crying because this scene


I like you. I said I like you.
Yah, do you know what sort of things I did because of you?
In order to go to school with you, I waited in front of the gate for an hour. Until you came back from the study room, I couldn’t even sleep a blink because I was so worried. “Why is she late? Has she fallen asleep again?”
Hey, all of my concern was always you. You!
When we coincedently met at the bus, when we went to the concert together, and when I received that shirt from you on my birthday. I really thought I would go crazy because I was so happpy.
I wanted to see you a dozen times more a day, and I was just so happy whenever I saw you. I have always wanted to tell you since a long time ago. 
I like you so much. I love you.


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)

Star Trek IDW Boldly Go 3

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i refer to ur sketch style as "flat pastel", style 1 as "soft geo" and style 2 as "hard geo". idk why id tell u this this. but your styles are like nothing ive ever scene i love it

adfjdsakjf I love those descriptions??? thank you so much!!! It always makes me happy to know how other people see my style since I don’t really know what it is myself (’v’ )


Stage Patalliro!

Aoki Tsunenori as Major Jack Bancoran
Sana Hiroki as Maraich

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When Bridget and I got it on I was… I was not dressed for the occasion.


This scene always has me crying from laughter because if you can catch it, Clarke falters for just a brief moment in her speech to literally look down at Bellamy’s chest and consider poking at it before doing so. And even then, Bellamy doesn’t even blink or flinch at her touch.