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Following my AUs and Prompts List from a few months back, here is a compilation of my favorite sentence starters for all your writing needs.

Because most of them aren’t mine, credits are at the end.


“Marry me.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“You are not going without me.”

“I can’t believe you!”

“I swear it won’t happen again.”

“What did you say?”

“I’m not jealous.”

"You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

“We can’t keep doing this.”

“Are you sure this is legal?”

“Isn’t this amazing?”

“I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

“Stay the night. Please.”

“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

“Run away with me.”

“You did WHAT?”

“Quit whining.”

“Get outta my sight!”

“Why are you so annoying?”

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

"Never in a million years.”

“Don’t ask me that…”

“I might have had a few shots.”

“What’s with the box?”

“W- What are you doing?”

“Say it!”

“I could kiss you right now!”

“Are you done with that?”

“What’s going on here?”

“Stop pinning this on me! You started it!”

“It’s your fault we’re in this mess.”

“Did you do this on purpose?!”

“Kiss me.”

“Are you still awake..?”

“Excuse you?”

“This is all your fault!”

“I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

“Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”

“I shouldn’t be in love with you!”

“It’s not fair!”

“I could kill you right now!”

“Knock it off!”

“Screw you!”

“You’re a complete moron!”

“I love this song!”

“I can’t be in love with you!”

“Make me.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“I hate you.”

“You are infuriating!”

“Just shut up already.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Bite me.”

“Eat me.”

“Kiss my ass.”

“Just admit I’m right.”

“Just admit you’re wrong.”

“You are being ridiculous!”

“That’s irrational.”

“Listen to me!”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“Don’t yell at me.”

“That’s it. End of discussion.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Fuck you!”

“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.”

“How dare you?”

“I dare you!” 

“It’s you, it’s always been you.” 

“Well this is awkward…”

“Just pretend to be my date”.  


“Are you really gonna leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”

“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”

“I just did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.”

“You know what I like most about people? Pets.”

“Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

“What about a compromise? I’ll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I’ll apologize.”

“I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist.”

“Love is the jelly to sunshine’s peanut butter. And if I tell you that I’m in sandwich with you, I’m not just saying it to get in your Ziploc bag.”

“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

“Did you really just insult Captain America in front of me?”

“Can I touch your boob?”

“It’s not that you’re wrong, exactly, you’re just extremely not right.”

“You shouldn’t be trusted with small children, should you?”

“Give me cake or give me death.”

“On a scale from, ’I can sometimes make important phone calls without crying’ to ’I have a stable job with a steady income, a spouse who loves me, a dog, and two kids who are screwed up minimally at worst’, how much of an adult are you?”

“You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?”

“Despite the cliche, it’s not me, it’s you.”

“Obviously you can’t tell a woman you just met that you love her, but it sucks that you can’t.”

“No, it was my fault for thinking that you might care.”

“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

“If you’re not scared, then you’re not taking a chance. If you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are we doing anyway?”

“I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again.”

“What have I told you about the toilet seat?”

“I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”

“I vote today to be a pajama day.”

“You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.”

“I don’t leave messages. If I wanted to talk to a machine, I’d talk to my VCR.”

“I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”

“You know we’re suppose to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

“I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.”

“What I hear when I’m being yelled at is people caring loudly at me.”

“I am NOT crying, okay?! I’m allergic to jerks!”

“This would not happen if I had a penis!”

“That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

“All nighter, you and me. First one to fall sleep buys the other dinner.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.”

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

“I’m ok, thank you. Just please, stop talking to me.”

“To the night you’ll never remember!”

“Excuse me, did the 12:15 bus come by already?”

“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”

“Are you meeting someone here? Because.. I think I’m that person.”

“You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his/her cake hole.”

“I’m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.”

“You better take care of that car or I swear I’ll haunt your ass!”

“This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.“

“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

“I could do that, but could doesn’t mean would.”

“You cannot fathom the immensity of the fucks I don’t give.”

“You’re like, five feet tall. How you gonna reach me, shortie?”

"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

“Do you need me to kill someone for you?”

“Look out where you’re going, asshole!”

“Fuck the sandwich guy!”

“I did not mean for stripping to come out of this.”

“The whole street is blocked off. The police won’t tell us anything, but I think there’s been some kind of attack… Maybe a bomb?”

“Oh my god, are you okay? I’m calling the police. I think I saw who did this to you.”

“I’m weird, you’re weird, we could have weird little babies and live weirdly ever after if it wasn’t for the fact I find you repulsive.”

“There is nothing wrong with planning a wedding with a video game character.”

“I’m gonna lay down and die for like half hour okay?”  

“There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendships.”

“It’s midnight, what do you want?”

“I think I know how to use a bed.”

“If I wake up in the morning and I’m dead… Wait.”

“You are completely unfit to handle a child.”

“We have to get out of this place. It is EVIL.”

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

“When in doubt curl into the fetal position and give up on life.”

“It’s not a double date, we’re just third and forth wheeling.”


“I have something to tell you…”

“I think I’m pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant!”

“When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?”

“You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.”

“$50 bucks says it’s a girl/boy.”

“Pregnancy suits you…”

“Hello little one. We can’t wait to meet you…”

“I’ll just be in the bathroom throwing my fucking guts up because our unborn kid wants to be a dick!”

“There’s someone I’d like you to meet…”

“Shh… He/she’s sleeping..”

“I have a special surprise for you. Close your eyes and follow me.”

“No, no, no, no, no, we aren’t ready… We aren’t ready for kids yet!”

“Oh, gosh, I felt it! I felt a kick!”


“Your hair is so soft…”

“You’re so cute when you pout like that!”

“Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”

“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

“What, does that feel good?”

“HA! I found a weak-spot on you, didn’t I?”

“Are you wearing my shirt?”

“You are ridiculously comfortable…”

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“We should get a puppy!”


“Aren’t they beautiful?”

“These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”

“Shooting star, make a wish.”

“It’s actually a comet, but I’ll still make one.”

“Imagine if it could always be this way, even in the city.”

“Never thought something so beautiful could exist in nature…”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to name a star after yourself?”

“Y'know, your roof may not be the safest place for us to stargaze.”

“This is why you made me drive three hours out into the middle of nowhere?”

“Is that a– Wait, no, just an airplane.”

“I wouldn’t mind falling asleep out here.


“Did you just… finish?”

“They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

“I’m not actually feeling anything.”

“Are you getting any closer?”

“Why do they make this look so easy in all those porn movies?! This hurts like fuck!”

“Did something just happen? You’re not turned on anymore.”

“Shit sorry, am I going too fast?”

“Wow, you’re hot.”

“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Hey, I’m open minded.”

“Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”

“I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”

“I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”

“I see someone’s happy to see me.”

“I saw that. You just checked me out.”

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Tell all those other guys/girls you don’t need them ‘cause you got me.”

“Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

“Boobs are really just squishy pillows.”

“If you don’t get turned on by having your neck kissed somethings wrong with you.”

“Blasphemy! Sex solves everything.”

“I platonically want to have sex with you. No big deal.”


[text]: What do you want now?

[text]: Do you want to bet on that?

[text]: Guess who just got back in town.

[text]: So I might be in a hospital right now…

[text]: We can’t keep doing this anymore!

[text]: Come on, come to the party!

[text]: Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.

[text]: You have no clue how I feel so shut up.

[text]: I call bullshit.

[text]: You thought you could get away with that, didn’t you?

[text] I gave up great shower sex to be here so don’t say I never did anything for our friendship.

[text] Living alone for four weeks has given me unrealistic expectations of pantslessness.

[text] Also, my bed has glitter in it for reasons I do not recall.

[text] Who says no to sex and donuts?!

[text] I know what you did last summer…

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Living Next-Door to Teamiplier

This was fun to do. I couldn’t stop smiling while writing this! 
It’s pretty self-explanatory, this is a list of what it would be like living next to Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Amy and Katherine.  
Hope you guys enjoy!

Originally posted by murphranger

-You begin to question your neighbors sanity. 

-At first, you thought they were a bunch of hilarious nut-jobs. Maybe have a few screws loose and you should probably be worried for yourself. 

-But after meeting them personally and Mark explaining what he does for a living, EVERYTHING MADE SENSE! 

