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Something my mum always did to me when I came crying from my brother. She made me repeat until I cried from hitting myself too hard. (Apparently, she found it hilarious to do until I grew old enough to understand how evil this was.)

I wanted to see Sans doing the same because it seemed very likely that he did this when Papy was little. 

(Papyrus never forgives him for this) 

Naruto Characters Appreciation

Gather round brothers and sisters of the Naruto fandom, because this shit needs to be preached.
There are certain characters in this show that do not receive the love that they deserve and I’m here to share who I think needs some more admiration and a round of fucking applause. Note; down to personal preference, so please feel free to share yours.
Haku – This guy has such a beautiful concept of morality around him which is to be loyal to your friend, do anything for them; but the dark twist is that he is willing to get himself killed, being completely selfless and never regarding his own desires. Yet this is the touching part. His one desire, his dream is to be used by this friend. Considers him a master. But imagine that; being so devoted to someone that nothing else matters, and never feeling afraid because they make you feel at home. This character represents the selfless outlook on life, living to help others and find happiness in others happiness. This is why Haku is my favourite character. He also has a fucking cool mask.

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Zabuza Momochi – What can I say? He’s gorgeous and was the first ever proper villain introduced to the show and manga. Sure there was Mizuki, but fuck him he was a pilot episode villain. But what’s more? Zabuza was a villain who redeemed himself. Maybe not completely, but he realised his faults and is just an over all nostalgic character. If that’s not enough to convince you – he has sharp teeth (fantastic for kinky biting during foreplay) and he’s great with kids. I can proudly admit that Zabuza is my number 1 anime crush. Ooooh how I wanna tear those bandages off and whisper “bite me stud muffin, biiiiiiteeee.”

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Sai – He is a character that can change your views on how to live your life. In all seriousness, although he has no concept of “emotions” he is actually a very complex character and is my favourite character to write about. Constantly he asks questions to find out more about the world and its many different attributes and ways of living. I find him a fantastic character because he shows that juxtaposition between innocence and selfish people. Of course, Sai is no innocent guy. When he is introduced, he comments on Naruto’s balls right away (like damn, he is my spirit animal). However, he is brought into this world outside ROOT, having forgotten about emotions so he’s basically brand new to the whole human interaction thing beside doing missions. He is always so curious, asking questions based on the values of friendship and based off from the responses from those he asks, it really goes to show how much we take the small things in life for granted. Sai makes us realise the beauty in life, that the small things really are meaningful – we just need to cure our blindness to see them.

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Ino Yamanaka – By far my favourite kunoichi if we exclude the older generation. Overall out of the women she is ranked 4th so pretty damn high. Most of the reason why I believe she needs more appreciation is because she is the Yang to Sai’s Yin. She was one of those who actually took time to talk to Sai and that’s why I called it from the start that they would end up together. With Ino’s way of living, being this very independent and outgoing girl, she would be perfect in teaching Sai emotions without coming across as well, a bitch. And may I emphasise her strength as a shinobi. During the war, she was informed that her father was going to die. She cried for less than a minute and then got over it with a snap of her fingers, proceeding onto a very important battle plan – connecting to the minds of the allied shinobi forces. Plus, we all love a scary mother. She scares Inojin with love <3 Note; Ino and Sai fucked. Can you imagine how romantic that would have been? Her coaxing him through it? *wiggles eyebrows*

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Tsunade Senju & Mei Terumi – The reason I have put them together is because it’s for the same reasons. They are both just very empowering women, inspiring also. One of my favourite fights is the Five Kage vs. Madara Uchiha. Mei’s being all awesome with her lava (her voice is brilliant – that seductive charm) and Tsunade delivers a final blow – she fucking cracks Madara’s Susano'o. Not to mention they are both Kage and the first women to be Kage ever. Mei restores the Hidden Mist’s reputation from being the “Bloody Mist” (courtesy of Yagura – FUCKING OBITO YOU CUNT NUGGET) to an “Alright Mist” or whatever. Basically, she had to pick up the pieces left by some asshole (OBITO). And Tsunade, to me – the strongest of the sannin. She is also responsible for Sakura, Ino and Tenten becoming kick ass. Tenten wasn’t her apprentice but was initially inspired by her. Note; I love Obito, he’s my favourite character (joint with Haku). My poor onion baby~

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Kisame Hoshigaki – His back story plays a major role in this. From the beginning he had been obeying rules, this strict code and always remained loyal to the mission. He killed his teammates (one whom he may have had feelings for) for the sake of the mission but the reason I admire him is because he never complains about how sad his life is. He killed is teammates like it was no fucking deal. Even the girl who possessed romantic feelings for him. Furthermore, though be it subtle, he represents discrimination that is present in the world we know of today. Because of his skin colour / origins, he is isolated more so in the Akatsuki. Every time I see him, I always get the vibe of how lonely he is and how he’s perhaps trying to fit into the world but it does not work – because of the cruel path he has chosen. To remain loyal to the mission, never let the code fall into enemy hands; and perhaps his constant discrimination and isolation is what made him choose this way of living. I got your back, Kisame. You will always have beautiful eyes to both Killer B and I.

