crying against the wall

Mind Bending

Shiro and Lance had been taken by surprise while on a diplomatic mission.
They hadn’t expected any problems on what was meant to be a peaceful planet, so they were dressed in their casual clothing.
Without their weapons or armour the two Paladins were captured by the waiting Galra without much resistance.
Hours later Lance woke up chained to the wall with dried blood plastered to the side of his face.
Judging from how his vision swam and the intense pain behind his eyes, it was a safe bet that he had a concussion.
Lance vaguely registered someone calling his name, but it sounded like they were talking through water.

“Lance! Come on Kiddo.”
Lance looked up in the direction of the voice to see a black blob talking to him.
It took him a minuet to realise the blob must of been Shiro.
“Shiro?” Lance mumbled the movement causing his to moan in pain.
“Yeah bud I’m here. Do you remember where we are?” Shiro asked, he sounded panicked but Lance couldn’t figure out why.
Shiro cursed softly under his breath. “No lance. Look we’ve been captured by the Galra. I don’t know if they got the rest of the team but I need you to try and stay awake. Ok bud?”
Lance didn’t know if he nodded or not. But he must of made some kind of movement because his head was spinning and dark spots were dancing across his vision.
“Hurts” Lance wimmpered.
“I know Bud… I’ll get you out of here I promise.”
Just then the cell door opened and two large Galra walked in.
Shiro instantly started thrashing about yelling at them.
Lance could tell that Shiro was trying to gain their attention. He was protecting him.
And Lance wasn’t going to let him do that.
Growing up Lance had always been flexible. If he hadn’t of gone to the Garrison he had always wanted to be a gymnast. It was like flying without a plane.
Even through his concussed haze Lance was able to remember how to dislocate his thumbs and pull them out of the cuffs.
Lance was sure it would hurt when he was a bit more coherent. Bit for now he had to save Shiro.
The Galra were so focused on the Black Paladin, that they didn’t notice Lance until after he grabbed the blaster from one and shot the other.
The other Galra turned and Lance fired again, however his vision was swimming so much that his aim was off and only grazed their shoulder.
The Galra grabbed Lance by the throats and slammed him against the wall causing Lance to cry out in pain.
He could see Shiro’s mouth moving. Maybe calling his name, maybe cursing the Galra that kept hitting Lance against the hard metal wall to get Lance to let go.
Lance knew he was losing consciousness.
It was so hard to keep his mind focused.
His eyes landed on the chains holding Shiro up.
He only had one chance.
Lance bent his arm until he could feel it almost popping out of his socket as he lined up the shot.
He took a breath in and out.
Then fired.
Lance didn’t know if he hit the chains.
But judging from how the Galra dropped him to the ground and the muffled sounds of fighting Shiro was free.
Lance felt his eyes droop closed as Shiro’s face came into focus.
“Lance! Lance please you have to stay awake!”
“S…orry” Lance mumbled as his eyes slid shut and he fell into the blissful abyss of unconsciousness.
Lance fell out of the healing pod into the waiting arms of Shiro.
“Hey Lance, how you feeling?” He asked looking him over concern clear on his face.
“Fine I guess… what happened?” Lance asked rubbing his head.
“We were captured by the Galra and you got a pretty nasty concussion.”
Lance winced in memory “oh yeah, how did we get out?”
Shiro smiled as he helped Lance sit down on the couch in the infirmary.
“It was all you, I didn’t think anyone could bend like that, let alone make that kind of a shot even without a concussion. You really are amazing…” Shiro blushed “and way more flexible then I ever hoped to imagine.”
Lance smirked “I would be happy to show you any time.” He winked and laughed as the leader of Voltron was left a spluttering blushing mess.

Humans are Weird: Tears and Crying

Humans are already like the only mammals who’s tears are also tied to emotions (At least I believe so). But tears already look different under a microscope depending on whether they were sad, happy, angry, etc. But Imagine how Aliens would react to that. They’d figure out we cry for sadness pretty fast probably. Maybe not so much for pretty much any emotions.

*Jolion’ian sees Analisa crying and curled up against a wall*

Jolion’ian: Oh no, Analisa!…. Would you like a hug?

*Analisa just nods and Jolion’ian gives them a hug. Later on, Jolion’ian sees Valentina with clenched fist and a red face with tears running down their face.*

Jolion’ian: Oh no, Valentina! Do you require a hug? *Goes to hug Valentina*

Valentina: Do not fucking touch me!

Jolion’ian: *Jumps back* Do most humans not require physical contact when they are sad?

Valentina: I am not sad! I am pissed the fuck off!

Jolion’ian: But… you are crying?

Valentina: I’ll explain later but right now, leave me the hell alone.

Jolian’ian hurries and leave because no one likes disobeying an angry human. Later on, Jolian’ian sees Jacarei making loud noises, holding their stomach with tears running down their face

Jolian’ian: Oh no, Jacarei! Are you hurt? Are you sad? Are you angry? Do you need me to just leave?

Jacarei: Wh-What? *Laughing* N-No! Im just laughing! *More hysterical laughing*

Jolian’ian: But… when Analisa cried she was sad, when Valentina cried she was angry, but youre… happy?

After seeing Jacarei nod, Jolian’ian walked away confused. Wondering if he should tell the captain that humans dont just cry when they are hurt or sad.

Forbidden Love | Pt. 8

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Epilogue

Blinking your watery eyes a few times, you wiped away your newly formed tears as you smiled softly at your phone screen.

You were happy for him, you really were. Even though your heart was broken because of him, you were happy that he found a new, welcoming home.

Putting your phone away, you placed your hand on your belly and looked down at it with sad, teary eyes.

It was too late..

Few days ago

“Damn it, Jimin! Y/N can’t get pregnant!”

Ignoring Taehyung’s words, Jimin wrapped his arm under you legs and carried you bridal style.

“Jimin, can’t you hear what I’m saying?! The doctor said that there is no chance she could get pregnant! There is no chance that she’s pregna-”

“She’s pregnant, Taehyung! And there is a chance that you could be the father!”

Hearing Jimin’s words, Taehyung’s eyes opened widely and he looked at your lifeless looking body, only hearing your pleads as mumbles. “Please save my baby.. I’m begging you, I can’t loose my baby, please..”

With shaky hands, Taehyung opened your doctor’s office room door and stepped out of the room with his weak legs.

