crying at hyuk's face

just watched vixx’s performances on m-countdown today (omg wow!) and because we have decorators in and one is literally right outside my room, i couldn’t freak the fuck out like i wanted to … so i just cried!

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Vixx/Bts reaction if after a while you don't see each others,you start crying because you missed them a lot?!thanks


N: He’s missed you too so he understands all the emotions your feeling so he’d just let you cry, but he’d hold you close and tell you that instead of being sad, focus on the fact that he’s here right now. A couple of forehead kisses should stop you from feeling bad.

Hongbin: Might start assuming the worst, but when you choke out that your crying because you’ve just missed him, Hongbin will take your hand in his and give it a comforting squeeze as he promises you that he’s here and he’s not going anywhere soon.

Ken: He wouldn’t be able to hold back a laugh, running over to brush your tears away with his thumb as he tells you that there’s nothing to cry over, that he’s here now! 

Leo: He’d silently pull you against his chest and run his fingers soothingly through your hair. Leo’s a man of few words, but he’d whisper to you that you shouldn’t cry over him, he’s here now so smile instead. 

Ravi: Starts sniffling along with you, Ravi wouldn’t waste time and just pull you into the biggest hug, spinning you around in his hold and just murmuring over and over about how he missed you too. 

Hyuk: Pulling your hands from your crying face, Hyuk would say something silly and dumb in order to get you laughing or hitting him - either one as long as it stops your crying. “Don’t cry! You sound like a fish gasping for water jagi!”


Namjoon: He’d crouch down in front of you and gently remove your hands from your crying face, wiping your tears with his thumb and telling you in a calming voice that you don’t have to cry anymore.

Yoongi: Letting out a sigh, Yoongi will ruffle your hair and wait for you to stop crying before embracing you. He’s going to feel super bad for making you miss him so much and he’ll try to make it up later.

Jin: Holds you around the waist and lets you hide your face in his shoulder, Jin will just whisper against your ear that crying isn’t good for you, that he’s missed you too and wants to see your happy face instead.

Hoseok: He’d force you to look at him and would give you that shining smile that would just melt your heart as he moves some hair from your face and asks you to not cry anymore, that he wants you to smile with him. 

Jimin: Straight up starts crying with you too because he’s missed you too and you two just become sobbing messes that are clinging onto each other until there aren’t any tears left. 

V: Breaks out the humor to get you to stop crying. He’ll pull you against his chest and tell you to not cry over and over, jumping around with you in his hug until your laughing. 

Jungkook: Finding himself feeling a little awkward, Jungkook will shift from foot to foot and wait for you to calm yourself down. When you do and you apologize, he’ll just scratch his neck and tell you it’s no problem - he missed you too, but crying….


This is a VIXX request I received that kind of took on a life of it’s own. Hope you like.

Hyuk shivered and let out another cough. He had been feeling terrible and sick for a few days now. It was just a common cold he was sure but it was definitely affecting his work. He was waiting in the practice room for the rest of the members to come back from dinner. He hadn’t felt like eating so he opted to stay behind. Then the door burst open and the members stormed in.

“Hyuk, how dare you!” Ravi stood inches away from him, “How could you?”

“Wait what?” Hyuk asked confused, “Hyung, what are you talking about?”

“Did you really think you weren’t going to get caught?” Ravi demanded.

“I don’t-” Hyuk began.

“We got a call from management,” N glared seriously and held up his Ipad, “There’s an article out that quotes you saying how much you hate Leo and don’t think he deserves to be in VIXX.”

“I would never say that!” Hyuk’s jaw dropped, “I would never, honestly.”

“It was from that interview last week from the overseas magazine,” N interrupted, “I can’t believe you Hyuk, after everything this group has been through. If anyone needs to have his worth evaluated its you.”

That hit Hyuk like a ton of bricks; he knew that he wasn’t the most talented member but he tried to make up for that with his air of confidence. Apparently it hadn’t worked though. Hyuk looked around the room at all of his hyungs pleading for one of them to understand and be on his side. All of them had looks of anger, sadness, and disappointment etched on their faces. Leo was behind the others, crying.

“Leo hyung,” Hyuk attempted to go over to him but Ravi blocked his path and pushed him away.

“Stay away from him!” Ravi growled, “I’ll beat your ass if you go near him!”

“I can’t believe you said that about Leo,” Ken said, “I thought we were a team, a really good team, if this is how you feel about Leo, how do you feel about the rest of us? Maybe you were just using us in order to try and go solo.”

“You don’t deserve that,” Hongbin added, “You will never be successful by yourself or at all anymore.”

“Enough everyone.” Manager walked into the room, “That’s enough, it isn’t worth it.”

“Manager hyung, honestly I didn’t-” Hyuk began to plead again starting to cry.

“Don’t,” Manager held up his hand, “Pack your things for a week, the company is putting you on temporary hiatus for the week to figure out what to do with you.”