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Kakuzu – Right, I’m going to say it straight out. He’s fucking hot people. He has killer back muscle, arms that flex perfectly (imagine those arms being either side of your body UNF UNF, PIN ME TO THE WALL AND RAVISH MEEEEE) and he has a temper that a stereotypical love sick teen would feel like they could change. Can you imagine trying to calm that hot junk down? Okay, you may actually die before you could even try, but if you survive long enough to put your hands on his cheeks— Okay, back to why he needs to be appreciated more. His history was fucking cruel. He failed to assassinate the Hokage (baring in mind, he must of put up a pretty good fight to be able to walk away alive) and his reward for coming back alive, with intel on what Hashirama’s abilities are (that could be of great use for future plans)? Imprisonment and torture. What. The. Fuck. It actually makes me empathise with Kakuzu. His own village tortures him which should be what another village would do if they captured you so you can understand why he killed the village elders and left. Remember, he escaped from prison – so not only is he strong but intelligent. And fun fact; those tattoos around his wrists – shows how many times he’s been in prison. He is strong as fuck, immortal and has sexy stitches that could be great foreplay (*cough* tentaclepornwhat *cough*) Basically, I just want him to be my sugar daddy

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Konan – Perhaps the most divine, serene and enchanting character. There are many religious connotations around her being an angel of death / judgement but her way of thinking it what intrigues me. She appears so monotone and unmoved by everything, all but a mask that covers up her tragic past. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how after Nagato’s death, she ruled over Amegakure, guarding where Nagato’s and Yahiko’s bodies were and we actually see her smile as she looks up to the sky, thinking about the legacy both Nagato and Naruto have left behind. Konan fights Tobi with bravery and determination to protect their legacy and dreams. My favourite quote by her “I will be the pillar that supports their bridge of peace” and the rainbow appearing behind her was definitely one of the most memorable moments for me. To the very end, she fought Tobi, intending to bring an end to the evil he has caused – only to be strangled to death. The reason I find her death so tragic is because of how mundane it is. Many characters went out with a bang but Konan died from something that anyone could easily do, thus representing how there is no hope (at this point) at all of achieving peace and her fight was for nothing. A sad way for an angel to die

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Kabuto Yakushi – Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t like this fucker. Dislike him a lot (although I sympathise with him). He needs appreciation because of how far he had come. His past was very sad, from the moment he entered the orphanage. This may sound evil, but I love seeing kid Kabuto cry. Because it’s so fucking cute. And those big glasses- awh, baby lemme hug you. And what ROOT had done was evil yet so clever with the photo manipulation and over all, Kabuto just did a lot of shit – trying to be someone he’s not and comes to the conclusion that being himself was all he ever needed to be. A moral that all of us must follow. Note; When I first saw Nun Kabuto, I wanted to laugh but then I was like “good for you, son.” and patted him on the back (of my laptop screen.)

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So far, this is all I have. There are others that need appreciation, but those above are the ones that needed detail. Personally, I still feel characters such as Itachi and Sakura need more appreciation but maybe for another time. Feel free to add on your NCA’s (Naruto Characters Appreciation) and I’ll definitely check them out. Have a good day!

Behold sparkly Princess Anakin!

As you may know, this started with this AMAZING post by @darthluminescent and with the precious contributions of @forcearama, @fireflyfish, @writegowrite and my partner in crime, @alcalina

and it was @alcalina who said: game on!  Someone draw anakin flinging on a bed and crying, like a true Disney Princess. Only, in our twisted evil minds, we thought, wow princess Anakin was born because of his Ghost Doll, so we imagined that before this glorious image there must have been at some point Cinderella-Vader, on his Mustafar castle. Enjoy also stepmother Palps and stepsisters Tarkin and Krennic.

@vintage-smokestack I’m going to draw also your wonderful Cinder-Anakin soon, consider this a variation on the theme ;) 

I have no regrets.


“[…] part of me missed touching her. I just missed touching her when I was kind and loving towards her. Like I wanted her to stop crying, and to calm her like she did in the true love scene” - The Stable Boy Audio Commentary

Legend says, that the Starco moment from the movie special cures cancer.

Who cried? I surely did :’)
Omg that movie special was toooo much for me, I wasn’t prepared at all ;n;
But anyway, here are my babies in shock because of dead and shit

(I sure have fun drawing dramatic expressions and lazy crazy backgrounds)
The more I stare at it the more I hate it

Ep 22 Rants


I’m barely sane right now. So… Star confessed. It didn’t go at all like the starco fans dreamed it to go… oh god.

Basically, Star rejected her feelings some fifty times in this episode which is never healthy and she finally admits to them because oh great, some dude’s back and c l i m a x.

And she runs off CRYING. Sure, Star cries in the series, but this is the second time over some romance choas over Marco. Stop making her cry dammit

All of these people collectively thinking

“You fucked up. You really fucked up.”





Last year my sister was pregnant and 6 weeks later lost her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. My sister kept it from my family until of course she was rushed into hospital. Today after a bit of a bicker with my parents my mum began to cry to me about how my sister could be having another ectopic pregnancy. My sister doesn’t tell anyone that she is pregnant until she is asked by someone, this is because she wants to avoid evil eye. This would be her third pregnancy, and perhaps her second child, so please can I ask everyone to keep my sister in your du'as and pray that her pregnancy remains a pregnancy with no complications or miscarriages and that her baby has a healthy 9 months. In Sha Allah.

