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Estamos cansados. Somos un hermoso país que lo han llevado a la ruina. Antes la gente venía a nuestro país por el cálido clima, las hermosas playas ¡incluso el Salto Ángel! (que todos conocen por Up). Y ahora todos se van. Ya sea por el aeropuerto o un ataúd tres metro bajo tierra. Me duele mi país. Me duele ver que mis amigos se van porque saben que su futuro aquí ya no vale nada. Me duele ver como los niños/adultos/jóvenes se mueren a diario porque no hay insumos suficientes para todos. Me duele que no puedo salir a una disco o a casa de un amigo, incluso a caminar de noche porque corro el riesgo de ser asesinada sólo por un celular. Me duele ver que los chamos están dejando su vida por nosotros en la calle protestando mientras que a muchos no les importa. Me duele ver niños toooodos los días comiendo de la basura porque sus padres no tienen para llevarle ni un pedacito de pan a ellos o lo peor sus padres no pudieron conseguir alimentos porque nos hay NADA en este país. Se lo han robado todo que hasta el miedo se nos lo llevaron. Yo se que algún día te recuperaremos, mi amada Venezuela. Se que pronto todos volverán y lloraremos de alegría porque volveremos a ser un país hermoso, seguro y alegre. Pronto mi Venezuela. Pronto serás nuestra otra vez ¡QUE VIVA VENEZUELA NOJODA!

PD: Necesitamos que estas fotos den la vuelta al mundo para que sepan lo que sufre nuestro país. Por favor, ayúdanos a que todos sepan por lo que estamos atravesando, se nuestro granito de arena, de verdad necesitamos que el mundo vea la crisis que estamos atravesando los venezolanos. Por favor… Les prometemos que no les tomará mucho tiempo


We are tired. We are a beautiful country that have brought it to ruin. Before, people came to our country because of the warm weather, the beautiful beaches, even the Angel Falls! (Which everyone knows about Up, the movie). And now they all go. Either by the airport or a coffin three meters underground. My country hurts. It hurts to see my friends leave because they know that their future here is not worth anything. It hurts me to see how children / adults / young people die every day because there are not enough medical supplies for everyone. It hurts me that I can not go out to a disco or to a friend’s house, even walking at night because I run the risk of being killed only by a cell phone. It pains me to see that young people are leaving their lives for us on the street protesting while many do not care. It hurts me to see children every day eating from the garbage because their parents do not have to take a piece of bread to them or worse their parents could not get food because there is NOTHING in this country. They have stolen everything that even the fear took away. I know that someday we will recover, my beloved Venezuela. I know that soon all will return and we will cry of joy because we will be a beautiful, safe and happy country again. Soon my Venezuela. Soon you will be ours again! LIVE VENEZUELA NOJODA!

PS: We need these photos to go around the world so they know what our country suffers. Please, help us all know what we are going through, it is our bit, we really need the world to see the crisis that we are going through the Venezuelans. Please … We promise you it will not take too long.

-Una chica invisible & Tiburón Krum

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What kind of cat would the s and m bros be (and yui if it ok) and how would they act. (I love you mun but I'm way to nervous to come out of anon)

Don’t worry hun, its perfectly fine if you want to stay on anon just know I love you too… but don’t play with my emotions like this because I had to go through so many cat photos and… cats are just so great, like I can’t deal. 


Shu - Siberian Forest Cat

Reiji - Bombay

Ayato - Abyssinian

Kanato - Munchkin

Laito - Solmali

Subaru - Cymric


Ruki - Russian Blue

Kou - Singapura

Yuma - Maine Coon

Azusa - Scottish Fold


Yui - Ragdoll

*Crying* Babies…

The Secret (12)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteenepilogue.

Baekhyun had gathered all of his members in the living room first thing in the morning before anyone left for schedules. They had probably all read the article by now but none of them mentioned it as he knocked on each of their doors and asked them into the main room. He hadn’t exactly planned what to say. Maybe he should have. Maybe he wouldn’t feel so nervous if he had figured out how he wanted to explain this new part of his life to his brothers.

Still here he was, with eight faces staring up at him in anticipation, about to tell them about the new people in his life that he would happily take a bullet for.

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Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1785

Authors note: This is the first time I’ve made a kinda sad story with a happy ending. I hope everyone likes it. I want to thank @dumbass-stilinski for proofreading this for me. You’re amazing Steffie! :)

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BTS Reaction: Their gf has never left their home country.

Request:  BTS reaction to their foreign girlfriend never being out of her home country? Love ur blog btw ❤️

A/N: This blog loves you too anon! Sorry this took so long to post, stupid internet :( Enjoy! xx


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It had been a few days since you had spoken to Jin, no matter how many times you’d texted him and attempted to Facetime him, everything on his end seemed cold. You tried not to panic too much, you knew he was busy but at least one text could have reassured you. You started to become frustrated at the lack of effort on his end, scrolling back through your texts, the last one being from a week ago telling him how you’d never been anywhere but your home country. Just as you started typing out a fairly disgruntled text to your boyfriend across the sea, you heard a car beep outside your bedroom. Standing there, smug as you can imagine, was Jin, fanning himself with a passport before nodding towards the car. ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ he’d say before taking your hand and leading you into the back of the car.


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‘Seriously? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ he’d ask in awe over Skype as you explained to him that home sweet home was getting a little tiresome. He smirked to himself as he started typing rapidly into his studio laptop, humming to himself. ‘Nope, I wish. Maybe someday I’ll be able to come visit you all the way in Korea.’ you chuckled to yourself, your boyfriend feeling even further away than usual through the confines of your laptop. ‘You know I’d love that’ he mumbled, seemingly distracted with whatever he was doing on his laptop. ‘How’s the 22nd of this month? Long enough to get your passport sorted?’ he asked. ‘Yoongi, no I can’t afford it…’ ‘It’s a good thing I can then, isn’t it babe?’ ‘It’s too much!’ you insisted, shaking your head in an attempt to stop an unmoving and stubborn boyfriend. ‘Is it so wrong for me to want to hold my girlfriend? I love you and I want to see you.’ He’d say matter-of-factly, shutting his laptop to prove his point. ‘See you soon baby.’


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‘Happy Birthday Jagi!’ he’d exclaim over Skype as you held an envelope in your hand that had arrived in the post this morning from Hobi just in time to have it for your big day. ‘Hobi you know you didn’t have to get me anything…’ you said, suddenly feeling shy at your boyfriend’s show of generosity. ‘Oh Jagi it was nothing, just open it already I want to see your reaction!’ He would exclaim jumping up and down in anticipation. ‘Alright, alight!’ you giggled, tearing the envelope open. As soon as you saw what was inside a wave of emotion run you flat, clamping a hand over your mouth to stifle the gasp emerging from your mouth. The plane ticket to Korea stared back at you while Hobi giggled through the speakers of your laptop. ‘Oh Jagi, don’t cry!’ He’d laugh, you still being speechless. ‘Ok so you’re going to come and see me in Korea and from there we’re going to take a little trip to Thailand, that okay with you?’ he’d ask as you nodded so hard you thought your head might fall off. ‘Oh Hobi thank you so much! This is the best gift I could ever ask for, I finally get to see you.’ you gushed, running the ticket through your hands. ‘I’ll see you soon babe’ he’d say before explaining he had to go to practise. The whole build up to your trip he’d send photos of where he’d take you.

