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Niall looked so happy to see Louis there last night I feel like crying!! I hope they had a great time catching up. I also wish people would stop pointing out that Niall didn't take a pic with Harry at his show. Just because the pr side is played up a bit more here doesn't mean that Niall and Louis's friendship is any less real. People can be so hard on Louis it makes me sad.

I agree so much. There is so much bitterness towards Louis which I really don’t get. His team, his label? Ok. But Louis? Out there supporting Niall, smiling and clapping and taking a picture with him? Why would people not enjoy it and be happy that both of them were genuinely delighted to be together? There’s always going to be differences, especially in pr, and we are always going to be sad that Louis and Harry cannot support each other publicly, but the level of criticism Louis gets for so much as breathing is not lost on me. xx

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I am crying at your wife's comments to your cat, because as someone who loves, and has had cats I understand completely lol. Do you also have a picture of said cat?

Hahaha! That’s the funny thing– I can always tell (because I read the tags like a loser) who has cats and who doesn’t. The non-cat-owners are always like “that’s so mean!?” and the cat owners are like “yeah mine’s a little shit too.” and I know it’s in a loving way haha! 

And yes! Allow me to share our babies with you!!!

This is the cat that my wife usually real-talks. Anything that has to do with heaven or hell is usually directed at this fluffy nugget of screaming joy. Her full name is Miss Clover Cleopatra, but she goes by Miss Cleo or Miss Kitty:

Then this little angel is Lord Byron Fitzwhiskers, more commonly referred to as Cat Cat Byron Cat. He’s my special son whom I adore and would kill anyone to protect. Usually baby just says normal things to him, but any of the quotes that use the word “bastard” are usually in reference to this bundle of love.

Thank you for asking about them!!!! I LOVE MY BABIES.

guys do you all remember when 1d was on tour and we would all stay up real late because sometimes they were in different time zones so it’d be like four am and we’d be glued to our laptops waiting to get the end-of-concert updates with the bulleted lists of everything important that went down and we’d all reblog the same pictures and the same gifs a million times im crying

So @blacklionshiro got me thinking about some shiro-centered sheith. And thinking. And thinking.

Shiro, who crushes pretty hard on the ace pilot the class below him who doesn’t seem to care about much aside from flying.
Shiro, who finds the perfect spot in the garrison library to both study and catch unobstructed glimpses of Keith studying across the room. Shiro, who pesters Matt to help him find out more about Keith.
Shiro, usually confident and sure of himself, getting flustered when he talks to Keith for the first time.
Shiro, awkwardly stumbling over his words as he finally befriends the boy that’s occupied his thoughts for the better portion of the semester. Shiro, longing to reach out and lace his fingers with Keith’s as they sit together at lunch.
Shiro, the Garrison’s “golden boy,” suggesting to Keith that they sneak out at night so they can walk and look at the stars together even though he knows that he’ll be too focused on Keith to pay attention to anything else.
Shiro, saving up his money quietly to buy the hovercraft that Keith wants desperately. they’re not even dating yet, Shiro is just /gone/.
Shiro, finding the desert shack with Keith on one of their late night excursions - the same desert shack that they share their first kiss in.
Shiro, whose heart was pounding when he asked Keith if he could kiss him, so worried that he misread the entire situation and anxious that Keith would turn him down.
Shiro, who tangled his hands in Keith’s hair when Keith returned the kiss enthusiastically, feeling like everything had gone right for once.
Shiro, finding out that he had been selected as the pilot for the Kerberos mission and being torn between excitement at the prospect and upset at having to leave Keith behind, especially since their relationship was still so new.
Shiro, who may have cried a little the first (and last) time they made love, the night before he left for the mission, overwhelmed at the sensation and not quite believing that this is real. Keith never mentions it because he may have been crying too.
Shiro, who has a small picture of him and Keith hanging up on the wall of the spacecraft next to a calendar that marks the day of their return.
Shiro, who fights everyday in the gladiator ring unafraid of death because he’s certain that he’s never going to get back home.
Shiro, who lies awake sometimes at night, worried that Keith thinks he’s dead. That Keith has forgotten about him. That Keith has already moved on and found someone new.
Shiro, waking up in the desert shack, blinking as the sunlight hits his eyes.
Shiro, catching sight of Keith, sitting next to the couch in an uncomfortable-looking chair, sleeping in a hunched over position next to where he lay.
Shiro, moving slightly and feeling his hand brush against Keith’s, their fingers touching as Keith sleeps on, unaware that Shiro has finally woken up.
Shiro, falling back to sleep, safe in the knowledge that he is finally back home where he belongs.

You Are My Happily Ever After - Harry Hook x Reader

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Requested:Hi, i was wondering if you could write an imagine about Harry. Where you are jays younger sister and you went to auradon with the vks but dont feel like you fit in and want to go back to the isle. You go back with mal and run into an old friend and crush, Harry Hook. When the others come you help with ben you and jay get into a fight and you stay on the isle with Harry? Sorry its so long. Thank you if you can write this. i love your imagines, thank you for doing what you do!! :)

A/N I’d like to thank @kaylantus for the request. Hope you enjoy !! (:

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Live Stream ♡ Christian Yu

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“Ah.. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.. what a gorgeous girl.”

