crying because this blog is adorable

Joke: Producing youtube content and earning loads of cash

“woke”: Having a popular instagram and winning the adoration and support of thousands

woke: hellsite. Get called out for criticizing a cartoon, a blog named sapphic-lesbian-undertale posts about wanting to kill your family because you made a joke, your mutuals also despise you and you’re crying

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do you have any ladizel headcanons because i'm in love with this ship?

Ahsjsks I love them too.

  • Where do I even start, they’re just perfect okay.
  • They have an aesthetic tumblr blog together, where they take a lot of the photos themselves. They use Polaroids for that Look (Lacy would insist).
  • Lacy would have a fashion tumblr blog okay, she’d always be helping to dye Sadie’s hair and taking photos of it and then taking photo’s of makeup and hairstyles she’s tried on all of them and herself. (She would adore Hazel’s curly hair too and would always be putting flowers and gems in it).
  • Hazel would have a social justice tumblr and would go with Lacy and Sadie to so many protests (and they’d have so much fun decorating signs for them).
  • Sadie would have a grunge blog, where she probably talks about music a lot (and she drags Hazel and Lacy to concerts all the time, for a lot of unknown indie bands ahsjsks).
  • They’re all super gay and looks really good together?
  • They’re adorable and give each other nose kisses a lot and are always hugging each other and holding hands… I cry…
  • Lacy probably becomes a fashion designer and convinces Sadie and Hazel to model for her fashion show, because she doesn’t know any prettier people to show off her designs because she’s sappy. 
  • Lacy likes to paint them as well, and they’re like really good portraits 
  • Sometimes Sadie and Hazel join in, and they’re both super good at it as well but they aren’t as good at drawing people as Lacy is.
  • They’d all be the ‘that’s homophobic because it’s inconveniencing me’ type of gay, especially Sadie. And they’re like really big feminists too, which is mostly instigated by Hazel (who doesn’t let any man tell her what to do ahsjsks).
  • God I have so many feelings I don’t even know how to write them.
  • They’d go to museums a lot, because they’re all demigods, but like different types (Roman, Greek and Egyptian), so they find it super interesting to learn about each other’s parents and the mythology that they’re from.
  • They’d go to Egypt, Greece and Italy together on holiday, and they’d have such a good time ahhh.
  • They hate it when people just assume they’re friends, or that only two of them are in the relationship, and they always set everyone straight.

It’s femslash Friday so I’m tagging @lgbtqpjo for the 3k week!!

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*pokes fingers together* ah-I can't remember if this has been done or not and I'm sorry if I'm repeating a question that's already been asked, but um.. c-can you do headcanons for the main three with a shy sweet s/o who is really affectionate at random times? Like super snuggly and gives little butterfly kisses and stuff I'm sorry I crave fluff so bad ;--; also I love your blog



-People like s/o are his greatest weakness

-Is this close to crying from happiness when they get affectionate


-It’s a blush fest when the two are together

-Especially is s/o is in one of their affectionate moods

-He’s a bit like that, too, though


-He loves s/o, he really does


-It’s because he’s not used to the level of adorableness, though

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Headcanon of the characters reacting to this blog? :"D

I’m just gonna do royals and neutral first since I wanted to write something but I don’t have a lot of time to write the entire thing. I’ll add on as I go! ( to go: children, and other chars )


Azura: She’s confused. What’s this? Why is there so many things about her kissing other people? Why are they somehow a little accurate? She’s terrified.

Kaze: He’s embarrassed. He doesn’t know how to respond when he’s scrolling through the blog and finds all the “NSFW Kaze” headcanons. He can’t look Corrin in the eye for a good month afterwards.

Felicia: She dies. Her face is as red as a burning tomato and she hides away in her room refusing to come out.

Jakob: He gasps and goes through all the asks correcting some things here and there. He leaves the NSFW asks alone though.