Hyuk was stunned he couldn’t believe that the company was going to get involved in this.

“The rest of the group will continue working and we will not be leaving space for you in any songs or choreography that will be created in your absence,” Manager continued, “I would expect immediate contract dismissal, or removal from the group at the very least.”

Hyuk began to cry even harder while the manager forcefully lead him out of the room leaving the very angry remaining members of VIXX behind.


They had moved him into the trainee floor of the building but not in the dorm rooms. The gave him an extra room that was about as big as a walk in closet, in fact it had been used to store items. They gave him a bedding mat and an appointment time on Friday at noon with the CEO and all of the other investors and bosses to discuss what was going to happen to him. Then left him to his own devices telling him not to talk to the trainees under any circumstances or try to go up to the dorm and talk to VIXX. Since he didn’t have a cell phone he couldn’t contact his family either.

It was now Wednesday and the magazine article was all over the news and everyone was commenting about it. A lot of the VIXX fans were demanding his removal from the group, many had left threatening messages on his social media accounts. The company had announced that they were discussing the future of his membership with VIXX and employment in the company. The fans were out for blood and even members from other kpop groups were commenting their disapproval. Hyuk felt like his world was ending, everything he had worked for was literally falling apart before his eyes and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

His cold was getting way worse too, he hadn’t left the building to eat since yesterday. He couldn’t keep down any of his food now and spent most of the afternoon in the community bathroom on the trainee floor. He felt pathetic when some of the trainees walked in and snickered at him. He didn’t think to bring any other medicine other than cough medicine and he didn’t want to go out and be seen by fans. It was now around 9 in the evening and his Ipad was dieing because of his constant monitoring of his current scandal and he forgot his charger. He set the Ipad down on the floor next to his mat and pulled the blankets tighter around his body. Another chill racked through him and he curled into a ball. He really hated himself, he couldn’t prove that he didn’t say those words and there was no way he could ever bounce back from a scandal like this; his career was ruined.

He heard his door opening and the light being clicked on.

“Wow, it’s cold in here,” a familiar voice announced, “It’s a good thing you’re leaving this for your nice warm bed.”

Hyuk peaked out of his blankets; manager was standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. Hyuk started to cry, they had decided to skip the meeting and just get rid of him.

“Don’t cry, I promise everything is going to be okay,” Manager kneeled down next to him, “The magazine taped the interview, the woman who translated the article was an idiot who didn’t know Korean,” Manager explained, “The company is releasing the tape and the statement that you are going to continue to be a member of VIXX tomorrow.”

The manager pulled out his phone and press play before giving to Hyuk. He saw himself sitting with a bright smile facing the interviewer while he spoke.

“Who’s the most talented of the group? I think we’re all very talented,” Hyuk saw himself answer, “But I think Leo is the most talented, he deserves to be in VIXX more than anyone.”

“C’mon, let’s head back to upstairs, the other members will have everything explained to them once they get out of practice.” Manager took the phone away and grinned, “I’m so happy that it wasn’t true Hyuk. You can’t imagine how upset the members have been, they felt so betrayed, they’ve been moping around these past few days like a puppy had died.”

Hyuk just continued to cry, sobs racking his frame while he continued to shiver.

“Sh, stop crying, it’s alright,” Manager pulled him up, “C’mon it’s time to go back.”


He was back in the dorm, wrapped under blankets again and this time in his own bed. Manager had to practically carry him back to the dorm because he was so stunned and upset. He was then put to bed but he couldn’t fall asleep.

“What are you doing in here?”

Hyuk opened his eyes to see a very angry looking Ken glaring down at him. He opened his mouth to reply but Hongbin and Leo appeared from behind.

“Are they letting you back in? I can’t believe it.” Hongbin spat, “We shouldn’t have to work with someone like you. We won’t stand for it.”

“I’m really angry at you as it is,” Leo softly stated, “Why are they letting you come back? You didn’t want to debut with me so why do you want to stay?”

Hyuk felt the tears spill down his cheeks, he already felt so terrible and for the first time he actually was beginning to fear the members of his group.

“You’re only crying because you got in trouble,” Hongbin said in disgust, “Not because you care about Leo or us for that matter.”

“Hey guys, manager wants us in the living room,” N said from the doorway, “I guess he’s going to explain why we’re keeping Sanghyuk.”

“I hope you realize no matter what they say,” Ravi warned, “our feelings about you are not going to change.”

The members filed out of the room and Hyuk felt his stomach drop. The members truly hated him and nothing he could do would change that. Hyuk buried himself under his blankets while curling into a ball of self hatred and despair. He decided that he would leave the group; he was already hated too much by the members for them to ever forgive him and the fans wanted him gone as well.

Hyuk wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that until the door was slammed open and he flinched. He felt hands pulling down his covers until they finally revealed his face. The hands cupped either side of his face and Hyuk opened his eyes; Ravi was leaning over him, crying.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” Ravi cried, “I’m so sorry, we didn’t know.”