Scandal Season 6 Finale, My thoughts

*Clears throat* Hello Family and Friends of the deceased, we are gathered here today to lay rest to our dear Sister and Friend Olivia Carolyn Pope. *All around the church sniffles, weeping and sorrow filled cries could be heard* It saddens me to be up here but let’s remember the good things Sis Olivia did and who she was before she died and let Rowanka live.
(Rowanka is the name Katrinapavela gave Olivia when she goes all Rowan on us and I liked it.)
☝🏽Yes I just had a funeral for Olivia. ☝🏽Yes shit got real last night. ☝🏽Yes I got emotional AF last night, I think I got teary eyed on 3 different scenes. I’m not gonna do a scene by scene of the Finale , I’m gonna speak on the Characters, in no specific order. Honestly this was a good ass season finale and I really liked it 🙃except 1 specific thing happened and it ruined the whole episode for me. Yes that’s sort of a contradiction but I 👏🏽said 👏🏽what 👏🏽I 👏🏽said 👏🏽. This episode literally hurt my feelings and it’s nothing new cuz it’s Scandal they always hurting feelings 😭😭 damn you Shonda! 🤔TBH I would have been ok with ending Scandal with Fitz presidency I honestly don’t wanna see anyone else as president 🙎🏽🖕🏽🙄 but whatever I’ll get over it, still not jumping on Mellie’s bandwagon
Ok let me start before I get dramatic!

Abby and Quinn: They finally made up and I’m glad. Abby literally has no one but Olivia and OPA she wasn’t going anywhere but back home to OPA! Quinn is pregnant and Abby is gonna help her raise her baby , it was real cute when Abby said “Over a cliff.” 🤗 ☝🏽Now let me just say Quinn kinda got on my nerves because this ho thought she was gone run away to live a normal life without telling Charlie she was pregnant! Bitch you have no right to do that, it’s his baby just as much as it’s yours and you dumb if you don’t think this SPY could find yo ass! Let’s not forget Charlie was a top dog at B613! And she thought she couldn’t work at OPA because she was going to be a mom🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ GUHHHH Women all around the world been doing this! Women make boss moves even as Moms I was like who tf wrote this 🙃Women work and still be great Moms we don’t need that bs narrative out there But thankfully she came to her senses!

Huck: Wanted to go with Olivia. 😭😢 I told yal Loyalty is a man named Huck. But she told him she needed him at OPA and that she would be fine.

Mellie: Continued to show that she was a white privileged woman 🙄 ok so when did Mellie say she wanted the White House all her life? Because what I remember was her saying some about being the wife or some shit but anyway it was a lie. They tryna push a new narrative on Mellie and I’m sorry but it’s to late. Mellie ain’t worked for shit and that’s just that! Olivia and Cyrus about to run D.C. and Mellie whose the puppet President now? 🤦🏽‍♀️Yal her first act as president she signed some papers that she did not even read! 😶 and you thought I was gone be on board with this fuckery? 🗣ISSA NO.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene: ☕️🐸Pulled off the finesse of the Century. 🤓Brains of the illuminate. It was Cyrus Motherfuckin Beene! Way back when, I knew it was Cyrus because I kept saying he wanted to be President but I got distracted by Ponytail and Peus and I was like well maybe it’s a new bad person coming but nope! It was Cyrus sneaky ass 😂

Luna 🕷black 🕸widow Vargas: 😎 Head illuminate but still a #2. ☝🏽Oooooweee Homegirl nobody fucks over Olivia and get away with it. Olivia gave her a pill to peaceful go meet her husband in the afterlife 😬 yikes. I tweeted and said Luna Vargas was in with the illuminate, and I said it because she jumped the bandwagon to quick! How you go from saying Mellie didn’t win , your husband did to Yes I’ll be your Vice President 🙅🏽 nope ain fall for it! I knew she was in on I just didn’t know she was actually the head! Yea Cyrus was the brains but Luna was the head! Luna teaching us to kill husbands 😝

How to make an illuminate: So Cyrus gets into Luna head , Luna hires Marie Wallace to kill her husband, Marie Wallace hires Ponytail aka Samantha bka Gertrude and Peus to do the job. From what I gathered nobody knew about Marie Wallace actually being Maya Pope because there is no way she would have let them threaten Olivia at all. When Maya found out what was going on she came to town to rectify shit! I love how unapologetically black Maya is! From that powerful ass monologue to actually being there to save Olivia, Maya proved she is the better Pope parent.😌 She truly loves Olivia and she forgave her for choking her and everything because she knows that she caused Olivia some damage growing up motherless. Maya even told Eli you can’t half ass raise Olivia and think she gone come out whole 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
☝🏽hunny Maya had time and she was right the entire episode she was right! When she got captured so easily I knew Maya was innocent there’s no way she would have been that easy to find!

