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4 or 19? <3

4. kiss away the tears

You didn’t specify a ship or anything so I hope marichat is okay.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(I’m back in town so I can finally get to the rest of the prompts you guys sent in. Woo! I’m answering all the ones that are in my box now, as of 5/30, but I’m not taking any more.)

This was a bad idea. Adrien landed on the tiny balcony that led into Marinette’s apartment and set her on her feet between a hanging basket of flowers and potted bamboo. There she wobbled with the motion sickness that people always tended to get when he pole-vaulted them across the city. When halfway through patrol he had spotted her on the street below, still crying, a full seven hours after he’d gently turned her down as Adrien, he couldn’t help himself. It’s not like he could have cheered her up as Adrien. She probably never wanted to see him again. But maybe Chat Noir could put a smile back on that face. 

Marinette paused halfway through her sliding glass door and turned back to him with a watery smile, and it lanced straight through his heart. She beckoned him inside, and he followed. Helplessly.

This wasn’t just a bad idea. This was impending disaster.

“Thanks for taking me home,” Marinette said, and he hated how raw her voice sounded. As if she hadn’t stopped crying for even a moment since Adrien told her he was in love with someone else. He seriously hated himself right now. “I’ve had a bad day. Do you want something to drink? I have some some fancy wine if you feel like staying for a bit.”

Adrien slid the glass door shut behind him. “Yeah,” he offered kindly. “I noticed. Uh…” Was it wrong to stay and have a glass of wine with her when he was the reason she was suffering? Or was it the least he could do? “Wine sounds nice.” As she mussed about in the cupboards for glasses and set about filling them, Adrien leaned on the counter and ached over what to say. “So. Who do I have to kill?” 

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Okay,  yeah.  Now I really do believe that Camren was real at some point in time.  I just don’t like to jump the bandwagon with ships.  There’s so much evidence to support their relationship.  You can call me delusional all you want, but there are far too many incidences and events that happened between them to say a relationship between them never existed.  I’m just sad that they couldn’t freely express their relationship.  It makes me cry, they have to hide so much and mask how they felt about one another, had to be set up with a guy just to cover their relationship.  Can you imagine how that must’ve felt for them? Of course they know they never shared the same feeling with their beards, but seeing them with someone else must’ve hurt so bad.  I hope one day, the industry wouldn’t be so bent on further closeting their celebs.  Maybe they could get back together, but I doubt that will happen (unless ofc they’re still together and we’re just left thinking it’s over) They were cute together.  :/

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Can I request a Jet/Droy smut pre timeskip (I love their older look) with the prompt “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now”? <3

This is going to sound really bad and I’m pretty embarrassed to say this but I’m not actually comfortable writing two guys having sex. I will write them madly in love, smooching, even a lil almost-full-blown-smut fondling, but I don’t know enough about the, uh, process to make /smut/ realistic.

I’d literally be guessing my way through it. And I’m not exactly the research-how-sex-works type. I don’t even like writing from a guy’s pov during male x female smut. I’m not a guy. I don’t have a weird doodad between my legs so I don’t know how it feels. I am quite the innocent bean you know. Also, the word nipple makes me cry. I wanna respect real male x male relationships by not writing them as something they’re not.

But Jet and Droy as a ship? That’s something I’ve never heard before. Probably because everyone writes about them being madly in love with Levy. I like it. Props to you!

Sorry I can’t write the request. Someone else might take it up, though! I’m pretty selective with smut in general, tbh. I find it boring to write so I don’t do it very often.

I can write girl x girl and guy x girl because I’ve been in both of those situations. I’m not at risk of writing something that isn’t at least semi-realistic lol. That is, I know where everything goes. Lmao.

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2, 12, 14, 22, 34, 43 for the 45 asks thingy!

As always, thanks for asking stuff! (love your new icon pal)

2. Favourite Youtuber?

Oh god, so many to choose from. I think right now it’s between Mark and PJ, though Cry is always great too, but he’s more of a Twitch kinda guy at the moment so idk

12. What was your first fandom?

First fandom… either Death Note or Gintama, but I was definitely way more into Gintama at one point

14. First OTP?

My first real OTP was Light x L from Death Note. I think everyone shipped them at some point haha

22. Have you ever gotten in a physical fight?

I used to do Judo in primary school, but other than that, nope! I’m generally a passive person so things never escalate that far

34. First URL?

I believe it’s always been the-official-pentacorn? Not sure though

43. What’s your favourite meme?

Hoo boi :^) Right now the new sPoNgEbOb MeMe if you know what I’m saying. Or (variations of) cracking open a cold one with the boys

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