crying cause i dont what is this

The new Riverdale episode broke my heart

Like I’m sitting here right now and am so conflicted.

Sheriff Keller and Fred Andrews both ranking high on the best Dads list with Keller being cool about his sons sexuality and just being a caring parent by worrying about him and Fred doesnt get angry. No he is feeling empathy towards his son, telling him he is not stupid and he is not at fault. Like yes that is how you go! They make me happy.

On the other hand I am totally angry with Veronicas Mom for being shady. But its not that bad. Bettys Mom on the other hand is just so obsessive it makes me sick cause she doesnt realize she is at fault. But she is not the worst. Because Number 1 worst parent award goes to Jugheads Dad. The guy who made a deal to vandalize a property so it would sell cheaper and get demolished. Oh I should mention it is the property where his son works and lives and he knows and he just doesnt care. Asshole.

This is also the transition to my last point. I’m crying because of poor Juggy. He is homeless now and out of work. We dont know what happened to his sister or mother. He is a highschool student that provided for himself up until now and nobody besides his father (who does not care seemingly) knows about it. Underlying his statement that there were only a boy, a blonde girl and a brunette. He is the outsider on the inside of the town. He is the one who is alone in a crowd. And oh my god my feels…

Ok ok I just gotta post my thoughts on the finale:

•12 inmates missing, not 10 (they forgot Pennsatucky and Chen who both escaped out the fence)
•Pennsatucky is smart af to hide in the guards house
•the white girls barricading the dorm and wrecking full havoc on the guards gave me life
•I fucking love Lorna and Nicky of my god!!! Alternate universe where Lorna’s husband is out of the picture and Nicky and Lorna raise the baby together!
•Wow ok I really hate Leann and Angie but when they were brought outside and Leann saw her mom against the fence with everyone else and said “I guess she would care if I die” I almost cried!!!
•I also love Suzanne so much like I feel so bad for her because she’s mentally ill but she’s just so great
•and I love all of the black girls I love Tastey, Black Cindy really grew on me this season, Watson, all of them!
•I cannot believe Tastey almost shot Piscatella!!! Like can you imagine the murder of another guard?
•also legit thought Red was going to electrocute him and instead she sets him free??
•*1 minute after this goes down* ……Oh my god!!!
•of course it would be the guard that almost accidentally shot the girl in the face with pepper bullets
•conflicting feelings about that cause Piscatella’s a dick but just knowing about his past makes me feel bad for him
•what happened to Daya?! Last I saw she turned herself in…but then what?
•is this…that song?? To build a home?!
•wow ok Flaca and Maritza weren’t my favorite but how you gonna split them up like that!?
•what happened to the other 10 in the pool?!
•what the fuck is going to happen to them?? They’re all just gonna be separated into different prisons?
•is Linda going to remain a prisoner and no one will believe she’s from MCC? Actually laughing at this thought
•Is there a season 6!?

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Your favorite character is the crying dictator who keeps up a human zoo and wanted to shatter ruby?.... please elaborate

i dont like your attitude. but u gave me an option to talk about my fav, so don’t say u didn’t ask for it.

i’m not gonna defend anything she did, cause i think bd suffers a great deal of ignorance. and i dont mean it as ‘she doesnt know what she’s doing’ kind of ignorance. it’s more of a ‘doesn’t really care’ kind of ignorance. here’s what bd cares about (deeply): Pink diamond and her legacy, yellow diamond and herself. she’s still a villain.

what makes her interesting as a villain is why i like her:

1. her emotions are genuine- she doesnt fake being emotional as a part of conning the hero or anything, which is what you usually see with villains in children’s media- especially when showing ‘sympathetic’ emotions such as sadness and mercy.

2. that still doesnt make her a very noble person. some parts of tumblr, the part that sees black and white, might choose to ignore it, but at no point BD does anything that shows she actually cares for anyone other than Pink diamond (and yellow diamond). 

3. she’s not the type of character that usually is given the title villain. and yet she is. and it’s interesting to me.

4. the sharp contrast between her actual personality and the face she’s putting in front of her subjects is amusing to me. 

5. she made me go back full force into the show, and the fandom, after slowly losing interest in it since the ‘In Too Deep’ event.

6. aesthetically speaking- her design, her voice, and everything surrounding her scenes are pleasing to me.

7. she inspires me to make fanart and is the reason im back to uploading art almost consistently now. 

8. i love the dynamic she and YD share.

9. This face: 

10. even if i didnt have all these reasons, im allowed to like whatever character i want.

so ive been meaning to write a bunch of fluffy drabbles about alina, darkles, and baby aleks but since im lazy i’m just gonna dump my headcanons here (special shoutout to @zoyalina for like half of these):

  • darkles legit cannot change a diaper if his life depended on it
  • they decide to call baby aleks “junior” to avoid name confusion (except when he does something naughty in which case alina always calls him by his full name: “ALEKSANDER ALEKSDROVICH MOROZOVA WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING????” and literally BOTH of them look up)
  • junior likes to drool all over to darkles fanciest clothes
  • alina tells junior ravkan fairy tales before bed but he never ends up sleeping because he keeps asking for more stories
  • darkles switches tactics tells junior about the impending fall of their imperialist overlords by proletariat insurrection with the possible byproduct of another authoritarian puppet state marginally worse than their capitalist counterparts and succeeds in boring both junior and alina to sleep
  • junior discovers his ability to summon shadows and instantly creates a sentient shadow friend named “puff” who alina accidentally steps on and kills, causing junior to cry for like three days until they hold a funeral in puff’s honor  (RIP PUFF FAITHFUL SHADOW SERVANT)
  • darkles tries to cheer up junior by literally creating a giant army of little shadow soldiers for him to conquer new worlds play with; alina is NOT amused
  • nikolai is literally junior’s favourite person which drives darkles INSANELY JEALOUS
  • “why does he like that prince so much? what does he have that I dont? i give him presents, I make him laugh.”  “omfg aleks it’s 4:30 in the morning gO THE FUCK TO SLEEP”
Lol have a random fic idea cuz i cant write for shit.

Imagine Lance wanting to hang out with his boyfriend for almost 7 years, Keith.

Imagine Keith always denying his requests cuz he has ‘plans’ with Shiro.

Imagine Lance asking Keith for a total of 7 times but everytime its just.

’ Sorry babe, I cant. Shiro and I agreed to meet up today.’

’ Sorry Lance, Shiro needed some help about something.’

Sorry, Shiro this, Shiro that.

Lance has had enough.

One day he just bursts when Keith asked him out for dinner.

“ Oh NOW you want to spend time with me?!? How about the last seven times I asked you?! SEVEN! Why dont you go ask Shiro instead, ‘cause you know what?! We’re over! ’

Imagine Keith looking at him, trying to hold back tears.

