crying gives me headaches

I hate her, except that I don’t hate her. I love her, but she makes me cry, she gives me headaches. She triggers my anxiety attacks and she blames me for things I didn’t do. She screams and gets mad at me over the smallest things. She has always treated me that way, and I know I’m acting just like her sometimes. I hate her for that, I hate her for screwing me up. She should have raised me but instead she just stood there and watched me become a mentally unstable girl. Thanks mom.
—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish// #202

#Supergirl Wins

first draft

the loneliest sweet potato

i am at the grocery store because i feel sad. i feel sad because nobody is in love with me. nobody is in love with me but everybody loves me. everybody loves me because i’m good at making people feel good. i’m good at making people feel good because i have had a lot of practice on myself. practice on myself because i feel sad…a lot. i feel sad a lot, but when i make people feel good, i feel good for a little bit. i feel good for a little bit, until i get lonely. i get lonely and i am uncomfortable in my lonely.

in my lonely, at the grocery store i practice trying to make myself feel good by pretending i am a regular person buying her groceries and not a very sad person trying to distract herself from crying. crying gives me a headache. headaches make me want to crawl into bed. to crawl into bed is what sad people do. what sad people do when they are lonely looks a lot like me at the grocery store.

at the grocery store, i feel sad but i look just like everybody else while picking out avocados. or lemons. items no one refers to as ‘comfort food’. ‘comfort food’ makes me want to crawl into bed. to crawl into bed reminds me of two things: i am sad and i am alone.

i am alone, in the grocery store, moving slow in the condiment aisle. in the condiment aisle, it is perfectly acceptable to stand around for too long. stand around for too long and i will begin to tap dance. tap dance lonely in the condiment aisle is a great title for a book, i think to myself, as i wait in line to reach the cashier. the cashier seems surprised when i ask her how her night is going. her night is going okay, she says. she says nothing else, except: cash, credit, or debit? she waves goodbye. goodbye is the saddest word i know. the saddest word you know is my name. 

my name walks around at the grocery store and feels less sad. less sad, because at the grocery store, nobody knows there is nobody in love with me.

Bless Your Heart-Part 4

A/N: This all started because of Jen’s Strange Pairings Challenge, and now here we are on Part 4! I’m so sorry it took me forever to crank this one out, but life just kind of had other plans. Feedback is always welcome. If you want to be added or removed from the tag list, just let me know. Thanks guys! 

Catch up: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Characters: Dean Winchester X Reader (mentioned), Sam Winchester, some OCs

Warnings: Language, Anger, Mentions of strippers (if that’s even a warning)

Word Count: 3500-ish

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To his credit, the guard manning the gate at the Coco Beach Resort really did try his damndest not to crack a smile at the two large men crammed into the pink golf cart parked in front of him as he examined their badges and jotted down their info for the visitor log.

“Okay, sirs, you are good to go. Enjoy Coco Beach,” he said as he handed back their badges, still struggling to keep a straight face.

Dean huffed as he took his badge back from the older, uniformed man and gave a curt not before pulling through the gate.

“Oh, come on man. Don’t get pissy. Can you really blame the guy?” Sam asked as they pulled into a parking spot. “You know you’d be the first one to laugh if the shoe was on the other foot.”

“Well, Mr. Understanding, that’s beside the point. Maybe you are used to having your manhood questioned since you refuse to cut that mop on your head, but I’m not. And I don’t like it, not one fucking bit.” Dean slammed the lock into place before striding hurriedly towards the front office.

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Unexpected Visitor

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Part One


It was easier to see the stars upstate than in the city. They were dim in the night sky but they were visible. The cold night air hit me in waves, I breathed in deeply, it hurt my throat and lungs but it was a pain I for comforting. The sound of quinjets coming and going every so often took the edge off the silence of the night. I rested my head back, letting it lay against glass. I took a sip of my drink and sighed. Lazily, I glanced over to the clock inside the common room. Midnight. Brilliant, another sleepless night.
“Can’t sleep kid?” A voice asked.
“Nope.” I replied, I turned my head to see Tony fixing his cuff.
“You and Pep going out?” I raised a brow.
“Yeah, charity gala in the city.” Tony explained.
“Fashionably late as always… Take care of her.” I commented.
“I thought that was for the aunt to say, not the niece.”
“Technically she’s not my aunt. Thus I’m not her niece.” I replied. Tony clapped a hand onto my shoulder.
“She treats you like family.”
“The only one I have left.” I murmured. I watched as Tony’s brow furrowed.
“Sorry kid.” He said apologetically.
“Don’t worry about it,” I waved him off. “Go have fun with Pep.”
“You try and sleep yeah?” He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a hug.
“Thanks Tony.” I whispered.
“Vision is nearby if you want company.” He stated as he stepped away. I made a face, causing Tony to laugh.
“You’re right, forget that.” He chuckled. I shook my head gently as I watched him step back into the common room from the balcony. I gave a wave to Pepper as I spotted her waiting for Tony. She smiled and waved back.