Rap Monster:

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It was nearing Valentines Day and Namjoon had come up with the ingenious idea of taking you to Paris, since you’d never left your home country. Seeing as he spoke English he thought the communication wouldn’t be too difficult and that it would be super romantic to meet somewhere neutral and spend your time together exploring a new country. He would try and learn a few French phrases and words to keep you two safe but other than that he wanted this trip to be spontaneous. On valentines day you saw a package on your front door. In truth you had forgotten all about the occasion, thinking nothing of it normally and especially with your boyfriend across the ocean it wasn’t something you really thought about. Opening the package there was a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy with a note in it’s hands and a ticket. ‘Meet me in Paris? -Joonie x’ you took the envelope in your shaky hands and opened it to see your flight details and hotel details, seeing how hard he’d work to organise this filled you with gratitude, rushing to your phone to call him and thank him.


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‘Ahahaha what?? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ your phone dinged with your boyfriend Jimin’s text message as you finished up your work. ‘No Jimin, we can’t all be popstars who travel around the world :P’ you’d reply, rolling your eyes at how oblivious yet sweet your boyfriend could be. ‘I know, still, how would you feel about coming on tour with me and the boys?’ You almost knocked your coffee over at that one. Go on tour?? With BTS? Not just to one country but five or six? Was he serious? ‘What??’ you replied, unable to tell if he was joking or not. ‘Well me and the manager have been talking it out for a while now and the boys all think it’s a great idea. I was going to wait until you birthday to ask but we might need more time to get your passport sorted- if you want to come that is :)’ He probably thought you were ignoring him you sat there, slack mouthed for so long. ‘OF COURSE I WOULD ARE YOU KIDDING ME???’ He replied almost immediately; ‘Ahahaha well of course, who wouldn’t want to see me? ;) Love you, maybe I’ll get to see you sooner than we thought xx’


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Sssshhhh’ Tae would exclaim as he found out you’d never left your home country. He had his hand over the camera of his phone while you were facetiming as apparently they were at a recording studio that didn’t allow cameras. ‘Hey, I need to tell you something’ he’d say, peaking your curiosity. ‘What is it?’ ‘Well…’ he’d say twiddling his fingers idly. ‘…’ you sat there, waiting for Tae to finish his sentence ‘there’s been some new… changes to the WINGS tour…’ he’d say nonchalantly, still not unveiling his phone camera as he dragged out his sentences, keeping you hanging on the edge of every word. ‘What do you mean?? Tae for god’s sake just tell me, you’re killing me here. I can feel myself ageing.’ He giggled at the absurdity of the situation before screaming so loud it hurt ‘WE’RE COMING TO SEE YOU’ he yelled, uncovering the camera to reveal himself and the boys packed inside a minibus, looking exhausted but in good spirits. ‘NO WAY’ you screamed, jumping up and down. ‘We’re taking you back to Korea with us, Y/N, we have this all planned out’ he smirked. ‘See you in an hour’ he said, giving you the kind of smile that melted your heart before hanging up.


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Well as far as crappy Birthdays went this took the cake, not that you had one. As the sunset on what had undoubtedly been a shambles of a ‘special day’, your mind couldn’t help but wonder to your boyfriend. Sure he was busy, but had he really forgotten your birthday? You hadn’t heard from him for days and while you weren’t worried, you couldn’t help but feel a little angry at him for neglecting you on your birthday. As you finally gave up on any kind of birthday miracle, you got into your pyjamas before going over to your curtains to close them and call it a night. That was before you saw a balloon float up to your open window with a peice of paper attached to the bottom. You swiped it from the air and upon closer inspection saw the piece of paper was a plane ticket to Korea. Amidst your confusion you saw the note scrawled on the back: ‘Will you be the Jasmine to my Aladdin?’ it read, as the opening bars of A Whole New World began to play from below you. You looked down to see your boyfriend, dressed as Aladdin, holding up his phone and singing the song, grinning up at you with his infamous bunny grin. You ran down the stairs and flung yourself into his arms, him spinning you around and kissing the top of your head. Among all the happy tears and staring at each other to make sure you were really there, you whispered ‘yes, I’ll be your Jasmine.’

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Cheating Rfa boys please! Angst angst angst omg and mc becomes stone hearted afterwards

Ask and you shall receive~

◉ Yoosung

  • He said he was staying late with a study group at the library
  • You carefully packed some of the dinner you just finished cooking into a small tupperware container to bring to him
  • He’d been a little distant lately, and you knew it must be the stress of his studies
  • So why not surprise him by bringing some food to keep him going?
  • He always loved your cooking
  • It was one surefire way to get a smile out of him
  • You were surprised to see the library this busy at night.
  • Lots of students hustling around with their faces pressed in their books
  • Out of the crowd you finally spotted him sitting at a table
  • The smile fading from your face as you drew closer. He was sitting cheerfully with another girl.
  • Their hands together, fingers intertwined on the table top.
  • Then Yoosung leaned in and kissed her
  • Your heart stopped
  • And your feet were still moving although you weren’t paying attention to where they were taking you
  • You ran into a book cart and fell
  • Dropping the tupperware and spilling the food
    • “Ouch!”
  • Yoosung looked up to see you on the ground trying desperately to pick up the food
  • Your hands were shaking and it was hard to see through the tears
    • “MC?!” Yoosung ran towards you
  • You wiped your eyes and stood up to meet him
    • “I thought you might be hungry…” you felt the tears begin to stream down your face again
    • “MC I…I-I’m so sorry-”
  • You shoved the food at him and ran off, leaving him standing there speechless
  • Packing was a blur for you
  • But what hurt the most was that Yoosung hadn’t even bothered to come home right away
  • You had enough time to look over the place twice and make sure you didn’t miss anything
  • And now you stood outside with your bags in hand
  • The door opened to reveal Saeyoung
  • You broke down and dropped your things at the sight of him
    • “Woah! It’s going to be okay…” he hugged you, “let’s get you inside. Don’t worry, I’ll grab the bags okay? Then you can tell me everything.”
  • You followed him inside

