crying because they're so so beautiful


me? in pain and ready to jump off the roof of my house….

Do you ever think about how Bill and Ted actually just hang out with one another, they don’t have any other friends because they’re socially awkward, maybe even anxious but they’re still happy because all they need is one another, their friendship is so strong and beautiful and i cry

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Okay but Alec resting his chin on Magnus's shoulder? His body pressed up against Magnus? SO PURE?? It's nice to see that they're becoming more comfortable being in each other's spaces ^-^

i cry for days. because this is legit perfect. Not only is magnus comfortable in their relationship, but seeing Alec just as comfortable is incredible. Their development just gets to me, because it feels like we’re there with them every step of the way. I’m so here for episode 9, it’s going to be beautiful and hopefully we get more scenes like those, especially if malec are in the kitchen, or just drinking coffee in the balcony and Alec just wraps his arms around him. yes please.


favourite elizabeth moments → 143. “What is it?” (2.01 The Show Must Go On)

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Hi there! I just finished reading Mockingjay and I'm upset. T__T I am SO glad that it ended with Everlark and their beautiful babies, but I've got this soul crushing feeling in my chest that just won't leave. Did you feel this way after? Like... I just want to keep crying, because although they're together, they're both so damaged and hurt and broken and changed from all of this that their love still feels strong to me, but also different. It's just so painful... so bittersweet. Thanks!

Hi. First of all:

I totally understand how you feel about the ending. It’s hard to understand and grasp what happens—especially when you’re hoping for something more assuring in regards to Everlark. I had to immediately reread the trilogy once I finished it.

I know there are a lot of opinions about the ending. I’m not really going to go into those because we could be here for days. I love being succinct. 

So, there are two reasons that I love the ending of Mockingjay:

  1. It portrays the effects of war and that not everything is necessarily a “happy” ending, but that one can go through hell and have hope. So, although it hurts and stings, there’s hope to carry you through it.
  2. It was unsatisfying to me. Now, why would this be a pro? It made me search for more. It made me think. It led me to fanfiction which led me to tumblr and then, to here, Everlarked & Always. So, I have to be grateful for an ending that left this ache in me.

I will say this much. It seems bittersweet and painful and broken, but if you’re willing to understand Katniss & Peeta and take extra time for their story, it’s very, very powerful. All that they experience to get to each other, the fact that they love each other, raise children and continue to live is such a beautiful thing. It’s a more realistic, more relatable story than most love stories we’re given. 

Maybe we don’t necessarily face the burden of war and Rebellion, but we all face something in our lives. That Katniss & Peeta could go on through all that and still hope, should also bring us hope as well.

There’s also the fact that the entire series is chocked full of Everlark that often goes unnoticed until one gives time to it. That’s a big reason I chose to make this blog. I wanted everyone to know it and see it. If you see the whole series as their love story. If it helps, I’ll give you a small list of awesome Everlark bits in MJ:

  1. They protect each other. She doesn’t allow Peeta to be killed and he doesn’t let K kill herself at the end.
  2. Katniss loves Peeta—never, ever Gale. She loves him so much she wants to hide, run away and die because he’s gone. When he returns to her in 13, she’s “giddy.” She never loved Gale more than a brother and we can prove that repeatedly.
  3. Peeta returns to her and brings Katniss back to life. Peeta chose to return to 12 after he was released. He could have gone anywhere, but he chose to return to K. She sees him and is brought back to life. It’s a very powerful picture.
  4. They find comfort in each other. They find each other’s arms again, are there to help each other and depend on one another.
  5. They have sex. And it’s really good, amazing sex. We know it’s epic. Real.
  6. They have toast!babies. At least a boy and a girl, and in many people’s headcanons, they have more. I think so too.

