crying in brooklyn

Alec, who had his brother, his parabatai sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.

Alec, who’s sister was possessed by a demon and would have killed him if it wasn’t for Clary.

Alec, who was possessed by the same demon as Izzy and killed Clary’s mom as the two were reconnecting.

Alec, who is scared shitless and blames himself for something that he wasn’t able to control.

Alec, who probably hates himself that he couldn’t stop him.

Alec, who can’t forgive himself even when Clary herself knows it’s not Alec’s fault, but the demon’s.

Alec, who used to suspect how Izzy feels and now knows and feels guilty.

Alec, who is so vulnerable and seeks out comfort with Magnus because he feel safe with him.

Alec, who also understands that Magnus is also hurting and is there for whatever Magnus may need from him.

Alec, who doesn’t discriminate and accepts Magnus sexuality with no buts and only responds with “You say what you feel”

Alec, who looks like he got a gift for Magnus to make sure that he’s the only one who’s hurting because he can deal with that, but not with someone he cares about feeling how he feels.

Alec, who can’t seem to catch a break but also doesn’t push Magnus away because he promised and he will always keep his promises.

And Alec, who deserves so much more and will always be loyal and will forever take care of everyone he cares about before himself

Anyways Brooklyn Nine Nine au where the sqaud has to fake Jake’s death to catch a bad guy and at his fake funeral Holt has to say nice things but Charles and Rosa and Gina keep interrupting with additions.

“He was a fine officer –”

“A great officer.”


“He was a great officer, sir.”

“Yes. He was a great officer and a brilliant detective –”

“Amy solved more cases than him last year.”

“/Rosa/, that was only out of the love in his heart –”


“Some would call him handsome.”

“The most handsome”

“Ugh, Charles, clearly I am more handsome and those people have terrible taste.”

“Are you QUITE DONE, detectives?”

“…. Yes sir.”

And then Charles starts crying even though Jake’s not really dead because “it’s just the thought, you know?” and Rosa nods grimly and pats him on the shoulder.
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Amy goes undercover immediately following the events of Johnny and Dora. Jake and the others try to deal.