crying because brendon urie

Okay but guys this is brendon urie looking at his wife

and this is dan looking a phil

and this is adorable, even if you don’t ship phan

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I've been crying forever because I love Brendon Urie more than I hate myself and he turned thirty and he saved my life so many times I can't count. And I'm just so proud of him getting the broadway job and I just love him.

You’re literally the embodiment of what my mind is right now.


I have three theories of what will mostly happen with Ryan on Spencer’s Wedding. 

- Ryan get’s invited, he goes and sees his childhood-bestfriend getting married, Ryan and Brendon doesn’t speak through the whole night and Ryan keeps glancing at Brendon, wondering if it’s worth taking the chance to talk to him, but doesn’t because Sarah is with him and doesn’t want things to get awkward. 

- Ryan doesn’t get invited because Spencer knows Brendon will not be able to handle it and for the next two weeks, Ryan will see pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of his best friend and his wife and he wasn’t allowed to be there, He probably spends the rest of the month crying and wondering how everything got so fucked up. 

- Ryan does get invited, but doesn’t go. Because he’s scared he and Brendon will ruin the wedding and isn’t strong enough to meet Brendon. Spencer will be mad that Ryan didn’t come, Brendon will be ashamed, and Ryan? Ryan will be fucking heartbroken. 

And no matter what, It will fucking kill me. 

Honestly, Patrick and Brendon are like the cutest people I’ve ever see 

They are like a room where you can find a triple chocolate cake with chocolate syrup on the top, strawberries and cream and when you already think this is paradise YOU FIND OUT THAT IN THE ROOM THERE ARE PUPPIES, KITTIES AND BUNNIES AND YOU CRY BECAUSE THAT’S SO FUCKIN WONDERFUL

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Note: Attention has been brought back to this, so I am reposting. 

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After finding out why Brendon took Ryan’s hand in this interview, I’m actually so damn close to tears. I really want to curl up in a ball and cry for hours because Ryden.