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Hii! I know it’s been forever since I wrote something and I’m very sorry. There’s been so much on my mind lately and so many things that made me feel overwhelmed and I just needed to sort it out. This is kind of very loosely based on ‘Love me or leave me’ by Little Mix because someone requested it. I hope you like it. I plan on writing a second

“Well, maybe I don’t fucking care anymore!”
It seemed like his booming voice made the whole house vibrate. It seemed like it cut right through Y/N. His words felt like he took a knife and rammed it into her heart and to top it all off he twisted it slowly so the pain had time to spread.
These last weeks felt like nothing but pain for her. He was never home and even when he was he somehow wasn’t. She let him in and he pushed her away. He pushed her so far away she couldn’t feel him anymore.
“Why are you still here then!?”
She had had enough. If he didn’t care anymore he could walk out the door and never come back.
Harry scoffed, turned around and walked up the stairs. When he slammed the bedroom door shut Y/N could feel the last bit of connection between them slipping away completely.
It’s never been this harsh. They slammed doors and yelled hurtful things before but it’s never been like this. Somehow this felt final.
She didn’t know how it happened, how everything between them began to crumble. But it did.
She didn’t feel his loving touch in at least three months. She didn’t hear his loving words in at least three months.
They fought almost every day and when they didn’t fight they didn’t talk to each other at all. Mornings were spent alone and cold, both waking up at their own times without a good morning kiss or a cuddle or anything at all. Nights were even worse. They went to sleep in the same bed but facing away from each other. They never solved their problems before bed. They broke their rule every single night and went to bed angry.
And even though right now Y/N might think it would be better if their paths would part she also knew she wouldn’t recover from it. Harry was the love of her life. She knew she could never be happy without him.
And so she broke down. Ugly sobs and fat tears. The whole weight of the last few months finally got too much and she couldn’t take it anymore. She was sure she’s never cried this much in her entire life. She was sure she never felt so hurt but numb at the same time before.
She didn’t know what the hell went wrong. What she did to push him away. What she did that made him stop loving her.
He doesn’t love you anymore.
Those were the words that constantly replayed in her head, after every fight.
He hates me.
She couldn’t find another explanation. That was the only reason she could think of as to why he wasn’t interested in fixing things between them.

When she met him she was sure he was the most wonderful person she’s ever met. He looked at her as if she was the most important thing on earth. He cooked the most delicious dinner for her. He held doors for her. He made her laugh and feel appreciated.
When she really got to know him she was knocked off her feet. He was the most gentle and loving man she could have ever imagined. He was there for her. He was the place she ran to when the world overwhelmed her. He was her happy place. Her home.
When things got a bit rough they stuck together. They were a team. They faced everything together and fought through it.
Y/N was the happiest girl ever. She thought she found her forever. Her happily ever after.
Until the perfect relationship began to change into great, then good, then normal and then…
Into whatever they had now.
She couldn’t take it anymore. And the worst thing was that there was no way out of this hell. They can’t go back to where they’ve once been. And parting ways? No fucking way could she survive without him.

It was three hours and twenty tissues later when Harry finally exited the bedroom and came down the stairs. Y/N was standing in front of the big living room window which had a view over what seemed like half of London. Her back was turned to Harry, her hair messy and her frame slightly shaking.
She knew that whatever would come now would change everything. She knew that they reached a point were something had to happen. Anything.
Harry took a deep breath and took the last few step towards her. Y/N closed her eyes when she felt his warmth. She hadn’t felt it in so long.
When he reached his hand out thread his fingers through hers she flinched. Harry could feel his heart breaking at her reaction to his touch. He closed the gap between them and pressed his chest flush against her back. That’s when Y/N started to cry again. Her whole body shook with the force of her tears and the whimpers and sobs seemed to get louder with every passing second.
“Shhh.” Harry tried to calm her and finally wrapped his arms around her from behind.
He nuzzled his face into her neck where she always smelled so good and that’s when he realized how long he hasn’t done that.
Y/N moved her arms so she could intertwine both her hands with his. She didn’t remember the last time she held his hand. She used to love his hands so much, always playing with his fingers and kissing his knuckles.
Harry kept pressing tiny kisses to her shoulder and squeezed her tighter to him every time a whimper left her lips.
They stood like that for at least ten minutes before Y/N turned around in his arms and hugged him again. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, his hands stroking softly over her back while her hands were fisting his shirt. She couldn’t get close enough. She needed him closer. Her hands wandered down underneath his shirt to touch his skin. Harry shuddered when her cold hands touched his skin but he knew she needed this. She hasn’t felt his skin in forever. It almost felt foreign.

When they finally pulled away from each other both of them were scared to let go. This couldn’t be it. They needed each other.
“We have to talk, Harry.” she whispered and pressed her forehead against his.
“I know, my love.”
My love. Was she still his love?
She thought he hated her.
They sat down at the kitchen table across from each other. Both of them couldn’t be fast enough to reach out for each other again and when their hands bumped against each other they both laughed softly. For the first time in months.
None of them wanted to be the first to say anything. Until Harry finally couldn’t take the silence anymore.
“I didn’t mean anything that I said earlier. Or… in the last few weeks. God, what is happening with us?”
“I don’t know, Harry. But it can’t keep going like this. I can’t take it anymore.”
“Me neither, love. I know I didn’t show how much it was affecting me but I want you to know that I feel just as broken as you do.”
Broken. Is that what they’ve become?
“I… I thought you hated me. During all these times you pulled away or turned your back towards me, I thought you hated me.”
Harry’s free hand reached out to hers so he could clasp her hand in both of his.
“I never ever hated you. Not for a second. And I never will.”
Y/N felt like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders and she felt like she could breath again.
“I love you so much, darling.” Harry whimpered.
Her head snapped up so she could look at him and when she saw tears running down his cheek she reached over the table to wipe them away.
“I love you too, Harry. So much.”
Harry removed her hand from his face and pressed gentle kiss to ever knuckle.
“What are we going to do, love? I want to fix this. I want to go back to being the happiest couple ever. I want to go back to being happy with each other.”
“Me too, Harry. God, I’d do everything to get back to what we once had.”
They stared into each other’s eyes until Y/N cleared her throat and diverted her eyes to the table.
“I-I think we need a break.”
Harry’s whole world stopped in that moment. His mouth fell open and his brows furrowed. He pulled his hands from hers and a breathless ‘no’ left his lips.
“No.” He repeated after a moment.
“No way.”
“Harry, listen. I-”
“No!” he shouted.
Y/N flinched and her ears began to ring like every time he raised his voice at her. Her eyes closed and tears began to dribble down her cheeks.
“Do you think I’m stupid? I know exactly what’s going to happen when we do that. You’re going to realize just how unhappy I make you and that you are so sick and tired of me and you’ll never come back. Or you’ll find someone else who makes you laugh more than I ever did. God, I’m going to be gone for two weeks for promo. Is that not enough distance and space for you?!“
“Harry, I need time okay? I need time to take care of myself. I need time for sorting things out. I need time so that this all can work again and if you’re honest, you need it too.”
He laughed humorlessly and crossed his arms over his chest.
“You will have that time when I’m gone.”
“I-I don’t think two weeks are going to be enough.”
His eyes caught hers and she swore she’s never seen him look at her like that. So sad but angry at the same time.
“Two weeks are nothing, Harry.”
“There’s been times when you couldn’t go a single day without me. There’s been times where two weeks without each other seemed like the end of the world.”
She closed her eyes and tried to control the tears which constantly blurred her sight.
“I don’t think we can sort anything out in two weeks.”
“I don’t think we can sort anything out when we’re away from each other.”
“Harry, please.”
He closed his eyes briefly and sighed.
“How long?”
“T-Two months?”
“No fucking way!”
This time it was Y/N’s turn to sigh.
“Harry, I-”
“One month. And not a single day longer.”
She caught his eyes for a moment before she nodded.
They sat in silence for several minutes, both didn’t know what to say.
“I-I thought I’d stay in a hotel for the two weeks before you’re gone and then I’ll come back.”
“No. Please, I-… I want to know you’re safe. You’ll stay here and I’ll stay with Gemma.”
“If that’s okay with you.”
“No, it’s actually not.”
She looked at him with the saddest eyes he ever saw and he shook his head and and sighed.
“I’m gonna go pack some stuff and then you won’t have to deal with me anymore.”
“Harry, I did not suggest a break because I want to get away from you as quickly as possible. I want to fix this. And I feel like some distance is the only way to sort things out. Or at least make the first step.”
He didn’t say anything but just left the kitchen and went upstairs to pack a few things. For some reason Y/N couldn’t help but feel guilty. Of course she knew he wouldn’t be happy with taking a break, she wasn’t either. But she hoped he could at least understand where she came from.

When he came down the stairs half an hour later with two big duffle bags Y/N almost felt like crying again. She watched him, how he placed them beside the front door, wiped his tears away, took a deep breath and turned around to make his way to the kitchen so he could say goodbye but she was already standing in the foyer. They stared at each other for a few moments before Harry cleared his throat and removed a greasy strand of hair from his face.
“I’ll go now, I guess.”
“Yeah.” Y/N nodded and sniffled.
He looked at her for another few seconds before he let out a frustrated sigh.
“Can I at least get a hug?”
He saw the surprise on her face but she nodded anyway and took the last few steps towards him. She slung her arms tightly around his neck and pressed her body tightly to his and Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her to his chest. He pressed kisses to her shoulder and neck and stroked over her back in gentle patterns.
When they pulled away a bit Y/N reached up to cup his cheeks and stroke over his skin.
“I love you. Nothing changed about that and nothing is going to change. I don’t want you to worry about me breaking up with you. I couldn’t imagine life without you.”
Harry pressed his forehead to hers and pulled her body even closer.
“Will you say goodbye when I’ll leave for New York? Don’t think I could leave without seeing you before.”
“I’ll think about it, okay?”
Harry sighed but nodded.
“C-Can I kiss you?” he asked her in a whisper.
She leaned in and connected her lips to his as an answer, his bottom lip slipping between hers. She kissed him four times before she pulled away a bit to look up at him again.
“I love you. You know that, right?”
She nodded and smiled softly at him.
“I love you, too.”
Harry gazed into her eyes for another few seconds before he pressed a few gentle kisses against her lips again. He pulled away from her then and took his duffle bags.
“I’ll let you know when I’ll leave for New York. You can call me or come over anytime you need, okay?”
“Okay. You can come over or call as well. Even if it’s the middle of the night.”
He nodded and opened the door.
“Take care, yeah?”
“You too, love.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
And just like that he left.

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okay J, now that the writers queerbaited the fuck outta us, it's time for you to work your magic and give us a longer version of the "belated valentine's day prom". PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEE

A continuation of this –

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a trauma.

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a need.

It’s a need because she was fourteen and high school was amazing because Eliza held her hand and Eliza snuck her dad’s cigarettes down from the house and they crawled into the bathroom of the basement and giggled, their lips so close – Eliza’s lips looking so soft – as they blew the smoke out of the small vent so Eliza’s parents wouldn’t catch them.

But it wasn’t the smoke that Eliza’s parents caught.

It was the card.

The card, the card, the card.

The fucking valentine’s day card.

The betrayal that ended everything.

Because her father called her downstairs with the phone still in his hand and her father smacked her across the face with the back of that hand and her father gave her ten minutes to pack her things and to get out of his house and to never come back because she is filthy and she is ungrateful and she is selfish and she is wrong, and her mother cried but her mother didn’t stop him, and her face stung and her heart stung worse and her hands trembled but her face stayed dry because she would never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her break for being who she is.

She calls it a pet peeve. Needing to be heard.

Because Eliza didn’t hear her. Her father didn’t hear her. None of her exes had ever heard her.

She calls it a pet peeve because no one has ever loved her enough to let her call it trauma.

Until Alex Danvers, that is.

Because she leaves Alex a card: she leaves Alex a card, and Alex will not give it to her parents. She gives Alex a card, and Alex will do nothing but love her back.

Or she hopes.

She’s probably stupid for hoping. But she hopes anyway.