◉ Jumin

  • ‘I’m sorry, I have to work late tonight’
  • That’s what he texted you
  • But standing there now in the doorway to his office
  • Watching him kissing a woman as she sat on his desk
  • You could see that wasn’t true
    • “Really swamped with work tonight, I see,” you clutched your phone in your hand and your eyes were beginning to swell with tears
  • Both of them jumped
  • And the woman hopped from the desk and ran past you
    • “MC, what are you doing here?” he straightened his tie as he turned to you
    • “Watching you cheat on me, apparently,” you spat back
  • He tried to approach you but you took a few steps back
    • “Don’t even try to touch me,” you warned
    • “This was nothing. Just me closing a business deal, that’s all-” he tried to explain
    • “You’re really something else, Jumin Han,” you were crying now against your will, “well don’t worry. This is the last time I will ever interrupt a ‘deal’ again. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • You wiped your cheeks and turned heel with a sniffle
    • “MC get back here so we can talk about this”
    • “No! You don’t get to order me around. Not anymore. Don’t look for me at the penthouse, I’m never going back. Don’t try and find me.”
  • You held in your emotions until you were fully out of the building
  • And let yourself sob once you made it around the corner
  • You didn’t know where you would go
  • But your only care at the moment was getting the image of them together out of your mind

◉ Zen

  • Some of the cast were snickering
  • You had shown up to his rehearsal with iced coffees to surprise him
    • “He’s in his dressing room,” one girl finally spoke up
    • “But he might be a little pre-occupied…” another guy laughed and got elbowed
    • “That’s his girlfriend, right?” another one whispered
  • You were feeling a little uncomfortable
  • But thanked them anyway and hesitantly made your way to his dressing room
  • You wished you hadn’t
  • You opened the door to see Zen and another actress, both of them had their shirts off and were kissing heavily
  • Your heart sank at the sight and you froze
    • “Can we help you?” the girl broke this kiss to talk to you
  • You couldn’t speak
  • And when Zen made eye contact with you, you ran
  • And Zen trailed after you
    • “Wait! C-Come back! I know this looks bad-” he called
  • But you kept on walking, trying to stop crying
  • The rest of the cast were now grouped around to watch what was going on
    • She came on to me! What was I supposed to do?” he cried
  • You stopped in your tracks and turned to face him
  • You had pulled the lid from the coffees and threw them on him
  • The whole cast was a chorus of “oOooooOOOoo”
    • “You’re an asshole!” you sobbed
  • Zen was now dripping wet with a blank face
    • “An ASSHOLE! And I’ll never forgive you for this. Have a good life, Hyun. We’re through.”
  • You erased all of the photos of him in your phone
  • Grabbed all of your things from the apartment
  • And ripped yourself out of all of the couples photos around your place
  • And from then on
  • Anytime you saw his face on a magazine you turned it around on the stand

◉ Saeyoung

  • You didn’t normally look at his phone
  • But it was buzzing and he was in the other room
  • You figured it was Yoosung asking to come over and game
  • But it wasn’t
  • And your hand started shaking
  • Tears were dotting the screen as you looked down at the text messages
  • Saeyoung came out to see you crying
    • “Hey what’s the matter?” he sounded concerned
    • “I miss you so much, babe. I keep thinking about the other night-” you choked as you read it out loud to him, “who is this?” you looked up with tearful eyes
    • “Shit…” was all he could manage
  • You dropped the phone
    • “The other night. Like, when you told me you had to work late and wouldn’t be home? That night? And you kissed me when you came home…” your voice trailed, “I think I’m going to be sick”
  • You stood up from the couch
    • “I’m so sorry. Please, I don’t know how this all ended up happening…I just-what are you doing?”
  • You had brushed past him and made your way to the bedroom
  • Quickly throwing your essentials into a small suitcase
  • The clothes you couldn’t be without
  • The box of personal items you held dear
  • All the while Saeyoung was staring at you
  • Not sure what to say or do
  • Throwing on a coat you walked past him once more without even a glance
  • Stopping for a moment and feeling in your pocket
    • “There,” you threw your phone at his feet, “now you can’t trace me, right?”
  • You pulled the door open
    • “Please…I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Just give me a chance to explain,” he cried
    • “No. I don’t want to hear it,” your voice was cold and you turned to face him with tear-stained cheeks, “and I never want to see you again, Saeyoung.”
  • And with that you walked away
I studied her face. Her eyes widened. Almost defiantly, she said, ‘I know what I look like. I’m not pretty any more.’
'You never were,’ I told her. I shook my head at her.
The Fool gasped at my cruelty and Bee’s eyes went wide in shock.
'You were and are beautiful,’ I said. I freed a hand to touch her lumpy ear. 'Every scar a victory. I see you had many of them.’

Robin Hobb - Assassin’s Fate

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thank you for always taking the time to answer my asks! i appreciate it a lot ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ as a follow up: what was shiro's reaction to his baby girl getting engaged? especially since the fam was notified via text?? aLSO THE WEDDING OMG WHAT WAS THE WEDDING LIKE?? i love this au and this family!!

You’re welcome ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡  

Pidge’s Wedding Part 02 (Part 01)

[The Voltron Family] The second Shiro got the message of Pidge—the photo of her hand with a ring, he immediately called Keith.

Keith: *laughs* I know! I’m so happy for her. 
Shiro: Keith! *panics*
Keith: Shiro? *worried* Are you crying? *smile softens* Aww, s’okay, babe.
Shiro: Keith, she’s going to leave me now… *sniffles*
Keith: Oh my god, Takashi. 
Shiro: Keith. My baby girl. *sniffles*
Keith: Shiro, we’ve been through this.
Shiro: No, we haven’t! *cries even more* I’m supposed to have an operation in a few minutes and my daughter drops this news that she’s going to get married to her first and only relationship with some ace Italian?!!
Keith: You basically just summarized Pidge’s wonderful relationship.
Shiro: But Keith.
Keith: We both know that Lotor can provide for Pidge. We know that very well, Takashi. He’s the heir of The Galra Enterprise. We have nothing to worry about so don’t be so dramatic.
Shiro: You have no right to say that to me when you cried so hard when Hunk wanted to marry Shay.
Keith: *gasps* How dare you say that to me, Takashi Shirogane! You bawled when Lance got married!
Shiro: Exactly! So this is kinda normal for me. *huffs* *sniffles*
Keith: *sighs* Awww, baby. You’ve always been emotional when it comes to weddings.
Shiro: Yeah. And it’s gonna be my baby girl’s wedding. Please prepare your waterproof suit, love. You know it’s gonna be full of my tears.
Keith: I got you, sweetheart. *muses*

The wedding was held in Italy. All expenses were paid by Zarkon because he only had one chance of going all out for his son’s wedding. Everyone flew to Venice and Pidge was so damn excited. Shiro and Keith visited Pidge while she was wearing her wedding gown before the ceremony. 

