crying in front of your dog

Let Loose (Gray)

Anonymous asked: Hey *waves hand awkwardly* i want to request a scenario with gray. The reader looks very cold and bitchy but they have a fight and she starts crying for the first time in front of him. Way to go on the followers too

    You groaned as your head began throbbing again. You’d thought the Ibuprofen had conquered the headache you’d woken up with and had had throughout the whole day, but apparently not. “Stop bothering me!” you snapped at your dog, immediately feeling bad when he shied away. “Sorry, Petie,” you called after him, but he was already gone. You sighed, setting your forehead on the table. You had way too much stuff to do from work, and you had no idea how to make it through it all in the condition you were in. Sunghwa was living with you for a few days because the plumbing and some of the electrical lines in his apartment building were being replaced, and as much as you usually loved being with him, you weren’t looking forward to it today. You’d rather be miserable by yourself.

    With your head still on the table, you typed another line on the report you were writing on that quarter’s growth, and then deleted it, immediately realizing the low quality of your writing. You retyped it, trying to think of how to make it easier to understand. Better. One sentence down, how many more to go? You had no idea, but you did know that since you’d gotten home from work, you’d only gotten two paragraphs typed, and usually the reports you submitted were close to four pages long.

    What were you doing with your life? The question popped up totally unwarranted and you tried to force it to the back of your head, but you couldn’t. Sunghwa was doing his dream job, working in music with some of the best artists in the country. He loved his job; his work didn’t even feel like work to him. But for you, it certainly wasn’t the same. You trudged through every day at your job; it was like torture each time.

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You wrapped Two-Bit in your arms as you gently as you could muster, you knew his heart was still tender. 

“It’s okay, Two-Bit” You whispered, pressing your lips to his forehead. “It’s okay to be upset about it, you can cry- I won’t tell anyone” You promised. 

“He is gone” He said gruffly. “Mickey Mouse is gone” 

Two-Bit was talking about the dog you had gotten him for his birthday almost 4 years ago… you hadn’t seen the big, tough, scary greaser that ecstatic in so long. Two-Bit fell so damn in love with that dog that you were slightly jealous of it. 

But now he was gone, some damn drunk driver had hit Mickey right in front of Two-Bit’s eyes… you watched on sadly as Two-Bit cradled the fully grown dog that he had loved and genuinely cared for die right before his eyes. 

“I know sweet heart, I know” You whispered, holding him even tighter. “And it’s not fair.” 

“The guy didn’t even stop to see what he had hit- he just kept driving, who would do that? He drove right on over him like he was nothing… do you think Mickey was in pain before he died?” 

“No” You lied softly, in fact, you could tell the poor little thing was, he was whimpering and whining the whole time. “I’m sure he went peacefully knowing that his best friend was with him.” 

“Yeah… yeah you’re right.” Two-Bit murmured, wiping away his tears as he took one last look at his best friend. “He was such a good dog” 

“Yeah he was.” You agreed. And Mickey Mouse really was, he was the best dog in the world. 

Whenever you or Two-Bit were sad he’d curl up next to you and put his head on your lap tenderly, whimpering because he could feel your pain radiating from your soul. 

“The best dog.” 

Signs as the front bottoms lyrics

Aries: make sure you throw your phone as hard as you can at the wall

Taurus: prepare for an aching for the rest of your life

Gemini: no fucking way

Cancer: I hear you crying in your sleeping bag

Leo: I’ve got very strong bones

Virgo: where the hell am I?

Libra: meet my pregnant girlfriend

Scorpio: naked and dumb

Sagittarius: we are so cool we are so punk

Capricorn: please fall asleep so I can take pictures of you

Aquarius: I feel fucked but in a good way

Pisces: lack of social skills

adulthood is terrible because on those days when you can’t tell if you’re still drunk or hungover, you can’t stay in your cocoon of blankets and warmth bc you have to get up at 6:45 to walk the dog bc otherwise she will cry and/or poop on the floor and life is terrible

labailantaqueen  asked:

mmm los múltiplos de 5?

damn, son varios jajaja

05: What is your relationship status?

I’m single

10: When was your last physical fight?

i have never really fought? like when i was like 14 a girl punched me in the face and when i was like 13 a guy was bothering me so i pushed him away…

15: Have any pets?

my sister’s pet count? he’s a dog called Heiko and i love him very very much <3

20: Where was the last place you snogged someone?

on the Eyeliner party but idk who i last kissed lmao

25: Do you miss anyone from your past?

oh boy, i miss many people… mainly friends i don’t speak with anymore and family members who are long gone

30: What’s irritating you right now?

mosquitos and heat

35: Who was the last person you cried in front of?

usually i cry alone… i think i cried in front of this guy who i can’t really call a friend because i was going through a bad time and he took me to the barthroom so i could get better

40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?

no, wtf?

45: there’s no 45…

50: there’s no 50 so i’m gonna do 51

51: Favourite food?

probably sushi, i love sushi <3 and pizza and onion rings and… RABAS i freaking love rabas

55: Are you mean?

nooooooooo, i mean i try not to be mean, i’m kinda scared of looking mean to people i prefer to be nice, it’s better to be nice <3

60: Do you wanna get married?

yeah, someday in the future, i’m thinking on getting married by law with someone who needs a citizenship and then getting the divorce and marring someone i love

65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?

marry them (?)

70: Is there anyone you would die for?

pretty much anyone i care for… for real, people is so beautiful and i’d do anything for them

In Front of This Sign - Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Sometimes the best cries are wherever we are, we just have to look around!!!!!!! For example, this tiny sign is a GREAT opportunity for a small to medium cry (big cry- you’re pushing it - but hey you’re the boss of you!!!!).  if anyone dares to ask you why you’re crying (they won’t, we live in NYC!!!!!!!!), tell them you’re just sad for all the dogs who will never get to see this view.  They will at the least stay very far away from you and let you enjoy your cry!!! What a delight!!!!! Be sure to keep your eyes open and full of tears - this city is full of small crying justifications like this all over the place!!!!!!!! It really is the best city in the world!!! Happy tears!!!!!!!

Cameron's dog dies// imagine

One morning you wake up to what sounds like crying from the bathroom. You immediately sit up and run to the bathroom, knowing Cameron’s past. When you open the door, your heart breaks at the scene in front of you, Cam sitting on the bathroom floor, head in his hands, sobbing.
“Cam! Baby, what happened?” You ask rushing to his side.
“Jake got hit by a car.” He said in between sobs.
“Oh my god. Is he okay?” You asked extremely concerned, but you already knew the answer.
“He’s dead, y/n.” Cam said crying even more.
“Oh, baby, it’s going to be okay.” You said pulling him close to you.
He just laid his head on your shoulder and cried until he couldn’t cry anymore.
After a while of sitting in the bathroom, you helped him up and helped him to your guys’ bed. You had him lay down and you went downstairs and got a bunch of snacks and when you got back to your room, you turned on Netflix. You had Cam lay down on your chest, until you heard him snoring.
You looked down at the sleeping man on your chest, and you smiled. You hated seeing h upset. You loved seeing Cam happy and smiling all the time.
You slipped out from under him and ran to your car and drove to the pet store. You got a golden lab puppy and had the people at the store put a little red bow on her collar.
Once you got home, you released her onto Cam and he woke up startled at first but then he just smiled and looked up to you and then paid his attention to the new puppy in front of him.

Hey guys!!! So sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. So I have been trying to figure out my ask box crap and it says it’s up, but I’m not sure. If you could maybe request some stuff or me to write that would be great cuz I can’t come up with a ton of ideas. Haha.