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find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

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Fluff Friday: November 25 “Tea Party”

Because I fell in love with smol!Kakashi and doesn’t-know-how-she-became-a-babysitter!Sakura, and wanted to write more about them. Also, Tsunade was supposed to have a bit part, but then I went and had feelings about her all over. Tsunade is just the best, okay?

Wherein Sakura signs a bunch of stuff, Sai’s attempts at real life as guided by books end badly (again), and Sakura’s bed has somehow become the place for cuddles and midnight promises.

(I’m apparently incapable of writing sheer fluff, so this does veer vaguely into angst, because shinobi.)

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“And now,” Tsunade-shishō continues, shoving the completed forms for Kakashi’s custody to the side, “let’s talk finances.”

Sakura does her best not to blanch, because her most esteemed Hokage-sama gets just a little bit touchy when people bring up, refer to, or allude vaguely in the direction of her many gambling debts and terrible credit score, and somehow, village finances and mission pay negotiations manage to almost always skirt too close to that line, even though the only thing they particularly have in common is money. The memories of six desks meeting their end at the touch of a single finger and of two windows shattered in the wake of shinobi Tsunade-shishō has sent flying through them make for excellent incentive for Sakura to approach this more carefully than a surgery for restructuring a shattered limb or one of Gai-sensei’s obstacle courses.

“Right, finances,” Sakura says with an impressive lack of squeaking. She doesn’t dare show fear.

Tsunade-shishō can smell it on you.

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anonymous asked:

Honestly, is there any real reason why I should even catch Murkrow, much less hoard them? I have a male and a female, and they don't look all that strong...

Ah, you must be playing Pokemon casually! :D I hope you’re having fun. Please forgive me for the following outburst.



M A F I  A  B I R D 

*calms down* And with current Murkrow being available in the wild with high CP (I’ve caught two in the 800s), and with Honchkrow’s main series attack stats being pretty ridiculous, it may very well have decent fighting power when it becomes available.

So I recommend saving up at least 50 candies and your strongest Murkrow. :) 

I’m only hoarding them because, as you have seen above, Honchkrow is my favorite flying Pokemon of all time.


Team Machine
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Okay so Shiro is definitely brave space dad 100% but

Shiro being afraid of thunder.

Shiro being afraid because of how much it sounds like the Galra ship he was held hostage in taking a hit from other ships or just the turbulence in general.

Shiro being dead afraid when there are thunderstorms because he knows that the nightmares will always come back.

Shiro not wanting to tell Team Voltron because he’s Shiro, Shiro’s not afraid of anything, or at least he isn’t supposed to be.

Shiro keeping it to himself because he thinks he doesn’t scream in his sleep anymore, maybe they’ve never heard him shout or cry out because of a nightmare every time there’s a storm.

Team Voltron hating thunder because they know that their fearless leader isn’t actually so fearless, and that they know that all the night will bring for them is thunder, lightning, and Shiro’s screaming, and they can’t do anything to help him at all.

Team Voltron hating thunder because it is one of the few things Shiro dreads the most.

Team Voltron hating thunder because Shiro hates thunder.


twitter doodle.. sketch.. commission break things..

“when i’m not drawing a sociopath villain & his doppleganger, im drawing other nerds.

or timid nerds. are you happy Mario?

or a pretentious nerd who thinks he’s god

or a nerd who’s too strong for his own good”

because apparently bespectacled, nerd guys are my aesthetic -sweats-

Characters©their respected owners
-the horrible twitter captions-©me

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OK everyone was drawing their FEH teams and I felT LEFT OUT so I drew my BEAUTIFUL BOYS!!!! I’M SURROUNDED BY BLESSINGS!!!!!! AND I’M SO!!!! THANKFUL!!!!

Horrible thought time: what if circumstancesTM occur and somehow the only solution, the only solution is that Shiro has to go into the ring and fight in another gladiator match.

Maybe someone gets kidnapped, they need to prove their worth to a warrior race, they need cash, whatever, but somehow the only solution is a gladiator fight. And of course the entire team is completely against it. Keith swears up and down he can do it, even Allura is offering to fight so that Shiro doesn’t have to, but eventually they have to conclude that Shiro is their best fighter. He’s got the experience, he can win this. And they need to win this.

And so Shiro becomes the Champion once more, walking into the ring with his head held high. He wants to scream, he wants to cry, he wants to throw up. But he can’t. Because his team needs him. They need him to be strong, they need him to win, they need him to do this

He wins, of course. And he even manages to hold it together until they can safely get back to the castleship. But after that…after that…oh Shiro…


What we’re doing, first and foremost, when we seek friendship or give it
is to cry: “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” That cry is certainly the best thing in us, so we may as well keep the rest dark as long as possible. (x)

  • James Buchanan Barnes loving to ride shotgun
  • Sam Wilson loving to ride shotgun too
  • Buck and Sam bickering and fighting over who gets to ride shotgun
  • Steve Rogers rolling his eyes and huffing annoyed when he hears them bicker again
  • Steve only pretending to be annoyed, because Bucky has that glint in his eyes that he gets when he is amused but doesn’t want to show it
  • Steve Rogers being even more grateful to have Sam Wilson in his life because he’s able to  bring back parts of the old Bucky on surface, the Bucky he’d known his whole life, without even realising it, even when Steve is still figuring out how to do it
  • Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson and road trips.