Silas: His happy expression just immediately drops and he runs to Corrin crying, holding a phone or whatever in his hands. He shows the blog to Corrin, and Corrin is horrified because of so many requests that include them.

Mozu: She’s too pure, don’t show her the NSFW asks. But she thinks that the requests that include cute relationships with her are adorable. She’s a little embarrassed by it.

Shura: “Oh god, what now?” followed by a gasp of terror.


Ryoma: He’s the eldest prince of Hoshido, he doesn’t have time for this. He reads the first ask that includes him and he just sighs and puts the phone down and leaves.

Hinoka: She’s flustered. However, whenever Azama pops up she just closes her eyes, breathes and scrolls past it. Her face gets red whenever she finds a NSFW ask and her scrolling gets a little bit faster.

Takumi: He’s dead, too. He sees all the LeoKumi asks and he’s sobbing internally. He also finds the Takumi thirst and feels a little proud, but also a little scared.

Sakura: Protect her, don’t show her the NSFW asks either. Keep it pure, and have NSFW blacklisted before you show her this blog. Sakura finds the platonic relationship headcanons super cute.


Xander: Don’t do this to him, he’s already got enough to deal with. He thinks the Laslow asks are pretty accurate, but he accidentally flings the phone across the room when the first kinky NSFW Xander request pops up.

Camilla: She has fun reading about her retainers, NSFW or not and it makes Selena really, really flustered. She also skims through requests about her beloved siblings, and laughs when she finds Leo/Tomato posts.

Leo: He makes funny expressions depending on what he finds. He screams when he finds the Leo/Tomato fanfic and he sobs for a week in his room. After reading a few tomato asks, Leo realizes how weird his love for tomatoes is. But that doesn’t stop him from eating 16 tomatoes everyday.

Elise: Please don’t. Just show her the cute, SFW ones. She’ll love reading them in her free time. Camilla also shows her some that poke fun at the siblings, and they giggle about it together.

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i bet nobody remembers this bc i had like 20 followers during this era but i use to strictly be an adore delano blog entitled adoredelan0. it wasn’t until i saw laska at BOTS a few months later and fell in love that i decided to change my URL to adore-delaska. THE POINT IS, i was originally just an adore delano stan. in fact, my stanning dates back way before drag race to when danny was on s7 of idol. i was rooting for him HARD and i remember crying when he got booted off because i had tickets to the tour and he was just short of top 10 and only the top 10 got to tour north america. it was one of my first concerts and i was heartbroken because i loved danny noriega so much. i remember i played it off that i didn’t like as much as i did because it was “rumoured” that he was gay and i didn’t want people knowing i stanned a gay singer. fast forward to 2014 when i saw that adore delano for the first time i was SHOOK because i recognized who she was IMMEDIATELY. i fell back into the obsession all over and everything seemed to come full circle. ANYWAYS tho, i love adore delano and i’ve loved her from the start lmao. i think she’s one of the most charming and talented queens in the scene right now. i know because her massive popularity, she often gets branded as “overrated” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. in fact, i’m surprised she’s not more of a mainstream hit but i get the world can’t handle amazing people like her as much as they claim they can. her pipes are INSANE, she’s ridiculously naturally beautiful (not to discredit her makeup bc bitch is always BEAT), and she’s one of the kindest souls on earth. no wonder she has such a fanbase, i’ve never heard of one person who has less than a life-changing experience when meeting adore? i love how unapologetically herself, despite being constantly misunderstood. she just has this aura and energy about her that you can’t develop, you’re just sorta born with? it’s hard to explain but idk adore really is a gift to this world lmao. i truly think she’ll have one of the longest, most rewarding careers out of all the ru girls whether that be as adore or as danny. i love her so much and though her stans bother me sometimes and i don’t always like being affiliated with her fanbase, i’ll always, always love and support both adore and danny!