Ravi had pulled Hyuk to a sitting position and into a tight hug. As Ravi was uttering out countless apologies, Hyuk saw the other members quickly enter and they were crying and looking guilty. N approached them and he rested his hand on the back of Hyuk’s head.

That’s when it happened; what his stomach had warning him of all night. Hyuk attempted to squirm out of Ravi’s hold.

“Hyuk, no, don’t” N protested as Hyuk struggled.

Finally, Hyuk had to give Ravi a mighty shove and as he saw the devastated and hurt look on his Ravi’s face he did it. He vomited all over himself. Then for the millionth time that day, burst into tears.

“Oh Baby, shh, it’s okay,” N quickly recovered, “You worked yourself up, Baby.”

Ravi had picked up a shirt from the floor and was wiping his mouth with it.

“He’s burning up.” Ravi announced while stroking his forehead.

“Have you been sick, Baby?” Ken asked him.

Hyuk tried to answer but all that came out was a harsh shutter. Leo squeezed his way in between the others.

“Calm down,” Leo rubbed his back, “Take a deep breath.”

Hyuk felt his body comply.

“Good job,” Leo told him, “Keep breathing like that.”

Hyuk felt his body begin to calm down.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” N pulled him out of the bed.


Twenty minutes later and N was putting an inconsolable Hyuk back in bed. He calmed down occasionally, only to look at one of the members and start to cry again. N didn’t even want to think about how devastating this ordeal must have been to Hyuk’s self esteem.

“Here’s some medicine,” Ken lifted the cup to Hyuk’s lips, “Swallow all of it okay?”

Hyuk did as he was told without complaint or comment. He hadn’t really said anything since he had gotten home.

“We love you a lot,” N began, “We are very protective of each other and that’s why we were so mean, it hurt so much to think that someone we love so much would try and hurt another person we love as well.”

“You didn’t say anything that wasn’t true,” Hyuk said sadly, “I always knew that it was true but I’ve always had trouble accepting it. I’m nowhere near as talented as everyone else.”

“Baby, don’t talk like that,” Ken shushed him, “Everything we said wasn’t true.”

“You don’t need to make me feel better,” Hyuk stated, “I’m really sorry I’m so useless. I know you guys didn’t want me in the group and I realize now that you were right, I don’t belong in the group and I never have.”

“Please stop that,” Ravi told Hyuk, “Please don’t put yourself down like that. Hyuk, you are so talented, and sweet, and kind. We are so lucky to have you with us.”

“I’m sorry we were so cold to you in the beginning,” Hongbin apologized, “You are right, we were worried about have someone who was so young and had barely trained at all in the group. You proved to us long ago that you are a perfect fit for this group. We really do love you.”

“Thanks for saying such nice things about me in the interview.” Leo added, “And you deserve to be in the group too.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll prove to you how important you are Hyukawii,” N brushed Hyuk’s hair out of his sweaty forehead.

“Do you think you’re going to be sick again?” Ravi asked Hyuk.

“No. I don’t think so hyung.” Hyuk answered, ashamed he had thrown up all over himself.

Ravi smiled before lifting up the blanket and crawling in next to Hyuk. He pulled Hyuk to rest on his shoulder before rubbing his back.

“Ravi you might get sick,” Ken scolded, “And don’t jostle him too much.”

“Go to sleep, I’ll be right here.” Ravi told Hyuk.

Hyuk shut his eyes and buried his face in Ravi’s neck. He was beginning to feel a little bit better probably not because he was done being sick but more so that his hyungs were with him again. 

Imagine VIXX throw a big Christmas party and BtoB and EXO all come to it and they all have a great time until they realize that some members of their groups have been under the mistletoe for a little too long.


151224 Hyuk’s military band performed at school festival in wonju and Hyuk was the MC ~~ finally join a band event ^^

★ He performed Sorry Sorry and the reaction from the audience was good.

★ Hyuk sang Uhm Ah Oh Yeah, Sorry Sorry and Goose’s Dream. He was wearing the red uniform.

★ The girl said even though Hyuk’s hair is short, he was still handsome ㅋㅋ and at the end he said “Merry Christmas” . “While he was greeting Merry Christmas, he was so adorable, I almost died” .

★ A fan asked Hyuk if he was eating well, he said yes. The girl asked but why is he thinner, Hyuk answered he doesn’t know. Hyuk also kept on asking why did the girl did not shave her hair ㅋㅋ

★ The girl said “Dalnim, Dalnim” and Hyuk smiled. She said “See you after 566 days” then Hyuk said “Okay”. She also said “Hyukjae, so handsome” and Hyuk was in front of her and she told him sorry for using informal language, Hyuk said it’s okay~ She also held Hyuk’s hand and she said it’s warm. She told Hyuk to not get sick and don’t catch cold then Hyuk said “Merry Christmas”   (c)(c)(c)(c)