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Busan boys always watching over their Daegu boys ⸜♡

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that this series has seen Clara Oswald become more and more like the Doctor. She’s unstoppable, unpredictable. “Clara is no longer the apprentice; she’s sort of become the doctor. - she’s made her way right to the top of the hill.

This is my favourite thing ever said about Clara because honestly it makes her ending so fitting :’)


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let’s talk about malec being protective boyfriends

we have alec who kept defending magnus to his family (especially maryse) and demanding that they show him respect and finally realise how serious he is about magnus and that their relationship is valid and important

we have magnus who literally saved alec’s life because he ran to the roof just after hearing ‘alec, no.’ he’s so powerful and alec means so much to him and he told jace just that and jace finally understood that magnus is extremely serious about alec

can you believe how much they’re in love