crying because these 2


This was Macen’s idea, I’m glad he got to live to see it through. Thanks, Scott.


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge

So he only wants you when your clothes are off and if that’s not the case he doesn’t want you at all. So you have a decision to make, do you take the boy and loose yourself? Or keep your innocence and loose the boy? Either way you’re left empty.

So you’re crying on the bus home because the boy you gave yourself up to 2 weeks prior, decided he would rather stay at home that meet the girl he stole everything from.

And your best friend is too busy getting high with a random group of girls to pick up the phone. She’ll pretend she accidentally clicked decline later on and you’ll forgive her because she’s still all you have.

So this is how it goes. You give pieces of yourself to everyone and end up with nothing . And at the end of the day you’re always just so fucking sad. And sometimes it seems you’re better off with nobody to let you down. And other times it seems you’re better off dead.


Updates to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition, now featuring Winners and Losers costumes!

The dresse are the costumes worn by Takato and Shouri as Seijoh fangirls, Oikawa’s conductor’s suit has a surprising amount of detail (for being a tearaway suit), and Kageyama TOBIUO’s flying fish suit!

Photos courtesy of @lost-shounen!!!

♪♫ it’s raining men ♫♪


Headcanon with Fanart

~ I like the idea that Sasuke is petting Kurama so hard in his boredom, ,Well. . Kurama is still a giant dog that likes to be played. 

. . and. . Naruto is mad for what Sasuke did to him.


how does one not get stressed

imagine zevran and the warden sneaking into hallamshiral and pretending to fit in with the orlesian nobles

imagine them whispering dirty things to each other to see who can get the other most flustered

imagine leliana hearing zevran and the warden laughing from across the ballroom

leliana leaving her post and dragging them out of the ballroom to ask what the hell they’re doing at the winter palace in orlais the warden opens their mouth to answer but instead zevran starts speaking in an orlesian accent and pretends to have no idea what she’s talking about.

“we are mere orlesian nobles!! we have come on, how do you say, diplomatic affairs.” and him and the warden just laugh until there are tears streaming down their faces. and leliana is just like… how are you even still alive. who let you two in here. what.

and then basically spends the rest of the night babysitting them and making sure they don’t get into too much trouble

Top wlw deaths on tv

may yall be remember tbfh

from more painful to less painful in my opinion + a rant because i can´t help myself


Although she could be a total badass and was not scared to fight men even when told she was going to die - which she did not -

She could also be a puppy, look at that, Why would you want to kILL HER?!


Lets cry together fellow gays, because this one hurt like a motherfuckingbitch

look at this munchkin

Samira Wiley is an angel of god we must protect


Not a lot of people actually watched Lost Girl, but this valkyrie was the sassiest

and vulnerable



What a relatable character in a show of vamps

they. just. had. to.

a fucking stray bullet, what are the chances? 99% when the world literally hates us


to be honest they spoiled it for me, fuck you Becky

I was so relieved the first time she almost… you know

Another gay ded. Okay, half gay, still salty as fuck about it!


yup i cried

A fuckload of people didnt die but ´´died´´ in pll BUT MAYA WAS GAY SO SHE COULDNT COME BACK? HUUH? pd: someone remember who killed her? i don’t opps


just when you thought you were getting LGBTQ+ representation in your favourite show

They just…


This was all 2016 doing


just when i started to ship it

it sank before it left the shore. bish bye

fuck you, 2016


i miss her and i barely saw her in 4 episodes?

she was clearly gay. or not? becuase it´s not okay to make assumptions about someone´s sexuality.

Next list will be about happy endings i swear im not all about that dark life.

So, which was the death that pissed you off the most?

Mine Lexa, if i could i’d throw a book at Jason´s head.

You are the one I want in my bed with me at 2 am even though cuddling isn’t my favorite. You are the one I think of when I stare at the ocean or when I see posts about making out with someone. You’re the one I want to adventure with, watch the sunsets with, watch the stars and talk about space with, push against the wall. Even though I refrain from doing so, you’re the one I want to tell about my day. Even more so it is your day I want to hear about even if you think it’s boring, I want to beg you to tell me the thoughts going through your head, good and bad. I know for all the happiness you emulate there is sadness in there too. I want to know about your family dynamic and your favorite time of year and your favorite place to go when you’ve had a long day. I want to be the person you can call crying at 4 am because life doesn’t make sense, or at 2 am cause you just got home and youre high as hell. I want to be the one you want to hug, hold hands with, hear the voice of. I want to be the person you turn to when your day is extremely good or just as bad. I want to be the one you drunkingly call at 2:45 am on your way home because you know I want to know you’re safe, and you want to hear my voice even them. I want to be the one you think about not just when you’re bored but when you’re busy with life. I want your little heart to be so obsessed with me. But that’s just it, pity party aside, the reality of the situation is life has led me to believe that anyone worth my time would never want this; would never want me enough to want all of this with me. I do not require constant reassurance, but sometimes I need your voice in my ear telling me you want me just as bad as I want you because the scars from everyone I’ve ever loved are telling me you don’t.
—  I want.