Imagine Keith reaching for something in his pocket and kneels down.

Imagine Lance staring at him with disbelief.

Imagine whatever the fuck comes next cuz I cant continue.


A fun addition: Keith was asking Shiro to help him set up the perfect date for a marriage proposal.

Another fun addition: Keith asked him on their seventh year anniversary.

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aahhhhh I wish Lucy had a bigger fanbase, I need more content lmao. I don't get why she's not as popular. She has a super cool character design and complex personality, Whats not to love. Also crying bout the lack of atsulucy shippers. atsulucy have lots of genuine interactions and similar pasts. why dont people love themmmmm

Lucy is my all-time-favorite female character and in my opinion one of the best developed female characters in BSD along with Kyouka. I can see why she isn’t as popular as other characters, especially cause the fandom’s main interest are the 2 Double Black partnerships and honestly most characters who aren’t them suffer from this, but she is someone, who can come off as self-centered, petty and rude, which can also gain her hatred from readers and make her maybe less popular. What makes her such a likable character to me though is how those traits of hers are explained through the story and how she is working on them and developing consistently as a person from the moment she appeared till now.

Lucy is introduced as the creepy one-chapter-antagonist, who loathes Atsushi for having in her point of view so much luck for staying in such a loving and caring place unlike her. Lucy constantly fears being thrown out of the Guild if she doesn’t succeed, because the thing she is most afraid of is being left alone. On one hand she loathes other people so much after getting abused, getting treated like a freak for her ability and having nobody else except for Anne, she could rely on. But on the other hand it’s the affection of others and the feeling of being needed what she craves the most.

She even throws her own dignity away just for the sake of staying in the Guild by offering to work as a maid without even really wanting to do so and even after being called worthless by Fitzgerald. What makes her step forward is what Atsushi told her when she was willing to sacrifice the whole city, so that Atsushi would feel the pain she has went trough.

He makes her realize, that her loathing others because she herself got hurt by others is no better than what these people did to her as a child. He inspired her so much, especially because he went trough the same as her and is still acting totally different than her, that she even sacrificed herself, knowing that she might get killed, in order to help Atsushi. In a way she stopped imprisoning herself by loneliness and started working and doing things for herself, as well. 

Lucy is such a relatable character,if not the most relatable female character in this series. She is a girl, who never had had anyone at her side and just wanted someone to be close to. She became a victim of loneliness, hating other humans for making her an outcast, but still craving the attention and caring from them. She is a girl with many flaws, but flaws, that a lot of people can relate to. She is wonderful and all I want for her is to get a place she belongs to and people she can call family.

Other reasons why I love her

  1. OP powers - Anne is just a lovable creep and Lucy’s ability mirrors her flaws and her hardships perfectly
  2. Character design - not only does she look like Anne, I love how she is unconventionally pretty, she is not your standard beauty, She is unique and gorgeous
  3. Interactions -  she bickers with Kyouka, but in the end it was her, who understood Kyouka’s sadness and I just want them to be close friends, please. And let her interact with others more
  4. Atsulucy - this deserve its own spot. Her crush on him is very adorable, Atsushi doesn’t judge her for what she did, but instead understands her and treats her with kindness and she acknowledges it, which is why she will always help him out

At that note, this post  became longer than I expected, but I will always try to spread more love for my beautiful princess <3

yall on tumblr: 21 pilates is fucking gay i fucking hate that band so much!

yall irl in your winged eyeliner and japanese text shirt and creepers: I’m FOLLIN so Im takin my time on my riaiaiaaide ohohohoho Im FOLLON so im taking my time on my RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE your dead cause how could you sleep at a time like this death inpire me like dog inspire rabbit blurryface TURN BACK TIME TO THE GOOD OL DAYS when our YOURE THE JUDGE, OWO, set me FREEEEEEE i know my souls freezin hell hotfor good reason so bleaaaaaase im fairly LOCAL. i been around. ive seen the streets youre wlaking down. im fairly local, good people now OHOHOHO help me bowl of rice help me polarize help me down, those stairs and She ask me son when i grow old? will you buy me a houde of gold and when your father turn to stone. will you. take care. of me. DONT TRUST A PATALOON i dont wanna fall fall away. i dont wanna fall fall away. ill leave the lights on in this place. i dont wanna fall fall away NIGHT FALLS, WITH GRAVITY, THE EARTH TURNS, FROM SANITY, TAKING THE ON, LY FRIEND I KNOW, HE LEAVES A LOET, HIS NAME IS HOPE, im NE,VER, WHAT I LIKE IM DOUBLE SIDED AND I JUST GET HIGH, shes the tear in my heart, im alive she take me higher than i EVER BEEN can you save my? can you save my heavy dirty soul? from MEEEEEE? FROM MEEEEE? CAN YOU SAVE MY lane boy lane boy but we go where we want to i wasnt raised in the hood gangsters dont cry therefor therefor im, mister misty eyes therefor ill STAY AWAKE CAUSE THE DARK AINT TAKIN PRISONERS TONIGHT OOEOWOW


Heart pounding, head throbbing and skin sheeted in a thin layer of sweat as I bounced up and down. He lay in the same state as me, only with less of a relaxed expression and more of a tensed one. Instantly, without having to think I knew it was because of my rank. Who I was.

Y/N fucking L/N. Americans most wanted female.

Continuing my thrusts in an upbeat pase, I almost screamed in rage once feeling his hands snake up my thighs to grip my waist. He knew well who was in charge. And I didn’t like getting being touched, not even while I was having sex.

Only he could touch me. No one compared to him.

And this guy was not him.

With a snarl on my lips, I allowed my head to roll down to face the boy underneath me, showing I was not happy with his choice of where to position his hands.

The boy instantly retreated his hands back down to the white sheets, where his fists curled around the fabric instead.

“Fuck, I’m close.” He growled, voice strained and raspy.

“Me too.” It came out almost as a whisper. My pase fastened at the feeling of my high approaching but I’ll admit, it did take a little longer then I hoped for it to finally approach and take a hold of me.

After a few more sloppy thrusts, I finally threw myself onto the bed beside me, the boy underneath me making no effort to move.

“That…was amazing.” He sighed breathlessly. My face twisted slightly at the words. Was it really that good? Definetly didn’t feel like it.

“Yeaahh-noo not really.” I dragged out. But the boy seemed Unphased by my words.

suddenly turning towards me, a hand snaking around my waist as he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck, an awkward feeling placed itself over my shoulders at the non existent attempt this boy was making at leaving.

I really didn’t think this guy was one to fuck and stay. I honestly thought that after a good fuck, he would leave. Which both he did none of.