The minute Jimin saw him stepping out, he lunged forward to him and bombarded him with questions. “How is Y/N? Is the baby okay? Why aren’t the allowing us to see Y/N? Is she still sleeping? Damn it, answer me, Taehyung!”

Looking up from the floor, Taehyung connected his teary eyes with his best friend’s wide and concerned ones.

The second Jimin looked into Taehyung’s teary eyes, he started shaking his head hysterically. “N-No! Taehyung, no! Tell me they are okay, please! Taehyung, please!”

Seeing how his best friend tugged on his hair, Taehyung reached out for Jimin’s hands and stopped him. “Y/N is okay. B-But the baby.. T-The doctor said that they couldn’t save the baby…”

Unable to hold back their tears, they both started crying as they were leaning against the wall, ignoring the glances from other people.

When they calmed down a little bit, Taehyung turned his head to Jimin and observed his face. "Jimin.“

He watched how Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head weakly to his best friend. “Hm?”

Looking away, Taehyung took a deep breath. “I need to tell you something..”

When he felt Jimin’s expectant eyes looking at his face, Taehyung closed his eyes and said the words that made Jimin’s whole body freeze immediately.

“Your wife is pregnant.. and she told me that I’m the father..”

What is love?
‘A feeling. It’s a feeling deep in your guts, a pull to a person that you’re in ‘love’ with.
’ No. It’s not.
That’s too simple to describe something so complicated, so intense, so special.
Love is feeling that first pull towards someone you probably thought you wouldn’t like. It’s the choice of commitment to continuously make it work. It’s knowing almost everything about them without them having to show and tell. Love is remembering and noticing the tiniest details about them. The feeling of love is not having to act crazy over them to know you’re in love like crazy.
Love is risking your happiness for theirs. It’s something that will save you from your depression in your darkest days. It is seeing their highest points and their lowest, seeing them snort a stupid laugh or crying against the wall, and loving them for it even more than before.
You can have love multiple times, but TRUE LOVE is a PRIVILEGE, a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity.
Love is something irreplaceable.
When you stop loving a person, the care will never leave. You will always care about their well-being.
But love is not a simple, 'I liked him/her for a month and now I think I’m in love’ feeling, no.
It’s knowing that, no matter how many times they hurt you, no matter how many trials you go through, no matter how they are or what they look like,
you will ALWAYS love them.
—  What is Love?

When You Recieve The News That You Can’t Have Children (Trigger Warning)

A/n: I wrote this in thought of my cousin. Who had trouble conceiving her own baby. Prayers to those who also face this sort of issue.

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon’s main focus was to comfort you. His hands cupped your shoulders as he talked quietly with the doctor. You were shaking. Your bottom lip quivering. Namjoon and the doctor discussed treatments and even the mention of a surrogate. Namjoon rubbed his thumbs in comforting circles, speakin for he both of you. Once the two of you had left the hospital, Namjoon took you by the hand and tugged you close to his chest.

“It’s alright Y/n. Maybe this was meant to be. There is a kid out there just waiting to call you eomma.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin leaned forward on his knees, cupping his jaw. You were in shock. Jin would stare at the floor as the doctor discussed the matter of adoption and the likes. But they fell to deaf ears. Jin stood and left the room without mumbling a single word. You thanked the doctor and followed after him. The two of you stayed silent until you reached the car. Jin opened the drivers seat and collapsed forward into it. You softly took his hand and rubbed his back, fighting back your own tears.

“We’ll make it through this Y/n. We always do.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi followed you into the Girls bathroom, ignoring the girlish screams of females. You pushed open the stall door and dropped to your knees before the toilet. You dry heaved, sobbing heavily. Yoongi kneeled down and pulled back your hair, not saying anything but his presence was enough. Once you had calmed down enough to speak, Yoongi was holding you in his lap. You could feel his body quaking in soft sobs but you heard nothing.

“….it’s okay.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi bit his bottom lip as he watched your reaction. The happy smile was replaced with a deep frown and shivering lips. He held your hand tightly and tried to listen closely to what the doctor was telling you. To you, everything in the world had froze. You’d wanted children of your own since you were a child yourself. Hoseok kindly thanked the doctor and nearly had to drag you from the room. Once outside he held you close, blocking out your harsh crying from the rest of the world.

“Everything will work out Y/n. Please don’t cry.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin leaned against the large brick wall on the outside of the doctors building. He ran his hands down his face to try and wipe away the tears staining his cheek. You looked down at the ground. Your chest had never felt this tight. It was akin to being stabbed in the chest over and over again. Jimin lifted his arm and looked at you with wet round eyes. You slid under his arms and rested your head against his chest.

“I’m alright love. It’s alright.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae worried his bottom lip, staring down at the recommendations on the paper. You sat beside him and stared straight ahead, not even paying attention to the doctor. Taehyung reached for your hand and silently threaded your fingers together. You could feel the nervous sweat pouring off of his hand but said nothing. Taehyung mumbled a quiet goodbye to the doctor and lead you outside, hands still knotted together. You tried to hold back the onslaught of tears that were forming. When Taehyung cupped your face, it was over.

“Hush Y/n. Please don’t cry. I’ll do whatever you want please don’t cry.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

You were both so young. Thoughts of having children had crossed your mind once or twice. Now that the dream was so out of reach, you didn’t want anything in the world more. Jungkook drove silently through the crowded streets. Neither of you two had spoke a word. You walked numbly to the front door and tried shoving the key into the lock. On the final try you dropped them, sobbing violently. Jungkook took you into his arms and held you close.

“I’ve got you baby.”

[M] Bts Reaction | Degradation

— “could you do a uyung line reaction to a girl liking to be degraded (hair pulling, name calling, slapping, etc) please and thanks!💖” —  

A/N: In this house we love and support all seven members so… 

Requests are open!

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andreil: here

this was inspired by something @key-called-home said, but i don’t remember what. i dont know if it makes any sense bc i just kinda put everything out there and it made me cry but oh well enjoy

Here he is. With his back against the wall, face turned towards Neil, here he is. There’s a cat in between them, and one at Andrew’s feet, the window must not be closed all the way because cold, biting wisps of air hit Andrew’s face, but here he is. Neil’s eyes are closed, and it’s a rare occasion when Andrew gets to see him like this. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like he shouldn’t be here. Fast asleep he looks a lot less like the smart mouth Andrew knows and a lot more like someone who should never have been with The Foxes to start with, but here he is.