 Cheer up, friend. Everlark is amazing and worth it. My advice: reread it. Then, let’s talk again. :)

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Yo Liz!! Idk how to tell how I feel,, but,, ugh I tried I wanted to say that your art is FREAKIN GORGEOUS AND I LOVE IT Thank you for drawing Fubuki recently! He is so adorable and cute in your art style! (i love this boy so much help) Thank you very much for your cool otps in ina11 too! (i started shipping them bc they're so,, idk,, beautiful??? i'm so bad at explaining) Every time I see your new drawing I want to fckin CRY BECAUSE IT'S SO PURE OMG I wrote lots of letters So Bye!! *ugly crying*

im actually sweating @ the otp thing LIKE WHICH ONE DO YOU MEAN



The reality without you is so cruel

Though it’ll be so hard, I don’t care

Because I’m a fox, I have nine lives


Do you ever look at your otp/favorite and just genuinely want to cry because they're so beautiful and deserve to be happy


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  • Jaune: -gross crying-
  • Neptune: Jaune, what's wrong?
  • Jaune: It's them!
  • Neptune: Who???
  • Jaune: -points at Sage, Sun, and Pyrrha-
  • Neptune: ...What about them?
  • Jaune: They're... They're...
  • Neptune: THEY'RE WHAT???
  • Jaune: They're just too beautiful and perfect! How can they be so perfect! I CAN'T STAND IT.
  • Neptune: Oh c'mon, Jaune, they aren't THAT per-
  • Sage: Hey.
  • Sun: 'Sup guys!
  • Pyrrha: Hello~!
  • Neptune: -also gross crying- You're right, they're so perfect, we have to stick together Jaune, WE HAVE TO TRY TO BE STRONG
Weekly Horoscope
  • Aries: You've got wildflowers running in your veins. I think you were born to fly, born to dance and cry with a brilliant smile.
  • Taurus: Your hands are made of blue glass. It's not breaking you should be careful of- it's being broken.
  • Gemini: Strangers will prove to be your unlikely salvation, and your friends will prove to be your undoing. Nothing is as it seems, and be careful of how you give your trust.
  • Cancer: You don't know how much your smile can light up someone else's day. Don't think about how much you hurt- think about how much someone else may be hurting even more.
  • Leo: Tomorrow never comes, you know that? There's only ever a today, and a million and one yesterdays.
  • Virgo: "Veni, vidi, vici." This is the story of your life, and just keep doing what you're doing.
  • Libra: Beauty is pain, they say. So don't cry because it hurts so so much, because it means you're beautiful.
  • Scorpio: You know that sudden strange urge to just scream and scream until your voice is lost? Go with it.
  • Sagittarius: You're hurtling down in a flaming ruin, and you'll set fire to everything else. But you're brief and glorious, forever burning.
  • Capricorn: Darling, you've got a string of glittering diamonds around your neck, choking you, and you're the one with your hand pulling it tighter and tighter.
  • Aquarius: Love harder, because dreams never last long- they're illusions that make the fall all the more heartbreaking when you wake up.
  • Pisces: You're a forgotten angel forever flying through the heavens, beautiful and untouchable.

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Hi! OK starting off I want to say that your fantasy AU is so damn beautiful and makes me either want to cry and scream. I kinda wanted to ask about the first and seventh timeline with Aka and Bo,, what are they exactly? Because you mentioned they were your favorites which means they're either heartbreaking, tear-jerking or both and I got curious :> I'm sorry if you've already mentioned it somewhere but I just aaAAAh I just really really love this AU. Keep up your amazing art and stories!!! <3

HELLO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR QUESTIONS…!!! You can find some of the lives already explained in the tag!! I also wrote this..!!! (I’m sorry my writing is no good though). Their lives are a progression of time on Earth, from the beginning of the universe (first life) until today (8th one). 

