crying because of fiction

the best thing about the “fiction doesn’t affect reality” argument is that it can be disproven by simply citing the post that the person using this argument made. if fiction didn’t affect reality, we wouldn’t argue about it. we wouldn’t laugh when our favorite fictional character does something funny. we wouldn’t cry when a character we’re attached to dies. we wouldn’t make blogs about fiction, draw about fiction, write about fiction, even talk about it. because - surprise! - laughing, crying, blogging, drawing, writing, and talking about fiction all happen in reality. so maybe stop half-assing your arguments and realize that your ship is hurting others and stop, or keep on shipping it with the full knowledge you’re hurting others.

your choice. 

What I say: I’m going to bed
What I mean: I’m going to stay up until 5 am reading fanfics of my favorite OTPs, which happen to be various pairings of fictional boys, silently crying because the angst is real followed by some bawling because I’ve realized that I’m still waiting for the day when my ships become canon

What the Nier:Automata/Nier Fanbase needs more of right now in my opinion
  • Post [E]nd of YoRHa shenanigans.

  • 9S with 2B’s arm.

  • 6O’s lesbian antics.

  • Soft Trans Uncle Pascal.

  • Human Pascal.

  • 2B6O.

  • The entire cast shopping.

  • The entire cast wearing nIER AUTOMATA T-SHIRTS.

  • 621O.

  • Tsundere 2B.

  • 2B secretly being a fucking perv.

  • 2B the killjoy.

  • A2 but with clothes.

  • A2 and 9S as angry siblings.

  • 21O reacting to 6O asking her out.

  • 2B and 9S switching Operators.

  • Jackass appreciation.

  • Jackass the explosive lesbian.

  • JackassxCommander.

  • Anemone appreciation.

  • A2nemone.

  • Love for the Pearl Harbor Resistance and Number 4, 16, and 21.

  • Supportive Mom 21O.

  • Support for Space Mom Commander being overly stressed trying to keep everyone in order and catch up on the laundry. She’s doing the best she can.

  • The probably like 5 people maintaining the moon server for like 6000 years being fucking bored.

  • Popola fainting and Devola curled up in a ball screaming after seeing the Library in the Tower.

  • The girls in R&D trying to predict the future with ridiculous things.

  • Emil ruining the serious moments in literally every movie/show wITH THAT GOD DAMN SONG AGAIN.

  • 042x153.

  • Pod appreciation.

  • Drunk Devola and Popola.

  • Yonah finding the field of Lunar Tears.

  • Young Neir being supportive bro by bringing Yonah to the Amusement park.

  • Entire cast enjoying Amusement Park.

  • Emil being gay for young Nier.

  • Emil being gay for 9S because he’s wearing young Nier’s outfit in the DLC.

  • Emil making 85 million gay clones to further the gay agenda.

  • Emil being a gay skeleton head in general.

  • 9S and 2B finding Fyra’s stuff in the Desert so we can cry about it.

  • Kainé seeing her hut underground and then probably commenting on why the fuck someone built a shopping mall on top of it.

  • Kainé in general.

  • Jean-Paul being a fucking asshole.

  • Terminal alpha/beta appreciation.

  • 8B successfully fighting with 6 swords, a pair of combat bracers, and a spear. Fucking impressive how she does it.

  • Soft child Eve.

  • A happy ending for Desert scanner child.

  • 49S.

  • Crying because of Gathering Keepsakes.

  • Adam misinterpreting fiction as human records like he’s an Alien in fucking Galaxy Quest.

  • Accord being a fucking dork, stealing weapons from different timelines and selling them, and watching everyone kill each other with a bucket of popcorn like it’s a fucking soap opera.

  • Literally anything except the 2Booty because while I appreciate that ass, we already have enough fanart to last until 11945.

  • If I didn’t include anything I probably just forgot it and do support more of it.

Okay I know I usually don’t post this kind of thing on this blog, but it has a larger audience than my main, and I want to get this out there.

I see all kinds of positivity posts for trans guys who don’t conform to traditionally masculine things, and I am all for that. It’s nice to know we’re allowed to still be a bit “feminine” or whatever.

