crying because of this team


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana

good luck leading your team to victory, captain (and happy birthday)


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Suga: Our teammates are?
Kageyama: …everyone is undeniably strong.
Hinata: “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”  Right?!
Kageyama: Of course!!!

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i started watching football not knowing how emotional it’s going to be in the long run

i’ve cried at knock out rounds, derbies, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and last night i cried at an international friendly

i cry when my team loses an important match, but i cry harder when they win

i cry when my favorite players retire and hang up their boots

i get emotional thinking that in a few years, the players i grew up watching and admiring will do the same soon

football is such a beautiful sport and before i started watching it, i honestly never realized what an emotional ride it will take you on

however, i am thankful that i got into it and i feel sorry for who doesn’t watch it because they’re truly missing out


Updates to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition, now featuring Winners and Losers costumes!

The dresse are the costumes worn by Takato and Shouri as Seijoh fangirls, Oikawa’s conductor’s suit has a surprising amount of detail (for being a tearaway suit), and Kageyama TOBIUO’s flying fish suit!

Photos courtesy of @lost-shounen!!!

What would happen if Lance died and the rest of the team goes back to Earth to tell his family, like

-They all had a vague sense that his family was large, but w h a t (Hunk definitely already knew but he’s too sad to be telling the team these things because Lance should be doing it)

-His family already thought he was dead/missing, and the team now has to explain, no, he wasn’t dead, he was saving the universe

-Everyone is crying now

-The team feels especially bad now, because they were all worried about themselves, but none of them has ever heard Lance talking about missing his family besides Coran

-Now Coran feels bad that he never further helped Lance with this problem

-Pidge is mad at herself for always talking about her family and not thinking about how Lance had a family too

-Hunk is now realising that he had been shoving Lance away right when Lance really needed him

-Keith has hardly ever met people like this . They are telling them that Lance is dead and yet they’re still joking like Lance would and Keith can’t handle it??

-Shiro hears from Lance’s family how he was Lance’s hero and he already kind of knew, but “oh wow, I treated this kid horribly when he was just trying to impress me I am a horrible leader”

-Allura regrets pushing Lance so hard. She once nearly drove everyone into a star once just to go a home she knew was already long since destroyed, but Lance never tried to leave? And yet she still yelled at him. He honestly had more to return to than she did, but she never even considered it

(Wow, I love langst. And wow, I am bad at getting ideas down. This sounded better in my head)

anonymous asked:

In addition to this.. Lance will probably get frustrated with "Shiro" as he keeps dismissing him. That never happened with Keith. Yes, he had to get through to him but in the end Keith listened. He also apologized and from then on they were a team. Unlike now, where "Shiro" does what he wants without giving a thought about Lances decisions. Shipping aside, the Keith-Lance Leader-right hand man situation is just the best, in my opinion. soo.. KEITH COME BACK ASAP.



The team has grown since Shiro went away, none of them are used to getting ignored now. Least of all Lance. Keith values his opinion and input a lot and worked hard to get past his issues to make that clear. And this Shiro just… assumes that they are going to follow them no matter what. He doesn’t even justify his decisions, he just states them and expects the team to agree.

Lance won’t like that, even if he might not speak up. But he has made it pretty clear that he supports Keith as the leader, so I’d love it if in one of the future conflicts he took Keith’s side. The klance leader/right hand (sometimes it’s even more of a co-leadership lmao) situation was honestly great and helped Keith with opening up and Lance with feeling valued.


Team Wars

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Requested by @theflashrunner

Wacky chat room with the reader being an original Avenger and is dating Tony, and best friends with Nat and Clint, and them three are having a competition over who knows the reader the best (Tony against Nat & Clint) and along the way the rest of the team some how join in (Tony brings in his reinforcements) and it’s all hilarious because it’s the Avengers what else would you expect? I love you so, so much, and keep being awesome! ;D   (a/n: thank you, i love you more ;D <3)         

Natasha has created a chatroom.

Natasha has invited Clint, Y/N, Tony.

Tony: Hello people who I, grudgingly, have to share my significant others love with.

You: What’s up, people that I love more than Tony?

Tony: … That’s warranted. Still hurts though.

Natasha: Clint has something to say, although it’s really stupid and I know Tony’s not guilty.

Tony: Yes, Barton? What do you think I did?

Clint: Y/N tell your boyfriend to stop eating MY food.

Tony: seriously.

Tony: I’m right here.

Clint: Y/N, tell him.

Natasha: oh my god, are you really going to ignore Tony?

Clint: Yes, he ate all of my food!

Tony: I did not!

Clint: Donuts. Pizza. Bagels. Pasta. All gone!

Tony: You do realize we all live together and whatever you leave in the fridge now belongs to everyone else?

Clint: I LABELLED IT ALL WITH MY NAME. I even drew cute little flowers on the labels…

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Kakashi’s Heartbeat.