James and J’onn help her with the set-up, and Winn whips together the dress at the last minute before running off on his own valentine’s excursion. James kisses her cheek before he leaves, as 8 o’clock approaches, and J’onn puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Alex cares for you, Maggie. Just as you are. Let her hold you up when you need it. You deserve that. You do. I promise.”

She gulps and she nods and J’onn squeezes her shoulder.

“He’s right, Maggie,” James tells her before giving the room one last glance. “It looks beautiful. And so do you.”

Maggie grimaces a smile at them, and they understand that she’s too nervous to speak, that she’s too terrified to move. They smile at her before they leave, and she hangs onto the hope that these people, these beautiful people, will still love her after tonight.

She doesn’t know how long she waits for Alex, because she can’t think. She can’t do anything but try to swallow her panic, surrounded by red helium balloons and candlelight and all the things that reminded her of the bruise her father left on her face and the welts he left on her heart.

She can’t do anything but try to focus on Alex, Alex, Alex. On hoping that Alex will be different.

This is a relationship, Alex had insisted. And it’s that statement, Alex fighting for her, for them, that is keeping Maggie holding on.

“Wow, you’re breathtaking,” she says when Alex walks in, because god, god, god, she is.

“Maggie, what is all this?”

Alex’s voice trembles slightly as she asks, and somehow, that warms the protective steel around Maggie’s heart. She smiles slightly, her voice softer now.

“It’s your belated Valentine’s Day prom.” She reaches for the corsage and sends James a silent thank you for running to the florist and picking up exactly what Maggie had described.

“May I?” she asks, and her body tingles with relief as her fingertips touch Alex’s wrist.

Alex exhales hard, exhales shakily, and steps around Maggie, and the back of the dress – god, thank you, Winn Schott – takes Maggie’s breath away. Again.

“I’m sorry. So sorry. I was too busy nursing my own wounds, and I forgot to look at the gorgeous woman in front of me and consider her feelings. You deserved all of this, as a girl. The pomp and the fuss. And you deserve an amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you.”

She tilts her head and she stares up at Alex, because Alex is perfection, and Alex’s hands are warm in hers, and Alex makes the color red on Valentine’s Day a little less terrible, a little less traumatic.

But Alex is shaking her head and Alex is reaching her fingers up to run them through Maggie’s hair, to stroke her cheeks, to fuss with her blazer’s collar.

Maggie’s heart sinks and she starts panicking, she starts hyperventilating, but then Alex is talking, and Maggie wants to cry for an entirely different reason.

“Maggie, I… you deserve this. The pomp and the fuss. An amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you. And I’m absolutely crazy about you. And that… that means… Maggie, that means you don’t have to make it all about me, all the time. I love that you… I love that you thought about me, I love that you did all this, but Maggie, you…”

She stops and she stares down at Maggie’s wet eyes for a long moment, and there’s nothing but unguarded love in her eyes, and no one has ever existed but the two of them.

“You have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t do anything wrong. Maggie, I… I heard you. I heard everything you said. And because I heard you, I… I don’t want you to just shove all that back down to make everything about me. Again. You did it while I was coming out, and I get it, and you’re so sweet, Maggie, but I don’t… I don’t want you putting yourself second for me, not anymore. I don’t want you burying your pain, your… trauma, Maggie, you were a child, that was traumatic, I… I want you, Maggie.”

She brings her fingers to a lips and kisses them, one by one, slowly, deliberately, all while keeping her eyes locked in Maggie’s, before she continues.

“All of you. And this is beautiful, this is amazing, but Maggie, I want you to feel able to just… to vent, and to scream, and to lose your cool, to cry. With me. Because I want you, Maggie, I care about you, not… not just what you can do for me. You letting me in, you letting me care for you, letting me comfort you? That’s the greatest gift you could ever give me, Maggie. You… you letting me love you.”

Alex stumbles to a halt and Maggie’s breath hitches as they both realize what Alex said, as they both lose themselves in each other’s eyes, in each other’s hands, in each other’s hearts.

“Danvers, you – Alex, I – “

Alex shakes her head with closed eyes. “You don’t have to say anything. I just… I want you to know that you’re cared for. That you’re safe. That you’re allowed to put yourself first, that I want you to put yourself first. That you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That you’re perfect. That I l…”

She stares down at Maggie’s wide eyes and she licks her lips and she is Alex Danvers, dammit, so she dives.

“That I love you. Maggie Sawyer. All of you. And I just want you to let me love you, let me care for you, let me be here for you. Let me love you.”

Maggie takes one breath, and then another, and then one word escapes her lips.

The only word that matters in the entire multiverse.


And her hands are on the small of Alex’s bare back and Alex’s hands are tangling in her hair, cupping her face, her thumbs swiping across her cheeks, and Alex’s lips are soft and Alex’s lips are healing and Alex’s lips are heaven, and she’s never cried while she kissed anyone, she’s never cried in front of anyone without running out the door before the first tear could fall, but she’s crying now, and Alex is catching her tears with her thumbs and kissing them away with her lips, but Maggie doesn’t want Alex’s lips on her cheeks, her eyes – she does, she does, but later, later, because there will be a later, because Alex went to the dance with her, Alex didn’t give her note to her parents, Alex came to the dance with her and Alex is kissing her and Alex is holding her and Alex, Alex, Alex  – Maggie just wants, right now, Alex’s lips on her own, and she shifts, and Alex knows, because Alex knows her, and Maggie’s lips are parting and Alex is slipping her tongue in her mouth gently, gently, lovingly, and Maggie sighs into their kiss and Alex echoes it and their breathe, their heartbeats, their bodies, are indistinguishable as their bodies sway to music and to swaying lights and to the rhythm of their perfect kiss.

“I love you back, Alex Danvers,” Maggie’s whispering into her lips, and the tears dripping salt onto her lips are suddenly not only her own, and she pulls back, because Alex Danvers crying is heartbreaking, and Alex Danvers crying is beautiful.

Their chests are both heaving slightly and their lips are swollen and their bodies are flush against each other and their bodies are intertwined and their eyes refuse to leave each others.

“May I have this dance?” Alex asks her breathlessly, and Maggie smiles helplessly, because she knows her life will never be the same.

Because she knows that Alex means it when she says she loves her, and god, god, god does it feel good to be loved – and to love – like this.

The sight of his child

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Stephen Strange sat in his room in Kamar-Taj, looking at his hands. I have been four months from when he started his learning there. He was getting progressively better with the mystic arts, but yet, he knew that something was distracting him. The Ancient One saw that too, hell even Wong and Mordo knew there was something wrong about him, different than his attitude from the beginning of his learning, much more distracting than that. Yet Stephen didn’t say a thing about the matter that was bothering him, and why it started now.

With furrowed brow Stephen stood up from his crouching position and went to his desk where he kept his tablet. His inbox was opened in doctor’s desperate hope for a message to appear. The response to his latest email which he send to the one person he wounded before he came to Nepal. You…

“Hey, hon. I got some Chinese, I hope you don’t mind.” You walked into the apartment, bags with food in your hands, your jacket undone, showing off your belly, where your and Stephen’s baby was growing. The said man looked from the papers he had in his shaking hands, frown clearly seen on his face.

“My whole life is destroyed, and you are concerned about some stupid take-out?” Now you frowned at his words. You were with him from the moment he woke up after the accident, tried to help and support him with anything he did, even if he was spending all his money. But how much can one woman take?

“Your life is not destroyed, Stephen. Your hands will heal, just give them time. Beside, you definitely have some more important things to worry about than your job.” He stood up harshly, looking at you with hard eyes.

“And what would that be? You? Don’t be ridiculous. My work was what really mattered.” You felt anger building up in you, but tried to stay calm.

“Our child is what should have mattered to you. It doesn’t need a neurosurgeon, it needs a father.

“Then go and find some!” His eyes widened at the sound of his own scream and sight of tears running down your cheeks. Just in that moment, he knew that he went too far.

“Well then.” You dropped the bags you had in your hands, not giving a shit when they hit the ground and made a mess, making your way to the doors. “You finally gave me a clear view at our apparently destroyed marriage. Good to know what you want. We will make sure not to get with our petite problems in your life anymore.” With that you left your apartment, not giving him a chance to speak. He didn’t saw you since then.

Stephen refreshed his inbox, only to find it empty again. It was your sixth month of pregnancy back then. It was half year ago, and you really kept your word, and didn’t even informed him about giving birth to your child. He tried to contact you for over a week now, but you never answered his emails. Stephen thought about opening a portal to your apartment and beg you for forgiveness, but he knew that if he do that, there will be no way for him to come back to Kamar-Taj…

Strange took a deep breath hearing knocking to his doors. When he opened them he faced Mordo, who took him to the training grounds. Strange went with him, knowing that if he wanted to see you the child, he need to finish his training and heal his hands.


After defending Kaecelius and Dormamu, and becoming the master of the New York sanctuary, Stephen Strange found himself facing the hardest trial that his new life could possibly face him with. And it was standing in front of doors to your new apartment in not really nice building. He found himself more nervous than in day he proposed to you. The cape of levitation was probably the only reason he was standing on his shaking legs. It also was the cape who ringed your doorbell, too feed up with its master’s nervousness.

“Coming!” Stephen swallowed hearing your voice. When the doors opened, your brow furrowed at the sight of the man in front of you, the smile that was on your lips only second before now fading away. “What the hell are you doing here? And what is that on your face, something bit you?” You placed your hands on your hips, looking at him with certain hardness he was really afraid of. Stephen knew why he came here, yet he wasn’t able to say a word. Right here in this moment you were exactly what he dreamed about for the last months. Your (h/c) hair pulled in a messy bun, your clothes a little too big and dirty from food and something that seemed to be the baby vomits on your left shoulder, you was the most beautiful person ever walking on this planet.

“So?” He snapped form his thoughts and pulled you to himself, hugging you with all he had. It didn’t last long because you pushed him away. “What the hell you think you are doing?”

“I know I messed up, but please, let me in, let me explain.”

“You are coming here, after literally telling me you want nothing to do with me, after abandoning me on the hardest time of my freaking life, doing nothing for a long time except sending me some meaningless emails and now you are expecting me to let you in, as if nothing happened? Do you really think I’m so stupid?!” You closed your eyes for a moment, not wanting to show him your tears. “Where the hell have you been?”

“I will tell you. I will tell you everything, but please let me in. I have been dying to see you, believe me, but it’s not conversation for a hallway.” You looked at him for a while, watching his blue eyes, full of tears and pleads. After a while of watching his suffering you stepped aside, letting him in your apartment.

Once inside, Stephen looked around takin in the look of the place you lived in, only now understanding how much he destroyed your life. With no work because of baby and with the little money he left you when he went to Nepal, you barely made the living. Stephen felt as an ass now, for not paying attention at anything but himself and his hands back when he did had the money…

When you passed him and went into the living room, Stephen walked behind you, but stopped the moment he saw the crib, surrounded by the bags of diapers and some baby toys. Swallowing hard, man looked at you, asking for permission. Sighing you nodded. Even with what he did said to you when you last saw each other, he is the baby’s father and have the very right to meet his child.

With hands shaking more than normal, Stephen walked to the crib and looked inside, only to back off a little and cover his mouth with hand, tears building in his eyes at the sight of his child, covered with pink blanket. He looked at you once more.

“I-it’s a girl?” At your nod, he laughed quietly trying not to cry. “Can I… Can I hold her?” When you nodded once more, he reached for the baby and took her in his hands, holding her close to his chest. “She is perfect.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“What’s her name?”
“Rose.” You walked to him with slight smile on your face, all your anger slowly disappearing at the sight of them together. You touched your daughter delicately before you looked at your husband. “You better want to tell me what’s going on.” Stephen nodded and told you everything, all the time rocking the small girl in his hands.

“You really expect me to believe that? That’s how you want to explain your absence? Magic Stephen? Really? You pushed us away because of your hands, and now you expect me to believe that you don’t care anymore about it, nor your job, because you went to Hogwarts?” You looked at him over the isle which separate kitchen and living room, tea in your hands. He was on your couch, your daughter, now awake, in his hands, playing with his shaking hands.

“It’s Kamar-Taj, and it’s in Nepal. I’m now the master of New Your sanctuary.”