Maya Pope aka Marie Wallace bka The baddest bitch: Maya’s monologue was the gospel truth and it was foreshadow for Olivia. Maya really did come back in town to save Olivia 🤗 and yal when Maya started singing those old negro spirituals I hollered! I told yal she’s unapologetically black! “So much for black girl magic” “girl bye, I’m ya momma ain no fooling me” some of her lines from last night. I would rewatch the episode so I could give yal what she actually said in her monologue but I’m still a lil sensitive 😢 forgive me. But anyway she talked about how she and other black women and black mothers are the backbone and stepping stole for everybody, how we always saving everybody but whose saving us? About how Black Women do everything only to have it taken away by a white girl with bamboo earrings 😩🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 yaaasssaauhsabalobooshhhh! 🗣Maya you better speak that word, let him use you sis, go AWF, go AWF! 🙌🏽 I told yal, Maya 👏🏽had 👏🏽time 👏🏽 she read Everybody to the filth hunny! (And now that I’m thinking about it what other show is going to do this when Scandal goes off 😔. Read America and throw shit in there faces, we still out here facing issues that need to be addressed through television!) but anyway Maya came to D.C. and shook the table 😎

Eli: Fragile masculinity couldn’t accept that maybe Maya was right, almost killed her 😤 but let me also say this he showed Fitz some respect in this episode. He waited until Fitz was in the room to do anything, he let Fitz make the calls and throw shots and he even went to Fitz and told him that Olivia needs him to balance her out. 😭 yal! Wait a minute 😭 do you know what just happened? Eli…Rowan went to Fitz and told him that his daughter is getting to powerful and she needed Fitz to balance her out 😯 but Eli Isn’t this your dream? For Olivia to be the most powerful in the room? Clearly he sees that he was wrong and he tried to nip it but in reality he set off a chain of events.

Fitz: Was about to give up his life to save Olivia. Fitz signed an order to reinstate b613 so he could save Olivia 😰 yal my stomach dropped and my eyes started to water. B613 is not for Fitz… Eli told him that he would be perfect for running it because Fitz is a good man and he could do better. 🗣fuck that! No! I was literally shaking because we all know and the horrors of b613 I could not imagine my baby Fitzgerald doing this devil work. He deserves peace and happiness, Fitz would have lost his soul. The evil things you have to do and become *sighs* Which brings me to ….

Olivia: 😔 I cried, and I didn’t even know I was crying until I felt my eyes burn. I was so distraught, disappointed and hurt. As soon as Fitz left that darkness took over and her light was not there to counter/balance it. And to be honest 🤔 it was Maya fault lowkey. She told Olivia “Go take back your baby(the White House) and Olivia was about to disagree when Maya said “You half me and half yo crazy father can’t nobody win against you” Yal the wheels started turning in her head 😒 next thing we know she giving Mellie dumb ass papers to sign but we all knew what those papers were ughhhhh Not my Olivia. Yal that shook me up! Because the same reasons I didn’t want Fitz to do it I damn sho didn’t want Olivia to do it. It hurt my feelings and I’m still trying to process but yal know me I had to sleep on it and come back to it. I get it. Olivia is on a power trip and she has to get it out her system. And this is it, being command of B613. I should have seen it coming honestly from her saying “You don’t take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you.” To Maya’s monologue about how black women save everybody. And that’s the exact reason why Olivia did it, to save Fitz(she told Rowan “You’re not gonna have a hold on Fitz.”) and the republic and to have power. She hates feeling powerless and when Luna Vargas damn near took the oval from her well it pushed her 😔 so yea that’s the reason why I didn’t like the finale because Liv became command 😕.
Olivia always thinks it’s her responsibility to save everyone 😤 but it’s fuckin not! 🤦🏽‍♀️*tries to collect myself * Black Women always gotta be captain save -a-hoe! Like ya momma said “whose gonna save you?”
And let me just say Maya told Olivia to get her big head ass out the way when she was tryna shoot Luna but at the time we didn’t know Luna was bad 😂😂☝🏽😩 black Moms always gotta crack a joke no matter what the situation 😝😂😂

My Precious OTP Olitz: We had 4 Olitz scenes 😍😍🤗
1.He was concerned and her wellbeing because it was her mother who was the “terrorist” even in the mist of all that was going on, he took time to ask how she was feeling. This is a man who knows how to care for his woman 🤗 *swoons*
2.Get. Over. Here: Olivia went against his wishes and released her mom, he went to his room and she’s but ass naked ready to give it to him. He starts going off on her and she like no fuck that lets fuck!
Olivia: Get. Over. Here.
Fitz: you are very bossy
Olivia: and you love it
Fitz: *takes off shoes and jumps on bed on top of her.
Lmao Yal Fitz looked like such a white man when he said “you are very bossy” it was so funny I couldn’t do nun but laugh! 🤔 for a 56 soon to be 57 year old man the way he jumped on top of her tho 😝 sheesh Tony let me breathe!
3.You saved me: I told Yal Fitz almost became command but Olivia went to him and was like I was going to ask you to stay with me but not like this. She let him know that B613 would ruin him and she couldn’t stand by and watch him become her father…. so of course he listens, he always listens to her so at this point he’s getting ready to leave but he’s with her. And he lets her know he cancelled the order and he can’t stay because he has to work on his foundation. She plays it cool because well she didn’t wanna show emotions, her back was turned away so he couldn’t see her face but she was literally crying out for this man to stay and be her light and save her from herself. She wanted him to save her! He says goodbye without a hug or a kiss
4.It was an honor Mr. President: literally as he’s walking towards the plane “Mr.President” yal I screamed I was like yes yes girl go 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 man 👏🏽 she walked then ran to him and they kissed and I bullshit you not I thought she was getting on that plane and going to Vermont 😭😭 ik ik Ima damn fool!
They kissing and paparazzi taking pictures!
Fitz: the cameras
Olivia: I don’t care
Soft smiles and more kissing.
Olivia: it’s been an honor Mr.President
Fitz: the honor was all mine.
Yep I cried again. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 beautiful simply beautiful. She ran in the light to the arms of the man she has loved for in the dark, out in the open in front of everybody. She knew the world was watching and finally after all this time she didn’t care! She freely and openly showed her affection and it was beautiful. I know I make a big deal out of it when it’s Olivia showing affection because it is a big deal. She’s choosing for herself and being honest with herself in those moments. So yes I clap and scream loudly in Olitz when Olivia does things on her own accord 😘 that’s Bae and she deserves to grasp love with her own hands.

