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  • Jinyoung: Our comeback is coming! We must tell our BANAs!! *posts on Instagram with the caption "드디어!! ㅜ ㅜ 화이팅!!!!!!
  • #b1a4 #bana"*
  • CNU: I'll do the same *posts on Instagram with the same photo and caption as Jinyoung, but with a 2 at the end*
  • Sandeul: Okay me too! *does the same as ShinYoung, but adds a 3 at the end*
  • Gongchan: I'll do it but I'm not adding a 4 *posts like Jinyoung*
  • Baro: I'm gonna be different! *posts the same photo with the caption "다들 아실랑가 #b1a4 컴백🙏 #newalbum
  • #b1a4comeback #비포컴백"*
  • Sandeul: Ah you fool!! You should've connected with the other 4!!!

mymisstina  asked:

Could I ask a scenario when you and Cnu are involved into an arraged marriage,both you accept to not disappoint your parents?Both you keep friendship and make an agreement telling that after few months you're going to divorce but something unexpected happens between you two after one drunk night?You have to act like a married couple in front of his parents but suddenly feel very sick (you didn't even know)?You pretend to be fine and ready to divorce but within very worried because you love him?

Oh boy, I’m going to be so emotional while writing this! I hope you don’t mind if this turns out to be long!

Gripping the sides of your ceramic sink, you let out a deep breath and look at your reflection in the mirror. “Don’t be nervous. You’ve got this.” you say to your mirror image as you give yourself an unconvincing smile. 

Letting out another deep breath, you head out of your room and downstairs to the kitchen. Today is an extremely important day in your life because today is the day when you finally get to meet the man you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. Your parents had fixed your match months ago, but your suitor is an idol and his busy schedule did not allow him any free time to visit you until today. Although this is not how you imagined your fantasy love story to turn out, you agreed to see your match out of respect for your parents and everything they have done for you. You’re feeling  nervous to meet this man, but you’re also a little excited about the suspense of finding out who your future husband is. 

Finally, after what seems like forever, you arrive at the entrance to your kitchen. Right on time, the tea kettle lets out steam, and you carefully pour the tea into your mother’s prized ceramic tea cups. Taking great care not to spill the drinks, you make your way towards the living room. As you approach the room, you hear this low, yet young voice talking about the world tour he had just finished. Hesitating for a few seconds by the entrance to the living room, you smile and walk in confidently. As soon as you walk in, your suitor stops mid-sentence and you make eye contact with him. After holding eye contact for longer than normal, you blush and focus on carrying the tray to his parents. 

Bowing towards his parents you say, “Annyeonghaseyo,” and you offer them  the tea. After giving your parents tea, you walk over to your suitor with a shy smile and offer him some tea. He reaches up to take the cup from you when your fingers brush. Gasping silently, you glance up at him and he gives you a half smile as his cheeks turn a faint pink shade. 

Once you take your seat, your parents formally introduce you to your suitor’s parents. 

“This meeting isn’t about us trying to get to each other; it’s about our children getting to know each other better. So, I say that we let the two have some privacy to talk.” your mother proposes, giving you a warm smile. 

“That sounds like a good idea,” your suitor replies as he gives you a shy smile. “Would you like to go for a walk with me?” he asks as he walks over to you and offers you his hand. 

With a coy grin, you nod and place your hand in his. 

“My name is Shin Dong-woo, but a lot of people like to call me CNU.” he says, once you’re both outside. 

“My name is (Y/N) and I don’t really have a nickname,” you reply as you look up at CNU. 

You both make eye contact and he gives you a strong grin this time, gaining confidence the more time he is spending with you. 

“Well, I’ll have to change that, won’t I?” he replies, flirtatiously.

You both spend the next hour  making small talk, with you asking about CNU’s recent world tour and CNU asking you about your studies. After exhausting your supply of things to talk about, an awkward silence builds for a few seconds before CNU says, “I have really enjoyed your company so far, but I think it’s time we talk about what brought us here together in the first place.”

With your nod of approval CNU continues, “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. You’re a very sweet, charming, and beautiful girl, but  the thought of having an arranged marriage really frightens me. However, my parents have sacrificed so much for me and they are really enthusiastic about this marriage. I would really hate to disappoint them, which is why I will agree to this marriage. I hope you understand, and I hope I haven’t offended you.”