Keith: *teary eyed* Sweetheart, you look so beautiful. *caresses Pidge’s cheek affectionately* 
Pidge: *chuckles* *nuzzles Keith’s hand* Thanks, Daddy Keith. Kinda funny I had to wear a gown though. But I’m glad it’s not that itchy as I thought it would be. *adjusts her gown* 
Shiro: *stops Pidge from adjusting all the more* Stop that, sweetheart, you’re going to ruin it. *looks at Pidge and smiles* *takes her hand and rubs it*
Pidge: Oh no. Please don’t cry, Daddy Shiro. *frowns*
Shiro: Too late. *sniffles* I’m already crying. 
Keith: *rolls eyes* C’mon, love. Let’s go. *pulls Shiro*
Shiro: Wait, lemme just kiss my baby girl one last time. *squeezes Pidge’s hand* I might not be able to do it again.
Keith: *sighs while smiling* Okay, I’ll leave you two. 

Both Shiro and Keith marched with Pidge and of course Shiro was crying while Keith was there to hand him a handkerchief. 

Lance: Hohoho! Pidge! Looking good with that wedding dress. What have you done to my sister?!
Pidge: *turns to Lance* *gives him the middle finger* Say that again to my face and I’ll kick you out of my wedding, loser! *grins so wide*
Hunk: Pidge! That’s very rude! *gasps* And pay attention! You’re marching!
Pidge: I don’t care, Hunk! *chuckles* No cake for you later. Except for your little kiddos cause they’re my faves.
Lance: How dare you say that in front of my babies, Pidge! 
Keith: Gods, kids. Please. We’re in a formal event here. Save the bickering for later. And Shiro, stop crying already or you’re going to trip. Why do I have to keep this family together? You’re like a bunch of hooligans.

After the wedding, Shiro and Keith approached the newly weds. 

Keith: *to Lotor* Did you know we had our honeymoon here as well?
Lotor: Really? *smiles*
Shiro: Yes. A very memorable night. *smirks at Keith*
Keith: *rolls eyes* So? *eyes Pidge and Lotor*
Pidge: We’ll probably just play a bunch of video games later. *looks at Lotor and gives him a high five* 
Lotor: While eating junk food.
Shiro: *hand on chest* Oh thank god. I’m so glad.
Lotor: *scrunches his nose* Dad, please. We’re not gonna do that. *laughs* 

As soon as they left…

Shiro: *sniffles* Lotor called me “Dad.” 
Keith: *smiles* *squeezes Shiro’s hand* He did.
Shiro: I didn’t have the heart to correct him and call me “Daddy Shiro.”
Keith: *laughs* *playfully slaps Shiro* TAKASHI! 

A Blind Path Home, Part 2

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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JUNE 21: Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement (2009)

When Edith Windsor sued the federal government for making her pay excess taxes on her deceased wife’s estate, she paved the way for the overturning DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act). Her name and the name of her late partner, Thea Spyer, went down in history, but it wasn’t until June 21, 2009 when the documentary Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement was released and the world came to know the real life love story behind the landmark civil rights case.

The film opens with Edie and Thea combing through old photos of themselves from their younger days. A photo of Edie in a pink swimsuit flicks onto the wall and a wheelchair-bound Thea says “Yeah I love that girl…and the person who took that picture also loves that girl” and my first thought is “Oh no this is going to make me cry.” The rest of the film is much of the same – old photos, cute banter, and me crying. Edie and Thea first met in 1963 at a restaurant called Portofino in Greenwich Village, which was a popular hang out spot for New York lesbians. From that night forward, the two kept running into each other at various gay bars and clubs and always made a point to dance with each other before the night was over. It wasn’t until a particular weekend trip to the Hamptons where they “made love all afternoon and went dancing all night and that was the beginning.”

Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer proudly hold up their marriage certificate (x).

Thea was a respected psychologist, Edie was a head manager at IBM, and the year was 1967. In order to hide the true nature of their relationship from their coworkers, Thea created a make-believe older brother named Willy who was dating Edie, but in reality, the two were engaged and living together in the gay haven of Greenwich Village; instead of a traditional wedding ring, Edie wore a circular diamond pin on her shirt almost every day for the next forty years. When New York City legalized domestic partnerships, Edie and Thea went to city hall immediately and were one of the first 100 couples to be issued a certificate. Thea suffered a heart attack in 2002 and when her health began to rapidly deteriorate in the following years, the two decided to get married for real in Toronto, Canada on May 22, 2007. Although Thea’s doctors had given her less than a year to live, they were able to be each other’s wives for two years before Thea passed away on February 5, 2009. Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement captures a fleeting moment in time. The pure love and sweetness that radiates from the documentary is probably best summed up when Thea, clutching her wife’s hand and sitting in their living room, says, “We have been dancing for forty-two years. It’s slowed down a little now, but we still manage.”


DAY 1 {part 2 of WE GOT MARRIED}

Author’s Note: Sorry the parts aren’t posting that quickly, recovery hit a couple road blocks. Alsooo would you guys be cool with me starting another series? Or would you rather I finish a series before starting a new one? 

Namjoon woke up early the next morning and was prepping himself in the kitchen, when Jungkook and Jimin walked in. Both still wearing their sweats and their hair standing on end. Jungkook looked up and down at Namjoon and saw how put together he was.

Hyung, where are you going? The maknae questioned and Namjoon sipped his coffee.

I have to be at Y/N’s place by 9am, I won’t be back until around 9pm, so don’t burn this place down while I’m gone. Namjoon said quickly and Jimin giggled.

Us? You’re the one who almost burns this place down everyday. Jimin retorted and Namjoon rolled his eyes. They were all in their twenties and yet they bantered like schoolboys. He felt as long as he lived in the dorm, he would be stuck feeling like a child. Every day off was the same, they would sleep in, play video games, work out, and end up just laying around. He knew they needed some time off, but he was getting tired of the same old.

It sucks that you have to do this on our break, hyung. Jungkook said and Namjoon shrugged.

I like having something to do. Namjoon was used to it. Even when they had breaks between albums, Namjoon was always in the studio with Yoongi or helping to make the next concept even more innovative.

By the way, is she nice? Jungkook asked, Namjoon could sense a bit of worry in his voice. You didn’t have the best rep and Jungkook was already nervous about his first drama that you were writing.

She actually seems pretty normal. Namjoon stated and took another sip from his mug. Smiling a little at the memories from the day before. For the entire day, the two of you joked about the rules you would have to follow and you even did some brainstorming together for songs and the series. I think you will mesh really well for the series. Namjoon added and Jungkook visibly relaxed. Jimin watched as Namjoon continued to sip his coffee and make small talk. He knew that Namjoon was doing this for his re-branding, but he didn’t want Namjoon to get too into this.

Namjoon hyung, remember, this is just a show. Jimin said sternly and Namjoon rolled his eyes once more.