My eyes wide in shock, body stiff as a rock, it was only a few seconds that had passed before I cleared my throat and shrugged his arm off my waist.

“Yeah I’m not one for one night stands. Think of this more as a booty call.” I explained, scooting my way off the bed.

“Wait, you want me to leave?” He asked in disbelief.

“Precisely!” I smiled.

After running around the room, picking up the few discarded clothing items which he had been wearing at the club we met in earlier, a look of shock hit his face as I aggressively threw his clothes over to him, showing no interest in the boy after a rather intimate 20 minutes.

He didn’t move. Staring at the clothing in his lap with a blank, almost saddened expression, but no sympathy was evident on mine. As I stood watching the boy which I had not learnt the name of, an agitated sigh escaped my lips at his attempt of leaving. Finally becoming fed up with his clinginess.

“Can you hurry up and get the fuck out?!” I spat.

The boys eyes shot up to mine in shock, quickly scurrying off the sheets to slide his alcohol stenched clothing back on.

With a roll of my eyes, I watched as he pathetically stumbled around the room in attempt to ready himself in a short amount of time before finally beginning to make his way towards my bedroom door.

A smile fell upon my face at the realization that he was finally leaving, and decided that it was probably best if I lead him out the house myself, instead of risking him walking into a confidential room and expose a stash of something illegal.

After throwing my silk, ankle length robe on, I crept out of the room in attempt to not wake anyone up at this hour of the night, it was a reliever to finally make it to the front door.

As I opened the barrier for the boy, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when he turned back around to look my way just seconds before he was outside.

“I had really good time tonight.”

Here we go.

“Really?” I asked sarcastically in a unamused tone while looking doing on my nails.

“I mean, yeah. And I was wondering if you would maybe wanna do something else together?” He smiled.

My eyes wondered to the ceiling in bordom, not giving two shits about what this kid had to say.

“Yeah you see, I would do that but…you kinda sucked, and I’m not really looking for a relationship, especially with some minor from a shitty club.” I fired, eyeing the boy in disapproval.

His face fell, eyes showing defeat before I pushed him the extra few feet back and shut the door with a lock in his face.

“Well aren’t you a delight to speak too.” His voice was smug with a hint of morning rasp to his tone, emitting that he had either just woken up or had just been dosing off.

My body spun around to meet his figure standing lazily at the door frame with an arm resting against it. He looked amazingly sexy standing by the entrance with nothing but the dim hallway light to illuminate his body. But in between the dark shadows and small amount of light, you could just make out his detailed tattoos inked onto his godly body.

Which may I say was almost completely bare.

A pair of grey sweatpants hung low on his hips, exposing not only his signature Calvin Kleins, but also a well defined v-line which sadly dissapeared into the waistband of his clothes.

“What are you doing awake?” I questioned.

“I’m a criminal Y/N. I practically sleep with one eye open, I can wake up to the sound of a pin dropping, and in case you haven’t realized, your a lot louder then a pin.” He sighed, running a hand through his bed head.

“Jealous?” I smirked to which he scowled.

“I’m not jealous of some flat chested fuckboy” Jason growled to which my smirk grew.

“It’s kind of hard to be jealous of yourself Jason.”

“Real mature! I wasn’t jealous.” He spat. “I just wanted to get some sleep but you and your everlasting fuck buddy don’t know what indoor voices are.”

My eyes trailed over his fingers tangled in his hair, licking my lips slightly to gain moisture from the sudden loss. Oh what those fingers could and have done to me. “Yeah well now you know how I feel when you decide to play with your toy.”

Jason chuckled, his eyes closing as he shook his head at the ground. “You always have something to say. Don’t you?”

“Wouldn’t be most wanted female if I didn’t. No one controls me. Never have, never will.” I added

“You see, that’s where I come in.” He stepped forward. “Being americas most wanted male. I was able to control you. That’s what makes me so bad.”

“Shut up, you didn’t control me!” I retorted. “If anything, i controlled you! That’s what makes me so bad.”

“No sweetheart, you must be mistaken. I control - others play along. Not the other way round.”

My heart fluttered at the nickname. Sweetheart. Even if it was sarcastic, I still missed the nicknames he had for me. In fact, I just missed him in general.

“What-the-fuck-ever Jason. I’m not in the mood for you tonight!” I shouted, hands wailing around widely.

“Wow, was the fuck that bad?” He chuckled to which I scowled. “Wouldn’t blame him, you always seemed to pick up bad fucks.” He chuckled but he really just inflicted this one himself.

“Then it’s no wonder I picked up you.”

Jason’s chuckle ceased, eyes burning with a unlit flame. No one ever calls Jason McCann a bad fuck and gets away with it but I couldn’t help and push his buttons today. He wouldn’t dare do anything to me.

Jason’s movements began with a few slow steps before picking up to a fast stride. Hands both fisted at his sides in anger before he was only a mere few inches in front of my face.

With one hand pushing me to the door, the other punching the wall beside me, startling me ever so slightly. His face was so close that with every breath he took, I could see his nose flaring. Eyes burning holes through my own.

“Say it again. I dare you.” He spat lowly.

I knew it was sarcastic and practically printed in ‘no’s! But my mind was telling me to press his buttons a little harder and see how far we could lead him on. Because something in my head knew he wouldn’t hurt me, even if he wanted to.

“Your a bad fuck.” I rephrased slowly.

Shocking me sightly once a literal growl left his throat, my eyes burned in shock and amusement while watching the boy.

“You think your fucking funny. So fucken smart? ‘Jason and I dated, he wouldn’t hurt me’. Well guess again princess. Might wanna rethink that.”

“Okay give me a minute….yeah still the same. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” I smirked.

“You sure about that?”

“110 percent.”

“Well your wrong.” He spat.

“Oh yeah?” I growled. “Prove it.”

Jason stopped, his eyes softening slightly as he slowly and barely noticeably stepped back.

“C'mon Jason.” I pressed on. “Prove it. Show me that there is nothing between us stopping you. Prove that you still don’t feel anything for me, and hit me!”

He did nothing. “C'mon! Don’t be a pussy. Hit me! If your so baddass.”

Still nothing. That’s when my voice fell a few octaves, my tone matching his features - soft and sad. “Show me that you don’t still love me, the way I still love you, and beat me. Hit me so hard I fall to the floor. Punch my so agrresively I’ll bruise. Just do something because this is killing me! I need you to do something I can hate you for because I feel like shit knowing that what we are now is all my fault.”

Tears began welling in my eyes. Shocking not only me but Jason as well. I don’t cry, but then Again neither does he. Yet he still managed to shed a few tears the day i left. How do we do this to each other? I dont know.

“Please.” I begged, voice weak. “Just make me hate you cause loving you is too much…. Please.”

