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Mean Astrology: The Venus Signs

Aries: You fall too hard and are reckless and unthinking. You’re aggressive with what you want and all you do is build yourself up until the other persons annoyed and has no choice but to tear you down. You corner people so they have no moves besides committing or running, and all the while; you probably have people on the side loyal and good who YOU will never do shit for! You need constant attention and reassurance and you’re not half the shit you brag about being. Sometimes you just have to listen and you can’t expect everyone to fall in love with you, or no ones going to.

Taurus: You can’t tailor people into being what you want, people aren’t the clothes you wear to impress the town. People are people and you don’t get to choose how they are and who they are. You’re wrong on this. Wrong. You’re hurting people trying to love you because you treat them like they’ll never compare to your ideal.

Gemini: You say so much but communicate so little. You’re constantly in a state of making up your mind, talking to everyone but the person who needs to hear it. You forget they can’t read your mind, only sharing how you feel when it’s too late for them to help fix what’s wrong. And I think subconsciously you do it all on purpose, just because it’s easier to have it all end than fix it, and then you cry that it’s over. Afterwards you always have other people at your disposal, but it’ll never be enough, will it.

Cancer: You babies hope and wish and never do a damn thing! You create yourself into the perfect little doormat and cry about the dirt you get in return. You’ll do all this emotional labor and reject any in return. And once you can’t stand it any longer, you cut like no other. You turn off all of this babying for a reason apparent to no one, maybe not even you. You have to stop the dramatics and realize love isn’t supposed to be a painful and you need to stop forcing it to be that way.

Leo: You children have to realize you’re adults and you can’t just love the idea of love and expect it all to happen. It’s not grand gestures and then you’re done. The real work is hard, and putting people on pedestals set people up to fall. You’re too jealous without any valid reason! You destroy trust with jealousy, and that’s difficult for anyone to recover from. You can’t expect everyone to match your loyalty, not everyone wants the same things as you so you have to learn to get the hell over it and be an adult.

Virgo: NOBODY IS PERFECT and neither are you! You’re not this beacon of perfection that gets to judge the people who have the “audacity” to try to get close to you with a razor sharp tongue. You need to be open-minded and realize everyone is special, you have to get in touch with how you feel and accept that it’s okay to feel and for others to express themselves passionately sometimes. You’re not a puppet-master, you’re a regular person and need to treat other people kindly, not with judgment.

Libra: You’re fair-weather, as soon as it gets hard, you’re gone. Words mean nothing to you, you’ll act like you’re in love from the start with those pretty white lies but it’s just talk and you take it all back without a second thought. And you don’t care, you’ll do it again. No matter what anyone else says, because you don’t understand the words unless they’re what you want to hear.

Scorpio: You’re suffocating. People aren’t your property, not everyone is trying to be owned. You’re loyal but to the point where we don’t want your loyalty, until it becomes ugly and wrapped up with yourself and what you think you deserve. People aren’t prizes made just for you. Suck it up.

Sagittarius: Everything has to be new new new, you have no patience for actually connecting with people because as soon as it gets tough, you’re gone. You want something on the other side of the fence as soon as you find something new. You can be irritable with people as soon as they’re not taking you on adventures or acting wild and reckless, but that’s not real connection. Sure it’s fun but you hurt people with false promises and misleading intentions. Think about what your affect on people, they aren’t experiences.

Capricorn: You pride yourself on being so fiercely independent but you can’t face the fact that you’re dependent. You always have a new love up next in your orderly rolodex, rarely waiting very long inbetween. Always serious, always turning into something that stresses you out. You’re allowed to have a break in your romantic resume. You need to water your own roots. Don’t dry up other people’s wells and get upset when they’re empty.

Aquarius: You have to perform emotional labor in a relationship, it’s a huge part of the deal, sorry. You can’t just not help people you care about just because it’s hard for you to understand, lots of things are hard; just try. That’s usually enough. That’s it. Don’t be selfish. You can’t take all the benefits of receiving emotional labor and not reciprocate it’s unfair, and you of all people should be able to understand the concept of equality.