He is here.

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Vocal - Thomas (The Maze Runner) [Smut]

Authors: @writing-obrien and @dumbass-stilinski

Character(S): Thomas/Reader, Aris/Reader, Brenda/Thomas

Word Count: 3463

Notes: here’s another collab from me and Steff! Here’s some super hot Thomas smut because I’m thirsty for Thomas and you all know it. Oral (both receiving), fingering, handjob, riding, marking, jealous, cheating.

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Mine [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

omg I’m so glad I found you! Can you please write some jealous Daryl smut?

Here it is, anon! Hope you like it! 💛

Originally posted by the-walkingdeadimagines

Warnings: smut, swearing, rough sex, oral sex (female receiving)

Words: 1,434

A/N: So nervous to post this! Hope you like it!

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BTS reaction: Their s/o is practicing and gets frustrated because she keeps messing up (but she’s actually mad, because of something else).

Anon requested:

Hey! I wondering if I can request a Bts reaction to finding their gf in the studio practising choreos but she keeps messing up and she gets mad because she mad for something else? Thx❤

A/N - I know that Tae’s is really long but….


Originally posted by jjilljj

Jin was done practicing long ago and was now sitting at corner of the room waiting for you to be done practicing too while he was scrolling through his social media.

He heard you groan in frustration a few times, but he didn’t think anything of it, after all you were trying to learn a new choreography, it was a normal thing to be frustrated. 

But when he saw you turn off the music and sit on the floor, gripping your hair in frustration, your eyes filled with tears he immediately came and sat down next to you, realizing that you weren’t crying just because of the choreography. He wouldn’t say anything but he would start leaving kisses all over your face and neck and would start making jokes in hopes that they would make you laugh.

“No, jagi, don’t cry! Here, wanna hear a joke….”


Originally posted by tahyns

You were getting more and more frustrated with the new choreography you were trying to learn. And your boyfriend, Suga, who has been watching you practice for 3 hours straight now wanted to help, but he was by no means an expert in dance. So he decided to go get you a bottle of water. 

But he didn’t expect that when he came back, he would see you sitting on the floor with your back against the wall, crying your eyes out. At first he thought someone hurt you or said something to you but when you told him that was not it he sat down next to you and pulled you into his lap and wrapped his arms around you. You buried your head in the crook of his neck and he rubbed your back soothingly.

“It’s okay, love,” He said quietly, “Tell oppa what happened…”


Originally posted by hobiswife

When he Jhope noticed you quietly sobbing on the floor he walked over to you and knelt down, talking your face in his hands gently. He gave you a quick kiss and wiped away your tears, before standing up and offering you his hand.

“Come dance with me! Don’t think about choreography, just dance like the music feels. And don’t think about whatever’s bothering you. Just try to forget it.” He said.

You smiled, took his hand and stood up. Hobi smiled back and played a song from his phone. It was a familiar song, one that you’ve danced to a million times before. The two of you started dancing, your head completely empty of everything except the music that was surrounding you.


Originally posted by yoonseok

Namjoon wouldn’t know what to do at first when he walked in the studio where you were practicing and saw you kicking the walls with such force that you had tears in your eyes. 

He would walk up to you quietly and put his hand on your shoulder. 

“Baby are you okay?” He asked, making you stop kicking the wall.

“No…” You said, your lips quivering. 

“Hey, it’s okay…” He said pulling you in his arms. “Now tell me what happened, so I can help you…” 


Originally posted by minblush

When Jimin saw you crying he was really confused, because just a few seconds ago you were practicing and you seemed completely fine. 


He walked over to you, pulled you in his arms and started carrying you bridal style to your car where he put you in the passenger’s seat.

“I think you practiced enough for today…” He said before wiping away one of your tears, kissing your cheek and moving to the driver’s seat. 


Originally posted by kpopfordays

When Taehyung arrived at the studio to pick you up, he didn’t expect to find you crying and punching a wall. He was scared to walk in at first so he just stood at the doorway, looking at you.

“Jagi, are you okay?” He asked from the doorway, but when you didn’t answer he walked up to you and stood next to you looking at you punch the wall.

“Jagi, why are you punching a wall?” He asked calmly. 

“Because I’m angry…” You answered, but continued punching the wall.

Tae took your hands in his and made you turn around to face him.

“Look, baby, I know your angry but your knuckles are starting to get bruised…”

“I don’t care!” You said your eyes filling up with tears, turned around and kept punching the wall.

This time Tae took you by the shoulders and took your whole body around. 

“How about you punch me instead?”


“Come on! I won’t break!”

You punched his shoulder very softly. The two of you laughed and you kept doing it, each punch getting softer and softer until it slowly turned into a tickle fight.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

When Jungkook found you crying on the floor of the dance studio he would simply sit down next to you and wrap his arm around you. But soon he himself would start crying, because you being sad makes him sad.

“Shh…don’t cry love. It’s okay…” He said, but you could see his eyes fill up with tears.



Requested: can you do one where shawn has a mental breakdown and you have to calm him down

Originally posted by everythingshawnmendes

Your name: submit What is this?


“Y/n,” You hear Andrew’s voice shouting from the front of the bus. You don’t know why he’s yelling, but he sounds frantic.

You tell your sister, “I have to go. I’ll call you back later.” And you hang up the phone before even giving her a chance to say goodbye as you slide out of your bunk. You’re currently on tour with Shawn because he had asked you to come along, but you miss your family just like he misses his when he’s gone. Whenever Shawn’s busy working, you often take that time to call or FaceTime your family or friends back home. Shawn is currently doing his meet and greet, so you had decided to stay on the bus to talk to your sister over the phone.

As soon as your toes touch the ground, Andrew appears at the end of the hall. “Y/n, there you are!” He practically screams, which slightly startles you because you’re not very far from him, so you don’t really understand why he’s shouting so loudly. “Come with me,” He says, turning around and practically running out of the bus. You’re confused, but decide to not ask any questions as you rush after him.

“Shawn’s freaking out. I think everything’s just been too much lately.” Andrew tells you, while practically jogging into the venue.