Jason stood staring for a while before looking down at the floor, eyes turning red and puffy, but not glossy with tears. At least not yet. “I can’t. I can’t because then I’d never be able to forgive myself. Knowing I hurt the person I love.”

My heart fell. Love?

“I thought I hated you after realizing that I did nothing wrong. That you left me believing it was all my fault. I tried moving on with another girl, going on more missions and even trying to force myself to hate you but I didn’t. I couldn’t. It’s like your family. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them you can’t. Cause they will always - not matter what - be family. Just like you always - no matter what - will be the girl I love.”

“Jason.” I sobbed.

“I know.”

Without another thought, I was In his arms, diving into his chest. Not even realizing that a small puddle of tears had formed on my own shoulder as well as Jason’s chest.

“I’m sorry.” I cried.

“Me too baby girl. Me too”


One more chapter to go!!!

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Heyyy, so i wanna stan winner/ikon where do you suggest i start? Cause like theres so many stuff... also what song do you recommend? Hope you dont mind answering. Tq!


i’m so happy you will never regret stanning them i promise!

*first of all you need to know that winner and ikon are like a family they loved and supported each other since day 1 (never listen to the winkon antis)

**and please don’t stan Taehyun it will only hurt you

WIN: Who Is Next (2013) (warning: intense show! you will probably cry on every episode) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)

WINNER TV (2013-2014) (best show 11/10 would recommend URIGA WIIIINER don’t stan Taehyun i said!!!) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


The Debut Album: 2014 S/S

first watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level *cough*

Here (x) is the playlist of all their debut album’s teasers,,, truly iconic

The MVS: Empty (x) Color Ring (x) Mino’s Solo I’m Him (x) + a link where you can listen to the whole album (x)

And watch their live performances because they’re amazing!  they became the fastest male group to win on a music show by taking first place on M! Countdown during their debut stage (MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

In 2015 they didn’t have a comeback unfortunately but Mino was pretty active because he went to Show Me The Money 4 and he released songs like Okey Dokey featuring Zico (x) and Fear featuring Taeyang (x) (read the lyrics) (Fear  became the show’s most downloaded single with over one million digital sales,,, legends only)

The Comeback: The EXIT MOVEMENT

in 2015 it was announced that the group would be returning from hiatus in 2016, with a ‘comeback series’ with at least 4 project releases: EXIT:E EXIT:X EXIT:I EXIT:T (i don’t want to remember this lie, i cry every night)

watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level, nothing will top winner’s teasers *cough*

WINNER - 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’ TEASER FILM (x) (the most iconic teaser i’ve seen in my whole life i remembered i cried like a bitch that day)

Individual teasers: Mino (x) Taehyun (x) Seunghoon (x) Seungyoon (x) Jinwoo (x) (These teasers are the definiton of art)

The Covers: a number of musical covers of their title tracks were released as promotional teasers featuring Lee hi (x) Taeyang (x) Zion.T (x) Dean (x) AKMU (x) Katie Kim (x) GD (x) EPIK HIGH (x) (truly legendary when will anyone ever)

The MVS: BABY BABY (x) Sentimental (x) Taehyun’s solo I’m Young (x) You can also listen to the whole album here (x

(BEST COMEBACK OF 2016??? but ofc ppl kind of let them flop because ppl don’t appreciate talent smh,,,) a lot of shit happened after that i don’t want to remember it lol, there was no EXIT:E, no comeback, nothing

Taehyun l*ft the group and i still cry about it every night i hope i choke :)

Show Me The Money 3: (2014)

Bobby and B.I competed in the third season of SMTM, B.I was eliminated in the seventh episode while Bobby became the season’s winner (king of rap) listen to their tracks pls: Be I (x) / Go (x) YGGR (x) (warning: you will dab so much that you will break your neck) L4L (x) Bounce (x

MIX AND MATCH (2014) (warning: you will also cry a lot)

here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


(ikon don’t have mv teasers the fuck,,, I still don’t get it either)

My Type (x) Airplane (x) Rhythm Ta (x) Anthem (x) Apology (x) Dumb&Dumber (x) What’s Wrong? (x) #WYD (x) // you can listen to the whole album here (x)

(They slayed the charts with their songs MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

Watch their mv makings they are really funny and watch their live performances because their stage presence is no joke!


A hip-hop sub-unit consisting of Mino and Bobby

Bobby released his solo song (FINALLY) it’s called HOLUP! (x) (don’t dab too much you’ll break your neck!)

Mino released another solo song called Body (x) (full offense and not to be too biased but this was the best song of 2016)

After that they released their collab songs: Full House (x) and Hit Me (x)

FULL OFFENSE BUT THIS WAS THE BEST COLLAB OF 2016 BUT PEOPLE LET THEM FLOP ESPECIALLY THE WINKON ANTIS (those who only support winner or only support ikon,,, i don’t get it tbh how can you like ONE group while hating the other especially after knowing ALL WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER + THEY LITERALLY CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS BROTHERS THE FUCK)

Additional infos:

Winner’s fandom name: INNERCIRCLE (or incle if you want)

IKON’s fandom name: IKONIC

Bobby, B.i and Mino were featured in EPIK HIGH’s song BORN HATER alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jint (the best hip hop collab consisting of only legends of rap) you can watch it here (x) and Taehyun was featured in EPIK HIGH’s song: Spoiler (x) this song is truly a masterpiece just read the lyrics and try not to cry :’)

Bobby was also featured in MASTA WU’s song Come Here feat dok2 (x)

You can also watch winner’s weekly idol episode (i’m still waiting for ikon’s episode, it’s been 84 years)

Love for a thousand more: Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s web drama // link to the first episode (x)


I’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope this will help you! Feel free to ask me anything related to winkon ;))))))

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I have one question but pls answer honestly do you think bigbang truly loves their fans I started to lose hope these days that they dont really care abt us

Uhh idk what made you think that but i truly think they really really love VIPs. They have always treated VIPs with respect and VIPs have always been there for BIGBANG. They always tell us the truth. If anything happens they address us instead of the press cause we deserve an explanation from them not the press. Remember that time when a concert was over and VIPs were leaving but ji still kept watching them leave from backstage and smiled like an idiot tell me that’s not love. Remember that time when they were in another country for a concert and when the concert was over and VIPs kept singing for encore but it was against the rules to go on stage after the performance was over but top still went on stage and showed everybody fingerhearts even tho they can’t perform an encore but still went on stage risking being banned tell me that’s not love. The way yb constantly keeps liking and commenting on vip accounts on insta the way he always keeps feeding us on airports, the way dae is not having a surgery on his throat the way he keeps smiling the brightest to make us smile doesn’t matter what’s going on inside him the way ri keeps learning new languages so that he can talk to more and more VIPs all over the world he is always super energetic in concerts and fanmeets even tho he is super busy and probably haven’t slept properly in days i once read somewhere that a vip ran into seungri in a restaurant and he greeted her and asked her and her family to join him for dinner and was super nice to them tell me all of this is not love? They didn’t have to do this. No one told them to. Still they always try to give us the best of theirselves.