Pisces: Stop giving so much to people who don’t want it or deserve it and cry when they don’t reciprocate; it’s not a movie, it’s not going to be perfect and magical and, more than likely, they’ve probably made it clear they’re not interested and it’s your own damn fault you got hurt. You put yourselves into uneven relationships then manipulate to even the odds, and this is so so unhealthy and destructive to everyone around. Get a thicker skin and listen to unpleasant things and, sometimes, yes; you have to fight and have confrontations to move forward, you can’t just wish it away.

When they said, ‘That’s a series wrap on Keegan Allen, I was like, ‘Oh my God, my boyfriend is dead,’ And the next day, they were very nice and had us all do a scene together, so it was all the girls. I’ll never forget the last shot we did was of Lucy, and we were all behind the camera hysterically crying…Afterwards, we knew they were going to take us outside, and usually there are maybe 15 people from the crew hanging around. There were like 50 people hanging around because we had these yearbooks and everyone wanted to be there. I’ll never forget, everybody got kind of quiet and started to kind of push us forward. We were just moving as a fivesome, and I realized, ‘They are about to say the words.’ And then it was done.
—  Troian on the PLL series wrap
Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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I want to talk about this…

We all know they like teasing each other especially Mingyu, right? Minghao can be savage but he’s a really sweet guy (I love him so much)!! Minghao was the one who brought up the topic and proceeded to ask the fans about who’s darker (between DK and MG) and he was asking the fans to be honest. I mean, I actually noticed that Mingyu became much reserved after this (I mean, can we blame him? DK and Minghao kept roasting him). BUT!! Minghao then told him what does it matter if he’s dark? He’s still cool and handsome anyways.

Minghao talked about Mingyu’s insecurity but he immediately followed it up with a compliment and that he shouldn’t feel bad about it. That he should be confident about it! 😭 Then he ended it with a statement that it’s not a matter to be dealed with anymore. You can see that Mingyu looked really thankful because he heard these supportive words from his friend.

I mean, I noticed how Minghao focused more on his friends than himself even if it’s his birthday broadcast.

Xu Minghao is really precious and we must protect him at all costs!

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1/? i think Lance could be any house tbh, BUTTTT, here me out... hufflepunk. The langst would be so REAL Like, Lance getting pumped at the sorting ceremony, wanting to be a brave gryfindor, bragging to everyone how brave he is, but as soon as the hat hits his head it shouts hufflepuff Not only does the boy have an inferiority complex a mile wide, imagine how he feels when he's told hufflepuff is the 'misc house' for people with no 'real talent'.

2/? Like, not only does Lance think he doesn’t have a thing, even the hat thinks he’s not ambitious, brave or smart. The occasional ribbing from his friends, about how lance would annoy gryfindors too much to be one of them. Lance try’s to brush it off but it still bothers him that he’s not seen as GOOD enough. But damn does lance he works hard, always joking that the hat made a mistake but still trying to prove himself to everyone that he’s useful

3/? If you couldn’t do something, lance would be there in a flash. Need help understanding charms? Lance is gonna stay up all night with you tryna learn it, even if he’s got his own essays. Someone throws a jinx at you in the hall? Bam, lance has jumped in front of it, no questions asked. Need a wingman? Lance has already made up 17 cheesy pickup lines ready and waiting.

4/? Its not until he sees the hat again in his 4th year, for doing something too reckless or getting into 1 too many fights and gets pulled into the headmasters office that he finally asks why the hell the hat put him in hufflepuff. It’s when the hat tells him that he could have been in any house that he becomes more confused and angry. Then why NOT put him gryfindor? Why make him put up with all the damn teasing? Why make him feel more useless than he already was?

5/? But the hat tells him that all his hard work, his loyalty to his friends, his self sacrifice is what makes lance /lance/. Why place him in one house that only allows one thing about him to flourish, when he has so much more to offer to the world. His bravery, his ambition, his intelligence, his unwavering dedication to his friends. Lance mebe has to sneak of the have a little cry afterwards. (prefect shiro pretends not to see him go)

6/6 After that, lance throws himself into his work, and in his 7th year, as a prefect, he overhears a new hufflepuff complaining about not feeling like he had anything to offer. Lance gently steers him around the corridors until he’s in the headmasters room, looking up at the old hat. He smiles at him as he closes the door. The hat is never wrong. 

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Fucking make me cry why don’t you?

But honestly, I love this so much; it’s super thought out, and I think you’ve got his character on point! This is actually perfect, I love this.

Yahaba Shigeru Headcanons!!!

