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There. The road has crumbled before his feet; what he chooses now will break the rest of it. He has been Danarius’s slave all his living memory, every moment, every heartbeat bent to his master’s will; and here is the offering of that life again, given at the price of everything he has learned since Hawke won him from his master. The only thing he’d wanted, once—

But Hadriana smiles, and Fenris must choose here where he will cast his lot. Either Hadriana may command him or she may not. Either his master holds power over him, even from this distance, or he does not, and Fenris—

Fenris must decide what he has left to fear.

Invicta, Invictus, chapter 6

This beautiful, beautiful creation is by @thepandaleon, who hadn’t even told me it existed until last night and has given me permission to share it here today. I have yet to find the words expressing how much this means to me, but–I am so very, very grateful and honored and will probably never quite be over this. Thank you. <3

Full-size PDF available to view here, since tumblr makes this text awfully difficult to see.

concept: 2x08 starts of with magnus waking up in his bed, reaching the other side of it with his hand only to find that alec is not there. magnus’ worst fear has come true…just as he leaned his head back in the pillow, fighting the tears that are rushing to his eyes, the bedroom door opens. it’s alec and he’s bringing breakfast in bed for his boyfriend! ‘you….you’re here??’ magnus asks. ‘of course i’m here…where else would i be?’ alec says as he walks towards the bed and it brings the biggest smile on magnus’ face because in that moment he realizes that alec is not going anywhere. he is the one that stays. always.

I just started crying again reading Jen’s departure interview. I can’t even explain how much respect and admiration I have for her. I’m so not ready to say goodbye to Emma Swan and I’m devastated her story is coming to a close, but this quote really stood out to me..

“I have no regrets. I really have no regrets. I have put one million percent of myself into this woman for the last six years, I have lived and breathed her, cared about her, worried about her, studied every script inside and out, tried to find every possibility, every option, everything I could possibly do, worked so closely with Eddy and Adam with every detail of her. I’ve poured my genuine honest heart into her, so I have no regrets.“ [x]

No one loves and cares about Emma Swan more than Jen does..  so if she says she’s happy with the way Emma’s story ends, I know I’ll be happy with it too. If she says she feels great about it, I feel great about it too. When it comes to Emma and her story, I trust Jen completely. I’ve said it a million times today and I’m sure I’ll say it a million times more, but I’m so thankful for Jennifer Morrison and everything she’s given to Emma Swan.. she wouldn’t be my favourite character without her.