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Taehyung as your Husband

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Request: Um excuse me, but may I please have Kim Taehyung as your husband please? I love your blog so much! It’s too much for me 😍😍😘🙇 Thank you for existing.

A/N: First of all thank you! I’m so happy you like our blog~ I hope you enjoy!

- so fluffy on your wedding day oml

- cried about 12 times

- which made you cry

- which made literally everyone else cry

- it was a mess of tears

- you’d honeymoon somewhere tropic like the Bahamas or Jeju Island

- getting to see his tanned skin as he runs into the water with you

- he’d carry you bridal-style for at least the first week of marriage no matter what

- “tae, i can walk y’know…”

- “just because my wifey/hubby can walk doesn’t mean they should.”  

- religiously referring to you as ‘wifey/hubby’

- idk why but i absolutely see him doing that okay

- begging you to call him ‘hubby’ too

- ugh you would be so spoiled with this boy

- breakfast in bed all the damn time

- cuddling as much as possible

- still gets all blushy and shy before asking you on a date because????? why did you even say yes the first time??????? how is he so lucky?????

- you are legitimately his world okay

- he needs you the same way we need oxygen

- despises having to be apart from you for extended periods of time

- enjoys ‘casually’ showing off your matching wedding rings

- and wedding photos

- and referring to you as ‘my wife/husband’ so everyone remembers that, in fact, you are married

- this poor boy would be so distraught if you got any amount of hate from Armys

- writes a 10-tweet-long rant about how if they support him, they should support his partner too

- has namjoon translate it so int. Armys see it too

- adopting a puppy together omg

- “this is the start of our family, y/n, i’m so proud of us.”

- sakdhslfdakhf getting to wake up to his bedhead and puffy eyes and no-makeup face every damn morning and questioning how the hell he’s even human???

- him begging you to wear his ‘vintage and specially tailored’ clothing

- which is just an old shirt with holes cut with scissors all over because why not

- honestly you’d be that married couple that still goes to the park and rolls down a grass hill like 5-year-olds

- getting questionable looks from the other couples there and not giving a shit

- because you’re so in love and just having some damn fun

- and yet in that same day you’d go home and talk about the deepest, most intellectual shit at 3 am

- because that’s just how you are

- anniversaries are a very important holiday and he never fucking forgets

- literally taking the week off of work to spent it with you

- giving you gifts everyday for the week leading up to ‘the big day’

- serenading you with a song he spent 5 months writing for you

- every. year.

- aghhhhh tae is such a pure angel and deserves the entire world

- he’d be the best damn husband to ever exist

- treat him right okay?

- i can’t omg

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The Audacity of Kim Junmyeon (1)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7

Description: Kim Junmyeon, your neighbor and ex best friend suddenly begins taking to you after nearly six years of silence. Although he may be talking to you, he’s not the most…decent person now that he’s grown up.

Warnings: vulgar language??? I think that’s it. Fuckboy-ism too. Future smut.

Word Count: 1,190

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader / Park Chanyeol x Reader


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You looked up from your paper, nearly looking back down once you met the eyes of Kim Junmyeon. Not only was he your neighbor, he was your hot neighbor. You often saw the parties he threw but never attended them. Mostly because you didn’t want to, but there was also the small factor that he didn’t ever invite you.

The two of you used to be good friends. That was because once puberty hit, he distanced himself from you. So, you grew taller without your best friend - your body changed just like Junmyeon’s demeanor towards you. That wasn’t the only thing that changed. He grew as well - his body taller and his shoulders broader.

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To all the Shawols who will make their dream come true this week and experience a SHINee concert for the first time (or second or third, any time!), have so much fun!! Please enjoy and get excited and emotional and cry and scream and be happy to the fullest, because being there to share the music and love and just pure bliss of seeing our boys perform with other Shawols, and being able to make them feel all the love and admiration we have for them is what any of us would want you to express to them. I think every time a Shawol, in any part of the world, feels that unrivalled joy and warmth in their hearts when seeing SHINee for the first time, the entire fandom is sincerely happy that SHINee has touched another person’s life and for a moment they made it a little bit brighter. So good luck to everyone, take a lot of pics, meet new lovely Shawols and please write the most lengthy acc because I wanna know the exact shade of Kibum’s hair color. :3

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 6.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Warning: This scenarios contains depictions of violence, mentions of blood.

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 8 /

You fell to the floor with a thud, but you couldn’t scream, you couldn’t move. All you could do was feel the piercing pain that concentrated in your lower belly. You were conscious, so you saw how Yoongi smacked the gun out of Artur’s hands to then restrain him with his shadows, strings of it surrounding him almost completely like some sort of rope. Artur struggled, but you couldn’t see much of it.

-Jin- Yoongi said and you saw that Jin was already crouched by your side. His hands pressed the wound on your belly and this time you screamed, hard. -Hurry the hell up- Yoongi pushed as you saw his face turning blurry, you were going to pass out, or die, you couldn’t know exactly how much damage the bullet had made but by the way you were bleeding and how much it hurt you judged a lot. You heard Jin saying something but you were concentrating on seeing Yoongi’s face, he was there.

-Stay awake Y/N- he demanded. -Are you hearing me? Stay awake-

You breathed deeply and felt one of his hands running through your hair carefully, it was a miracle how you could feel that so clearly taking in consideration you just had been shot and you felt as if you were being torn apart. But then you saw at the other side and what Jin was doing. His right hand was still pressing against your skin, you didn’t know if pouring out more blood or stopping it, but then you saw how his own white shirt started smearing with black blood at his lower belly.

-Oh this sucks I’m telling you-

Yoongi glared at him. -No shit, we don’t care about you, hurry, she’s bleeding too much-

Jin coughed smiling slightly. -I don’t remember seeing you this worried- Yoongi threw him another dirty look and this time Jin chuckled. -So ungrateful- he continued pressing tightly, and as the seconds or minutes passed, you couldn’t be sure, you felt how the pain mitigated, it went down and down with each of Yoongi’s caresses, your sight came back to its fullest and you felt yourself breathing comfortably, the pressure on your stomach barely there and then Jin completely removed his hand from your body. Doubling himself he bled.

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Rumor Has It

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You built up walls to prevent the rumors from getting to you, but now they came crumbling down

Word Count: 2024

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You usually walked down the halls of your university with your headphones on at full blast. Ever since your relationship with BTS’ Jeon Jungkook went public a few months ago, people always would step aside whenever you brushed past them or whisper about you behind your back. You knew that those who whispered were probably talking smack about you. 

You loved Jungkook with all your heart, and you knew it would break him if he found out that the rumors about you made you upset. That’s why you decided to build up walls, block them out, and tell Jungkook that they didn’t bother you. You’d put your music on at full blast because the rumors wouldn’t make you upset if you didn’t hear them.

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I Hate Loving You

Request: “Hey there! Could you do a Newt x Reader where they are roommates and at first it’s kind of a love/hate thing but then they fall in love - though they don’t admit it. Then one night the reader brings home a date (because shes trying to move on because she thinks Newt won’t ever want her) and Newt gets jealous and scares him off. Then they finally admit their feelings? Thanks!! X”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1469

Warnings: implied smut

“Newt!” You called out, gripping an empty milk carton in hand. “Newt come here!”

You heard a tussle from the bathroom, and a couple mumbled curses, followed by the rapid slapping of bare feet on tiles.

“Newt, what have I told you abou-“ You paused, suddenly becoming flustered as the shirtless man emerged, his expression anxious. Your eyes lingered around his heaving torso, his toned abdominal muscles contorting gently with his breathing. You chanced a glance down at the towel wrapped around his lower half, your eyes widening in embarrassment as Newt smirked bashfully.

“You were saying?” He uttered gently.

“Just… try not to drink all the milk next time.” You spoke with your eyes cast downward, fingers awkwardly tapping on the marble bench top.

