crying every damn time


Does anyone just…lay in their bed thinking of how fucking beautiful of a clip Inshallah was?

Like this,

was encapsulated into one,





Ps, sorry if I made your angst worse lol.

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Hi~ can I request a single dad au with kihyun (ᵔᴥᵔ) I really love your blog!! ❤️

find other versions: hyungwon | wonho 

  • has a 9 month old son that he loves to pieces like to the point where he cries at the sight of the baby’s little smile and just,,,,,,tells everyone that he has never been more blessed in his life
  • the story of his sons birth has been told so many times to his friends that hyungwon once told him he could recite it word for word and that kihyun really,,,,,,,REALLY doesn’t have to tell it again
  • kihyun did. you bet he did
  • and although he didn’t expect to be a single father, kihyun has absolutely thrown himself into learning on how to be the best damn single father there ever was and ever will be 
  • im talking ‘raising a baby’ manuals everywhere, 3 am google searches on what specific noises mean, calling the pediatrician over only cough
  • he’s set out to prove that he can do this - he can raise his son all on his own 
  • and you’re not sure,,,,who kihyun is trying to prove it too. you’ve known him for a while and if anyone in the group was going to be a parent - kihyun would be your first pick
  • even though he’s got a mischievous side, sarcastic side jabs and mocking tones of voice, kihyun is naturally a caretaker 
  • who if anything resembles a nagging mother, overly worried but for all the right reasons
  • so when he became a dad, you had nothing but high hopes for him because you knew he could do it. everyone did
  • “you’re just too hard on yourself.” you told him once and kihyun had just shrugged “i should be, only the best for my kid!”
  • and to further more prove that kihyun gravitates to helping others was the fact that he let you stay with him on short notice
  • there had a been a leak in your apartment and out of everyone, kihyun had been the first to offer you room in his home
  • he’d hesitated when you came in about giving you the bed,,,,the cradle was there and he didn’t want to be far from it so you assured him - couch was fine
  • but kihyun,,,,,being kihyun,,,,,went “if he cries out, ill just come running. i shouldnt make guests sleep on the sofa.”
  • the first night was fine,,,,no crying,,,,,in the morning you got up and made kihyun breakfast, even warmed up the milk for the baby
  • all of which kihyun watched from the doorway, his son still fast asleep in his arms, with slight fascination
  • it had been so long,,,,,since someone else had done something for him
  • the second night - oh it was bad
  • there was crying every hour, every damn hour and you’d gotten up each time to help coo and rock the baby with kihyun
  • at first he’d went “im so sorry, just go to sleep and ill do this.”
  • but you weren’t about to let kihyun go through this alone. you both had work in the morning, but it didn’t even matter
  • all you could think about was helping kihyun and his son,,,that’s what mattered
  • the third, fourth, fifth night was exactly the same,,,,the fifth night you actually had off in the morning so you told kihyun he could go try to sleep a bit and you’d handle the baby
  • he had stared at you in the small light of the otherwise dark apartment and went “you’re my gue-”
  • “and you’re a father who needs to work to be able to provide, i have off in the morning so ill take this night shift.”
  • you patted his shoulder, smiling and turning to go give your undivided attention to the little one
  • when kihyun’s hand grasped your wrist and he pulled you into a hug tight against his chest
  • you were both exhausted, obvious in the bags forming under your eyes, but kihyun’s hug was still strong and felt absolutely safe
  • “thank you, so so much.”
  • he said into your hair before letting you go
  • he had long disappeared out into the living room, passing out you assumed and you were hushing the whimpering baby in your arms when you thought to yourself
  • isn’t this,,,,what married people do,,,,we’re just friends but,,,,
  • it turned out - you weren’t the only one who thought that
  • when you’d met with wonho and minhyuk on the weekend for lunch, kihyun pushing the stroller while you held the baby and let him play with your finger and hair
  • minhyuk could only whistle before going “looks like i can hear wedding bells, you two look like a whole family!”
  • wonho nodded in agreement, greeting kihyun’s son in your arms with a wave and a smile
  • kihyun looked your way and added “they’ve been staying up with me all these nights too to help”
  • you blushed a bit at his sudden confession, focusing on the baby who was staring at wonho with big eyes
  • “and they say true love is dead, but yet here it is. you guys can even skip dating, just get those rings on your fingers!”
  • minhyuk chuckled and you were sure kihyun was going to brush off his joke until he went
  • “i don’t want to skip the dating though, they deserve to get taken out for dinner before i propose or anything.”
  • turning your head you looked at kihyun with shocked eyes “wha-”
  • “he’s asking you out!” minhyuk grinned
  • kihyun nodded, asking if you were going to be free some time
  • you told him he didn’t have to take you out or anything, you were happy to help him with his son but kihyun explained that no - he wasn’t taking you out as a thank you. but as like,,,a real date,,,,
  • taking the baby from your hands, wonho went “and me and minhyuk can watch this guy while you go out”
  • kihyun snorted, “i wouldn’t trust you - we’d get a nanny-”
  • “he can come”
  • you cut in, smiling at kihyun’s son and then at kihyun
  • “it wouldn’t be a real date without him, you guys are a package deal”
  • kihyun grins “we are, do you accept both of us?”
  • “i do”
  • minhyuk claps his hands and goes “now i pronounce you man and- ow kihyun don’t hit me infront of your own son what kind of example are you setting????” 

