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Mark feeling the beat but Haechan in the back… 😂😂

1D Hiatus: Day 436

* New pictures of Louis and Steve doing ‘Just Hold On’ promo recently are released

* Niall posts a picture on his Facebook page

* Ed Sheeran mentions Harry and his album during an Instagram live stream

* Louis and Steve appear in Calvin Rodgers’ new YouTube video

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

It’s Feb 21st, 2017.

I Guess It Wasn't

It was a month since we all fooled around. I kind of missed it… Honestly. Harrison left to get us all some doughnuts and Tom was on his phone in the lounge.

“I’m heading off to the showers.” I announced.

“Have fun.” Tom retorted back.

I got undressed and turned my Ipod on shuffle and closed the shower curtain, letting the warm water run down my body. I was rinsing out my conditioner when I heard the door open.

“Tom?” I asked. No response. I listened and shrugged it off as the next song started to play. I heard shuffling and then the curtain was yanked back. I screamed and covered my body with my hands.

“Don’t act as if I haven’t seen you naked before Love.” Tom said. I looked down and saw that he was only in his trousers, a slight bulge in view.

He smiled and climbed on in. I was about to ask him why he was coming in, but his lips cut me off. He bit my upper lip and then both together, turning me on. We looked at each other and as the water ran down his face, matting his hair to him, I couldn’t decide if I was wet from the shower or from his junk pressed up against me.

“Harrison is out… So let’s have our own party.” he whispered in my ear. I nodded and he pushed me against the wall, biting my neck.

“You don’t waste time do you?” I said, a small moan escaping as he bit my soft spot. He chuckled and continued on. My hands roamed his body, feeling the crevices of his abs and teasing his trousers.

“You’re wasting perfectly good trousers.” I told him, sliding them down slowly.

“Then they must go.” he said, shaking them off and pressing himself against me.

“Don’t fucking tease me Tom. Just fuck me.” I said, as he teased me. He smirked and lifted my leg up, sliding himself in me. I gasped at his length and let out a small moan. He held my leg and propped his other hand next to me for support as he began to thrust. He moved my leg around, which caused me to curse under my breath. He was finding new spots to hit and it drove me crazy.

“Fuck Tom!” I yelled, clawing his back. He smiled and continued thrusting,my back hitting the wall hard. That was going to leave a bruise. The shower curtain was peeled back and Harrison stood there, looking a little hurt. Tom stopped and I winked at Harrison. He smiled, undressed and hopped in. Harrison started to feel my body and rubbed my clit as Tom pounded into me, making me moan. I could hear soft and small moans from Tom and started to pump Harrison. His head went back, making the shower water wet his hair even more.

“Let Harrison have a go.” I told Tom. He nodded and thrusted a few more times before kissing me passionately and sliding out. I turned around so Harrison could enter from the back and I could pump Tom.

Soon after, we got out of the shower and found our way to the closet on the bathroom. I sat down on the little cushion, soaking from both the shower and the fucks. Harrison started to kiss my thighs and Tom brought himself next me, guiding his dick into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his tip, making his eyebrows crease and a moan come out. Harrison stuck in a finger making me jump. He stuck in a other and kissed my thighs, while his other hand worked on my clit. A few moans escaped our mouths, more from mine as Harrison did his job. They switched positions and Tom swirled his tongue inside me, driving me crazy. Harrison had his hands in my hair, slightly pulling on it, making me close to my climax. I told Tom I was close and he fastened his pace. I bucked my hips forward, moaning on Harrisons dick as I came. Tom came over and I pumped his length as I blew Harrison. I felt Harrison tense up and then release, him being a bit sweeter this time. His moan vibrated off the walls as he sat down, cleaning himself up. Tom released in my mouth, a lot more than last time but I still swallowed.

“Well… I guess it wasn’t the last time.” Harrison said, handing us towels.

“I guess it wasn’t.” Tom and I said together.

“I think I need a shower."Harrison said. Tom and I looked at each other and laughed.

"I think we all do.” Tom said.

“So.. Round 2?” I joked. They smiled and threw their towels at me.

“Let’s save it… Maybe we can have a final one.” Harrison said.

“Deal.” Tom and I said together again. We all laughed

anonymous asked:

do you have any fond recollection of the twins as babies ?

Oh this I do ! Arcann had the curious habit of trying to hug his brother every now and then by crawling onto him, it was also physically impossible to pry them off each other when napping.

Thexan was the first one who was able to walk so he would walk by Arcann’s side and try to pull him up which inevitably ended in both of them falling back on the floor.

Or when they would only make those typical babies noises between them as if they were able to comprehend and talk to each other.

They were also quite the mischievous little ones.

… I am sorry, I need a minute now.


Decided to post some of my real art that isn’t fandom related to my blog, just to see what would happen if I posted something personal. Such a game changer. So, here are some portrait studies for this evening…

I do take requests if I feel like it and I’m dying for things to draw so please put some in my ask box!!

anonymous asked:

your recent drawing of ryan with the flowers in the hair has me dead, i am so in love with it, thank you so much for drawing that, like it was just perfect. i am so glad i follow you, i just love your art to literal pieces.

i am fuckening screaming,,, thank you so much i haven’t been feeling great about my art recently i am actually getting teary eyed rn

  • me: *spends over two hours reading about this woman whom I’m supposed to be writing a biographical essay on*
  • me, when I go to write the paper, retaining nothing I just read: wow she sure did some stuff that one time, how great was that?