  “The wounds are deep-” One of the medics frowned as another one frantically tried to get the gauze and bandages. Tsunade hopelessly helped her student, who was screaming at Kakashi in despair.

   “Kakashi, you are coming back! Do you hear me!?” Sakura yelled, her voices filled with panic as she intensified the green chakra on her arms. She was desperate to bring back her silver-haired teacher, but for some reason, he doesn’t want to.

   “I need an oxygen mask!” The beautiful but exhausted head medic screamed. Her pink-haired damped with sweat as her tears dried on her pale cheeks. “Help me stabilize him! Stop the blood!” More yelling, more crying, more panicking…more desperation.

   Sakura prayed. She hadn’t prayed ever since the war started because she knew they would be able to make it. But this time…the hope was leaving her and she knew that she shouldn’t give up. She didn’t want this, and she doubted Naruto would either. “You have to be here for us…we need you. The team needs you…Sensei” Sakura mumbled as her voice filled with sweetness. It was as if she hoped Kakashi would be awake after hearing that message.



   “Come here with me…”

   Kakashi felt young again. He could smell the grass of his backyard in his old home. He can feel the warmth of his father hugging him. He was happy, but it felt wrong.

   “What’s wrong, Kakashi?” Sakumo asked, glancing down at his son who was fidgeting on his laps. “You can’t sleep? Good boy gotta sleep!” The older silver-haired man said and stroke Kakashi’s head.

   “I am not a boy!” Kakashi protested as he sighed. He laid his head on Sakumo’s laps once again and looked down. “It just…it feels wrong being here.”

   “Like how?” His father kept on stroking his head, soothing him as if trying to bring Kakashi back to sleep.

   “My chest felt empty.” The five years old confessed, causing Sakumo to raise his eyebrows in concern. “It felt like…I am not supposed to be here on this earth, this is not where I belong…”

   “So you mean like, being dead? Something like that?” Sakumo asked.

   “Yes, that’s the term.“

   "But that’s not the case.” His father chuckled but he frowned. “I don’t know where you got these ideas from, but you are scaring me kiddo. You are just five, you don’t know what death is…” He looked down at his child in worried. It felt like a bad omen for Sakumo.  

   Kakashi didn’t respond. He said what he felt, but he truly had no explanation for why he felt this way. His chest was empty and hurt, it deprived of life. Kakashi bit his lips and tried to close his eyes, but Sakumo spoke again.

   “Ah, if you are feeling like that, then there’s a way!” The man chirped as he made his son sit up on his laps. “I will teach you how to count your own heartbeat.”

   “I already know how to though…” Kakashi blinked his eyes and wondered where was Sakumo going with this. Kakashi did that Sakumo instructed him anyway and put his finger on the side of his neck, where the veins are.

   Sakumo told Kakashi to count his heartbeat, to feel the blood moving into the heart as it bumped. “Feel it Kakashi, your heart is working.” The man reassured. “No matter how empty you felt, remember, as long as your heart is beating, you are alive, and I am with you.” The older man smiled and ruffled Kakashi’s silver-haired. “And remember, if you are alive, you will always have another chance to find your happiness.“

   Kakashi listened as the wind breeze past the small garden. He can hear the birds chirped outside in peace. It took a moment for Kakashi to absorb his father’s words. Once he did, he laid his head on the man’s chest again and tried to go to sleep. But his heartbeat seems to beat harder and louder from the distance. Kakashi slid out of Sakumo’s laps as he glanced around, trying to find where the heartbeat came from. The sound didn’t just ring in his ears anymore, it was echoing all over the backyard. The birds stopped its singing and flew away after hearing the unfamiliar sound.

   "Dad, what is going on?” Kakashi questioned, but Sakumo didn’t answer him. “Dad? Hello, dad?”

   “Just listen to how strong those heartbeats are, Kakashi…”

   "Kakashi-sensei…” Sakura teared up as she gripped Kakashi’s shoulder instead. His breathing was weaker, it seems like Kakashi was losing the fight. She knew deep down that her chakra wasn’t working anymore. Tsunade tried, but no result. One thing left that they can depend on right now was Kakashi’s will to live. “Kakashi-sensei, please wake up!” Sakura screamed and sobbed. She was a mess, and she knew that yelling won’t get anywhere. The nurses tried to yank her away from Kakashi. They wished for the silver-haired man to be in peace until his final breath, but Sakura refused.

    “Kakashi-sensei, don’t leave us here…Naruto needs you, everyone needs you…I need you…“ She said between her sobs, letting her tears fell on his cheeks. She wished that her words can reach him, she wanted to let him know that he is alive-

   "That’s right!” Sakura widened her eyes as an idea came to her mind. She knew this was crazy and irrational, but she needed Kakashi to know. Sakura snatched the stethoscope from one of the doctors. She stretched the ear tubes and covered Kakashi’s ears with its ear-tips. Then she pressed the cold chest-piece on Kakashi’s left chest, where the heart is. The machine was indicating that his heart was about to give out. The line looked almost flat, but Sakura knew it was still beating.