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Error Pt 2

pairing: yoonkook x reader

 genre: soulmate!au, college!au, basketball player!yoongi, angst, smut, some fluff, poly!yoonkook x reader

 rated: 16+

 word count: 3,679 words

 warnings: smut, daddy kink, dom & sub tones, dirty talk, light spanking, name calling, public sex, office sex, begging, praise

 preface: au where when you look in the mirror you can only see your soulmate in the reflection

 Part 1

After the encounter with Jungkook you feel like you have hope. The first time he’d seemed adamant, but this time he seemed vulnerable. You feel like you have part of the puzzle that tells you why Jungkook is the way he is but fuck if you aren’t desperate to know the rest. You haven’t given up on him and you feel like he hasn’t given up on you either and on your elder soulmate.

 ‘Y/n?’ Hyunmi calls from the bathroom whilst you’re cooking an omelette in the kitchen.

 ‘Yeah?’ you shout back, using a spoon to push the egg away from the sides of the pan.

‘Wanna go to a basketball game tonight?’ she says poking her towel-wrapped head out from the door.

 ‘Is that supposed to take my mind off things?’ you ask, arching an eyebrow.

 ‘Shut up, it’ll be fun. I love basketball.’ She continues, huffing.

 ‘Yeah, I guess, might as well.’ You shrug.


 Your omelette turns out sub-par, your attempt at flipping the other half over didn’t quite go to plan but fuck it –it tastes good. You don’t have any classes today but you need to make a start on your theory coursework. You start with cadences and begin at least two hours worth of melody and harmony techniques. It’s half five by the time you’re finished and you scramble to get dressed. You opt for some trendy shit, you’re pretty bold with your fashion choices (a passion of yours for creative outlet) and head of the door with Hyunmi in tow.

 When you get to the stadium it’s packed. I mean unsurprisingly considering that it’s a professional KBL game. As you and Hyunmi take your seats you notice the wood of the gym floor and your brow furrows at the familiarity of it. You’ve definitely never been here but the déjà vu is unmistakable. You shake it off. You’re clutching a large slushie and Hyunmi too as you wait for the players to come out.

 ‘It’s the Seoul Knights vs. the Incheon Electroland Elephants.’ Hyunmi states, nonchalantly. You’re pissing yourself and choke a little bit on your drink. 

‘Electroland Elephants. Are you having a fucking laugh?’ you burst out.

‘I know, like what the fuck? Moving on, I’m definitely here for the knights. Kim Namjoon is a god and I’m ready to see him live, in action.’ She’s practically swooning and you laugh at her adoration. Not many people get to see fan-girl Hyunmi and you’re glad you’re one of the few.

A few minutes later the mascots come out, pumping up their sides of the crowd with more skill than you expected. The backflips they managed to do surprised you, was basketball really this serious that they needed an Olympic gymnast for a mascot? Looked like they got a bad deal considering the costumes they had to wear.

Once the mascots have finished it’s finally time for the teams to start coming out and as they file out into the court the crowd is going fucking wild. The Knights roll of the right entrance in fire engine red and the Electroland Elephants (seriously wtf?) out of the left in sky blue.

‘There he is! Number 94. Fuck… he looks so good.’ Hyunmi points to a tall man, smiling out at the crowd, showcasing his deep dimples.

‘Wow, yeah he’s gorgeous.’ You remark, admiring his lean physique and pure beauty.  You watch the rest of the Knights as they keep coming out and notice number 7 running around the court madly, hyping up the crowd. He’s probably on of the happiest people you’ve ever seen.

Hyunmi’s watching him too. ‘That’s Jung Hoseok, he looks cute now but he’s a fucking machine in the game.’ You nod and look over the other players. It’s weird something about the uniform seems so familiar but you can’t place what it is. The last player for the Knights comes through the entrance and you grip the edge of your seat as you realise why everything seemed so fucking recognizable. There was your soulmate; he looked even more gorgeous than ever. His determined expression looked fierce and you wondered how you couldn’t have noticed sooner.

‘Hyunmi…’ you whisper, shell-shocked.

‘Yeah…?’ she answers, giving you a nervous look.

‘Th- that’s him.’ You respond.

‘What? Which one? Holy shit.’ She exclaims.

‘Number 29.’

‘Min Yoongi is your soulmate? You lucky shit.’ She gasps.

‘I- I gotta go.’ You say repeating the same words Jungkook had said to you. You scramble to gather your bag and get out of that stadium as soon as you possibly can. You can’t take your eyes off of him as you run up the steps until he’s out of sight as you reach the merch area. You lean against we wall, you can hardly breathe and your crying uncontrollably as your panic attack clutches you.

‘Y/N! Y/n, fuck come here.’ Hyunmi wraps her arms around you as you try and calm yourself down. Hyunmi rocks you gently, trying to sooth you in any way that she can. It takes at least 10 minutes for you to properly calm down.

‘You need to go see him, babe.’ Hyunmi says to you gently.

‘I’m scared. I don’t need my heart to break twice.’ You say curling even more into her as if to hide yourself.

‘But you deserve to try and fix it. Come on.’ She assures, standing away from your grasp and holding her hand out for you. You stand reluctantly and wipe the tears from your face as the two of you make your way back to your seats.

As you sit down Yoongi’s jumping up onto the hoop to score a basket and the crowd cheers madly. He looks so into the game that you can’t imagine he would see you if you did a trapeze act over the audience. The look in his eyes is sexy, he looks thirsty for a win and the fire and passion that he’s wearing on his sleeve almost turns you on. He plays point guard that much is obvious and he does a fucking good job of it. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok are the clear star players half of the crowd has signs with their names up. Yoongi is popular, you’ve never really been that much into sports but Hyunmi tells you the media follow those three closely. How had you never seen him on TV or something? You guess it’s just not where you were expecting to find your soulmate.

There’s thirty seconds left in the game and the Knights need a three pointer to secure their win. 29, 94 and 7 are monsters, switching the ball between three of them so that as soon as the opponents see it with one of them it’s switched to the next. Yoongi has the ball, he has to act fast cause there are at least three elephants on him. Ten seconds on the clock. He dodges his opponent and shoots the ball over their heads. Namjoon catches it as Hoseok runs forward to the line, Namjoon aims the ball towards Hoseok and you think fuck they’ve lost it –that shot is way too obvious. Four seconds left. Namjoon abruptly passes the ball backwards to Yoongi who you hadn’t even noticed was there, all the focus being on Namjoon and Hoseok. Yoongi dribbles the ball forward. Shoots. Two seconds. Wins.