Christian was live streaming once again and I was currently at a shoot getting my necessities together before leaving. I received the Instagram notification and decided to see what my soon to be man had to offer. 

A lot of people figured we were together because of what we post via Instagram, and Twitter. We were just two individuals obviously in love with each other but too afraid to take action. We acted like a couple, that’s for sure. I met Christian when Dabin was searching for a certain someone for his ‘RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW’ music video, and he just so happened to be paired up with my very best friend. 

“Who is Y/N?” Christian repeated from a fan who commented.

“She’s a friend of mine. Such an appealing girl.. ridiculously stunning, and over all just a great catch.”

You’d have to be stupid to not realize how intrigued he was. Not a day goes by of him not expressing his genuine feelings to poor little Dabin about you.

“I’ve hung out with her plenty of times, and not a second goes by where I’m not completely fantasized by her damn beauty of a smile. I swear she’s got to be Santa’s little present to me or something,” Christian grinned before placing his chin on his balanced fist. 

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Person A is a heavy reader. Person B isn’t. Person A usually reads the stories to Person B when they need to calm down, from what it is, Person A never asks. Person B often falls asleep to the stories from Person A’s mouth, and can never stay up long enough to finish the stories, so all they know is the (mostly) happy beginnings, and never the ends. 

Person A gives Person B their favourite book, one that’s been with them for a long time. The book has obvious signs of the love and importance it had on Person A’s life, but they know that it’s Person B’s favourite story. 

You see, Person B might not notice, but Person A always keep a check of how long it takes for Person B to fall asleep when they’re reading a book. Sometimes it’s within the 3rd chapter, other times it’s on the 23rd. But when Person A reads this book to Person B, they notice how Person B struggles to stay awake, and is always concentrating so hard on not giving in to the slumber. Person A once asked Person B if they wanted to start from the middle of the book this time (because god forbid they say, ‘Where we left off’ because that means they’ll know when they fell asleep and that’s a conversation for a later (or never) time) but Person B always politely declines and says with the sweetest voices, “No, I want to hear your voice as much as possible.” 

Person B shakily accepts the gift, and promises to give it back, but Person A declines and says, “No, you can have it. It’s yours. I know how much you love it, almost as much as I do. So here, read it, you fall asleep before the ending anyway.” And laughs it off, albeit awkwardly. 

A few days pass since the gift giving, and Person B has had minimal contact with Person A. Then one day, as Person A was in the quiet corner of the library, back hunched over a book and nail biting in progress, Person B comes in and sits in front of Person A. 


“I understand why this book is your favourite, and I don’t want to copy you but it’s now my favourite too.” Person B says quietly as they watch Person A’s eyes scan 20 words a second. Person A nods slightly. “So I have a gift for you too.”

Person A looks up from the book and stares at a copy of the same book, looking newer and less worn, but still holding the words that made them laugh, cry, and die in a matter of 2 pages. Person B smiles, and says, “It’s my copy, I bought it the day before you gave me yours. I only read the first part, because it’s all I knew in your voice. So I could never bring myself to read the rest.” Person B laughs awkwardly. 

“I mean, I don’t usually read books. But when you read them I suddenly picture myself there, in those pages, except it doesn’t feel like just pages, it feels real. My voice can’t do that, but yours can. So… When you gave me the book you had read to me over and over again, suddenly I could picture you, holding the book exactly the same way you are now, eyes scanning over the words so quickly that your voice fails to catch up, and the small hint of a smile in your voice and the sparkle in your eyes, and, believe me, I didn’t understand why people fell in love with reading but I think I’m in love with your reading. Whether it’s silent scanning of words, or quiet whispers of every second word, or when you voice the characters’ dialogue yourself to get the emotion right in your head because you haven’t heard the words said like that before, or when your reading it to me, I’m in love with you and your reading.” 

Person B is blushing furiously and Person A is //dyING AF BECAUSE ERMAGHWRHGDHGAHGRHGA// still waiting, listening, knowing that this isn’t the end of what Person B wants to say.

“You’re the person people in books fall in love with,” Person B says with a quiet voice.

(Note from author: Hi, this is me coming back after ‘leaving’ this account. I actually never left and I knew a lot of people started following me AFTER i said I wouldn’t be back, so thank you! Also the words in between the // are just my mind going weird and wanting to add in something really stupid haha, love ya’ll.)


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A = Aftercare 

Since sex is kind of rough with Jun, he’s pretty intense, aftercare is very important. Making sure muscles aren’t pulled, and if he’s had you in a particularly stretch needed position, he’s curled up with you and massaging the spot he’s had you bent. Affection is spewed a lot after sex, letting you know he really cares for you, and showers are taken before crashing back in bed.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

He’s entirely obsessed with your thighs, being able to hold you to him and control your movements when he’s thrusting, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers, and even see the marks his digits made the day after. For himself, he’s the massive tease and his fingers are his tool of choice, they’re his favorite, making you squirm just from his digits.