He chuckled, running a freckled hand through his wet locks.

“I’ll do so when you stop eating all of my caramel sweets.”

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NCT 127′s reaction to you crying when they confess to you because you like them too.

A/N: I’m trying my best to fill in all of your request so for now I’m going to be closing request until I complete the ones I have. ALSO, this account is very close to 600 followers and I just want to say thank you :).


I see him becoming very worried when you start to cry in front of him. Worried if you was crying out of excitement or you were too scared to let him down since you and him are best friends. “Why? Why are you crying?” He would ask as he stuttered through his words.

It’s just that I’ve been waiting for them words for so long.”

I thought you hated me for a second.”

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He would be nervous too but would laugh at himself in front of you. Spitting out random English words because he was so nervous. Johnny does this anyways on nct life but he’ll do it more in this situation. He would regret ever confessing to you as soon as he sees your eyes tearing up. You will have to reassure him that things were okay and you were just surprised.


Would be wordless as soon as he sees the first tear slip down your face. Looking at you with wide eyes and biting down on his lip hard to stop himself from saying anything else stupid. He’ll probably raise his hands to comfort you but would restrain himself from doing so. Eventually you will notice how worried he was so you’ll say “I like you too.” through the tears. Then he will pull you into a hug.

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Would be nervous but not to the point where he wouldn’t know what to say like Taeyong. “Why are you crying?” He would ask he moved closer to you. You wouldn’t reply and that’s when he’ll start to panic more. He would go over in his head what he said to you, to see if he made a mistake or said something wrong. It didn’t take him a while to know why you were crying because you threw your arms around his waist and pulled yourself towards him. “I just didn’t expect you would say it.” You would say into his chest.


Probably would react like Johnny. Would laugh because he’s nervous. In nct life when he’s been put in a room with a member he’s not that close to, he will just laugh because he will be nervous and awkward. So I imagine him being like that in this sort of situation too. He wouldn’t say anything though and would just laugh. Finally he would calm down when you tell him why you were crying.

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I imagine him laughing too. Probably saying something stupid to brighten up the mood or to make it less awkward. “So that’s a no?” He would ask, laughing at himself. He will be a full on mess but will try to cover it up by funny remarks or just giggling. When you stopped crying, you would explain it to him and he will probably feel stupid for a while but will eventually feel happy because you feel the same.

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This boy would have tried to gain himself loads of confidence to admit his feelings to you so when you start to cry, his confidence would stoop really low. He will take it as a sign that you didn’t feel the same. He will just stand there, frozen. This baby will probably apologise for admitting his feelings. Then when he finds out that you feel the same way, he will be so happy. Smiling loads to himself and probably blushing a little.


He wouldn’t know if he should pull you into a hug to comfort you or if he should just walk away with red cheeks. He would choose neither of these options and would just look away while you cry. Too embarrassed to look at you. You would giggle at him because you could tell that he was nervous, this causing him to look at you. “Wait, why are you laughing?” He would ask.

“I like you too.” After he heard them words, his eyes would almost fall out his head.


I don’t think this boy has any shame so I don’t think he will be very nervous. Would probably say something funny to make it less awkward between you two, like Jaehyun. “Just forget that I said that. How was your day?”  He would say but it would still be awkward because you carried on to cry. “I don’t know why you’re crying. This is my first time speaking to you today.” He would say causing you to giggle a bit. He would smile at himself because he finally made you laugh.

Seventeen Reaction: He finds you asleep outside the apartment after a fight

Performance Unit


He’d beat himself up about it relentlessly. He felt a sense of desperation after you stormed out and he just wanted you back. He called the boys and he stayed at the dorm that night but he kept calling you trying to tell you he was sorry. When he came back and found you asleep outside he felt even worse and even after you told him you forgave him he still felt guilty

“Do you hate me?

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He started crying as soon as you slammed the door to the apartment, he wanted to go after you right away but he felt he should give you some space. Unfortunately that couldn’t stop him from crying because he felt heartbroken. He eventually dozed off on the couch and woke up the next morning to you not being there, and finding you asleep outside crushed him. He sat next to you and tried to figure out how to apologize before you woke up

“What have I done”

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He was so frustrated with himself after the fight because he knew that every single poisonous word that left his mouth wasn’t true. He didn’t know why he said those things. Watching you go he didn’t realize just how bad the situation was until you didn’t come home, and seeing you asleep outside almost made him cry. He didn’t know how you were gonna forgive him or how he was even gonna forgive himself

“I’m such an idiot”

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He didn’t know what to do when he saw you sleeping out there after a pretty heated argument between the both of you. He felt like a jerk and he didn’t know how he was going to make it up to you. He crouched down in front of you and wiped some hair from your face until you woke up. He kept a straight face not really knowing if you were still mad but he felt protective over you and wanted to get you inside

“Let me take care of you”

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-Admin S

Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part IX of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: OOC(out of character), LONG & SMUTTY (LIKE IT’S ABOUT TO GET HOT IN HERE) Not all that good at smut so bare with me here…

NOTE~ This is NOT the last part, only two more to GO my lovelies! 600+ followers, and THANK YOU to all who have loved this series so far, you’re gorgeous! 

Two days later…

After the little episode on Monday, things around the school have been a little…tense. A lot more people started talking to you, girls who also have been under Pan’s spell showing sympathy towards you, befriending you in the process. But…you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.

Maybe because it’s not something, but someone. Peter hasn’t been at school since Monday, and neither Thomas, Newt, or Felix have had any contact with him. It was starting to worry the three boys about their friend. You, deep down inside, felt a tang of guilt. Henry told you not to do that to yourself, that none of what went down was your fault, and you believed him. It’s just…the way Pan looked at you after you said you hated him…there was a pained look in his forest green eyes that was burned into your mind, every time you closed your eyes.

When you told your mom about what happened, she was actually proud of you for showing that boy who he was messing with. But, you didn’t feel all that proud. What if Pan…actually cared? What if he-

“We need to talk, love.” You heard the thick, British accent, making your heart skip a beat. But, when you turned around, you were a bit disappointed that it was just Newt. Thomas and Felix not far behind.

“Do you guys ever separate?” You rolled your eyes, taking your attention back to your locker. “How’s your jaw, Thomas?”

You heard him grumble in response, bringing a playful smirk upon your face.

“Listen, it’s about Pan.” You stiffened at the sound of his name, gripping your locker door tightly. “We need your help. He won’t answer our calls-”

“That is not my problem,” slamming your locker closed, you picked up your stuff, ready to leave. But, Newt was quick to trap you, both of his hands by your head, trapping you in between his arms, staring directly into your eyes.

“You don’t understand, Y/n. Peter Pan loves you. And we, his friends, took you away from him. You have to understand that those videos were made before he realized his feelings for you, hell, he was going to confess on Monday.”

“Peter Pan doesn’t love. He told me himself.” You refused to reason, why should you trust his words?

“Well, maybe he needed the right girl to show him that he’s wrong. You didn’t see the way he looked at you at the party last Friday, or the way he talked about you to us. The only time we’ve seen such love in his eyes was when…”

“When what?” You raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue. Even looking back at Thomas and Felix, both of their facial expressions changed. Newt sighed, moving his arms away from you. 

“Just…please, love. I’m begging you, I will get on my knees. Just, please talk to Pan. It may not seem like it now, but we really do care about him. And if you’re the only person he’ll talk to, then you’re our only option. Please.”

You adjusted your hold on your backpack, looking around the hallway, and then back at Newt. With a slight nod, you agreed. “Okay.”

“Good, I’ll take you to his home.” Newt took your bag and gave it to Thomas, heading for the exit.

“But wait! What about class, I can’t just skip!” You called to him, making sure not to be too loud in case there are teachers near by.