You and Hyunmi jump up cheering with the rest of the crowd and even though you haven’t quite met him yet you are so proud –your man did that! The Knights are roaring and cheering, huddling together in happiness. Hyunmi stands and begins pulling you down the steps towards the barrier where the cameras are focused on the Knights. You’d ask what she was doing but you had a pretty good idea, the anxiety twisted your stomach and felt a lump in your throat, as Yoongi’s gummy smile became clearer and clearer.

When you reached the barrier there were plenty of people calling Yoongi’s name. How the hell is he gonna notice you? He’s just scored the winning basket for one of the most important games of the season. Everyone wants to talk to him –fans, reporters, and spokesmen.

‘Right. Fuck it.’ Hyunmi states and begins to push your ass over the barrier.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ you demand. Trying to push yourself back towards her.

‘Desperate times, desperate measures. Go over and get him!’ she urges using more force to push you over. You stumble over the side and security guards haven’t quite noticed you yet but you know it won’t be long. Yoongi’s in the center of the court, in the throng of people shaking hands with his opponents. You sprint towards him, looking like a desperate fan and a complete idiot. Security’s noticed you and you call out for Yoongi as you can feel them coming after you. His head raises and he looks around for where the voice came from. His eyes find yours just as you’re about four feet from him.

‘Oh my god…’ he says staring at you in shock.

‘I’m Y/n. I’m your soulmate.’ You say just as two security guards grip your arms ready to drag you off the court.

‘Stop! Get the fuck off her.’ Yoongi says eyes narrowed at the security guards.

They drop their hands, looking embarrassed that they hadn’t understood you were with Yoongi, not that they had any reason to. Suddenly strong arms are enveloping you around your waist as Yoongi hugs you fiercely. You breathe a sigh of relief and pull your arms out of his clutch to pull him closer. His face is burrowed in the crook of your neck and you rest his hands on top of his soft blond hair that’s pushed back by a sweatband. You stroke it gently. Quickly you notice everyone’s focus is on you, the cameras, the fans and the reporters announcing that Min Yoongi, professional basketball player has found his soulmate.

Yoongi lifts his head up and whispers into your ear: ‘I’ll get you out of here, follow me.’ He detangles himself from you and grasps your hand as he guides you towards the entrance you’d seen him come from before the game. The questions of the crowd being screamed at you fade away as you enter what appears to be an office.

‘Fuck, I like really want to talk to you but I’m all gross so let me shower and then… we’ll talk?’ he asks tentatively and you wouldn’t in a million years imagine him to be nervous.

‘Yeah, sure.’ You beam at him, he’s not a dick and you’re so happy. He turns quickly and his eagerness to get back to you is overwhelming with how much Jungkook wanted the opposite. You sit on the edge of the desk and text Hyunmi that you don’t think you’ll be back anytime soon and she wishes you luck.

Fifteen minutes later you’re still waiting for Yoongi when number 7 and 94 walk in.

‘Hey! Y/n right?’ Hoseok asks with a bright smile.

‘Yeah, hi. You guys played really well today. Congratulations.’ You respond, nervous to make a good first impression on Yoongi’s friends.

‘Ah thank you,’ Namjoon says ‘ we’re just so hyped to meet you. Yoongi’s never really been open about his love life. I think he’s always been waiting for you. I’m Namjoon by the way.’ He greets, flashing his dimples that up close, kind of have you melting a little bit.

‘And I’m Hoseok.’ He says with an equally beautiful smile. At that moment Yoongi pokes his head around the corner and makes a face as he sees the two men with you.

‘Ah, this is just unfair. You guys have probably spoken to her more than me now.’ He says, playfully bitter. 

‘Yeah, yeah, we’re going.’ Namjoon says laughing at Yoongi. Hoseok ruffles Yoongi’s hair as they exit and you’re left alone. You hop up on the desk to sit and Yoongi stands in front of you smiling with his gums bared and this looks especially cute in person.

‘Fuck, this is surreal.’ He lets out.

‘Yeah, I mean I’ve been waiting for you for a long fucking time.’ You reply and he’s looking away like he’s trying to pretend he isn’t shy, suppressing a smile. It’s funny seeing him so vulnerable; in the mirror he’s always had the air of a cool, calm guy but the other side of him is nice to see.

‘I feel like I’ve known you a really long time.’ He says gently.

‘You have.’ You smile and reach up to push your fingers through his hair like you’ve always wanted to. Yoongi leans into your touch and it feels so right between the two of you.

‘Tell me everything.’ He says suddenly. You laugh at him, not knowing where to start. You talk for hours leaning gently on each other as you talk about your childhood, all the memories of each other but you aren’t surprised when he asks.

‘Have you met him yet?’ he asks. Shit. Should you tell him? Thinking of Jungkook your heart wrenches. You can’t do that to Yoongi –let Jungkook break him worse than he has you.

‘Not yet.’

‘He’s so pretty isn’t he? I want to ruin him… and you.’ He says suggestively and you can’t help but think how fucking hot he is. He moves to stand between your legs; you’re still sat up on the desk.

‘Mm, I’d like that.’ You say, looking up at him through your lashes. You tug his shirt to pull him even closer. You’ve been waiting for this forever; you don’t feel the need to take it slow.

‘Yeah, baby? Want me to take you right here?’ he says and you hold eye contact for a moment before he bends down to capture your lips. The kiss embodies fire and passion and doesn’t stop to take it slow. Yoongi’s tongue explores your mouth and he’s fucking hungry. You bite his lip as he pulls away and groans as you do so.

‘Fuck, you’re kinda dirty aren’t you, princess?’ he says, slightly breathless as he leans down further to suck hickeys onto your collarbone. You gasp as he does so –you have a weakness for hickeys and the flick of his tongue against you makes your pussy throb.

‘Can I call you daddy?’ you say slightly nervous but desperate to do so, you’ve thought of Yoongi like that for years. He stops his actions and you worry he’s disgusted.