-After meeting everyone, you sort of fell into a sense of understanding and acceptance. 

-The first few times you caught the boys in dresses, you couldn’t help but laugh and crack jokes. 

-They flipped you off, jokingly criticizing whatever you were wearing at the time.

-Now, when you see Tyler in a massive turkey outfit, you just sip your coffee and wave at them from across the fence. 

-They’ve apologized many times for the weird noises coming from inside their house. 

-They give you some warning if they’re going to be doing stuff outside. Usually accompanied by Mark’s cooking because he felt bad about the loud music the night before.

-You actually went over and knocked on their door to make sure they were ok after hearing lots of screaming. 

-You found out they were just making a video. 

-They invited you inside to watch. 

-Funniest afternoon of your life. You still laugh about it weeks afterwards. 

-Amy and Katherine chat with you over the fence. They ask for cooking ingredients sometimes because Mark and the boys used it in their videos. 

-Anything you see through the windows, is entirely restricted to be spoken about between you and them. 

-You at first thought they were doing it for fun. (Which they were of course).

-But after watching a few of Mark’s videos and vlogs and live-streams, you’re safe to say you admire Mark and his work even more. 

-You donate to his live-streams and he shouts a thank you from the upstairs window. 

-You give him a thumbs-up from your side of the fence. 

-Ethan sometimes running to your house to hide from the others. 

-“They want me to do weird things, (Y/N)! Strange, unnatural things! Don’t let them find me!” 

-When this happens, you feign ignorance of Ethan’s location. 

-But Mark brings you over home-cooked meals and you give the blue-boy up instantly. 

-Ethan calling you over the fence because he doesn’t want to live with these “weirdos” anymore. 

-“I’ll sleep on the couch! I’ll rub your feet and clean! I beg you!”

-Him silently crying in your direction and mouthing, “Help” every time they shoot a video outside and you’re watching.

-Tyler is tall enough to see over the fence. 

-He leans over the top and chats with you while you’re gardening. 

-If you’re having trouble with something in the house, he’ll come over and help fix/move it. 

-Chica met you once and now escapes to go see you. 

-She’ll sleep on the front mat and wait for you to come to the door. 

-Tyler lifts her up so you can pat her over the fence. 

-You dog-sit when Teamiplier go away.

-The rest of the street think you’re all nuts. 

-Which is fine because you don’t like people coming uninvited to your door. 

-Except Teamiplier. 

-They pretty much treat your home like their own. (Within respective reason) 

-Mark knocks and enters.

-Ethan just waltzes right in. 

-Tyler knocks and waits patiently for you to open the door and allow him inside.

-Whenever something is thrown onto your side of the fence, the boys will try to clamber/jump over to get it. 

-This ends in a lot of swearing, sometimes a scrape or two.-Usually you throw it back over. But then it comes back a few more times. 

-So you sat on your side of the fence hitting whatever came over with a tennis-racket. 

-”Ignore the person on the other side of the fence!” Mark told the camera.
“They’re not important! They’re a nobody!” Ethan waved his hand in your direction.
“I’m keeping this ball now!” 

-Mark’s community have only seen glimpses of you. An arm or the top of your head peeking over the fence. 

-But you’re still a huge part of the channel since the boys call out for you in most of the videos that are filmed outside. 

-You answer them either with a loud, rude noise or a sarcastic comment that they all laugh at. 

-You had pretended to be annoyed when a stray foam arrow had flown through the open window of your kitchen. 

-But you couldn’t help but find the whole thing funny. 

-“Who the fuck just tried to assassinate me?” 
“Sorry! We’re really sorry!” 
“Next time aim better!” 

-Being Neighbors with Teamiplier is never dull. There is always something to smile or laugh at, and you have grown close to the bunch of weirdos over the fence.

The Arrangement (Part 13)

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Summary: you head to the only safe place you can think of. A talk with your father gives you the courage to return to work, where Dean finds you immediately. But he’s not expecting your reaction. Charlie and Cas come to the rescue.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,900

Warnings: Language, ANGST, general sadness, betrayal…

A/N: Bad to worse, kiddos. Buckle in for some serious angst. Please don’t hate me. I promise I’ll make it up to you…

Check out the Series Masterlist

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There are things that are meant to happen, written in the stars and tattooed in invisible ink in the air. They’ll happen no matter which turn you take in the path of life, or how many delays are in the way. They’ll wait for you right until the end, when it’s time for a new beginning.

This was probably not one of those things.

That probably doesn’t change anything.

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anonymous asked:

Can i please have a warren worthington imagine where he acts very macho in front of his friends but when he is with the reader he is like putty in their hands. Just a lot of fluff and shy and in love warren 😭😭

Of course!!!!!!! I’m sorry it’s taken me fourteen years to get to this (sometimes I forget I have a side blog) but I hope this is okay!

I’m using s/o (and y/n instead of an actual name, but that’s a normal thing I think) instead of girlfriend/boyfriend because I try to keep things gender neutral! I hope that’s okay, because that’s how I like to write!

Warnings? Maybe some cursing but that’s about it (also mentions of dogs getting their lil baby paws stepped on and peter getting beat up?)

“Scott, don’t even try to act like you didn’t cry when you stepped on that dogs foot.” Peter said, crossing his arms.

Warren, Peter, Kurt, and Scott were sat in a circle. A bro circle, of course.

“Of course I cried, Peter. I have a soul. You nearly cried when Kurt bamfed in front of you and your pizza slice almost dropped onto the floor.” Scott snapped back, frowning.

“It was quite amusing, Peter.” Kurt smiled gently at him, causing Peter to smile to.

“Well, Warren cried last night when his-”

“I did what now, speedy?” Warren cut him off, his wings flicking out as a warning.

“You almost cried last night, when y/n started tearing up because Scott stepped on the dogs foot.” Peter said, raising his eyebrows at him.

“No,” Warren scoffed, his wings tightening up “I did not. I don’t have enough emotion for that, Petey.”

“Yes, you literally did. I saw the tears in your eyes. Warren’s a crier.” Peter grinned at him and dived when Warren launched his boot at his head.

“Shut it, speedo.” He snapped, glaring at him “I could, like, beat you up. So, fuck off with that shit.”

“Who’re we beating up?”

Warren sat up immediately, blushing “Hey baby”

He smiled, his arm wrapping around you gently, his wings fluffing up as you kissed his cheek in a greeting.

“We’re beating up Peter.” He said, softly.

“Awh, hell yeah. I’ve been waiting forever for a reason to beat up banana hammock.” You said, grinning at him.

“Banana hammock?”

Warren ignores Peter and smiled again, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, humming “We can tag team him.”

“I’m gonna go find Jean, I wanna show her the dog we found yesterday.” Scott left the room, dragging Peter behind him, who was pulling Kurt with him.

“Why do we wanna beat him up?” You asked, giggling as he said “He was telling everyone how I cried yesterday because you started crying and for some reason I couldn’t help it but start crying with you.”

“It was precious, really.” You said, smiling as he placed his forehead against yours. “You’re a very doting boyfriend. Very emotional… Very empathetic? That’s a better word. Empathetic.”

“It’s only because I love you.”

You could feel your heart stutter, thinking in the back of your mind that’s not healthy, grinning as you responded “I love you, Warren. My angel.”

“I love you, doll. Cupcake. Honey. My sweet baby love. Love of my life. Darling. Pumpkin.” He pressed little kisses to your cheeks as he went on, leaving you in fits of giggles.

“Are you done?” You asked, looking up at him.

“With loving you?” He asked, smiling “Never.”

“Get a room, you nasties!”

“Oh fuck off Peter!”

Love Through the Hate

pairing: lams

modern middle/high school AU

request: anon: Please Make more fanfics. If you need inspiration I will freestyle for you. Okay It would be a Lams. John Laurens dad would hurt John because he’s gay. Alex will comfort him. Good Luck I don’t mean to be needy but, It has been a while since you made a fanfic and I am happy with all your new followers (You deserve them) Yeah so have a nice day.

word count: 2015

warnings: homophobia, hitting, does it count as physical abuse? if someone getting hit triggers you please don’t read

a/n: well i’ve been not productive about this blog lately. whoops. IF HOMOPHOBIA OR A FATHER HITTING HIS SON BECAUSE OF HATE IS A TRIGGER FOR YOU DO NOT READ. please, take care of yourself first.