“No, you have done nothing wrong. In fact, I also feel the same. Ever since I was a little girl I would always dream about my prince charming and my fairytale love story. I too would not like to have an arranged marriage, but it is what my parents want and I really would like to fulfill their wish. So, I too will agree to this marriage.” You explain, looking straight forward at the path ahead of you. 

Letting out a sigh of relief CNU replies, “I’m sorry that the situation had to turn out like this.” He gives your hand a reassuring squeeze and continues, “Once we get married, we can try to bear it for a few months and then get a divorce. We can tell our parents that we just aren’t the right fit. This way at least we will have tried to fulfill our parents’ wishes.”

You nod and you both walk in silence back to your house. 

“So, now for the question that we have been anxiously waiting to ask…"CNU’s mother starts. 

"Do you both agree to this marriage?” CNU’s dad asks. 

“Yes,” CNU replies, trying to appear excited. 

“Yes, I would love to marry CNU.” you reply, intertwining your hand with his. 

* Exactly one month later you and CNU get married. Now we shall fast forward to three months after your marriage*

It’s been three months since you married CNU and moved into a small apartment with him. You both have continued to put on a married-couple appearance in the presence of your parents, but, at home, you both interact only as cordial friends. After your marriage, CNU went back to practicing for his group’s upcoming album, and you went back to focusing on your university studies. Unintentionally, both of your lives have fallen into a rhythm. You both leave at 5 a.m. and you return at 5 p.m. to do your assignments and to prepare dinner. CNU usually comes home around 9 or 10 p.m. when you heat up dinner for him and head to sleep in your room. Once CNU finishes he goes to his room for the night; even though you’re married, you two don’t even sleep in the same bed, let alone same room, together.  

One day, you come home at your usual time, only to find CNU already at home. 

“You’re home early,” you say to him as you set your bag down in the living room. 

“Yeah, we finished filming the last scene of our music video today.” he replies.

“Wow, that’s great! I know that you’ve been working really hard to make it your best music video yet. I bet it will get such a good response.” you say, giving him a reassuring smile. 

“Let’s hope!” he says, hesitating before continuing,“So, the other members are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate with the production and staff and everyone. I know that we said that we would just act as friends, but I feel really bad for not spending any time with you. Would you like to join our little celebration tonight?" 

Grinning, you reply, “I would love to.” You’re secretly overjoyed because for the past three months you have done nothing but go to your university and then come straight home. 

*At the celebration* 

You have so much fun interacting with the staff and the other members of B1A4 at the dinner, and you and CNU even talk more than you usually do when you’re at home. After dinner, a cart with different varieties of alcohol is brought out. You stay away from the cart, promising yourself that you wouldn’t drink tonight. However, you realize that everyone else is drinking, taking shots and having a blast. Even CNU is drinking a beer. Not wanting to be the odd-one-out, you shyly make your way over to the cart and grab yourself a beer, and everything just spirals downwards from there. 

Two hours later, everyone is getting ready to leave and you’re sitting in one of the lounge chairs, not able to walk properly without tripping. Seeing you, CNU jogs over to you and says, “Hey, come on it’s time to leave.”

"I can’t move. My stomach hurts. My head hurts.” you moan with your eyes squeezed shut as you clutch your stomach. 

Suddenly, you feel two strong hands lift you up and you open your eyes to find that CNU is carrying you out. You try to protest that he doesn’t have to carry you, but you’re too weak to even try to resist. Halfway back to the apartment there is a flash of lightening and a boom of thunder and then it starts pouring heavily. By the time that you and CNU reach your apartment, you both are soaking and you are shivering because your dress is sleeveless and it only reaches mid thigh. CNU carries you into your warm apartment and lays you down gently on your bed. 

As he is walking out of your room, you cry out, “CNU, I’m so cold and I’m scared. Will you stay with me for the night?”

You don’t even hear CNU’s response because your so tired, but you feel two strong arms wrapping a warm blanket around you, as a warm, sturdy body slips under the covers with you. Too exhausted to move, you let CNU cradle you in his arms, with your head resting by his neck and his chin on you head. 

You wake up the next morning to find yourself clutching on to CNU’s body and his muscular arms still wrapped protectively around you. You feel extremely hungover from last night, and, to top it all off, you feel as if you have a fever. Reluctantly, you wiggle yourself out of CNU’s grip and stretch as you stand up. CNU, being a light sleeper, wakes up as well and follows you quietly to the living room. 