“Oh yes, right, sanctuary. And you are watching over it now, after you saved the world.”

“I can prove it to you.”

“Stephen I think it’s time for you to leave. Your costume was funny, but your lies are not. If you can’t be honest with me, then…” Before you moved to him, the cape that Stephen had on himself moved and flew to you, stopping in front of your face. Squealing slightly you jumped back, looking at the cloth in front of you.

“Stephen, what…?”

“It’s the cape of levitation. It’s my relict and it has mind of its own.” Stephen stood up and walked to you, girl in his arms stretching her hands in direction of the cloak, which turned to her and stroked her face. You stood there stunned, not knowing what to do. “I wasn’t lying to you (y/n), never have and never will. As I said earlier, I know I messed up, I knew it the moment I screamed at you, and I know that you are very right to not to want me in your life again.” He came closer to you, handling you your child and catching your arms with his scarred hands and looking you in the eyes. “Rose needs a father, you told me that. And now? I feel that I’m really ready to be one. I want to protect, not only her, but also you as well. How can I save the world if my own whole one doesn’t want me?” He stroked your cheek with his hand, putting his forehead against it, you barely noticing cape resting back on his shoulders. “I love you. Always had and always will.”

“I… Stephen I love you too.” Doctor smiled covering your lips with his. It lasted a mere second before he pulled back.

“Will you take me back?”

“I will… we will. We both need you.”

“And I need the both of you.”


Could you write something smutty where Harry and the girl are broken up but are somehow at the same party and at one point, she needs a lift and Harry decides to drive her home. During the trip, Naughty Girl by Beyoncé comes on the radio and she starts whispering the lyrics to Harry’s ear and at the end, they end up having sex.

Hii, so I know this is bot based on the song you wanted and I changed it up a lot. Still, it is loosely based on this request and the song ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers. I know it took me ages, I’m sorry. This contains smut so read at your own

Parties weren’t her thing lately.
Especially not when it was the party of her ex.
She had to come though, she promised it.
Y/N and Harry broke up four months ago. She couldn’t even remember why, only knew that she missed him more than anything.
But that didn’t mean she was ready to see him.
Tonight was his big party. The Another Man launch party. And she promised four months ago she would be there, no matter what.
Back then she didn’t know what would happen, didn’t know they would break up. She hoped he wouldn’t invite her but he did, sent her a text with the details and said he was looking forward to seeing her.
And now she was sitting inside the bar where the party was at. She was so incredibly uncomfortable and feeling so out of place that she wanted to get up and leave as soon as possible but somehow she couldn’t.
She was sitting there next to Gemma, sipping on a cocktail that didn’t have enough alcohol to make her feel at peace. Gemma kept an eye on her the whole time, noticing the little changes in her. Her hair has gotten longer. Her body looked like she did sports on a regular basis. Her makeup was different, her plump lips painted in a shade of red and her eyes framed with long curled lashes that would make any man fall for her immediately.
She looked amazing.
Even though she didn’t feel amazing at all.
She was only waiting for him to enter the party. Then she would say ‘hi’, congratulate him and then leave. That was her plan.
But when he entered the bar her plans quickly changed.
God, he looked good.
He was wearing a black suit which she assumed was Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent or any other expensive brand. He was wearing a white button down underneath which deserved the name ‘button down’ rather than ‘button up’ because only three buttons were done.
He wore one of those black silk scarfs that she loved to tug on while being on top of him and riding him so hard the headboard slammed agai-
“You okay?” Gemma asked quietly when she realized her brother was there.
“Yes.” Y/N replied.
She wasn’t okay.
God, how she missed him.
He came over when he saw her. Her brain was screaming at her to leave, to turn around and hide in the bathrooms until he was gone but she didn’t. She stood up from where she was sitting when he reached her, a bit unsteady on her legs from all the alcohol she consumed.
“Easy, love.” he said and held onto her arm to steady her.
Has his voice always been so sexy?
“Hi.” she breathed.
“Hey.” he whispered.
They stared at each other for a few moments before Y/N cleared her throat and shrugged his hand off.
“Congratulations on your magazine. You did really well.”
She saw the sadness that flickered through his eyes when she pulled away from him but he caught himself quickly.
“Thank you, love.”
That’s when Gemma saved them both from the awkwardness.
“Hi, baby brother.” she greeted him and pulled him into a hug.
“I’m so proud of you.”
Y/N excused herself to get another drink, downing it within a few seconds. She wasn’t nearly feeling as drunk as she had to be in order to get through this party.
She watched from the bar how Harry mingled with everyone, shaking hands and exchanging smiles.
She thought she was fine. Thought she would get through this without needing to get absolutely wasted but apparently she was wrong.
She did that a lot lately, drinking. Not to a degree where it was dangerous but still enough that she knew she couldn’t continue like this. She couldn’t help it though.
She tried to interact with as little people as possible, really not in the mood for any small talk or any conversations in general.

Little did she know that Harry felt the same. He watched her, sitting there at the bar and looking so goddamn perfect that he realized again how pretty she was.
He knew he was breaking her heart all over again right now, and he hoped she knew that she did just the same to him. The last four months were breaking his heart.
And finally he couldn’t take it anymore.
He walked over to were she was sitting without stopping.
He couldn’t stop.
When he reached her he didn’t say anything.
He didn’t have to say anything.
She knew.
He pulled her off the bar stool, making her stumble against his chest but he made sure she was steady.
And then they left.
They left without saying goodbye or looking back. They took the back exist so no one would see them, walking until they stood in front of his black Range Rover.
He looked at her as if he wanted to ask if she was sure and she nodded. He opened the door for her and let her get into the back, following right behind and sitting down beside her.
And then she connected her lips to his. And it felt just like it always did. Nothing changed about the way his lips felt against hers. They were hot and soft, their plumpness just enough to feel so goddamn good.
She pulled him closer. Closer and closer. As close as there bodies could get.
Within minutes their bodies were bare, pressing and rubbing against each other but it wasn’t enough. They both knew they probably shouldn’t be doing this but god they couldn’t stop.
Harry was about to take the next step, about to connect them but she stopped him. He felt his heart stopping, his lips parting and goosebumps raising on his skin. No. She couldn’t want to stop him.
“Sit down. I-I want to be on top.” she whispered and Harry felt himself sighing with relief.
He did what she wanted. She remembered it. His favorite position. Her on top.
His breathing stopped when she sunk down on him. And when she rocked against him for the first time a loud gasp left his lips. A satisfied smirk grazed Y/N’s lips, her hands reaching up to his shoulders so she could steady herself.
And then she began to ride him for real. Her hips moved as fast and as hard as possible, making his body tremble and shake underneath her. They both knew that if someone walked by they could see the car rocking and hear their loud moans and groans but it didn’t matter. Nothing did but the pleasure they felt.
Y/N pressed her body even closer to his when her knees started to hurt a bit and nuzzles her face into the spot where his neck met his shoulder, her favorite place. She bit down on the skin of his shoulder, marking him as hers. Because he was hers.
Harry’s hands wandered from her hips to her ass, spreading the cheeks apart and squeezing them the way she loved. He helped her moving, making her grind hard and fast.
His cock stroked over all of her favorite spots and the hair at the base of it rubbed against her clit in the most perfect way. And she was close. So when she felt herself slipping over the edge she began to move even harder and reached behind her to stroke his balls. And Harry lost control. He came inside of her with a loud, strangled moan. His hot cum coated her walls with three thick ropes, some of it dripping out of her and dripping onto his thighs. She came as well, a scream rippling through her with the force and intensity of her orgasm.
She fell forward, against his chest with loud panting breaths constantly leaving her parted lips.
Harry wrapped his arms tightly around her body. He was scared he never got to do it again.
He felt the tears on his skin. The tears she cried into his neck. And when the first sob wrecked her body the first tear dribbled down his cheeks as well.
After at least ten minutes of crying and holding onto each other for dear life, she pulled back. Harry cupped her cheek with his hand, his thumb wiping at her tears.
“I’m so goddamn sorry.” she whispered.
He shook his head. She had no reason to be sorry.
“No apologies, darling. You did nothing wrong.”
“I left you. I I was so goddamn stupid and left you. I don’t even remember why.”
“Because I wasn’t good to you. I yelled at you for not having time for me when I never had any time for you for three years. I-I started to resent you.”
“Do you still do that? Do you still hate me?” she asked in a whisper.
He shook his head again.
“I don’t. I was blinded by how much I missed you that I didn’t see how much I loved you. I forgot it.”
“Do you remember now?”
He hesitated for a moment before he nodded and pulled her closer.
“Of course I remember. I don’t know how I could forget it. You are the most important thing in my whole life. I never loved someone as much as I love you. And I’m not ever going to stop.”
She stared into his eyes for another moment in case there was any sign of hesitation or insecurity. But all she saw was love and sincerity.
So she connected her lips to his.
And she knew they won’t ever stop.

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Could I request the RFA's reaction to finding out MC has burn marks on one of her arms and thigh and being insecure about it? Thank you in advance if you do, I've got burn scars from when I was younger and my skin on my arm and half of my thigh is all lumpy and bumpy and everyone's always like "omg ew it's so weird ew" and I just wanted to see your take on something like that. Your writing is great by the way :-)

Okay who the heck is saying those things to you?? Tell me where they are and I will F I G H T them! Seriously I know for a fact that you’re beautiful so don’t let idiots tell you otherwise! I sincerely hope that I did some justice on this one and I hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • It was finally time for summer vacation and Yoosung was ready to hit the beaches
  • He wanted to take you on a surprise trip to the beach so before you got home, Yoosung got a beach bag set up and got himself ready to go
  • You came home to find Yoosung in his swimsuit with a shirt on putting on sunblock 
  • “What’s all of this Yoosung?” You asked hesitantly as Yoosung shot up from his seat and grabbed your hands excitedly
  • “I planned a surprise date for us MC! We’re going to the beach! Go get ready while I pack the car up.” Yoosung said as he grabbed the bag and started heading out the door
  • But you grabbed onto his arm to stop him, Yoosung turned around with a confused look asking “What’s wrong MC?”
  • You bit your bottom lip telling him “I can’t go Yoosung, I’m sorry.”
  • Yoosung tilted his head, still confused and said “Why not MC? Don’t you want to go with me? Why can’t we just have a fun date together?”
  • His last sentence sounded more annoyed then confused, making you flinch as you saw him start to become upset
  • Yoosung was about to ask more questions until you rolled your shirt sleeves up as well as your shorts saying “I can’t go because of these Yoosung. Are you happy now?”
  • He only stared at your burn marks, instantly feeling guilty about what he said
  • You were about to leave the room until Yoosung pulled you in for a tight hug, burying his face in your shoulder saying “I’m so sorry MC! I had no idea, please forgive me.”
  • You sighed and stroked his soft hair telling him “It’s okay Yoosung, I should have shown you sooner.”
  • Yoosung grabbed your arms and gently rubbed them saying “But you still look beautiful to me MC, no matter what I still love you with all of my heart.”
  • You smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss which he happily returned
  • The two of you decided to spend the day at home together instead cuddling and Yoosung telling you how much he loved you


  • Things were getting pretty steamy for the first time in your relationship with Zen
  • The two of you were on the couch, having an intense make out session
  • Zen slipped his hand under your skirt on to feel something strange on your skin
  • You tried to pull him off but Zen cautiously lifted your skirt just enough to see the burn mark that was on your thigh
  • “Babe…” Was all could say before you completely pushed him off of you and went into the bathroom, locking the door
  • Zen quickly followed you and knocked loudly on the door saying “MC please open up, I was just surprised!”
  • After a couple of minutes, Zen faintly heard you crying so he frantically search his apartment for a spare key
  • When he finally found it, Zen wasted no time barging into the bathroom and found you sitting on the floor staring at your burns while crying
  • He didn’t say a word, Zen only swiftly reached down to wrap you into his arms while held your head to his chest
  • Zen winced when he noticed even more burn marks on your arms as well, but wanted to wait until you calmed down to ask
  • “I’m so ugly because of these stupid marks Zen.” You said as you kept your head on his chest, clutching onto his now tear-soaked shirt
  • Zen tensed up and grabbed your arms, kissing all over the affected area
  • You looked up to see Zen starting to form his own tears as he smiled at you weakly saying “Don’t you ever say that MC. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, heck your even more beautiful than me! I love every part of you, so never talk bad about yourself okay?”
  • You giggled and nodded as Zen gave you more kisses on your burn marks
  • Zen made sure from that day forward to always tell you how beautiful you were and you eventually learned to love yourself because of him


