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So this has been sitting in my drafts for so long, that I forgot I even created the list, but here is a list of Makkachin headcanons I created!

(note: At the 2017 Anime Expo panel, Kubo said that Makkachin is most likely a girl, referring to her as so but then jokingly stating that it was “confidential.”) We’re going with this though despite all my times referring to Makka a boy.

  • Makkachin has been with Victor her whole life, ever since she was a pup.
  • Victor got her from a close friend, who he often visited that it was like he lived with them.
  • Makkachin was apart of a litter of three, she was the youngest, and Victor fell in love with her instantly upon her birth.
  • this post by autumnalexistence
  • Victor spoiled her rotten when he was finally allowed to take Makkachin away with him. He gave her large doggy beds, gave her a ton of treats that wouldn’t fit in her small mouth, and gave her so many dog toys.
  • Makkachin became very pampered, and Victor cannot bring himself to regret it because he loves Makkachin too much.
  • When Victor had to skate, he sometimes brought Makkachin, but it proved to be very troublesome as Makkachin was still young and had to learn not to run onto the ice after Victor. Luckily she never got hurt.
  • All the other skaters came to love Makkachin.
    • Mila loved to show off Makkachin to her friends, and she often took pictures of herself with her.
    • (This was all her Instagram pictures were for two weeks.)
  • Yurio won’t admit it, but he secretly has a ton of pictures of Makkachin as a puppy and says “if I think hard enough, they’re like an overly excited kitten”
  • Someone: *Swears in front of Makkachin*
    • Victor (and literally anyone else): *LOUD GASP, COVERING MAKKACHIN’S EARS AND LEADING HER AWAY*
    • Later.
    • Makkachin: *annoyed scoff as she lays her head down*
    • Victor (and literally anyone else): *LOUD GASP, ATTACKING “SOMEONE"*
  • Victor adored Makkachin; enough that he would have a full blown out photo shoot with his dog, and he does. He lets the world know that he loves his dog.
    • Christophe somehow involved himself in some of these shoots.
  • It broke his heart the first time Victor had to leave Makkachin alone for a competition away from home, not alone-alone, without him alone. Victor didn’t want to leave his dog.
  • The person who owned the mother of Makkachin took care of Makka whenever Victor is away. Makkachin is close with her mother, who had grown old during the 5 years Makka was taken by Victor.
  • Victor’s friend puts on the junior world championship for Makkachin, who gets excited at the mention of Victor, and jumps off the couch to look closely at the TV, paws on the table stand, barking in excitement.
  • Victor’s friend always takes videos of Makkachin watching the screen closely and posts them on Instagram for Victor to see.
  • Victor sees them and one time on an article, it mentions that Victor was seen crying at the end of a competition, and how people were surprised that he was crying over a video of his dog and not a lover who broke up with him.
  • The first time Makkachin and Victor were apart and got back together, it was like a cinematic movie scene where you see one character run towards the other and it’s just in slow motion and it’s all bright and cheery and perfect; except for the part where Victor got the wind knocked out of him because Makkachin jumped right at him and Victor was unprepared, falling back on impact with a happy dog jumping all over him, licking his face in pure joy at his return.
  • Victor’s friend also got a video of this and posted it on Instagram with the caption of ‘reunited with his true love’.
  • Christophe and Victor dated for a while, and it’s kinda dramatic. Not in a bad way, but in the end Victor broke up with him because he had the suspicion that Christophe only dated him for his dog.
    • Chris: Is Makkachin here?
    • Victor: Yeah, she’s laying on the couch right now.
    • Chris: Can I take her for a walk?
    • Victor: Sure, I’ll come along!
    • Chris: Are you sure? It’s cold out there, Victor. I mean, you live in Russia, but still cold, I’ll take her for you.
    • Victor: Chris, I feel like you love my dog more than you love me
    • Chris: What makes you say that? *Christophe starts leading Makkachin out the door*
    • Victor: Chris, don’t take my dog-
    • Chris: I’m only taking her for a walk!
    • Chris: MAKKACHIN, RUN!
  • Years continue to pass, Makkachin’s mother dies of old age, and Makkachin is saddened by it because she still goes to Victor old friend’s house whenever Victor is away. His friend who is now married to a woman.
    • There are more puppies there though! So there’s a lot of new friends for her to play with.
