration. Sarah continued to try to speak but her words sounded gargled and choked behind her crying. I’ve had enough of this. I hit the end button to stop her annoying voice from giving me a throbbing headache so early in the morning. When she collects herself I would be more than happy to speak words to her, but until then I will not listen to five minutes of incoherent screeching when I could be spending my time working or talking to MC. I would not even give her five minutes before she called back. It would not take her very long to realize I was not listening to her wailing in an attempt to make me feel sorry for her.  

In a sense I did pity her for following Glam Choi’s footsteps in attempt to con men out of money and dignity. Three minutes passed before the phone began ringing the same assigned ringtone to alert me to not pick up the phone when Sarah called. I carefully held the phone at an arm’s length away before sliding my thumb over the answer button. A loud screech rung through the phone once again. I shook my head out of irritation my fingers pinching the bridge of my nose and annoyance that this required my attention of all things. It would be one thing if Sarah wanted to have a civil conversation like adults but this was blown way out of proportion. Instead I opted for the high road as much as it annoyed me and how desperate I was to want to end the call right then and there. 

“Sarah I am more than willing to discuss the situation with you as soon as you stop your nonsensical sobbing. In which case you cannot I am willing to talk to you once you have calmed yourself.” I slid the end call button before she could wail my name loudly and obnoxiously echoing through the entire office. I was surprised Jaehee had not tried to come in to investigate the loud noise. I suppose she was still completing morning rounds with the other staff that she might not have heard the phone. Sarah was acting no better than a spoiled child stomping their foot when they did not get what they wanted. 

The morning meeting went over smoothly regarding the important key notes of importance to establish a formal contract with tactile and electronic industries to drive down the prices of C&R affiliates products. Making items more affordable while still profitable for the supplier and profit margins. I hesitated to insist that MC come along with me until the unfolding drama between Glam, Sarah, and my father resolves. I hated the thought of pushing the trip back for the sake of my sanity, but I would be too worried about leaving MC alone to face the growing media attention herself. It seemed like everything was settled regarding airfare and cutting back costs by flying first class instead of taking the private company jet. 

Jaehee knocked on the open door to my office lightly. I looked up from the documents spread out on the table. Typically Jaehee would just come strolling in without announcement and her nose buried in her folders but instead she looked intimidated. Something had Jaehee on edge and i had a feeling exactly what might make her nervous. “If this isn’t a bad time Mr. Han you have a visitor,” she said eyes wide as she tilted her head towards the hallway. "Did i forget an important meeting? Who is it?“ I asked gesturing for her to come in and quickly close the door. 

“I tried to tell her to wait outside that you were busy with meetings but Ms. Choi is quite insistent. Ms. Choi then continued to degrade my outfit and ask if I was also sleeping with you.” Jaehee said sharply as if Glam asking such a question was insulting. Due to her tone the thought was repulsive. Still I did not appreciate the harassment of my employees. 

“Tell her to come in,” I motioned to Jaehee who opened the office door as she spoke to Glam who I am sure was throwing a fit over having to wait. "Mr. Han will see you now,“ Jaehee stated before moving out of the way for the unexpected visitor. "Took you long enough,” Glam spat at Jaehee. In through the large opaque glass door was Glam herself with a stern look planted on her face and her tacky purple suede purse swaying at her side. I stood up from behind my desk to greet her in attempt to not tear her apart for harassment of Jaehee. I could already hear the poison in her words brewing behind her painted eyes that she was about to unleash upon me. 

Glam Choi knew how to play the game better than anyone else. The game she liked to play by bending men’s will and charming her way into position of power. I would play her little game just to gain a rare glimpse of the next calculated move against in her climb to power. I gestured for Glam to take a seat in the two chairs angled directly towards my desk. Her clacking heels strode past the chairs as she stood over me one of her hands placed firmly on the desk. She glared at me through her painted eyes examining the prey before she unleashed her torrent of meaningless words upon me. 

“You must think you are very clever,” she spewed grabbing the morning paper and thrusting it on my desk in front of me. “As I am sure you are already aware of how clearly upset poor Sarah is upon reading this garbage. Crying her eyes out meanwhile that whore of a secretary you like to keep around is playing with you. Not to mention how rudely I was treated coming here to speak with you about this garbage.”

I clenched my fists at my sides at her words. Whore. It was taking all I had not to let anger show on my face, and give her the satisfaction she dearly desired by seeing my reaction. Glam had disrespected my staff and now she disrespected MC. 

“I am quite sure that you assuming that I sleep with all of my employees might have contributed to the attitude you have received. I would reconsider offending my staff while you are here as a guest. i do not condone harassment of my staff continue and you can proceed to escort yourself off the premise. Yes I did talk to your pupil earlier.” I stared folding grabbing the paper and pushing it forward towards her on my desk uninterested in the words splayed out on the page. “So I have heard,” she clacked her long fake yellow nails on the surface of my desk her figure attempting to tower over me as an act of intimidation. “I am afraid however you are mistaken in assuming I had anything to do with this article. I was clearly enjoying my dinner.”

“Sarah’s reputation is on the line. Our company image is at stake. You could see how this looks to PR don’t you? It’s not only your image now is it? What about your reputation and company’s image? Imagine how it makes your company shareholders question loyalties and commitment. They might get the idea that making business with you might not be in the best interest. Don’t you think it’s best to release a statement to the press about the misunderstanding?” Glam circled my desk like a hawk as she blathered on. “Think about your dear secretary’s reputation. I hear this isn’t her first affair, but I’m sure you will come to realize how bad she makes the company look. I’m sure if your father finds out about her not so innocent past he will insist to end your relationship for the benefit of the company.”

“I suppose you might be onto something,” I admitted trying to lead her on thinking she had won this battle. 

“I’m glad that even you can see reason.” Glam pulled out a chair sitting in it carefully crossing her legs and making herself comfortable in the padded chair. 

I stood up and faced the large window overlooking the entire city. I sighed loudly crossing my arms. “You're quite mistaken about MC being a whore. I am completely in love with her.” I turned back to my desk looking at Glam’s stunned expression. “Whatever you both are planning to drop to the media I suggest you drop it quietly before the press gets wind of another scandal. I am sure your attempt to stir up unnecessary drama will look like a drop in the bucket. I am surprised you had nothing better to say than pathetic attempt at blackmail against me. You will have to do better than threaten C&R’s image." 

Glam’s face contorted into a frown. "Your father would LOVE to hear about this. One word from me and he would not even hesitate to disown you like that. You see your father adores me and will give me anything I want if I asked for it. I could tear you two apart without a second of hesitation and he would do it for me. You dare threaten me I’m sure he would enjoy hearing about the woman that warms your bed.”

“If you don’t like what I have to say Ms. Choi feel free to leave but don’t assume I will stay silent as you insult my family and MC and in my place of business." 

"Why don’t we come to a truce then?” I questioned trying to ease the tension lingering in the room after the spat. 

