crying because of your acting sir

The Stars And The Sea As My Witness

@shancefluffweek day 2: Sea/Stars 

 Oh gosh I hope you guys like this one. Happy second day of the Shance week everybody!

Shiro thought that Lance was acting strange. ‘Not the pretend we’re mermaids and not wear pants for the whole day’ kind of strange- although seeing Lance’s perky bottom in tight boxer shorts was amusing- but it’s Lance ‘pulling out chairs for him’ kind of strange. 

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Another Day

Characters- Professor!Sam,Gym Teacher!Dean, Professor!Lucifer, Professor!Cas, Professor!Crowley, Professor!Michael, Professor!Balthazar, Professor!Gabriel, Reader, Professor!Metatron(eww ik, but there is a reason for it), Chuck. Charlie, Jo, Ruby, Meg, and Bela.

Words- 3052

Summary- You’re the new kid and you’re starting a new school. Hoping to change your ways. You weren’t the best kid and you hope things would be better. You figured with your list of teachers you would be on your best behavior. Until you meet Professor Metatron, a group of girls that you never had to deal with before, and your situation at home gets worse.

Warnings- Language, Minor bullying, not a lot of details. Metatron being a dick, bruising? Abuse(in flashbacks too).

A/n- Here’s part two to the Silence series, this got such a positive review that even I was shocked about it. I honestly thought it wasn’t all that great but I am so happy y’all liked it, here’s part two!

Previous Parts- Part One

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Something has bothered Dean ever since he ran into you at the gym. People don’t usually have bruises on the back of there neck. Yours covered the back of your neck. The only thing that could come to Dean’s mind was that you was grabbed by someone. But he couldn’t figure out who would, unless…That’s impossible. You probably fell.

“Dean,” Sam called out to his brother pulling him front his thoughts.


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Suga; Mockingbird

❝I didn’t plan this, I swear. iloveyoucat
►894 words | mini scenario; prompt by otpdisaster
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The night is silent when the day is done, it’s quiet and nothing fills up the room apart from heavy breathing, skin brushes and tiny kisses until the clarity breaks and everything seems to fall apart too soon. He flinches and sits up on the bed, quick to his senses when he hears a familiar cry but then you are, too, following his movements until shit, she’s crying again. Yoongi makes an effort to make you go back to sleep so he can attend to the baby but you’re telling him it’s okay, I got this and he wants to pull you back down so you can get some shut eye because God, your eye bags are getting worse but every time he tries, you’re drifting his train of thought away with a kiss and then you’re gone.

He sighs and decides if he should sleep first, or if he should wait, but then he’s on his feet and standing by the hallway where he peeks through the gap to see a sight he’s been dying to see for years and now, he’s seeing it every now and then—more often than in the night than ever. The moonlight seems to add a glow to your skin, to her skin and it’s perfect when the pair of you is together. She’s still crying as it is, wailing to the point where the neighbors might complain but slowly it seems to die down when he hears something else that overlaps his baby girl’s little cries.

At first he’s curious, wondering how does a song like that gets turn into a spin to something else but then, he’s at lost for words.

It starts off with hush little baby don’t you cry, everything’s gonna be alright, and it gets slower, lulling the child to sleep and Yoongi’s wondering if he can sleep while standing up, stiffen that upper lip up, little baby, I told you, momma’s here to hold you through the night and the rest of the words seem to echo through his ears to the point where it’s just your voice that gives that effect and he finds himself leaning against the wall conveniently by his side, witnessing how natural it is when it comes to handling with children that within ten minutes, you’re putting her back to sleep as if her cry for being awake had never taken place.

He finds himself retreating back to the bedroom and lying back in bed. His arms spread out wide for you and you’re entering his warm embrace as he whispers into your hair, questioning, “Where did you pull that out from?”

You’re chuckling because you know he’s been listening the whole while and whether it surpasses his expectations or not, it doesn’t matter, “I listened to your playlist the other day and, well, she likes it,”

“I like it too,”

“That’s good to hear.”

Few months down the road and the similar situation takes place. He jolts awake and he’s breathing hard, he’s sweating as he paces down the hall and he may or may not have bumped into the door along the way but he makes it to the room anyway. He lets out the breath he’s been holding in and relaxes his muscles to cradle his girl in his arms, crying to the point where he feels her pain and God, only if he understood why she’s crying but then again, maybe he does.

He hushes her as he sways from left to right, he’s trying all he can and over and over again, nothing seems to be working.

Where are you? His mind cries, I need you here, his heart pleads but yet, she’s still wailing her heart out and he decides, maybe he should try it.

He rocks her back and forth, in a motion that he remembers watching you do, he watches how his daughter’s eyes are watery and they’re damping her cheeks but then he opens his mouth, not to hush her, but the words flow out; hush little baby don’t you cry, everything’s gonna be alright.

Stiffen that upper lip up, I told you, daddy’s here to hold you through the night.

She seems to be falling from her conscious, her eyes grow heavy and she looks tired from crying that her lips press together as her head lulls back and Yoongi is there to steady her with I know mommy’s not here right now and I don’t know why, we feel what we feel inside.

It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby but I promise we’re gonna be alright.

His little girl is now nestled in the blanket, eyes closed and safe and sound that he stares just for a while more before he backs away. He watches her for a few more seconds before he realizes his heart can’t take it so he escapes to his bedroom that once acted like a safety place but now it haunts him as he buries himself deep in the blankets and he’s crying. He muffles them with a pillow, pressed to his face and the other clutches onto his stomach because the tears are coming out so much that it hurts.

“We’re sorry, sir but… she died on the spot of the incident and there was nothing we can do about it. We’re really sorry for your lost.”


Prompt: Person B secretly listening to Person A sing a sweet lullaby to their child every night. After Person A unexpectedly passes away, Person B attempts to sing the same lullaby so their son/daughter, but ends up bursting into tears, much to the child’s confusion.