“We’ll cover for you. Say that you got a stomach ache or something, and Newt took you to the nurse. Surprisingly, we’ve got your back Y/n. It is the least we could do.” Felix bumped Thomas on his shoulder, making him nod in agreement.

“I may not like the thought of my best friend dating a prude,” Thomas said, getting you to roll your eyes. “’s better than not having a best friend at all.” 

Riding on Newt’s motorcycle, you clung onto him for dear life, him letting you wear his helmet. Once you’ve arrived at Pan’s house, you saw how…clean and pure it looked. How could a boy like Peter Pan come from such a nice looking home. When Newt came to a stop, you were quick to get off, happy to be back on the ground.

“Strong grip you’ve got there, love,” Newt joked, taking the helmet off your head. “Well. Here we are.” 

“This is his house?” You gasped at the sight, Newt watching you gape at it’s size.

“Yeah. Amazing, isn’t it?” He sarcastically remarked, putting his helmet on his head. “Good luck, Y/n. I’m counting on you.” And with that last bit of encouragement, he was off, leaving you to stare at the house before you.

Shaking yourself out of your daze, you walked up to the porch, staring at the neatly painted double doors, that had a logo, which read, “Mrs. Darling’s Home for Boys”. With a hesitant knock, the sound of a dog echoed throughout the house, making you jump slightly.  

“Coming!” You heard the chirp of a young voice. That said person opened the door, looking down, you see a small boy, about the age of six, staring up at you with big blue eyes. “Hello,” he smiled.

You gently smiled back, kneeling down to the boy’s height. “Hello there, what’s your name?”

“M-my name is James,” He bashfully replied. “You’re really pretty.” He blushed, swinging back and forth on his heels, making you chuckle. 

“Well, James, I’m Y/n. I’m looking for-”

“James! How many times have I told you to stay away from the door?” The familiar voice came from behind the little boy, now standing by the door. When you looked up, you made eye contact. “Y-Y/n?”

“Pet-…Pan.” You caught yourself, standing to your feet. “Uhm…may I come in?” 

He started at you, mouth opened. Clearing his throat, he moved out of the way, allowing you entrance. Once you were inside, you saw a lot of boys playing around, or just hanging out with one another. Some young of age, some looking like they were starting their teenage years. 

“This way,” He gestured to upstairs, which you followed instruction. When you climbed the stairs, you saw many bedroom doors, and more boys upstairs like it was downstairs, all seeming to be playing around and goofing off. Opening the first door to the left, Pan walked in, waiting for you to do the same. 

You entered what you assumed was his room, sitting on the bed as he closed the door. After it was closed, he locked it, making it so you were not disturbed. “What the hell are you doing here?” He broke the silence, but his back was turned towards you.

“I-I…why weren’t you at school?” You answered his question with a question, getting a scoff in return.

“And you care because?” He occupied himself with things around his room, making it his mission not to make eye contact with you. 


“Oh so NOW I’m Peter? What happened to Pan a second ago, hm?” He finally turned around, showing you his eyes clearly. They were bloodshot, and bags were under them, telling you how much sleep he hasn’t been getting the past couple of days. 

With a sigh, you stand from the bed, walking over to him. “Peter…I’m so-”

“No, don’t give me that! I don’t want your apologies, Y/n! You have nothing to apologize for! I’m the one who lied, I’m the one who sleeps with girls and takes advantage of them, because you know why? To feed my ego! And yet here you are, showing up unannounced, and apologizing to me!” He gripped your shoulders, shaking you a little bit. “Why are you so forgiving and trusting?” 

To say you were shocked at his sudden outburst was an understatement. But, you understood why. He looked like he’s been in bed the past two days, and his room smelled like it as well. He was a wreck…all because of you. 

You reached up, gently placing both of your hands on his face, only for him to jerk away, and move across the room, away from you. “Don’t do that. Stop playing with my emotions, Y/n! First you trust me, get me to love you, and then you break my heart and make me look weak in front of EVERYBODY! This is exactly why I don’t love! It hurts people, it bloody hurts!”


“I had the nerve to even think that maybe you would feel the same way, but boy was I wrong! You clearly made it clear that you despised me from day one, but did that stop me? No!”


“But, why can’t I quit you? Why can’t I just move on to some other bitch that would be head over heels in dropping her panties for me? Because every bloody time I close my eyes, all I can see is the hurt and sadness illuminating off your beautiful face! A girl like you should never cry, and I was the one that caused your tears! You’re right about me, Y/n, everything about my existence is worthless now! What good can I do, when all I know is bad?”

“PETER!” You shouted over him, getting him to finally come to a stop. “Breathe. Please, just breathe.” You calmly stated. 

He didn’t even realize he was crying until he sat to take a breath, feeling the liquid fall from his chin, and onto his hand. Sniffling, he wiped his eyes, holding his face in his hands. 

“Where is all this emotion coming from all of the sudden?” You whispered, but felt like you already knew the answer, sitting down next to him. 

Don’t you see? I’m in love with you. And I can’t stop, even if I wanted to, Y/n. I love you.” He turned his head, looking deeply into your eyes. 

You couldn’t hold his stare for long, as you looked down at your hands. “I know…”

“You know? Is that it?” Peter frowned, his voice cracking in disappointment. 

“Peter…what do you want me to say? That I love you back? Like I said when I said I didn’t hate you. I don’t know you well enough to. And neither do you for me. I…like you, a lot. I’ll start there. But, love is something you build overtime. Not in a week. Please understand?”

Peter took in a deep breath through his nose, staring at your hands. Hesitantly, he intertwined your fingers with his, smiling softly down at the ring that still shined on your finger. “I’m willing to wait.”


“I’m…willing to wait. Then let us build the likeness we hold for each other, so that it can grow into something more. I..I want to love you, Y/n. Even if marriage is something I have to consider in the future, then so be it.”

“Peter…w-what about your reputation, a-and your friends?”

“They’re not my friends if they can’t be happy for me, are they?” He grinned softly, rubbing the pad of his thumb over your knuckle, placing a soft kiss on it. “I’m willing to try. What about you, love?”

You looked at the brunette before you, seeing the light in his eyes as he looked at you, the same charming smile was back to greet you, making your own smile form, blush soon to follow. “I believe in second chances, I suppose.” 

With that said, Peter connected your lips in a soft embrace, one hand holding your cheek, while the other held his weight on the bed. Pulling away slightly, he stared down at your lips, smiling softly. “Can I…make love to you, Y/n?”

Just that one sentence was enough to light your whole face up like a Christmas tree. Staring up at him in disbelief, you were lost for words. Blinking a couple of times, you finally found your voice. “P-Peter…I told you, I-”

“No, no, sweetheart. A different kind of love. You don’t have to do anything, I do all the work, and you’re virginity still belongs to you. Trust me, you’ll love it.” 

“I-I…I don’t know…” You blushed, watching as he slowly laid you down onto the bed, pulling you downward so that way your legs dangled off the edge of the bed. 

“Just trust me, love.” His kissed your forehead, down to you nose. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” Kiss to both of your cheeks, “You are completely in control, just tell me when to stop.” He pecked your lips gently, relaxing you just a little bit. 


Peter went lower, placing pecks on your jaw, all the way down your neck, then back up. Repeating this action twice, he kissed a little harder on a certain spot, get a tiny sound out of you. Once he heard your reaction, he stayed on that spot, this time suckling and biting; marking his territory 

You gasped at the feeling, as a reflex you shot your hands into his hair, pulling on the strands. He groaned softly in your ear, an unholy sound it was, but you wanted to hear more. 

Once he was satisfied, he pulled away slightly to admire his work, blowing cold air on the spot. You whimpered, getting a deep chuckle to erupt from his chest, as he pecked your lips once more. Peter’s hands slowly made their way up your shirt, feeling every curve, every bump, every little scar, but he wanted to see, not feel. He needed to. Lifting your shirt up slowly, showing the flesh of your stomach, he stopped there, looking into your eyes for approval. 