“And what exactly do you suggest?” Glam asked annoyed and angry her arms folded tightly across her body.

“A set of conditions that you stop feeding fake gossip to the papers and media about Sarah and I, the weeding, and company fallout, and in return we sit down to discuss this messy situation. All of us. "I sat down in my chair never breaking eye contact with her.

"That’s it? A dinner with your father?” She eyes me carefully trying to find some reason not to trust me. Perhaps she already knew what information I had about her true identity along with her sisters. It was a card I needed to patiently wait to deal out. 

“Of course Sarah and MC will be present. As a sign of good will I can even talk to the press afterwards if it makes you feel better.”

“By all means. I’ll have Sarah call you to arrange a date then.” Glam said before gathering her things in a huff and marching out of my office slamming the door behind her.

I slumped down in the chair with a heavy sigh.  That and I don’t think my father could run the company as well as I do now in his growing age. I could not blame him for his old habits with women but Glam knew exactly what she was doing, but even worse was that she wants to destroy the small but meaningful relationship with my father. There was no way I was letting that vile succubus destroy the company from the inside out. At least not without a fight from me.

There was only two people I wanted to spoil in this world, Elizabeth the third and MC. Even if I lost everything the company, inheritance, it would mean nothing to me. I wanted to talk to MC, no craved to hear her sweet voice more than anything. I grabbed my coat and phone before heading towards to door. Jaehee was waiting patiently outside my office. The worried expression on her face. “I know I am not making things easy on you. I am going to cancel my meetings for the next few days.”

“b-but you can’t just-” Jaehee stuttered 

“I know I will handle the repercussions and scheduling. Besides you always kept telling me I needed to cut back." 

"I never thought you would mean right now!” Jaehee exclaimed waiving her hands in the air in frustration. 

“Thank you. I’m sure I’ll talk to you in the messenger and I’ll keep you posted on everything.”

I know I was breaking my promise to MC to not bother Jaehee too much and hopefully the only promise I would break. I needed to get things off of my chest and come clean to MC before things grow out of hand. 


Doctors offices I think would always make me feel incredibly nervous. I sat quietly in the cold examination table the crunch of paper seemed to echo in the room with every slight shift in movement in attempt to make myself comfortable. The nurse practitioner smiling to herself as she applied the lukewarm lubricating gel to the skin of my bloated stomach. The woman gently pressed the ultrasound head on my abdomen as she searched for the little baby growing slowly inside of me. My nerves were getting the best of me and worry must have been written all over my face due to the small talk the nurse was trying to make to distract me from the probe moving in gentle circles multiple times. It was not just nerves over the silly ultrasound it was everything. From the baby, to Jumin, to providing for the little one, or how horrible I must be to selfishly ask Jumin to care for a child that is not his own. Balancing the role between diligent assistant and lover during work hours and outside of work. Was I in way over my head? Was our relationship moving too fast? God and all I wanted was potato chips. 

I hate myself for comparing the two once again but it was easy falling in love with Zen in 11 days, and it only felt natural for the friendship between Jumin and I to turn into what we have now. Jumin was always there even when I was with Zen and he still continues to be a constant in my crazy life. I still felt like a horrible person asking him to care for a child that was not even his own. Even with his constant reassurance I felt I was no better than those women out for his wealth. What if he woke up one morning and decided this isn’t the life he wanted? Would I be able to let him walk away at the first sight of trouble? The last thing I wanted was to smother him. I must have been too focused on my troubled thoughts because the nurse practitioner had finished examining the baby and was saying the same sentence over and over again in attempt to get my attention. 

“Uh Ms. MC did you want to know the sex of the baby?” The woman clicked on her computer screen. I blinked unsure on how to respond. The nurses words slowly sinking in.

“Actually I don’t want to know until the baby is born,” I pulled my shirt down uncomfortably still laying semi reclined on the examination table. I glanced at the screen that the woman in blue scrubs had turned towards me. “I am sure you and your spouse must be very happy to be welcoming a new family member,” she mentioned scrolling through the close up images on the computer. There it was it looked more like a person now than a small speck of cells on a grey screen just weeks ago. It was a relief to see a human looking head with a small nose. I could see the heartbeat on the screen along with five fingers and small baby toes. My throat felt tight looking at the little person steadily growing inside of me. The silhouetted face against the dark screen and i could not help but wonder if the baby would look like Zen or like me. 

“I am just going to show your ultrasound to the physician and they will come in to speak with you in a minute. After that you should be all set to get out of here.” I nodded in disbelief that it was real. Of course I knew the baby was real it just felt strange knowing that it was there heart beating and all. Would the baby be a ladies man like its father? Or would it be a singer? A dancer? A writer? I smiled at the thought or maybe a future in finance like Jumin? Would they be allergic to Elizabeth the third? Knowing our friends I’m sure Saeyoung and Saeran will teach it hacking skills, and Yoosung will teach them to play video games. I hoped that in a way we all would raise this child I had their unending support and kindness I felt as if I truly was not alone. 

 The apartment was quiet once again as I sat on the couch sipping on warmed water with lemon. The struggle to resist drinking coffee was already taking its toll. I grabbed the ultrasound picture and set my cup down and reaching for my phone. I shifted in my seat adjusting the blanket on my feet. I opened my messages to see if anyone has texted me but only got two new morning memes from Seven this morning.
I opened the messenger app and much to my surprise almost everyone was online at the same time.

Yoosung: MC you are back!

MC: I always come back!
MC: Seven I’m surprised I didn’t get more baby related memes today? Are you feeling well?

Seven: God 707 was busy defending justice and taking care of Saeran.

Saeran: by helping he means annoying me.

MC: I can’t say I’m not surprised!
MC: look it’s my baby’s second selfie
MC: *insert ultrasound picture here*

Jaehee: did you find out the sex yet?

MC: I wanted it to be more of a surprise. Is Jumin torturing you yet?  

Jaehee: surprisingly no he’s was in a pleasant mood this morning.
Jaehee: luckily his cat ventures have been more child oriented in larger corporate investments

Yoosung: do babies really look like that this young?
Yoosung: it definitely looks better than the old one that looked like a squirrel

Seven: why do you know what a squirrel ultrasound looks like?

Yoosung: I paid attention in veterinary classes surprisingly that day.
Yoosung: see!
Yoosung: posts comparison between MC ultrasound and squirrels *

MC: well.. he isn’t wrong. Mine is cuter now. 

I couldn’t help but laugh at Yoosung. 

Jumin: MC, you are here.
Jumin: i was just about to call you. I would like to have that picture framed for my desk if you don’t mind?

Seven: the squirrel or the baby? LOL

MC: already thinking ahead and got a copy for you 

Jumin: thank you MC

Jumin: Yoosung you must show us what a cat ultrasound looks like I am truly now curious

Seven: are you even working Jumin?

Jumin: Of course I am. I’m currently sitting in on a meeting.

MC: the daily briefing?

Jumin: hat exact one.

Jaehee: Currently he’s ignoring the PR lecture about bad press.

