crying guys the s&m between them

i absolutely loVE the theory that miraculous holders cant get akumatised for exactly one reason and that is the idea that once the rest of Marinette and Adrien’s class starts getting their own kwami and this becomes common knowledge that people just pass around the miraculouses to avoid akuma

like “did you say Juleka is sad? shit where is she i nEED TO GIVE HER THE PEACOCK”

“what do you mean Max is mad at the geometry teacher gET HIM THE TURTLE”


“Ivan stop crying and take the fox okay hurry u- thERES THE BUTTERFLY HURRY UP”

“who had the cat last? cmon guys i need him back i’m Chat Noir” “Adrien we’ve all been Chat Noir” “I’M THE ORIGINAL CHAT NOIR”

meanwhile Hawkmoth is just crying in his dumb tower because he’s at a stalemate with fifteen kids with six kwami between them

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1. I cry really easily when I find a thing beautiful??? Even kinda ?? things like for instance a reining program by a girl dressed as Elsa with the Let It Go song oh man you guys

2. I’m not squirmish about touching nasty stuff like guts or shit but I Hate ™ the dishrag and the leftover food pieces in the sink

3. In Sweden we don’t write “double words” with a dash between them so idk if it’s dishrag or dish rag and if it’s the latter and I have to separate words like that I’m Uncomfortable

4. I used to practice judo and have yellow belt in it wow!

5. A pet-peeve is prolly swedish people speaking english with me even though they’re fully aware of that I’m swedish and we speak the same language like kom igen bara gör det lätt för oss båda jag pallar inte det är bara pinsamt

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Okay guys, so, I always love reading photo op stories, so it’s story time. ❤️ first off, I just want to say Cockles is real. The way these two light up around each other is magical. They would whisper in each other’s ears, steal glances from one another, and everything in between. It was something of pure beauty.
Anyway, back to the story though.. I was obviously freaking out as the picture pretty well explains (I’m on the left). We got up there and I explained the pose to them, “We are basically gonna stand in a line.. *directing them to their places* you here and you here. Then we are going to link arms and make hearts like this..*demonstrates with mine and Misha’s hands*” I look over at Jensen and he’s working so hard to look over and see how Mish and I were doing it with this adorable confused look on his face. I attempted to demonstrate, but no words were really forming from the mixed distraction of Misha’s hand on mine and Jen’s adorable confused look, so my @criticallyinsaned said, “with your hands, Jensen..” And he automatically got it. Then I said, “yeah.. And look excited to be here,” Jensen nods, and I smile and say, “but not fake excited. Really excited.” and he looks over with a knowing smile and says, “alright.” They snap the picture, but I was a bit overwhelmed and this was how it turned out. We were called back because I didn’t quite get my hand up to where it was supposed to be (look at my friend, that’s the actual planned pose). So I said.. “AGHHH dang…” With a laugh and Misha said, “ahhhh man..” and I was just like, “we screwed it all up!” with a laugh. We repositioned and took the picture again, which you can find on @criticallyinsaned’s tumblr page. Then we smiled and thanked them before walking out and commencing our meltdown over the whole thing.
It was all so perfect and genuine. Honestly, this was such an incredible moment.. They are such dad’s, although I think Jensen was just acting like he couldn’t make the hand hearts because seriously look at how perfect his were compared to mine and Misha’s.. 😂😂 but seriously, perfect day, perfect op, perfect experience. Can’t wait until next time.

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Whatever you do don't compare and contrast zigi and ziam on the red carpet. Don't compare how zayn and Liam complement each other PERFECTLY . How they are roughly the same height so there's no height difference, how zayn seems so proud of the way Liam looks and how the energy between them radiates through the camera lense. While zigi look like the dictionary definition of miserable. I honestly feel like crying 😟😞😕😐😐😐

let’s start out with gigith and Zayn so we can get the unfun part out of the way, like the ad before i watch the t-rex pole dancing to Rihanna video for the 59285958 time on youtube

tag yourself, i’m the guy on the left

for some reason i felt the need to do this while listening to We Are the World. i don’t even know what i am anymore

i’m laughing, they separated from the group and they literally pushed themselves together i can’t


*i wasn’t even alive when USA for Africa happened, i don’t know what my deal is with that song

Another pic I found on Pinterest… Just that made me feel really sad, and then I read this comment:

GUYS!!!! THIS IS JUST PERFECT! IT’S JUST AWESOME!!! I’m not a huge fan of Jelsa, once there aren’t many good fanfics about it, but there are some fan arts like these, which just makes me cry… 

And that theory MaryEvelyn created, c’mon it’s amazing! It makes sense and creates this connection between them!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dangerous thing about movies and shows that have a real-life villain as the main character such as Narcos, The Devil’s Double, House of Saddam, etc.. Is that people end up cheering for the bad guy to win because they think he’s “cool” and forget just how evil these people were in real life. What I don’t understand is how they can feel this way despite seeing them literally murder thousands of people on the show. I saw people saying they cried at the end of Narcos and I’m like what is wrong with you? Yes these shows humanize the characters to create more interesting drama but that doesn’t change what they’ve done in their lives. There’s a difference between finding a character interesting vs wanting them to win over the good guys and crying when something bad happens to them. Geez.

Melissa McBride and Angela Kang on ‘The Same Boat’ Caryl reunion! (video here)

Angela: I love this little reunion.

Melissa: Mmmhmm. It’s sad, it’s sweet.

Angela: I’m gonna cry again watching it.

Angela: One of my favorite things, having been on the show since the seventh episode, as a writer, is when you get to write these little tiny bits for character who have been around a long time and have a history, because so much can be communicated with very little. And I feel like we have that with Carol and Daryl and with Glenn and Maggie, and it’s just – you can have these really full moments with almost nothing set between them. So, I love the work you guys did there.

So there you have it, folks. Kang wrote The Same Boat and says she loved writing the Caryl reunion, and compared it to Gleggie’s reunion, and compared the Caryl and Gleggie relationships.


30 Day Day6 Challenge - Day 6: Favourite Day6 Outfits

Sungjin: Okay, so the thing you guys have to know about me is I’m a complete sucker for simple white/black shirts and Sungjin in this outfit is so gdjkgfhadaf.

Brian: Leather Jackets + Brian = Me crying for days. That’s all that needs to be said. 


Wonpil: Let’s just say that on this day I almost swerved. ALMOST.

Junhyeok: He looks good in literally everything he wears, but during this performance you could not keep your eyes off of him. He was wearing a grey cardigan on top as well, but we just gotta appreciate him in a white button up cause holy moly. 

And the last picture. I’ve never seen anything so majestic in my entire life. :’)))