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The scene with hermione and lupin staring at each other, could you do a break down of it (and the implications?) I feel like I'm missing something

okay so here is a break down of the scene (in pictures):

this first set is what we’ve been talking about. how hermione is looking out from the burrow then takes a rather long moment to stare at remus. i say remus and not harry or hagrid because of the way remus seems to be staring back at her with a questioning look on his face. they seem to be asking each other if they’re all right without speaking and saying, yes, yes they’re okay. but they obviously don’t go to each other. and (didn’t see the screencap for this) remus looks crestfallen when she turns away and when she goes to ron. i swear it looks like his questioning face droops and he seems to sag.

this is scene is right after hermione runs to greet ron and hugs him then immediately turns back. she looks almost apologetic then she sees…

remus and tonks hugging

then this is hers (and ron’s!) expression after that scene. it cuts back to her and this is just one frame, but overall, she’s looking away from everyone, looking troubled. then she turns her attention back to ron, taking off his glasses, fussing over his appearance. and immediately the next scene with remus…

hmmm…does that face look familiar…bit like hermione after remus and tonks hugged…

(and these are all in order of how they are presented in the film.)

basically, we (remione shippers) have a lot of head canons about this particular scene. probably because it’s one of the few where both remus and hermione show up in the same frame. 

She wiped at her face with the back of her sleeve and got to her feet. The sun dried her tears. She smelled the pine and snow before she heard him, and when she turned, Rowan stood a few feet away, staring at the headstone behind her.
‘He wasโ€”’
'I know who he was to you,’ Rowan said softly, and held out his hand. Not to take hers, but for a stone.
She opened her fist, and he sorted through the pebbles until he found oneโ€”smooth and round, the size of a hummingbird’s egg. With a gentleness that cracked her heart, he set it on the headstone beside her own pebbles.

Queen of Shadows (pg. 327) by Sarah J. Maas

Forever crying over Sam and how sweet Rowan is in this scene.


Je t'aime. Aujourd'hui. Ce soir. Demain. Pour toujours. Si je vivais mille ans, je t'appartiendrais pour tous. Si je vivais mille vies, je te ferais mienne dans chacune d'elles.” - The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin.


Sciles through the seasons - the pilot


Swan Queen Week | Day 6: Alternate/No Curse AU (Acting AU)

Regina looked up at the sound of Emma snorting as she played on her phone. “What’s so funny?” she asked her costar.

Emma shrugged. “Just scrolling through tweets.” She paused. “I just don’t get how people think that our characters are in love. I mean, they’re saying all kinds of stuff about them. ‘When will Michaela and Angela get together?’ ‘Forever crying over the scene in the park with Michaela and Angela’ ‘Michaelangela 5ever!” Emma let out a laugh at the last one. “I just… I don’t get it.”

“I think it’s nice,” Regina replied, causing Emma to look up in surprise. “It shows how much our fans pay attention if they’re able to pick up every minute detail regarding our characters and our interactions.” She cleared her throat, a hint of a blush rising in her cheeks. “And some of the fan art they make is pretty amazing. There’s a lot of talent among them.”

“Doesn’t it make you feel… awkward, though?” Emma asked. “Like, I know it’s technically a portrayal of our characters, but some of them are really… detailed.” She let out a huff. “It’s not like any of it matters anyway. It’s all in the fans’ heads, right?”

Regina looked down and pretended to be doing something on her phone to avoid Emma’s eyes. “I guess.” A minute passed before she spoke again. “What if… what if it wasn’t?”

“If what wasn’t… what?” Emma asked confused.

“Michaelangela. What if it wasn’t… all in the fans’ heads?”

Emma tilted her head. “Don’t you think we would’ve been told? That’s the only way the fans could’ve watched the show thinking we were in love. We’d have to be acting like our characters were secretly in love with each other, but we haven’t.” She looked back down at her phone.

Regina went silent. She stood up, pocketing her phone. “I’m going to get my make-up touched up. I’ll see you on set in a few.” With that, she walked away, leaving a befuddled Emma behind.

“Regina, they come to us for tha—“ Emma stopped when she saw that Regina was too far to hear her. She shrugged and continued scrolling through tweets until one in particular caught her attention.

It was a screenshot of Regina from the show. Her whole face seemed to be glowing as she smiled at an unseen object. Emma smiled at the look of adoration on her face. The blonde tried to remember what scene it was from, but came up short. She looked at the caption.

“Look at the way Angela looks at Michaela! She has to be in love with her! #Michaelangela #OMaM @emmaswanliv @ReginaMills”

Emma’s eyes widened. Regina had been looking at her like that. Regina was the reason— or part of the reason— the fans were convinced ‘Michaelangela’ was going to become canon. Regina lov—

Emma let out a little squeak. Her heart fluttered in her chest. “Oh.”