callout post for @eijiroou

shows me his really cool and adorable art and makes my heart explode

Would Die For Kirishima Eijirou

probably loves bakushima more than life itself

comes up with really amazing headcanons that make my heart explode or make me cry


we probably overuse ‘a concept’ a lot but ??? oh well

i feel like i have to mention his love for Kirishima again because he loves him that much

12/5 blog A++

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Ah, no, not mutuals, I just found your blog recently and saw the cute shukita head cannons <3 I'll keep sending them as I think of more so here's another one! Bare with me, it's a little long ^^; While in Hawaii Akira and Yusuke sort of get lost during the evening. Dusk arrives but they don't mind the walk or bother to use their phones because they wanted to be alone together in the first place. Akira gets a thrill of using clues to find their way back while Yusuke is sketching...

but what if i wanted to follow u B( also im going to combine all your asks into one c:

… He trusts Akira not just because he’s the smart phantom thieves’ leader, but because he’s always relaxed with Akira. He stops drawing for a second when there’s a tug on his arm and Yusuke hears the ukulele music that’s pointed out to him. He pockets the mini sketchbook because he can see the mischievous glint in Akira’s eyes knowing they would have to sneak past the chaperones because they’re going to come back late….

…Yusuke smirks and takes Akira by the lead first, it takes his boyfriend by surprise but they’re happy while slow dancing to the sound of the soft waves of the Hawaiian beach and romantic strumming of the ukulele. They share a kiss under the stars and (tiki?) torch lights then grab a fresh malasada from a late night vendor. They’re laughing as they get granulated sugar over their fingers and walk closer as if they’re glued together. Not caring if someone spots them as they arrive back.


Flower Petal Tears (Jeno ft. Chenle)

anon asked: Hey there! Can i ask for a fluffy/cute scenario where jeno gets jealous because you hang out with Chenle a lot (because you think he’s so adorable and you like to take care of him) and Jeno kinda misunderstands that you like chenle but you just really see him as a little brother? Haha thanks for making this blog author-nim! Have a nice day~

author: admin tae

genre: fluff??

word count: 1,380

a/n: its not at all sad!!

Keep reading

The This Is Acting album by Sia is one of the most interesting concepts for an album that I’ve come across in recent times as all these songs were written for other singers, some even being rejected, and it actually boggles my mind that some of them got rejected, particularly this one. Bird Set Free has some awe inspiring lyrics that leave me speechless with one of the most powerful for me being in the chorus with “And I don’t care if I sing off key // I find myself in my melodies // I sing for love, I sing for me // I shout it out like a bird set free.” The reason is that I absolutely adore music but can’t sing to save my life but I will sing out loud constantly because I just lose myself in the music and don’t care what people think about me. Its just so powerful and shows the incredibleness of Sia’s songwriting ability - Jakk

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Can you do an RFA+Saeran reacting to an otaku MC? Good luck with your blog!

Sure! And thank you! ^^ Hope you like it~


-Has dealt with more than his fair share of enthusiastic fans

-Have you seen his fanclub?

-Has no problems with you being an otaku, and encourages it because of how much you enjoy it

-Finds it extremely adorable when you get excited when a new episode comes out

-Sometimes he’ll walk in on you crying and panic, but relaxes when he sees it’s your show

-Totally still gonna snuggle you though

-Would definitely reenact your favorite scenes for you (especially the romantic ones)

-Especially Ouran High School Host Club because have you seen Tamaki?? Perfect for Zen

-Just loves to see you enjoying something so much


-Knows it has to do with anime, but has no idea what the term is

-Literally didn’t even know what HQ meant, how did this boy get into college

-Once you explain it to him, he is super ecstatic

-It’s just like him with LOLOL!

