crying in brooklyn

You know what I wanna talk about?

How through the whole episode Jake was frantic and nervous and obsessed with winning the heist so that everything would go according to plan. How when it was just him and Amy in the evidence lockup, his reactions to her figuring everything out were so obviously fake. How right before Amy was about to open the box, he didn’t know what to do with his hands.

But as soon as Amy read that inscription, and as soon as he was down on one knee, he was calm.

He was calm because it’s Amy. Amy Santiago, his partner of the last eight years. Amy Santiago, his best friend. Amy Santiago, the love of his life. Soon to be Amy Santiago, his fiancée. Amy Santiago, his wife.

And as soon as he remembered who he was talking to, all of his nervous energy disappeared. He was so calm and peaceful when he was listing all the things he loves about her, because he’s been telling her all those things - in his own unique way, sometimes - for the past eight years. He’s said it all before, and she’s still there. She still wants to be with him. She still loves him.

And suddenly everything made sense to him and he wasn’t scared anymore. Just absolutely, impossibly, unbelievably, head over heels in love with her. And it seemed so ridiculous to him that he was ever scared in the first place, because at the end of the day it’s Amy. It’s always been Amy.

Okay but “They only thing that kept me sane was planning for the halloween heist, those may years doing hard time” and the “I really need to win this year” knowing that he was planning to propose hurts me more than I can say

“Did you just–?” “And did you say–?”

THE WAY JOE LOE TRUGLIO DELIVERS THOSE TWO LINES. THESE sort of breathless, teary two sentences… it’s just beautiful. 


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