C = Cum 

I see Jun as being one of those nasty fuckers that likes to cum on you as a symbol of marking you. Hickies aren’t exactly a thing he can do to you, at least, in the place he wants to, so 9/10, he’s cumming on your stomach or chest, and seeing you all fucked out and covered in his cum, really his favorite thing.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Being the semi dominant he is, he’s used to bossing you around in the bedroom. One thing he’s always thought about and prob will do is having you laid out, all ready for him, and have you get yourself off as he tells you exactly what to do as he watches. The dominance of controlling your movements even as you do it to yourself, is something he thinks about a lot.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see him having much experience, but he’s fairly knowledgeable on the subject, and he’s pretty eager to get started on you. Eager to please, and having a fresh slate to play with, he’s easily got the hang of things and by the end of play time, he’s a master. 

F = Favorite position

Jun likes a lot of positions, and puts you in several before he’s done, so they aren’t numbered as a #1 and on. He’s a classical man, he likes good ol’ missionary, doggy style is a very favorable, spooning, you riding him is always a special treat that he’s particularly fond of.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Jun’s the clown of your relationship, but in the bedroom he’s someone else. Kinda like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’s really focused and in the zone with you, it’s almost like these no air in the room when he’s with you, he just has such a powerful presence. He saves the fun for outside the bedroom.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t see him being groomed much, unless you tell him ‘yo dude…shave ya dick’, he’s not one for manscaping or anything. If you’ve got an issue with hair like me you gotta bring it up. Otherwise, he just lets the jungle thrive.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He’s developed a bit of a character during sex, he’s really a different person in the bedroom as opposed to the Jun you’re with every day. He’s pretty intense in the bedroom, while he worships the hell out of your body, it’s not very lovey dovey at all. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

The boy can’t even be alone in the bathroom, I think he’d be very hesitant to whip it out, without like…sending a mass text like ‘im jerkin it if you come in im kicking your ass’ which isn’t happening. So he’s very quick about, just to get the arousal out and gone, lord knows when someone’ll decide to pick a lock.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Jun’s a very visual guy when it comes to kinks; it’s what he sees that turns him on. Good lingerie or some outfits(nurse, maid, etc) are a big turn on for him. He gets into role playing a bit, so costumes and outfits are a real essential to him. ‘no those aren’t my halloween costumes from over the years, jun bought them for me to fuck me in’ kind of thing. He’s rather dominant, that’s for sure, but he’s not overbearing. It’s obvious he’s in control, but calling you names or spanking aren’t a common, but he likes to be called sir occasionally. Sprinkle it in during sex and it drives him crazy.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

[See Risk] He’s not keen on being caught, or walked in on, since apparently locked doors mean nothing to SVT. Bedroom is standard, it’s good, it’s reliable, etc. And it’s pretty obvious that if you and him go into the bedroom and shut the door, it’s ‘don’t bother jun’ time. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Playing into his kink, really all you have to do somehow let it be known that you’re wearing his favorite lingerie, or start touching on his thigh. Starts the arousal pretty fast.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