Predictions: 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙎🏽💆🏽
About season 7 I honestly don’t even know what to expect well let me say half except. Because I do know a few things: Olivia is going to do some developing(Good and Bad), Fitz is going to save her and I do believe OPA will as well. Abby going back to OPA, she had power, it corrupted her and she left it behind. Quinn being pregnant: she is going to have everything Olivia thinks she couldn’t have love-family(baby)-power. Olivia will see firsthand from these examples and on top of that Huck and Fitz gone be on her ass once they find out she lost her mind. Olivia is stubborn it’s not gone happen overnight but they will save her. They gone have to convince her she needs saving first. Mellie and Cyrus gone stab Olivia in the back. Cyrus gone stab Mellie in the back. Olivia- Cyrus- Mellie all in positions of power is not gone be a walk in the park , it’s going to be a power struggle frfr, and a little blood gone get on everybody’s hands! OPA gone thrive and I honestly hope everyone gets a good ending they deserve it. After Fitz save Liv, I want Olitz together and we get at least 2 or 3 happy episodes 😩 it ain’t to much to ask after this roller coaster we been on since 101! But anywhooo lemme leave on a good note:
🗣 Olitz ain’t dead! 😏😌 we just begun.

Reasons to watch KR Fourze

Today a friend said to me, “one of my students likes Kamen Rider, especially this Fourze guy??? pls explain.”

Today a friend was Not Prepared.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of why you should watch Fourze besides because it’s amazing.

  • Um, so, KR is like Power Rangers or like, uh, American Horror Story? Every season is it’s own thing and they’re not really connected. Each has their own theme and characters and such.
  • With me so far?
  • Fourze was the 2011 space themed one. It’s Japanese kids in a basically American high school, football and cheerleaders and all, and also basically the Breakfast Club
    • over the fifty episodes, these eight kids come together to support Gentarou, who’s the cheerful idiot who transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to fight rubber suit monsters based on constellations.
  • Gentarou is basically Luffy only instead of “meat” it’s “friendship” 
    • his life goal is to make one thousand friends
  • It’s very cheerful and upbeat and about breaking the norms and dealing with yourself as you are in the horror that is high school
    • and for all it’s bright and brash and loud, there’s also a subtle horror just underneath about adults and authority and victimization and bullying,
    • and it’s really just so good.
  • Written by the guy who wrote Gurren Lagann if that tells you anything.
    • This isn’t even getting into all the actual main character deaths
    • or the crystal space baby
    • or the crossdressing constellation powers
    • or the evil twin constellation powers
    • or the rival who is my actual favorite character because he’s a two faced lying liar who’s also secretly a screaming kung fu master being controlled by a satellite
  • It is ridiculous and silly and stupid and you spend the first episodes hating the characters you come to love most and you don’t even realize how far you’ve fallen into it until the emo bitch is crying and admitting maybe he does want actual friends and that’s only episode twelve
  • I really love Kamen Rider
  • The Aries arc–it just kills me every time. I ugly sobbed during that first time round I love that boy so much
  • Everyone is so anime character? They’re a bunch of walking cliches that turn into actual people because that’s the way we get to know people, is slowly
  • Actual friendship is the actual saving power of the universe
  • It’s so good

Fourze is one of the best Riders in the Heisei era and I can’t possibly overstate how fun and fun and fun this show is.If you like shows that are ridiculous, fun, clever, don’t take themselves too seriously, wildly embrace tropes just to subvert them, deal with any high school trope ever, space centric and will actually teach you space things, the newest Power Rangers movie, or perhaps enjoy a show that will make you laugh until it rips out your heart and then spoonfeeds it back to you, then check out Kamen Rider Fourze.

But, of course, Fourze’s got nothing on 2009′s Kamen Rider W.

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You meanies!!! How am I meant to get all the way to Friday without knowing what happens???!             


What. The. Fuck. You can’t post a chapter like that and expect me to sit back in a palace of sunshine and happiness and not blame you for wrecking my fucking heart. I fucking hate you and I fucking love you. I love angst but fuck. And I have to wait a whole FUCKING WEEK FOR SOME FUCKING REASSURANCE WHAT THE FUCK GUYS. YOU’RE KILLING ME HERE. HARRY BETTER BE FUCKING OKAY AND READY TO FUCK DRACO WIH SOME FUCKING POWER AND I MEAN POWWER POUNDING. WE NEED THE DADDY KINK AND PRAISE KINK FOR APOLOGIES          

 And I quote: “So we hope you enjoy a break from the angst”   Why the fuck you lying. Why you always lying. Mmmm oh my ghad stap fuckn lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bloody brilliant chapter tho. Evil bastartds making us wait until Friday tho.