“We don’t have to, love…” He whispered, but you shook your head.

“I trust you.” You assured him, getting a slight nod in understanding. 

He lifted it far up to where the cups of your dark green bra showed, getting a small smirk from the boy. His eyes flickered from yours, and back to your bra, as he slowly licked his lips. “You are such a tease, you know that?”

“You say that like I planned this,” You bit your lip, looking anywhere but him. 

“Would you believe me if I said I dreamed for this to happen?” He placed long, soft kisses on the tops of your breasts, his large hands cupping each one, a soft moan he earned from the action. Sucking the skin on your left one had you squirming just a bit, you’ve never felt anything like this before, and your were sure that there was much more to come. To him, this was nothing. To you, this was everything.

Moving downward, kissing and nipping at the skin on the way, he had made it to your navel, placing a slightly wet kiss on the spot, your stomach clenching up. Peter looked up at you with hooded eyes, as they clouded over with lust, and love all mixed together. He didn’t mind taking it slow for you, all he wanted to do was please you, and if just his simple kisses were doing that, he was content. He slowly, so he wouldn’t freak you out, started to pull down your skirt, he felt your breathing start to speed up, so he stopped midway, placing a light kiss on your hipbone.

“Are you alright?” 

“J-Just a little…scared…I’ve never shown…I-I-[Gasp]” Your breath hitched into your throat, stopping you from speaking. 

He placed one digit over your clothed heat, rubbing small circles over your bundle of nerves. An unfamiliar sensation started to build up in your lower abdomen, and for a moment you felt yourself dampen. It was something like you’ve never even felt before, sure the idea of doing this yourself crossed your mind, but you never dared to try. 

“How does it feel?” He asks, giving more pressure to his rubbing. Your legs twitched, small whimpers escaping as you took in the new feeling he was giving you. “Tell me, love.”

“I-I…I don’t know, it…ah,” You moaned softly, as he started to speed up, the friction driving you crazy. You could barely think straight, as you gripped his sheets with all your might, your breathing rapid, your face flushed.

He suddenly stopped, making you whine in protest, but were soon rewarded when he stuck the single digit inside your underwear, now having skin to skin contact. The sudden action made you clamp your legs shut, biting your lip hard, the dampening in your underwear getting worse.

“[Chuckle] Now, love, you gotta open up for me. Come on, you can do it. Remember, trust me.” He rubbed up and down your smooth leg, trying to relax you a little more. Taking a deep breath, you started to open your legs back up, a loud moan leaving your mouth as he started up again at a fast pace, biting his lip to keep from groaning at the sight before him. A wet spot was visible on your underwear, just begging for his attention. 

He couldn’t take it any longer. Sure, he was all about the foreplay, but right now, all he could think about was having you right there, on his bed. It’s what he has been thinking about for the past week, and now he was not about to waste anymore time.

“Okay, sweetheart. This will feel a little weird at first, but don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Now…are you sure about this?” He slowed down his movement on your jewel, making your head spin with frustration. 

“Y-yes, Peter, yes..!” You whined, throwing your head back onto his bed, gripping the sheets even tighter, eyes watering in anticipation. 

That was all he needed to hear, as he ripped off your underwear, exposing yourself to him, finally. In all his life, he has never seen anything so beautiful, no matter how bizarre that may sound, you were gorgeous. Not even hesitating, he kissed the inside of your thigh, savoring the sounds that he earned. Looking up at you one last time, he rested both of his hands on each thigh, spreading you just a little farther. He leaned down, placing the gentlest kiss he could onto your heat, getting a jolt of pleasure to shoot through your body. 


“What ever you want, my queen,” He muttered as he finally put his skilled tongue to work, spelling out his name as he did so. The moans that you let out were forbidden, something that you were to save for your significant other. But, in this moment you were in, you could care less, only focusing on the pleasure Peter was giving to you. 

He pulled away slightly, placing kisses onto the spots he either missed or felt like needed more attention. Lifting himself up so that his face leveled with yours, he stared down at you, a couple of his fingers teasing your entrance.

“Y/n, baby, look at me,” He purred, grabbing your attention. He licked his lips, the taste of you still upon them, as he entered one finger inside of you slowly. You yelped slightly in pain, making him halt any movements. “I know, I know…I’m sorry, love, it’ll get better, I promise.” He softly pecked your lips, thrusting the single digit in and out in a very slow pace, practically groaning at how tight you were around just the one finger.

You breathed in and out, the pain started to go away, being replaced with pleasure. Soft moans flooded out of your mouth, Peter was quick to swallow them, as he connected your lips into a rough embrace, as he speeds up his thrusts, making sure to curl them upward. You gripped the sides of his neck, playing with the hairs at the base of his neck, concentrating on both the kiss and his magical hands.

“Love…I’m going to add one more…you think you can handle it?” You were quick to nod, unable to form any words. He quickly kisses you to distract you from the pain, continuing to thrust at a fast rate, sending tingles through your whole entire body. 

You thought the feeling of two digits couldn’t get any better, but once he used his thumb to rub hard circles on your clit, you started to see stars. Again, Peter swallowed your moans in a kiss so that none of the boys outside the door could hear you, still thrusting in and out to milk your orgasm for as long as he could. 

It was your very first one after all. 

Attitude Problem- part 3

Link to previous parts:

The sun was setting, leaving the sky a wonderful hue of copper. I drove full speed back to y/n’s apartment hoping I’d find her there. I didn’t want to risk calling or texting; what if she was still mad and didn’t want to see me? All I knew was that the more time I wasted on keeping the truth from her the harder it would be to make her believe me.

I rang the door bell and y/n opened the door for a split second before she tried shutting it right back in my face- but I thankfully held onto it with my strength.

She was always the queen of mean when she was angry.

“Y/n just listen to me!” I pleaded.

“I can’t talk to you right now, Finn.” She spoke softly from behind the half open door, applying enough force to let me know I wasn’t welcome inside.

“Babe, come on. Let me in.”

“But Finn.” Y/n’s voice seemed to waver at my name.

“What…” I waited for her to respond.

“I’m crying.” She whispered breathily.

In all her candour, she finally accepted that she was not made of stone. This was perhaps the first time that y/n suggested she had the capacity to shed tears because she was vulnerable and hurting.

“Then. Let me see you cry…” I pleaded

“No! Never.” The ferocity in her voice was back as she pushed the door further.

“Y/n you and I both know damn well I can break this door down.” I responded firmly to her protestation. “I’m not leaving until we talk this out.”

Just then, the force being exerted on the door disappeared and I quickly slipped inside.

“God you’re stubborn.” I huffed as I finally walked inside.

Y/n quietly walked towards the bedroom with her head hunched. I knew she was trying to hide her tears from me but I lurched forth and grabbed her wrist before she battled me from behind her bedroom door. No more doors!

I pulled her close to face me and she followed without resistance.

“Y/n, look at me.” I placed my finger under her chin so she could look me in the eye. She watched my eyes solemnly with her dampen lids. Honestly, she kind of looked pretty like that but I felt a bit stupid glamorising a crying woman like that.

“Don’t you want to talk? Don’t you want to know the truth?” I earnestly questioned her lack of curiosity.

“What’s there to talk about? Finn, I saw pictures of you. It was you. With her. In your bed. How can you possibly deny that?” She spoke exasperatedly, almost hopelessly.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I couldn’t deny it.

“I’m not denying it but I’m asking you to understand that this had nothing to do with you.”

“Don’t give me the this-was-before-I-met-you crap. The pictures were from 14th September. We started dating end of August.” She pointed.

“I know. Which is why I think you should know that I never really intended for us to be dating.”