You stop mid step and CNU almost runs into as you take in the sight in front of you: your parents are here and they are sitting on the couches in your living room. 

“You two are finally awake!” your mom says as she walks over brings you two in for a hug. “(Y/N), your father and I just wanted to stop by quickly to drop of some food. I thought that you might’ve missed my cooking, and I thought you would really love it if I brought you some food.” your mom explains. 

You’re about to thank your mom when you feel as if the contents of your stomach are about to spill out. Covering your mouth, you rush into the bathroom and vomit everything from last night out of your system. 

“(Y/N), are you okay?!” you’re mom asks, looking extremely concerned.

“I’m fine. My stomach just isn’t keeping down what I ate yesterday.” you explain, trying to give your parents a reassuring smile. 

“Alright, if you say so,” your mother replies, not really buying into your excuse. 

“Are you taking care of my daughter?” your father questions CNU, playfully. 

Smiling shyly CNU replies, “We went for a walk yesterday in the rain and I think she may be getting sick from that.”

“Make sure my daughter is getting plenty of rest.” your dad says to CNU as he gives him a pat on the back. 

“Okay, well we have plenty of things to do today, so we will be leaving now. We will come visit sometime soon!” your mother states as she brings you in for another hug. You both see your parents off, and shut your apartment door once they’re out of sight.

You make your way over to the couch and just collapse onto it, your body still aching from yesterday. 

“How are you feeling? I can make you some warm soup, if that would make you feel better!” CNU asks you, feeling genuinely concerned about your health. 

Before you can even reply you’re fast asleep. You wake up a few hours later to find that CNU has draped a blanket over you and has prepared a warm bowl of soup for you. 

Hearing your movements, he  walks over to you from the kitchen. “I just made the soup, so you better have it before it gets cold.” he explains, giving you a smile. 

Still groggy from your nap, you reply, “Will you feed me?”

Not being able to resist you request when you’re so sick CNU agrees. He takes the bowl and slides in next to you on the couch. Patiently, he feeds you the soup and you savor every last spoonful of it. Placing the bowl to the side, CNU is about to get up when you lean back against him and say sluggishly, “I’m tired again.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, CNU pulls you in closer and strokes your head. A few minutes later you’re on the verge of falling into deep sleep when you hear CNU whisper, “I don’t know what has happened, but taking care of you today has evoked a new feeling in me. I really enjoyed caring for you, and with you in my arms like this my heart is fluttering. (Y/N), I think I may actually be falling in love with you. Your childish desires and innocence make my heart melt. You’re so beautiful and caring beyond imagination; I am truly blind for not realizing this when we first met. I really hope you feel better…Jagiya.” He continues to stroke your hair as he leans in and gently kisses your forehead. 

At the first sound of CNU’s words, all sleepiness that you’ve been feeling disappear and you try to remain as still as you can so you can hear what CNU has to say. When he kisses your forehead, you heart literally does a somersault and you cannot contain yourself any longer. Opening your eyes you look up into CNU’s surprised brown eyes that are full of love. Smiling, you take his face in both of your hands and slowly close the distance between your lips. CNU pulls you in closer and you wrap your arms around his neck as he kisses you back. 

Just then, CNU’s phone rings. Groaning, he breaks away and he rests his forehead against yours, your noses just touching. “I don’t want to let go of you.” He says. 

“Well, you’ll get in trouble if you don’t check your phone!” you reply, giggling. 

Sighing, CNU reaches out and grabs his phone that’s on top of the coffee table near the couch. 

“It’s only a notification for an email!” he states, groaning again.

After reading through the email, he hands you his phone so you can read it to. At first, you are extremely confused as to why he is having you read his email, but, once you start reading, you realize that it’s an email from your divorce lawyer. He emailed CNU asking for confirmation on the divorce so he can finalize the papers for signing. 

“What are we going to do about this?” you ask, innocently. 

“Nothing. I have just decided that I don’t want to divorce you. I think I may be falling for you, jagiya.” He replies, smiling. 

“I really like it when you call me jagiya.” You reply, with an embarrassed smile. 

“Jagiya, jagiya, jagiya, jagiya, jagiya!” CNU exclaims as he tickles you and pulls you in for another kiss. 

I hope you enjoyed that! I certainly had a blast writing it :)