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Sakurai Sho playing “Beauty and The Beast” during non-no magazine photoshoot


Arigatou SAMI !!!

Arashi Discovery is the nearest thing we can get to knowing Ohno on a deeper level, and now it’s ending. No words can describe the void I’m feeling right now. The special airing just made it worse. :(

We will miss the candid, talkative, thoughtful, and wise Ohno we’ve come to know through this program. Like, greatly.

*Buckets and buckets of tears*

復活LOVE (Piano cover)
復活LOVE (Piano cover)

Arashi - Fukkatsu Love (復活LOVE) Piano cover

“On a clear night when the moon is full
Wearing a gentle smile, my angel came back to me
At the end of my long loneliness,
I’ve finally made it to this place.”


This scene just makes me cry every time. 

Nino’s acting is so good. The frustration on his face, that scream, the way he talks, that look in his eyes. Just everything is so perfect.


Matsujun encouraged students from Tachikawa School for the Deaf | 24 Hour TV 2013

“ The other song we’ll perform in Budounkan is Yuzu’s “Niji”. Actually, this is a song I personally chose. I strongly told these students who never give up, as to why I chose this song. “ 


Sho-kun and Nagase-sempai were too cute~~~~ for words when trying out and parading about in the Disney headgear. Ahhh~ Can’t stop smiling! (^_^)

└ Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 06.02.2016