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【 Japonism SHOW Arena introduction video 】

girls seriously i really fall in love with Japonism Arena. somehow i’m so glad watching this after i watch Are You Happy? concert. don’t mind it just my opinion tho.

Japonism Arena really show you how big and awesome the are, both the member and staffs. it really shows you Japonism in very high standard quality concert. not only the stage but everything! the concept, the songs, and the feeling! oh! i just love this seriously. 

ps: thanks to A-1 pictures for make this anime! but i really want this continuation this anime ugh i want they continue the story ;_; 


Matsujun encouraged students from Tachikawa School for the Deaf | 24 Hour TV 2013

“ The other song we’ll perform in Budounkan is Yuzu’s “Niji”. Actually, this is a song I personally chose. I strongly told these students who never give up, as to why I chose this song. “ 


I can lead with pride, I can make us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me?


Sakurai Sho playing “Beauty and The Beast” during non-no magazine photoshoot

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Headcanons on how the knights + Chiaki react to seeing their s/o cry? Thank you!!

sure! unfortunately i have to cut best boy out bc my chara limit is 5, sorry :’

leo ~ ☆

→ leo doesn’t notice anything really wrong first, and is still laughing away until he sees them in tears and is like, ‘shit’. he has no idea what triggered them, whether it be his lame joke or something they saw, but he is quick to leap to their side and kindly ask them, “hey, hey, what’s wrong?”

→ as they talk to him, he listens quietly. his tongue might not be waggling as it always does, but his hands move, squeezing their body in an attempt to comfort them. leo lies on their shoulder, and doesn’t move to wipe off the teardrops that land on his cheeks.

→ when they break down and can’t talk any longer, he gets to work, dumb advice that you probably shouldn’t listen to spilling from his lips, and him fumbling for tissues or something. all he has is some crumpled compositions, and he uses the paper to wipe their tears. the ink smudges, but heck if that matters. he can write another song, but never another you.

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[第39回日本アカデミー賞]  Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role : 二宮和也


This scene just makes me cry every time. 

Nino’s acting is so good. The frustration on his face, that scream, the way he talks, that look in his eyes. Just everything is so perfect.