While he does like role playing, doctor and nurse, all that good stuff, Daddy is one that goes right out the door. Call him daddy and sex is over for the night, he’s not playing with you. Wax was tried once, pain isn’t his thing, so that’s off the list too. He doesn’t like things with you or him that cause pain, spanking and belts, are a no go.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Master of foreplay and teasing, his fingers and tongue are his #1 tools. Oral is one of the times he lets you dominate, he gladly lays down and lets you ride his face. On the flip side, while he is kind of a horny toad, and his sex drives it up, he’s not easy to go, boners aren’t just popped, you going down on him is practically a step in sex, just adds to the foreplay and you get to have control for that time, which is always fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Typically, he’s very erratic and fast, boarder lined rough, but not unbearable. He’s really precise with his thrusts, he knows exactly what buttons to push, and how to work your body.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He’s not very favorable with quickies, he likes to tease you to hell and back, and he misses out on that with the time crunch, so they don’t happen very often. You can probably count on one hand how many quickies he’s had, they’re not really in his good book. Jun likes taking his time, building the pleasure, and toying with you for ages instead.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s not particularly into the whole exhibitionist kink, he’s not keen on being caught so locations are played with, but only if he’s 100% sure you’re not going to get walked in on or seen. Aside from that, he’s pretty game to anything, positions, role plays, etc, he’s down with the discussion and if you both decide you want to go through with it, it’s on.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
His stamina is pretty average, 5-10 minutes is his limit most times, and one round is usually it considering how much he draws cumming out. But after a nap, he’s ready to go again. Sex several times in a day isn’t uncommon with him, just not one right after another. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Jun’s a man of few likes, that aren’t just the two of you in the bedroom. He’s not too keen on anything making your body buzz aside from his body, so toys are kept to a minimum. A few scarves are favored instead of handcuffs, and a couple, various vibrators are around sometime, but that’s about it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Jun is unforgiving in the bedroom. He’s very in control, and that gives him the special power of teasing you to the ends of the Earth if he wants; and he does. With the help of scarves, he’s got you pinned and at his mercy, that he doesn’t have, and edging you with his choice bullet vibrator, letting his hands work down below and mouth focus on your chest till it’s covered in his mark. You won’t get away without a good 20-30 minutes of solid teasing from him. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Jun’s more of a grunter, imagine this with me, Jun in the midst of thrusting into you with all he’s got, sweat covering his skin. He’s propped up on his knees, looking down at you squirming with each thrust, jaw tight, eyebrows scrunched in focus, heavy breaths and small grunts of satisfaction leaving his clenched teeth. yeah.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The first time you two adventured into a more…interesting position, not used to the stretch, obviously you got a cramp because? bruh, you pulling leg muscles I didn’t know I had. The same word was used, and he immediately freaked out and lowkey started crying because he ‘hurt you’. Took you 20 minutes to calm him down, and get back into it. Poor baby, just loves you too much.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Similar to Joshua, Jun’s more slender and long in build. Nana says guys that are little on top(shoulders) aren’t insane down below. He’s pretty wild in bed, so it’s a slight makeup for not being the biggest, Jun’s a bit under the average, 4-4.5″ and more slender in girth, but that whole motion in the ocean shiz is real, y’all, don’t worry.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Nana took one look at him and said he’d hump your leg if you said okay, so I’m running with that. Jun’s got an above average sex drive, he’s a lowkey horny toad that he can’t even hide from you because he’s so clingy. He’s up and running at the drop of a hat, so you’re in for it. Good luck.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Jun sex is pretty exhausting, if anyone ignored the fact you’re butt ass naked, and dicks and titties are out, someone’d think you just ran the mile in 8th grade. Legs are incapable of working, and everyone’s out of breath, sweating like you just got caught in the rain. If sleep doesn’t immediately follow sex, it’s probs a risk of passing out later. So kinda as the last step of aftercare, sleep always follows sex. Few minutes after you’re done and clean, and you’re both curled up in bed.

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I'm crying thinking about Alec, who didn't get to have a real childhood and never dated anyone because he was closeted and scared, in Tokyo with this beautiful man and seeing that photo booth and thinking "this is something that people who are dating do they take cute picture together Magnus can we please?" And looking at those photos everyday and smiling even when he's in a bad mood because he loves Magnus SO MUCH I CAN'T HANDLE THIS

oh my god i’m crying yet again

I think about love on a scale from 1 to 10. Most of us find a 6 or 7, and that’s why we have divorce. It’s the truth. We settle for that 6 or 7. But I like to think Kevin is Chiron’s 10. He’s found that and he realizes that there’s no reason to settle for a 6 or a 7 because, ‘I know this person is my 10. Whether or not this person believes I’m his 10, I’m going to devote my life to this person entirely.’ That’s why the line where he says, 'You’re the only man that’s ever touched me,’ for me, was the most amazing, most beautiful thing I’ve seen in cinema, period. Because that’s what we strive for as people, to find that one person because they’re there. If Kevin doesn’t feel that they should be together, Chiron is just going to die a miserable person because that’s his person and he won’t settle for anything else. But I like to think they’re together, walking in Central Park hand-in-hand when they’re 90 years old.
—  Trevante Rhodes

If I knew how to draw, I’d draw a picture of Finn being hugged by his family. I’d draw him falling into the arms of his parents and crying and holding them as they cry too. I’d draw a picture of him laughing with tears in his eyes because he’s meeting them. This is real. It’s really happening. I’d draw that.

If I knew how to draw, I’d also draw Finn standing around as other stormtroopers throw their helmets to the ground. I’d draw it so that it’s happening in the middle of battle. Blaster fire going off around them but just as they’re ordered to shoot him. Just as they’re ordered to kill him. Kill Finn. They drop their blasters. Throw it on the ground and whisper a quiet, but fully determined “no.” And there’s a panel where all you can see are the helmets on the ground. Blood stained, smeared with dirt. Like the one Finn used to have. And then in the next panel you’d see their faces. Different faces with various amounts of emotions. Some with tears in their eyes. Some with small smiles. Others with hands on their lips. Others with hands on their eyes. And maybe one of them quietly whispers how “free the air feels.” How overwhelming. And Finn’s smiling. Light bursting from behind him. He’s smiling. And all he says is a quiet “yeah. It is.”

If I knew how to draw, I’d draw that scene. The Scene. Where Finn stops a blast in mid air and everyone is looking at him with a variety of experisions: awe, confusion, terror, rage. I’d draw him, hand stretched out and face lined with a mixture of fear and determination. I’d draw him holding a blaster in one hand, eyes ahead of him. The scenery around him is dark. Dark red and black with smoke and fire. But Finn stands out. In the center and vibrant against the background.