I know, Jimin. I’m not gonna fall for her or anything. She just seems like a nice person to tolerate for the next few weeks. Jungkook laughed a little and the nonchalant response from the leader of Bangtan and watched Jimin cross his arms in defense.

I’m just looking out for you. Hey, shouldn’t you be leaving? Jimin responded and Namjoon looked at the clock. He grabbed his things quickly and tripped into his shoes. He had spent too much time talking and if they hit any form of traffic, he was going to be late.

On the other side of town, you were throwing a comb through your hair and rushing with your makeup. After Namjoon left the night before, you had gotten caught up writing and ended up practically pulling an all nighter. You were falling asleep as you tried to make breakfast. The crew had come to your house at 8am and you were incredibly unprepared for their arrival.

Aish. I thought I had until 9! You exclaimed to your manager as he gave you a small shrug.

They want to try and make Namjoon getting here to look a bit unrehearsed. He responded and you rolled your eyes as you finished up your mascara. Turning on the coffee machine, you sighed and looked around.

Anyone want coffee? You offered and a few crew hands went up. You nodded and started to make coffee as they set up for the day. You looked at the schedule. Today would be spent in the apartment all day, “getting to know each other” you had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes again. As you finished handing out coffees and making small talk with the crew, your manager began clearing off your kitchen table.

Your work can’t be sitting around like this! He exclaimed and you shooed him away. This was your area to write and now this show was messing with all of the papers. You wanted to yell, but then there was a buzz at the door and all the cameras turned to you. Straightening out your sweater, you went to the box and buzzed him up. With the cameras all pointing at you, you felt nerves that weren’t there yesterday. Giving one of the cameras a little thumbs up expression, you opened the door. Namjoon was leaning against the door, acting cooler than he had yesterday, with a bouquet of flowers. Part of your stomach churned at how different he acted for the cameras.

These are for you, Y/N. I’m Namjoon, your new husband. He said as he walked in the door and handed you the flowers. Opening his arms for a hug, you smiled and reciprocated.

Ah, well thank you so much, Namjoon! Let me go put these in water! You exclaimed and made your way to the kitchen. Namjoon looked around and wanted to ask where your writing went, but saw the cameras and his hands immediately went clammy.

So what shall we do today, wifey? He asked as you grabbed two coffee mugs and walked to the kitchen table, handing one to him, you smiled.

Well there’s a bunch of questions that they want us to answer, so why don’t we sit down on the couch and do that? You responded and he nodded.

Of course! The two of you walked over and on the coffee table was a list of questions and two booklets. You were told you couldn’t go through them without Namjoon so you were incredibly curious. One had your name and the other had his. Namjoon gave you a confused look and you shrugged. The list of questions were simple, where did you grow up, how many people in your family, what do you do, when did you debut, etc. As you went line by line through the questions, Namjoon moved closer and you felt yourself wanting to ask him questions so he would respond in his deep voice.

Is that all the questions? You asked yourself as you flipped over the sheet. The two of you nodded and picked up the books labeled with your names. Opening it, you gasped a little. Inside were photos from your childhood, little articles about you, pictures of you when you first did interviews and onward. You were a bit embarrassed and you looked over at Namjoon to see pink grace his cheeks.

Aish, this is a lot of pictures of me. He mumbled and you snatched the book from his hands.

AIGOO! YOU WERE SO CUTE! You exclaimed and giggled as Namjoon grew redder. Pictures of him as a baby, going into his teens, and pre-debut years, flooded your gaze. Namjoon laughed and grabbed your book to skim through. He finally began to explain the photos, one by one, to you.

That was when I was in high school. I seriously thought I was so cool! He laughed and looked at you. A good wife would say I was cool. He remarked.

I thought a good wife didn’t lie! You retorted and he feigned pain by putting his hands over his heart.

You hurt me, Y/N! He pretended to cry and you giggled.

The two of you continued to laugh and go through the photo books, forgetting about the crew and managers that stood around you. Your manager and his manager looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, giving each other a subtle thumbs up. This was going to be good for publicity, but where the two of you going to be able to not fall for each other?

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A hc where Mc has a stalker ex but doesn't tell Jumin because she wants to deal with it herself, only she underestimated how creepy and crazy her ex can be. He sends her creepy stuff which she manages to hide from Jumin, shows up at all the places they go to, and even threatened to hurt the people she cares about, stuff like that.

eyy first hc! analysed some hc to get the style, hope its okay. I’m more comfortable with writing ‘you’ than ‘her’ so bare with me please;; also, send in requests if you think this is good! (it’s a liiiitle long cuz i get too detailed all the time ;~;; tho i cant be serious at all

Genre: I say FLUFF

  • “Is everything alright, MC?” Jumin looked at you, concerned
  • tbh it’s really difficult to keep secrets from this man
  • espeicially in this case
  • Your ex is unstoppable, he is also smart and has he sources.
  • He sent you weird text like “ //iM//;’gO0na;.[CoRRupt{{y=ou “.
  • You didn’t want to engage in anymore conversations with him so you promise yourself not to reply no more. Let his hope dieeeee
  • You’re weren’t the only one though. One day, Jumin showed you a box he received with white roses and his portrait in funeral photo frame style. There were no name of sender. 
  • But you quickly brushed it off and blamed the innocent Seven. he now owned another reason to not be able to touch elizabeth
  • You did blocked the creep’s number, you were SOO over him.
  • …to only realise that he can send you stuff with other numbers too…
  • You kept blocking, he kept creating.
  • It’s not like you don’t want to change your phone number. You can’t.
  • How are you going to tell Jumin?
  • What are your excuses be?
  • Poor MC, surrounded by two utterly intelligent guys. 
  • Meanwhile, Jumin did noticed the shock in your eyes every time you were on your phone.
  • He’s worried.
  • He’s even worried when you say that you’re perfectly fine.
  • But this sweetie tries to trust you. So he ain’t gonna ask more.
  • So one off day he took you out for tea at an expensive ass cafe.
  • Your ex sent you a text: “YoU”{L00k hAwt 2dAy:babE”
  • Wha…t….he’s here?!
  • “What’s the matter, my love?”
  • “O-oh, n-nothing…it’s just a cute cat photo I found on Facebook”
  • you quickly displayed a cat pic on your phone and show it to him
  • *pop* 
  • “What’s…this? Who is it from?”
  • “Yes, Jumin…?” you took a look at the phone screen
  • “iM<GonA&^%*KiLL++ yOU, jUm1n”
  • oh shit oh shit mayday mayday wroooong timing
  • You bit your lips, searching through your brain for a valid excuse
  • “err…random q-quote generator! haha….”
  • “Did you really mean it…? To kill…me? Why?”
  • oh boy this man is gonna cry i repeat jumin han is going to cry
  • *mc deep breathes* *gulps* 
  • “Sir,sorry to interrupt but there’s a suspicious man with a knife outside looking at you and Mrs Han for the whole time. Should I take any actions?”
  • You were unsure if this is going good but the cat has to come out of the bag.
  • “Really? Confiscate the knife and contact the police immediately.”
  • Jumin went from a heartbroken child to an Executive Director in a snap
  • “My dear, MC, was it him..? The guy who kept making you uncomfortable when you use your phone at night? I want to know the truth.”
  • “Y-yes, Jumin…I’m so sorry for not telling you. I thought I could deal with him myself…I didn’t want to burden you..I-I’m so so sorry..I’ll explain everything to you later so you’ll forgive me, okay?” You started sobbing out all the stress and fear.
  • Jumin pulled you into his embrace and brushed through your hair. 
  • “It’s okay. You don’t have to apologies. I could have given you more attention…I’m sorry, princess” He kissed you on your head.
  • The police were fast, they recognised Jumin and fangirled internally and took your ex to the station
  • Jumin say he’ll only make a report tomorrow so poor ex has to stay there for a shooort while
  • You both went home immediately and cuddled all night
  • while you spilled out the truth
  • you begged him to forgive your ex and not to punish him too hard with his power because you felt bad a little
  • he promised but internally he was like
  • are??? you??? kidding??? me??? forgive??? no??? he harmed my precious darling !!! HESGOINGTOHELL.
  • anyways you slept beside him on the couch after kissing him and telling him that you will only be his
  • it was a looong tiring day but not compared to other nights *winkswinks*
Always and Forever