  • Victor comes home from Sochi and is beaming with joy from his encounter with Yuuri. Previously he was very quiet, not really talking about anybody to Makkachin asides from the friend that he would leave Makka with, but now their home has become loud with Victor’s happiness.
    • Of course, that doesn’t last long because a year passes and during that time, Victor grows quiet again.
  • Victor decides to take a year off, because of his wish to be with Makkachin during her old age.
    • That is until he watches Yuuri’s perfect replicate of his free skate, “Stay Close to Me”, and Victor gets loud again, telling Makkachin that he’s going to go there to coach him.
  • He takes Makkachin with him, going through the trouble to get Makkachin there as soon as possible.
  • When they do get there, it takes a while for Yuuri to notice them, but Makkachin sure does make him notice by jumping on him excitedly.
  • Victor starts training Yuuri, and Makkachin is left alone with Yuuri’s family. She gets along with Mari and Hiroko. Sometimes Toshiya, who compares her to Vicchan and gives her some pets
  • Hiroko doesn’t mind whenever Makkachin follows her, she just hopes that Makkachin doesn’t jump on the guests when she gets a little too excited
  • However, with Mari, Makkachin is an angel
    • (Makkachin is always an angel)
  • Steamed buns become Makka’s favorite treat, Mari sometimes gives her some whenever she’s been good but in small pieces.
  • Eventually, Yuuri and Victor leave for competitions away from Japan, and although Victor originally wanted a break to be with Makkachin, he trusts Yuuri’s family with his dog and knows that they’ll be kind to her.)
  • Victor’s friend jokingly calls him and asks if he’s been replaced in watching Makkachin, but there are no hard feelings.
  • Makkachin switches between sleeping in Victor’s room and Yuuri’s because she loves them both and it means more cuddles.
  • Mari takes a lot of pictures of Makkachin whenever she can and sends them to Victor and Yuuri.
  • Minako likes to take Makkachin on walks whenever she’s over and whenever Mari is too busy to do it herself.
  • Makkachin gets along with the triplets, although they like to use her for advertisements sometimes… On Victor’s permission.
  • The yearly annual meeting of Victor and Christophe
    • Victor: You uh.. ready to apologize for almost stealing my dog?
    • Christophe: No, and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the doorman.
      • Victor (to himself): And he proceeds to be a true hero to this day…
  • On goes the events, Mari finally gives them that one call that makes Victor and Yuuri worry
  • Victor returns home on his own at the request of Yuuri, who is worried about Makkachin and not wanting for Victor to have the same experience as him with Vicchan
  • Makkachin turns out fine. Victor gets home and doesn’t leave Makkachin’s side for hours, filled with regret and worry for leaving his dog and not keeping his promise to spend the year off with her.
  • Yuuri returns home later on, and he also doesn’t leave Makkachin’s side for hours, both Yuuri and Victor are practically glued to her, but she doesn’t seem to mind because she’s getting a lot of attention and love from them.
  • Mari feels bad about it, but Victor has reassured her that it was okay and that he’s glad Makkachin survived.
  • Makkachin isn’t allowed a full steam bun in one go anymore. If she’s given one, it has to be cut into two pieces.
  • Victor goes about spoiling her again.
    • She doesn’t use the doggy pillows at night because she always sleeps with Victor and Yuuri anyways.
  • Victor follows a few Instagram accounts dedicated to Makkachin.
  • He also leaves comments when people say “I’d die for Makkachin to be immortal”
    • “Makkachin would want for you to live”
    • “Makkachin loves you too!”
    • “Makkachin believes in you!”
  • Victor also has an account dedicated to Makkachin, and he loves it.
    • Some videos also include Yuuri, who is mostly just relaxing and petting Makkachin
    • Victor’s favorite video has Yuuri laugh-crying on the floor, begging for Makkachin to come back and cuddle with him. Pan up to Makkachin’s form disappearing behind a doorway.

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Pregnant Clarke waking up from an afternoon nap to Goose crying in the living room, so she goes to investigate (Lexa's out for groceries or something) and realizing where the crying came from, she sees Goose trapped between the screen and patio door, just awkwardy sandiwched there meowing loudly and Clarke DIES and decides to snap a photo and send it to Lexa like "This is what happens when you leave Goose alone with me, this idiot I swtg" lmao

Clarke probably kneels to get him out and like looks him dead in the eyes and they legit have a staring contest before Clarke mutters “If I free you, keep your paws off my girlfriend. Deal?” 