What made you doubt their love sweetie?

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Um... Here I come again, sorry... I don't know if I already had sent you a request but if I haven't may I request a headcanon where the RFA+ V and unknown react to MC being so good at doing Kpop dance cover or just dance cover in general? Thank you..

HELLO MOD SAERAN HERE :3 see I don’t know any Kpop songs D: so I did my best :) 

Jumin: *his pov*

  • *BZZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZZZ* UGH…… what do people want. I already told MC I’m in a meeting. I’m just going to ignore it. *BZZZZZ BZZZZZ BZZZZZ BZZZZ* WHHAAAAT. I excused myself politely from the conference room and made my way to my office. This better be good. I sat down on my chair roughly, annoyed of the constant buzzing. I put my finger on the unlock button and well well well. It was the RFA Chatroom. Might as well see what the big deal is.
  • I entered the password for the Chatroom and I saw my girlfriend as the topic of conversation. I also saw Yoosung saying that I was going to be very upset when I found out what saeyoung did. I scrolled down and saw Saeran that he had nothing to do it with while Zen was just laughing “ his ass off” end quote. MC told me he never had one so I’m guessing he is laughing his bones off.
  • Curiosity got the best of me and I asked what in the world is going on. Everyone stopped while Zen sent me a link. Saeyoung begged for me not to open it while his twin was telling me to do it. So I clinked on the link and it was a livestream of MC in her pole dancing class. Okay why am I seeing WAIT MC IN A POLE DANCING CLASS. WHAT IS SHE DOING. I quickly emailed the link to my email and watched it on my personal laptop. She has “ dance for you by Beyoncé” playing and she is the center of attention. JESUS Christ. Is this the surprise she was telling me about
  • I almost forgot that Saeyoung knew about this and why the fuck did he spy on MC? I went back in and casually typed “ Saeyoung I’m going to find you and i will kill you” *Seven left the chatroom*
  • I kept replaying the video cause holy damn *locks door and ;) *


  • *my college people* you know those precious emails you get that sometimes throughout the day…. you know where you are feeling tired and you are just done with the day… AND THEN YOU GET A CLASS IS CANCELED EMAIL!!!!! Yeah Yoosung got that. His last 2 classes for the day was freaking canceled and dead lord baby JESUS can I get an amen. < I freaking live for those emails>
  • This freaking man wanted to surprise you so he didn’t text you that his classes were canceled. Instead he went to your favorite food place and order takeout so he can take it with you with a rose and sunflower :3
  • He was already entering the key to the apartment when he heard a strange noise
  • “All you ladies pop your pussy like this” and he sees you stretching getting ready to do gods knows what
  • “Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t quit” he then sees you put your hands on your knees hyping yourself up “All you ladies pop that thing like this” you were yelling and he was so confused as to why “Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t quit” you were shaking your ass or what people call it twerking and you were just shaking your ass everywhere… making it seem like bobble head but ass version “Just do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now” you stood up and you started to clap like a seal
  • You were touching yourself sexually, you squeezed your boobs and then glided your hands to your pussy and patted it “Lick it good suck this pussy, just like you should”
  • “Right now, Lick it good” your hands then went upwards and you were thrusting into the air “Suck this pussy just like you should” you were screaming ‘YASSS BITCH LETS DO THIS’
  • “My Neck, my back” your hands went quickly to your neck and then your back arching it a bit
  • “Lick my pussy and my crack,” you went back to your pussy patting it a bit and then you twirled and spanked your ass and then you heard stuff dropping and you saw your boyfriend with a major nosebleed

Zen: *this HC is a mess sorry LMAO*

  • It was already 6:00pm and Zen usually comes home around 9:30 so you always started preparing for dinner around 6:30 so everything can be ready once he came home c: you were making mac n cheese, mash potatoes, and spaghetti, you always cooked more than enough so he has the chance to take some of your cooking to work c:
  • You washed your hands, put on your apron and began cutting onions, peeling the potatoes and everything. You had this nack about you that you cant concentrate without having music on. You put on pandora and you were hoping for a happy song but you got a sad song… “Im Not The Only One” by Sam Smith.. Great… your mother always told you to cook in a happy mood if not, the food would come out horrible. So you stopped and got a can of beer and pretended to be in a music video.
  • “Now sadly i know why… your heart is unattainable…. YOOUU SAAAAY IM CRAAZZZZYYYY CAUSE YOU THINK I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUU DOONE” YOU were whaling the lyrics that you started to cry. You got up and got the broom and started to dance with it crying.
  • You started to spin the broom around but your 5th can of beer and emotional Sam Smith music got you feeling some type of way
  • You went on your knees crying banging the floor singing your little heart out. Now pandora decided to fuck you over and play “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw. You were thinking about the times you and zen had arguments. “If you asked me how im doing i would say im doing just fine.. I sit down at a table set for two… and finally im force to face the truth.. Im not over you..” You got up and got the broom and you were legit ballroom dancing with it crying. You were ready to cry even more… about to yell the next lyrics till the song stop…
  • “ (y/n) baby… are you okay… are you planning on leaving me D:” you saw your boyfriend home early … shit… this is awkward….


  • Jaehee always knew you always love to dance but she never seen you dancing before and she was determined to figure out what you do. So she decided to look you up on Youtube and she saw fanpages of you D:
  • She felt bad because she never knew you had fan pages because you rarely talked about your dance career. She clicked on some of the videos and she notice its mostly pair contemporary dancing. She really loved how you dance.
  • She was taking screenshots and everything c,:. She was joining fan pages and even buying merch LMAO
  • She was loving your dance until she saw a video that said “American Championship Winner: (y/n) 2012
  • It was a routine of you and only you. You were dancing thru fire, or how the comments suggested, contemporary parkour lmao. She noticed how freely you moved with the music that she found herself crying with the audience. She wonder why you had so much passion in that dance that she started to youtube interviews of your inspiration for that dance. SHe couldn’t find it because she soon realized the date.
  • It was a week before your parents were murdered.