Y/n narrowed her eyes at my bluntness.

“The rumours have always been true. I asked you out as part of a dare…because you’d been out of everyone’s league and… it was all really stupid guy stuff y/n, I’m sorry.” I quickly shut up, unable to explain the crassitude of how it all began as a fling for me to cement my reputation with the lads.

A silent tear rolled down y/n’s face as she tried to twist her wrist out of my hand.

“No, listen.” I begged.

Y/n looked like she was going to break into a million pieces at what I was going to say next.

“I know it was a dick move but I really thought I was going to stop seeing you soon.” I explained.

“But I couldn’t.” I bit my lip at the memory of the epiphany.

“Truth is, I did everything I could to get over you. I was in another city, drunken to the point I couldn’t walk straight & I was going to break it off with you the next day I returned.”

Y/n’s bore holes into my soul as she watched me with a pained countenance. It was all probably too much for her to take in.

“That’s part of the grind, y/n. It’s the typical life of a wrestler-”

“Then why did you continue to see me?” Y/n cut me off as she tried to stifle her sobs.

“Because I fell in love with you!” I raised my arms in vexation.

“Don’t you get it y/n? I couldn’t fling it anymore! I couldn’t just leave you because I realised I didn’t want you on my arm like some prize or championship belt for the whole world to see. I cared for you! And I still do.” I confessed.

She watched me silently and I couldn’t even tell if she was breathing right.

“Y/n… I’m sorry for what I did but I never knew I was going to fall head over heels for you. I swear you’re the only one in my life.” I assured her.

Hi! I’d like for you guys to tell me how y/n should react. Let’s take a vote and continue the story, yeah?

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Not Right ~J.G.;S.W.~

Summary: you cheat on Gilinsky with Sammy.

Requested: yup

Note: sorry it’s so long, but I feel like this is one of my best writings :))

“How do you sleep at night?” I roll my eyes and wiggle into my skinny jeans.

“I think it’s the fact that he doesn’t love me that helps” I say pretending like I had to think about it. I turn around and look at the boy I’ve been sleeping with for the past 6 months. It was more than just sex though. It had always been more than sex. Sammy made me feel like no one on this earth did. We loved eachother, even though for the time being, we couldn’t be together.

That tore me apart. Knowing that I would see Sam almost everyday and never get to cuddle with him around our friends. I wouldn’t get to show him off and take couple like pictures with him. I know it killed him too. I saw the way his light brown eyes turned to a murky black, the way his contagious smile slowly crept away from his perfect face, the way he became more insecure and felt smaller in his big bed, the way he watched with intense curiosity as I moved around his bedroom collecting my belongs getting ready to leave again. But we could never be together.

I kiss him goodbye and tell him I might be able to come over later that night. He just nods and savors the kiss as he usually does.

I walk through the apartment and out toward my car, making sure no one saw me. Even if they did though, I had an amazing excuse, just incase. I climbed up in the car I first bought when everyone made the great migration to Los Angeles. I turned up the radio and made my way home.

As I turned on to the highway, my phone started ringing, the contact name flashed across my navigation system: My Love followed by a series of different hearts. I pressed a button on my steering wheel that answered the call.

“Hey baby, I was just on the way home, do you want me to pick you up something to eat?” I ask getting off at my correct exit.

“Oh sure, but could you pick me and Johnson up and take us to voice lessons, our cars are still at Dillons” my boyfriends voice sounded different through the speakers of my car.

“Yeah sure. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” I say turning into our street.

“Okay. Bye” and with that he was gone. That’s how all of our phone conversations ended, no i love you, no see ya later. Just okay, bye. I pull into my driveway and honk the horn before seeing the two bestfriends goof around and jump into my car.

“Hey y/n” Johnson says from the backseat. I give him a big smile and put the car in reverse.

“Hey baby girl, what did you do today?” Jack says quickly pecking my cheek before buckling his seatbelt.

“I went to a few stores, but I didn’t find anything good. I’m thinking about going to the flea market later for some more decorations, you guys wanna come?” I ask the two crazy boys.

“Sorry y/n/n me and G have to finish this song tonight or this album is never getting out.” Johnson says.

We all began talking about the boys album and how they shouldn’t rush it.

I pull up to the building where they boys get vocal lessons before going to the studio.

“If you need me to pick you guys up or whatever just let me know” I say smiling.

Gilinsky pecks my cheek again before sliding out the door.

“Thanks y/n” Johnson smiles lightly at me before following behind Gilinsky.

I drive home listening to music and thinking about my life.

As I get home I start cleaning up. When I get to my bedroom I get an overwhelming feeling of wrongness.

I know I shouldn’t be sleeping with Sam when me and Gilinsky are together, but I love Sam. Aren’t you supposed to be with the person you love.

I know it may be cruel that I don’t love jack, but he doesn’t love me either, he never did. Me and him grew up as great best friends and people just kinda expected us to be together like some kind of cliche book. Hell our parents even let us shower with each other until the time we moved to Cali. Everyone was shocked when Jack started dating Madison. I was for a moment but then he told me how happy she makes him and that’s all I want for my bestfriend. When they broke up it was pretty bad for the both of them. I tried my best to console them individually but it was getting hard. Madison just wanted to be alone and Jack just needed someone. So of course I was there.

Of course it started out as innocent, regular bestfriend duties. Then we slept together and we continued to have sex for over a month. Then one day, while Johnson was on Instagram live me and jack accidentally walked through the camera. This wouldn’t be so bad, but I was half naked with my lips attached to Jacks.

We didn’t want to let everyone down and have our entire families and friend group disappointed so we just started dating and told everyone. It was fun at first, but the most important part of every relationship, is actually having feelings for the other person.

About a year into our relationship, I started getting feelings for someone else. These feelings were very real and very strong. Sammy caught my eye one day and everything hit me like a truck. He smiled at me and the world spun in the opposite direction for a moment. He hugged me goodbye like usual, but this time I could smell his heavenly cologne and feel how warm he was.

Our quiet flirting eventually turned into something more. We began hanging out by ourselves and realized we loved eachother. Luckily Sam had broken up with Stassie and she had already moved on.

Me and jack grew further apart and suddenly we were strangers. He didn’t care where I went and why I vanished for the night. He was always to caught up with Madison. I get it, I do.

As I sit in my bed, craving more from Sammy I realize this life wasn’t for me. I knew jack was probably in the studio by now so I decided to pay him a visit.

As I got in my car and began driving, I could feel and hear my heart slamming against my rib cage, threatening to bust out if I didn’t calm myself. My hands began sweating from my nerves and I found myself tightly gripping the wheel. I got a sudden lump in my throat and it was hard to breathe.

I pulled into the parking lot and raced up the stairs. I was moving a bit faster than I wanted to but my heart was controlling me, not my brain. I opened the door where the boys wrote and record songs. I see the 2 boys sitting at the computer with their sound manager, trying to make a beat.

“I hate to interrupt, but G, I need to talk to you” I say as confidently as I can. Though it sounded like a whimper.

He nods nervously and follows me out and into an empty room.

We both sit on the couch, knowing exactly what’s happening. We knew this would happen, it has to.

“We can’t keep doing this Jack” I turn my head and look at the stressed out boy.

“I know, I just feel like we have to because everyone wants us to and that’s what we were born to be” he says leaning his head on my shoulder. Jack will always be my bestfriend before he’s anything else.

“I know. But I was born to be happy and I love you so much jack I do, but I’m not happy with you and I know you’re miserable with me” I say almost whining.

“What do we tell everyone?” He says chuckling.

“The truth I suppose” I say scratching the side of his head. I always do this to calm him down.

“Do you love Sam the way I love Madison?” He asks quietly after a few moments of silence.

“Yea. Yea I do” I say before kissing jacks head making my way back to my car. I put out a tweet.