“John, how come you never have me over at your house? Like, for dinner or whatever?”

John fidgets in his seat, picks at a loose thread on his sleeve, drums his fingers on the table, leans back and looks at the clock, does everything he can to avoid answering Alex’s question.


John stares down at his lunch tray.

Alex sighs. “Why won’t you answer my question?”

John looks his boyfriend straight in the eyes. “Many reasons.”

John’s six and asks what the word “gay” means, having heard it at school. His father explodes on a long rant about homosexuality and his hatred of it. John just sits there, feeling uneasy but not wanting to walk out, not wanting his father’s wrath to be turned on him.

John’s eight and he and his parents are at a clothing store, shopping for new jeans for him. Two men walk past, holding hands, and his father voices a very loud complaint about that. He says a word that John tries to forget, but it feels like it’s been branded into his brain forever.

John’s ten and he should be getting crushes on girls, should be finding other girls pretty, but instead, he finds himself admiring the other boys in his gym class, thinking that boy who sits next to him is really cute. He’s supposed to be able to tell his father about everything. But he can’t breathe a word about this. He knows what his dad will say, what his dad will do to him. At least, he’s heard his dad talking about what he’d do to gay people. He’s terrified.

John’s twelve and on the day that the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is going to be legal in all fifty states, he wants to cheer, wants to scream his happiness to the whole world. His dad sits shocked in front of the TV and growls hateful things under his breath at the screen, at the endless flashing pictures of gay and lesbian couples celebrating their victory.

John’s thirteen and he’s checking out the guys instead of the girls and he realizes that he’s gay. He wants to cry when he figures it out. He doesn’t want to change, he just doesn’t want his dad to hurt him.

John’s fourteen and a new guy comes to school. One look, and he’s gone, fallen, but he’s held back by the fear that his father has implemented in him. He gets to be friends with the guy, eventually, and comes out to him. The guy is bi and they start dating and John’s in heaven. He tells the guy everything except any mention of his dad. He’s worried as to how the guy will react.

Alex notices that John is close to crying, with the memories washing over him. “Oh, no, sweetie, don’t cry, please,” he says quietly, hesitantly taking John’s hand in his. “What’s wrong?”

“The reason…” John swallows. “My dad. That’s the reason. He’s–he’s homophobic.”

Alex digests this information.

“It can’t be that bad, can it?” he wonders. John violently shakes his head, and the first few tears escape his eyes.

“It is that bad, Alex, it is…it’s so, so bad.”

“C’mon, surely he’d be fine with just meeting me. You don’t even have to tell him we’re dating.”

John shakes his head again. “No, Alex, you don’t understand! I love you and there’s nothing more that I want than to introduce you to my family. But he hates any mention of gay people, it’s really bad, like, he’s said that he will kill gay people if he has the chance and I’m…I’m scared, I don’t wanna get hurt and I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he finishes, breaking down fully in silent tears.

Alex lets his boyfriend cry, rubbing his back, and he doesn’t bring it up for a month.

John kind of hopes that Alex will drop it, but Alexander Hamilton doesn’t give up easily, if ever.

Alex brings it up at lunch again. “Today, after school, could I come over for dinner to meet your parents?”

John sighs. “We’ve been over this, Alex.”

“Can’t I just meet them? We don’t have to say we’re dating. You can introduce me as your friend. Please?”

I’m gonna regret this.

Alex is doing his puppy dog eyes that John can’t resist. John tries to argue with him for a couple minutes, but Alex wins, and they both text their parents to inform them of the plans.

Nerves are building in John’s stomach for the rest of the day after lunch. Alex meets him outside the front doors after school with a simple “hey” and John feels like he’s going to cry because he doesn’t want Alex to get hurt and it be his fault because he didn’t fight harder.

They’re a block away from John’s house when John abruptly stops.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asks, backtracking.

“I don’t think we should do this.”

“Why not?” Alex asks, and John’s words stick in his throat, all of his good arguments dying before they live.

Alex pulls him off to the side of the sidewalk, tilts his head back, and kisses him, deep and long and full, and John’s gasping for breath when he pulls away. All thoughts have been blanked out of his mind, all he can think about is Alex.

“No, wait, do that again,” John pleads, reaching for Alex, and even though they’ve got somewhere to be, even though there are other people walking past, Alex kisses him again, and they both forget about everything.

It’s been a good fifteen minutes by the time the pair finally starts walking in the direction of John’s house again.

Before they go inside, John stares at his reflection, trying to get rid of the blushing, just-made-out-with-my-boyfriend look. He fixes his hair and takes several deep breaths while Alex does the same.

“Ready?” Alex asks.


John opens the door anyway.

“Hello, boys,” his mother says, smiling down at them. “You are…?”

“Alexander Hamilton, but you can call me Alex, ma’am,” Alex says, sticking his hand out for Mrs. Laurens to shake. She looks surprised for a second, then laughs.

“No need for such stiff formalities,” she tells him, and Alex nods.

“Come on in. You can hang out in John’s room until dinner is ready,” she adds, and Alex and John step inside.

They go to John’s room and sit on his bed and John is kind of embarrassed because, well, they’re on a bed, and the door is closed and locked, but he can’t even kiss Alex for fear of his father.

So they play games on their phones for what seems like forever, competing against each other, laughing at the failures and celebrating the triumphs.

“Boys! Food!”

“Your mom gets it,” Alex mutters as he picks himself up from where he’s sprawled across John’s comforter. John tries not to stare at Alex’s long, lanky figure. He smiles in agreement as the nerves take over again.

Dinner is stiff and awkward. Mr. and Mrs. Laurens keep up a jerky flow of conversation that skips and stutters. John is trying not to give anything away, but he’s so anxious that it’s not working very well. Alex desperately wants to hold John’s hand but can’t.

“So, why are you here? What is your relation to John?” Mr. Laurens asks, turning to Alex. “What was your name again?”

“Alexander Hamilton, sir,” Alex says, sensing that Mr. Laurens wants the stiff formalities that Mrs. Laurens disregarded.


“I’m his b-best friend, sir,” Alex says, stuttering a little on the b. John’s eyes widen in fear that he tries to hide, really not wanting Alex to say boyfriend.

Mr. Laurens stares at Alex. “Alright. Are you sure there’s not something more? You two seem awfully comfortable around each other. You positive you’re not a–”

John stands up.

“What is it, son,” Mr. Laurens asks, sneering.

“Don’t say that word,” John states, his voice trembling. “Do you even know the history of it? Why people say it?”

“I didn’t say anything!” his father protests.

“Oh, you’ve said it plenty of times before,” John snaps back, fire in his veins, fury coursing through him because he has had enough.

“Why are you defending that? Those people are–”

“Because I’m one of them.”

Dead silence.

Mrs. Laurens looks at John and nods, once, signifying that she’s okay with him and that he can go to her if needed.

Alex can’t just sit there. He stands up. “I’m bi. And I’m dating John.”

Mr. Laurens looks like his eyes are about to bulge out of his skull.

He lunges for his son.

What happens next is a blur.

John drops to the ground and tries to hide under the table, Mr. Laurens swings a fist at him, Mrs. Laurens shouts for her husband to stop, Alex stands there, frozen and speechless for once in his life. He created this disaster, and he thinks he might cry.

“Henry! STOP!” Mrs. Laurens screams, and in the sudden quiet that follows, the dull thud that Mr. Laurens’s fist makes as it hits John’s arm is very clear.

Alex can’t breathe.

Mrs. Laurens pulls Mr. Laurens into the kitchen and a shouting match begins.

John crawls out from under the table and stands up. He winces when Alex puts a hand on his arm, and Alex can already see a bruise beginning to form. Alex wants to cry, but John starts to cry first, and Alex pulls his boyfriend close and lets him rest his head on his shoulder. John cries into the fabric of Alex’s shirt, muttering something that Alex can’t hear properly, a mix of swear words and furious ramblings and scared sentence fragments.

“I’m so sorry, John, so sorry,” Alex says over and over, and at some point he starts crying too.