  • You and Jaehee were experimenting with new types of coffee flavors to add to your cafe menu
  • Jaehee was especially excited about the new flavor that she was preparing and once it was finished, she couldn’t wait to have the two of you try it
  • “MC! It’s ready.” Jaehee excitedly said as she grabbed the cup of coffee and hurried her way over to you
  • Unfortunately, Jaehee was a little too excited and ended up stumbling over her own two feet, spilling the still hot coffee on you
  • You yelped in surprise as Jaehee immediately started apologizing, grabbing a towel to try and wipe off the hot liquid
  • “Please don’t leave a mark, please don’t leave a mark.” You muttered under your breath, but Jaehee heard you and looked up at you
  • “What are you saying MC?” Jaehee asked as she started lifting up your shirt sleeve to finish wiping off the coffee
  • But you pulled your arm back from her and looked away sadly
  • The way you pulled away from her and your mumbling let Jaehee put the pieces of the puzzle together as she gently took your hand saying “MC, do you have previous burn marks on you?”
  • You nodded your head and slowly let Jaehee look at the previous burn marks on your arms
  • Her eyes widened slightly but she smiled and grabbed some ointment from the medicine cabinet and said “I’m sorry MC, I should have noticed sooner. But I don’t care what you look like, you’re the most perfect girl in the world for me. Can you forgive me?”
  • You smiled and gave Jaehee a huge hug, making her blush slightly but she held onto you tightly
  • The two of you kept making the new coffee flavors, albeit much more carefully, and Jaehee made sure to tell you more often how beautiful you are to her


  • Jumin had taken you to yet another fancy business party
  • Of course all of the people there were snobby but you couldn’t help but notice that all of the women wore short, sexy dresses
  • You had always wore dresses that were longer and had long sleeves, much to Jumin’s confusion
  • Jumin was having a boring business conversation with a good-looking couple so you decided to get you and him some drinks
  • You came back to hear the women saying “So why does your girlfriend dress like a prude?”
  • Jumin plainly answered “I wish I knew that myself.”
  • You loudly cleared your throat and Jumin spun around to see you looking angrily at him
  • You spilled the drink over his expensive suit, making the snobs gasp, as you walked out the door
  • Jumin was closely behind you, calling for you but you simply ignored him
  • But before you could get into the car, Jumin grabbed your hand saying “I’m sorry MC, I shouldn’t have said that. But I do want to know why you never show any skin whatsoever.”
  • You gave him a look of disbelief as you rolled up your dress sleeves to show him your burn marks saying “Are you happy now Jumin? I have some on my thigh too. Now you can finally see how disgusting and-”
  • Jumin cut you off with a kiss before you could say anything else and when he pulled away, you could see sincere sadness in his gray eyes
  • Jumin took your arms and kissed them gently saying “I cannot apologize enough MC, I’m so incredibly sorry. Please, I will do anything for your forgiveness.”
  • You smiled, understanding that he was still getting use to his emotions
  • Jumin took the two of you back to his penthouse, continuously telling how sorry he was and how much he loved you
  • You reassured him that it was okay and the two of fell asleep early, with Jumin holding you close to him


  • You had forced Seven to do some spring cleaning because his house was becoming too much of a mess
  • Seven was looking through his old cosplays and found a skimpy cat outfit and a grin formed on his face
  • “MC look what I found! Try it on, try it on, try it on!” Seven exclaimed as he held the tiny article of clothing to you
  • You frowned saying “No thanks. Did you actually have to wear that?”
  • Seven dismissed your question and persisted saying “Why not? Come on try it on for me and be my pretty little kitty MC!”
  • You huffed and told him no again so he decided to start tickling you saying “If you don’t try it on then I’ll make you laugh so much that you’ll have to!”
  • You smacked him away but as Seven was tickling you, he noticed a strange mark on your thigh
  • Curiously, he moved your shorts and saw the burn mark on your thigh
  • “Stop looking Seven!” You yelled but he caught your arm and the marks there too
  • “MC…” Seven said sadly as he traced the burn marks on your arm
  • “They’re so gross and make me so ugly.” You said as tears threatened to spill out
  • But Seven stopped tracing your marks and took off his hoodie followed by his shirt, revealing his own bruise and cut marks on him
  • Your eyes widened and Seven smiled sadly saying “I understand how you feel, my mom left me lots of marks when I was younger. But they don’t make you any less than perfect MC. Please, you’re so perfect in my eyes and no matter what scars you have, I’ll always love you to the moon and back.”
  • You tackled Seven with a hug as you cried, both for him and yourself but Seven smiled and gently rubbed your back
  • The two of you both agreed to always remind each other that the scars on both of your bodies didn’t define who you were and the two of you constantly told each other how much you loved one another

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Nanny (Mob AU! Lay)

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

Type: Angst Fluff

“Xunnie buddy” you coo looking at the small boy in front of you. He smiled as you heard a crashing noise. “Stupid!” you hear as you pick up Xun. Yixing came into view “aren’t you supposed to pick his crap up?” he asked “I’m not your maid. I’m your nanny. Chanyeol is doing the no-no with Dajin right now” you state as he makes a face at you. You stroked Xun’s bolwish hair as he laid his head down on your shoulder “just pick up his toys” he said as you wave him off “I’m being serious” you continued to wave him off as you walked towards the kitchen as a harsh smack hit your rear making you jump forward.

Yixing watched as you nearly hit the counter before turning so you took the blow. “Shit” he said as he grabbed your arm. You instantly shook him off and put Xun in his chair. “I don’t know what you were trying to accomplish by spanking me but please don’t do it again” you say awkwardly. “I don’t know either” he mumbled as you grabbed a jar of baby food “I will get you a chair-” “I can’t sit at the moment” you say as you attempt to open the jar.

Yixing’s arms wrapped around you as he helped open the jar before he back up before you two heard another crash. “Damn!” you heard Chanyeol cry “clean those up!” Yixing called as Chanyeol groaned and picked the toys up.


You fixed Yixing’s tie as Xun clung to your leg. “My father expects the best of the best from me-” “I know” you cut him off as he looked your dress over before pulling it down slightly “perfect” he said as you picked up Xun and headed into the living room.


Xun happily ate as you smiled. “So you just watch my son’s son. For how long?” “Since the whore was around” you say as Yixing’s eyes widened as you realized what you said. “Oh um I said that out loud” you said awkwardly as the table grew silent. Before long his father let out a laugh and he joined as you smiled awkwardly and continued feeding Xun.

After a few minutes you realized Xun was done eating as he showed you his messy hands. Yixing’s father cleared his throat as Yixing looked at you “why don’t you go get Xun cleaned” Yixing said. You nodded as you picked up Xun. Xun waved to his father and his grandfather as they both waved him off.

“Are you sleeping with your nanny?” his father asked “excuse me?” Yixing asked “I would” his father joked as he cleared his throat. “She watches my son because I don’t have time to look after him” Yixing states as he snaps his fingers as a maid comes over taking the plates. “What happens when Xun gets too old or she falls in love?” his father teases as Yixing makes a face. “He’s got no mother figure other than her. I highly doubt she’d ditch him. She’s surrounded by criminals constantly. She’d be a fool to fall for one” he told his dad.

“Just saying a daughter is just as good as a son. Or simply more sons. Marry each of them off and grow a family out more but that means you need to find someone to pump your children out” his father rambled. “She’s attractive. I admit but her and I argue too much-you came here to talk business” Yixing says. “Marriage” his father told him. “I’m not marrying another one of your friend’s daughters. All I got was a son and a bad divorce from a cheating wife” he explained.


Yixing watched from the door as you read to Xun. Making sounds and voices to get tired laughs before Xun was out. You bundled him up before placing his favorite stuffed monkey beside him and sat the book on the chair. Then headed towards the door. You didn’t say anything but pushed him into the hallways to turn the light off and closed the door. “Do you think about having kids?” Yixing asked as you two walked down the hall. “I do but that means finding a good man. But then again my family seemed to fall into the crime area so that wouldn’t happen” you say as you picked up a few of the toys that laid in the hall.

You stood back up and was instantly pushed to the wall. “What the hell?” you whisper yelled as Yixing kissed your lips. “I can be a good man for you” he whispered as he reached behind you grabbing your rear. “Is this some lame fantasy. I’m not into it” “shut up” he says with a smile. “You’ve thought about it. You hated my wife because she cheated on me and Xun” he said as you sigh. “You’re my boss-” he cut you off with another kiss. His lips felt right for some reason and as you two kissed. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he backed up to the wall as you two made your way down the hallway.

“Let’s enjoy this” he says as he opens his bedroom door. “Can you be quiet?” you asked as he looked confused. “Your son is right down there” you say gesturing as he nods. “As long as you can” he coos as he pulls you in more.


Malia x Fem!Reader

Malia’s heart sank as she heard the noise. She could hear it just as clearly as the alarm bells that told her lunch had started. Ignoring the pack’s call to her she barged through the busy corridor to the basement where she found you sat alone, crying.

For a moment, she watched you silently, she liked you a lot and your scent was so distinct, when it was warm you smelt like the grass near the creek and when it was cold or raining you smelt like a thunderstorm. But now you smelt like spilt petrol and burnt rubber, she hated it, deciding quickly that she’d do whatever she could to get you to stop smelling like that.

“Stop it.” She said sharply and you jumped, quickly wiping your eyes as you grabbed your bag and stared at your feet.

“You’re not supposed to be in here.” You mumbled and she tilted her head slightly.

“Neither are you.” She glanced at the book that was in your hands and spotted the title, wondering if local mythology included her and if you’d want to see the pack on a full moon, perhaps you’d let her take care of you on a full moon and keep you safe.

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Hi ! Can you write angsty Steph and Damian meeting after Tim's death Please??

Not sure this is exactly what you were looking for but here you go anon! This is more just sad than angsty, and probably not even as sad as I think it is but I did almost make myself cry writing the ending so… This probably wouldn’t fit into canon anywhere but I love to ignore timelines so I’m imagining it happens maybe the day of or day after Tim’s funeral.

(Also, if anyone cares, what Damian is trying to saying before Steph cuts him off is that Tim wouldn’t any of them to cut themselves off and deal with his death on their own (a la Batman).)

The thing is - and Steph knows this, okay, she’s not dumb, it’s just that it still takes her breath away - life doesn’t stop moving forward just because one more person is dead. It doesn’t matter that that person is Tim Drake, Red Robin, her best friend, her boyfriend, the first person to tell her she didn’t need Batman’s permission to be a hero. Life doesn’t give a rat’s arse about any of that. It just flows along and expects her to keep on swimming.

So Tim dies and Steph sobs into her pillow and Batman hugs her (and she’s still like wtf?? when she thinks about that) and university still needs to be attended and crimes still need stopping. It’s the latter which she’d been doing tonight when life had decided to slap her in the face with the reminder that while she’s drowning in grief, other people - other young, happy, alive couples - are going about their lives as normal. Her vision is blurry with tears by the time she has the would-be-mugger on the ground and the couple are gushing thanks as they stumble away down the street.

“Spoiler!” The shout catches up to her two rooftops away, where she’d dropped to her knees and buried her face in her hands. The quiet thump of feet hitting the cement drags her head up to squint at four and a half feet of red, yellow and black.

“Not now, Robin,” she says tiredly. Don’t get her wrong, she loves the little cretin, but she’s this close to a breakdown and doesn’t have a single drop of mental energy left to deal with him tonight.

“Yes, now.”

“Go home, Robin,” she tries.

He steps forward. “No. I want to talk.”

Steph shakes her head, hands out to keep him out of her personal space. “Please, Damian. It’s been a long night and-” Her breath stutters. “-I just can’t, okay?”