‘Fuck yeah you can.’ He says seeming more turned on as his grip on your waist tightens. You grin and tug his shirt up until he lifts his arms up for you to pull it over his head. He’s lean and covered in a thin layer of muscle from basketball practice you assume. His arms are thick for his size and his torso alone is an absolute turn on.

He then kneels down between your legs and pulls off your trainers before following with your skirt. There’s a wet patch on the front of your underwear and he presses his thumb against it, rubbing circles there. Your thighs try to close due to your sensitivity but Yoongi grips your thigh.

‘Keep them open for me, baby.’ He says as he begins sliding your panties off.

‘Okay, daddy.’ You say feeling the cool air hit your core, causing you to shiver.

He flings the clothing into a corner before licking a stripe through your folds and you moan at the sensation. He starts off slow: nibbling and sucking gently before he goes in. He flicks at your clit and you take a sharp intake of breath as he does so. 

‘Look how fucking wet you are, such a pretty pussy, baby. You taste so good’ he praises.

‘Ah, fuck, daddy…’ you moan as he then sucks on your clit. He’s so into it he looks like he could be enjoying it more than you are. Your hand reaches down to run your hands through his blonde hair before you grip the locks firmly. He groans as you do and moves his tongue down to your opening, thrusting inside harshly and you let out a high-pitched noise of surprise. He brings his thumb up to play with your clit and you’re overwhelmed with the two sensations. You grab at the hair at the back of his neck and thrust against his face gently. You’re practically shaking when he rubs faster at the bundle of nerves and your thighs close around his head with oversensitivity. He pulls away from your pussy and leaves sloppy hickies on your thighs before you pull him up for another kiss.

This time it’s messier and harder and you moan into his mouth. He pulls your shirt over your head as you simultaneously undo his belt and jeans before shoving them down his thighs. He pulls away to shake them from his ankles but then dives straight back in, gripping your hips with a newfound strength that you hope leaves marks in the morning. You feel his length against your thigh wishing he would just get his fucking boxers off already and use your ankles to ease them down his legs and he reaches around your back to unclasp your bra and then pull it from you.

He tugs a nipple into his mouth before biting on it. ’Mm perfect babygirl, you’re so perfect.’ You look down at his dick and can’t help but reach to his head and smooth the precum around his tip.

‘Ah, fuck princess turn over, chest flat on the desk, ass up.’ He demands and reaches to tug his boxers completely off as you follow his command. You hear him kneel down behind you and before you know it he bites your ass hard and god if you don’t want to see those bite marks afterwards. He stands and slaps your ass as if he’s watching it jiggle and you moan at the feeling. He does it again.

‘You fucking like that, huh? Daddy’s little slut.’ He says repeating the action once more before lining his erection up with your wet pussy. ‘Here we go, baby.’ He pushes in gently and you let out a shuddering breath of pleasure as he slowly eases himself in and out to stretch you. He grips your hip with one hand as he quickly slams into you. He sets a fast rhythm after that and the slap of his pelvis against your ass could be mistaken as thunder and you’re moaning like a porn star.

‘Does my dick feel good, princess? You like daddy’s thick cock pounding into you, yeah? Listen to how you’re moaning for me, like a fucking whore.’ His words are driving you crazy and you cry out at the immense pleasure. ‘Answer daddy when he asks you a question.’

‘Yes, daddy. It feels so good, I love it.’ You reply.

‘For me too baby, your pussy feels so good, so wet for me, squeezing me so good princess.’ He bends over you and presses his chest against your back, his hot breath in your ear as he continues his relentless pace. You can’t believe his stamina. He kisses your neck leaving even more hickies behind your ear and at the nape of your neck. He reaches his hand round to your chin and pushes it towards him so he can kiss you. It’s fervent and desperate.

He pulls out and you whine at the loss thinking he’s going to stop. ‘I’m coming back, turn over I wanna see your face when I make you cum.’ you roll over onto your back and he’s entering you again, somehow thrusting faster and harder. He’s staring at you so intensely and you for the hundredth time admire his features. He’s biting his lip as both of your orgasms begin to build.

You’re climbing fast when suddenly he pulls out and stays there, you whine and grasp his perky ass and attempt to pull him forward.

‘Beg for it.’ He says.

‘Fuck, please daddy I want it so bad. I need it.’ You cry.

‘What do you need, baby?’

‘Your dick, daddy. I need it in me, please, feels so good.’ He smirks, pushing in again and you feel so close it’s insane. He’s holding your thick thighs and using them to press in harder and harder and it’s then that you’re cumming. Crying out so loud Yoongi swears the pictures on the wall are shaking and he finds it so sexy. He pushes on through your orgasm, chasing his own and as his thrusts become more sloppy he spills inside of you but he keeps gently thrusting through his orgasm.

You sit up and pull his head into the crook of your neck as he breathes heavily, shook from how hard he came. Once his breathing evens he presses a kiss to your jaw and then another to your lips, this time sweet, loving, gentle. His forehead rests against yours and you watch each other as he pulls out. Your pussy clenches at the loss and Yoongi quickly reaches for your panties and pulls them onto you so none of his cum spills too much.

‘I got real lucky with you’ he says, helping you to ease off of the desk.

‘Mm, me too.’ You respond, basking in the afterglow of some good ass sex. He dresses you lovingly, taking his careful time and presses a kiss to your forehead once he’s finished. He dresses himself then before taking your hand.

‘I’m really not meant to be this soft.’ He says laughing shyly. 

‘Why not?’

‘I just mean no one would expect it from me.’ He says smiling.

‘I’m glad you are.’ You say and he turns his head away, embarrassed. 

‘Ah stop, I can’t handle it.’ He states, a soft blush to his cheeks. ‘Let me take you home?’

‘Please.’ You say and he walks you out of the office, a smile of content on both of your faces.

A/N: Hi everyone, I’m so glad so many people liked the first part?? Highkey expected no one to read it, I hope you enjoy this part just as much. Just want to let everyone know Incheon Electroland Elephants is an actual KBL team and that if you don’t like dom yoongi I’m definitely planning to explore different power dynamics throughout this series so stay tuned!  

Eavesdropping [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Can you please write one where the reader is maggie’s little sister and rick over hears her telling maggie how hot she thinks he is. And he starts flirting with her and teasing her every time they are alone until she asks why he’s doing it and he tells her that he heard her telling maggie? And it leads to smut? Please and thank you!