  • OKAY THIS MAN KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU OKAY. SO FOR HIM TO NOT KNOW ONE THINGS ABOUT YOU REALLY SHOOKED HIM. You guys had sex and he was saying how much he loved you and how he loves that he knew everything about you. You could of simply lied and continue on but you wanted to give your man a challenge. You turned to face him and let your thumb outline his lips. You started to lick the tip of your thumb and then he gave it a good suck.
  • You smirked because you knew he was gonna be shook. You leaned in with excitement “there is one thing you dont know about me, good luck trying to find it because its not under my name, thats the only hint ill give you my love” and you kissed his ear. He was like what the fuck.
  • He was lowkey thinking you were a porn star but he knew you would of slapped him if he asked. So he spent 1 week trying to figure out what the hell you were. Till he finally found it.
  • He was looking thru videos that he knew you loved. He looked up gamers and looked thru every channel and you weren’t there. It took him 3 tries till he started to look up dancing videos.  
  • He went thru contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, everything and yet he couldnt find you D: till he saw in the recommended list “how to lapdance: advance” and he clicked on it and instant nose bleed. You were wearing a dose masquerade masks and you were giving techniques on how to do lap dance… to people… who are already advanced… he subscribed and closed the door, got lotion and couldn’t wait till you got home.


  • He loved how you mode so elegantly then after he made you twirl, you found him on one knee with a little velvet royal blue box open
  • During the RFA party, you danced with all the members but however, since V recently had his eye surgery, he was just sitting down and enjoying the view he couldn’t see once before
  • You were still nervous around him but you got the balls to ask him to dance with you and he accepted. He wasnt a good dancer because he never truly did dance only just moved side to side.
  • You loved to dance, especially ballroom because you always loved how elegant the man and women look dancing thru clouds
  • V however… he tried his best and he felt bad that he stopped dancing and went back to his seat. He felt useless not giving the women he has a crush on a simple dance. He noticed Jumin bowing down slightly asking for your hand to a dance. He hated that. He loved his brother but he was perfect at everything, well under the circumstances, he was forced to know everything perfectly.
  • You politely denied and went to V to teach him the basic steps. You were slowly teaching him how to ballroom dance for many months till the next party
  • You two were the stars of the party :,D

i have recently just started accepting the fact that i may indeed be an ace. however until now, i feel like i dont have the right to declare it (just yet). because honestly i still fear the possibility that i will actually be sexually attracted to someone/anyone one day. and you know what problem it might cause? judgemental people talking behind my back because ‘supposedly’, sexuality is something that is permanent, not temporary. i fear the backstabs, the critical eyes, the possibility of being the center of a party anecdote. but you know what i’ve learned recently? screw what other people think! im only 18 for crying out loud and it’s alright that i still haven’t completely figured myself out. the mere fact that i am trying is more than enough! as a matter of fact, i should actually be proud of myself for finally embracing my sexuality. i know it’s still a lot of work but trust me, this little step already means a tad to me. i feel like im one step closer to finding my genuine self and not just the person or the facade that i wanted you all to see. and i dont know, there’s nothing more i could ask for.

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I LOVE THE LEGFAM AND SHOWED A FRIEND BUt like she asked me to explain how this was created and... I'm not sure what to say;;;

im crying cause idk either LOL how do u put this ‘it all started when friggin Namjoon didnt let us know that he could skate and in order to cope and let my abundant feelings known i made a shitpost about it and i liked it sm that i also started drawing doodles about it then on my probably 125356th doodle i decided to make sweatpants legmon be smaller and cuter and o shit why dont i make him a baby being carried by Legmon yeAH then i’ll post it THEN SOME ANON was like omg hes so cute pls draw them more and i was like ok then,,,,,,,,,,,,a wholesome family started to blossom and that’s when i lost control of my life’ in a summary???? but frick tho this was probably the most organic way any of my ideas flourished LOL i have u guys to thank for always encouraging me!!



fifth harmony .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


  1. I told my mommy that I wanted to be happy but I dont wanna leave 5h
  2. ally is so beautiful and cute I want to smash her in my arms and kill her for cause so much pain in me affff I hate this life so much %%%
  3. I cant take one more camila’s word anymore I dont wanna lose my mind BUT I aLreAdY LOst IT
  4. lauren causes me a huge pain but I love her, she is my angel
  5. there’s nothing else that makes me more happier than fifth harmony
  6. if u r not some girl of fith harmony dont talk with me 
  7. some people like sports, i like camren
  8. lauren eyes makes me feel hypnotized
  9. no matter what they do I’ll always support fifth harmony
  10. sorry mom, I like fifth harmony and I die a little everyday
  11. i’m in love with camren omg i cant !!! ¡!୭̥*ೃ
  12. ´´normani´´ she’s mine don’t touch
  13. dinah is my fav queen
  14. lauren causes me a huge pain but I love her, she is my angel
  15. reason i’m alive, better known as fifth harmony
  16. once in a lifetime i used to be happy seeing a pic of fifth harmony but now i just cry omfg i luv they
  17. in 2016 only a miracle can save me god pls take fifth harmony away from me
  18. normani’s voice its sdjshfjkdshg i just cant explain i feel good and sad at the same time i think i need some doctor
  19. stressed depressed 5h obsessed
  20. 5h aka oxygen
  21. roses are red, violets are blue, fifth harmony i cant breath without you
  22. shippo camren mesmo não gostou o processo tá aí pra isso
  23. ###cerquinha contra anti camren###
  24. dedico meu amor a fifth harmony
  25. namore alguem q te olhe como normila se olham
  26. 99% da minha vida eu passo falando sobre normally
  27. se ataca camren eu vou ataca
  28. meu sobrenome é alnah
  29. fala de camren pensa em camren 24hrs por dia
  30. fifth harmony no peito sempre seguimos firme nessa batalha
  31. eu amo fifth harmony por motivos nao preciso de motivos
  32. como sera a vida de quem nao shippa normally nao sei nao quero sabe tenho raiva de quem sabe
  33. la vem a que shippa camren opa so eu msm
  34. aqui eh fe em laurmani que o inimigo cai
  35. meu sangue eh harmony positivo
  36. so trabalho com fatos reais ou seja camren
  37. se normila eh real nao sei mas eh cada shippada que nos da
  38. se ate hj eu shippo alnah msm depois de tudo q ja passei nada mais me abala sigo firme e forte nessa batalha
  39. normila eh um nome muito lindo serio fecha os olhos e diz normila olha como soa bem
  40. o que falar de camren o casal mais shippado do mundo
  41. a verdade eh que eu amo fifth harmony d+ 
  42. pleno seculo 21 e tem gente q ainda acredita que esse amor por 5h eh passageiro
  43. exausta de sofrer by 5h
  44. nunca teria saído do saco do meu pai se eu soubesse que ia crescer e virar harmonizer
  45. [lauren’s voice] parabens pra voce nessa data querida mtas felicidades mtos papeis de trouxa na vida
  46. miga pufavo voce acha mesmo que eu vo para de ouvi work from home pra ouvi seus audio se toca loka
  47. tava de boas ouvi os live de 5h nao to mais
  48. edai que voce nao aguenta mais eu falano de camren uma coisa que eu nao so obrigada eh a parar
  49. lauren belissima toda top modelo linda igual a barbiezinha
  50. fifth harmony pisa samba dança ragatanga no quesito perfeição