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Scenario of if Tyler walked in on you right now, doing exactly what you're doing right now.

… Y’all I DIDN’T WANT ANYONE KNOWING WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW, IT’S. Alright, let’s do this noise. Know this. I blame my body and hormones for the way I am feeling right now.

My head pressed against the wood of my desk as small sobs bubbled out of my chest. The sounds of the video began to replay itself, my brain conjuring up the images and video to match the music. I ignored the sound of the front door opening, too wrapped up in my own thoughts to care.

“No no no, love, you were fine when I left,” I heard the rushed voice, a hand falling against my thigh as the chair next to me creaked. I looked up, the smile on Tyler’s face betraying the way his eyebrows etched together in concern. I moved instantly, my arms wrapping themselves around his neck to steady myself on his lap, my tears now falling on his clothed shoulder, his fingers immediately combing through my hair as to sooth me.

I heard him sigh deeply before the arm that was wrapped around my waist moved around, the sounds of the video shutting off with a single click. “you know you can’t watch those videos right now love,” he mumbled softly, gently rocking me in his arms. “told you that before I left.” I raised my face slowly, a small hiccup bubbling from my throat.

“I thought it was just a dog eating hamburgers,” I mumbled out, his hand reaching out to cradle my head yet again as fresh tears formed. “They bought him hamburgers before he, he-” he shushed me down yet again, giving me a few minutes before my sobs turned to silence.

“You’ve seen this video thousands of times,” he reminded, his lips pressing against the top of my head before continuing to mumble. “how does it still do this to you?” I kindly ignored his speech, moving so my face fell in front of his. He rolled his eyes as my palms fell against his cheeks, my eyes growing serious.

Is there a dog heaven?” He groaned loudly, his hands falling against mine, before pulling them away from his face.

“Yes, there is a dog heaven,” was his immediate response, having answered this question too many damn times to count. My mouth opened slightly, only to be cut off by Tyler continuing. “Yes all dogs go to heaven. No there is not a dog hell,” I went to speak again, a pout falling to my face as I was once again cut off. “No I don’t know how there can be a dog heaven without a dog hell,” one of his hands moved to tilt my face towards his, a small kiss ridding me of my pout. “Okay?” I nodded against the hand cupping my face tenderly, humming out a small ‘I just really love dogs.’ “I know you do love,” I kissed the tip of his nose gently as a comfortable silence set in.

“Will you get me chicken nuggets?” I mumbled into the silence, a groan mixing in with the small mumbles of ‘I’m vegan, I shouldn’t support this,’ and ‘a few more days and I get my girlfriend back,’ all while standing from his seat, setting me back in mine, a chaste kiss planted on my forehead before he was moving towards the door yet again.

“Love. No dog videos while I’m gone,” he warned before closing the door behind him. I hummed along with the sound of the car starting, reopening my window to yet again mindlessly scroll through Facebook.

“Three legged dog finds forever home with…“