Hope you enjoy anon!

Words: 2,070

Warnings: Smut, swearing, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)

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got7s reaction when during a fight they say something really mean and u go to slap them but they stop ur hand before u can pls!! 💛💛💛

He had a bad habit of throwing low daggers at you when the two of you fought. But every time something mean came out of his mouth he’d instantly apologize. But tonight as he screamed at you from the opposite side of the kitchen you couldn’t help but think this was the end. ‘All I do is work! And for what! What do you do to help me? Nothing!’ He screamed. It was only the dishes and it was only one day that he came home to a slightly messy kitchen. You shook your head not knowing what to say and watched as he huffed. ‘That’s right. You do nothing. You’re lazy and your worthless.’ He said slowly ascending on you. Gritting your teeth you rose your hand and swung. How dare he say that to you when you do nothing but run around for him. He’d caught your hand and looked from it to you, wide eyed and slack jawed at the words he said to you. He’d let you pull your wrist out of his hand and would watch you still in shock as you locked yourself in the bedroom. He’d know instantly what he did was wrong and knew there was no way he could make it better. Your sobs on the other side of the door made that clear. He’d still try though, mocking every 15 minutes up till you opened it to throw his pillow at him. When he finally got you to talk to him he’d try his hardest to get you to believe him when he said he didn’t actually think that he was just tired and stressed. Even though he was able to convince you to stay with him he’d know he didn’t deserve you and he’d make sure to never have to fight with you like that again. 

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He’d hate getting mad at you, his temper was the one thing he hated the most about himself and he never wanted to show it to you. But that didn’t mean it didn’t happen. The first two times you saw it it had been directed towards someone who hit on you. The next time was towards Jaebum. But this time it was towards you. You couldn’t help that you were already crying against the wall silently with your arms wrapped around you. He was to mad to even notice how mad he was taring into you. You didnt mean for your ex to keep messaging you but even though there had been no response from your end it didnt stop Mark from accusing you for cheating. 'And what did you do today huh!? Or should I be asking you who did you do today!’ He screams. You looked at them, hatred burning in your eyes. 'So you’re just going to stand there. You’re not going to tell me its not true?’ 'I already told you its not true.’ You whispered. 'Bull Shit!’ He said punching the wall next to your head and making you flinch. You looked at him with wide eyes and rose your hand prepared to slap him, but his hand caught your wrist. Tears burned in your eyes again as you pulled your hand away from him and pushed his shoulder as you walked past him. He called after you but you didnt stop, just stormed off into the bedroom to slam the door. He stood at the door, now calming down and scared that he might have done it. He might have lost the best thing that has ever happened to him. He sat there listening to your feint sobs, your phone ding and then a crash. He bursted in the room and saw your phone broken across from you and you kneeling on the floor crying harder he’d kneel down next to you and hold you into his chest. 'Im so sorry, I shouldn’t have… I never want you to feel like this I’m so sorry.’ He’d say pulling your body closer to his. He didnt care that you tried to hit him, he knew he deserved it with the way he was treating you.

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Jackson had been picking on you all day; poking your sides tugging your hair pulling you around. It was all in good fun but it was getting old. You knew he was excited though and you couldn’t get yourself to tell him to knock it off, he had just released a single and Got7 was getting ready for their comeback and everything was just to excited, so you sucked it up. The problem it was all day though. At lunch he kept taking your food, at dinner he kept pretending to put unwanted spices in the pot you were cooking in and taking the spoon to spank you over and over again. After dinner you thought it was over. The two of you had curled up on the couch together, legs intertwined and were finally calming down for the day. But then he kept doing it. Pulling at your shirt, tugging your hair, you were fed up. You stood and when he asked you what was wrong you told him to just stop. He was being annoying. He stood with a goofy grin and approached you to shake your shoulders. 'Im not being annoying! Im being loooovveeeyyyy.’ He said shaking you more. You pulled his hands off of you and turned to make your way to the bedroom but he followed you so he could turn you around and take your cheeks between his hands. You rolled your eyes and tried to pull your face out of his hands but he started to smack your cheeks almost a little too hard. 'Jackson stop it.’ You warned, but he continued to do it harder. 'Jackson I said stop!’ You yelled pulling yourself out of his grip to turn away. He grabbed your hand and spun your around and out of instinct you rose your hand to hit him. His hand caught yours as his expression went from playful to angry. 'Were you really going to hit me?’ He said softly, his hands running down your arm to let it go. He watched you blink back tears as you realized what you had did and even though he was so upset this happened he knew that he had pushed you. He’d pull you closer and sigh as you wrapped your arms tightly around him and your face buried in his chest. 'Im so sorry.’ You cried softly as his arms wrapped tighter around you.

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Jinyoung at work compared to Jinyoung with you were almost two different people. At work he was hard faced, strict, and came off as having no time for any ones games. Even on goofy days of his those characteristics still hung around. But with you he was sweet, thoughtful, loving and everything you would expect from your boyfriend. He always did such a great job of leaving all of his stress from work at the door, but today was different. He came home and walked right past you. When dinner was ready he ignored all of your calls and  eventually you when you came to get him. Getting mad wasn’t even in your line of thoughts so instead you just walked back into the kitchen, made him a trey and took it to the room he was in and left it next to him. You gave him his space as much as it killed you, but when you went to retrieve the trey an hour later and was faced with the same amount of food that was now cold you decided to say something. The moment your mouth opened he sat up straight, eyes burning with anger as he looked at you. Something that had never happened before. 'You’re so god damn annoying! Would you quit babying me! Ive actually had it up to hear with you and I wish you would just leave me alone!’ He screamed getting in your face. You sniffled and tried to hold back your tears and folded your arms around your body before leaving the room, but were stopped by him grabbing your arm to pull you around. 'Don’t act like I’ve hurt your feelings, your too much of a push over to think that.’ 'If you think I’m such a pushover and so annoying then maybe you should just go back to your own place.’ You started, pulling your arm out of his grip. 'And you should probably stay there. I don’t want you here anymore.’ You started to turn but his arm caught yours again causing you to stumble and fall into the wall with a little bit more force than he expected. With a rush of anger running through you, your hand rose and you started to swing. His hand caught your wrist, his expression now softening drastically. His own eyes began to well as he realized how serious things had gotten. 'All I do is take care of you. To try and help you destress from work and live like a normal person. I do all that on top of taking care of myself and all the things I have to do during the day. But its good to know I’m annoying you. I won’t bother you anymore.’ You said pulling your hand out of his grip again and walking to the front of the house where you gathered his coat and shoes. 'Leave.’ He had no choice other than to leave and for the rest of the night he couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t focus the next day at work and when it got time for him to go home he had already made it half way back to your place before he realized where he was going. He broke down right there and had an almost hour long self debate that resulted in him storming into your house, tears down his cheeks to beg you not to leave him.