But what about trans guys who want to be hypermasculine but can’t.

Trans guys who want to be into “masculine jobs” like metalworking or automechanics… but just can’t get into it?

Trans guys who want to have toned and solid muscles, but can’t for any reason?

Trans guys who want to buzz their hair down, but can’t because they’re attatched to longer hair?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who want to be hypermasculine for whatever reason… but can’t because they inherently view themselves as hyperfeminine because of how they were raised or because of their interests?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who want to be hypermasculine but deal with people saying that if they were to be, they would just be seen as aggressive?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who are hypermasculine, but hate hearing people say “you looks cis!” when they come out because they like being trans?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who see hypermasculine actors, sports guys, fictional characters, and want to cry because they think “why can’t I be that way?”

I want positivity for trans guys who want to be hypermasculine for any reason. So to all trans guys that feel any of these ways, here’s your positivity.

It is fine to want these things. Its okay to view yourself as hyperfeminine and want to be hypermasculine it doesn’t invalidate what you identify as.

Edit: I’d like to make a point this post is mostly about feeling the need to be hypermasculine in order to be viewed as a man. Please don’t take it in a “cis passing trans guys are valid uwu” way (they are though they definitely are still valid trans people). This was partially a vent post but I want others who feel the same way to know they aren’t alone.

This is fine to reblog. TERFS don’t interact you will be blocked on sight.

snape’s fictional, i don’t hate on him. i hate on everyone who is like him and by defending him, you are defending everyone who is like him.

(this was originally a caption on my ig fanacc because so many people kept bringing it up and attacking me for attacking snape, but i think i’ll put it up in here.)

“why do you keep hating on snape? he doesn’t deserve this! stop being so cruel! etc etc!”

yeah well have you ever considered the fact that snape is a FICTIONAL character who will never, ever be affected by all the “hate” he receives and that i dislike calling calling ppl out on the smallest things but since he isn’t real it’s actually FINE?? because he’ll never see it? because he won’t be crying himself to sleep? because he’s FICTIONAL and dead, too, if fictional ain’t enough.

and have you ever considered that by hating on this fictional character, i’m actually hating on every teacher that took advantage of their authority and tried to wreck me down like snape constantly attempted to do so with harry and hermione and neville and doubtlessly many others too??

(i’m sixteen now and none of my current teachers are assholes like snape was but i still think of my older ones and what some of them have said and i still wonder if it was my fault and if i did deserve it and if they were right. it’s been years and i still think about what i was told when i was only ten to thirteen. and my teachers never threatened to kill my pets and did half of the things snape did in his classroom, so i can’t even imagine what hermione and neville obviously went through later on when they were alone and had nothing to do but think)

anyways. and have you ever considered that by hating on snape i’m actually hating on every single boy who’s prejudiced against a group of people but still liked one girl from this group but NOT apparently enough for him to stop being a racist motherfucker??

and that yeah he maybe “liked” her but he still hated her because no matter what you say about his patronus and him dying to save the world and all that bullshit, it doesn’t matter. he didn’t like her. if you like someone, you don’t join a group who wants to kill them. if you like someone, you don’t call them a slur. especially a slur during the time of a war that revolved around it.

if you like someone who died because of you and left nothing behind but a baby who knew nothing of the truth, then you don’t just bully the child.

i’m not hating on snape specifically; he’s fictional. i’m hating on every person who is like snape.

“i was bullied and my crush friendzoned me and befriended my bullies!”

1. don’t say the word friendzone in front of me it’s disgusting and it’s just a way to attack people (girls specifically) for their right to say n o.


2. are you saying that you can relate to snape because you were bullied and your friend joined your bullies? are you sure that’s all?

bc it ain’t enough.

if you were racist and ready to kill people you were racist agains, and if you were literally ABUSIVE against children while you were an adult and in a place of authority over them, and if you called your friend a slur which was the reason behind why they left your ass in the first place, and if you outed someone just to expose them to the world and get them fired then

congrats, you ARE like snape and congrats, you need to get the fuck out of my blog because i don’t have any respect for intentionally abusive assholes and racist motherfuckers :) x

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Umm hey! I know this sounds stupid but... Where do ereri shippers read those all bombass fanfics they talk about? I search google and only find old un updated fics, is there any certain sites like archive, wattpad or whatever?