“I…” John hiccups. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Alex whispers, pressing a gentle kiss to John’s forehead. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”

Mrs. Laurens comes out of the kitchen. “He’ll leave in half an hour. I’m sticking with you, baby boy.”

John smiles gratefully at his mother but doesn’t move from where he’s cuddled up to Alex. “Thanks, Mom, I didn’t…I knew that would happen. That’s why I didn’t wanna tell him…”

Guilt washes over Alex for about the thousandth time. “I’m so sorry,” he says.

John waves his hand. “He was gonna find out eventually. A secret that big…you can’t keep it for your whole life, which was the other option.”

“And it’s nice to finally meet you,” Mrs. Laurens says. “Be good to John, okay?”

Alex nods. His throat feels like it’s constricting.

“Take him upstairs and help him calm down. Take a shower or something, baby, okay?” she advises.

“Yes, Mom,” John says. He turns to his boyfriend. “C’mon.”

“I feel so bad,” Alex confesses when they’re in John’s room, and he starts crying a bit again. “I made you do that and you got hurt and I will never forgive myself and I’m sorry I don’t think that expresses how regretful I am and I feel horrible I’m so sorry–”

John shuts him up with a kiss.

It’s hesitant and chaste at first, but then Alex deepens the kiss and they fall onto John’s bed, still kissing. John’s oddly cold, and he breaks the kiss to burrow under the blankets. Alex joins him after texting his mom and telling her that he’s spending the night at John’s. It’s a Friday, so that’s okay.

“We’re gonna be okay,” John says directly into Alex’s ear, and Alex repeats it, and both of them say that until they kiss again once more.

“I love you,” they then repeat. Alex brushes his lips over John’s forehead. The other boy is sleepy and soon succumbs to sleep.

Alex watches John fall asleep, and he only sleeps when his eyes close from exhaustion. He watches over him. He doesn’t want anything else to happen.

They love each other even through the hate they face from John’s dad.


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thelasthopeofthefallen  asked:

Just imagine, the last one episode. After the cast screen... Cas driving the impala and the text "ten years later". Then he park in front a classic American house. The dog makes noise and the front door open. Inside the house, without focus, we can see a child playing on the floor. Someone came out. It's Sam: "Cas, I don't hunt anymore". And Cas, with a beer belly and a ring on his finger, almost crying: "Dean is on a hunt trip and he hasn't been home for a while. I need your help! Please". END

OMFG! *screams in Dutch* 

Just Breathe (Markiplier x Reader) One-Shot

Originally posted by crxnkiplier

Requested by an anon: Maybe a story about mark comforting reader after an Anxiety attack?

Requests are still open.

Warnings: Mentions of an Anxiety Attack.


~ ~ ~ 

Mark will forever be thankful for late night convenience stores. Especially since there is hardly any traffic at such hours, to come and go is always as easy as counting to three. It was a quick run, he merely needed to pick up some more drinks and candy for movie night while you make the popcorn at home- you two had an old fashioned popcorn machine, with a cute little crank even! So thankfully for him, it will still be in all of its hot and buttery goodness by the time he gets home.

     And Mark finds himself doing just that right now, his silver sedan pulling into the driveway. He grabs the bag and walks up to the door and despite his hands being full, Mark rings the doorbell and waits patiently. He rocks on the balls of his feet, the chill Los Angeles breeze causes goosebumps to rise on his tan skin. Yet, Mark waits for at least another minute before shrugging, thinking you didn’t hear the bell, and setting a bag on the porch to get his keys. Once in hand, he unlocks and opens the door making sure to grab the bag again before walking into your shared house. “Home,” Mark calls out, his eyes roaming the area in search for your familiar smiling form.

     But he’s only greeted by silence. His chest tightens as worry begins to wash over him, “___? Where are you?” A fast pounding of paws head toward him, Mark sighs but smiles all the same, “Hey Chica.” She barks and bounces a bit further in front of him, her tail frantically waving, looking antsy and unable to stand still. Confused, Mark moves to calm her but she only moves further away all while continuing to bark. He thinks before asking her, “Want me to follow you, Chica?” As if she understood him, she barks in response as she darts towards the hall bathroom. His dark brown brows furrow and Mark follows his golden dog down the hall.

     She stops in front of the door, whines and lies down, her big brown eyes looking up at him like a desperate plea. Confusion still clouds his mind until he hears it. He freezes and holds a hand out to Chica as if to tell her to stay quiet, Mark listens closely and his heart breaks at the realization.   

     You’re crying.

     He sets the bag on the floor and walks up to the door, hearing your broken sobs and raises a hand to knock gingerly on the wooden surface. Not hearing a response, he figures your mind is far too distracted to pay mind to his knocking, a heavy weight hits his chest as his fingers wrap around the doorknob in a futile attempt to see if you had left it unlocked. And much to his surprise, you had.

     While he wishes he could relish in this tiny victory, there’s no time to as he slowly opens the door to the bathroom. It isn’t long until Mark watches your curled up frame shaking, sobbing and breathing rapidly in the corner; your hand holds the wrist of the other which can’t seem to stop twitching. You’re having a panic attack. Sadly, he knows these signs well but he also knows that you’re coming down from one- a bad one at that. Cautiously, Mark moves towards you and kneels beside you- not wanting to startle you- he calls your name gently; both to let you know he’s here as well as to get your attention without touching and possibly scaring you.

     His words cut through the clouds in your mind, instantly, you freeze up. How much time has passed since he left? How long has he been here? Seeing you like this, a mess, a sobbing lunatic that started freaking out over nothing. God, he deserves better than this. Better than you. Better than someone who can’t stop crying and shaking in his hall bathroom after making popcorn. You don’t even know what happened, it just… Came over you. A tightness in the chest, tiny bouts of twitching from your fingers and a sudden panic flooding your mind and ridding it of all other senses. Yet, heightened them all to an overwhelming point that it stole your attention and breath.

     In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. In. In. Dammit, why couldn’t you breathe?! Your breath escaped you and you had rushed to the bathroom, trying to cool yourself off by splashing water on your skin. Temporarily, it worked, though the adrenaline still pulsed through your veins which only left you exhausted and miserable. You managed to sink into the corner you find yourself in currently; only now, he’s also here. You wish Mark wasn’t here right now, he wasn’t supposed to see… this.  

     Your doe eyes shift towards his own and he watches as more tears threaten to fall while worry and panic swirl about in your pools. The corners of his lips turning down as his brows knit together, in a strong and steady voice he asks, “What happened?”

     Stands of hair fall in your face as you look down again, curling deeper into yourself, you answer him with a hoarse voice- throat sore from sobbing, “I… I don’t know- it just- I was just making- I… I don’t know, I’m sorry… “

     Mark sighs, “Don’t apologize,” he bites his lip and studies the situation before leaning against the wall beside you. “C’mere,” his arms open and while tentative at first, you eventually give in and hug his torso tightly as if it’s the only thing grounding you to reality.

     His deep voice supplies sweet words of reassurance as he rubs your back soothingly. The rhythmic beating of his heart and aforementioned voice soon enough calm you to the point where they manage to lull you to sleep, the exhaustion finally catching up to you. Mark feels the tension leave your body and listens to the gentle pattern of your breathing, a small smile works its way onto his lips, glad to see you relaxed again. Deciding to stay like this for a bit longer, he quietly sings a slow and mellow lullaby to help keep your sleeping mind at ease.

        You always seemed to love his voice; whenever you would be in his arms and he would just talk to you, you found solace it in. A little piece of heaven on Earth if you will. It never went unnoticed to Mark, and though it may not be the brightest idea, the thought of maybe making you a playlist of him singing soft songs like how he is right now, could be a good one.

     Though, a light chuckle escapes him. 

    Does he dare put an original, super cool and super amazing rap on it too?

You can’t hurt me more - Wolverine x abused!reader

Summary : Reader had an extremely hard life and is in love with Logan…but he’s afraid that he might get her hurt and tries to break things off.

Warnings : Physical abuse, torture and stuffs. That “reader” suffered a lot.

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


When Logan first met you, he was chasing his past. Was chasing “Weapon X” and anything related. He found you in one of the labs where they made people like him. Killing machines. The labs you were in wasn’t really a lab anymore. It turned into a torture chamber a long time ago. He found you,  almost dead, laying in a fetus position in the corner of a shitty cell. You were the only survivor.