-He may watch some stuff with you,because he wants to know what makes you happy

-In exchange for you playing LOLOL with him, of course ;3

-Tries to recreate dishes from shows that you like (even if they turn out horribly wrong, oh boy)

-All in all just a ball of sunshine and support for you and your anime needs~


-Knew before you even told her, or mentioned it at all

-Let’s face it, she’s a fangirl for Zen, she sensed it in mild conversations

-When you mentioned you liked anime in a chat, it clicked

-Finds your favorite shows, and likes to watch them with you

-She thinks it’s nice to have a separate hobby outside of Zen’s musicals

-Not as heavy as a fan as you are, but certainly enjoys it

-And you have a shoulder to cry on if things get emotional, cause she always has tissues

-Baehee is prepared to make you happy


-Didn’t even know what anime was

          -”Is it a food?”

-Has no comprehension as to what anime is, much less the term otaku

-But, seeing as you enjoy it so much, wants to know everything

-And I mean everything

-Asks your favorites specifically, what genres you like, any favorite voice actors, etc.

-Sits down with you any time he can to learn more and watch with you

-Slowly begins to develop a liking towards it as well

-Enjoys the more realistic story lines and dramas, but is open to anything you want to show him

-Also takes you to any and all conventions you want to go to, even if you don’t ask

-If it makes you happy, he’ll clear his schedule just to see you smile


-One, knew immediately because of the background check

-Two, is secretly a closet otaku, and his otaku-senses were tingling

-You found out because you stayed up late to watch a new episode, and heard crying in the next room

           -”It’s so beautiful, MC!”

-Likes anything and everything that has to do with anime

-Robots? Awesome! Romance? Hell yeah! Two certain ice skaters that are clearly in love in every single aspect? JUST KISS ALREADY

-Anyways, likes literally everything you introduce him to, and he shows you some awesome stuff as well

-Will shamelessly use his hacking skills to get an episode early, because he has 0 patience

-Not that you’re complaining

-Is your personal otaku buddy for cons, late night binge watching, and crying when emotional scenes come on

-Yet another thing that brings you two closer than anyone else has with him~


-Closet otaku #2

-Okay, yes he likes anime, but not to the same extent as Seven

-Is extremely picky with his selections

-But they’re also polar opposites at times

-Like, loves horror, thrilling, and tragedy animes

-But also adores cutesy gakuen (school) animes

-Firm believer in not everything has a happy ending

-Doesn’t show any reaction while watching, gore or emotional, so makes you think he hates it

-But he assures with mild comments he doesn’t

-May not watch everything you suggest, because not his thing

-Too afraid to ever suggest anything to you, doesn’t want to scare you off with his horror shows

-But, with enough pleading, and lots of puppy dog eyes, will sit down and watch some with you

-Doesn’t mind if you cry. May be a bit unsure of what to do, but does his best to help

-May not show it, but is glad to have a friend like you with similar interests

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Do you have a fic recs page? :)

I do now :) 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Caged by @mrsmon : This is honestly one of my favorites- it was one of the first and only fics I actually cried over. The way she writes is captivating and just… wow. She’ll pull you right in. 

Underworld by @onlylovekpop : Holy. Crap. I die every time she updates this amazing series. It’s so unique and beautifully written- and there are so many plot twists that you’ll always be on the edge of your seat. 

Vampire!Yoongi by @versigny : This girl. She’s one of the most talented writers I have ever come across. Basically all of her fics are perfect, but her vampire Yoongi just makes me feel so many emotions. I don’t read smut, so I can’t say anything about a lot of her stuff, but honestly the fluff and angst I’ve read just leave me feeling so nice and warm or dead and sad- and I’m not sure which I like more. 

EVERYTHING by @dreamscript : I can’t even choose one to link so I just linked her masterlist. I died when I found her blog and I stayed up for an entire night just reading all of it. I’m absolutely in love with her style and imagination and W O W go read her stuff right this second!!!

EVERYTHING by @wasabi-duck : Are you sad? Read all of her completely adorable and lovely and perfect scenarios. I cry at father!bts and I always run to Ally’s blog when I’m having a bad day. She’s honestly the sweetest person alive too. Read her stuff. Especially father!bts because it makes me cry with joy. 

