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Arranged Marriage (prince!Luke) Part Two

Part One

When you agreed to marry Luke, this was the last thing you expected to happen.

You wish you could turn back time.

Back to when you first arrived at Castle Hill, Luke’s country. When you were greeted by a flood of villagers who threw rose petals at you, as you’d slowly risen to the castle gates, tight smiles wound faces who reluctantly celebrated your arrival.

King Andy hated you with a passion.

You saw it in his eyes, his warm smile never felt so cold. You can recall clearly when you were allowed to visit the towns and you had bought a gaggle of children who were starving food instead of buying yourself clothes like he gave you money for.

You sensed his distaste for you when he noticed how bright Luke’s eyes would light up when you were in his sight. He called you weak.

But deep in the pits of your guts, you had a feeling this would happen. Luke’s parting words echoed in your mind.

He’s sending me off lead a war, I don’t know when I’ll return.

He’s punishing me.

It had been three months since that night. Two months since you found out you were carrying Luke’s child. There had been no word from Luke. The country where the war was happening was a sea away and no troops could be spared for communication.

“Y/n, please finish your fruits.” Queen Liz reminded you sternly.

She had always been formal towards you but once she discovered the pregnancy she had softened up.

“There’s our lovely sister in law, how’s my nephew doing?” Jack cooed, flitting his eyes down to your slightly pudgy stomach.

“Been doing alright, just giving me a lot of sickness.” Ben laughed before reaching down to ruffle your hair.

Jack opened his mouth to say something when a maid rushed in.

“Prince Lucas has been found!” Your heart stopped at her words.

You wrenched yourself up from the stairs and almost broke into a sprint before two hands grabbed both your wrists. Looking up, you saw that Ben and Jack were pointedly glaring at you. You quickly realized what the they meant and began walking towards the gates. You stopped short when the guards carried in a body.

Luke’s body was tattered, his hair matted with dirt there were gashed all over his body and his clothes were torn. Some of his wounds had turned a nasty purple and green- but he was breathing, you noticed with relief. Queen Liz was crying by his face, Ben and Jack were rubbing their eyes as well.

The next day news came that Luke was awake and Ben was said to leave for the war at nightfall. You cautiously made your way to Luke’s bedside.

Luke’s face looked marginally better than yesterday, his bruises had darkened however. It pained you to see what punishment he had been forced through for you.

“Y/n,” Luke croaked when spotted you, flinching as his lips had cuts. “I’ve missed you love.”

“As have I Luke I’m sorry you had to do this for me.” You gushed out, feeling the tears well up in your eyes.

“I did this for us. He promised-” Luke began to cough and you hurried to give him water. He gulped it down gratefully before clearing his throat.

“Father said its okay, he’s going to let us live in the Northern Palace. I don’t know why.” Luke said frowning, evidently confused about his father’s sudden good deed.

That’s when you remembered you hadn’t told him yet.

“Luke…” You began nervously chewing on your lip.

“What’s wrong?” Luke asked quickly, noticing your state with concern.

“Are you not well?” You let out a nervous laugh.

“Actually, I’m really well. I’m- I’m with a child Luke. Your child.” You mumbled shyly, staring at his bedding rather than his face.

You felt a shock of surprise when Luke lifted your chin and kissed you out of the blue.

“It’s going to be a boy.” You breathed out once you’d pulled apart.

Luke was smiling despite his injuries, the sparkle had returned to his sky blue eyes.

“Yeah? How’s my boy been?” He asked eagerly.

“I suppose you could say he’s a royal pain.” You answered, giggling at your joke along with him.

It felt as if everything was going to be good now. If not forever, atleast just now.

And now is all you really need.


Lemon, there is a word, a once special word that’s been tragically co-opted by the romance industrial complex and I would hate to use it here and have you think that I am suggesting any type of romantic sentiment, let alone an invitation to scale bone mountain.
It’s a word that comes to us by way of the old high German luba from the latin lubera meaning “to be pleasing”. So, I’m going to use this word to describe how I feel about you in the way that our angalosaxin forefathers would have used it in reference to say…. “hot bowl of bear meet” or “your enemies skull, split”.