I rested my arms over the balcony railing and watched as one of Tony’s many cars left the compound. I’m surprised he didn’t push me to call him uncle Tony now that they’re engaged. I thought to myself. I took another sip of my drink, grateful that Tony and Pepper trusted me enough to drink alcohol. I had a feeling however that if I ever drank too much that he’d put protocols in place. Makes sense really. I stayed out on the balcony for a long while, only going back in to the common room for another bottle or to use the bathroom. I let out a frustrated sigh as the clock read 3am. I muttered to myself out of frustration of still being awake, not even an ounce of tiredness in my body. I jumped back, forgetting the glass behind me and cursed as I hit my head, my hands flew to the back of my head rubbing it profusely. The smash of glass made me curse again as I realised I’d dropped my bottle. My eyes widened at the figure hanging upside down.
“A little warning next time!” I hissed. I crouched down and started to pick up the pieces of glass, letting out a little shout when a piece cut into my hand.
“Be careful!” The figure cried, gracefully they returned to an upright position and dropped down onto the balcony. They carefully took the glass from my hands and guided me inside. Dropping the bottle remnants into a nearby bin the figure guided me to the kitchen.
“You’re that kid Tony’s mentoring!” I exclaimed once I’d fully taken in the figures attire.
“You’re a kid too!” A male voice protested. I let him guide me to the sink and run my hands under the tap. Carefully he ran his fingers over the cut on my hand.
“I wasn’t denying that I was a kid. I’m what, a couple years older than you Peter.”
He froze at my words.
“Tony talks about you a lot, he’s like a proud dad, honestly. Plus Happy had been complaining a lot about your calls when you guys got back after Germany.” I explained.
“Oh. Erm, there’s no glass.” He said awkwardly pointing to my hands.
“Thanks. I thought your messages were quite sweet.” I commented as I grabbed some kitchen paper to press against my cut.
“I ah, erm… thank you?” His voice went up an octave. I chuckled lightly as I went over to the fridge to grab another bottle.

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Make me choose: Malcobbs asked: Drew Baylor or Danny Archer?


The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.
—  ― Marjorie Pay Hinckley
Love Is

Request by anon: prompt: Person B getting sick/injured and watching Person A with the most loving expression as they take care of B. Person A gets ridiculously uncomfortable with Person B staring at them with such you-are-my-world admiration, and ends up flicking B on the forehead to break their trance. jay park plez

Sorry I haven’t updated in like a week ? I’ve had alot of shit to do lately, but I’m back on track now. I’m currently working on finishing the next update to Loving Woo Jiho fic...It’s taking all my creative energy out of me i swear haha.

-Admin Kitty

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When she wakes, she looks like death warmed up. Dark circles ring her eyes, her skin as pale as snow and her voice croaky from a night of vomiting.

I’ve only been up three hours, but just looking at her I feel tired again. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out just from her face that it has been four days since she had a whole night of sleep.

“Hey there, sleepyhead..” I say quietly, reaching out to brush her hair out of her face.

Her face scrunches up, but she lets go of a little smile, “Jeez, I’m not used to you being this nice…Where’s Jay gone?”

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captain-andy21  asked:

Spring Green and Asparagus??? Also hope your day was lovely today!

Spring Green: How do you relax when you’re stressed?

- i listen to music tbh!!! but sometimes i just cry and cry (even though crying gives me headaches) because it just makes me feel better after holding everything in

Asparagus: What’s an unpopular opinion you have?
- i don’t really like Jennifer Lawrence (from what i’ve seen anyways, since i obviously don’t know her personally) LOL ,, everyone seems to like her

ty! i hope you had an amazing day, bby! 💞🤧

FIRST TIME IN 5 DAYS I HAVENT WOKEN UP WITH A HEADACHE - I could cry but then that would give me a headache!! So I’ll just get up and cling to this pian free day and amazing mood as long as I can.

Então, no último capítulo vimos que uma certa pessoa tinha que tirar
um tempo pra estudar e descansar (HI MUN) e que por isso o askblog ia
ter uma pequena pausa, certo? POIS BEM, um ano de intensos estudos
depois, ela está de volta, o que significa que EU estou de volta, o
que significa que podem me mandar perguntas e comentários e
declarações de amor e fotos eróticas :D Até porque as asks de antes se
perderam no éter e estamos zerados

ou seja, o blog está reaberto. Só não mandem perguntas sobre a)
eleições, pra não me causar enxaqueca e não fazer a mun chorar e b)
um certo jogo que não será mencionado JAMAIS

de resto, fiquem à vontade, sejam bem vindos e podem fazer bagunça na sala.

So last episode we saw that a certain someone needed some time out to study and rest (HI MUN) and the askblog went on a hiatus. One year of hardcore studying later, she’s back, and that means I’m back, and that means you can send asks and comments and love letters and nudes :D Also the asks we had before got lost in the ether and we’re empty handed now

so the blog is open. Don’t send asks about a) the elections, because they give me headaches and they make mun cry and b) a game that shall NEVER BE MENTIONED

everything else is ok. Welcome everyone, make yourself confortable and feel free to mess up the living room

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Notes: same au as this :p

10. bodyguard au



I never thought I’d need a bodyguard. No one ever did.

But then Hanabi got kidnapped. It was the worst time of my life. For three days, my baby sister’s life stood on the edge, between life and death, and fear grasped its hands around my heart so tightly that it almost crushed it to a pulp.

She came back, though. She survived. My father gave her kidnappers the money they wanted, and they let my sister go, safe and sound. She had bruises in her arms from where the men had yanked her around, and her lip was split from one time they slapped her, but she was alright. They barely touched her, really. They only wanted the money. We only wanted her back.

My father is a smart man, a true strategist, a leader. He immediately hired people, tried to find the kidnappers, and became overprotective, almost paranoid. I understood his reaction, but it worried me. I still played along, though. What else could I do?

He hired bodyguards. He gave my sister, my mother, and I one to each. “I’ll never let anyone lay a finger on my family again,” he’d said, and he kept that promise. He did a good job.

He could not have given me a better bodyguard than Naruto-kun.

Well, I called him Naruto-kun in my head only. I referred to him as Uzumaki-san because I’m used to being polite. Also, there was no way I could be so friendly to my bodyguard. It wasn’t appropriate at all.

Yet again, neither was falling for him.

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The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.