I can Fix That by @eureka-its-zico : fun fact: we’re staying in the same hotel in Anaheim for the BTS concert!!! Anyways, this is my favorite fic by her just because it’s so cute and fluffy and amazing and did I mention fluffy???? I love her.

Blue Orchids by @inktae : This story is one of the most creative and beautiful works I’ve ever read on this entire site. Here’s how it works: She’ll rip your heart out about 9000 times, but then she’ll come and put a soft blanket over you and kiss you on the forehead and everything will seem okay even though you’ve been crying for the past 10k words of her story. Honestly her fics are so elaborate and beautiful; you can just immerse yourself right in. 

Painting the Meadow’s Void by @jungblue : This is a work of art. I was squealing by the end of it and I honestly don’t think I can express in words how much I admire her writing. 

These are honestly just a few of the amazing fics I’ve read, and I wish I could remember and put down all of the ones I’ve fallen in love with. Below are a few noteworthy blogs to check out who never fail to amaze me. They are all absolutely worth checking out and I’ll be really sad if you don’t.

@bangtanhmu, @ggukyng, @asexpectedofthestork, @syugatae, @taetaetown, @park-jimeme, @mochirapgod, @your-miss-right

And honestly so many more that I’m going to hate myself for not tagging?? 

Please give all these amazing people lots of love and feedback and happiness because they all deserve it. 


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You're honestly my favourite blog like you're such a nice person and so many people trust you and can just have a chat with you and this is the first ask I've sent but even so I love to come to your blog, obviously to read your amazing reactions, but also just because you're nice and people like talking to you. I hope you're having an amazing Passover/Easter/regular time. Thoughts and prayers are always with you because I genuinely consider you a friend okay this is getting weird bYE


really thank you so much omg :’-) this is adorable and I love replying to asks literally omg I hope you’re having a good time too! Stay safe! (omg that’s not weird sTOp) ILY❤️

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Why did you make this adorable blog? Doesn't it seem a bit of a hassel to queue or post this every time? Anyways keep up the lovely work <3

I made it because I saw the daily crying Chihiro blog and a combination of thinking that Chihiro is an angel who should never be sad or crying and pettiness I decided to make this blog! Posting every day can be a hassle at time and I forget to post often but a lot of people really love the blog and it cheers them up so the trouble it worth it! I post everyday on my phone so that makes it easier, for me at least. And thank you so much!

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I started following you because I don't see enough of Namjoon love on this site and every time I cry because I remember I'm alive the same time he is I have this strong urge to find someone who feels the same and well I found you and I've never felt happier I love you and your blog

yes binch we both fucked by the most adorable man in the world, thank you and welcome to hell my friend

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Am I allowed to do thing? Don't care, doing it anyways. Came for the Olivier Armstrong fangirling, stayed for the entirety of your blog content and also the sweet, funny, adorable, intelligent, fascinating, radiant, BEAUTIFUL girl who literally lights up my entire day and makes me smile just thinking about. You've made me cry laughing, we have the best inside jokes, and you're literally always there for me. I'm so proud of you, and proud to have you.

Hahaha!  Of course, you’re allowed to do all the Meme Things™ , always.  I’m so glad our mutual love for Olivier Mira Armstrong brought us together in the first place because wow look at us now hahaha.  Okay well I know I told you this already that this maDE ME CRY WHEN YOU FIRST SENT IT (in all the good ways of course).  I just jshdkfsjdh I honestly have no words to describe how incredibly kind and sweet you are, and how chatting with you can make all seem right in the world.  RIGHT BACK AT YOU AT ALL OF THE ABOVE OKAY.

Came for the _______. Stayed for the _______.

