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Mall date w/ Mark
  • hey!! <3
  • I'm getting so much requests for the dreams lately, they’re so cute lol
  • but I’m hating them so much, like, the last boy videos mADE ME CRY
  • ugh, they’re making me so sentimental??? why are they like this with me when I only gave them my love and support
  • this is so unfair
  • but anyways, I'll make this vv cute, okay? let’s start it <3
  • okay so,,,,,,
  • first thing first, mark is your boyfie here, okay?
  • but your relationship is pretty new, like you guys started dating since like a month or smth and nothing happened between you yet
  • and let me tell you that this wouldn’t be the first time you guys have a date in the mall
  • multiple of this dates happened before!!
  • even when you two only were friends, it’s your thing™ by now
  • whenever you go to the dorms ty is like
  • “oh hey y/n, another of your mall dates?”
  • “it’s fine, but can you please control mark?? last time he only brought pure bullshit that he’s not even using”
  • “and same with you, tHink before buying stuff chIlDrEn”
  • that and kun asking you if he can accompany you two but then getting dead threats of other members bc
  • !!!! kun !!!! let them do their thing!!
  • lmao but anyways
  • the thing is that at least once each month you two would go out for walk around seul and, in the end of the day, you would always find yourselves in the mall
  • but even if y’all just started your relationship, mark’s already filled with work and is always filled with stuff to do so y’all didn’t really do many things together yet
  • so you thought, hey, what would be a good idea to start spicing your relationship up a lil?? ;) well a mALL DATE OBVIOUSLY!!
  • and, by spicing things up I mean for mark to not being close to faint and fanboy every time you breath in the same environment as him
  • so you asked ty for his schedule and planned everything before finally asking him
  • and even if he already knew that you were going to ask him out,,, bc ty probably told him,, he still go to so flustered when you asked??? 
  • he literally waited the whole time for you to ask him and tried to prepare himself but he was still so damn nervous
  • “mark, do you have anything to do today? I don’t want to spend the whole day home so, m-maybe we could go out??”
  • “a-ah, ehh, yeah, s-sure y/n”
  • and uGh he’s such a baby, mY heART
  • the first half of an hour he was so nErvOUs
  • like he wouldn’t be sure what topics talk with you about or how to get close to you and he panicked the whole time bc he wasn’t even sure of what you two were going to do??
  • like, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s that kind of person who is worried about every detail, but,, for being y’alls bAsically first date,, he would feel more confident with something planned
  • but after some time you you managed to calm him down, lol
  • it was quite early in that moment of the day, so you two decided to went to one of the coffee shops that were in the mall to have a small breakfast and talk a little
  • and that’s were you started to distract him by talking about different stuff and he relaxed a bit
  • you asked him questions about himself, canada, his family, and eventually you noticed the way it was easier for him to express himself and communicate
  • seeing how slowly he was starting to open up to you was so heart warming, you got so happy and soft for him in that moment :’)
  • and he noticed the way you also changed, you started to be slightly more touchy and talkative since that moment, but he couldn’t realize why ???
  • until he went back to the dorms and donghyuck and Johnny screamed at him int he face like
  • he’s so cute, lol
  • but aNyways
  • as I said, you started to be noticeably a lot more easy going and you weren’t scared of idk making eye contact with him or secretly taking cute candids of him
  • and when in the middle of the date you were brave enough to interweave your fingers with his, it didn’t even surprised mark too much??
  • of course he was like :o!! at first but in no time the confidence that he needed came to him and he simply smiled at you and softly squeezing yours before he keeps talking <3
  • you can’t even explain how happy you were in that moment since becoming so confident and close with someone is the best feeling ever
  • y’all bought a bunch of stuff and didn’t even remembered Ty’s warning, lol
  • and, ugh, this angel payed for everything you bought and denied with his life to let you carry any bag
  • “mark, this bag doesn’t even weight 1kg, I can take it”
  • “and??? I’m a gEnTerMan y/n!!!!!”
  • so you just roll your eyes and let him do his thing, lmao
  • in the end of the day, he walked you home and ugh, it was so adorable
  • “y/n, thanks for spending this day with me. I had lots of fun and… I’m happy that we’re getting closer”
  • his cheeks were bright pink as he talked and you got soft and kinda,,, surprised him with a hug
  • he was sHOCKEDDD like, you’re bodies fit so well?? the way you were hugging his waist and placed your head in his chest was so cute he was hyperventilating
  • but he hugged you back and even kissed your forehead before going back to the dorms
  • and he was so excited that he literally told every member each detail of the entire date, he was like a small twelve-yeard-old dying bc of how precious his crush is
  • and that’s basically what he is, lol
  • okay and the end babies!!
  • this was cuteEee c’mon
  • I got a bit soft here, lol
  • but anyways, I hope y’all like it a lot
  • byee
Do You Hate Me? (Part 4/?)

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A/N: Hey guys! I’m back! I don’t really know what to say, but as usual, I hope you guys keep supporting this imagine (aND ALSO EXO OF COURSE), I LOVE YOU ALL! Oh! Also, feel free to request imagine, or anything, really! also feedback would be nice heheh 

Summary: (y/n) and Park Chanyeol used to be friends, chat with each other, until one day, he keeps ignoring her, what could possibly happened between them?

Warning: a lot of crying, a lot of angriness (also grammar mistakes and bad english, forgive me, i’m not a native speaker)

High School AU

Park Chanyeol x Female Readers

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

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people are like “uhhh why was there space in the new Hug??” like… guys… idk about yall but when i hug the people i love most in the entire multiverse and i’m like on the verge of crying about how much i love them because i’m a crybaby and they’re shorter than me, i lean over to cross the gap between us quicker, and so my head can be closer to theirs. that’s what it looked like shiro was doing this time. 

the first hug was saying “i’ll see you in a day or two.” the second hug was “i’ll be gone for a while and i fucking love you so much i hope you know that.”

that’s what a hug looks like when one person is so overwhelmingly emotional that they need to give themself space in case they fall on their knees sobbing. that’s what a hug looks like when you know one of you might start crying so you position yourself where they can’t see your face and you can shove yourself further into the space between their shoulder and their chest. i’ve been there way too many times to not know what that looks like. 

they were both desperately trying not to cry.

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Ok so I know it is mainly my still mostly out of control emotions getting the better of me. BUT the moments between Loki and the children make me cry in such happiness. Seriously real tears of happiness for once. It reminds me so much of my guy and my kids. Neither he or Loki have children of their own but when they are with the children (yes I think of them as more Lauren’s then Maribeth’s) they become DADS. Not just a father figure or male in the kids lives. But true good DADs. Do you get what

2/3 I’m trying to say? Because even I don’t really understand. The way he is with them is so endearing. You have such an amazing gift and so talented. You bring your characters to LIFE. Able to make even a God relatable. You grow them in ways that no one thought possible or even thought could happen and they GROW quickly without sounding impossible. Ahh stupid detox I feel like I can reach out, touch them. I’m almost afraid to write this new idea I have with Loki. I don’t want to ruin what you put..

3/3 In my head. Lol. No it’s not based off of any of your works but I could never do Loki the justice you have. Or the growth of his character. Do I make sense? I don’t think I do.

Lol, yes you make sense even if you’ve rambled my ear off! XD
Take a breath, darling. It will likely help you regain a little oxygen. 

Thank you for your praise. I have always been drawn to the characters with the heavier, darker backgrounds. Always wanted to know why they are the way they are. How did they become these people? Thus, you get stories like Balance, Return, and Accession. 

I’m glad what I do appeals to people, and they enjoy reading my fictions. 

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Balance on the Head of a Pin - 19