I love you but hate you for doing this to me (referring to the latest virgin Draco chapter)            

feelings after that update: *screams into the void*  


IM CRYING NOOOO             

I hope you guys are happy, I’m fucking crying because of ch29 fuCK *clears throat*  Um chapter 30 please and thank you loves  Ps. it was stiLL FUCKING AMAZINGA NF EMOTIONAL ADN WOW IM AMAZED LOVE YOU AMAZING FUCKING WRITERS Pps. Possible threesome with Blaise??? (Fingers crossed

Just finished chapter 29 of the virgin draco story.. I AM CALLING THE COPS  I HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT! pls fix it omg what I can’t AHHHH      

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In order–as much as I can do–Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry I did lie just a lil and feel so bad, sorry, sorry and we’re screaming with you, sorry and we love you too, sorry, sorry and probably no threesome, sorry and the cops probably won’t care!!!

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Imagine Darry comforting his little sister after she gets bullied at school for her red hair.

You wiped away your tears as you opened up the bottle of peroxide… you were just so damn tired of all the comments your so called “friends” were calling you- you were done, you just wanted it to be gone. 

“Queenie, honey, can I talk to you for a moment, please?” Darry called from behind the door. “Sodapop told me that you came home from school upset.” 

“Just go away, Dar.” You sighed as you began to towel dry your soaking wet hair. 

“Queenie, this is important, if you don’t open this door I’m coming in.” 

You went to hide the peroxide, only to knock it over in the process, causing it to spill all over the bathroom tiles. 

“Shit” You cursed, picking up a dirty towel to mop it up… and then the door opened. 

“What’re you doing?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow as he stared you down. “Is that peroxide?” 

“Yeah, I’m dying my hair.” 

“Why?” He squatted down beside you, taking the ruined towel off of you. “Your hair is beautiful, why would you want to dye it?” 

“Because.” You wiped away your tears, refusing to look him in the eye. “My friends- they tease me… they call me carrots and say that I haven’t got a soul- they call me a devil, so maybe if I dye it they’ll stop.”

“Oh sweetheart.” Darry said softly, bundling you up in his arms. “Don’t cry, baby. They’re not worth it, and besides that, if they were your true friends they wouldn’t be teasing you over something as trivial as your hair colour. “

“Am I ugly?” Your voice shook as you looked into your big brother’s eyes desperately. “Or evil? Do I look-” 

“Beautiful, that’s what you are.” He kissed your forehead gently, giving you a kind smile. “You are beautiful, you’re not evil. You’re my angel, and if those idiots at your school cannot see how beautiful you are inside and out, then they’re not worth hanging out with. Find new friends, ones that’ll appreciate who you are for you.” 

“I guess.” 

“Do you really want to dye your hair, Queenie?” 

“No… I just want them to stop it.” 

“Then don’t dye it, if you’re going to dye your hair colour, do it because it’s what you want to do. Do it because it makes you happy, not because people at school are bullying you. Defend yourself, don’t change yourself, you hear?”

“Thank’s Darry.” You wrapped your arms around your big brother, thankful that he was here.

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gee.... youre so angry and hateful... >.> take a chill pill. theyre just fictional characters oh my god. i still find it hypocritical bc some of your points are weak and clearly you place zuko on a "holier than thou" pedestal lmfao so bye

Cool, you’re the true hypocrite because you clearly care enough about “fictional characters” to barge into my ask box to dispute my personal opinion on your murderous little cry baby and are so offended that I drag him. Nothing Zuko did can hold a candle to the evil atrocities Kyle did. Nothing. Kyle is a man; Zuko is a boy. Zuko never killed a soul; Kyle keeps the innocent children’s whom he slaughtered ashes in his room as a trophy. Clearly Zuko did wrong, but what he did wrong was forgivable and atonable. Murdering droves of kids??? I’m gonna go with not atonable. Sorry! Guess I’m just a Zuko Stan to think Zuko never murdered children remorselessly! Come back when you have some Azula/Kyle parallels or Zuko/Finn.

Actually, take your dumbass 2006 weeb emojis outta here and gtfo my ask box because I’m blocking you BC I can’t deal with this dumb bullshit cluttering my inbox no more 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

I’m all for Underfell Papyrus and Sans being murderous, evil, and all around terrifying, but like…

What about them being just as huge dorks as they are in the original game?

Papyrus desperately trying to be evil and psychotic, but he can’t fucking bring himself to do it. Sans helps him out by having him practice insulting him, but the second Paps raises his voice, he goes to cry in his room for like an hour because “WHAT I DID WAS UNFORGIVABLE, SANS, I CAN’T DO THIS!!!”

Like, Undyne is still crazy horrifying, but she just??? Can’t bring herself to shoot this guy down??? He’s just trying so hard??? She lets him work as her personal assistant, which basically just means he stands around and looks cute.

Sans still doesn’t care about killing you, but he DOES care about draining you of every penny you have. Like, remember the fried snow scam? I need that side of him amplified by 5000%. UF!Sans with the morals of Mr. Krabs 2k17.