And Goose just,,, grumbles

I’ll Give You the Sun Playlist

(Most of these are from collections other people posted, so I’ve linked those. Question mark means I know I got it from someone else’s post but I couldn’t find it. Favorites are italicised.)

I Know What You Did Last Summer // Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

“Can’t seem to let you go,
Can’t seem to keep you close”

Ghost // Halsey

“My ghost
Where’d you go?
What happened to the soul that you used to be?”

Carry On // Fun

If you’re lost and alone
Or you’re sinking like a stone.
Carry on.

Explain it at the Coffee Shop // Ashton Edminster (?)

Let’s go to an art museum
I’ll explain it at the coffee shop

Eyes Shut // Years & Years (?)

Well, nothing’s gonna hurt me with my eyes shut
I can see through them, I can see through them
I am drawing pictures I’m evading
I will not use them, I will not use them

Young God // Halsey (x)

You know the two of us are just young gods
And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath
And they’re running, running, running

The Run and Go // Twenty One Pilots (x)

Cold nights under siege from accusations
Cerebral thunder in one-way conversations

My Fault // Imagine Dragons (?)

I stop to stare at the ocean side
I’m breathing in just to feel it’s side with his
Like you were here with me

Colors // Halsey

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise
You’re spilling like an overflowing sink
You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece
And now you’re tearing through the pages and the ink

Mr. Brightside // The Killers (?) 

And I just can’t look - it’s killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea

Boys Don’t Cry // The Cure (x)

Now I would do most anything
To get you back by my side
But I just
Keep on laughing
Hiding the tears in my eyes
‘cause boys don’t cry

Two Birds // Regina Spektor (x)

Two birds of a feather
Say that they’re always
Gonna stay together

Screen // Twenty One Pilots (x)

I do not know why I would go
In front of you and hide my soul
'Cause you’re the only one who knows it,
Yeah, you’re the only one who knows it

Sight of the Sun // Fun (x)

I used to run at first sight of the sun
Now I lay here waiting for you to wake up

Cover Up // Imagine Dragons (x)

Cover up, rain down
We wept on the edge of this town
It’s all I want it’s all we want tonight

Dirty Paws // Of Monsters and Men (x)

They had a pet dragonfly.
The dragonfly it ran away,
But it came back with a story to say.

Dance Anthem of the 80s // Regina Spektor (x)

You are, so sweet, so sweet
Dancing and moving to that beat, that beat
There’s a meat market down the street
The boys and the girls watch each other eat

Flapper Girl // The Lumineers (x

Cut off all of your hair
Did you flinch, did you care
Did he look, did he stop and stare
At your brand new hair

Don’t Let it Break Your Heart // Coldplay (x

When you’re tired of racing and you
Found you never left the start
Come on baby, don’t let it break your heart

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy (x

And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life
And perfect boys with their perfect lives
Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy

The Mother We Share // CHVRCHES (x)

I’m in misery where you can seem as old as your omens
And the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling

Life in Color // OneRepublic

And just when I couldn’t run this race anymore
The sun bursts, clouds break
This is life in color

Sick of Losing Soulmates // Dodie Clark 

What the hell would I be, without you
Brave face talk so lightly, hide the truth

Other IGYTS playlists (not from me)

(x) (x

Thor Spoilers

I will never not cry about the lack of my boy and all the crimes the MCU has done to him in other films and also to all the tragically missing characters, but hey at least what I’ve seen of the snoot is pretty acceptable! Good decent snoot length, nice mouth gap, cute teeny eyes, 90% chance of no lips, my heart skipping a beat every time it was on screen. He looks pretty comic-y, if they make sure to give him big meaty claws/paws and a BIG and distinctly NOT human shaped or proportioned body that recent comic book artists have been denying him, and attempt to make it up to him for all the wrongs they have done to fuck with his story and attempt to do him justice (the damage has been done tho) the mcu will have 10% forgiveness from me!

This has been my very in depth and well thought out Thor 3 review, covering the most important topic!