crying because he's so perfect


I come from a place where everything about me, even my body language, is saying: I mean you no harm. I smile, I laugh. Basic stuff for most people.

-Oscar Isaac

I showed my mum some pictures of actors and made her guess who that was. Here are her answers.

Jensen Ackles: That man you cry over because he is so perfect and wonderful

Jared Padalecki: That guy who is with him and you also cry over

Misha Collins: he’s also with them

Andrew Scott: Sherlock’s brother

Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock!!

Martin Freeman: That Watson doctor

Dylan O’Brien: Maze guy

Johnny Depp: Do you think I’m dumb that is Johnny Depp

Tom Cruise: ooooo Tom Cruise

George Clooney: George Clooney. George Clooney.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I know him but I can’t remember his name

Robert Downey Jr.: you literally JUST showed me a picture of him

Chris Evans: whoa what am I missing

Andrew Garfield: I don’t know but he kinda has big ears