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You hadn’t seen Youngjae in what felt like forever, he had been so busy with work that seeing him had been scarce. but finally he’d had a day off and he swore to spend every second with you. You woke up with him in hugged close to your back you couldn’t help but smile and when you got up to make breakfast he already had laid out an array of breakfast pastries. You spent all day together cuddling on the couch, laughing at each other, crying at sad parts of the movie you were watching, and goofing around. He was back to the floor, you had been able to wrestle him down and straddle is body and started to fight against him to keep him there. You were body giggling, having a great time when he finally was able to over power you so he was now hovering over your body. You screamed playfully and started poking at his chest to let you up, but your playful exterior started to stray away from the anxiety that was now setting in your chest from being pinned to the floor. 'Jake stop, stop please.’ You said as it became harder to breath.  He didnt listen though and kept pinning you there, now bending over to try and kiss your neck up and down. You squirmed and pushed him off of your chest and rose your arm to hit his face, silently thankful he caught your hand. 'I can’t breath.’ You said moving the hand you rose to clench to his hand. He’d totally forget that you had tried to hit him and would move to help you stand up, pulling your arms over your head, something he did overtime you got short of breath. Even though he wouldn’t admit it to you, seeing you like that was one of the scariest things he’d ever seen so as he sat you down and knelt in front of you he’d shake his head and squeeze your knees to tell you to stop apologizing for almost hitting him, he knew he should have been paying better attention. He’d be careful with you for the rest of the night and even though you were able to start laughing again he’d still feel weird and wasn’t sure what to do.  

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It wasn’t his fault that you were in a bad mood, and usually when you were BamBam was always able to make you feel better. There was just something though about the way he came over, flopped on the couch next to you and started complaining about the new choreography it was just the straw that broke the camels back. You got up and walked away from him, storming into the kitchen where you opened up a bottle of water and folded your arms over your chest. He followed you in and asked you half heartedly what was wrong. When you didnt answer he propped himself up on the counter and continued to talk about his day. 'You You You, why don’t you ever ask me about me BamBam. Ive had a shit day and you haven’t said anything to me and hearing you complain about stupid things like this makes me mad!’ It was your light that started the fire. Hours had gone by and the two of you didnt even know what you were fighting over any more. It came to an abrupt stop though when BamBam strutted up to you, yelled 'Would you just get the fuck over it!’, pushed you slightly and then watched as you lost your balance and slipped to slide down the cupboard. You stood suddenly and swung on him, huffing as he dodged your hit and then caught your hand when it came back the other way. Seeing him holding your wrist, anger in his eyes that were starting to water you’d pull you hand away from his and use it to cover your mouth. You were so upset, now for a completely different reason now that the argument was actually over. You cried as he pulled you into his chest and held you tightly, the both of you knowing very well that things had gone to far and could have been avoided if one of you just stopped. He wouldn’t stay the night that night but when he came over the next day he’d show up with an armful of your favorite things to see you cooking up his favorite meal with some of his most favorite things on the table. It would be put behind the two of you quickly, and the two of you worked to never let things get to that point ever again.

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He wasn’t one to fight with you. He hated seeing you mad and when you were if he could help he would but if he couldn’t he always made sure to stay out of your way. He had come to your house early, getting off of work early allowed him to come to your apartment while you were still in class and cook you a very detailed, over the top dinner. But the thing was he wasn’t a very good cook. When you got home after a stressful day full of annoying professors and a butt ton of work to find a huge mess in your apartment you couldn’t help but already start to loose your cool. He smiled and calling your name but as he turned the egg he was about to crack slipped from his messy hands and broke on the floor. You couldn’t help but start to yell, ignoring the fact that his bright smile had dropped and what ever that was in the oven was now burning. He tried to get words in but as you unraveled all of your stress from the day on to Yugyeom you became blind to the fact that you were doing so. Soon your mouth was shut and pressed against Yugyeom as that was the only thing he thought to do to get you to stop yelling. You pushed him back and without thinking rose your hand, but when his egg covered hand caught your wrist his eyes tightened and he threw it down. 'Im sorry you had a rough day. All I was trying to do was something nice for you. But right now I can’t believe you actually thought about hitting me. You stuttered trying to find the words to say and could hardly move as he threw the towel he had used to dry his hands at your feet and started to walk out of the door. But as he bent over to put his shoes on you hooked his arms around his waist and tucked your head into his back. He sighed and turned around, hesitating slightly to wrap his arms around you but eventually did and rested his cheek against your head. 'Take out?’ He asked as he held your crying body, smiling slightly as you nodded against him.

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posting my twitter scenarios on here?? no read more cause mobile is an ass; if im not too lazy (which i am) i may turn this into a fic, unless someone else wants to do it


Imagine. Ulaz dies. Thace gets the news. He tells himself it’s fine. Ulaz did it for the greater good. They should always expect death.

And yet it still takes every ounce of his strength to nor break down in front of Haggar or the other Galra on Zarkon’s ship

“Ulaz did it for a good cause,” he tells himself while trying to keep his breathing even. “The paladins were saved.” He chokes

“We’re one step closer to defeating Zarkon.” He tells himself while his fingernails dig into the palm of his hand.

“It’s for the best.” Thace’s palms start to bleed, sharp fingernails slicing small openings in his skin. “It’s for the best.” He trembles.

“It’s part of the job.” He tells himself through tears. “There’s no point in crying.” He grits his teeth desperately trying to hold his sobs

“Don’t cry.” His lip splits from the force of his sharp teeth pressing into the skin. “Don’t cry.” Thace slams his fist against the wall.

“Don’t you dare fucking cry.”

Thace legs give out from underneath him, his body shaking with silent sobs as the cold realization of his lover’s death sinks in his mind.

“Don’t cry.”