Also, like, Sans making hella dirty puns, and Papyrus being incredibly flustered the second they click. So many boner jokes, you don’t even know.

I just need my bone children trying to be evil but failing miserably, okay?

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do you have any eruri and ereri fic recommendations?

Why yes Nonnie, I do indeed! Here’s my list of favourite fics:


Blackbird by @redbirdcalling
This is an amazing fic about life after the war for Eren and Levi. I have to say, this is so beautifully written and oh goodness, the angst (and my poor baby Levi). I really love how their relationship is written and how after everything Levi’s been through, Eren is still the one who wants to help him. My poor babies. 

Crossroads by arminoni (AO3)
Ahh I’m always a sucker for Star Wars AUs! Goodness, this one especially. It follows the basic plot of the Star Wars prequel movies, and how Levi and Eren get to know each other. It’s very sweet and I think it’s a beautifully written story. Unfortunately, it was discontinued by the author. Oh well. 

Humanity’s Greatest Bedtime Story by @gothicdancer
The. Best. Ereri. Fic. In. This. Whole. Fandom. And I’m not even joking. It’s so heartwarming and oh my god, it honestly is the best fic I’ve read. It follows again, Eren and Levi’s life post destroying all the Titans, and they have a family and it’s adorable and honestly it just makes my heart melt. I still have to say the final chapter is the best, and I followed this chapter from the day the 1st chapter was published. 

My Regret by @erenlevijeager
Longfic time! Where do I start? The love? The angst? The “oh my god that’s beautiful I think I’m going to cry.”? Well, if you love angsty adorable ereri old men with kiddies, this is the fic for you! Eren finds out he’s carrying Levi’s kid, Levi decides he doesn’t want the kid, Eren leaves and years later they meet again, and Levi wants to patch everything up. For a while you’ll think Levi’s an ass but rest assured, everything works out in the end. 

The Rest of Their Lives by @zhedang
I recently finished reading this, and I honestly cried at the end. I actually adore this story so, so much and it’s the best and most beautifully written reincarnation au I’ve ever read. When you read it, you’ll understand what I mean. There’s also a lot of fan art floating around for this, so if you need ideas as to what Levi and Oscar look like - it’s around the internet. But thank you author-san, this is my favourite reincarnation AU. 

The Way We Were by @addinavi
Zombies + preggo Eren = gay sad love story. It’s not finished yet, but the story keeps getting better the more you read into it, so I’d recommend sticking around for this one. 


Dirty Kisses by @sexycanofsoup 
If you don’t read this Nonnie, then you’re not welcome to the eruri fandom anymore (I joke, I joke.) But honestly, I love this story with all my heart, and it’s certainly one of my no1 eruri fics. I think it’s because of the plot line and how the characters are written. I will warn you, it will make you sad, and possibly cry a lot. But you’ll be pleased with the ending! 

EF&D by @birbwin
How could I not put birb on this list? But seriously, this collection of one-shots, drabbles and ramblings is enough to keep any eruri fangirl happy. The verses range from modern to canonverse and everything in between. And you don’t have to read them in order! It’s great for a quick drabble-a-day or a quick break. 

I’m Only Going to Heaven (If it Feels Like Hell) by @stereobone
Who didn’t cry when they read this? I love this one a lot. I think it’s because I just love the idea of sugar daddy! Erwin (hehe). But I also think it’s cleverly written, and the way the author writes Levi is on point. Also, plenty of smut to keep your mind happy. 

Oathbreaker by @pitftw
More Star Wars AUs! More angst! A really great portrayal of Levi and Erwin’s relationship through the light and the dark side of the force. Ahh, my poor babies. But a highly recommended one-shot if you love to see the old men do stupid things and become evil together. 

Once More by @afuzzyowl
And another reincarnation fic! But I always recommend this author’s work. In this fic, you get to see how Erwin and Levi’s lives play out together, how they meet again. There is angst, and it gets sad. But I like this one a lot. It’s great for if you need to be reminded how much these old dorks love each other. Also, it’s a very sad but beautiful ending, and if you’re in need of a good cry I’d recommend 10/10. 

I hoped this helped!

Lot's Wife

 by  Wislawa Szymborska

They say I looked back out of curiosity.
But I could have had other reasons.
I looked back mourning my silver bowl.
Carelessly, while tying my sandal strap.
So I wouldn’t have to keep staring at the righteous nape
of my husband Lot’s neck.
From the sudden conviction that if I dropped dead
he wouldn’t so much as hesitate.
From the disobedience of the meek.
Checking for pursuers.
Struck by the silence, hoping God had changed his mind.
Our two daughters were already vanishing over the hilltop.
I felt age within me. Distance.
The futility of wandering. Torpor.
I looked back setting my bundle down.
I looked back not knowing where to set my foot.
Serpents appeared on my path,
spiders, field mice, baby vultures.
They were neither good nor evil now–every living thing
was simply creeping or hopping along in the mass panic.
I looked back in desolation.
In shame because we had stolen away.
Wanting to cry out, to go home.
Or only when a sudden gust of wind
unbound my hair and lifted up my robe.
It seemed to me that they were watching from the walls of Sodom
and bursting into thunderous laughter again and again.
I looked back in anger.
To savor their terrible fate.
I looked back for all the reasons given above.
I looked back involuntarily.
It was only a rock that turned underfoot, growling at me.
It was a sudden crack that stopped me in my tracks.
A hamster on its hind paws tottered on the edge.
It was then we both glanced back.
No, no. I ran on,
I crept, I flew upward
until darkness fell from the heavens
and with it scorching gravel and dead birds.
I couldn’t breathe and spun around and around.
Anyone who saw me must have thought I was dancing.
It’s not inconceivable that my eyes were open.
It’s possible I fell facing the city.