Summary: Having been married for fifty years, you and Bucky had seemingly the perfect marriage, but even after those long years, you still felt inadequate with yourself and questioned your worth to be with him.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel or anything associated.

Warning: Angst, sensitive topics (so I suggest if you are sensitive, then don’t read) and lots of fluff.

Bucky x Reader

||Please don’t repost or plagiarise||

Originally posted by esraa1993


That’s how he found you.

Seated opposite the window, the sun shining down on you as you sobbed over an old photo album, you were hunched into the photos as you wiped at the tears unsuccessfully with a wet tissue as an old instrumental song on one of his old vinyl records played on the electric gramophone loudly, to drown out your broken sobs.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” His voice was full of concern as he crossed the room in long strides, before falling to his knees in front of you as his hands lifted to cup your face, but you batted his hands away, the slight clink of metal from your rings pushing against his metal hand resounded in the bedroom, “please, baby, tell me.” He begged.

You wiped at the tears with your liver-spotted hands, your rings slightly twisted as you sniffled, looking down at your worrying husband with such sad eyes. “Why do you stay with me when I’m such a burden?”

The sudden question shocked Bucky to his core, blue eyes widening, making the lines in his face that more pronounced and despite the pain in his knees and back, he leant up so he was face to face with you, looking deep into your watery E/C eyes. “You have never been a burden. How could you ever think that, after fifty years of marriage?”

“Look!” You shrieked, pushing the album against his chest, hiccuping, a lock of greying hair slipped from its place and fell into your line of view, but you didn’t push it back, “look at those photos and you tell me if I’m a burden or not! I should look at these memories with happiness and joy, but all I feel is sadness and regret.”

“Sweetheart. .” Bucky sighed, looking at their photos, their memories, his fingers gently running over the photo of you on your wedding day, you weren’t dressed yet, but your hair and makeup had been done and you were lounging on your bed, still tied into your silk emerald green robe, smiling at the camera warmly.

Another captured memory was of you and Bucky enjoying your first dance as husband and wife. Bucky had lifted you closer to his body, his arms clasped around your waist tightly, smiling up at you, your head had fallen back, eyes closed as you laughed up toward the ceiling at Bucky’s antics as he lifted you, your hair falling back as he twirled you around the dancefloor. His blue eyes showed nothing but love for you, his full lips parted, showing white straight teeth as he smiled at your happy form.

Another photo was of the both of you laying in the hospital bed, you had taken a selfie with Bucky’s phone, documenting the momentous occasion of your newborn son cradled in your arm with Bucky’s normal hand gently running through the thin smattering of dark hair that adorned his little head. Both of you were crying and smiling brightly, having defied the laws of nature.

Turning the page, he looked over the photos of you and him, going on dates, watching your children grow with you as you matured and wizened beyond your years.

“I thought I had stopped those thoughts, baby, but obviously not.” Bucky sighed, sitting on the window seat, opposite you, opening the photo album for you to see. “You see that woman? I married her, despite everything, despite the odds and all the naysayers.” Bucky pointed to a photo of you lounging on a beach in Hawaii.

“I married a woman who proved everyone wrong and changed a broken man, I married a woman who gave birth to my three children and gave me a family, something I wanted when I was so much younger. I married the woman of my dreams.” Bucky turned the page to show a picture of you when you first met your husband per the arrangements of the online dating app you both had initially met on.

“When I met that beautiful woman, she was in a long black skirt with a floral off the shoulder top, she wore only a little bit of makeup and her hair was neat. She didn’t stand to greet me, but she did something more astonishing.” You sniffled, tears rolling down your cheeks as you cupped a hand to your mouth, trying to reign in the sobs, “she rolled out from behind the table and stopped in front of me, she wound her hand around the tie I had hastily tied around my neck and she pulled me down until I was barely inches away from her face and whispered, ‘don’t worry, darlin’, I won’t need my legs to make you feel good.’ In that moment, I could feel myself falling for this beautiful, flirty and sassy woman that turned my world on its head, a wonderful woman who had been in a wheelchair all her life. Do you know who that woman was?” Bucky asked, leaning forward and wiped your tears away.

He didn’t wait for your answer, “it was you, baby-girl. I’ve carried a torch for you for over fifty years. Just like I carried you for our first dance on our second date, carried you all the way to the beach, carried you to your bedroom on the third date, carried you up and down the altar and I held you in my arms as we danced for the first time as husband and wife, carried you over the threshold of our home, carried you to our marriage bed and you know something else?” Bucky slowly stood up from the window seat, bent over you so his arms wrapped around your waist and he lifted you out of the chair, ignoring your protests as he held you bridal style, his old body straining but he ignored the pain in his back and knees. “I will continue to carry you, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.” 

You wrapped your arms around his neck, your aged faces inches apart, “Bucky. .”

“You could never be a burden on me, do you understand, Y/N? Never look at those memories with negativity, because I’ll always be there to pick you up. I love you.” 

You sobbed once, letting his unwavering love and loyalty wash over you as you pressed your lips to his gently, “I love you too, James.”

Smiling, he twirled you around, the sound of your laughter echoed in the room and for the moment, you were young again, feeling just as youthful as your wedding day as you shared a passionate and loving kiss, bathed in the warm sunlight glow.

“Always and forever, doll. Always and forever.”