@y/n: you can’t keep doing things that make you unhappy, just because that’s what everyone expects of you

@y/n: me and @jackgilinsky just weren’t made to be together. We are bestfriends and I don’t think we could ever be more.

@y/n: I’m so sorry, but me and jack both have our hearts set in other places.

I tweet them and see all the mentions saying they’re crying and the ship has sunk. Most people said they understood and as fans they just wanted us happy.

As I got in my car I saw jack retweeted my tweets and posted a few of his own.

@jackgilinsky: my heart is set with @madisonbeer and it always has been

@jackgilinsky: don’t worry, I love @y/n, just not in that way. I love you guys too.

I retweeted and and immediately got calls and texts from my friends and family. I laugh and began my drive towards Sammy’s apartment.

The drive seemed so much shorter on the way there. As I walked in front of his front door I took a deep breathe with a huge smile on my face. I could finally be with the love of my life. I knock on the door and it’s ripped open by a topless Sammy who pulls me into a kiss before I get a chance to say hey.

“I love you so much” he says grabbing my face and squishing it. I laugh and pull him down on the bed, cuddling into his warm chest.

I would never have to see Sam get a little less happy every time I walked out his door. His sad smile would be replaced with giant grins. His murky black eyes could stay shiny and light brown. His insecurities washed away and his bed felt just right with both of our bodies mingled in it. We were finally happy and together forever.

Imagine Otabek not knowing what to get Yuri for his 16th birthday so he makes him a mixtape of special tracks and Yuri absolutely loses it because not only does he have a cool DJ friend but said friend has just given him exclusive new music and holy crap it’s so good

He’d put in original mixes and some mixes made of songs Yuri has mentioned liking. Remixes of Yuri’s short and long program music too.

Yuri would be amazed at how well the music fits his preferences and Otabek’s just like “well I paid attention to what you mentioned liking” and Yuri doesn’t cry but he almost does. Because Otabek gets him, as cliche as it sounds, he sees Yuri as Yuri and not just ‘the prodigal skater Yuri Plisetsky’ or ‘the Russian fairy’. Because for once someone has paid attention to his interests and instead of brushing them aside is helping him explore more of them, by finding more music he likes. And so they sit there in a cafe in St Petersburg listening to the whole playlist and the entire world seems to fall into a haze around them; it’s just Yuri, his best friend, and the earphones connecting them as they listen to the tracks over and over.

Arrow 5x20 - “Underneth” - What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


OLIVER AND FELICITY ARE TRAPPED — Things get intense when Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are trapped in the bunker together. Meanwhile, Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Andreson) and Diggle (David Ramsey) deal with their martial marital issues.

Note: My correction based on further reading of various published analises of the episode synopsis.

Promo Stills

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Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz

They wrote together


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2x14  “Time of Death”

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2x20 “Seeing Red”

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3x07  “Draw Back Your Bow" 

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4x19 “Canary Cry”

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5x09  "What We Leave Behind”

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These writers together have made us smile and enjoy beautifull Olicity but they also brought us high pain levels.

I do notice that all the pain they did brought us was one that brought Olicity together. I am counting Malone’s death because both Oliver and Felicity suffered from it, the pain was real for both of them it just had diferent shades.

Billy Joel song

December Song (until You Come To Me) Lyrics

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

What we expect

Things are bad when 5x20 hits our screen, Felicity chip and all electronic devices aren’t working because of the EMP, Chase will be looming somewhere unseen (I refer you to Marc answer stating that Chase really was there here ); Oliver and Felicity will be trapped inside the bunker with a maniac in total darkness and without comunications.

This is how I see things could play out after this:

Survival mode will surpass any thing that they were arguing about in 5x19 for a few moments. 

Oliver will secure the bunker after getting Felicity to a wheelchair.

Escape mode will come next. Oliver will try to climb the elevator shaft, and fail being hurt himself.

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They will try to escape trough some kind of tunnel but Oliver is hurt and losses conscience Felicity will crawl to him desperate, voice riddled with concern

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And this is when they will talk.

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They’ll adress what came between them. 

I’m expecting 5x20 to follow 5x19 trend of talking honestly and both Oliver and Felicity being vocal about their feellings and needs.

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Yes we will have Flaskbacks to a time between Season 4 and Season 5, and yes I know we will have this

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it will be nice to watch but what I’m interested in knowing is how it will resonate in the present, because it will or there would be no point in showing it. We are in the last episodes of the Season there’s no time to relive the past if it doesn’t make the present storyline move forward

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Marc said Chase was in the bunker when the EMP happen. Should we trust him? Yes, but we have to take care on how we read it. Chase was there but where? Inside the bunker? In the building? In the tunnels? I think his target is Felicity. EMP is the ideal weapon to use on Felicity, for her spinal chip, for what she brings to the table as a true strenght in battle, technology. Tecnology that doesn’t function when hit by an EMP. 

Originally posted by canonusa

The game is still being played and ”the Queen” just made a sequence of major plays that destabelized the chessboard in Oliver’s advantage. With the EMP the “Queen” isn’t dead but she’s pinned down, unable to “move”.

I don’t know much about chess but I do know the basics, enough to know that to win it’s important to take down the Queen. I allways considered the Queen as the most important piece in the game because she’s free to move where ever she likes as far as she wants to (with the only limit being other pieces, and the board limits). The King is more limited in terms of moves, he can only take 1 step to whichever direction he choses (I know there are exceptions to this rule but they are unique and only possible under strick conditions).

Felicity is the Queen, she has latitude to move how she likes. Or she did, Chase just took that away by trapping her in the bunker, unable to walk and totally disconected. Chase can do whatever he wants in her “absence”.

Remember he doesn’t want to take the King (Oliver) he just wants him to be standing alone in the chessboard, suffering as all the pieces on his side are taken one by one.

Chase move isn’t going to play out inside the bunker but outside. I saw this theory going around and it makes sense. With Felicity out of the way he can make his move… what move?

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Not only Oliver will be concern about Felicity’s safety, Felicity concern about Oliver’s safety, they both working to find a way out, and having the adult conversation that hopefully will bring us Olicity back 

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but the Team and Lyla will be working on getting them out. Consequently they won’t be thinking about what can Chase be doing. I wondered if this was the moment Chase get’s BS out of ARGUS prison. Everyone is so foccused on Oliver and Felicity, even Lyla, that he could just use that distration to break BS out, but then 5x22 synopsis came out and BS is only showing up then making 5x20 a bit too soon for Chase to break her out. But he’s doing something, I’m guessing it’s probably related to William, something we won’t know about in 5x20 but later.

What I hoped for episode 5x20 when the first hints of this Olicity episode dropped, when paps and reddit fanboys were mad and deciding to skip it entirely was this

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 But then we started to get more hints. Marc talked. Then Wendy talked. And my hope changed somewhat. I hope Olicity will be back on a fast track to become the power couple I dream about them being. Having worked out their issues and shared their ghosts. The show this Season as been presenting me Olicity conversations with a dept I never expected and that blow my mind everytime they happen. I’m expecting exponentially higher level of sharing and honesty for this 5x20 adult conversation because it was anounce as the big adult talk so it should be more surprising and heart breaking.

We are going into darker times for Oliver and Team Arrow, I hope he doesn’t have to face all this without Felicity by his side has his partner in the Team and in life. I think a hero needs that balance, that support, or he’s just a guy running down the streets beating up / killing criminals, and IMO losing track of what’s like to be human.

Green Arrow from Arrow will not be that. All I read, all I hear, no one on the show wants him to be that. 

