crying and screaming basically


this is basically me after episode 10


And now I want brimstone
In my garden
I want roses
Set on fire

Anonymous said: Burnerhugpil e please

sunshine over Motorcity

got home, dog is basically screaming and crying bc i won’t let her go run around the backyard bc it’s a complete mudpit rn and i do not want to wash her

working dogs are great until they don’t get to get their beans out

then they are full of beans

and that’s no good


I come from a place where everything about me, even my body language, is saying: I mean you no harm. I smile, I laugh. Basic stuff for most people.

-Oscar Isaac

Things to remember about Sun Bak:

• There is more to her than being an amazing Kickboxer.
• She is always helping out the other Sensates.
• She has a dog that she loves very much.
• She has gone to jail for a brother she doesn’t love just to keep a promise to her mother.
• She tried some hash with Riley.
• She fought the woman who always took her friend’s sown clothes and won.
• She comes off as tough the first time she meets Capheus, but soon finds herself being completely vulnerable to him.
• She cries and then immediately denies crying when Lito called her out during his screaming fit.

Basically, there is so much more to Sun than being a “boss ass b*tch” because she is a kind, sensitive, and selfless woman. Please don’t reduce her to just the chick that kicks ass. 



1) Rosalind is sleeping with Coulson. Shit. i mean there was even a fucking tie-tying scene and morning after kissing i nearly threw up like noO. (I may be biased as a huge Philinda shipper it was pAINFUL to watch) I like Rosalind as a character, she’s interesting and makes valid points at times but loRD DOES SHE PISS ME OFF she is making so much unnecessary tension in the S.H.I.E.L.D team and her views of the inhumans don’t seem to add up, I never really trusted her(neither does Daisy good girl) and she always seemed like she had another agenda and what do you know she’s working for Hydra fuCKING FUCK REALLY FUCK WHAT IS IT WITH THIS SHOW AND ITS OBSESSION WITH BETRAYAL

2) Andrew has been discovered as Lash by S.H.I.E.L.D and May and when May confronts him he fucking knocks her out and chains her up in an abandoned warehouse nice job andrew. Apparently he was changed fairly recently and has a “hunger” to find inhumans and kill them, he doesn’t seem to be acting on anything other than instinct and what his twisted sense of what is right so I’m pretty done with him, he’s not Andrew anymore after all the people he killed. Seeing May deal with this during the episode was worse than seeing Coulson kiss Rosalind, as per usual Melinda May needs a hug but instead has her heart broken and is forced to make a lot of hard decisions, including risking killing Andrew and being torn between helping him and helping Shield just no. no more. Let Melinda May have a break please thanks. 

3) FITZ CRYING AT JEMMA’S PHOTOS AND VIDEOS BROKE MY HEART. also that scene where they watch the sunset and basically confirm their feelings for each other and it was the perfECt opportunity for the Fitzsimmons kiss the writers have been building up but nope lets just put in on hold and watch the sunrise :))))))) everything is fine 

4) I am so disappointed in Phil Coulson in this episode like Phil really. First you let Rosalind on the base and give her complete access to a bunch of stuff which i know is going to blow up in your face because she’S HYDRA but then you sleep with her??? phil whyyy?? May was literally missing and you didn’t even seem concerned until it became relevant with Lash and everything like seriously phil. Daisy is your daughter and she doesn’t like the new stepmom go find May and have a family group hug and then chuck Rosalind out of the plane. May was literally crying and walking away from Andrew’s cage even Rosalind was like hmm maybe you should go comfort her and you were like nah she wouldn’t want me to OF COURSE SHE WOULDN’T WANT IT BUT YOU NEED TO GO SHOW HER YOU CARE. LITERALLY EVEN JUST AS HER BEST FRIEND YOU SHOULD AT LEAST GIVE A SHIT AND WE ALL KNOW YOU AND MAY ARE MORE THAN BEST FRIENDS STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GO TO YOUR LADY.


6) Daisy discovered a new use of her power yay but she did so saving Rosalind’s life so meh mixed feelings about it

7) Did i mention Melinda May. just going to stress how much Melinda May needs a break. No more sad Melinda yes? okay good, i can’t take much more of crying May i’m not strong enough. Ming-Na Wen acted the shit out of this episode which always results in me sobbing more than normal.

8) Lincoln has no chill which is totally justifiable given that Andrew just casually murdered his friends because “it felt right” and he’s here to stay at shield atm so that’s good, maybe an actual inhuman task force will be able to start with him, Daisy and Joey soon.