Hello anon! It’s not stupid at all ^^. Do not worry.

Ereri is a very popular ship, so there are fanfics for this pairing on many sites. But I believe the one that has the most is Archive of our Own.

I personally read most fics in there, or directly here on tumblr.

AO3 is really good because it lets you do very specific searchs. Once you are inside the Shingeki no Kyojin fandom and the Eren/Levi pairing, you will see a column on the right that lets you choose several options.

If as you say, you have trouble finding new stuff, you can sort by “Date Updated”. This way you can find fics that are recent. You can also for example mark the option below that says “Complete Only”, if you don’t want wips, that way you can find works that have been completed recently.

Just like that you can choose any option and look around for most popular, lenght, add tags you’re interested in, etc.

For tumblr, I’m going to give you a rec list with some writers. Of course this is just a list at the top of my head, and not complete at all, there are SO MANY good authors in the fandom! But these are mostly the ones I can remember right now that I have read something from, or that are on my to read list (adulting is hard I want more time to read fanfics pls).

If you check their blogs for their writing tags, or follow the links to their ao3 accounts, you will find a lot of good stuff! Also please go follow them because they’re really nice people ^^:

@crying-abt-fictional-people - @milleandra-nebula - @raindrop-rouge - @raefill - @erenfanclub - @sugarplum-senpai - @appleapplepeach - @perksofbeingawaifu - @sciencefictioness - @mongoose-bite - @wasterella - @porcelain-blue - @kingkoganes - @monsoondownpour - @fuzzyporcupine -  @haberkonium - @kahleniel  - @gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars - @zhedang - @twisting-vine-x - @agent-2-6  - @kiokushitaka - @glassesgirl0401 - @pinkheichou - @icecat45 - @scrangie - @missmichellebelle - @bfketh - @ryuusea - @leviheichouackerman - @the-relatively-straight-guy - @pureren - @reinamycloud - @sailorheichou - @teapotscandal.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, I did this list really quickly by memory (and I’m suprised I remembered so many haha), I might come back and edit it later if I need to add someone else. Like I said earlier there are of course many other writers around but I’m probably not familiar with their works myself.

I hope this helped you anon, good luck finding new stuff to read!

Just read a very interesting article and post that made me see red. Not reblogging a) because I don’t want the drama and b) because I don’t want that shit on my blog. But it made me think of something that people - readers and writers alike - should remember.

If you write/read dark fic to escape from the pain of your world it is okay.

If you write/read angst because it’s easier to cry over fictional characters pain than your own it is okay

If you use dark fics and angst as a way to escape from reality and feel human for five fucking seconds it is okay.

You are not less of an author or a bad reader if you prefer dark/angst over romantic fluff. You are not less of an author or a bad reader if you prefer romance and fluff. 

You are still a valid producer and consumer of literature, and a valid human being and no one should make you feel bad for that.

One of the reasons Falsettos feels so real to me, I think, is because we see Marvin crying. It’s a little thing, but it means so much, because I very rarely see men crying in fiction. He just breaks down right before “Unlikely Lovers” and obviously at the end of the musical - and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a genuine portrayal of a man crying in any other musical (correct me if I’m wrong!). It’s another way in which Falsettos reveals and knocks down gender roles/expectations. 


though they stood alone against all the world.

First up in the series where I draw all my favorite Silm characters. Maedhros and Maglor were the ones I attached myself to first, and I will never be okay with what happened to them (had they both lived I would be 30% happier with the book). I suppose these drawings can be taken as bookends to The Silmarillion. The beginning and the end.  

Up next: Celegorm and Curufin 

I ask all my followers to read this...

Originally I wanted to draw something about this, but the topic is too important.