Jumin: We are also discussing the business trip. 

Jumin: I’ve been getting those lectures my entire 20’s to know the point

MC: Did Sarah go on another rant again?

Jumin: there was an unfortunate article posted in the morning paper.
Jumin: apparently a photographer got a tip about the restaurant we went to and wrote a lengthy article about the two of us.

MC: oh! Wait what?

Saeran: there was a huge front page spread in the headlines about it.
Saeran: I’m surprised you didn’t see it, everyone in Korea is talking about it.

MC: oh no.
MC: that explains the muscled man then from this this morning.

Jaehee: Everything is under control however thankfully your face was spared from being posted all over the tabloids. 

Yoosung: So you think Sarah knows?

Jumin: I had an unpleasant conversation with her this morning.
Jumin: MC I will see you soon. I unfortunately have to take care of something.

Jaehee: Where he goes I go, talk to you later.

-Jumin and Jaehee logged out–

MC: I don’t understand why Sarah is so fixed on Jumin

Seven: it makes no sense

Yoosung: you think she has something hidden up her sleeve?

MC: maybe. I wouldn’t put it past her to try to do something, she already hired an investigator to look into my personal life.
MC: I’m only hopping to keep this baby a secret a little while longer. I don’t want them to think that I’m chasing after jumin’s fortune.

Saeran: only an idiot would think that
Seven: you know Jumin is already a few steps ahead you have nothing to worry about

MC: you are right

MC: …
MC: I’m craving honey Buddha chips.

Seven: gasp
Seven: !
Seven: !!
Seven: !!!
Seven: but you hate honey Buddha chips
Seven: what is this madness

MC: the miracle of life
MC: I would come steal them from you but I’d have to bring my body guard Jeeves with me.

I should really ask the poor mans name now that I was thinking about it. The guard must think I am just as rude as his other clients. 

Seven: say no more
Seven: I’ll be over to drop them off as soon as I’m done coding

Saeran: please get him out of the house.

Yoosung: I want to come too! But I have class!

MC: yoosung go to class on my day off we can go get lunch I’ve always wanted to see your campus!

Yoosung: MC there is still time to be my girlfriend. 

Seven: we all know she would date me next Yoosung if she wasn’t currently with Jumin. He got to her first.

Saeran: well this is awkward I’m logging off.

MC: we need to plan the next RFA party before I pop a human out Saeyoung why don’t you join us for dinner?
MC: maybe you’ll get some peace and quiet for a bit Saeran or you are more than welcome to come over as well!

Saeran: we can only hope and I will see how it works out later. 

- –Saeran logged off—

MC: do you think seven you could pick up a picture frame too on your way? I will repay you when you get here.

Seven: chips, frame, self, God like status, dinner, I’ll let you know when I am on the way.

- MC and Seven logged out-

Yoosung: I’ve got class too gotta go

MC: have fun Yoosung

-Yoosung logged out-

I opened my browser on my laptop to quickly respond to RFA emails about invitations to the party. I braced myself to look at the article apparently now the talk of the entire city posted about us in the papers today. Maybe it was better to keep the TV off until this settles down. There plastered on the phone screen was a picture of me from behind my head tucked into my shoulder from laughing at something Jumin was saying. My face blurred but Jumins could be made out clear as day wide eyed and laughing. I’ve never noticed how wide his smile was it was something no one ever really sees. One of his more genuine smiles the rare ones that make your insides melt from looking at it too long. I didn’t want to think about the consequences if Glam or Sarah figures out I’m pregnant and if they put together that it is not Jumins or assume it is his.

I threw on sweatpants and a baggy shirt and walked into the kitchen to make something for lunch. I gazed into the fridge endlessly unable to decide what to make. I eventually decided to make myself a sandwich. I jumped out of my skin feeling his cold arms wrap themselves around my waist. “Jumin!” I said trying to look at his face he kissed my head above my ear. “I didn’t know you were coming home for lunch.”

“I thought it would be nice to spend the afternoon with you.” He said running his lips behind the shell of my ear. His gentle touch made me shiver and I could feel his slight smile pressed against my neck at my response. His arms released me from behind and i spun around to see him his hair brushed back from his relentless toying of his hair. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss against my forehead. Why would he come home around lunch time? 
“Already making Jaehee upset?” he said grabbing a glass from the cabinet and pouring himself a glass of water. 

“No I sent her home after the meeting. I wanted to make it up to you for the article in the paper. Don’t worry I am trying not to make work un-enjoyable for her.” He said watching me carefully as I placed food out on the counter. “You could have called the chef to-”

“Jumin I am capable of making my own food. Besides I don’t think we want a gourmet meal. The baby and I are craving a sandwich.” I poked his side as he made his way over to the bar counter to sit down. "Did the director Han finally relent in investing in cats?“ I laughed turning to face him leaning across the black marble counter. A chuckle vibrated his entire chest. Jumin reached and pinched my cheek in reply with his two fingers. "Not entirely,” he laughed as he perched his head on his arm. His quick smile made me weak in my knees. Jumin had no idea how lethal his smile was. After last night all I wanted to do was run my hands over his perfect body. 

“Did you want me to make you some lunch?” I asked pulling away from his intense stare. “If you wouldn’t mind,” he pulled himself away taking his warmth with him. Jumin got up once again walking over to the fridge pulling out a piece of fruit and making his way over spot on he bar stool. His eyes closely watching my hands as I made him a sandwich. I attempted to ignore his close stare engrossed in holding the utensils and opening the jar in front of me but I could not help but smile. 

I kept feeling like Jumin was going to say something but every time his lips parted he would look away and continue peeling his apple lost in his thoughts. “You look like you have something on your mind?” I mentioned pressing the top of the sandwich together and placing it on a plate in front of him. He stared at the sandwich carefully as if he has never seen a PB&J before. I would not be surprised if he honestly had not even had one before. 

“Thank you MC," Jumin examined it before holding it close to his face to smell it. The action almost made me laugh at how silly he was acting. "Don’t worry it’s not poisoned,” I told him cleaning up the mess of butter knives and opened jars. “Its not that. It just looks,” he paused squeezing it between his hands “- different”. Jelly oozed from the sides and he took his finger to swipe the edges before cautiously licking his digit slowly. Jumin’s expression softened when he realized how sweet it was. Jumin more enthusiastically took a huge bite into the crust of the bread. He nodded his head as I went back into cleaning off the dishes left in the sink. “Good,” was the only word he could manage before taking another huge bite followed by another. I sat next to him eating my own lunch in the brief quiet silence between the two of us. If Jumin was this easily taken by simple foods I don’t think there would be any objection to cooking for the two- three of us. 

After we both finished eating I grabbed the ultrasound image from out of my purse sliding it across the counter for him to see. He looked down to see what exactly it was in front of him before his eyes went wide he wiped his hands off and smiled. “It’s so big!” He held it up to look at it more closely. 