‘Son Of Saul’ Brings Viewers To The Heart Of The Nazi Death Machine At Auschwitz

Son of Saul, set in a Nazi death camp in 1944, won the Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Director László Nemes and star Géza Röhrig discuss the film with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

Terry Gross: The opening scene of Son Of Saul is very chaotic, and we don’t really know what’s happening at first, but we soon find out that what’s happening is that a whole transport of Jews has just arrived at Auschwitz. They’ve been taken off - I guess it’s a train. And they’re in the camp and there’s just chaos.

You hear screaming and crying and German commands. And they’re basically being told to go into this room, take off their clothes, hang up their clothes on the hooks and go into this large group shower so that they can get clean because there’s hot soup waiting for them. And the soup’s going to get cold unless they hurry up. And also that they’re going to have good work to do because the Germans need good workers and there’s interesting jobs. So, hurry up and get your shower so we can get moving. And, of course, the shower is the gas chamber.

And it’s a really chaotic and also horrifying scene and you see how they really don’t know or they don’t know for sure what they’re in store for. And we also see the Sonderkommandos, including, you know, the main character Saul who Geza plays, you know, kind of herding them in and getting their clothes hung up and everything. Can you talk a little bit, Laszlo, about starting the film with that and the sense of kind of chaos that you wanted to create and the lack of understanding, the lack of total comprehension in the Jews who have just been taken to Auschwitz?

Laszlo Nemes: I wanted to convey something of the fact that the camp was a mixture of chaos and organization, something that you cannot really see in movies because movies, usually they talk about how well organized the camps were. But actually the camps were chaotic. They were a mixture of languages and noise and death would be around but you, as a prisoner, you wouldn’t know when you would be dead or when you would be alive. And this is something - the lack of predictability that’s in the experience of the prisoner is something that has never been, you know, communicated. So we wanted to immerse the viewer in the experience of the main character.


We’re missing an amazing graphic, blame it on me, but hey taylorswift , these are the amazing girls I talk to every single day and I love to death! We fangirl, chat, scream, cry, basically do everything together since we’ve formed this little squad, and they’ve somehow become my long distance sisters! Two of us already have been followed (Rachel and I) and Jess has gotten a like from you but my other swiftie sisters totally deserve a follow because they’re beautiful human beings <3

They all deserve some love, because they’re the most dedicated, lovable and supportive swiftie friends I’ve ever ever had!!! <3 

My Very First Photo Op

We were waiting in line for a really long time. I felt like crying, puking, laughing, and everything above. My head was full of complaints from people around me of the line taking too long but it was also full of exciting jitters everyone was letting out either by talking, screaming, laughing, crying, basically any and everything.

We walked into a different room for the third time, a wall was blocking my way from seeing anything. Then I heard a bunch of people whispering, “Where are they? Are they here?” The people in front of me swooped their heads around the corner and tried to catch a glance. They came back with shaking heads.

All of a sudden, I hear everyone go silent and I can feel the mood change. Of course the music is still playing but this time we are moving and that was when I saw them. They were about 20 feet away and the lady held my spot as I put my bag on the table that was in the middle of the room. As I set my bag on the table, I kept my head facing Jensen and Misha, my mouth gaping open.

I went back in line and as we wounded around the corner I felt my nerves building up, I was going to meet my biggest idol: Jensen Ackles. This time I looked around the room and saw people tearing up, a computer guy off in the corner, Chris taking pictures, and Cliff standing in front of the green screen talking to people who were waiting in line. I look over at the picture being taken right then and hear Misha say to take another one, a smile leaving my face as I realized I was going to be that person soon enough.

After the very kind people in front of me went, I was next and walked up to Jensen with my eyes wide open. I couldn’t speak. He was so intimidating and beautiful and so real. I’ve seen pictures but in person it was so so so much better. It was then I realized I wasn’t moving and I closed my mouth, taking in how tall he was, his eyes, the very attractive leather jacket, just everything. He kinda laughed and them smiled really big and cheeky as he looked at me and waved at me like he was mimicking my speechlessness. I blushed and just realized Jensen Ackles smiled at me.

Then I walked forward and hugged him, feeling his arms reach around me. He was really warm and smelled amazing. I looked to the back of me and saw Misha talking to someone as he quickly looked over. Then I placed my head on Jensen’s chest and felt a giant person rush behind me and squeeze me so much I was falling into Jensen, it was Misha. I smiled, turns out I was smiling the whole time, and parted away quickly muttering a thank you to my biggest idols.

Jensen smiled and said thank you and Misha did the same. I walked away, still in shock, in tears practically, probably not remembering to breathe. And now I still sit here in this charging room, waiting for my picture to develop, and freaking out because I just met Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.

This was right after I got the picture. Misha and Jensen really squeezed me and I was smiling like an idiot but it was worth it!

Fun fact: you can’t really see it in the photo but Jensen and Misha were bent down to get to my height level lol I’m not not that tall.