So having Jonghyun as your husband and father of your children would include: 

  • if you managed to marry this man: HOLD HIM TIGHT AND NEVER LET GO
  • perfect husband material 
  • so caring, well-mannered and affectionate 
  • when you first told him you were pregnant he was in awe and kept staring at you while smiling
  • “is this for real? you’re not joking, are you? oh my god! i am so happy babe, i love you so much” 
  • he was extra-careful during your pregnancy and he did anything you asked for
  • spoiled you to no end 
  • he wouldn’t let you do anything around the house; he would want to do all the cleaning and cooking because he wants you to relax and take care of you 
  • so restless during the birth, it felt as if he was going to give birth with all the questions he was asking the doctor 
  • he cried a lot when he first saw your child; and you had to calm him down cause he wouldn’t stop 
  • such a fantastic father 
  • he would take so much care of your child when he is growing up
  • probably a bit too over-protective and you would have to reassure him that everything is going to be fine and he doesn’t need to baby proof the entire house 
  • would take so many pictures and videos of the child because he is so proud and wants to show him off 
  • would probably call the other Nu’est members to gush over his child and then procceed to spam them with pictures 
  • and they will call you and beg you to stop Jonghyun from sending them pictures
  • “baby… minki called again and told me to tell you to stop sending him pictures of our child pooping” 
  • “JONGHYUN NO! Stop sending pictures of our naked son to your friends!” 
  • “Look, he is peeing, so adorable, wait a minute I’m sending this one to Minhyun real fast” 
  • would be very jealous if the child’s first word will be “mom” because 
  • “why does he love you more? does he not recognize me as his father?”
  • so supportive and proud when your son takes his first steps; he will probably start crying again of happiness
  • when is time for kindergarten or school he will have a harder time letting go of his little fluff ball than you
  • and throughout the day he would constantly worry and you would have to stop him like 3 times not to barge into the classroom in the middle of the class just to check if his son is hungry
  • you would have lots of family activities
  • I personally believe the only fights that would arise would be cause Jonghyun would spoil the child too much 
  • and as we all know, that’s never good 
  • he will probably ally with your kid against you whenever they do something bad or when they want to plan a surprise for you 
  • like they would try cooking a special dinner on your birthday 
  • and it would be so amazing and sweet of them even though the food is not perfect, but you appreciate it a lot
  • and then you walk into the kitchen and is a complete mess with left-over ingredients everywhere and a piece of dough hanging from the ceiling
  • and Jonghyun swears he doesn’t know how that ended up there 
  • and while you help them clean up your kid throws some flour in your direction and everything turns into a food fight 
  • and while you are all laughing while sitting on the floor, Jonghyun nudges you and whispers sweetly
  • “I love you both so much, I couldn’t wish for a better family”
the signs as random snapchats my friends have sent me
  • aries: i'm barely awake and my sister said "clean the damn house" bitch clean ya damn vagina im tired fuck outta my face
  • taurus: *picture of herself with the headband on & a blank face* i realized too late that i was playing headbandz and now i know what i am wow
  • gemini: you ever notice that the inside of your mouth looks like the inside of your vagina wait actually idk what the inside of my vagina looks like
  • cancer: *picture of her teary eyed* i nearly started crying because i realized plankton and karen don't have kids because she's a computer so they can't have sex
  • leo: *picture of her with her hair tied around her chin like a beard* who needs men? i'm my own man
  • virgo: *picture of her looking down at the camera at an awkward angle* me trying to figure out how to record without using my hands
  • libra: *at 2 am* in other countries when they eat hot dogs or something do they call it "american food" like how we call china's food "chinese food" #latenightthoughts
  • scorpio: *picture of herself on the toilet with her legs scribbled out* woah why tf am i constipated (my dick not showin, just my legs)
  • sagittarius: *picture of her crying* while i was chewing i bit down on something chewy IT WAS A BUG I THINK PLEASE HELP
  • capricorn: *blurry picture of her looking terrified* tell me why i dropped my phone in the fucking brownie mix i hate everything
  • aquarius: *blurry picture of herself* i kicked an ant bed and i think some of the ants went in my pants and are biting me
  • pisces: *picture of her crying* me realizing maddie isn't even real. or maybe liv isn't real. idk they just aren't actually twins. they're the same girl. and she doesn't have some unique connection to her twin sister who'd she do anything for because she doesn't have one.

Sin pic! 

@leafeon-daily as gluttony , @occasionallylucario as lust, @flygon-daily as greed, @banettedaily as sloth, @maybe-murkrow as envy, @sableyedaily as pride, @occasionallyblissey as wrath, @occasional-wott-bros as death (who is crying because not a real sin)

and me as the Sin Master

Based on our names on discord: 

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EXO Reaction to their GF finding baby/childhood pictures of them

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I was hot even then right? Yeah I know… I know.. mom took the best pics ever!” *This dude I swear XD*


*Mysteriously disappears with the pictures*”I though I had hidden them in the other galaxy! Gotta go, gotta take them back!”


“How did you… wait… you went to my mom’s place?! You.. you two met?! what… you are having breakfast when? …” *Someone’s a little worried :p*


*Really nervous* “Did you see me… you know… the pictures of my birth… did you… oh god… no not those.. I’m not wearing clothes!”