   “Kakashi, please listen to those sounds…” The pink-haired medic mumbled gently and smiled -that is your heart beating, Kakashi. You are alive.” Sakura sniffled while her tears kept flowing out. Tsunade and the rest watched in silent. Some were ready to mourn the Legendary Copy Ninja, but Tsunade kept her hopes.

   “It’s getting…a bit weaker. The sound I mean-” Kakashi listened as the dimension around him starting to crumble. “What…What is going on?” He blinked his eyes almost in fear as he saw his house disappeared into pieces. Kakashi faced his father once more, but this time, Sakumo was at his eye-level. Kakashi thought his father was getting smaller, but it was Kakashi who became bigger. He was no longer a five years old, he turned back to be a normal Jounin. He wore the usual uniform; the green Konoha’s vest with the proud Konoha’s symbol that he loved so much.

   “You are right, Kakashi.” Sakumo spoke with a smile on his face. “You don’t belong here…” He continued as he patted his son’s shoulder “Because you are alive, that’s why you don’t belong here.”

   Kakashi tilted his head, wanted to ask Sakumo the meaning of his words. But suddenly, Sakura’s voices caught his attention. “Sakura?” Kakashi looked around, trying to find her. Where was she? Kakashi swore that he heard her voice.

   “Go, my son,” Sakumo said again as his body became transparent. “Go back, they need you.” He gave Kakashi the last smile. “I will lead you and remember, the only way for you to keep that heartbeat going is to stay strong.” Then Sakumo disappeared completely before Kakashi could even reach out. The more he tried, the blinder he became because of the bright light that covered him. “Don’t give up, Kakashi-”



   “Sakura-sensei! Kakashi-san! He is-” One of the nurses yelled. Sakura flinched as she was brought back to reality, only to see Kakashi’s was…alive, once again.  

   “Dad…thank you…”

A BIRTHDAY FANFIC FOR @do-you-even-kakashi  

Happy Birthday Bruh! And while you are having a birthday, let’s make you cry a little (not)! Anyway, I hope your day will be good! I am not that much of a good angst writer, but I hope you will like this piece. Have a good birthday and I hope we can stay friend for another year so I can write more! ( I will write more anyway even if it wasn’t your birthday to be honest, lol. Anyway, enjoy!)

Only Thing That Matters

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 5.324 (I just don’t know how to stop, lol)

Request: “ I was wondering if you could do one where Bucky and the reader been dating, but Nat refuses to believe he loves her and makes a move on Bucky, the reader sees, but runs away before she sees Bucky pushing Nat off, the reader then leaves the tower with a note for Bucky telling him, but Bucky using his skills tracks her down, with lots of fluff at the end where he explains and tell reader how much he loves her.”

Warnings: The Avengers are a bunch of mean girls, just saying. Also I think I should mention it here, Nat is not nice in this one. Angst, fluff. 

A/N: This request was by the darling @melconnor2007 I hope I did you request justice. I freaking loved writing this one and it could’ve been muuch longer. Haha. Hope you love it, darling! 

Being part of the Avengers wasn’t always as glorious as people made it out to be. They were an established group, new members often chosen by themselves and outsiders weren’t as welcome as one might think they would be.

Nick Fury had chosen you for the Avengers. Being a former M16 agent, Fury had thought you to be a great addition to the Avengers and you had been ecstatic when he had come to you with the offer. You hadn’t even hesitated with saying yes and within a week you had moved into the Avengers facility and joined the team on missions.

Your dream of being an Avenger was quickly tarnished as you learned that you didn’t fit the team at all. It wasn’t that you couldn’t do your job properly, that you did, better than most of the team members, but there was just something that didn’t work out.

You weren’t always invited when the team went out, you weren’t always informed of all missions and more often than not, you found yourself feeling like a third wheel to the entire group.

It wasn’t that the team wasn’t nice, they were, you could speak to a lot of them, but they seemed more like acquaintances than friends and it made you feel left out. You knew they had been through a lot as a group, but it could often also seem like you were back in high school and you couldn’t sit with the popular kids no matter how hard you tried to impress them. So truth was, you had stopped trying.

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… i keep thinking on and off about oras aftermath. Not impacts on the region, but on the respective teams & leaders.

Even though we’ve seen them turn over a new leaf, i feel that they would still face the repercussions :grunts who might feel disillusioned/used/lied to, civilians who cannot forgive the teams for crimes they’ve committed/ who sees them as bad despite their changed attitude, as well as the team leaders’ own conscience reminding them that they almost destroyed the world…

I’m curious how they would react to these.