crying because tim is better than you


I have spent all of today feeling lost. I have spent all of today out in my beautiful city, a city that voted to stay, constantly crying because my country voted to leave.

Britain, I thought you were better than this. I thought you wouldn’t believe Boris’s and Farage’s lies. I thought you would understand that the argument for staying in is so much stronger than that for leaving. But apparently, you don’t.

Thank you to the 52% for fucking up my future. I’ve spoken to the wonderful @nocturnes-et-la-pluie for much of today, and the 52% have fucked up her future too. I’m here, powerless, broken hearted and having no way to change this outcome. I couldn’t vote, and it’s my future as much as everyone else’s.

Also, Jeremy Corbyn, with all my sincerity, fuck you. No, don’t defend him. Corbyn is the most fucking useless thing on the planet right now. His campaign was non existent and shit. He lost the labour heartlands to leave. Corbyn, you need to resign. You need to get the fuck out of the House of Commons because you are a shit leader and MP. Can you call yourself a leader? Probably not. Please resign. Now.

I am so proud to be a liberal today. Tim’s speech was passionate and angry. I was surrounded by Liberal Democrats that I love. I have never hugged or cried on so many people. Our campaign was bold and since the vote, we have gained over 1000 new members. We are the pro EU future where no other party is.

I am so angry.