“No… I’m not crying in most of my pictures! I don’t know what you are talking about… You saw other Nini.. it wasn’t me! I’m not a crybaby!” *The struggle is real*


“Oh yes I have a mole in… wait.. how do you know that? Did you…. no… no no that picture was supposed to be destroyed!”


*He loves going through his old albums because honestly he just looks so cute in them* “Ahh are we watching them again? Wait wait.. start with that one! I look the cutest there!”


“No.. no my parents I didn’t have a baby photo shoot with deer… no… it was not my parents’ idea… no…” *He planned on taking that secret to his grave*


“Ahhhh no jagi! Don’t talk about that please! Not in front of the boys… I told them there were no pictures of me!”


*Dead serious* “You have to promise me you’ll never show them to anyone… not even to your mom… no one can know those exist.. I don’t want them saying I look cute… no…”


“Kekeke… you liked them baobei? I’ve never shown those pictures to anyone before.. you can keep them if you want..” *Shy fluff*


*Knows that if one of those pictures is out, he’ll be forever blackmailed by the boys XD*

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A/N: Whoa. I still exist. Sorry about the season-long writer’s block guys, yikes. Ok anyways you can thank dear Kumi ( @mellifluous-melodramas ) for getting me inspired enough to start writing again. She wrote this badass Unseelie!Seb fic and it brought me back to my Iron Fey days and I was so impelled to write something of my own that here I am. Writing nearly 2.5 thousand words in an hour. A personal record. (It usually takes me four-five hours to crank out that many)

Song Inspo: Across the Stars by John Williams

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Bad writing? 2.5 words is a lot in an hour my friends…

My prompt: You are a kid’s imaginary friend. He’s growing up. You’re fading away.

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Pick SomeoneWho’s Supportive

Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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Hi, I want to discuss Gabriel. And Season 2, Episode 1. But mostly Gabriel.

So I have quite a bit to say about these season 2 spoilers, so PLEASE read at your own discretion!!! I’ll be analyzing this episode thoroughly.

Finally, this show is getting some weight to it.

Marinette is clueless yet again.

I have so much discourse on the Agreste family right now.

Gabriel is Hawk Moth.

And, funnily enough, I’m more sure of it now than I was last week. But first, I’ll walk through what I believe to be the chronology of the episode, since most of the clips in the spoiler video seemed to be out of order.

So Marinette goes to Master Fu with the book she found in the Volpina episode. Already, this is a direct continuation of Volpina and not a standalone episode. Here, she learns about the history of the Miraculous - but not just of Ladybug and Chat Noir, but also of Volpina (and presumably the others, but Volpina is the most important).

Cue the surprise when Marinette realizes that the ancient Volpina looks exactly like Lila, which, to Marinette and Tikki, clearly means that Hawk Moth, whoever he is, knows about this book and is able to draw designs from it in his akumas. And who does Marinette quickly suspect?

Yours truly, Adrien Agreste. She knows that he had the book in his possession, and suspects him of being Hawk Moth (blah blah, clueless Mari strikes again). We’ll get back to this picture later, because it’s very important.

And of course, Marinette begins a wild goose chase trying to find him, ending up in the boys bathroom at school (this is where the bit outside Francois-Dupont happens, with Tikki trying to rationalize with her). But no, inside the school she finds not Adrien, but…

Chloe, crying real tears. This is unusual, as Marinette can see in the bottom left with a worried glance at Nino. We also known she walked in on this because she’s the only one here wearing a backpack (so this is a direct continuation of the bathroom picture. She found Chloe on her hunt for Adrien). Chloe, although you can’t see it very well in this image, is holding her phone in her right hand. Whatever happened, it did so very quickly through her phone. And, although it might be due to something completely unrelated, my guess is that it had something to do with Adrien being pulled out of school. I could do a whole discourse on why this would vividly upset Chloe, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, let’s jump on over to the Agreste household.

Remember this picture? That’s not Marinette holding the tablet. It’s either Nathalie or Gabriel, and very likely the latter of the two. Somehow, Gabriel found out about his son stealing the book from him. And boy, are there consequences. Sure, he gets grounded from things often, but… we know this is serious. Why?

Because in this picture (taken between two frames because it was hard to catch), Gabriel is throwing pictures of Adrien down from the wall onto the floor. Hoooooo boy. Something upset this man. We’ve known him to be stern, but level-headed. For this book to send him flying off the deep end and literally resenting his own son so much as to throw his pictures onto the ground, we know that it’s important to him. The Miraculous is important to him. Still, we could already assume that much from the Peacock Miraculous literally being in his safe. But it is very important to Gabriel that this book stays in his possession. To Gabriel, Adrien stealing this book (for whatever reason) is the ultimate act of betrayal. And this leads to the Collector.

Before we skip to the end of the battle, I’d just like to point out that not only does Gabriel toss Adrien’s modeling photos onto the floor, but he also trashes this, a handmade drawing by Adrien from when mom was still around. Don’t even try to tell me that Gabriel would normally act like this. He is beyond angry at his son. This image could be the last piece of young, innocent Adrien that he has left, and he chucked it onto the floor like a piece of garbage. We later see Chat Noir’s boots in front of it while it’s on the floor, so cue Adrien being sad that his dad hates him, and still pushing through to rescue him from his akuma form. I love character development, especially that of family dynamic.