Neither of you heard the front door open, or footsteps coming up the stairs, or your shared door opening as your eldest son stood in the open space, tears in his blue eyes. James was a spitting image of his father with as those same glittering eyes looked over the sunbathed room, the echo of your joined laughter echoing as the song ended and your dusty wheelchair slowly stopped spinning, the dust particles lazily drifting up in the air. His eyes drifted over the open album on the window seat and the pages turned to the back to the front page until the cover lifted and gently closed the album.

James sighed, wiping his tears as he walked into the room, his heart not racing like it normally would and he put his hand on the back of your chair and gently lifted the album off the cushion.

Looking out to the window, his shaky breath calmed, “he came to carry you away, didn’t he, Mum?”


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request ; request ; can u do 457 with oak? it seems v angsty sooo :) thank u so much !

#457: “You told me you wanted to let go. That night… I was coming over to try and fix things.”

requested by anonymous

pairing ; oak x reader

summary ; some relationships, as wanted as they may be, are simply not meant to be.

words ; 1934

warnings ; lost relationships; angst.

note ; finally figured out a semi nice plot line for this request, so i hope you like it!


paris \ ‘pa-rǝs\ n

  • a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine.
  • an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or daydreams

You sighed out, looking up at the ceiling of your bedroom. You could feel the bass of the song playing through your speaker, the same song that had been playing on repeat for a while now. The same song you and… him would sing together, dancing around the kitchen and then kissing near the end.

It was the same song that had the definition of paris, something made up, but something you were living through. You had the feeling of dread, the feeling of being empty. You wanted nothing more than turn around and see him lying there, underneath the covers and reading a book, smiling softly at you once he noticed your staring.

He was always a gentle soul, even if he didn’t look it. His skin was dark, and his build was rather muscular, his height also added to the “intimidation bundle” as you’d called it. But he wasn’t as mean as he looked. He gave the warmest hugs, his chest was always an amazing pillow, his arms held you close to his chest when you’d sleep together.

He always wanted happiness for you. He hated knowing you were sad, he hated knowing that he probably had something to do with it.

It didn’t matter now, though. Nothing mattered ─ it was all in the past. He was gone, out of your life, no longer in the picture, no longer apart of the narrative.

But if that was true, why the hell were you still thinking about him? Why did your heart still yearn for him? Why did you still want to see him in your bed when you woke up in the morning? Why did you still want to kiss his lips, his cheeks, his nose still? Why was he still just as big a part of your life as he was when you were still together?

He shouldn’t be, you swore to yourself. We’re over, and I should be okay with that. He wanted to end it and I’m… I’m okay with that.

Maybe some things just weren’t meant to be, right? That’s the answer to your questions; you still thought about him because things weren’t meant to be and your heart refused to comprehend that fact. Yeah, that’s what it was.

You were not still in love with Okieriete Onaodowan. No. You were not and you would never be in love with him again.

Sitting up, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

The memory of that night came crashing into your mind like a wrecked freight train.

“You can’t blame this on me, Oak! It’s not my goddamn fault!”

“What the fuck do you mean ‘it’s not my fault’!? You were the one that caused it!”

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This is one of my photos from seeing Green Day on 4/1/17 in St Paul, Minnesota. This show meant a lot to me, as around the time RevRad came out, and the tour was announced, I was going through a really tough time in my life- I graduated high school early, and I had to figure out what I was going to do with my life, on top of Lord Dumpster being elected president. I remember pulling into the school parking lot, the morning after the election, crying in my car. And I put Still Breathing on, and it got me through the day. Since then, it’s been my go-to pick me up song, and it has helped me get past several panic attacks and a near suicide attempt. So, getting past all of that, seeing Green Day live in concert for the first time (it was the first time they’d played in Minnesota in 8 years!), really moved me. I’m also a huge Against Me! fan, so I was ecstatic that two of my favorite bands were playing together. Before the show, I hung around the park near the venue, playing very bad acoustic songs with my friends. This was the first official meeting of our band. And during the show, I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sung- and it was god damned magical. 

Hold On

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Number Prompts


Long days and even longer nights. The days are filled with homework and studying and the nights are filled with loneliness. All you do is think about Shawn. The two of you have been dating for about two and a half years and for the past two months Shawn has been on tour. First he began on his Handwritten promotional tour and then he just jumped right into the European leg of the tour.

You sigh as you roll over to look at the wall of your dorm room and gaze over the photos in the multiple collages you had made. Most of the photos are of you and Shawn. You sprinkled a few photos of friends and family, but because you are about an hour and a half away from home, you see most of them very often.

You trace the outline of Shawn’s face from a polaroid you had taken of him about a year ago.

Your phone rings from the only person that you want to talk to right now; Shawn. you unplug it from the charger and quietly step into the dorm hallway to talk.

“Hey baby, I was just thinking about you.” You whisper.

“(Y/N), (Y/N)…” Shawn begins frantically, “(Y/N) I can’t do this anymore.”

“Shawn baby, stay with me.” You plead. “Everything will be all right. Talk to me.”

“I just, the touring and the people and the constant questions and the photos and the judgement…. I just (Y/N), I can’t do this anymore. (Y/N) I need you.” Shawn says, you can tell if he is crying, but you can hear his heavy breathing.

“Shawn I know I haven’t seen you in a while, but you are always on my mind.” You whisper, “I can never be able to know what you are going through, but always remember that there is so much life ahead of you. It won’t slow down, no matter what you do. You are in a busy month right now and you just have to push through. You have to hold on and if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for me.”


You are lying in Shawn’s bed in his home town of Pickering. Your head is resting peacefully on his chest and his arms are wrapped around you. He draws circles on your forearm as the faint sound of John Mayer is playing in the background.

“Can I ask you a question?”  Shawn murmurs.

“Always.” You reply as you look up towards him.

“What is your favorite song on the album?” He asks.

“Hmmm…” you think, “That’s a tough one. i have a lot the I love, but I think my favorite would have to be ‘Hold On’.”

“Why?” Shawn asks with a smile on his face.

“I think all of your songs have passion and meaning to some level, but when I listen to 'Hold On’ I just get this feeling that you are telling a true story.” You begin, “And I know that you and I have had a few conversations like that so I could kind of relate I guess.”

“Funny that 'Hold On’ is your favorite.” Shawn says.

“Oh yeah why?” You give him a puzzled look.

“'Hold On’ is about you.” Shawn begins and immediately your eyes well up with tears, “I have had a couple of conversations like that with my dad, but you are always the first person that I call. That conversation is a literal one that I had with you. Do you remember that night last spring that I called you? You say in the hallway with me and we talked for an hour in the phone? Well right after that I new I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I wrote 'Hold On’. Originally the song went ‘and my girl said Shawn stay with me’, but when I played it for the producers they had me change it to my dad.”

“You really did that?” You ask for while tears stream down your cheeks.