He took you home with him, to the X-Mansion. There, while they took care of your severe injuries, the professor looked into your head. When he pulled away, there were tears in his eyes.

-This child…This child suffered too much…It’s inhuman…I don’t know how she’s still alive…

In your mind, he saw what happened to you. He’d never forget it, scarred for life…You were an extremely cute little girl when your world crumbled to the sea. Barely six years old. You already show signs of mutations, being able to control the four elements, water, fire, earth and air. Six years old was young for that, you were a case of science, a special one, bound to become extremely powerful. But it never happened, you were snatched from a peaceful normal life by monsters.

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anonymous asked:

good luck with the blog;)) anywayss - can i request for a seventeen reaction when their ex who is an idol(svt members cheated on them) makes eye contact with them while performing and then they start tearing up? is this like weird HAHA thanks!

Hi, thanks so much for sending in a request. We have both been working on these reactions so the writing style for each reaction would be a little different. We really hope you like what we’ve written and feel free to send in more requests! We would love to see more ^^

Originally posted by scoupstv

S.coups- He would immediately notice you in the crowd, and when he sees that you are tearing up. The memories of him cheating on you will flash back, he would look at you and question himself about why he even thought about cheating on such a beautiful human being. He would regret the decision and when he sees that you are still looking at him he will smile at you with tears in his eyes too as a sign of apology.

Originally posted by jihoon

Jeonghan- He will be in complete shock to see you standing there in the crowd. He would try to avoid eye contact with you as he is embarrassed for what he did in the past, but when he sees that you had tears in your eyes he would feel even worse and maybe he would turn really quiet after that because he’s ashamed of himself for hurting you so badly.

Originally posted by svt17-carat

Joshua - You’re in the front row it would be near impossible not to see you but somehow josh didn’t immediately see you. You notice how discreetly how Vernon points you out in the crowd. When you both make eye contact your eyes begin to well up while his is filled with regret. A tears falls down staining your cheek, at that moment you could see how his expression shows how he’s disgusted in his actions, he couldn’t believe he hurt you, he couldn’t believe what he had done but it still does not change the reality of what he’s done to you.

Originally posted by withjunhui

Jun - when he’s on that stage he’s completely immersed in the dance but suddenly you catch his eye. He immediately stops and stares at you with his mouth wide open remembering how badly he hurt you. He notices the tears in your eyes and he’s frozen. The other members try to subtly get his attention but he’s lost, lost in the memories of the when you were both happy and how he completely ruined it in a moment of weakness.

Originally posted by tekukii

Hoshi- When Hoshi performs he’s a total different person. You know him too well… he is fearless to show himself off on the stage but the moment he catches a glimpse of you, he would definitely pause. He would just stand there… speechless and not knowing how to react. He sees you with tears in your eyes and will immediately remembers all the bad things he’s said and done to you. The memories will strike him and he will just stand there in the middle of the stage not knowing how to react.

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Wonwoo - He notices you immediately, he sees the tears streaming down your face but he shows no regret for what he’s done. Even though he’s breaking inside at the thought of what he’s done to you, his face is straight with a cold look in his eyes. You run out of the concert as you can’t stand to see the person you loved more than anything feel nothing for you.

Originally posted by seventeencutecarrots

Woozi- When he notices you, he would be in the middle of performing his solo song simple. He would see you standing there in the front row and he would close his eyes to avoid himself from breaking down. The things he did to you in the past still cuts him deeply, he has never forgiven himself for what he did even until this moment. After he performs he would kneel on the stage, others would not know why he was doing so but in your heart, you know the reason clearly.

Originally posted by wonnhao

DK - He would notice you the second he steps on that stage. He could pick you in a crowd of millions. He loves you so much that even he can’t believe what he’s done to you. He can’t believe that he could do that to his soulmate. The moment he notices tears in your eyes his heart shatters at the thought of all the pain he’s given you. As a way of apologising he would always sing facing your direction to let you know that you are still in his heart and that he’s very sorry for what he has done.

Originally posted by yogyurts

Mingyu- Mingyu is usually very cheerful on the stage, he would be bouncing around and jumping all over the place. He would also often come near the edges of the stage to get closer to the fans and he just happened to be around where you are standing. You would stand there and just waiting for him to notice you, when he does you close your eyes to prevent the tears from falling. All the bad memories, the hurtful memories still seemed clear, although you have tried your hardest to let it go but seeing Mingyu again reminds you how much it hurts. He would just be a frozen statue when he sees you and would not be able to move until the other members comes to get him.

Originally posted by seniyaa

The8- The8 would be very nervous to perform on the stage by himself as he is usually with his performance team members, so he looks around the crowd to remind himself to not stress too much because everyone here loves him dearly. When he looks around he catches your eye and he immediately steps back. He still doesn’t know how to face you for the pain he has put you through, he would hesitate to step on the stage as he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable and he would just walk off slowly and tell his members he is not feeling too well but when he turns around to see you still looking at him with tears in your eyes, he would gain the courage again to prove that even after you left… he is still trying very hard to live upto his mistakes.

Originally posted by hanwooz

Seungkwan - You’re the first person he sees when he steps out of that stage. He sees the tears immediately and all the memories flood in of the time he admitted to cheating on you. He remembers everything he said and everything you said as if it was yesterday. He jumps into the crowd and grabs you immediately. You begin to cry but not because he cheated because he came to you. He came to you and apologised. In front of thousands he cried and begged for your forgiveness. The rest of the boys jump into the crowd to help you and Seungkwan get backstage so you both can talk about your feelings.

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog

Vernon - The moment he notices you he stares into your wet eyes with his puppy dog look you can see the regret in his eyes but what he’s done to you is so painful. His face is so cute that you start to cry more, you try control yourself but you can’t. You run out of the concert with tears flooding from your eyes. Suddenly you notice a familiar voice behind you. It’s Vernon. He left his concert just to be with you. He immediately grabs you into his chest saying “I’m so sorry for hurting you, I don’t know how I could ever do that you. I can’t believe I did this. I love you so much Y/N please forgive me.”

Originally posted by performanceunit

Dino - He’s the youngest member which does cause him to have low self esteem and confidence but you were always there encouraging him. He was honest with you about the cheating but he hated the fact that you didn’t forgive and take him back. He notices you in the crowd immediately and begins to cry because he knows that you were the best thing that’s ever happened to him but because of his immaturity he’s ruined it for himself. When he sees the tears run down your cheeks he falls to his knees crying, this causes the Jeonghan to go and comfort him immediately while the other boys try to continue the song.

Admin Mi & Sunshine

‘That’s my sister’ Part 7 Auston Matthews Imagine

part 6

You managed to pack your bags for your flight that was set to leave in a few hours for Tampa, Florida. You sighed and decided to change out of your uncomfortable pair of jeans and into leggings and a sweatshirt. You hauled your suitcase down the flight of stairs and into the living room where Mitch was waiting. ‘All set?’ He asked standing up from his previous position on your couch. ‘Yeah, I think I have everything.’ You responded with a weak smile. You were exhausted to say the least. All of the screaming and crying from today has physically and mentally taken a toll on you.

Mitch quickly grabbed your bag from your hands and you gave him a small ‘thank you.’ You locked your front door and made your way down the Mitch’s car. ‘Hey Mitch? Can we stop for some food on the way?’ You gave him the best puppy dog eyes you could until he finally rolled his eyes and agreed to take you to McDonalds. Once you had your nuggets and milkshake, the two of you were on your way to the airport. The two of you rode in a comfortable silence. You trying to think about anything but the Arizona boy, and Mitch trying to prepare himself for his games in the upcoming week. 

When you arrived at the airport, you and Mitch made your way to the Maple Leaf’s plane. This took some time, mostly because your luggage was almost the size of you, but really you were trying to stall. ‘You can’t avoid him forever.’ Mitch said, stopping and waiting for you to catch up for the billionth time in the last 5 minutes. You rolled your eyes but did not respond, knowing what he said was true. You couldn’t ignore him forever

A few more snarky comments from Mitch, and a lot of curse words from you, the both of you were handing off your luggage to a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs staff. Mitch led the rest of the way to the private plane used for the team and the rest of the staff. You had made it almost the whole way without seeing Auston. Almost. He stood right next to the stairs that lead onto the plane, talking to Babs. You tried to walk faster to match Mitch’s strides and hide behind him but it was no use. His eyes found you and the did not move. You both locked eyes for what seemed like the longest time until you couldn’t take it anymore. You broke his gaze and looked down at your feet, a habit of yours that you could not break. 

