crying because hyukjae

I got a weibo a while ago and was following all the SJ members and then I got a message and apparently when you follow Zhoumi you get this cute “hey thanks for following etc” message why did no one tell me about this why do we not talk about this and just how cute and lovable Zhoumi is

After a long time Hyukjae being praised by people on Naver :’)

“Now so many people supporting you, do you know Hyukjae? You are a much better man than I could imagined, now I understand what your dad said about you! You are Lee Genius! Lee Genius is the best! You really make us proud of you! You are our pride!”

“Eunhyuk oppa, I am sorry, you had been misunderstood, my sincere apology now, will you forgive me?”

“I have been trying hard to find fault from an innocent person, I am very sorry!”

“Hyuk has been undervalued all these years, the most important thing now is to give him a proper eveluation again!” (c) (c)


I love you Hyukjae. I love you I love you I love you. So much. Even if nobody can understand how precious you are…