“This definitely is not a squirrel.” He set it back down on the counter. “Jumin,” I asked my fingers drawing shapes in my palms out of nervousness. “Hmm?” He replied brushing my hair back from my face with his hand and he let his hand linger caressing my cheek. I leaned into his gentle touch I should not be this nervous asking him such a simple question. 

“How would you feel if I wanted you to come with me for the next visit?” His brow furrowed into a crease on his forehead and then his expression softened. He leaned in close bringing his other hand to caress my face. “Of course I will,” Jumin placed a peck of his lips on my head. “To be fair I had to hold myself back from asking to go with you before.” He released my head and sat back in his chair grabbing his water before getting up. 

“Come here.” He gestured to the couch and I followed sitting closely to him. He pulled me into his arms and rested my head on his chest. Jumin sighed his breath tickling my ear. “Holding you like this makes all my stress disappear.”

“well allow me to I assist you when you need to.” I smiled reaching my arm up to run my fingers through his hair. I could feel his body soften more at the action. I needed to make note that he liked his hair played with. Jumin’s warm breath tickled my neck I almost thought he fell asleep from the comfortable silence between us as I toyed with his hair. 

“Careful you spoil me too much I won’t want to let go.” Jumin mumbled grabbing my hand that was blissfully playing with his raven black hair. He pulled my wrist to his lips as he carefully kissed my pulse softly nibbling on the skin. If he was trying to get me going he already succeeded the moment he came in the door. Judging by the silence that fell between us I felt that was not the reason for his gentle touches. Something was bothering him I just needed to make sure he was comfortable enough to want to tell me what was on his mind. Elizabeth the Third jumped up onto the couch and plopped herself in my lap wanting attention from her master. 

“That sounds like a good problem to have,” I laughed intertwining my fingers with his. 

I had to cut it short because it was entirely tooooo long. Usually its 10 pages single spaced but this monster is like 15.

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true romance ( 1993 ) starters - part one.

change the pronouns if necessary

  • “ and in that movie, he didn’t give a fuck about anything, ”
  • “ elvis was prettier than most women, ”
  • “ you know, i’ve always said, if i had to fuck a guy, you know had to, if my life depended on it, i’d fuck elvis ”
  • “ so we’d both fuck elvis, ”
  • “ you want to take me to a kung fu movie? ”
  • “ i kept asking [ name ] why our seemed to be collapsing and everything seemed so shitty? ”
  • “ that’s the way it goes, but don’t forget, it goes the other way too, ”
  • “ that’s the way romance is, ”
  • “ i’m the clumsiest person in the world, ”
  • “ thanks for bein’ such a sweetheart,  ‘cause you could’ve been a real dick, ”
  • “ isn’t he supposed to be a good guy? ”
  • “ well, he ain’t so much a good guy as he is just a bad motherfucker, ”
  • “ you’re sure a girl after my own heart, that’s all, ”
  • “ would you like to get some pie with me? ”
  • “ the big question is, do you have a fella? ”
  • “ you want a bite of my pie? ”
  • “ what are your turn ons? ”
  • “ a man who can appreciate the finer things in life like sugar, ”
  • “ ask me that one a little bit later, ”
  • “ in a theater full of empty seats, why did you sit by me? ”
  • “ what is it? are you crying? ”
  • “ what’d i do? did i do something? ”
  • “ i have something i gotta tell you, ”
  • “ that was one of the best times i ever had, ”
  • “ there was no way you could like me that much, ”
  • “ stop being so fucking calm about all of this! ”
  • “ there’s a note on your tv and all it says is ‘ dear [ name ] ’ ‘cause i couldn’t write anymore, ”
  • “ please shut up! i’m trying to come clean, okay? ”
  • “ i want you to know that i am not damaged goods, ”
  • “ i’m a really good person! ”
  • “ if i’m with you, then i’m with you, and i don’t want anyone body else, ”
  • “ now i gotta tell you something else, ”
  • “ i never had as much fun with a girl as i had with you my whole life, ”
  • “ but i think i love you, ”
  • “ now, if i say i love you and just throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may, and you’re lying to me i’m gonna fuckin’ die, ”
  • “ hold on, [ name ], you sayin’ that you eat pussy? ”
  • “ well, can you live with it? ”
  • “ are you haunted? ”
  • “ well, i’d kill him, shoot him in the face, put him down like a dog, ”
  • “ the fuck don’t deserve to live, ”
  • “ get away with it? killing’s the hard part, ”
  • “ gettin’ away with it, that’s easy, ”
  • “ [ name ], i like you, i always have, always will, ”
  • “ look, [ name ], i know he scares the shit out of you, but i’m not scared of that motherfucker, ”
  • “ he poses absolutely no threat to you, ”
  • “ no, you don’t know me, not when it comes to shit like this, ”
  • “ i want you to know you can count on me to protect you, ”
  • “ this isn’t a good idea, ”
  • “ i’m still a mystery to you, ”
  • “ now, i know i’m pretty, but i ain’t as pretty as a couple of titties, ”
  • “ this child be fierce, ”
  • “ i ain’t scared of you, i just don’t like ya, ”
  • “ you wanna fuck with me? ”
  • “ wanna get fuckin’ shot? ”
  • “ i just did you the biggest fucking favour of your life, ”
  • “ i killed him, ”
  • “ eat something, you’ll feel better, ”
  • “ what the fuck you crying for? ”
  • “ i said ‘ do you fucking love him? ‘ huh? ”
  • “ i think what you did was so … romantic, ”
  • “ i’m sorry if i seem a little tense but you’re the last person in the world that i expected to see this morning, ”
  • “ ain’t she the sweetest goddamn thing you ever saw in your whole life? ”
  • “ daddy, nice ain’t the word for this girl, ”
  • “ she’s a peach, you know? ”
  • “ she even tastes like a peach, ”
  • “ you can tell i’m in love with her, can’t you? ”
  • “ you give me fuckin’ headache, ”
  • “ you’re your fuckin’ mother through and through, ”
  • “ you walk in here like a goddamn bulldozer, ”
  • “ i’m in big fuckin’ trouble, ”
  • “ stop acting like an infant! ”
  • “ but what makes you think that i would do that? ”
  • “ quit fuckin’ around, ”
  • “ as the sun sets slowly in the west, we bid you a fond farewell, ”
  • “ i’m a married man, buddy! ”
  • “ wanna say hello to my better half? ”
  • “ i’m the antichrist, ”
  • “ you got me in a vendetta kind of mood, ”
  • “ you tell the angels in heaven, you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you, ”
  • “ you can always take comfort in the fact that you never had a choice, ”
  • “ there are 17 different things a guy can do when he lies to give himself away, ”
  • “ no i’m - i’m quotin’ history, ”
  • “ ‘cause you, you’re part eggplant, ”
  • “ you’re a cantaloupe, ”
I Need You

I walk into the restaurant at 6 o’clock on the dot, just in time for our reservations. Harry and I had planned to meet here tonight after work for our monthly dinner. We’d never tried this restaurant, but it had great reviews and lots of privacy, so we figured it’d be perfect. I allow the waiter to lead me to our table near the back of the restaurant, expecting Harry in the next few minutes. I sit down, smoothing my dress and of course, making sure that just enough cleavage is visible to drive Harry slightly wild during our meal. It’s been three weeks since we really got to see each other and spend time together even though he’s been home for over a month. Tonight, I’m looking forward to a nice calm meal, and later, some intensely hot love making.

