crying because all the gay

Sports Ruin Everything

lord help us all

Pairing: Riley/Maya
Words: 834
Summary: Maya has a date, except this time, it’s with a girl. New information for Riley. 


Speak of the devil and she shall come- it’s a liquid sunlight afternoon spent studying in Topanga’s, and just as you’re about to ask where Maya is, she comes in the bakery with a grin, waving around her phone like a flag, announcing: “Guess who just got asked out by a super hot chick!”

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I keep having faberry moments.

But then I realise.

Hollstein is Faberry.

Snarky, rude, mysterious one and the bubbly, optimist, who wants to do everything.

And then I have a bechloe moment.

And then I realise that Bechloe is also the same.

Dark, mysterious, sarcastic one and the bubbly, optimistic and kind one.

And then I cry because all my ships are the fucking same.