crying and wheezing


ARMYs in BTS concert rn: *posting vids and pics everywhere and screaming about how epic it is*

Me, at home, on my laptop: 

crying, wheezing, screeching, screaming, sobbing, hyperventilating at my penniless wallet-

Talking to a casual Harry Potter fan
  • Him: The last movie is great but,everyone you like dies.
  • Me: Yeah...
  • Him: Doesn't one of the twins die?
  • Me: ...Yes...
  • Him: I can never remember was it Fred or George?
  • Me: Fred.
  • Me: *starts thinking about Fred*
  • Me: *Remember's Fred will never meet any of his nieces or nephews*
  • Me: *Remembers that Mrs.Weasly's boggart shows the twins dead together*
  • Me: *Remembers the actor of George started sobbing for real while filming the scene because the thought of losing his brother, even while acting, was too painful*
  • Me: *Tries not to openly cry about Fred*
  • HIm: By the way, have you heard about the new Spiderman?*moves on with life*
  • Me: *Fred Sadness*

White Orbs are magical white stones consisting of the crystallized tears and spirit of demons. In each game, they will revitalize some of the player’s Devil Trigger as soon as they are picked up, and also count towards their Red Orbs. In Devil May Cry 3, however, they provide no Red Orbs if the D.T. Gauge is full. They can be found by defeating enemies and breaking objects, but are uncommon.