I glance at my phone after looking through the appetizers and see that it’s 6:10 and Harry has yet to show up. Maybe he got caught up at work. He should be here soon. I order a glass of wine the next time the waiter comes around and have already decided on which appetizer and meal I’ll get tonight. I take another look at my phone as I sip my wine. 6:26. Where the hell is he?

I pick up my phone, dialing Harry’s number quickly, not worrying to go outside seeing as I’m alone in the back of the restaurant.

“Hello?” Harry shouts over loud noises in the background.

“Harry?” I ask, confused. “Where are you?”

“Oh! Hey baby! I’m at a bar with the lads. Today was brutal and we thought we’d let loose a bit.”

You’re at a bar!?!?” I ask, flabbergasted.

“Yeah…why?” Harry asks, equally as confused as I am.

“Well, mostly because I’ve been sitting here at our 6 o’clock reservations for half an hour now, waiting for you. It’s not like we made these plans a week in advance or anything,” I spit, absolutely furious.

“Oh shit, babe, I completely forgot!” Harry gasps. “Can we reschedule it for next week, baby? I’m so sorry.”

“Whatever, Harry. Have fun,” I sneer and hang up quickly, not waiting for a goodbye or I love you.

I wave the waiter over, trying to hold back tears as I tell him that Harry got caught up at work and won’t be able to make it and that I’d like to pay for my wine and leave to avoid any further embarrassment.

The waiter comes back a few minutes later and hands me the check. I pay quickly, still leaving a decent tip, hoping he doesn’t tell anyone about this. This restaurant is frequented by many celebrities and this could be a juicy bit of gossip.

I storm out of the restaurant, hailing a cab quickly and giving them my address quickly so I can pout in peace. I thought the drive home would be so much different. I thought I’d be in Harry’s car, soft music playing, his hand on my thigh as he drives through the streets of London, concentrating on the road while he teases me, starting the foreplay early. Instead, I’m in a nasty smelling cab, all alone, hungry, and humiliated. What the fuck is wrong with him?

I stomp into the house, throwing my heels in the corner of the room as I walk to the bedroom to get out of this uncomfortable dress and put on some pajamas. I walk in and see the new lingerie I had laid on the bed in preparation for tonight and grab it, throwing it in the wastebasket so I don’t have to see it. I unzip the dress with difficulty and find an old t-shirt at the back of my drawer, one that actually used to be my ex-boyfriends, and throw it on with a pair of shorts, just in the hopes of pissing Harry off a bit.

I watch TV after ordering pizza and try to take my mind off of the unfortunate events of the night. After a couple of hours, ‘Friends’ has me laughing and smiling again and I begin to think that maybe, just maybe, I can forgive Harry. 11 o’clock rolls around, and Harry is still not home, so I put in a movie. I am determined to be awake when he gets home, no matter how late that might be.

Nearing the end of the movie, Harry opens the front door, stumbling inside. He is a mess of curls, legs, and a brightly patterned shirt, slightly askew on his body revealing even more of his chest than I think he intended. His lanky legs wobble as he carries himself into the living room, plopping down on the couch next to me.

“How ya doin’ love?” he slurs.

“Oh, I’m just peachy,” I say, my voice dripping with sarcasm that unfortunately, he’s too drunk to notice.

“I like peaches,” is his fucking response. “Tonight was fun…” he trails off, staring off into space. “The drinks were good and they had karaoke, which I smashed at, of course,” he continues, oblivious to my seething anger. “Niall totally scored with this chick. God, she was so fucking hot. He’s one lucky guy tonight. And Liam got all sappy calling Sophia and…”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Harry?”

“What?” he asks, genuinely shocked, alcohol only deepening his accent making it sound more like ‘wot’ instead.

“You stood me up tonight, not even letting me know you weren’t coming to dinner so I looked like a complete idiot. Then you decide to stay out with your fucking friends and get plastered instead of rushing over to the restaurant to join me and apologize. And now you’re here, completely wasted at 1 in the morning telling me about how fucking hot the girl from the bar was!? Maybe you should go over to Niall’s and fuck her instead. You’d probably rather be with her anyways. Go and live your rockstar life of drunkenness and having loads of sex with random hot girls! I don’t want to deal with you right now.”

“Oh come on. You’re just as hot. Maybe I can get lucky tonight too?” he says, reaching over and pinching my ass.  

“Are you fucking serious!?” I yell. “Fuck you, Harry. I’m out.” I get up from the couch and rush off to the bedroom. I slam the door as hard as I can, just so he knows how fucking pissed I am right now.

I rummage through my drawers, pulling out some clothes, panties, and grabbing all of the shit I’ll need to stay at my best friend’s house for a day or two. I walk back out and head for the door.

“Where ya going?” Harry whines.

“I’m angry, you’re drunk, and I don’t wanna fight with you right now. I’m gonna go stay with Y/BF/N. Bye,” I finish, walking out the door.

I drive over to Y/BF/N’s house on the other side of the city and knock quickly. I had text her earlier, so she knew I might need a place to stay. She opens the door, a frown on her face, bottle of tequila in her hand, and a hug waiting. She wraps me in her arms and lets me cry for a bit, subtly pulling me in and closing the door behind me while I sob.

“Shhh, I know, I know. It’s okay, Y/N,” she coos, comforting me.

We take a seat on her couch and I spend the next hour venting to her about how much I had looked forward to tonight, how much I miss Harry and wanted to spend tonight with him and his hurt I am that he blew it off and made me feel like shit.

She understands how frustrated I am, and explains how guys sometimes just do stupid shit and that it’ll all be ok soon. I try and believe her, but right now I just want to be furious with Harry.

Finally, after a few shots and lots of crying, I fall asleep on her couch.

The next morning, I wake up with a headache and 17 missed calls from Harry. He left several messages asking where I was and what happened last night and telling me he missed me. Great. He doesn’t fucking remember.

I don’t want to talk to him yet and have a planned shopping date with my mother, so I text him quickly, giving him an abrupt rundown of last night.

“We had reservations last night that’d been planned for a week. You blew me off to hang out with the guys, came home drunk, talked about how hot some chick was, then tried to get into my pants. I don’t want to talk to you yet.”

At that point, I tell my mom I’ll meet her soon and turn off my phone to avoid it all.

The day goes well with my mom and when I tell her about last night, she says the same thing that Y/BF/N said: Men do stupid shit, but Harry’s a great guy and he’ll make it up to me and it’ll all be alright.