I haven’t taken any images of the battle itself, because it seems fairly generic as far as battles go. We do know that the Collector has a book as a weapon and captures people and items in it à la Pixelator. The Lucky Charm itself is unknown at the moment, but we know that the solution involves Adrien’s foosball table, his shelf, and Chat Noir’s tail. Chat also Cataclysm’s his shelf. Whether this is undone after the akuma cleansing is unknown, but it probably is.

Now comes the speculation part of this analysis, and why I’m more sure than ever that Gabriel is Hawk Moth. This picture shows Gabriel (yes, it’s him, we can tell by the suit sleeve) scrolling through various images that were found in the Miraculous book. I have no idea what setting this takes place in but Gabriel, despite his lashing out earlier, still has copies of all these images. I’ve stopped at the image of Chat Noir because that’s where Gabriel stopped. And, lo and behold, two episodes ago Gabriel was checking out his son’s ring. But… why would Adrien taking his book make him so angry when he already had saved copies of every page in the book? Because, my friends, his son - who he now suspects as being Chat Noir - is closer than ever to finding out his identity.

But not in the “I can’t have Chat Noir defeating me” kind of way; it’s in the “I don’t want my son to despise me more than he already does” kind of way. He’s worried that Adrien will figure out that he’s Hawk Moth and do everything in his power to stop him, even if Gabriel’s intentions are good and, like many have speculated in the past, he’s just trying to bring Mrs. Agreste back. He knows that at this point the only way to succeed is if his son breaks his trust with Ladybug and joins forces with his father. But he knows that’s not going to happen. Adrien is too good, too kind for that, and Gabriel knows that the only way to throw his son off his trail is to akumatize himself. This is why, for the first time in the series…

We see Hawk Moth transform, back into Hawk Moth. He’s just come back from being a regular human being with his Miraculous. But at this point, after he’s tried so hard to enact his plan only to find out that his son is not only his arch nemesis but is also that much closer to learning that his own father is Hawk Moth, Gabriel knows he’s a lost cause. All he can do now is stall the moment that the reveal occurs, which means doing everything in his power to stop Ladybug and Chat Noir from learning who he is - to make himself his own victim. It may have just not been filmed, but what if there was no “fly, little akuma” in this episode? What if? What if the whole thing occurred in Gabriel’s office? If he akumatized himself in his office to throw his son off his trail? After all, he’s come to his own conclusion that it’s inevitable at this point. He knows he’s lost if Adrien ever finds out. He knows that very well.

And judging from this look of pain and condolence, Nooroo does too.




  • GAJEVY BABIES ARE CANON well they were already canon before bUT NOW THEY’RE SUPER CANON
  • [insert The Incredibles “WOAH-HO-HO AND GOT BUSY!” gif here]
  • I’ve always really liked that Mashima has never been one to stray away or work around things like pregnancy and allusions to people in canon relationships having sex.


Essentially: “YOUR BODY IS MINE”


I mean they’ve had so many emotionally charged scenes and battles and oh god just remembering them makes me emotional, but there was never any concrete confession of love scene (well, for Gray). AND THEY GOT BUSY TOO.

  • Elfman and Eva, canon background cuties to the end. Speaking of which, the boys in the back chuckling at them, TOO CUTE.
  • I feel like that whole thing with Luxus was just Mashima trolling all of the readers with their multiple ships for him. Being like, sorry folks, he will remain a mystery. [tongue click]
  • The Master being all proud of his babies - “I RAISED HER!” aww his little girl off to go save China




(she looks exactly the same, why does she still have those head fins idek not important)



[I ran out of pictures because I was too busy reading it, here’s the rest]

  • Oh Lucy and Natsu. Never change.
  • I love all the early chapter parallels. Him suddenly breaking into her room like it’s no big deal, her giving up and being like ahhh whatever.
  • All these older panels…the art style change really is incredible. It goes from Rave Master era art to distinct Fairy Tail art.
  • I love this line of Lucy’s. Because I - and I’m sure so many other fans who’ve also been on this ride since the beginning - feel like if I hadn’t met these characters, I wouldn’t be who I am today either.
  • Ho boy. She’s getting ready for a kiss. It’s definitely going to be a misdirection.
  • Aaaaaand your girl called it.
  • DAMMIT. MASHIMA. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK. FOR THEM. TO KISS. I know it’s perfectly in line with Natsu’s character, but cOME ON.
  • “We’ll always be together” AWWWWWWWWW ok I forgive you just a little
  • In my heart, I feel a bit let down…but it’s also the perfect Fairy Tail ending. Friends traveling together, same as always, family reunited, another adventure off in the distance. That’s the essence of Fairy Tail and so it only makes sense.
Not Fair (Simon/Miniminter)

Requested?: Yes
Warnings: YOU MAY CRY
Pairing: Simon and Reader

Like Happier. This is probably someone of my best work. I actually stayed up all night to write this. I’m very proud of this. I also like this new writing still I’m doing. Let me know if you all like it or not.