  1. normallis
  2. camrentrono
  3. drycamren
  4. rflctions
  5. relfections
  6. takealnah
  7. fwtharmony
  8. fharmons
  9. laurmanxs
  10. nkxrdei
  11. pillscabello
  12. allybrxke
  13. prayhrmony
  14. laurenbroske
  15. allyhamiltxn
  16. camillakordei
  17. allyjaurengui
  18. nromani98
  19. allybrxke93
  20. normila96

mandem numero e nome pra entrar no grupo do wpp porfa szszsz

These are John’s words.
At the end of the last episode Mary said that she knows what Sherlock and John could become. Mary wants that John became who he really is, who he wants to be. With Sherlock. Sooo. Bisexual.
Mary knew. John knows. And now John is ready. I am sure he talked with Mary about his real sexuality because after all he loves her, she is his clever wife and perhaps she knew it before John…
I mean, this is just what I think about those words. And as a Johnlock shipper is very clear and evident and true to me.
John wants to be who he really is, finally, what Mary knows he is.
And Sherlock is there to help him and be who John needs him to be.

I am crying.

Also, when Mary says who they really are doesnt matter i think she is saying that they dont have to warry about what they feel, they can live their love. They are free now. Now that she is gone they can finally love the right person.
She is just misunderstood and I belive in her good intentions in her words.
I dont love her, she is still someone who i can’t love as a character in the show cause she did so many bad things.

Anyway, I miss them. So much.

Giving love a shot part 57

♡Jae’s views♡

I can’t believe I am a mother now. Me Jaeha with 3 kids? If I look back at my my life, fifteen to twenty years ago, the thought of marriage give me rash, but now now I’m married with children.

Right now I’m in the room with Jay alone cause our friends and family are respectful enough to give us some privacy to process the whole thing.

Jae: so Jaehoon came out first uh?

Jay: yea, you know considering the fact that we almost missed him, I thought  he’d be last. You feeling alright?

Jae: are you alright?

Jay: I don’t know, so the hardest part of our lives begins now, ready?

Jae: you?

Jay: yes, because I have you. You should also feel that way cause you have me and we have each other.

Jae: you think we’ll be alright?

Jay: truth or lie?

Jae: make me feel better

Jay: well then, we’ll be great 

After going back home, it feels like my whole life and world change. The first few days, I might’ve cried a day or two, but I can’t cry cause my husband would cry whenever I do.

It’s strange, how much I Han Jaeha- wait I Park Jaeha, you know how SERIOUS I take my sleep, something tells me that I won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

My son is a  little gentleman,  he only fuss or cry when he need something, but the girls I feel like They're bothering me on purpose,  they cry one after the other. I’m not going to lie, I cry along with them.

Jay’s been doing his best, we tried taking “shift” like I take naps during the day, and he take naps at night. But regardless we still  help each other out.

Someone asked me why can’t I pay someone to watch the kids at night so I can sleep. They are my kids, why would I do that? When I can watch my own kids.

I try to document every little moments, cause before you know it, they’re graduating school and getting married. 😥😣 too soon Jaeha. Too soon..

《Jay’s views 》

The past few weeks has been, words can’t describe great feeling of holding my babies. Jaeha as been remarkable as if she had kids before.

Even though we split the shifts, she still does most of the works. She never complain that she’s tired, or sleepy or anything. I know it’s hard for her, I know my wife, we’ve been together for a while now, and many things I’ve learn is that Jaeha, doesn’t like to ask for help, even when it’s difficult, she handles everything by herself.

The other day I walked in the room and find her crying, she gets annoyed. I did some research and find out she has post partum depression, I didn’t know what that was until I realize that Jaejae was doing the exact same thing.

She stops caring for herself, only worrying about the kids, she get scared even when they’re peacefully sleeping. I think she feels like I’m not going to love her, because of how much her body has changed over the past few weeks, even before that, she always had that insecurity that, I’m going to leave her once she gets old.

Truthfully I’m the one that afraid that someday she’ll leave me. Speaking of let me go check what she’s up to.

Walking in our room I find her looking at herself in the mirror almost in disgust.

Jay: you like what you see?

Jae:*sigh, walks away*

Jay:*pulls her back* what’s wrong?

Jae: nothing

Jay: babe, come on

Jae: it’s just….. I’m ugly, my hair is all tangled… I’m a mess *starts crying*

Jay: okay first of all, don’t ever call yourself ugly ever again, and-and look at me I have a mustache

Jae: and you look pretty hot with it, lucky you  *She say while crying*

Jay:*smile* awe thanks babe, and you’re right I am lucky. I’m lucky to have you as my life partner. Look, my parents are coming over, how about we let them watch the kids, and we have a date.

Jae: date? We’re going to to leave the kids at home by themselves?

Jay: baby no, my parents will watch the kids, and Mo the lady you trust and raised you will be here, let’s just take a night just for us. Please. I know you worrying about the kids, and I am to, but I’m more worrying about you. You have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of them.

After managing to persuade her, she agrees only if we stay in. After that we took care of the kids before my parents get here, once they came, I start getting ready for our date.

Since we’re staying in, I know exacly what to do. I start by running Jaeha a bath since it’s one of favorite things in life. Go in her closet and pick her a dress.

Minutes later she walks in surprise.

Jae: babe? What’s going on? What’s all this?

Jay: for our date

Jae: but I thought we were staying in?

Jay: we are, come on *takes her in the bathroom*  there go in

With her sitting in the water I sit on top of the tub to brush her hair.

Jae: aren’t you afraid that my hair is going to get in the water?

Jay: things like that doesn’t bother me. Do you know how many times I wake up with you hair on my face, all over my pillow.

Jae: *exhale* this feels nice. *leans her head on his knee, and holding on to his leg*

Jay: Jaejae

Jae: mhmm

Jay: I want you to know you’re not alone, you have your friends, parents, and you have me. If something is wrong with you, you have to tell me. The same way It hurts when our kids are crying and we can’t do anything about it, it hurts me 10 times more when you are crying and I can’t do anything to help you. I dont want you to be crying in the closet by yourself, or wait till I’m sleeping. If you need to cry I’m always going to have a shoulder for you to lean on.

Jae: I’m just afraid

Jay: afraid of what?

Jae: that you’re going to leave me, for someone cuter, younger, with a better body

Jay:  Jaeha, baby that is never going to happen. I’ll will never leave you, till death do us part remember. I will never love any other woman the way that I love you, you are the love of my life, and that will never change. if anything I’m more afraid that you’ll leave me

Jae: why would you think that?