We spend the rest of the day worry-free and enjoy our quality time shopping and eating lunch. We even fit in a movie before it gets late and we both need to go home. I tell Y/BF/N that I think I’ll just go back home tonight and brace myself for the worst.

When I walk through the door, rather than seeing an angry, pacing Harry, but am instead met with several bouquets of flowers, not including the rose petals strewn across the floor and candles everywhere. The house is filled with the scent of flowers and the meal that Harry has cooking.

He walks out of the bedroom, black jeans, sheer black shirt, and his sparkly boots. His hair is long, curly but much more tame than I’ve frequently seen it. Despite my anger, there’s no denying that he looks hot as hell. He runs one hand through his hair nervously and looks up at me, green eyes sparkling in the candle light.

“Y/N, my love. I can’t believe what an ass I was last night. I know how hard this relationship is, being that I’m away so often and that we both desperately need some private time together. I should have thought about that last night, but all I was thinking about was myself. I can’t believe that I was so selfish and hurt you so badly without a thought. I think that because we get so little time together and yet we still love each other so much, maybe I thought that last night wasn’t a big deal, but it was. Every moment with you is a big deal and I should have realized that. As for the being a complete drunken douchebag and saying things about that random girl and then coming on to you, I can’t apologize enough. I know that the only reason I even thought that was because I knew that you were here, and I wanted you with me so badly, and I miss your touch and I miss being with you on so many levels and every girl I see, I compare to you and none of them ever live up to you. I think that what struck me was that she was truly, very beautiful and yet, I somehow managed to find you, a girl whose beauty, kindness, intelligence and compassion put every other girl’s to shame and seeing her just reminded me of how I truly have the most beautiful girl in the world. I didn’t want to have Niall’s luck last night, because my luck is even better than his. I have you. I’m so sorry that everything got so twisted and terrible, but I swear, I love you with all of my heart and I would never, ever want to hurt you. Will you please forgive me?” he finishes his speech, tears are rolling down my face at this point and I can even see some shine in Harry’s eyes.

The thought of being angry with Harry, of not being with him just seems absolutely ridiculous. There’s no one else who could ever mean as much to me as Harry does and I realize that I had forgiven him the moment it happened, because that’s what love is.

“Yes,” I cry. “Of course I forgive you, Harry.”

With that, Harry takes three long strides towards me, cupping my face in his hands before pressing his lips to mine. The kiss is hot, needy, and wet, but perfect. It’s as if I can feel every emotion I’ve felt the past three years come crashing through my body. These kisses are my favorites. The ones that seem to perfectly sum up our life together. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and he wraps his around my waist pulling me as close as possible. I can feel his heart beat in his chest, quite quickly, as we squeeze each other tighter, never wanting to let go.

After a few minutes, though, we both need air and the food smells so delicious that I don’t think I can wait any longer.

I pull away gently, giving him one last peck before untangling myself and holding his hand, not quite ready to completely let go.

“I love you so much, Y/N. You’re the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world.

With that statement, I can’t help but realize that while Harry looks like an absolute god, I’m a mess. Ripped jeans, a T-shirt, no makeup and hair in a bun.

"I look like shit,” I blurt out.

“Not even close, gorgeous,” he smiles.

“But you look so good! At least let me go change?” I plead.

“Nope, you look perfect. Plus, dinner is ready and those clothes will only be on you for about 45 more minutes,” he winks and I can’t help but succumb to his charms.

I sit down and Harry quickly brings the food to the table. Oysters, of course a common aphrodisiac, pasta with an olive oil based sauce, and homemade bread. After all, Harry did used to work in a bakery.

Once the food is out, Harry takes a seat beside me and we begin eating the delicious meal. He keeps one hand on my thigh nearly the entire meal and I can feel the heat radiate from him palm through my jeans. That mixed with the oysters and the bottle of wine Harry bought, and I’m positively buzzing in my seat ready to jump his bones.

“Now for dessert,” Harry says, wagging his eyebrows above the rim of his wine glasses as he goes to take a sip.

“Oh?” I ask, suggestively.

“Follow me,” he says, taking my hand and rising from the table, following the trail of rose petals down the hallway to our bedroom.

“Now for one more surprise,” he teases as he closes the door.

I look at him confused as he rummages through his bedside drawer and pulls out a slip of paper.

He hands it to me and I glance into his green eyes filled with excitement as he watches my facial expressions. I read the paper quickly and it takes me a matter of seconds to realize what it is: a weekend vacation to Greece for two!

“Harry!” I squeal, jumping into his arms immediately. He laughs as he spins me around, holding me close.

“Nothing like some quality time in a foreign country, right?” He laughs and I just squeeze him tighter and pepper kisses on his face.

He walks me to the bed, and lays me down gently, his body never separating from mine. His kisses trail from my lips, up my jaw and he remains at my ear, kissing my neck and sucking my earlobe into his mouth a bit, nibbling lightly.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he whispers and I arch my back in an attempt to gain more contact.

His hands settle at my hips, fingertips just sliding beneath my shirt, searing the sensitive skin there. I whine lightly, practically begging him to take off my pants. He giggles into my neck, his hot breath sending cool chills down my spine. I tangle my hands in his hair and pull his mouth back to mine. I need to taste him. I need to feel him. I need more more more.

He smiles into the kiss as his fingers deftly undo my jeans as they have a million times before. He shimmies them down my legs and I wiggle them off, giggling at the clumsiness of it all. Next comes his shirt. I flick open the buttons one by one, as I’ve had to learn to do at this point, and leave the shirt open as I trail my fingers up and down his muscular torso, paying special attention to his swallows and leaves. I run my hands back up, pushing the shirt off of his shoulders and he removes it quickly before grinding his hips down into me.

The firmness of his cock and the rough texture of his jeans send waves of stimulation through me and I buck up against him, craving him. I unbuckle his belt and undo his fly, giving me just enough room to wiggle my hand inside his jeans and fist him over his boxers. He moans, a deep gravelly moan, into my ear and I can’t help but smile at my effect on him.

With one final grunt he pushes himself off of me and lays on his back, wiggling his hips to peel those impossibly tight jeans from his body.

“Tight enough for ya?” I tease as I lean over and graze my teeth along his nipple, unable to keep myself off of him for a second.

“Oh, come on, they look good and you know it,” he huffs, finally releasing himself from his denim prison.

“That they do,” I whisper against his lips as he climbs back on top of me and kisses me deeply.

He pushes my shirt off of my body, laying wet kisses all along my chest. His fingers travel up and down my torso, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their path.

“Harry,” I moan out, needing him more than ever. “I need you,” I finish, digging my fingers into his hips for emphasis.

He simply  nods into my neck, leaving one last bite before he kisses down my body, between the valley of my breasts, over my belly button, and down. He hooks two long, slender fingers into the sides of my panties and slides them down my legs quickly. I lean up to unsnap my bra and take it off before I lay back down, letting him continue.