“Here,” Shawn says as he reaches into his table side drawer and pulls out a crumpled piece of lined paper. “This is the original lyric sheet. See it still says 'my girl’.”

You look at his hand writing and it’s true, he really did this for you. You knew that Shawn loved you but there was no better way to prove it. He gave you the paper that night and it hung on your wall for years to come, forever actually. Shawn expressed his love in many ways after that, but this was truly a gift and nothing could change it. You would never be able to listen to 'Hold On’ the same again.

Prom #2  Vernon Scenario

admin k: sorry if it’s short, really drained of energy lately but really want to post! Still I think it’s good? 

word count: 558 

pairing: vernon x reader (husband x wife) x oldest son x young daughter

Originally posted by hanwooz

“My baby’s growing up so fast.” You said, covering your mouth with your hands to muffle your cry. You could feel the tears start to form.

Your 17 year old son was going to their junior prom. He sighed along with Vernon, your husband.

“There goes your mother again. Honey, calm down.”

“Mom, could you please not cry today?” Lately, you’ve been thinking about how old your son has gotten. You’ve been looking back old photos of him and just missing the old times you’ve had with your oldest son.

You took in a deep breath, waving your hands in front of your face to fan away the tears as you looked up, trying your best to make them disappear.

“Okay, okay, you’re right sweetheart, let’s take pictures. I want to look good next to you.” He rolled his eyes playfully but a loving smiles appears on his face to show how much he loves you dearly.

“Vernon, get the camera inside.” You shooed your husband back inside quickly.

He groaned but went int anyways, coming out with the camera and you quickly went over to your son.

You held his waist tightly, giving the biggest most proudest mom smile you could. You held it but Vernon took al long time to take the picture. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked confused at the camera.

“Just take the picture already! Gosh, honey how hard is it to take one picture?”

“Harder than it looks. It’s not focusing.” You went to Vernon and fixed the problem immediately, making him look stupid.

“Mom, dad, hurry up please? I have to pick up Y/S/GF in a few minutes.”

Finally the pictures were taken but being the picky person you were, you wanted perfect pictures so you took longer than Vernon expected, which annoyed him a little bit but he put up with you because he loves you and knows that you just want the best.

Taking the camera from Vernon, you looked ate the photos yourself, starting to cry again. “You look so handsome sweetheart. You’re all grown up. In one more year you’re going to be graduating and going to a university far away from home. Oh, how much I’ll miss you. My baby doesn’t need his parents anymore.”

You cupped your son’s face. He held your wrist. “Mom, of course I’ll always need you. I will visit a lot when I’m away from home, I promise. Now please stop crying so I can leave to go to prom. I don’t want to be late.” He laughed and you smile through your tears.

Vernon comes over to hug you, to comfort you. Your youngest who placed at the patio chairs was watching the scene in front of her.

Not knowing much words, she still knew enough to communicate with you. Although she didn’t truly understand what was happening, she could tell that you were sad from the tears that ran down your face, making your makeup becomes a bit ruined.

“wa bout me moma?” Was the words that she manage to say to bring attention to her.

All of you awed at her cuteness as always whenever she spoke.

You smiled even more as you went over to pick up your youngest. “I love you too sweetie. Please don’t grow up too fast. Let’s cherish our time together.”

Not Your Cisco, My Cisco (Take 2)

A/N: I hope I didn’t rush this too much I just needed to write something where Cisco got the girl. It is really long doe. This is a continuation so read dis one first.

Warnings: I think none. Be proud of me for not cursing.

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I wish you all the best, [name of ex-best friend]. In the words of “So Anyway” from “Next to Normal”: “and so, goodbye.

The ending to my final message to my ex-best friend.

We had been friends since our sophomore year of high school, and best friends since our freshman year of college. Over the years, we had been through so much together, from starring in cabaret skits together to difficult times during our college years. One of the best things I had heard concerning our friendship was from our high school musical theatre teacher who told my ex-best friend during our senior year of high school that we were meant for each other.

In September 2016, they stopped replying to, and looking at, my Facebook messages. At first, I thought that it was because they were busy with school because we went to school in different states, me in Iowa, them in NYC, and they couldn’t respond to my messages right away. However, when they finally messaged me back after I checked in on them after the Chelsea bombings in the middle of September had happened, I realized that they were deliberately ignoring my messages.

A month, and several messages, later, I finally got my answer: they had been ignoring said messages because they wanted to “love [me] from a distance” for an unspecified reason. However, even though they had asked for distance, they still continued to like my social media posts and messaged me four times: once by text, and three times on Facebook. The first time was in response to a text message I sent them asking them to give me distance, which I then took back after realizing it was a horrible thing for me to have asked them to do after they had asked me for distance. The second was a Facebook message wishing me a “happy birthday” in November. The third time was another Facebook message that was in response to me telling them that it hurt me to see that they were interacting with my posts on social media, but still not talking to me. The fourth, and final, Facebook message that they sent me was in late March after they had liked my post on Tumblr about (unofficially) getting into a graduate program in Milwaukee that I had made a few weeks prior.

In response to this last message, I asked them to “end the silence” and tell me the reason why they had asked me for distance in October. They left me on “read” and then went on to post on social media as if nothing had happened. A few days later, after realizing that our friendship was beyond salvageable, I blocked them on all of my social media accounts for six weeks.

A week after I unblocked them on social media, while I was packing up my dorm room to move back home after graduation, I found a letter that they had written, and sent, me in February 2016 that said they would always be there for me. I promptly started sobbing as I remembered how much things had changed over the last year. After that meltdown, I threw out the rest of the letters they had written me that I had saved and gave away the books they gave me, as well as the tea set that their mother had given me for a Christmas present during our freshman year of college.

A couple weeks later, I sent them this final message that I quoted the ending of at the beginning of this post. In this message, I apologized for everything that had happened since September (including blocking them on social media), apologized for everything I could think of that I had done wrong over the years, and thanked them for what I had learned from them.

They left me on “read”. Again.

They were truly my best friend. I thought that we were going to be life-long best friends. I loved and trusted them more than I had trusted anyone in my life at that point. Hell, they even helped me get closure from my other ex-best friend who had emotionally abused me when I was in middle and high school. It still hurts like hell to think that after everything we had been through, our friendship is over and I never found out why. Hearing certain phrases or seeing posts and photos they tagged me in over the years now make me cry or feel numb because hearing the phrases or seeing the posts and photos force me to remember what happened between us.

From September to April, I wrote them several letters that have been posted on DMB. To be honest, I lost count of how many I wrote and how many were published. I don’t know if they read them, or if they will ever read this. If they do see this, I want them to know this: I’m so sorry for everything. I still love you. I wish so much that we could have fixed our friendship, but I understand that it was time for it to end.

P.S. Sorry this is so long and poorly written. I just wanted to get everything out.