Olicity will move forward. Oliver will have Felicity by his side this I believe will happen in this episode. Maybe they won’t be living together (but then where will Oliver be living with the bunker inaccesible?) or living together as a couple but they will be closer to eachother probably like we have never seen before, no lies, no omissions, respect and trust being actively built on everyday. Am I delusional? Maybe but a girl can hope and I’m the more excited and ready for my heart to be melted and eventually broken into tiny little pieces (mainly because of the Flash backs) as I ever have. 

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Harry had been home for about a week and in those few days we made sure to spend each day together. We’d been a couple for almost half a year and so far everything’s been great. A few petty fights here and there but we never let each other sleep without making up.

Harry. Oh how sweet that boy is. He’d call every night to ask me how my day was whenever he was on tour, he’d send me chocolates or flowers whenever I’m feeling sad and all sorts of things I didn’t ask of him. I tried telling him to stop but he just waves me off and tells me he likes to spoil me. ’It’s the least I could do when I’m far away from you.’ He’d say. He is always there to support me and lately he’s been extra clingy because of his nearing flight back to L.A.

I was sprawled on my side of the bed as I waited for him to return from the bathroom. Out of nowhere, I felt an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach and it’s not because of his departure tomorrow but of something else. Recently, a thought occurred to me while I was scrolling through twitter. I was recounting all of Harry and I’s escapades in the course of our relationship when this certain thought came into mind. I knew Harry noticed my odd behavior but he didn’t ask about it. He knew better than to pry. Ever since that certain thought appeared on my mind, I couldn’t shake it off. It made me restless and moody that sometimes I didn’t felt up to par to join Harry whenever he suggests going out. We always remained inside the house either watching a movie or doing our own things. And in those days, I missed him. He tried cheering me up. Sometimes it worked, other times not so much. But nonetheless, he made the effort and I appreciated it. Somehow, I grew a little bit distant from him.

Harry emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he shook his hair out of his face. His curls had gotten long that it touched his shoulders and he still managed to look good. Hot even. Only Harry. I thought to myself. I couldn’t help but stare at his glistening body as he pulled on a pair of boxers and hung his towel on the back the chair before walking towards the bed. “Hey,” he smiled at me, crawling on the bed and shuffling towards me until he was close enough to pull me into his arms. He plants his face on the crook of my neck and places a kiss there as I run my fingers through his damp hair. “How was your day?”

“Good. How about yours?”

“Same as usual.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes before continuing to tell me what his day consisted of. I liked listening to him ramble endlessly about work because you could hear the passion leaking in every word he said, his eyes light up and over all, his face just glows. He truly loved his work along with the boys who share the same passion as him.

Not long after, Harry fell asleep mid-story due to the evident exhaustion in his eyes. I smiled at his peaceful features before detaching myself from him, feeling a bit hot. As I rolled on to my side, that unsettling feeling appeared again. I sighed. I am starting to hate this feeling because my anxiety levels are rising and it’s not helping me fall asleep. I tossed and turned trying to find a good spot for me to sleep in but I couldn’t find one. Frustrated, I reached for my phone and decided to do a bit of reading but was greeted with a ton of notifications on twitter. Basically, it’s just fans tagging me pictures of Harry and I or just Harry. I clicked on one video that showed a brief timeline of our relationship. It seems so long ago when I first met Harry and right now everything feels natural. In some way, that thought didn’t sit well with me and caused me to overthink things. Again. (Unfortunately, I was a pro at overthinking.)

I felt restless. I faced Harry and started drinking in his features. All those slopes and dents, those eyebrows pulled low on his forehead revealing a little crease in between. How did I get so lucky? I sighed. I hadn’t realized how much of a ruckus I was making until Harry shifted and stretched his arms out, reaching for me. “Baby,” he wiggled his fingers. “C'mere.”

I scooted closer to him and he immediately enveloped me into his warm embrace. Even though his arms were comfortable, it didn’t solve the battle happening inside of me. I couldn’t enjoy nor relax and it’s driving me crazy.

Sensing my discomfort, he asked “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”

A frown etched upon his face when I looked up at him. “What’s bothering you?”

“It’s really nothing, Haz.” I tried to convince him. “You have an early flight tomorrow, you need to get some rest.”

His brows were pulled even lower on his forehead as he studied my face. “It’s because I’m leaving, isn’t it? I told you-”

“No!” I interrupted, causing him to widen his eyes in confusion. “It’s fine. Really. It’s not like I won’t be seeing you in a few days. You have to go to work and I just have to finish up here before flying to you.” I said more calmly.

“I know. But it feels like you’re hiding something from me.”

“It really is nothing, H.” I smiled. Hoping that he’d finally give up and drop the subject. “Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so…” he sighed. “Turn around.” I did as told and he pulled my body close to him, spooning me. His familiar arms sent a wave of warmth through my body that somehow eased my mind. I missed his snuggles in bed whenever he’s away. I tend to grab a shirt he had worn and spread it on the empty space beside me. Of course, it doesn’t compare to the real thing.

“I wish we could stay like this forever.” I couldn’t help but sigh.

“What, cuddling? You know you could just ask for some and I’d be happy to give you a lot.”

“Yes and no,” I giggled. I am very much aware of his love for cuddles. But our light mood suddenly died down when my mouth started talking on its own. “I meant this phase that we’re in.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about.” He gave a nervous laugh and tightened his hold on my body, placing a lingering kiss on my bare shoulder. It only made me feel worse.

“This ‘new-in-the-relationship-phase’ where everything is sweet and perfect. Where we’d go the extra miles for each other just to make one of us happy.” A lot of things were swirling through my head, I’m not even sure if I’m making sense.

“Is that what you think this is? That all of this is just in the beginning and that somewhere down the road I wouldn’t go the 'extra mile’ to make you happy?” His voice was full of confusion and hurt. Suddenly, he retracted his arm making me turn on my side and face him. “I don’t know where all of this is coming from but you are wrong.” He pursed his lips and exhaled through his nose as he tried to reign in his anger.

“It’s not like that,” I started. “But I can’t help but think something is bound to go wrong. There’s always a glitch in the system, Harry. But I know I’d always go that extra mile for you.”

“And you think I won’t?”

I didn’t know what to say. All of these thoughts are messing with my head and it’s clouding my judgement. All of my pent up emotions that I’ve been feeling ever since Harry’s arrival came crashing down on me. The frustration, anger, sadness and doubt fought its way to my system demanding to be felt. On top of that, I made Harry angry and he’s leaving soon adding to the stress I’m feeling right now. I burst into tears.

Harry’s eyes widen at the sight in front of him. He immediately pulled me up into a sitting position and started rubbing my arms and back, trying to calm me. “I’m s-sorry!” I blurted out. “I shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s just that I’m afraid that far into this relationship you’d get too comfortable. A-and when that happens it’ll be just like a routine and it’ll feel like it’s out of obligation t-to do things for each other. It always turns out like that, Harry. It’s always like that.” I was a blubbering mess. My arm flailed around while my hands kept making wild gestures that I’m sure did not made any sense.

“Hey, hey” he smooths my hair and wipes my tear streaked face. “Calm down, love. Don’t cry.” His expression was pained at seeing me in this state and he didn’t know what to do. “What are you talking about?”

I tried to calm down my breathing before I voice out my thoughts to him. “6 months, 7, 8, a year into the relationship, you both get too comfortable around each other that the other just doesn’t feel the need to win you over anymore. Because they got what they wanted. They got me so they don’t feel the need to impress me, show me they’re worth my attention because they have met their goal. I don’t know if I’m making sense but in the long run everything just starts to die down instead of growing into something more.”

A flash of pain flickered behind his eyes. Suddenly, his jaws clenched and his features hardened. His angry glare made a shiver run down my spine. “You are being afraid of nothing. I won’t turn into those douche bags you’re talking about. I will always love you. And I will do everything just to make you happy because seeing you happy makes me happy. If you’re afraid that I won’t make an effort-”

“No, you don’t understand, Har-”

“Then explain it to me!” He yelled. My eyes widen at him. I had never seen him this frustrated before. The veins on his forehead and neck started popping out at how much he’s trying to control his temper. “Because I haven’t got a clue on what you are talking about!”