First, I feel his warm breath against my skin, my pussy pulsating in need. I feel the ends of his curls brush against my thighs as he leans in, kissing me gently. He runs his hands up and down my legs, soothing me, massaging my skin until I am putty in his hands. He glances up at me, those green eyes flickering in the dim light as he sits up a bit, pulling his hair back and wrapping a rubber band around it quickly, a few loose tendrils hanging in the back, curling perfectly as he leans back in, ready to please me.

He smiles when I reach down my body, gripping his hand which rests on my thigh, squeezing it gently to let him know I’m ready. He leans in again, this time, skipping the teasing kisses and gentle rubs and instead, coming in full force eating me out like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. His perfect brows furrow in concentration and he moans gently against me when I buck my hips up dying for more contact. The fingers of his other hand find their way to my entrance, one long finger entering me slowly but deeply. He massages my inner walls as his tongue toys at my clit, and his lips wrap around it, sucking gently.

I whimper as he enters a second finger inside of me, my wetness and arousal making it easy for him as he moves his fingers in and out, gently rubbing up against my g-spot. He licks my clit vigorously as his fingers pick up their pace. My body begins contorting against him, twisting this way and that at the intense stimulation. He continues to hold my hand, but places it on the center of my waist, holding me down a bit while he continues to eat me out with more and more fervor. My entire body feels like it’s buzzing, my breath is coming out in harsh pants and moans, my eyes are squeezed shut in an attempt to concentrate at the feeling of Harry burying his face between my legs. My moans come out so loudly and frequently they feel like they are burning my throat, but Harry is ruthless. He pushes me farther and farther, never stopping for breath. It’s like eating pussy is what Harry was made to do and I am the luckiest girl because of it. He pushes his fingers deep inside of me, leaving them there as he bends his fingers to stroke my g-spot harshly and he gives the slightest, most gentle of nibbles to my clit before accosting it with his tongue once more, and I am coming. The wave of pleasure is blinding as I scream his name, unable to keep my body still. Harry does not pull away until he knows he’s pulled every last ounce of pleasure from me.

When he finally pulls away, my wetness glistens on his plump pink lips and he smiles, dimple and all and it’s absolutely obscene.

He places his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean with a wink before coming back up to my face and kissing me deeply. I am still experiencing aftershocks of my orgasm, feeling as if I’m on a completely different planet, but I can register the slight taste of myself on his tongue as he kisses me and grinds himself against my oversensitive clit.

He lifts himself a bit, just long enough to slide his boxers down his body and kick them off, before he presses against me. I feel his hard length against my thigh, rutting into my soft, fleshy skin as he releases little moans and grunts into my ear.

“You ready, my love?” he asks, his voice even deeper than normal.

“Harry, please,” I manage to say, tangling my hands in his bun and bringing his lips to mine.

I feel him adjust himself, running the tip of his cock up and down my slit before placing it at my entrance and pushing in slowly. As he fills me up our long drawn out moans mingle together in our mouths, both of our bodies molding into the other’s as if we’re two parts of a whole.

After a brief moment, Harry pulls out slightly, only to push back in much more quickly and with more force. Though I love it when he is slow and passionate, tonight is just not that night. He speeds up his pace quickly, pounding into me without any reservation. He moans deeply into my ear, huffing hot breath against me as he fucks me hard and fast. Each thrust delivers a new wave of pleasure to my body and pulls another moan from my lips. I dig my teeth into his muscular shoulder to muffle my shouts, but it’s no use. He reaches down, wrapping an arm beneath my hips to lift me up, holding all of his weight and most of mine on one arm. The new angle has him thrusting even deeper inside of me and my moans turn to screams as he fills me up repeatedly.

“Baby, I’m close,” he grunts, the effort of holding me up, fucking me hard, and holding back his orgasm evident in his voice.

“Me too, Harry,” I moan.

A few thrusts later I can feel my pussy contract around his cock, my orgasm beginning to wash over me.

“I’m coming, Harry,” I scream as white hot euphoria consumes me.

Harry thrusts into me impossibly harder and faster chasing his own orgasm. His pace combined with my clenching pussy pulls the orgasm from his body and he is coming hard and loud into me, deep moans of my name spilling from his lips.

He lays me down, letting himself collapse on top of me, head on my chest, his cock still semi-hard inside of me as we both come down from one of the best orgasms of our lives.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispers, still attempting to catch his breath.

“Mmm. I love you too, Harry,” I reply, laying a gentle kiss to his sweaty forehead. “Always.”

A/N: Oh my gosh this was oh so much fun! I couldn’t imagine ever being really mad at Harry for anything, but by the time I got to writing the middle of the fight, I even felt angry with him lol! I’ve just hit 1000 followers today and I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you all so very much for making this happen!!! You’re the best! So here’s a nice smutty story in return! <3 Also, FYI, this was requested by an anon, but I only do personal stories using your actual name if you message off anon, otherwise I just use “Y/N”, so for future reference, you can message off anon for personals! I hope you all like this! Enjoy! .xx -M

Request: hey! can u do an imagine where the reader and Liam are having an argument? and like the reader storms off and feels heartbroken but in the end they make up? thanks doll! ❤️ 

Sorry i took so long to get this up :/ and sorry for it being so lengthy. When i start writing it usually is really hard to stop as i get carried away quite easily. i hope you like it and i hope it was what you had in mind :) sorry if it was crappy and if it was crappy please do tell me. lol thnx :* <3 