“Drake wouldn’t want-”

“Oh so now you care about what Tim-”

“He was my brother!” Damian screeches, the words exploding out of him before he can filter them. “He was my brother and I don’t hate him and nobody even cares!”

There’s a beat of shocked silence where Steph stares at him and Damian’s chest heaves as he struggles to control his breathing and not cry. Then, as if someone hits the skip button on a remote, the moment jumps forward and Steph’s arms as locked tightly around his shoulders as he hides tears against her neck.

“Oh Dami,” she murmurs, stroking his hair. “I’m so sorry, kiddo.”

Damian’s fingers curl into her cape, clutching the material like a lifeline. His voice is choked when he tries to snap, “I don’t need your pity.”

She rolls her eyes at his tough-guy act, squeezing him tighter just to get an indignant squeak - adorable, like a little mouse. (Tim had looked at her like she was crazy the first time she’d said his little brother was adorable, retorting in his flattest tone, “You know he’s a baby assassin, right?” To which she’d emphatically responded, “Baby assassin. He’s too little and cute to be scary.”)

“I care, okay?” she says, sniffing a little. He pulls away and she lets him, pretends not to notice as he scrubs a gloved hand over his face to banish any sign of tears. “Come on, we can talk at my place.”

Because as much as she wants to step back from everything for a minute, remember how to tread water as it threatens to drag her down into murky depths, she’s not heartless. Damian’s just a kid and Lord knows she can’t rely on his family to provide a healthy model of how to process grief.

Ten minutes later, he sits at her kitchen table, mask off and hood back, awkward and out of place in such a homey setting, fiddling with his tea bag as he watches steam curl over the edge of the mug. Steph wordlessly grabs her own mug of tea and takes the seat opposite him, doesn’t say anything, just waits for him to find the words he wants and the courage to spit them out.

“I wanted to apologise,” he says eventually. The words are as stiff as his posture, and the way his eyes flicker up to her before dropping back to the table seems almost like he’s asking permission. “But… I do not know how.” He bites his lip, turns his mug so the handle makes a perfect one-eighty with a scratch in the wood, looks up at her again. “I was hoping you would come with me.”

Steph blinks, takes a sip of her own tea to cover her surprise. Where he’s talking about is obvious, that he would want to visit Tim’s grave not as much a shock as others may think, but… “Why me?”

Damian shrugs, like it doens’t really matter, but she has no doubt his choice was very deliberate. Someone he trusts. Someone who’d provide moral support without judgement. Not Bruce because… well, Bruce. Not any of his siblings because they’re too biased when it comes to his relationship with Tim. Not Alfred because he wouldn’t want to bother him when he’s already so busy with everyone else. So her.

“Okay,” she says. Doesn’t miss the way his eyes widen a little, like the answer he was expecting would be negative. “Tomorrow.”

He nods, curls his finger around his mug but doesn’t drink from it, just stares into the milky depths. Steph bites her lip to stop herself from asking what he thinks he’s going to find there.

“Did you want to stay?” She finds herself offering, more to fill the silence than because she thinks he actually needs a place to crash. He shakes his head, just like she thought he would, and silence lapses again.

Damian is the one who breaks it next, head bobbing back up just when she’s thinking of excusing herself to get changed into more comfortable civvies. “It’s stupid, right?” He asks, a touch derisive, unsureness making his voice small. “I mean, he’s dead. It’s not going to change anything. And there wasn’t even a body left so it’s not like he’s going to be resurrected, not like he’s ever going to know. So it’s just… pointless. Stupid.”

Too little too late.

“Hey, no, it’s not stupid.” Steph leans forward, takes his hand and curls her fingers around his fist, makes sure he’s properly focused on what she’s saying. “Plenty of people talk to their loved ones after they’ve died. And it’s not… it’s not about whether the things they say are heard or not. It’s about remembering and making up for lost time and…” She struggles to find the words, not good at explaining something that most people just get, or if not, at least just accept as something that’s done. “It’s not stupid if it makes you feel better, if it’s what you feel you need to do,” she settles on, squeezing his hand. “Got it?”

His eyes rove over her face, searching for assurance that she’s not lying, maybe. Then he nods. Steph nods too, once, firm. “Good. Now drink your tea.”

He bites his lip, glances back down at the mug, then around her kitchen before finally saying, “Um. I don’t drink it with sugar.”

And Steph feels kind of like an idiot when she realises all his playing with the tea and staring into the mug hadn’t been brooding or anything like that, he just hadn’t been sure how to tell her she’d made it wrong. Hadn’t even asked him, just automatically made it the way Tim liked it. Her hands are shaking slightly as she jumps up from the table and grabs the mug to pour it down the sink, apologies falling from her lips as she reboils the kettle.

“It’s okay.” Damian appears silently at her elbow, takes the mug and sets it aside before wrapping his arms around her waist. Unsure but wanting to help. “I miss him too.”

Loving You Is Torture↬Stiles Stilinski

Request: Hey can you write and imagine with Stiles where he and the reader are kidnapped by Theo, and he tortures the reader in front of Stiles and does really bad things to her. Bit morbid. And can the ending be really sad, you can decide what happens.

Writer: Gillian

Word Count: 1733 (oops)

Warnings: None, ending is kinda sad tho :\

A/N: Sorry abt this Theo, I still love you
P.S. the reader is a werewolf

Out of everyone in the pack, you were the only one to believe Stiles about Theo.

Stiles’ suspicions were right more often than not; about Matt, Jackson, Peter, even Derek at first. You respected that and thought it was unfair for the rest of the pack to just gang up on him, so you stood by his side, even when Malia didn’t.

You were a werewolf, but you still only had one set of DNA, which meant you were pretty much safe from the Dread Doctors – or at least not exactly on their radar.

So, when you were captured and taken to their ‘lair’, it was quite a shock.

Why would they take you? You weren’t a genetic chimera, you hadn’t exactly pissed them off personally, they really had no reason for doing so. Yet they did anyway.

You didn’t understand why it was all happening until you saw the cocky, arrogant smirk on Theo’s face because he knew why you were there.

You were carried, kicking and screaming, to a table that resembled the one at the animal clinic. This one was much more terrifying, with straps included to hold the person down. The Dread Doctors didn’t play around.

“Y/N,” Theo said, moving to stand beside you while they strapped you down. “Long time no see.”

“Not long enough.” You mumbled under your breath, trying to control your erratically beating heart. Theo could hear your heartbeat, he could smell your fear, he knew you were terrified.

“Aw, don’t say that, Y/N,” He let his hand stroke your cheek absently, his smirk only growing when you squirmed away from him. “I’m not Stiles, but I know you find me at least a little attractive.”

“Why would you bring up Stiles?”

Theo raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms. “I’ve seen the way you look at him. Your heartbeat rises whenever he’s around, hell, I can even smell the lust coming off you.”

He knew.

You weren’t surprised; Scott had asked you about it in the small period of time between when he turned into a werewolf and you did. Peter had turned you on the night of the winter formal in sophomore year, as a sort of retaliation for Scott’s lack of cooperation.

So far, you were pretty good at controlling it but you didn’t have to pay too much attention to notice it. You just wondered how Malia hadn’t noticed yet, that her boyfriend’s best friend was in love with him.

It was a tragic, unrequited love, one could say.

“What do you want, Raeken?” You asked, attempting to change the subject.

“‘Raeken’? You’ve demoted me to my last name, now?” His hand clutched his heart in mock hurt. “I’ve gotta say, that stings.”

You stared at him, unamused, while avoiding looking at the tools you assumed were for torturing purposes on the tray beside you. “Okay, Y/L/N, I’ll tell you. As long as you pinky promise not to tell anyone,” He held out his pinky close to your tied-down hand. You sighed, deciding to play his little game, interlocking your fingers.

“Well, I guess I really can tell you now. There’s no point in keeping it a secret anymore,” Theo leaned down to whisper in your ear, “I’m going to kill you.”

That didn’t surprise you either. Theo clearly wanted something – he always did – and now that just happened to be your death.
“Not yet, though,” You stared up at him. Why wouldn’t just get it over with? Why drag it out? “I want to make sure we have an… audience.”

And that was when they brought Stiles in.

He was unconscious, part of his shirt was singed and he had a bloody gash on his forehead. “What is wrong with you?!”

Theo shrugged. A few people that you assumed were either chimeras or Dread-Doctors-in-training tied him up in the corner, giving him a perfect view of you.

“Wake him up.” Theo instructed, a malicious grin growing on one of the boy’s faces. Claws extended from the tips of his fingers as he prepared to bitch-slap Stiles awake. Theo made a noise that told the boy not to continue.

Sighing disappointedly, he began to not so gently shake Stiles. Stiles awoke with an odd noise, jumping once he saw that he wasn’t in his jeep nor was he alone.


“Hey, Stiles, what’s up?” You struggled to keep your voice from shaking, because you knew now that Stiles was awake, the torture would begin. “Yeah, Stiles, what’s up?”

“Theo.” Stiles said, venom dripping from the single word that contained so much of his hatred.

“It’s so good that you’re awake,” Theo began, twirling a strand of your hair around his fingers. “Because now we can get started.”

He reached for the tray, grabbing what looked to you like a military-grade kitchen utensil. “Spending all this time with the Dread Doctors really taught me some things. What methods of torture are the most effective,” Theo motioned for one of the boys to help him.

He held open your mouth upon Theo’s request, visibly gulping when your eyes burned a bright yellow. You let out a growl as Theo emptied the contents of a vial down your throat. You choked it down unwillingly.

You could feel it; you were turning.
Your teeth became pointed while your face began to shift, morphing into its werewolf shape. “There we go.” You snarled at Theo.

“Okay, Stiles, you’re really gonna like this,” He brought out the scalpel like instrument, putting it into your mouth. You thrashed and growled and snarled until the boy finally let you go. Your canines came down hard on Theo’s hand, drawing blood.

Theo pulled his hand away, watching you as you spat blood on him. “Bitch.” He muttered, no longer willing to play around. He ripped out one of your teeth, eliciting a small cry of pain from you.

The all-too-familiar taste of blood flooded your mouth as you nearly choked on the substance. You remained calm, trying desperately to keep your emotions hidden. Stiles bit the inside of his cheek nervously.

Next, Theo held down one of your hands while he pulled out two of your forcibly extended claws. Blood poured from the two wounds and you couldn’t help but scream.

“Stop, Theo!”

Stiles had been uncharacteristically silent throughout this endeavor, so much that you forgot he was there. His heart was racing, he was scared for you. Under different circumstances, you would’ve found this endearing and a step in the right direction for your non-existent relationship with him.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Theo laughed, as if Stiles were stupid for not knowing. “For Void! Stiles of course. “You love Y/N, I kill Y/N, Void! Stiles makes an appearance.”

He loved you? Since when? Theo had to mean in a strictly platonic ‘just friends’ kind of way.

“And yeah, Y/N, he loves you just like you love him. It’s hilarious, really. You guys have loved each other for so long and then you’ll never know what’ll happen.”

Theo dipped a knife of some sort into a bucket on the floor next to him, coating it in liquid wolfsbane. You hardly knew what to do. Here you were, being tortured, and all you could focus on was the fact that Stiles loved you.

He made no move to deny this fact, either.
Before you could even comprehend what was happening, Theo sunk the knife into your stomach. You let out another cry of pain – though this one was more of a scream because damn it hurt like hell.

And thus, the wolfsbane was released into your system. You could feel it traveling through your veins like tiny pins and needles stabbing at you from the inside.
Stiles shouted your name, but all you wanted to do was sleep. It seemed like such a good idea, and you could vaguely feel something poking into your skull.

You felt light and airy, despite the screw-like things Theo was drilling into your head.

You couldn’t concentrate on what was going on, so you simply turned your head and grinned at Stiles. He looked near tears and you didn’t know why.

Ominously dark veins creeped up your arms and throughout your body. You traced them with your fingers, the unaware grin still stretched across your face.

Theo unstrapped you, and once again, you didn’t know why. After all of that, he just let you go? He shoved you in Stiles’ direction.
You landed in front of Stiles, still smiling.

You ripped off his chains with ease, focusing back on his face. “Y/N,” He began, holding you as if you were porcelain. “Do you – ” His voice cracked, a tear rolling down his cheek.