Mitch noticed the encounter but did not say anything. He gave you a quick pat on the shoulder before he made his way up the stairs of the plane shortly followed by Babs. This left you and Auston outside, alone. You didn’t know what to say and neither did he. You were about to open your mouth to say you’re sorry but the pilot shouted for everyone to be seated as we were soon to take off. Auston moved first walking up the stairs and onto the plane. You held your tears at bay, not wanting to cry in front of the whole Toronto Maple Leafs organization. You took a deep breath and climbed the stairs up the plane. The only seat open was next to your partner Alex. 

You buckled your seat belt and closed your eyes wanting this road trip to be over before it even begun. The plane ride to Florida was short, mostly because you slept through the full 3 hours. Alex shook you awake after you landed and you gave him a small smile. Alex was very nice and somewhat attractive, but definitely not your type. Your type was: a hockey player, brown hair, brown eyes, above 6 feet, who goes by the name of Auston Matthews. Once the plane was unloaded and the busses were loaded you decided to look around for the Arizona native. You couldn’t see him which made you frown.

‘What’s wrong (y/n)? Alex didn’t hold your hand while you got off the plane?’ You heard a voice growl behind you. You already knew who it was. You turned around and came face-to-face with Auston. ‘What the fuck is your problem?’ You said trying not to catch the attention of anyone. ‘My problem? I don’t have a problem. Have fun with Alex, you two are great for each other.’ Auston said coldly before walking right past you and onto the coach bus. 

You were beyond confused, but more than that, pissed off. How dare he. You rolled your eyes before you made your way to the coach bus. You felt eyes burn into you as soon as you stepped on. You looked up to lock eyes with Auston. Fuck you Matthews. You gave him a wink and sat down next to Alex who just happened to be in the seat right in front of Auston. You dove into a meaningless conversation with Alex knowing damn well Auston was listening to every word coming out of your mouth. Every time Alex said something, you could hear Auston scoff. Brat

When everyone finally arrived at the hotel, you stood up from your seat and looked at Auston. The expression on his face could kill someone. Rage. He glared at you and stood up too. His suit, that you hadn’t noticed before, clinging to his body. You aimlessly checked him out, unconsciously biting your lip. He looked good. You met his gaze again and his facial expression was changed. He had a smug expression on his face with a smirk to top it off. You gave him another wink before turning around and exiting the bus, adding an extra swing to your hips. 

While you waited in the lobby for everyone to get organized, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out only to find you had received a text message from Auston.

Auston Matthews: Two can play at this game. 

You sucked in a short breath. You looked up and across the room only to meet the eyes of him. He gave you a sly wink and you and him both knew, you were done for. You broke his gaze for what felt like the hundredth time that night and decided to play games on your phone until you were given your room key. You were one of the last people to receive your room key out of the whole staff. You carried your luggage to the elevator and made your way to your room. You had no idea where Mitch or Auston were staying and that kind of paranoid you. You made your way to your room and decided you wanted to go lay out in the sun. Who could blame you though? You were from Canada and you were in Florida. 

I guess someone else had the same idea too, because when you changing in the bathroom, your phone buzzed signaling you had received a snapchat from AM34. You opened it and almost dropped your phone. It was Auston, in a bathing suit in the mirror. His 8-pack on full display. You were normally not a fan of mirror selfies, but this one was sexy. You remembered his text from before and decided to tease him a little. You took a picture of you in your bikini and said Two can play at this game;). You pressed send and within seconds he opened it. You waited and waited for his response but never got one. 

You sighed and put your phone on the charger before making your way to the door. When you opened the door you screamed. You were face-to-face with Auston. 

‘We need to talk.’ He said, eyes dark and filled with lust. 

‘Come on in.’ You replied. 

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  • motorcycle: yes you would lie to us, steven (ft. choirs!)
  • summer shandy: summer song released in september about a winter in alaska???
  • cough it out: having a problematic fave
  • help: fuck capitalism, man
  • laugh till i cry: backflip part 2
  • historic cemetery: 'i dont smoke weed' ok sure
  • fuck jobs: surprise reggae!! everyone refuses to call it 'the plan'
  • ginger: no one is the least bit surprised tfb wrote a song about a dog and killing spiders
  • 2yl: no one wants to hear about your orgasms, brian
  • west virginia: The Ultimate Banger™
  • plastic flowers: brian making everyone cry
James Potter Imagine 3 Part 2


Request: Wait can there be a pt 2?? [To James Potter Imagine 3] But it’s when Sirius and the reader run away from their family????

@firefurr​ of course!! this is gonna be so cute I’m so exited!! thanks for requesting!!


You looked through the tears in your eyes at the two burned spots on your family tree. Under what used to be two smiling faces was a scorched and barely readable ‘Y/n Black’ and ‘Sirius Black.’

Your twin brother was currently attempting to win a fight with your mother, the worst one yet, but it all sounded distant. 

“Don’t you ever come back!! You are no children of mine, you blood traitors!”

You heard your mother’s shrill voice filled with so much anger shout.

You remained still, shocked and terrified beyond anything you had ever experienced before. Your body wouldn’t move if you wanted it to. 

You were pulled out of your daze when you felt some one frantically shaking your arm. You turned to Sirius, the world suddenly feeling and chaotic as it had before.

“Y/n, we’re leaving, come on!”

“M-my stuff..”

“We’re not getting anything! Come on!!”

He pulled you out of the door as your mother continued yelling at you and your brother and throwing things. You already had a cut on your forehead, but it was nothing compared to what a broken mirror had done to Sirius’s arm. The pain felt numb, after all, compared to the true fiery hurt of what your mother had said.

Sirius dragged you out the door, slamming it behind him. 

You began sobbing heavily once your mind refocused on the gravity of the situation. You were officially being disowned. You ripped your arm out of Sirius’s grip and began running towards the front door, Sirius wrapping his arms around you from behind to stop you.

“Mom!” you cried, “Dad!” you began sobbing harder, “Regulus….”

“Y/n….” Sirius was trying hard not to break down, “we have to go, okay?”

You let your body slowly fall to the ground until you were sitting in front of the steps to 12 Grimmauld Place with Sirius’s arms around you.

The rest of the night was a blur, you were both 16 and unable to apparate, so Sirius, with no money or anything else, was able to charm, sob-story, and puppy-dog-eye a way for both of you to get to the Potter’s household. 

Sirius knocked on the door, his eyes heavy and his other hand holding yours. You had run out of tears to cry. Your eyes were red and puffy and you felt empty inside, and like the world was about to fall apart, or just stop existing. 

Mrs. Potter answered the door at precisely 3:48 a.m. with tired eyes and a confused furrow of the brow.

“Y/n? Sirius? What on earth?”

“Hi Mrs. Potter,” your voice cracked and you sounded tired and broken, “m-my- our mother. Mother- she- she,” you began crying once again and Sirius had silent tears streaming down his face.

“Shh, shh,” Mrs. Potter ushered you both in, putting her arms around the two of you, “Don’t say a word more, come in and sit down.”

Sirius pulled his hand away from yours and sat across from you, the small coffee table in between the two of you. You looked up and saw your little brother again. The same Sirius you had seen a million times after Mother yelled at him or hurt him or abused him. You were always there to hold your brother and tell him it would be okay. But now… you were just a broken as he was, and you both knew nothing was okay.

You heard the muffled talking of Mr. and Mrs. Potter. Both sounding sympathetic and heartbroken, trying to figure out what happened. 

“Take Sirius up to James’s room,” you heard Mrs. Potter whisper to her husband, “I’ll get y/n set up in the guest room.”

“Mom? Dad?” You heard James’s voice call from up the stairwell and your heart skipped a beat. 

He stepped down the stairs wearing nothing but sweatpants and a confused expression. 

“Oh, James-” Mrs. Potter began.