Your POV|
I hate doing homework. Especially when I have to do it all on my own. It was 8:00 pm and I was doing my History homework, which I suck at. Liam was suppose to help me with it but he said he wasn’t feeling too well and he didn’t want to get me sick as well so he told me to stay away from him for the night. Liam and I have been together for 5 months now. He really is the sweetest boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. He honestly treats me like a princess. I was suddenly knock out of my daydreaming about my wonderful boyfriend by my annoying little sister. “What do you want Emily? Can’t you see that I’m trying to do my homework here?” I said quite annoyed at my little sister. “You weren’t doing your homework! You were daydreaming about Liam!” she shouted and then ran out of my room. She thought that I was going to run after her like I always do but I actually couldn’t care less about her at the time. I started daydreaming about Liam again, only to be disturbed once again but not by my brat of a sister but by my mother. “You know sweet heart, when you’re sick he does stay away from you even though you tell him to stay away.” She winked at me and then walked to her room. She was right though. He never listens to me when I tell him to stay away so I won’t get him sick. I quickly got up from my bed and packed a small bag to take with me. When I got to Liam’s house I noticed an unfamiliar car parked outside of his house. I just shrugged it off and walked up the driveway to the front door. I knocked and the door was swung open by Liam’s mom. I greeted her and she told me that Liam was up in his room. I thanked her and began to ascend the stairs. I was about to knock on the door of Liam’s room when I heard a girlish giggle come from inside. I knew Liam didn’t have any siblings and his mother just greeted me downstairs. I was so curious to know who it was that I just opened the door without knocking. I was shocked to see who was in the room with him. And not only was I shocked to see who was with him, but I was shocked to see that he showed no signs of having any kind of illness. I quickly coughed to get their attention. When I finally got their attention, they were both shocked. The girl who was sitting with Liam on his bed was Kira Yukimura, one of the most beautiful sophomores of Beacon Hill High. To my surprised Kira started smiling at me. “Hi, I’m Kira. It’s to meet you. You’re Y/N right?” I just stared at her with raised eyebrows still trying to process what I’m seeing right in front of me. I just totally ignored Kira and looked straight at Liam. “I thought you were sick Liam? You don’t seem very sick to me.” I said with a very pissed off tone. I think Kira noticed the tension that was now building up in the room and excused herself to the restroom. I paid no attention to her though as my full attention was on Liam who seemed nervous. “I… I can explain.” Stuttered Liam. “Oh, please do. Enlighten me with your lies Liam. I really want to hear what lie you’re going to come up with to get you out of this mess.” I calmly said. Liam then took a deep breath and began speaking, “Okay, first of all, it -” and I cut him off by finishing his sentence which I knew he was going to say. They all say it. “- wasn’t what it looked like. Yeah, yeah.. I’ve heard it before Liam and I’m pretty sure you already knew that.” The last boyfriend I had cheated on me with my best friend and he hurt me really bad. When Liam had asked me to be his girlfriend I told him about it and he promised me that he wouldn’t do that to me. I guess all the guys that I fall for are all lying, cheating bastards. “No, Y/N, please believe me. Honestly, it really wasn’t what it looked like. I swear.” He said with tears in his eyes. “Really Liam? Really? If that’s the case then why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you just tell me what was really going on if you didn’t have something to hide?” “Y/N, please just listen to me -” I cut him off again. “Liam you know what? I’m done. I’m honestly do-” he had cut me off this time. “Can you just shut up and listen to me for a minute?!? Gosh, you’re such a bitch.” he shouted. It only took him a few seconds to realize what he had said. “Oh no. Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to call you a bitch. I just let my anger take over me. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” And that’s when the water works started. I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. They were just coming. I just turned around and ran out of his room and saw Kira standing on the other side of Liam’s door. She looked like she was about to say something but I ran down the stairs as fast as I could before she could even get a word out. I ran straight out of the door to only have ran straight into someone. I quickly looked up to come face to face with Scott McCall, the captain of the lacrosse team. I quickly apologized and ran straight home without giving him anytime to respond. That night I cried myself to sleep. The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache from all the crying I did the night before. I felt like crap. I didn’t want to go to school at all. I asked my mom to let me stay home but she told me that by doing that I was showing him that he had gotten to me and that I don’t want him to think that. I was pretty sure she was only telling me that because she doesn’t want me to stay home alone but I still listened to her anyways. As soon as I walked into the doors of Beacon Hills High, my eyes landed directly on him. We stared at each other for what seemed like ages. But I quickly collected myself again and walked straight to my locker with my head held high even though I wanted to break down on the inside.

Liam’s POV| night before, after you ran out|
I felt bad about lying to Y/N. I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t tell her the truth either.  Didn’t want to get her mixed up in all this supernatural stuff. It’s bad enough that I’m part of it. I just wanted to keep her safe. I didn’t know keeping her safe would mean losing her. Right now I’m just sitting on my bed. Kira hasn’t said  word yet. Just as she was about to say something though. Someone interrupted her. “Okay, what was that all about? Why did Y/N just run out of the house? Did you tell her that you were a werewolf and she didn’t take it well? Don’t worry, she’ll get used to the idea by tomorrow. Sorry I took so long to get here by the way, mom needed me to carry some stuff to the hospital for her.” I just stared at him with a blank face. Scott looked at me confused and then he looked at Kira as if asking for her to explain. Kira then told him all that went down and he then looked at me with sympathy. “Liam, you know not telling her about all of this isn’t going to keep her safe right? You may think so but it really isn’t. She’s your anchor Liam, you’re going to need her there with you 24/7 until you have learned full control whether you like it or not. Just go to sleep. We can train tomorrow instead.” Him and Kira both turned to leave but right before they left, Scott turn back towards me and said, “Tell her tomorrow Liam. She deserves to know.” And with that, they both left.

Your POV| current time|
Just as I got everything out of my locker I felt  presence beside me. I quickly shut my locker and tried to walk away knowing who it was the minute he stood beside me. But my attempt was to no avail. He quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards him. “Look, Y/N, please just listen to me you don’t have to say anything, just listen.” I made no sign of responding to what he had said so he just took that as a go on. “Okay well this might sound a little out of the ordinary but, I’m a werewolf. I didn’t want to tell you before because I was afraid you would breakup with me because you thought that I was a freak. Last night was suppose to be training, that’s why you saw Scott right before you left. He is the one training me. And Kira was there because she also helps me train but not with the werewolf stuff. She just helps me with my self-defense. Now do you see why I lied and said that I was sick?” I just stared at him with a blank face for a minute before bursting into laughter. I laughed so hard that I thought that I was going to laugh my guts out, literally. “Really Liam? You had all night to come up with a good lie and that’s the lie you decided to use? Wow! And to think that I actually thought you were smart.” I then turned around and began to walk away only to be stopped once again by Scott McCall. “Okay, this might be harder than I thought.” Said Scott. He was talking to Liam but he was looking straight at me. He then quickly grabbed me by my arm and dragged me into the boys’ locker room. “Okay Y/N, I know what Liam just told you is kind of unbelievable, but he is telling the truth. I would know because I’m a werewolf as well.” He said all of that while looking me straight in the eyes with a serious face. “Okay, okay. If all of this is true, which I highly doubt, then show me proof. Wolf out on me Scott.” Then to my surprise, Scott’s eyes glowed red, he grew claws and he had hair all over his face, and not the normal kind of hair a guy would have on his face. I honestly didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was paralyzed. Scott then turned back to his normal self and the asked, “Now do you believe Liam?” and then I suddenly remembered how to move and I ran straight to Liam and hugged him. “I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you Liam. I’m so sorry I didn’t let you explain yesterday. I’m just so sorry. You were right, I am a bitch.” I sobbed. Liam cooed me and told me that it was okay and that if it were the other way around he would’ve done the same thing. He also tried to make me believe that I wasn’t a bitch but I made him admit that I was kind of acting like a bitch. I then realized that I still have one more person to apologize to. “Kira, I’m really sorry that I ignored you every time you tried to talk to me. You are a very nice girl and I would really like to be friends.” I said smiling. Kira being the nice person she is told me that it was okay and that she totally understood why I reacted that way. She also said that not only could we be friends, but we could be best friends. I really am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing boyfriend like Liam who can handle my crazy self.

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sasusakusarada fluff please?


At seven months, Sakura’s belly is large and cumbersome and heavy

(and wonderful, he thinks silently)

and she really does deserve a back rub every night, now that she’s working so hard, right, Sasuke-kun?

He rolls his eyes, and puts his book away. “Maybe.”

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