I like the seventh life especially because Bokuto and Akaashi fall in love with each other immediately, even if they just run into the other at the trenches. Akaashi is this beautiful, beautiful japanese soldier who spares his life for no reason, who takes Bokuto’s heartbeat away in the very second his eyes find that face, that sharp pain in his chest he can’t name, like this person he doesn’t know and is supposedly fighting against is the oxygen he needs to breathe. After that, he doesn’t see him again. They’re in war, they’re enemies, they don’t speak the same language, don’t share culture, hell, they’re from opposite parts of the world. In this parallel universe US wins the war in the pacific by occupying Japan instead of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that’s how Kuro and Bokuto find themselves, strangers and unwelcome in this country they’re occupying, but both sure there’s an end of the world they still can reach together, even if Bokuto leaves to find his soldier and Kuro stays because he only has eyes for Kenma. This is an au about communication and acceptance, new beginnings, family. Kuro and Bokuto have this deep bond it doesn’t matter in which life or how apart they are fated to be, they keep finding each other and building this feeling of belonging together in the same way Bokuto falls in love with Akaashi once and again, from the very beginning of the universe. 

And about universes starting, that’s their first life. It’s kind of based on the concept of Gea and Uranus, except for the fact that if they stay close to each other for too long the universe gets teared apart. Akaashi is surface whereas Bokuto is atmosphere, if you want to see it that way? They both make life possible, but as they build they can also destroy. That’s why they both give up on their lives to reincarnate as humans so they have a way to stay together. It doesn’t really work because Bokuto’s transfiguration ends up deforming him into a beast, and they both didn’t count on losing their memories once they reincarnated. Still, their souls always find a way. 

I’ve seen so many beautiful Gaster space capes out there. And it got me thinking, what if he occasionally lent it to Sans? 

The signs at Disneyland
  • Aries: Will probably shove past small children to run to the front of the theatre to get good seats for shows. Sings disney songs at the top of their lungs for the ENTIRE TRIP. Probably follows the parade and pretends to be a part of it. Rides their fave ride like 5 times in a row.
  • Taurus: doesn't rly plan anything and just wants to like, chill and stroll thru main street. why y'all rushin? chill out. get some ice cream. probably really likes the tiki room bc you get to sit in the air conditioning for like 20 minutes heck yeah.
  • Gemini: has probably tried like all of the sweets because like, they're SPECIAL DISNEYLAND sweets and they're SHAPED LIKE MICKEY MOUSE and they HAVE TO EAT THEM ALL because this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. Probably has a constant sugar rush and needs to chill.
  • Cancer: tears up at everything because they're reminded of their childhood and they're just so happy 2 be in disneyland. why are they crying. this is so amazjng. oh my gosh. life is beautiful. buys them self ice cream first thing probably.
  • Leo: ride ALL THE ROLLER-COASTERS. Probably takes selfies next to everything and sends them to all their friends.
  • Virgo: probably has a full itinerary of everything theyre gonna do and will try to do absolutely EVERYTHING
  • Libra: cant form a full sentence without getting distracted by something and interrupting themselves to point out something shiny over there and is amazed by all the plants they have like, where did they even get all these plants
  • Scorpio: Fakes an injury so they can get a wheelchair and skip all the long lines HOLLAAAAA
  • Sagittarius: finds their favorite ride and rides it so many times in a row that the guy managing the ride just lets them stay there for a couple more rounds. Forces their friends/family to wait in line with them to take pictures with all the characters.
  • Capricorn: decides that since the ticket price is so high, the logical most efficient course of action is to try and ride every single ride in one day. Probably wants to take pictures with every face character but doesn't want to wait in line for it
  • Aquarius: takes pictures of EVERYTHING and posts them all on facebook. Makes friends with random strangers in line and on rides. Embarrasses their friends/family by singing every disney song they can think of as loud as they can in a constant stream. temporarily falls in love with every random hot stranger they see
  • Pisces: probably buys a lot of souvenirs or pin-trades. Skips and dances through the streets like the whole time and waits like 5 hours just to see the fireworks from the very very front.

I don’t know if this has been noticed yet but being the dark ziam that I am I saw this and was crying because the fancy ’M’ tattoo has an ‘L’ attached to it on the side when turned around. And you can’t say it’s just the way it’s written when that part is specifically darker then the rest of the tattoo and indicates a separate letter. 'LM’ … wow … Liam Malik?