crying bc luke hemmings

they fucking did it. from a small gig to the largest show they’ve ever had tonight in Madison Square Garden. thank you boys for this awesome journey of watching you grow to be the amazing artists you guys are. I’ve never been more proud of a band before. kill it on stage like you usually do and here’s to many more.

Voodoo Doll LAYERED
5 Seconds Of Summer
Voodoo Doll LAYERED

So guys I did another layering audio edit but this time with 5SOS acoustic
“Voodoo doll One Mic One Take” and the studio version

Tears were shed and I did it at 1am please don’t hate me.


Left ear=Acoustic Right=studio version

Please don’t repost or delete original source as it took so long to get right. If you would like to credit I wouldn’t mind :’)

luke with children include:

- drumming on their bellies
- letting them cling onto his long legs as he walks around
- coloring the restaurant kids placemats w them
- playing the tic tac toe side and letting them win EVERY time
- “AW MAN again?? How are you just SO good at this game!!!!” with his hands on his hips :’/
- Making PBBBTT noises on their stomachs
- Driving and making exaggerated “WOAHHHHH"s when he makes a turn
- them falling asleep on him when on the couch and refuses to accept any offers to move them
- teaching them to play nursery rhymes on a guitar or piano
- sound effects when they play with toy cars or planes
- his giant self sitting on a tiny chair when he is invited to tea parties :’)
- putting them on his shoulders
- "ha HA! Now im taller than you Luke!!!”
- Laughs to himself everytime they draw him with hair thats so tall it takes up half the paper :(

ok but seriously i can imagine daddy!michael asking his little girl what colour he should dye his hair next, so he would take her to like the local drug store to buy some hair dye and michael would be holding his baby girl’s hand as she jumped out and down- excited to pick a new colour for her dad’s hair, and even though michael already knew that she was going to pick the colour blue again, he would always act shocked that she picked the same colour for him to dye his thinning out hair next ha ha

feel free to send in your own written blurbs or requests for werewolf!5sos and daddy!5sos blurb night!

whatever you do don’t imagine leaving daddy!luke home with your three year old son bc he finally got home from tour and you needed to get something from the store and when you came home you found your son sitting quietly on the sofa watching some kind of cartoon while your husband were no where to be seen. you walked slowly over to your and lukes shared bedroom and on the bed you found a broken luke with tears streaming down his pale face and his whole body shaking so you wrapped your hands around him and tried to calm him down in hopes of getting an proper sentence out of him and when that didn’t work you kissed his forehead and told him you were going to make some tea and you would talk. when you walked back down your son was standing on the landing on the stairs and looked at you with big blue eyes. “whos the crying man in there, mommy?” he said quietly and suddently everything made sense and luke was crying bc his little baby boy didn’t remember him  

Starlight Savior

“There are instructions and secrets hidden in the deepest parts of you Michael, parts you may never even know.” she breathed, “You’ll find them though, I know you will.” she whispered against his lips, “One day there will be a star that shines so bright in your sky, it’ll show you every part of yourself-it will make you who you are, and I can’t wait to see who that is.”


Michael always found home in the stars and the night sky, but when he met Y/N, he learned how to find home in a pair of twinkly eyes and a crooked smile.

masterlist :)

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