“Do you feel anything?”

You shook your head, cupping his cheeks. “No, I don’t feel anything,” You paused, wiping a stray tear away with your thumb. “Stiles, why are you crying?”

He covered your hand with his own, intertwining your fingers. “I just – I love you, Y/N.” You smiled. “I love you too, Stiles.”

You wanted to kiss him, wanted to show him how much you loved him, but you couldn’t.

You wanted to go to college, but you never could.

You wanted to get married and have kids, but you’d never even have the choice.
And most of all, you wanted to live out your life.

But you never would.

Stiles watched as the light left your eyes, leaving behind a dullness that was never supposed to be there this soon.

It was never supposed to be there ever.

“I love you.” Stiles whispered one last time, his tears falling onto your face. He closed your eyes, standing up to face Theo.
Anger surged through him; he wanted to kill Theo, he wanted to brutally murder him several times. It was all his fault.

But he couldn’t help the guilt forming in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t Theo’s fault, it was his. If it weren’t for him, you might never even be in all of this.

Stiles was the one who told you, Stiles was the one who dragged you down with him, it was all Stiles’ fault.

And he was determined to avenge you, no matter how long it took, no matter who got in his way or tried to stop him, he would do it.

He was going to kill Theo Raeken.

Gajevy Week: Prompt: Longing Missed Glances


Smidgen Gruvia

JuviaxLevy BrOTP


Prompt: Longing


Missed Glances

Post Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

Levy goes to Juvia for some advice, it turns out, while she may be smart, she missed a lot more than she ever did.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Juvia glanced at her bedroom door, it had been a couple days since she and everyone else returned from the Spirit World. Outside of everyone who went, no one had memories of what had transpired.

It left a lot of people in a weary state, especially those that had been transformed into constellations.

“Juvia, can I talk to you?” Levy’s voice came through the door, and Juvia tilted her head. While she and Levy were friends, they didn’t hang out too much.

It was disappointing when she thought about it. But, she noticed Levy was a very quiet girl when it came to things like that. Outside her small social ring or Jet, Droy, Lily, Gajeel, Cana, Wendy, and Lisanna. Even then, she spent most of her time with the first four, and that was mainly because them men all hovered around her.

Juvia had taken a bit to realize, Levy was extremely friendly, but also extremely introverted. While Lucy could be seen as the blunette’s best friend, the two rarely hung out outside of the Guild, and here at Fairy Hills, the smaller blunette hung out with Wendy because the youngest female spent a lot of time with Levy, reading and learning about different types of magic.

Outside of a more familial bond with Wendy, Jet, and Droy and outside the affectionate and friendship type relations she had with Gajeel and Lily, respectively, she didn’t open up very much.  

“Of course, Levy. Juvia is always willing to talk.” Juvia replied as she opened the door. She wasn’t greeted by the usual warm smile that screamed Levy. She was met with a nervous look that made Juvia want to hug the girl and never let go.

“I-I know you and I don’t talk much. And I know that’s mainly my fault. I… I’m sorry. But… can I ask for your advice?”

Her slow stutters made Juvia worry.

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A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 3 )

Lin x Reader

Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….


Word count: 1,855

a/n: This one took me a little bit longer to write haha. Sjajsdjdhwndixjs I didn’t know how I felt about the ending though. Enjoy !

Tags: @hamiltrashtothemax
@stupidships3335 @spookass @isis278


“I think it’s time for me to leave Hamilton.” You whispered back.

Lin’s hand dropped from your hair. Clutching onto your waist once again. He was shaking.

“No. No no no. You can’t leave me- Us!” His voice broke. Cries coming out his mouth.

You felt a wave of guilty and selfishness hit your head. You moved your head to face him. His handsome, amazing face. Both of you had swollen red eyes and salty tears running down your cheeks. You leaned in as your foreheads touch. His wet lips coming closer to yours, now just a millimetre away from each other. You pulled your head away before anything happened.

“I-I’m sorry. I just can’t stay” your voice was barely a whisper.

Lin yanked his hands away from you. He stood up. Towering over you.

“Are we not good enough for you anymore? AM I not good enough for you?” His voice slightly raised.

You felt so overwhelmed and put your hands over your face. Preventing him to see more tears.

“You’re just gonna leave us? Because of Daveed?” Each time he spoke his voice was louder.

You nodded. Slowly. Still crying. You rest your head on your knees and sobbed louder.

“I swear I’m going to kill him.” He ran out of the dressing room. Leaving you all by yourself. Crying on the sofa.

In a split second Jazzy burst into the room and flung her arms around you, attempting to stop your crying. She heard everything.

“Ssssh. Ssssh. Stop crying please. (Y/N)..”

*1 Hour Till Places*

After a while you had managed to stop crying. Jazzy still had one of her arms around you. The other was stroking your back.

“Lin is going to hurt him.” You said.

A look of realisation broke out across your face as you stood up and raced out of the dressing room. Leaving Jazzy alone and befuddled.

You looked everywhere for Lin. Knowing that he was with Daveed. Lin was not a man of violence he would only ever use the violent approach if someone had pissed him off badly. Or hurt someone that he loves.

You leaned against the stairways going up to the rooftop. Gaining your breath back after running around the whole theatre. Desperate to find Lin. You started to hear faint shouting from the rooftop. Without a shadow of a doubt you made your way upstairs. You stood on the last few steps of the staircase. Making sure they wouldn’t see you.

“Why! WHY. Did you call (Y/N) that HORRIBLE word Daveed! It is a very simple question!”

There was this passionate tone in Lin’s voice. A tone that you had never heard before.

“I don’t know Lin! I’m dumb! I’m stupid and I rejected her, I ignored her, I called her a bitch! She will never forgive me. Or believe that I have feelings for her. Again.”

Daveed’s hands flew across his mouth. He had accidentally said something that he had always kept to himself. Your eyes widened. Your breaths quickened. Again? What did he mean again!

“No. You don’t deserve her! She should be with someone that won’t call her that. NOT EVEN in the worst times!”

“So you?”

“No that’s not what I’m sayi–”

“No.” Daveed crossed his arms and glared at Lin. “No. Carry on Lin. Please. Enlighten me. Tell me how you’re the perfect guy for (Y/N).”

Lin stood still. He didn’t reply. He stood there dumbfounded.

“ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT” Daveed clenched his fist. Looking like he was actually going to punch Lin. Come on Lin answer. Omg no Daveed NO.

Within a blink of an eye you were in front of Daveed. Blocking Lin from his punch. His fist came in contact with your shoulder. You winced at the pain that was brought to your upper arm.


Lin interrupted him before he could say the words you’ve been wanting to hear for a long time.



The two men closed their mouths and both staring at you. Wide eyed.

You turned to face Lin. Your eyes were beady.

“You. You don’t get to say who deserves me or not!” You said in a stern voice. Trying to not wince from the bruise that was already forming on your shoulder.

You spun around to face Daveed. Looking at him as if you were going to burn him alive. There was a look of guilt in his eyes. The look that says ‘I’m sorry’

“And you. YOU. don’t get to do all these things to me and then say that you LIKE me! Don’t think you can come anywhere near me AGAIN.“ You shouted at the top of your lungs. Wanting the whole of New York City to know what a jerk Daveed was.

You made your way to the other side of the rooftop. Beads of sweat. Droplets of tears. All rushing down your face at once. Your hands pushed your wet hair back and your head bent down. In only a matter of time a loud scream came out of your mouth. A high pitched sound that you needed to make. You let go. Of everything.

Your scream gathered a lot of attention. When you turned around you saw almost the whole cast staring at you.

“This-This place. It drives me crazy!”

Daveed came over to you. Trying to speak to you but no words came out.

“Leave me alone.” You’re voice was hoarse and horrible.

“I like you (Y/N). I’ve fallen in love with you. Again.” His arm raised, trying to make sure your shoulder was okay.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me Daveed, not after what you did. And don’t say that, you know it’s not true.”

Before Daveed could even utter a word you turned to face the rest of the cast and announced that it was your last day here.

“I’m sorry to say that I am leaving Hamilton.” Everyone gasped and started to mutter to eachother. “You’ll have to find a replacement for Pippa’s understudy. All my things.” You paused. Trying to hold back your tears. “Will–Will be gone by tonight.”

You sprinted your way down the stairs -as salty tears dashed from your eyes -pushing everyone to the side as you made your way past them. Lin’s voice was shouting behind you as you tried to hurry to Pippa’s dressing room so you could lock your self inside. The plan failed. You ended up falling face first into the dressing room. Lin ended up catching up to you. He ran into the dressing room closing the door behind him.

He made sure you were okay before kneeling down and wrapping you in a warm embrace. Soon after that Lin pressed a wet kiss on your lips. At first you were surprised of his forwardness but then melted into the kiss.

He slowly pulled away from you and started to breath heavily. His hands found its way to your wet cheeks.

“I wanted to do this to you earlier. But you pulled away….” He whispered as he brought your face in to kiss you again. This time more deeply. More passionately.

“You should go back home” he paused. “Get yo-your things t-tomorrow.” Lin sounded like he was going to cry again.
“I’ll walk you home.”


The walk home was quite nice to your surprise. Lin didn’t mention anything about what had happened. He was sweet and extremely soft. You didn’t complain at the fact that his arm was around your shoulder. It offered a sense of protection. A blue and purple bruise had formed on your shoulder.

After a short while of walking and engaging in conversation you had finally reached your apartment. You both abruptly stopped at the door.

“Are you going to be okay on your own?”

“Y-yeah. I’ll be fine. Go back to the theatre you don’t want to be late to the show.”

He looked down at his feet. The tears he was holding back during the walk came out. They splashed on his shoes. Your head tilted as you hand made its way to his chin to pull his head up. His big brown eyes stared into yours. You took a deep breath. Pulled him in and your lips touched his. This kiss was one that you will always remember. His wet cheeks touching yours and his lips hungry for yours.

“You-You should get back” you said, breathing heavily as your free hand squeezed his hand.

Lin nodded. He knew he needed to go back to the Richard Rodgers. But at the same time he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay here. With you.

You planted a small kiss on his cheek and let go of his hand.

“Bye.” You both whispered at the same time.

Oh how awkward will it be between Daveed and Lin tonight.


That night Jazzy was staying at Anthony’s again. This was the only night you didn’t want to be alone. You wished to fall asleep in somebody else’s arms. Lin’s. Arms.

It was around half ten when you heard a gently knock on your front door. You lazily got out of your bed and went to investigate.

Looking out of the peep hole you saw Lin’s face. Your eyes lit up as you quickly opened the door and threw your arms around his.

“Wha-Hey! You’re going to crush the flowers (Y/N)”

You backed off as your eyes widened your hands flew to your mouth.

“You-You got me flowers?” You muffled in disbelief.

“For my favourite person.”

“Bu-But it’s 10 o'clock at night. Where in New York is there an open florist!”

“Hey we live in the city that never sleeps. What do you expect.”

A large gust of wind came your way so you pushed Lin into your apartment. Trying to protect him. He walked in and placed the flowers on your kitchen counter. Within a second he turned around to face you.

“How was the show. I’m guessing it was a bit. Awkward?”

“How’s you’re shoulder?”

“Answer me Lin”

He sighed. “It was fine. Yes it was awkward. And yes in act 2 he looked like he was ready to kill me.” He glanced over to your shoulder. “Your shoulder?”

As you were wearing a short sleeved shirt it made it easier to pull the sleeve up. Revealing your bruise.

His eyes enlarged. You saw fire in his eyes.


“Look please don’t make a big deal of it Lin. It was an accident and you know it. Please please let’s do something else”

Lin walked over to the coffee table that was in front of your sofa. Took a deep breath and asked.

“Movie night? Again?”

You nodded eagerly and pulled him down to your sofa. Your head in his arms as he put on The Little Mermaid. His all time favourite Disney Movie.

Lin stayed that night. You spent the whole night lying in his arms, eventually dozing off. Your wish came true after all.



II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II  pt 5 II pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 4.1k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Recap: “You’re just going to have to tell him.” Ten sighed. He ran a hand through his hair as he really didn’t even know what you should do. There was no way around it, No matter how Johnny found out, he would be furious. As both of your minds were spiralling into despair, neither of you heard the clicks of the door and the familiar voice that you dreaded to hear.  