Seventeen at the Restaurant:

S.coups: “Table for thirteen please”

Waiter: “Are these all your children?”

S.coups: “We um… had an early marriage…?”

Hoshi: “I call dibs for the seat next to Woozi”

Jun: “no one is fighting with you for that seat bro” savagejun

Mingyu: “Wonwoo come here, I saved a seat for you” *pats seat next to him*

Wonwoo: *smiles and dies on the inside*

Waiter: “Are you ready to order?”

The8: “Ribeye Steak with black pepper sauce please”

S.Coups: “no too expensive”

The8: “The Seafood Combo platter then”

S.Coups: “Still too expensive”

The8: “Grilled Salmon a-“


The8: “Then what can I order?!!”

S.Coups: “Something under $20, I’m here to feed my family not spend my lives’ fortune”

Dino: “Nuggets”

Seungkwan: “Pepperoni pizza”

Vernon: “Cheesy baked rice with more cheese and less rice”

Joshua: “Chicken and Waffles”

Mingyu: “One of everything please”

Wonwoo: “Choose one for me mingyu”

Mingyu: “He’ll have the Seafood pasta”

Wonwoo: “I don’t eat seafood mingyu” *glares*

Mingyu: “What?! Since when? Oh wait… oh yeah…”

Dk: “STEAK!”

Jun: “Didn’t Coups just say that was too expensive”

Dk: “STEAK!!”

S.Coups: “How much is one plate of mac and cheese?”

Waiter: “It’s $13.99”

S.Coups: “Great! Just give us 13 plates of mac and cheese please”

Dino: “Nuggets!”

S.Coups:“Okay fine, 12 plates of mac and cheese and one nugget thank you”

Mingyu: …..

Seungkwan: …..

Hoshi: “Why does Dino get to have what he wants?”

S.Coups: “because he is my baby and also because it costs $11.99”

*food arrives*

Dino: “Chan wanted Dinosaur nuggets”

Jeonghan: “They only serve regular shaped nuggets here Chan”

Dino: *cries*

Jeonghan: “Okay okay don’t cry” *uses knife to cut the nuggets into dinosaurs*

Dino: “those don’t look like dinosaurs…”

Jeonghan: “Eat. IT.”

Seungkwan: “eWWW I found hair in my food”

Vernon: “that’s nasty kwan did you have to take it out and tell everyone?”

Dk: “omg there is a fingernail in my macaroni!”

Woozi: “it could be a toenail from a sweaty dude” evil laughs

Dk: *gags*

Seungkwan: “Stop eating everyone there might be some in yours too”

Jun: *chokes and spits everything out*

Joshua: “Omg you kids are disgusting”


The8: “I did not come all the way from China for this”

Seungkwan: “Where is your manager? I demand to speak to him this instant”

Waiter: “I am the manager”

Seungkwan: “Well your chefs are trying to poison me and my brothers, where are your hygiene standards?! I am going to report this restaurant and bring this place DOWNNN”

Hoshi: *stands on table and shouts out loud* “Attention to everyone in this restaurant! Do not continue to eat, I repeat do not continue to eat! Put down your forks and spoons, we found nails and hair in our food!”

S.Coups: “Oh my god” *puts his head in this hands*

Waiter: “Okay you know what? Get out of my restaurant… NOW!”

Seventeen: *gets kicked out*

S.coups: “Great kids, we just got kicked out of a restaurant”

Jeonghan: “Well at least we didn’t have to pay for the food right?”

S.coups: “Good job kids! You saved us about $179.89!” *proud dad moment*

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What if Tony & Bucky have to team up to save the rest of the Avengers.
  • Tony: Yells a lot of rude things at Bucky while beating up some evil dudes.
  • Bucky: Yells a lot of rude things back at Tony while beating up some evil dudes.
  • Tony: Gets all emotional in the midst of the fight and starts to cry. (While still kicking bad guy's ass)
  • Bucky: Starts to cry to, because Tony does. (While still kicking bad guy's ass)
  • *After the fight they fall into each others arms, cries like babies and become friends.
  • Sam: *deadpanned* What the hell did i just witness?
  • Clint: I am pretty certain this it the beginning of the apocalypse.
  • Steve: *dries a tear* I am so proud of my boyfriends.

“Daughter is father’s past life lover.”

I think Seb’s daughter loves to rub Seb’s cheeks because of the  stubble XDD

Joseph is hugging his baby daughter, and making her fly XDD

In recent days I started to play the game “The last of us” on PS4. The story makes me cry like a baby QAQ

I love the story & Joel’s daughter. Wish her rest in peace.

BTW I finally know how to use this →ASK:

You can ask me anything~~

My English is poor, but I will do my best to answer the question XD