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Kim Sanggyun in P101 E8

Youtuber Starship!AU : Welcome to the S.S. Asshole


Co-Communicator Cryaotic ↣ “So…Has anyone actually seen under that mask?”

“From what I’ve heard, only his crew. Then again, that starship has a lot of secrets. All I know is that he’s alien, and that his home planet is…well…unknown.”

“The unknown factor is more dangerous than the known; so what is he hiding?”

“Something The Alliance will find out eventually…It’s the only reason he’s on that ship.”


QUARTER PAST FOUR || Avriel and the Sequoias

And I can’t keep them all away
But it turns out fine, it turns out fine

okay so i have a Problem regarding the fact that i may or may not have to quit bassoon next year, for reasons that i will explain under the cut. which aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont wanna

this is super long (really. i’m not kidding.) so i’m putting a cut here

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After school today, I had a couple of visitors… two of my students that left me 3 years ago came by to tell me that they were graduating! I was so excited! They were both super sweet boys when I had them (from 7-9th grade) and they were taller than me now too! XD

One of the things that made me super excited was that one of the boys specifically wanted to tell me that he had caught up with the One Piece manga the year after 9th grade and that his reading had really improved and he credited it to reading manga. ;_;

(He started One Piece during 9th grade because I had the first ten or so volumes in my classroom library. I had made an effort that year to find manga and comics because so many of my kids were struggling readers and couldn’t get through the denser text of a novel. It’s still the only stuff that some of my kids will read independently.)

(I tried really hard to look like a professional adult but it was really hard not to squeal in excitement or start crying because I was so touched. I mostly succeeded. ;_;)

SHIPPING INFO     //   answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.


Canonically speaking I’m a slut for Yutaba. As for in roleplaying my OTP really makes my heart sway for anything that has strong chemistry as I believe roleplay puts an entire new perspective then just being in the canon verse of the game. If someone is able to pull me out of shipping Yusuke x Aesthetic. Like having someone be important enough so it would break his constant aesthetic daydreaming would be a nice feat.


As long as my partner, as in the mun, doesn’t become overly possessive of our ship as in… me becoming uncomfortable, I’m very fine with absolutely everything. From the darkest part to the cheesiest part. And I don’t mean by that I’m not okay with ooc possessiveness altogether (plus the word sounds so harsh)? It’s super cute when a mun comes to me and gets worried about the state of the ship like ??? they care too and it’s adorb.

Also be able to take Yusuke being #accidentally_rude and his constant eccentricity.


No Shinya or Madarame, sorry guys lmao.


Of course, since I’m singleverse and all. It takes real good chemistry between muses and activity that matches (I say that but y’know I’m a realistic person I know people can go on hiatus for school and stuff >>)… and that’s about it. There’s legit nothing else I need.


Well… when something… not safe for work as in a workplace is on….?


I’m someone who sits down a lot and think about possibilities? Just like that? Since shipping has so much potential in character you weep a little? So if we’ve interacted extensively I surely have thought about it between our muses lmao.


Not at all! I’ve plenty shipped with muns with who I didn’t talk about shipping (also I’m bad at talking O)-() beforehand. I just think that at some point… Yusuke will wake up one day and like someone. More than a close friend. More than someone he finds aesthetically fascinating. A bond that’ll give him the shook.


I freaking love shipping. It’s so fun? To find this nice… balance-something between muns to see our characters unfold and muses to just? Really like one another? I think it’s wonderful when you feel like your muse took a genuine liking to someone. I’m often a huge mess and a shy one at that over it because I always feel grateful for a mun to take time for my muse?


IDK, I really like it. IDK if I’m obsessed? O)-(


I did for a time on another blog, but after that I reverted to my old habit, which was singleverse/ship.


Futaba & Yusuke. Makoto & Goro. Morgana & Ann (get a body and woo her dammit). Makoto & Ann. Goro & Therapy. MC & everyone lmao.
As for on this blog I cri @ the dorks who can deal with my butt. @trublicns @corruptedpersona @pillcger0ftwilight @inxquisitor @evokcr @kxyitem @alibcba @aliceferre @fakechis @backstagebaae @sweetpvnk @ophantasma @papesse-de-fer aaaand all the people I don’t deserve before I forgot them O)-(


Accept Yusuke for who he is and show your affection towards him (clearly because he is oblivious AF). He also likes to be constantly challenged by the world around him, appreciates the little things and loves the company of someone with thoughtful opinions. You don’t have to be an art expert, but to know to appreciate it is important to him.

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Watching movies: fun
Analyzing and understanding the science shown in movies: not so fun


Far Cry 5 - The Resistance: Mary May Trailer

Throughout the hills, valleys, and townships of Hope County, civilians of all walks have joined forces to resist against the cult, and rid their land of its chaos once and for all. Say hello to Mary May: the Barkeep.


someone asked me about if Amy was kinda like.. the female version of Warfstache, and y’know what ?? ?

I’m super in love with that idea tbh