In the last 1-2 days (I can’t write for sure because of the time zone differences) Tumblr user @rainbowtubastudios called @seddm a pedophile (for reblogging Starco NSFW) and claimed that @skleero is “supporting his activity” just because he stood up for him. Rainbowtubastudios is also willing to harass anyone who stands up for them. @protect-the-loud-house (I can’t even tag them for some reason), also blamed @moringmark because he “hasn’t really done anything to stop either of them. “

Now, let me tell my opinion about this topic:

What others reblog is not your freaking business! If you don’t wanna see what they post then upper left corner —–> Unfollow.
You’re very welcome!!!

Now, that we discussed this in a nice, civilized and cultured way, Let’s talk about the fact that Star and Marco are already 14, and I am most certainly sure that the storyline of the show will be longer than 1 year.

Why is this important, you ask?

Well, let’s see the age of consent in Europe and in some countries of North America:
North America:
Age of consent in US: 14-18 (changes in different states)
Age of consent in Canada: 16 (close-in-age exemption for sex between 14-15-year-olds and partners less than 5 years older, and a close-in-age clause for sex between 12-13-year-olds and partners less than 2 years older.)
Age of consent in Austria: 14 (close-in-age clause for sex between 12-13-year-olds and partners less than 2 years older.)
Age of consent  in France: 15 (which pushes all the “Miraculous Ladybug NSFW 1 step closer to canon)
Age of consent  in Hungary: 14 ( A close-in-age exemption allows sexual acts from age 12 if the older party is under 18. )
Age of consent in Portugal: 14 (for people between 14 and 16, that is…)

And I could continue the list but it is unnecessary because they are fictional characters for crying out loud!

And yes, this is my next point, he only reblogged only pictures about fictional characters, not living and breathing human beings. And not just Seddm… There are whole blogs dedicated to NSFW in the same category, why don’t you go there to complain?

So, according to all of this, Seddm didn’t commit any crime, nor did anything illegal, YOU, HOWEVER…

You two who call Seddm a pedophile, and claim that Skleero is his “partner in crime”, actually did. What you did is called “libel”.

“Libel”: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation. In some civil law jurisdictions, defamation is treated as a crime rather than a civil wrong.

So, you two technically committed crime. In my opinion, you two should really thank Seddm and Skleero that they didn’t turn to the police with this because it could have ended in a very ugly Defamation lawsuit.

And don’t think anonymity can protect you from the law…

In this situation, every Community site, Internet service provider, (and anyone else involved) is bound to give out ANY information to the police that helps them to investigate your location and the identity. So not even the good old dynamic IP saves you this time (that’s only good for torrents anyways).

So to summarize my thoughts:

-What Seddm reblogs is not your blasted business
-Star and Marco would be legal for each other both in Canada and in most places of Europe IF THEY EXISTED.
-They are only fictional
- Seddm did nothing wrong
-you however technically committed a crime
-you should stop before someone takes you serious and you get into serious trouble
-I never thought that I actually have to make a whole post about something this stupid

Now have a freaking nice day, mine is already ruined… Gosh…

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So, I have another thought for the Bellarke kiss scene. In my head I see Bellamy and Clarke arguing about Bellamy wanting to sacrifice his life for a mission. Clarke is upset and doesn't want him to go. But Bellamy is defiant and decides to prepare for the perilous mission. At opposite ends of the room, Clarke shouts out unexpectedly. ''I love you...I can't lose you again.'' Silence. He is astonished by her words. Yet all he can do is rush over to her, grab her by the waist and kiss her...

IS THERE A SIGN ON MY BLOG SAYING “please come in and stomp on brooke’s bellarke heart” BECAUSE I DON’T REMEMBER PUTTING ONE THERE!!! Really, any bellarke kissing theory is gonna get me because i’m bellarke trash and YOU ALL NEED TO STOP SENDING ME THESE BECAUSE I’M JUST SITTING ON MY BED CRYING RN ABOUT TWO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS KISSING ASKJDHAFJKASFG

“How would the guys react if I'd their S/O started crying cause one of her favorite fictional characters just died?”

this happens a LOT in the dr fandom

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