“Tell him what?” Both of you snapped your heads to see Johnny standing just after the hallway, a completely baffled expression on his face.   

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His Insecurities // Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jordragon

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Sad, fluff

Summary; Feeling like a failure and thinking he’s all alone, Mark lets his sadness take over him. You walk in on him - letting him know that he’s not the failure he thinks he is.

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Misunderstandings Pt. 5

Genre: Angst (SFW for now)

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n: We hope you guys like part 5! This is the final part of the main plot. It’s kind of bittersweet to end this as it’s our first fanfic. The very last part, part 6, will be almost entirely smut.  It’s under the cut as usual. Here’s part 1, part 2 , part 3part 4, part 6.

You were finally back in his arms. 

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Not As Think As You Drunk I am - snowbaz

this is rambly and awful and basically a switch of my fic SOLS but this one has alcohol and crying.

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: alcohol, abandonment issues, a really bad coming out joke that (again) i have used in real life, implications of feeling sick, mentions of death and murder and drugs, nostalgic af

Summary: Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Word Count: 3004

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You Aren’t Her

Requested by @mylittlenarnia​ - Please write an imagine with Isaac! LoveXOX
It’s been a year since Allison died, a year to the day to be exact. As I drove the car away from the cemetery, with Isaac in the passenger seat, I couldn’t help but tear up. A year ago, Lydia and I lost our best friend, Scott lost his first love, Isaac lost the girl he was falling in love with and Stiles felt like it was all his fault. We all lost a piece of us that day but Allison dying brought Isaac and I closer. We were the two who couldn’t hide we felt, Lydia and Scott, cried and broke in the privacy of their own homes while Isaac and I would burst into tears every time something reminded one of us, of Allison. Isaac and I were close when Allison was alive, he was my best friend and I was beyond happy that him and Allison were starting something, I could only hope that Allison is smiling down at us and thinking the same thing. Isaac and I just started off by comforting each other, talking about her with our fondest memories, but it soon became more than that. Touches, glances and little things that sent sparks flying both our ways. We weren’t anything official, I don’t need it to be but I just feel like at this point, I won’t be good enough because I’m not her.
“(Y/N).” Isaac said, pulling me from my thoughts, the light had turned green but I hadn’t noticed it, I was too in deep with my own thoughts.
“Shit. Sorry.” I said, clearing my throat and letting off the brake and stepping on the gas slowly. I could feel Isaac’s eyes on me, he knew something was up he knew what I was feeling before I even did. As I pulled up to my house, parking and turning off the car I let out a breath that I didn’t even know I was holding in.
“Hey, talk to me.” Isaac said, causing me to look at him with tears in my eyes that I didn’t even know that I had before I looked at him. His expression immediately softened and he went to reach for me but I pulled away, leaving him looking hurt.
“Did I do something?” He asked causing me to shake my head and let out a watery chuckle, the turned into a full on hysterical laugh from all the emotions I was having. Isaac just looked at me with wide eyes, having no clue what was going on or what was going through my head. I eventually calmed down, my laughing finally coming to a stop so I could talk.
“You didn’t do anything, it’s not you. It’s me.” I said causing him to cock his head to the side, shooting me a question look, making me sigh and roll my eyes.
“I don’t want to say it out loud, it would just sound stupid.” I said, now it was his turn to sigh and shake his head. Isaac is nothing but supportive of all my feelings and emotions and it’s one of the things that I adore about him but right now, I just felt horrible.
“I feel like I’m not good enough.” I said causing him to turn towards me, his back to the door and his knee by the emergency brake. He looked so shocked and hurt by my statement, I didn’t know what to say, so I rambled.
“I’m comparing myself to my best friend who is dead. I didn’t think I would ever feel like this about you or about myself but here I am, on Allison’s one year, crying to the guy that she was falling in love with about how I’m not good enough to be with the guy that I’m now falling in love with.” I said causing Isaac to grab my hand and intertwine our fingers, making butterflies erupt in my stomach.
“You aren’t her and you never will be, I know that. I loved her, yes, but you are completely different from her. I loved Allison, she will always hold a special place in my heart but you and her don’t share that space. You have a space all to your own. You are your own kind of special, your own kind of beautiful and I know Allison saw everything I see in you and I also know that she would support us, you aren’t her and that is perfect for me.” He said, his other hair cupping my face while stroking my cheek, brushing stray tears away. I didn’t know what else to say, he shut down every thought in my head with just a few sentences.
“I think I’m falling in love with you too (Y/N), and you are more than good enough.” He said causing me to crack a small smile and nod my head slowly. I mouthed ‘thank you’ to him, not trusting my own voice at the moment. We sat there for a few minutes, holding onto each other in the silence, knowing that Allison was in a better place and in our hearts forever, but also knowing that we would always hold a special place in one another’s hearts as well.


Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: Over 2300

Warnings: Angst, fluff, pregnancy, death

Notes: I cried when I proof read this. Hope you all enjoy it!

You stood, shaking, gripping the stick in your hand. How was this possible? He’d told you it wouldn’t happen, he assured you it wouldn’t but…

Bolting from the bathroom, you ran as fast as you could to the main room of the bunker, terrified.

“Cas?!” you cried as you entered the room, stopping as you saw your angel staring at you with a look of horror on his face.

“You’re pregnant…?”

“How did you..?” Your eyes were huge as you watched him pace the floor, Sam and Dean in shock behind him, staring at you. The test was still in your hand as tears started to fall. Frustrated, you grabbed his arm and turned him to face you. “How did you know?!”

“Angel radio…” he replied quietly. You both stood, eyes locked, for a long time before he suddenly gripped your shoulders a little too hard, causing you to wince. “You have to get rid of it.”

“Cas!” Dean suddenly came to his senses and grabbed the angel, pulling him away from your rooted body. “How can you say that?! That’s your kid too!”

“Because it’s an abomination!” The angel’s face contorted angrily as he glared at his best friend, the two men squaring up to each other. “If she has it, she’ll die. You know that.”

None of you said anything as his words rang in the air. Your hands dropped to your stomach and your lip trembled, your fingers squeezing the material of your shirt. “I’m not getting rid of this baby, Cas. Even if it kills me.”

Castiel looked ready to throttle you, pain in his eyes like you’d never seen before. “Then I’m not staying around to watch.”

His words cut through you like a knife as he disappeared, falling to your knees as you cried.

Minutes turned to hours. Hours to days. Days to months. The pain of him leaving never left you but you learnt to deal with it and live your life; you had someone else to look after now. You grabbed your bag and made your way to the garage, Dean waiting for you with a smile.

“All set?” he asked, pushing away from Baby and unlocking it. Sam finally came up the stairs as you nodded and the three of you bundled into the car.

Dean and Sam chatted in the front seat and classic rock played quietly but it all fazed out as you looked out of the window, a hand stroking your growing belly absent-mindedly. Five months gone. You were finding out the sex today and knew you should be excited but the longing you felt for your angel overwhelmed every other emotion. You loved Sam and Dean, they were the brothers you’d always wanted, but it should be him coming with you today, not them. Biting your bottom lip to stop from crying, you focused on the view passing you quickly as you sped along the empty streets.

Sam was tapping his foot anxiously as the three of you waited to be called in. You sighed and sat back, folding your arms over your chest.

“What’s up, Y/N?” Dean asked, already knowing.

“I just… I just wish he was here..” A single tear fell onto your top as Dean pulled you in tight, stroking your arm silently. The eldest Winchester had done nothing but curse Castiel since he left, though he had now started doing it when you weren’t around and you were grateful for that. He and Sam had been the only thing that had got you through the torturous time; they rocked you when you woke up sobbing from nightmares and were calling out Cas’ name so loudly you woke them both, made you laugh when you were sad, did everything they could to keep you smiling. They would never know how much they meant to you.

“Y/N?” A doctor came into view holding a clipboard. You stood, the boys following suit, and the doctor smiled warmly to you, leading you into a very surgical smelling room.

“So, big day, huh?” he asked with a smile. You couldn’t help but return it as you nodded. “And you’re how far gone?”

“About five months.”

“Ah, very good! Who’s the father?” He looked between Sam and Dean, who looked shocked and repulsed by the idea so much that you laughed.

“Neither of them, they’re my brothers.” You took your jacket off and placed it, with your bag, on the chair. “The father is.. overseas right now.”

The doctor nodded in understanding. You were sure he’d witnessed many a woman come in and explain about absentee fathers. He motioned to the bed in the middle of the room and you hopped on, nerves coursing through you as he lifted your shirt. Sam and Dean closed in and stood right beside you, Sam’s hand on your shoulder and Dean squeezing your hand as the doctor applied gel to the wand.

“Now, this will be cold.” he joked before pressing it lightly on your stomach.

He was right; it was cold. All of you waited with bated breath as the doctor turned the wand this way and that before you heard it. The small, sharp thuds of a heartbeat. You laughed, tears rolling down your cheeks as you listened. The baby finally felt real.. like an actual little person. You looked up at Dean and Sam and were shocked to see their eyes glazed over with emotion.

Turning back to the doctor, he turned the screen so you could see the grey outline of your child. Squeezing Dean’s hand tighter, you waited again, saying nothing as the doctor told you it looked healthy. There was only one thing you wanted to know. The minutes passed at an achingly slow pace and you grew impatient.

“Can you see anything?”

The doctor chuckled and nodded.

“Congratulations, Y/N. It’s a girl.”

After stopping for food and chatting animatedly with the boys, you were on your way home. Clutching the scan photo tightly, you couldn’t stop smiling.

“So, any ideas with the name yet or..?” Sam turned to face you, smiling brighter than you’d seen in weeks.

“I was thinking maybe Cassie, after her dad. I know it’s stupid.” You blushed, embarrassment flooding your cheeks until Sam squeezed your hand.

“It’s perfect.”

Your eyes welled up and you nodded, Dean making gruff noises in the front as he composed himself. He missed Cas just as much as you did.

Pulling into the garage, Dean parked and turned off the ignition. You all clambered out and made your way down the stairs laughing. Reaching the bottom, you walked right into Dean, who’d come to an abrupt halt. Following his gaze, your grip on the photo got tighter and you held your breath.

“Hello Y/N..” said the deep, gravelly voice that had sent your heart racing since day one.

“Cas..” you breathed, hardly believing it. Instinctively, you wrapped an arm across your stomach and waited.

The angel was stood with his hands behind his back, shifting awkwardly, none of you saying a word. Clearing his throat, he walked forward cautiously; you could feel how tense both the boys had become, both of them standing protectively in front you.

“I assumed it was around the time humans found out the gender of the child,” he said sheepishly. “I got you this. Well… it’s for the baby.” He brought his arm round and, in his hand, was a small, fluffy, pink teddy bear.

Laughing once, you pushed passed the boys and ran to him, throwing your arms around his neck and not letting go. You could feel him smiling as his arms snaked around your waist as best they could, planting soft kisses on your forehead and cheeks before his lips crushed into yours, kissing you more fiercely than you ever remembered him doing so before.

Your angel was back, your baby girl was healthy. Everything was going to be okay now.

The next four month’s passed slowly, which you were quite fine with. You and Cas spent every day drinking each other in, not wanting to let each other go again. After everything was okay between him and the Winchesters, he had spent all night doing nothing but apologising to you. He had spent the five months he was away looking for help to avoid the end result but to no avail thus far. You told him you forgave him and showed him the scan photo. He sat, mesmerised for a good half an hour, before looking up at you with tears in his eyes; it was the first time you’d ever seen an angel cry.

Most days were spent researching what you could about nephillim birth survival rates whilst the boys were out hunting. You found bits here and there that looked promising but nothing concrete and it didn’t matter how many times you reassured Castiel that you had a good feeling about this, that nothing was going to go wrong, he was still worried constantly. Whether it was about you, the baby or something else, he was always worrying.

Towards the last couple of months of your pregnancy, the four of you and Mary went shopping for everything the baby needed. Mick and Ketch had surprised you by buying you a crib, the thoughtful gift leaving you sobbing due to your hormones, both men terrified. Mary had moved back in briefly to help you and Cas decorate the nursery; the boy’s had agreed to use one of the spare bedrooms for their niece.