“It’s not something you could easily promise, Harry! You don’t know what will happen! You won’t know when you’ll eventually be tired of me and-”

And it dawned on him. His features visibly changed, immediately understanding everything. “Tired of you? Is this what all of this is about? Me getting tired of you?”

“I’m a nobody, Harry.” I averted my gaze to the floor to avoid his intense stare. I was surprised at how long I was holding his gaze throughout this argument we’re having.

“You’re reading those damn articles again, aren’t you?” He accused, voice full of disappointment. “How many times do I have to tell yo-”

“I know, I know.” I exhaled. The anger was gone from me now. All I felt was hopelessness. “But I can’t help it. I’m a girl. I will always have insecurities.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and grunted lowly. “But that doesn’t give you the right to doubt my love for you.” He mumbled. I didn’t say anything in return because I know he is right. I hate this. I shouldn’t have let my insecurities eat me up. But can you really blame me? He’s a freaking popstar for god’s sake! He could have any girl in the world and why he chose a common girl was beyond me. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding me for days?”

“I’m not really avoiding you. Just minimizing our contact so you won’t get tired of seeing my face.”

“That’s enough!” He yelled and grabbed my face into his hands making me look at him. “Listen to me okay? You are an amazing girl. Saying you’re beautiful won’t do you justice because you are more than that. You exceed the limitations of being beautiful inside and out. You are funny, talented, generous, kind and most of all, you are the best. You give so much love to people who do not deserve it. You are selfless. And that’s not even half the reasons why I love you. I could go on and on but that would take us forever. I won’t get tired of you, of us. I will always love sleeping next to you, waking up next to you, going on in a day with and coming home to you. You are one of a kind and I’d be damned if I let someone like you go.”

His words stirred my heart and made me feel more horrible for doubting him. My tears started flowing down my face again as I let what he told me sink in. “I’m sorry…” I whispered.

“Stop thinking like that, okay? Give yourself some credit. Your parents love you, the lads adore you, your friends care for you. And most of all, I love you with all my heart.” He smiled, finally being able to fix me again. He slid his hands around my waist and brought me closer to him, engulfing me in a heart felt hug.

I circled my arms around his shoulders and buried my face into his neck. “I don’t know what to say, Harry. That’s the sweetest thing someone has said to me. Thank you.”

He pulled away to look at me. He brought his hand to my face and ran his thumb over my cheek. “You deserve it, baby. And I’m not saying all those things to make you feel better. I want you to realize all of that.”

I nodded. “I’m sorry for doubting you. I should never have. I should have known you’d always be there for me.”

“I will.” He promised. “And please stop reading those tabloids, yeah? You don’t need them.” I nodded again and smiled. Happy that once again, he reassured me that everything will be fine as long as we have each other. “There’s my girl.”

I gazed into his eyes and saw how it lit up when I said, “I love you.”

A wide grin spread across his beautiful face, making his dimple pop out. “I love you more, baby.”

We stared at each other until I closed my eyes when I felt him lean in. Our lips brush, nose bumping and finally, he kissed me. Pouring every emotion into the kiss, filling all the words that were never said but most importantly, expressing our love that only he and I could feel.

It was overwhelming, the kiss and all the words Harry told me. He knew what to say and how to make me feel better again. I know that we could both do this. This would work out if we have each other. And I know that this part of our relationship isn’t just a phase but an obstacle we were to overcome. I’m happy to say that I think, we just did.


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Lydia’s POV-

“Do you know why I called you in?” Mr. Johnson asks as I sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk. I look at him as he leans back in his office chair waiting for me to respond, and then I look at the tape recorder. He looks at it before adding, “Just be as truthful as you can.” He puts the tape recorder away from me, so I don’t feel swayed by it. 

“I’m guessing it has to do with Y/n Y/l/n.” I said, not caring that my voice sounds broken. 

“Yes… It is.” He says. “Now from - this may not be true - but what I have saw in the hallways you were around her a lot, correct?” I nod my head. “Was she a close friend of yours?”

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“Green “- Oneshot

“Green” - Oneshot

Bucky Barnes x Reader

My Materlist - Here

Other characters: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

Word Count: 1518

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing (I naturally curse a lot and it comes out in my writing sometimes. Sorry.)

Summary:  Reader has been having a tough time and needs an escape. She loses control when she is stopped. Bucky has to try to calm her down.

Originally posted by lematworks

Author’s Note: I know the title is weird. I’m not very good at titles. If you have a better idea, please suggest it! Haha! 

This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m write for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife

You really weren’t feeling okay today. You needed an escape from everyone for even an hour. You usually talked to your boyfriend, Bucky, about this type of stuff. But he was training with Wanda and Sam. Not wanting to be a bother to anyone, you decided to just go walk around and see where you end up.

Putting your laptop in your bag and grabbing your keys, you were about to head out when Steve stopped you.

“Hey, (Y/N). Where you off to?” He asked over his shoulder while he worked on lunch for everyone.

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My North Star (pt 9)

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A/N: Thank you to all the readers who have requested part nine. Some of you guys have even checked up on me to make sure I was feeling well since I haven’t updated the series in such a long time. I’ve just had a lot going on in my life personally and academically and life’s been kind of shitty. But I’m glad to write more for you guys! Let me know what you think. Do you want part 10?

Genre: ok this part is just straight up angst not going to lie.

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: you were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girls comes along? And a new man aims to win your heart. 

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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Bellamy Blake Imagine: Easy Choice

Requested by @jazminwinchester

Summary: Reader has feelings for Bellamy and gets into fight with Clarke, because she likes him as well. Next morning, she tells him, that he has to choose between them. Later that day, she walks in Clarke and Bellamy kissing and upset leaves camp. Out in the woods she is attacked by grounders, but is saved by Bellamy. Once they return to the camp, he tells her that he has chosen her, not Clarke and reader takes some time to process it.

Word Count: 3306

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“You are an angel, Y/N, you know that?” I laughed at Bellamy’s compliment, “But, really, thank you.”
“You are welcome,” I smiled at him.

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anonymous asked:

What are some songs you listen too when you're sad. Songs that are soft and make you cry because they're happy and bring out your emotions?

i actually have two playlists on spotify for this sort of thing - one for sad songs (x) and one that has mellow themes with happier lyrics (x). tbh i usually only cry to very specific songs, and happy songs don’t make me cry, but i’ll see what i can find!

my go-to crying songs:

  • lies - marina and the diamonds
  • bravado - lorde
  • she used to be mine - sara bareilles
  • a beautiful mess - jason mraz
  • landslide - fleetwood mac
  • between two lungs - florence + the machine
  • million years ago - adele
  • liability - lorde (yes this song literally just came out but it’s already made me cry and it’s so emotional)

sad, gentle songs:

  • rivers and roads - the head and the heart
  • explosions - ellie goulding
  • buzzcut season - lorde
  • tracks in the snow - the civil wars
  • bitter and sick - one two
  • dim the lights - creep ft sia
  • god only knows - elizaveta
  • koo koo - oh land
  • dream - imagine dragons
  • devils on our side - jukebox the ghost
  • fear and loathing - marina and the diamonds
  • willow - jasmine thompson

mellow, happier songs:

  • tiger striped sky - roo panes
  • skyway drive-in - shane alexander
  • boardwalks - little may
  • pacific blue - emily zeck
  • on the frame - beta radio
  • bloom - the paper kites
  • sun tomorrow - ira wolf
  • top to toe - fenne lily
  • you and i - ingrid michaelson
  • honeybee - steam powered giraffe
  • hummingbird - miss e
  • you are the moon - the hush sound