I love you too, Jack.

holy fuck you guys

so, because of the ~evul~ plans of the of the rival band, jem gets stuck at the statue of liberty after the last boat’s left when she has a concert to get to

& the new thing this ep is everyone trying to find out her real name, because there’s a reward out for it, so this guy agrees to ferry her across if he can “have her secret”

so they get across and jem’s like, “you wanna see my other face? you wanna see it?” and he’s like “RIGHT NOW”

and she uses her holographic earrings–

–to PULL OFF HER OWN GODDAMN FACE SCOOBY DOO STYLE, AND REVEAL HIS FACE UNDERNEATH IT. she then proceeds to growl menacingly, in his OWN VOICE, “so, whaddaya gonna do with all that loot?”

his reaction is to start shrieking, “SHE’S ME, SHE’S ME! SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!” in pure unadulterated existential horror and flail so badly he falls backwards into the river

this being an 80s cartoon for small children, she does, of course, throw him a life preserver ring–

–while leaving him with an image that will haunt his nightmares for the rest of his small, bitter life.

she then transforms BACK into jem and walks away without batting an eyelash. stone fucking cold.

Luke Hemmings Imagine- Requested - Disturbed

Luke Imagine- Requested – Disturbed

You and Luke were over at his house watching His favorite TV show, “How I Met Your Mother.” You didn’t mind as long as you were with Luke while he had time off. His mom Liz had been home as long with his two older brothers and you could tell was not happy with it. But one by one they all left, The two brothers going out to eat with their special someones and Liz going grocery shopping for the week, and you both knew how long that was going to take with four grown men in the house. “Wanna go upstairs?” Luke looks at you and you nod your head. He takes your hand leading you up the stairs and through his bedroom door to his bed. “Oh my god I’ve been waiting all day to this” He says through the kisses laying you down on the bed. You smile holding his cheeks in your hands.

He takes off his shirt and continues to make out with you as you unbutton your pants and take them off. He unbuttons your blouse and unclips your bra laying you back down on the bed, “Hold on.” He goes over to the nightstand grabbing a condom and taking off his pants and boxers revealing his length and slipping on the condom. As he slips it on you take off your thong and hop more on the bed laying you head on his pillows. He comes and lays on top of you continuing to make out with you slowly making his way down to your neck leaving kisses all down your body before reaching down your clit feeling his warm tongue slip up and down making you wet, “Oh fuck.” You tilt your head back moaning. He looks up at you smiling and keeps going right before you come, “Holy shit Luke I’m so close” you whimper. “Good.” He stops and makes his way up your body looking you in the eyes before entering his length into you leaving you moaning, and not quietly either. As each thrust goes into you, leave scratches on Lukes back filling you up before you hear a knock on the door, “Luke?” you hear Liz say before walking in, “Oh my god!” She runs out of the room.

Luke covers you up with his blanket and puts on his boxers, “Mom!” He screams. “Oh my god.” You whisper and see Luke run out the door. You stay under the blanket not moving a muscle turning bright red covering your face about to cry.

You can hear Luke and Liz downstairs arguing, “I thought I told you no girls in the bedroom! You know the rules!” before luke defends you, “But mom! It’s (Y/N)! You know her we’ve been dating for 9 months!” She sets down the rest of the groceries on the counter, and loudly too if you can hear it all the way upstairs, “It doesn’t matter Lucas Robert Hemmings! No girls!” Leaving you in tears being so embarrassed. You get up off the bed and put your clothes back on in the bathroom. You hear Luke come back upstairs and Call your name, “(Y/N)?” you come out of the bathroom fully clothed and still in tears.

He turns around and sees you and hugs you “I’m so sorry.” He says as you cry into his shirt. You muffle, “I just want to go home.” In his shirt and he nods his head, “Okay. I’ll take you home.” He puts on a pair of his black skinny jeans and grabs a shirt from his drawer and grabs his keys off his nightstand. He leads you down the stairs and out the front door not saying a word to Liz being really awkward. On the way home the car ride was Silent as the radio played and you looked out the window. When you got to your house Luke turned the car off before you got out of the car, “I’m sorry” He says leaving you thinking. You turn to him with your red eyes, “I just don’t want your mom to hate me.” You clear your throat. He puts his hand on your thigh, “She’s not gonna hate you nor does she babe, it’s just the fact that I broke the rules and I probably will get a lecture from her when I get home.” You nod your head facing your window again. “Hey” He says gently putting his hand on your face directing your face towards him, “I love you, and this isn’t going to change anything I promise.” He kisses you on the lips. “I love you too.” You whisper before getting out of the car.