Listen to Hallelujah while reading this. (The one by Chris Viola) I swear this imagine will be even better.


Simon’s POV

I never thought this day would come. My heart aches with what I’m about to do.

I never thought that I would be standing here, holding my two year old son, burying the love of my life.

I never thought that she would leave this world before I did. Maybe not even as early as she did.

Although she had no control over her death.

She was on her way home from a late night at work, when it happened. Someone decided that they were going to text and drive. So they ended up crossing the center line and hitting her head on. She didn’t have time to react and try to avoid them. The impact happened so fast.

They rushed her to the nearest hospital. She was immediately taken back and I couldn’t see her.

They told me that they did everything they could for her. They said that she just kept bleeding.

She died that night.

The night that I was going to ask her to marry me. I was going to ask her to officially be mine forever.

That one person took her away from me. They took that opportunity away from me,

Worst part about her death. The other driver got to live. The other driver gets to see the next day. Maybe behind bars, but they still get to live on. It’s just not fair. It’s not fair that they get to keep on living while she doesn’t.

It’s not fair that my son now has to grow up without his mother. All he will ever have is just pictures and the few videos she let me take of her.

How I wish she would have let me take more.

If she had then our son would have more and know more about her.

I do plan to tell him everything about her though. No matter what he asks about her, I will answer every question he has. Although I will save telling him how she died, until he is old enough to understand exactly how. But he will always know how much his mom loved him.

She was so scared to have him, she thought she was gonna be the worst mom on the planet. I, along with they guys, assured her that she would be the best one ever. Even if she did mess up here and there.

I’ll let him know how much he looks like her. How his eyes are just like hers, his nose is shaped like hers as well.  If he ends up picking up something she loved to do, I will tell him about how much she loved to do it and how much she wanted him to one day pick it up. Maybe he will pick up football like me, and I’ll tell him how she wanted him to just be happy doing whatever he wants.

I hadn’t even realized how much I was crying until I felt an arm wrap around me.

I look down to see her mom, with tears running down her face.

That broke my heart even more. Seeing her mom like that.

Her mom did not deserve to be burying her daughter. If anything it should be her burying her mom, not the way it is happening.

Her dad.

Oh her dad.

I have never seen him cry in all the years I’ve known him. Though that night I saw him cry for the first time. He hasn’t said a word to anyone but her mom since. That’s not like him though. He’s normally so talkative, but this has completely broken him.

She was his princess. He wanted her to have everything under the sun. I was the first boy that he approved for her. He hated that I asked her to move to England with me, but let her go because he loved her. He wanted nothing more than for her to be happy.

I’m now sitting in front of a screen we made. Playing all kinds of pictures and videos of her.

From the first day I met her, to the last day I saw her.

So many memories went along with each. It hurt to think about them, but that’s how I know what we had was real. How I know that we loved each other unconditionally.

One picture gets to me more than any other one.

The one of her, our son and I. Josh took it, hours after he was born. Both of our smiles were stretched across our faces. I had never been so in love until I saw him. I remember her crying when she first saw him. I remember how she practically yelled at me because I was holding him wrong the first time.

The next picture shows us when we first brought him home. All the guys and their girlfriends were there, ready to greet the three of us.

I remember her scolding everyone to be quiet because he was asleep in her arms. He always was more calm in his arms. I just hope that I can calm him down as easily as she did.

Next picture was of her with some fans at a meet up.

The fans. They still don’t know. I haven’t been on social media since. The guys have barely been on.

I see the comments and tweets asking if I’m okay. I just don’t know how to respond.

She was always loved by them. Everyone was so happy that I had finally found someone. My heart breaks for them when they find out. I plan to tell them soon, I just don’t know when, or how.

All I know is that they are going to devastated by the news.

For now, I’m just letting it settle in with the guys and me.

It’s still not real for us. In our minds she is still here, smile and all.

For me though.

It’s unimaginable.

It’s hard for me to think of a future without her in it.

I know that if I ever end up with someone else, that person will know everything about her. They will know how much I loved her, and how she was taken away from me suddenly.

They will know how I will always love her, no matter what. That our son will always know who is mom is, even if he doesn’t remember her.

That she can never be replaced.

I am now standing at her grave. Several years later. Our sons ninth birthday to be exact.

He wanted nothing more than to come and see his mom. He wanted to bring his step mom to meet his real mom.

Yes I found someone else. And yes she knows everything her.

I watch with a small smile on my face as I watch him talk to his mom, as if she can head him.

He turns and smiles at me, beckoning me to follow over.

Once I get over, all the emotions of the day she was buried wash over me.

I begin to cry again.

My son notices me crying and wraps his arms tightly around me. Telling me that everything will be okay, and how she would hate to see me cry.

He truly got her heart.

He’s the spitting image of her.

He’s got her personality as well.

So it’s almost like she is still here.

Still here through our son.