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Ok ok ok so I just realized u did the Evie Frey/Emily Kaldwin doodle and I AM SO HERE FOR THAT bc I just can't deal with assassins with sharp jaw lines and side parted hair and magnificent eyebrows and with tWO ladies like that?! 😩😩👌👌👌please take my sinful thirsty body from this world roman



The Book Thief -based on the novel by Markus Zusak


30 Day Naomily Challenge

Day 4: Your favorite Naomily scene overall - Naomi’s speech

I’ve loved you from the first time I saw you, I think I was 12. It took me 3 years to pluck up the courage to speak to you and I was so scared of the way I felt, you know, loving a girl, that I learned how to become a sarcastic bitch just to make it feel normal. I screwed guys to make it go away, but it didn’t work. When we got together it scared the shit out of me because you were the one person who could ruin my life. I pushed you away, I made you think things were your fault, but really I was just terrified of pain. I screwed that girl, Sophia, to kind of spite you for having that hold on me and I’m a total fucking coward, because… I got… these, these tickets to Goa for us 3 months ago. But I, I couldn’t stand… I didn’t want to be a slave to the way I feel about you. Can you understand? You were trying to punish me back, and it’s horrible, it’s so horrible because, really, I’d die for you. I love you. I love you so much and it’s killing me.”

And in that moment, on that day, Steve was amazed to discover that when Bucky said “I’m with you ‘till the end of the line,” every time he called him punk and knocked him on the shoulder… what he meant was, “I love you.”

And it nearly scared Steve out of his damn shirt.

if this isn’t a kingdom then i don’t know what is by nighimpossible
→ The Princess Bride AU

let me take care of you {a sourin fic}

rating: explicit

word count: 8.6k

for my beloved sourin buddies rinsousukes and sousukesdick who’ve been really stressed and occupied with schoolwork lately. ily both srsly

also on ao3

They were supposed to check-in one hour ago.

 Rin grunts when he sees Momotarou putting back his beloved pet in its jar. He remembers the look of sheer terror in Momotarou’s face earlier when he realized that his stag beetle, Pyunsuke, wasn’t in his jar. Momotarou had released a defeaning scream and jumped around the bus, causing everyone to stand up and panic. Rin had been slumping against the window of the bus, about to slumber when the entire bus literally shook causing his head to hit the glass. Sousuke had grabbed his head and forced him to duck with him when a distinctive low-pitch buzzing sound approached their direction.

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Barduil is just the nicest ship okay I’m having a lot of feels

Just the people in this relatively small fandom are all so talented and kind and just overall amazing, and this ship in general is just a really positive one. I mean it has respect for women, even after they have passed away, it has amazing strong family portrayals, it has bi representation, and it doesn’t portray one as ‘the guy’ and one as 'the girl’. They’re just Bard and Thranduil, and all of this is just so amazing

Plus there’s hardly ever any drama in this fandom, and tbh the tag is so fab. It’s the only fandom tag I track because I know that whatever goes in there is going to be something positive (unless of course it’s angst, which everyone on this ship seems to have a penchant for lol)

But yeah, anyway my sappy rant is over. I just love all of you fellow barduil trash bags and I’m so so happy to be a part of this little fandom ♡