Jay: because I’m always hurting you.

Jae: not intentionally, but the hard work has just begin.

After her bath, we go for our dinner.

Jae: where are we going?

Jay: well we’re going to have dinner by the golf course.

Jae: how romantic

Jay: well I figure you need some air

Jae: awe babe

Jay: I know you hate wet grass so, the sprinklers,  will be a bit late tonight.

Jae: *smile*

We had dinner, talk, laugh, I couldn’t be any more perfect. After eating we walked a bit and then head back in our room.

Jae: so what now?

Jay: whatever you want

Jae: how about a massage?

Jay: I’m at your service

Jae: no, this time I’m at your service. You worked equally hard. And I’ll help you strip *wink wink*

Jay: Jaejae, as much as I would love to get a massage I have a feeling we’re both are going to end up naked.

Jae: *walk up to him* would that make you happy?

Jay: very

Jae: okay then, let’s get naked

We had a great night for once in a while. It feel great being able to wrap my arms around her again.

Jae: shouldn’t we go check-

Jay: the kids are fine, let’s get some sleep while we can *pulls her closer to his chest* goodnight

Jae: love you

Jay: love you to babe

After she fell asleep I couldn’t help but feeling teary a bit. I spent most of the night, just admiring this woman, I cannot believe how far we’ve come.

I’m not going to say that she’s looking old,  but looking at her now and years before, she look more mature. I love taking time to just admire her, when she’s sleeping cause she gets embarrassed about it if she’s awake.

After Jaejae gets into a deep sleep, I went off to check on the kiss. Knowing them at this time they’d be awake  for food.

Walking in, my parents were feeding them.

Mom: you’re awake?

Jay: yeah I wanted to check on these guys first.

Dad: they’re good.

Mom: were you crying?

Jay: *sits on the floor* I was just looking at Jaejae and I couldn’t help it.

Dad: what?

Jay: I’ve known her for almost 10 years. In that time I realize that I dont deserve her. I’ve cause her more pain than she deserve. It freaks me out more now, I feel like one day she will have enough and she’ll just get up  and leave with the kids.

Dad: then stop hurting her, that’s just your past catching up to you.

Mom: shouldn’t you be comforting him?

Dad: Jaebum is not a kid anymore that needs to me comforting anymore. Your a married man now, you have a son that’s going to look up to you, what exactly are you going to teach him?

Jay: the worst part about it, is that she’s always taking my side even when I’m dead wrong. I really can’t count with one hand the amount of time she has embarrassed or disappointed me, but the amount of times I’ve embarrassed, humiliated, and diappointed her, was good enough reasons for her to say no 10 times when I asked her to marry me.

Dad: so now you’re having regrets?

I spent an hour talking to my parents. My mom tries to suggacoat things when she’s talking, but my dad on the other hand just tell  me to man my ass up.

Jay: I should probably go back, before she gets up and starts looking for me. I’ll see you guys later.

*next morning*

She’s not on the bed I know exactly where to find her.

Jay:*looking at her playing with the babies*

Jae: hey good morning

Jay: morning *sits next to her*

Jae: *kisses him*

Our kids are growing up very fast. It’s cute the girls are friendly, but my son, he is a serious momma’s boy. He will go to people but as soon as he sees or hear her voice, he doesn’t want anybody else.

He has a weak stomach, he vomits everything as soon he eat. The doctors gave us medicine, it’s actually working.

Jay: how’s it going?

Jae: well so far I’ve got sneezed on, vomit, drool and peed on. So I guess where having a very productive morning. Hoonie hasn’t thrown up yet, and I fed him 15minutes ago

Jay: You ready for today?

Jae: not really You?

Jay: not at all

Since Jaeha and I have the worst luck we have to take our kids to the doctor for a check up…. *sigh* also the dogs to the vet. It’s not like it’s just Gajeel, she has 3 pops.

You all know how she cares about this dog, like it’s her first child. So we’re about to take our kids and grandkids to the vet. I know I’m drinking later on.

Jae: you ready for today’s challenge?

Jay: yes let’s do it.

First it’s starts with taking the kids a bath, you put on their diapers and then they poop before you even finish with the other one. This woman sanely got evrything done, pack snacks for the kids, the dog, and me.

It shows me how strong she is, and if we didn’t have money and you know all the extra help that comes with it, she’d do fine. She’d be better than fine.

When we finish we load up, 3 car seats, dogs and head out.

Jae: okay everyone and everything is on board. 

Jay: can I ask you a question?

Jae: fire away

Jay: how can you do all of this? Do you have kids somewhere else?

Jae: it just come naturally. You automatically knows and see what you have to do.

Jay: just the dogs would drive me insane

Jae: because they dont listen to you.

The kids are doing great, except for Mr weak stomach, but the medicine are helping. They each have to take two shots, and they’re going to hurt.

Jaeha cry of course all 3 of her kids are crying. I’m just here feeling sorry for everyone. After that we head out to the vet.

Getting to the vet, they doing check up all you can hear is Jaeha’s stomach going off. 
She forgot to eat or pack anything for herself.

Jay: you gonna eat anything?

Jae: I forgot to pack mine, but I’m not really hungry

Jay: baby, come on stop doing that.

Jae: I forgot, Hoon was throwing up, and I forgot.

Jay: you want to share mines?

Jae: no there’s cinnamon in it.

Jay: I’ll go buy you something

Jae: babe, I am fine.

Jay: I do not care, I’m getting you something.

After 3 hours everyone fed, and changed we making our way back, but first I have to stop to get something for Jaejae to eat and then stop at illi office.

She fall asleep as soon as I started driving. I cannot believe I’m driving a car listening to nursery rhyme.

*Illionaire office*

Dok2: you coming in?

Jay: cant, I have my family in the car they’re all out.

Dok2: I can’t believe this, You? A family man now, with a car full of kids and dogs. How is it?

Jay: fantastic, you just have to give up sleep ing for a few years.

My life is hectic right now, but I dont think I’d want it any other way.  

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Since we’re all on H&B’s squabble right now lemme share this part of my chat with Neon: 

i’d imagine these two have never had a serious fight in their lives. like not a SERIOUS fight. probably bickering but boooi the first time they actually get red-hot angry with each other and storm off to be alone they’re both just feeling so AWFUL and they come back to each other within a day and break down crying cuz they NEVER want that to happen during the time they’re fighting the whole school is like “wh a t   the  f c  uk the world is ENDING" everyone goes up to diana like ‘WHAT HAPPENED’ and she’s just like 'I… I REALLY CANT SAY FOR SURE I AM JUST AS BAFFLED AS YOU ARE’ the balance of luna nova is skewed for 24 hours