As the time grew close, all three men were tense but you were feeling wonderful, excited about the new arrival. Mary was amazing, helping you prepare the way only a mother can. Then, two weeks before you were due, it happened…

Sitting at the kitchen table, you laughed as you watched Dean and Cas argue over the cooking; they’d insisted on not letting you cook for the last two months; when the pain started. Wincing, you leaned forward, clutching your stomach until it passed. Looking up, Cas and Dean had both gone pale, unable to move. Another jolt of pain made you cry out, Sam and Mary running in. You felt warm liquid streaming down your leg, soaking your jeans, and started shaking.

“Mary…” you whispered, terrified. You looked from one face to the other; Mary smiled.

“C'mon, sweetie. It’s time.”

Cas was holding your hand, which you gripped tightly, and sent his grace through you to try and ease the pain a little. Mary had Sam and Dean running back and forth to get different things. You’d be in labour for around four hours when Mary told you it was time to push.

You waited for her to tell you when, sweat pouring from every pore in your body. You were still scared, the pain excruciating, but all you could focus on was the end goal; holding your little girl in your arms.

“Okay, sweetie. Big push.” Mary said from between your legs.

Sam and Dean were waiting outside, too afraid to be in the room. Cas wiped your hair from your face and squeezed your hand encouragingly. With all the strength you could muster, you pushed. You felt like you were being ripped in half. You couldn’t scream; all you could do is gasp at the pain as everything around you went white.

“Good job, sweetie!” Mary yelled anxiously. “One more big push and she’s here!”

“I can’t… I can’t see…”

You felt Castiel tense beside you and his grace seemed to amp up.

“You can do this, Y/N.” he reassured you, an edge to his voice. “I love you.”

“I love you…” Your reply was cut off by a scream as you pushed. You realised afterwards it was your own.

Hearing a cry, you laughed and sobbed all at once, your vision still white.

“You did it, she’s here!” Cas kissed your forehead and embraced you. You wanted to return it but you felt so weak.

That was when you realised it was happening. You weren’t going to be able to hold or see your daughter. It was your time.

“Cas, look after her.” you begged before everything faded.

Castiel fell to his knees, crying openly as he rest his forehead on the bed. He had hoped with every fibre of his ethereal being that you would hold on. You were so strong and resilient. This couldn’t be how it ended.

He lifted his head and yelled, the room shaking. The boys rushed in and took in the scene. Dean went straight to Cas, pulling up his best friend and embracing him tightly, trying to hold back his own tears at losing his little sister. Sam was being comforted by his mother, who was rocking the weeping newborn.

“Cas. Cas, look at me,” Dean pulled the angel’s head up and locked onto his bleary, devastated eyes. “I know this isn’t what was supposed to happen,” His voice broke and betrayed him, though he kept his eyes on Cas’. “But you have a beautiful little girl over there who needs her dad. You look after her. You do that for Y/N.”

Dean’s tone was firm, demanding. Cas looked utterly broken. He didn’t even seem to have registered Mary was still holding his child. Nodding in a daze, Dean slapped his shoulder encouragingly and the angel wiped his eyes on the sleeves of his trench coat. Slowly, he closed the gap between him and Mary and took the tiny child in his arms.

Gazing down on her, a fresh wave of emotion hit him. She looked exactly like Y/N, but with his eyes, bright as sapphires. She really was the best of both of them. As tears fell once more, he vowed that he would do everything in his power to keep his little girl safe. He had a promise to keep.

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Do It (Requested)

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request: omg could you please do a one shot where you tease Thomas (tmr) all day and talk really dirty to him (daddy kink mybe) and he is fed up with you and takes you really hard and long with teasing and dirty talk and omg so dirty but between the dirty theyre really cute

A/N: Sorry it took me so long, also this turned out kind of shitty because I don’t know how to talk dirty because I’ve never talked dirty before and this is basically porn I’m sorry.

warnings: SMUT, don’t read if you have a soul, daddy kink, thomas not looking confused


3 months. It had been 3 months since Thomas and I had been intimate together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I constantly wanted to have sex, but seriously I was just a teenager that discovered how good sex is with one helll of a boyfriend. Yead, you’d be the same. 

Just going for it? I tried, believe me I did. But Thomas was just so… polite. Yes, he was pretty sarcastic and sometimes I wanted to slap him, but whenever it was about something like that, he would become all nervous and didn’t dare to touch me without a direct permission. But how could I tell Thomas that I wanted to have sex with him without sounding like a slut? 

At some point, I stopped caring. At some point I was watching Thomas helping Newt in the gardens even though it was his free day, I was watching him sweating and the face of determination on his features, and god that was a turn on. Who cared about what I sounded like? He was my boyfriend and I wanted sex, nothing special. 

“Hey Tom.”, I smiled as I walked up to him with my tank top pulled down a little too much. I had made sure my breasts were more than just obvious, just like the shortness of my hot pants. There was no way he could not get distracted by that. 

“Hey Y/N. You need something?”, he asked and looked down to meet my Y/E/C eyes. How could this boy be so perfect? I felt the dampness between my legs just because of his stare, that should give you a little impression of how sensitive I was during our ‘love making’.

“Just wanted to say ‘hi’ to my favorite glader. I would ask why I haven’t seen you that often in the last few days but the reason is kind of obivous.”, I responded and actually forgot what I wanted for a second. A situation like ours wasn’t easy, especialley not for a teenager. I felt Thomas’ lips one mine before I could say anything else. The kiss was sweet and short, at least that was what he had in mind, but he found himself in a steamy make out session with myself, in the middle of the glade. 

“Y/N…”, he said in a voice that probably was suppose to sound annoyed and scolding, but the lust was easy to overhear.

“I’m sorry Tom… I just miss you, you know. I mean yes, we see each other everyday, but I really want to… be closer to you.”

Thomas continued to stare down at me as I playfully unbottoned the highest  button of his shirt before I met his with my cloudy eyes. 

“To be honest, I wanna get laid. I want you to fuck me mercilessly until I’m a writhing mess below you. I will even  enjoy your stupid teasing, but that’s really worth it right? I mean I don’t think I want to live a life without your cock in my mouth.”

He cleared his throat and blinked a few times before he grabbed the spade and pretended to ignore me. Although I could see a certain part of him standing straight. 

“Not here and not now Y/N.”

“Oh come on Tommy. Don’t you miss a good old blow job? I have this faint memory of you really enjoying fucking my throat. Do you know how good you feel inside me? Just thinking about your dick makes me want to come right now. Do you know how wet I am for you Tom?”

“Seriously. Stop it Y/N or I will…”, he growled and I could see on his tight grip around the spade that I already had him. 

“What? Spank me? Because I’d love that. Seriously all I want is your big fat cock deep inside me. Please. Please daddy.”, I continued, sighing the last part into his ear. He let out a noise and secured a hand around my waist, keeping me close.

“If you don’t stop right now, I will fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Then fuck me. Fuck me hard daddy. Show me who I belong to.”, I whispered, biting my lip, fully aware that it drove him crazy. I smirked satisfied when I saw him angrily drop his spade before he quickly guided me toward the homestead, still with his hand around my waist, too careful to hurt me. 

Once we were inside, he immediately pushed me against the door and kissed me deeply. His hands were all over me and I remembered how much I missed that feeling. When we had to break apart for air, he began to plant kisses on my neck, until he found my sweet spot, making sure to leave a mark on it. As he did so his hand quickly found their way into my panties. He quickly unbottoned my hot pants since they were nothing but a disturbance. I gasped when his fingers finally arrived where I wanted to be touched most, circling my sensitive area. He let out another deep groan that made me want to jump him. 

“Fuck you’re so wet.”

“No shit Sherlock.”, I shot back with raised eyebrows. He smirked, knowing I wouldn’t keep my cocky demeanor as he began stroking my clit, making it impossible for me to think straight. After such a long time of nothing, this felt like heaven. As he went back to kiss my neck I felt myself bucking my hips against his fingers, desperate for the touch. Everything felt so…intense. I was not prepared when he dipped two fingers into my heat, but I sure wasn’t complaining. In fact Thomas knew exactly what to do with his hands to please me, probably better than I. 

He pumped his fingers inside me with a strength that made me want to cry out, letting everboy know how good he made me feel. He noticed my slowly fading try to keep in the noises of pleasure, and grabbed my neck. 

“Don’t hold it back Y/N. I want to hear who you belong to. I want to hear who makes you feel that good.”, he whispered huskily in my ear, driving me crazy with lust.

“Thomas…”, I moaned as I felt myself nearly reaching my peak, incredibly sensitive for all his touches. I felt myself tightening around his fingers, intensifying the whole feeling but then he pulled out. I whined and looked up at him disapprovingly. 

“I forgot how fast you come.”, he chuckled. “That’s for giving me a boner in the middle of work.”

“Then this will be my redemption.”, I responded with a mischievious smirk before I got on  my knees, unbottoning his pants. After I had removed his underwear, I watched his hard dick slapping his stomach. Damn, he was bigger than I remembered. 

I let my tongue taste the precum on his tip, making me lick my lips for more. I begant to suck on the tip with delight, encouraged by his moans. I took more of him inside my mouth, but not much, making sure to tease him. I slowly started to bob my head, pleasuring him with my mouth. 

“No teasing babe.”, he growled and forced his cock deeper inside my mouth, causing me to gag. He at least let me time to adjust before he began fucking my throat in a steady rythm. I moaned at the intensity of the situation, enjoying our closeness. I knew he was close when his thrusts became faster and lost their rythm. 

“Y/N I’m gonna…”, he tried to warn me but I completely ignored him as I swallowed all of his warm liquid. I made sure to clean him up and saw him gazing down at me in awe. Thomas pulled me up and connected our lips softly. It was a nice contrast, the rough pleasuring which I really enjoyed, and the gentle proof of love in between those acts.

I didn’t know how long we were standing there, just enjoying the presence of each other, but I felt a smile creep up on my cheeks when I felt him getting hard again. 

“Eager are we?”, I asked with a smirk and massaged him lightly. He let out several noises of pleasure, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. He stopped me after a few seconds, wanting to give me back the pleasure he just felt. 

I sighed when he pushed me down on the bed, following right after. The cold fabric of the pillows greeted me, making me arch my back.Thomas’ hands roamed over my body, freeing me from my tank top and my bra. My niplles were already errected, due to the cold and the temptation of the moment. He embraced my left breast in his warm mouth, sucking on it lighty. He did the same to my right breast, sending shock waves of pleasure over me. 

“Do you want me to fuck you baby girl? Do you want me to make you cum?”, he asked teasingly and bit my earlobe. 

“Yes daddy. Yes please…please fuck me daddy.”, I begged and rolled my hips against his.

He inhaled sharply, not prepared for the way my words would affect him. We stayed like this for a few seconds, until the tension became too much to bear. I felt him enter me with a very deep thrust. The feeling of being completely full was incredibly gorgeous. He knew he had to give me a few moments to adjust, and yet it was hard for him to not thrust into my tight core. 

I slowly began rolling my hips once I was ready, and Thomas immediately got the clue. I somehow always forgot how strong he was. His thrusts were still at a slow pace and he already made me sink into the sheets and back against him. I crossed my legs around his waist, intensifying the feeling. He groaned and propped himself on his hands, so he could look at me during the sex. 

I felt myself getting closer to the edge again, making my breath hitch. He again, felt me becoming even more excited, but this time he didn’t stop. The power of his thrusts made the whole bed squeak and shake and that was everything it took to made me orgasm. My grip on his back got stronger as I tightened around  him, reaching my peak. 

Instead of stopping, Thomas put two fingers on my clit and put pressure on it. I was writhing below him, just the way I described it to him and I did not regret it. His dick twitched inside me and soon I felt him come inside me. He flipped us over so I could cuddle myself into his chest. He kissed the top of my head as our feet were tangled together. 

“Why the hell haven’t we done this in 3 months?”, he asked breathlessly. 

“You’ve been counting?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t.”

“I love you, Thomas.”

“I love you more Y/N.”