crying because my baby is evil

Does anyone else find irony in how the boy who used to calm crying babies by saying “shh little puff” calls himself disturbed. Baz is a marshmallow who has fabricated the idea that because he’s different that he’s evil or broken. It’s tragic, and honestly absurd. However that’s probably why he’s drawn to Simon. Simon questioned his place being an orphan mage (which literally has never happened before) and being the chosen one and yet instead of feeling remarkable he feels hollow and confused. Baz is incredibly kind, intelligent, powerful, unique and free thinking, but instead of being proud he is confused and ashamed. Simon and Baz don’t match because Baz thinks he’s a monster and Simon is an accidental villain, they match because both boys are extraordinary and yet see themselves as inexplicable disasters.



Something my mum always did to me when I came crying from my brother. She made me repeat until I cried from hitting myself too hard. (Apparently, she found it hilarious to do until I grew old enough to understand how evil this was.)

I wanted to see Sans doing the same because it seemed very likely that he did this when Papy was little. 

(Papyrus never forgives him for this) 

What if Tony & Bucky have to team up to save the rest of the Avengers.
  • Tony: Yells a lot of rude things at Bucky while beating up some evil dudes.
  • Bucky: Yells a lot of rude things back at Tony while beating up some evil dudes.
  • Tony: Gets all emotional in the midst of the fight and starts to cry. (While still kicking bad guy's ass)
  • Bucky: Starts to cry to, because Tony does. (While still kicking bad guy's ass)
  • *After the fight they fall into each others arms, cries like babies and become friends.
  • Sam: *deadpanned* What the hell did i just witness?
  • Clint: I am pretty certain this it the beginning of the apocalypse.
  • Steve: *dries a tear* I am so proud of my boyfriends.

Just watched 2x08 and it hit me that Lexa allows Clarke to go to Finn so readily because she was never given that opportunity. When Costia was murdered, she didn’t get to say goodbye. She can clearly see how Clarke feels about this boy and gives her the opportunity to have what she never did, clearly something she’s never allowed, something against their customs - if the grounders reactions are anything to go by. I think that goes to show that Heda had a heart even when she was the ‘evil grounder savage’ and thought love was a weakness.