“-Y/n?” James questioned, seeing you first as you stood up. He rushed over to you and engulfed you in a hug, you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding in and relaxed a little in his arms. After a moment he pulled away and and went to go hug Sirius. 


“Not now,” Sirius said pleadingly.

James nodded, like he understood. 

“Bloody hell, your arm!” Sirius held up his forearm to reveal a deep, jagged cut you had forgotten about. 

“Oh, my!” Mrs. Potter gasped, rushing over to him to inspect the wound. 

“W-we have to go to St. Mungo’s!”

“Now, Euphemia-” 

Before Mr. Potter finished his sentence Mrs. Potter caught an unconscious Sirius in her arms.

You felt frozen in place one again, like the world had stopped. You watched as your other half and picked up by Mr. Potter.

Mrs. Potter went over to James and whispered in his ear as though you couldn’t hear, “Watch out for y/n, okay? We’ll be back soon enough, we have to get Sirius to St. Mungo’s as soon as possible.”

They were gone in a flash and you sat down. This can’t be real.

“Y/n,” James began, concerned, “What happened to your forehead?”

“Mother, s-she,” you began crying and James pulled you into a hug.

“No, no, shhh, you’ll be okay, come on.”

He led you to the bathroom and sat you up on the counter, wetting a washcloth and dabbing it onto the wound. He stood in between your legs, focused on putting the numerous band-aids on your forehead as you looked at the wall.

After he patched you up he pulled you down from the counter and led you up to his room.

“Sleep,” he said, and pulled back the covers for you.

You stayed with your eyes opened, staring at the ceiling, trying to comprehend what had happened today.

“Are you okay,” James whispered.

You sat up and shook your head, “No-no,” your voice cracked and you began crying all over again, “she told us to never come back, James, never.”

He pulled you close to him, letting you rest your head in the crook of his neck as he rubbed your back. 

“Darling, I’m so sorry.” 

“A-and she burned us off the family tree.”

He let you yell and rant about all the things your Mother did and said and let you cry and talk and worry until you fell asleep in his arms.


The next day you didn’t wake up until about 1:00 p.m., James was already awake, and apparently had been for hours, and was playing with you hair, an arm still wrapped lovely around your waist. You took a deep breath and pushed yourself up with your arms and looked over at James. He smiled and kissed your nose, bringing you butterflies in your stomach and one moment of pure joy after last nights events. 

Mrs. Potter was still at St. Mungo’s with Sirius, who was apparently getting very flirty with the nurse, and Mr. Potter had come home that morning at about 6:00 a.m. and was pleased to see you sleeping soundly next to his lovesick son.

You and James ate ‘breakfast’ in bed and whispered quietly to each other, trying to forget about life for a while. You knew that you might never really heal, and making out with James Potter in his room after eating 20 chocolate frogs might not make all the pain go away, but it was sure worth a shot.


holy shit so i rlly like the way this turned out thank u so much for requesting this it was so fun to write!! AH

The Lost One Part 1

Pairing: Eventual Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1002

Summary: You work in a café but on your way home you find something unexpected.

A/N – No Bucky in this chapter yet.

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Working in a café had its perks; you met wonderful people, you watch as students and business people order their choice of beverages and give them quick access to food. What was it that attracted people to the coffee shop that you worked in? Was it that coffee shops offered an irresistible convenience? Was it the free Wi-Fi that allowed people to work or just to check up on their friends, or to check through social media while waiting to head off in their own direction? Whatever it was you didn’t mind, you got paid at the end of the week and return home at an early time.

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Peter Parker + “I’m fine.”

The first time you kiss me we’re nine and it’s on the school playground. You run away only seconds after your lips touch mine, I don’t have time to register how fast my heart is beating. As I watch you run back to Harry and Ned I can feel myself blushing a hundred and one different shades of pink.

The second time you kiss me we’re thirteen and at a Christmas party. You’re wearing that god awful reindeer sweater your aunt May picked out for you and I’m in a red dress. Neither of us notices that we’re under mistletoe until your uncle Ben points it out, voice echoing over the Christmas carols that the radio station won’t stop playing. Your lips touch mine fast, they’re soft and thin and you pull away seconds later, leaving my head spinning. 

I think it’s at that moment, under Mr. McKee’s dim apartment lighting that I realize I love you.

The next time we kiss it’s three years later and I still love you. Your girlfriend had just broken up with you and you’re laying on my shoulder crying because you really loved her. Your eyes meet mine and then you go for it. This kiss is longer. It’s hard and hot and desperate and I can feel the tears on your face when you press it against mine. 

“Peter,” I tell you, trying to catch my breath, “This won’t make you feel better.” You don’t reply, you just kiss me again with the same desperateness you’d kissed me with earlier. Your arms circle around my waist and I let you lay on top of me once you push me against my mattress. That night I let you have my soul hoping that maybe it’d get you to love me back. 

It didn’t.

Instead, you get back with your girlfriend three days later and ask me not to mention what had happened.

“Sure,” I tell you with a forced smile, the back of my eyes are burning and all I want to do is cry. You smile at me appreciatively. I’ve always loved your smile, the way your bottom lip pulls back between your two front teeth and your cheeks turn a light pinkish color as they stretch out across your face.

Now I’m twenty-five and I’m watching you kiss her, telling her in front of both of your families and friends that you’ll love her forever and as I sit in the pews I can’t help but feel like I’m dying. Mr. Stark looks at me with pity so evident in his eyes I feel like a starved three-legged dog.

“You okay kid?” He asks me. His voice is tender like he is dealing with a three-legged dog. I try to swallow whatever the lump in my throat is, and I try to blink back the tears. I do, I know if I start crying I won’t be able to stop and this day is about you. All my days are about you.

“Yeah,” I say stiffly, shrugging my shoulders, “I’m fine.” I’m not, he knows I’m not. He rests his hand on my shoulder and squeezes it reassuringly. Maybe one day I could be okay, maybe one day I won’t love you, but as of right now, I can’t see that happening.

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domestic!alfie snippets

thinemineours wanted more domestic!alfie

from a range of verses including references to ‘mo mhadra’ and ‘fáilte abhaile’

“We should get a dog”

“We have a dog”

“We should get another dog”

You kept your eyes on your book but you weren’t paying attention to the words.


“He needs a friend”

You looked up at this, your face amused. Alfie was sat on the sofa, with your legs over his lap, running his hands over your shins.

“He needs a friend?”

“Yeah. We’re at the office a lot, he’s gotta be lonely”

“We have a house full of servants for him to play with”

“Not dog friends though”

Your lips quirked.


“I want another dog”

“Yeah. I thought this might be more about you”

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Thank you- Jason Todd x reader

Prompt: Person A:Is that a knife in your shoulder? Person B: Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you :) Person A: Nope, that’s a knife Person B: But I am happy to see you With Jason as person B (requested by @jadedhillon, hope you like it)
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If there’s anything they teach you more than anything in Gotham is to never go out alone, even less at night. But when you have vigilantes roaming the streets at night, guarding the city and keeping it safe, sometimes it’s easy to forget those rules.

It was a cold night, you were on your way home after leaving your friend’s bachelorette party, the second this year to have one. As your friend got praised and showered in congratulations, you were bombarded with the same old questions, when is the wedding?, For when the ring? And the worst of all, when will you have a boyfriend?

That’s why you left, it was enough with you thinking about it and your mother asking you the same. You knew none of it was with bad intention but sometimes you wished for them to shut up and a bit of luck.

As you approached your building, something that wasn’t the wind send a shiver up your spine.

The sound of steps behind you and the unmistakable stench of alcohol put you in alert. You thought of your options. You could run to your apartment and maybe manage to outrun them but wearing heels it looked impossible. Shouting may work but the way things were in this city, no one would come out to your aid.

You sped up your pace, hearing them laugh as they got closer, whistling at you trying to get your attention, your heart started to beat faster full with adrenaline and fear. You turned on a street hoping to loose them, only to find yourself with a dead end. No way, your luck couldn’t be this bad. Keeping your composure became something of the past, your mind trying to calm down, looking for a way out. You only hoped they weren’t too close, maybe you could turn and leave still with a little advantage on your side.