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Every time I see one of your gorgeous gifsets (♥_♥) (are idolising gifs a thing? Because I'm at that level probably) I smile because you're back and wonderful things are on my dash again! ^u^

Thank yYOU very, very much! I’ve been staring at this ask for hours now, wondering if it was really for me. I don’t even know what to say. I want to cry of happiness now thanks to you :’> I seriously have tears in my eyes right now. It really means a lot coming from you. I’ve adored your blog ever since I first joined in, everything is just so lovely and beautiful. And you are such a sweetheart. Things are kinda difficult for me lately, but I’m keeping your words very close to me. I hope I can keep making you smile and don’t disappoint.

Have a beautiful day! (*´▽`*)

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NAME | esmee
HEIGHT | 5′7 / 5′8 (Im tall i know i cry everytime)
ORIENTATION | bisexual 
FAVORITE FRUIT | oooooh pineapple!
FAVORITE SCENT | anything with orange in it tbh
FAVORITE ANIMAL | penguins, they’re adorable
COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT COCOA | hot cocoa in winter, tea in the other seasons
CAT OR DOG PERSON | asdfljasdfh BOTH??? 
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER | eponine from les miserables, because she’s a cupcake and deserves to be loved
DREAM TRIP | new york city cause BROADWAY (although London’s West End is just as good)
BLOG CREATED | october 2015

I tag @awrites1x1 @andie1x1s @chardcnnay @dilemmaofrps  and anybody who wants to do this! 

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31 & 59?

Hello <3<3

31. 3 random facts

Idk if these are meant to be about myself or just anything haha so I just decided to google “interesting facts” 

1.    Chewing gum while you cut an onion will help keep you from crying. lmao life hack

2.  Gorillas burp when they are happy. This is kind of adorable kind of gross.

3.  The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime. Unless you’re like me and spend 90% if your life in bed. 

See, my blog is educational guys.

59. Why I joined tumblr.

I joined tumblr last summer because I had so long off school and I was painfully bored and I really wanted to find something to keep myself occupied, and now I’m soooo glad that I joined!

Thank you so much for these questions bb <3

Ask me something <3

Request: could I ask for a Gadreel oneshot where he's sent to be the reader's guardian angel and slowly falls in love with her because she's a kind person even though she doesn't see that about herself? (sorry this if this is too specific) (Also I adore your blog!! I love reading all the oneshots you write!)

(For brightstars-and-lightsshines. Loving the Gadreel requests! Hope you like it xx)

As he watched you cry softly on top of your bed, with your pain causing agony within him, Gadreel vividly remembered the day that he was let out of his cell in Heaven, the sole reason being strictly for penance as if the righteous torture they had been putting him through hadn’t been enough.

Lucifer had slipped past his guard and into the Garden of Eden so many years ago, and it had been the first time that he had seen what had become of Heaven ever since; he had savored the sight of his brothers and sisters, even though they looked upon him with contempt, for anything other than the bars of his prison seemed utterly magnificent to him. He hadn’t been able to revel in his Father’s kingdom for long, though, for he was promptly given his assignment for atonement on Earth: to watch over you.

The next thing that he had been conscious of was that he was standing in a bland room, obviously belonging to a hospital; Gadreel clearly heard the beeping of heart monitors, some slower than others, and the mixture of people crying in despair or happiness among the commanding voices of doctors and the comforting murmurs of nurses. All of those sounds had disappeared, though, when his gaze landed on the scene that was right in front of him: a mother and a father whispering to each other and smiling in bliss as they looked down at their sleeping newborn daughter. The angel had found himself being drawn towards the beautiful picture, more specifically, towards you; the bond that his Father had made between you and him had already been firm and strong.

You had suddenly opened your eyes, then, and he abruptly stopped in his slow advances towards you. Your eyes had been bright and shining as they looked around at your unfamiliar surroundings, none of it registering in your infant mind; Gadreel had been surprised when instead of looking into your mother’s eyes, they stared straight into his. He had been frightened that you could somehow see him, but the fear melted into warmth when you smiled a little toothless smile, finally meeting eyes with your parents; at that moment, he had felt foreign emotions run through him, protectiveness being the strongest one out of them.

Having been the guard of the Garden who had failed to keep the invasion of evil away, the vigilant feelings that had been present then had entered at that very moment. Being sent as your guardian was no longer an act of repentance; it was his duty, one that he would carry out to beyond the greatest of his ability. He had vowed that he would keep you safe from harm, and not allow any malevolence to influence you at any time; he was not going to disappoint himself again.

The years had past quickly with him constantly watching your every move and making sure that it wouldn’t lead to you getting hurt. Over time, the angel had realized your greatest trait: you were the kindest, most genuine mortal that he had ever seen, but it got you into misfortunate situations sometimes.

Gadreel smiled to himself despite your current sorrowful state as the memory of when you were twelve crossed his mind. You had been playing in your yard while your parents had been unloading the car of groceries when you came across a small toad at your feet, and the angel had watched on curiously as you picked it up.

“You’re a long way from home,” you had murmured to it. “Your family must be missing you; nobody deserves to be alone like this.”

He had been so caught up in your gracious words that it didn’t cross his mind that you had started to walk across the street with intentions of bringing the toad to a creek near your house; a car had come barreling down the street, and you were paralyzed with panic. Gadreel had whisked you out of the way just in time, glaring at the car as he held you in his arms, the ones that you couldn’t feel around you; you had felt a sense of calm, though, and it had soothed your shaking form.

When his arms had been replaced by your parents’, the angel had felt a rush of affection, something that he didn’t understand back then.

“I almost failed,” he had told himself miserably, brushing off the ardent feelings as irrelevant as he focused on your safety. “Father, help me, I’ve almost failed You again…I’ve almost failed her.”

Your clemency, the cause of your vulnerability, brought about a lot more mishaps as you grew up, from being talked into bad things in middle school to being used in a relationship in high school. Each time that you had gotten hurt, Gadreel slowly started to realize that guarding you with everything he was was not only a way to prove himself good to Heaven again; it was also showing him the emotion that he thought he could never possibly feel in his existence: love.

He so desperately wanted to reach out to you and physically hold you, make you able to hear his voice as he whispered consolation into your ears with all the affection he had for you as you continued your crying in front of him, whispering to yourself.

“I’m easy to be used because I’m just too nice?” You almost laughed as you asked the question to no one in particular; it seemed very silly to you. “I’m not a very kind person; I have just as much meanness as everyone else does.”

"No, you do not,” Gadreel spoke up accidentally, and his voice resonated in your head; he realized his mistake at once as you looked around in bewilderment, clenching his fists in order to keep himself from materializing. It was against the rules to show himself to you, but the emotions he had towards you were fighting against those regulations.

He was relieved when you shook off his voice as a fragment of your imagination, which turned into concern again as tears started to streak down your face once more. “Whatever; it’s not as if anybody truly cares.”

But I do!

He wanted to shout so badly, but doing that would be audacious and he knew that it wouldn’t take much for Heaven to revoke him of his job. So instead, he sat down on your bed next to you, trying his best to focus on not making himself visible as he put all of his energy into comforting you; he enveloped you in a strong hold, and your tears almost immediately stopped as tranquility overtook you.

Gadreel then spread his wings, looking at them with disdain as he saw that some feathers were still broken and missing from his torture in Heaven; not paying them anymore mind, he covered you with them, and a feeling of warmth and being wanted spread through you. It wasn’t long until the pain completely ebbed, and you were soon sleeping in what you didn’t know were the angel’s arms. He carefully laid you down in a comfortable position, standing over you for a few moments as we watched you rest with a placid expression on your face.

“I care for you, Y/N,” He spoke softly, lovingly brushing back a lock of your hair behind your ear. “One day, you will know just how much you matter to me.”