As you turned back to leave the men were already there, blocking the only exit. Shit. Four bulky guys sweating and drunk were looking at you, shouting the filthiest things and whistling at you like you were a dog. The one on the front was the first to move, calming the others as he approached you, licking his lips and eating you with lustful eyes. A gleam caught your eyes, a knife in his hand.

You tried to back away until you had your back against the wall, not daring to cry despite the fear pressing your chest. You were not giving them the satisfaction.

“Look what we’ve got here boys.” he spat, twisting the knife in his hand. “A little bitch looking for his master ain’t ya’?” a smirk on his face, pointing the knife at you.

“Go fuck yourself!” you shouted with a little more confidence than you felt.His smirk fell, being replaced by anger, his eyes shooting fire and his mouth wide open showing his teeth.

“It looks like she ain’t trained.” the rest of them laughed. “I guess someone has to teach her a lesson, right boys?” a round of cheers and laugh followed his words, until he raised a hand to shut them.

He raised his arm ready to stab you. Your eyes flew closed and your arms raised, trying to shield yourself, preparing for a blow that never came. The sound of confusion and grunting made you look. A tall man in a red helmet was standing in front of you, facing your attacker.

“Don’t you idiots know, that’s not how you treat a lady?”

“Now, save yourselves the pain and leave, please?” you could hear a smirk on his voice, which left you confused. Is he enjoying this.

“Are you stupid or what? We are four, and you’re alone. The one who needs to leave is you, asshead.” they all laughed, clearly drunk as they had no idea of what was going on.

“You shouldn’t have said that.” he said, flexing his muscles before attacking. As you saw him fight you realised those men never held a chance. You’ve heard of Nightwing, the way he fought was fluid and acrobatics more than anything, nothing like the one in front of you, even Robin’s moves seemed more controlled as if he’d known them from birth. But this was the Red Hood, he was pure brute force, anger flowing through every punch and not holding back a single move.

The four men were left unconscious and he was barely panting. When he fished cuffing the last man he looked at you. You had hid behind a dumpster the whole fight and just now where you coming out.

“Are you alright?” he asked, lending you a hand.

“Y-yes, thank you.” you said, taking his hand and pulling you up. You looked as he took off his helmet, revealing a handsome face and a mane of black hair with a white streak. Your heart gave a leap.

“Good, did they hurt you?” himself getting closer to you, checking for any injuries. “No.” your voice faltered at the sudden proximity of your bodies.

“You know, it’s not usual that I get to rescue someone as pretty as you.” a grin drawing in his face.

Was he flirting? A smile grew on your face at the thought of it.

“Well then, I’d say I was lucky you…!” you stopped as a gleam caught you eye. “Is that… what the… is that a knife on your shoulder?” you shouted, more from the impression than anything.

“Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you.” he shot you another smirk. How could he be so calm, if it were you, you might have fainted already and yet he was there, as if nothing had happened, flirting shamelessly.

“No, dude, seriously that’s a knife.” you said, pointing at it.

“But I am happy to see you.” you rolled your eyes, the guy talked as if he’d died before. You had your feelings torn between utter exasperation or complete gratitude towards him. He had saved you, he took a knife for you, and even in that state he still managed to fight those guys. More than gratitude you felt something else, admiration? Your head needed time to decide.

“You have to take it out.” a serious tone in your voice. “My place is just a block away, I can help you patch up there.” you said, your hand moving towards his shoulder.

He moved to grab your wrist, stopping you from reaching the knife. “Don’t touch it, it may not look like it but that thing is paining me like you have no idea and taking it out may just make it worse.”

“But it will be worse if you leave it there! It could get infected!” twisting your hand to free from his grip.

“Still, better leave it there honey.” he said, taking a step away from you.

“Oh, come on!” you stepped forward, your hand grabbing his collar and your head finally deciding on what it felt. You pulled him down and pressed your lips against his.

A sight left him at the sudden kiss, but it was quickly forgotten as he got into it just as fast. You could feel his hands on your back, making their way to your shoulders and finally resting on your cheeks, cooing your face tenderly while he kissed you. A tender kiss that became something else, his hands becoming stronger as he grabbed you, responding to your moves as your hands trailed up his body resting on his shoulders. You felt him wince at the touch but without stopping the kiss. You pressed yourself against him, trying to get as close as you could.

The moment you felt him lower his guard, your hand finally there and with a swift quick move you took the knife out, breaking the kiss and making him back away.

“What the… God it hurts.” he said, pressing the wound with his hand.

“Stop whining.” you said with a smile. “Now, let’s go patch you up so maybe we can continue where we left off.”

anonymous asked:

If you're taking request, could you write some characters comforting s/o after they ended an abusive/ toxic relationship please? Thnx

Cut anyone toxic out of your life if you can, even if it’s family. Trust me when I say you’ll feel a lot happier after, it isn’t noticeable when you’re dealing with them but toxic people drain the life out of you. Hanzo’s a little self-indulgent, I’ll admit it. This is entirely self-indulgent, as these are my favourite characters (excluding


He wanted to pull you close, protect you from your pain. However, he sensed that it would cause more. As you associated touch with pain. Instead, he just sat next to you, his chest humming with a reassuring song.

You looked exhausted, just tired from having to deal with this for up to almost a year. Zenyatta could sense the tumultuous emotions inside of you, glad to finally be free conflicting with the dependance your ex had conditioned you to feel.

“I have no words,” he finally said, you looking up at him, “Except that it was an incredibly strong thing to do.”

“I don’t know,” you said gently taking his hand, “I don’t feel like it was, it feels a bit cowardly.”

“It is just as noble to save one person, even if it’s just ourselves,” he said, gently rubbing your hand, “I’m proud of you.”

You felt tears beginning to pour down your face, just happy to have the support of the Shambali monk in your life.


You had just appeared in front of his hideaway, tears streaming down your face and you shook with the cold. He had let you in and you collapsed onto the floor, holding your coat close to you.

“Do you mind if I stay here a bit?”

You were timid after that, skirting out of his reach whenever he raised his hand slightly. His heart ached with the implication and he gently sat you down, holding your hand and looking you in the eyes. He brought up his suspicions and you looked away, ready to start crying again and you nodded. 


“My brother,” Hanzo’s heart flashed with guilt, knowing that he had hardly been the model of a perfect brother.

“I just don’t want to be around him at the moment,” you said and he nodded, gently pulling him into your lap.

“I’m here to help,” he said, “whatever way I can.”


He’s enraged when you finally confessed what your friend had been doing, pushing and guilting you whenever you said no to their insane demands. Eventually, they told you if you didn’t give them the gift you had gotten from Reaper, his old dog tags, they’d stop being friends with you.

You wished you could say that you held out, said no. But you relented, fearing the loneliness that you felt before you knew them. However, guilt build up inside of you and you went to Reaper, crying and apologising for giving the dog tags away.

“You don’t need them,” he finally growled as you watched him rage at himself for ten minutes, “Trust me when I say it’s better to be lonely than to be with people like that.”

“Besides,” he drifted in front of you, hands on your face, “I wouldn’t be alone, you have me.”

You wiped away your tears, smiling up at the wraith as the stress leaked out of your body.

“Want me to get the dog tags back?” he asked and you though forward for a moment.

After a moment deliberation you nodded, his body drifting into smoke to pay a visit to your old friend.

I Need You

I Need You

Word count: 4.1K

Genre: angst, romantic smut

This was a request from @roleplaymeranda , hope you like it :)

You were antsy, waiting for Jungkook at home. This was the third night in a row that he’d gone out with his co workers. You were glad that he had friends at his new job. He had honestly worried so much about starting to teach at this new school. It was new and prestigious and he’d only graduated two years ago, but he had rocked his interview just like you knew he would.

You two had been married for a year and three months and even had a little dog named, Buster. It was true, the first year of marriage was hard. Despite the fact that you had dated for four years before he asked you to marry him. You’d met in college but you knew him before you’d became friends.

You had seen him in one of your classes a semester before one of your friends, Jimin, had introduced you. You thought he was gorgeous. You were in a class of over one hundred people and you sat toward the side, in the middle,  near the door. Jungkook had sat in the front row, in the middle. He was very sweet and always ready to answer questions, the teacher loved him. Luckily, you had taken a class pretty much exactly like it in high school because you definitely didn’t pay attention to anything but him.

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