Cause it’s my salty creampuff’s birthday!!

(Warning: mention of anxiety/panic attacks)

- Can play piano really well. His mother got him lessons in elementary school because someone mentioned how his longer fingers would be great for playing it. He likes doing pop song adaptations, and will even record teammates favorite songs for their birthdays for them. Oikawa got a recording of Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds. Kyoutani got a recording of Blackpink’s Playing with Fire (cause side headcanon of Kyoutani loving Kpop girl groups). On his and Mattsun’s birthday, he gave Mattsun a record We Are Number One. Everyone loves their recordings.

- He’s insanely flexible. Like before practice everyone is doing half hearted leg stretches while he’s doing backbends and splits. Oikawa is jealous and Kyoutani can’t take his eyes off of him.

- He is addicted to those peach sour ring candies, and will actually jump up and down in excitement if you surprise him with some.

- One time he overheard a girl trash talking Kyoutani in his class. He came up and talked to her after class. No one knows what he said, but she ran off crying afterwards. No one talks shit about his teammates in front of him again.

- Suffers from Panic Disorder, has ever since his last year in junior high. It was the worst his last year in junior high and entering high school, but learns to conceal it over time. Oikawa and Iwaizumi find him in the club room one day after they thought everyone left after practice suffering from a sudden panic attack. They helped him through it, and afterwards helped him cope with it, which is one of the reasons he admires the both of them so much.

- Has a mini garden of potted succulents at home that he treats like his own children. They all have names, and yes, they are named after his teammates. His favorite is a strange yellow little Echeveria named Kyoutani.

- Is bisexual as fuck, but doesn’t fully come to terms with it until his last year in high school. When he comes out and starts dating Kyoutani, no one is really that surprised, and Oikawa and Iwaizumi, even from their far away colleges, make sure to call Kyoutani to lecture him on treating Yahaba right (like the good parents they are💕).

yoongi: what was up with jimin last night?

jungkook: he was really upset, he was feeling insecure again… i wrapped him in a warm blanket and sat with him til he stopped crying… afterwards we just talked for a bit til we fell asleep. i hope you didn’t mind me staying over for the night hyung

yoongi: it’s nothing, don’t worry bout it, i’m sure jimin appreciated you staying with him..

jungkook: i just don’t understand how he cannot see how perfect he is?? everytime he’s sad i just want to tell him how amazing he is and how much i like him but.. it’d probably make things worse..

yoongi: ???? wtf how????

jungkook: he probably doesn’t like me back an-

yoongi: ?????? are you blind ?????? Jimin is literally all over you most of the time???

jungkook: i don’t know hyung…

yoongi: *done af with jk at this point*

There are universes where Holtzmann doesn’t get Erin in quite the way she wants. But that’s ok - because she still has her. And soon the want that rips and tears through her bones…it crumbles; it simmers, then it fades. And she can watch Erin get ready for a date with some
guy without crying afterward. Can put on a smile that isn’t fully painful when Erin twirls goofily, like she’s excited (because she is… fuck) and asks “how do I look?”

A heart clench. Stomach pains. “Beautiful, as always.” She’s not a liar, after all.

There are worlds where Erin isn’t hers. Countless planes of existence where it will never work. Countless reasons for Holtzmann not to make her move. Because Erin’s cheekbones make her feel fragile, weightless. Because Erin’s skin reflects everything she’d ever hoped for late at night as a teen, alone in her room wishing she could stare at the stars, wishing - wishing to wish on something. Wishing to believe in hope.

There are countless realities where Erin Gilbert says “no.”

So Holtzmann watches from behind goggles that make the the physicist seem to glow. She watches and waits. Flirts and flaunts. But she always falls back. Because there are countless unforgiving worlds - -

and she’s afraid she’s living in one.

Reaction #5: His reaction to you being scared of him when he’s angry/jealous

SeokJin (Genie):

Jin would NEVER want to come off scary or alarming to his S/O because he is such a sweet prince. After an argument with his S/O, he would continuously reassure them that they are safe with him and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. After the whole argument, he would try to end this hostile encounter with cooking for them, running a bath for them or doing something else sweet to get their mind off of this encounter.

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

When Yoongi would get angry he would probably say things he doesn’t mean and come off a little cold (which he is not). He will get worked up and probably stop talking for a while. When he would realize that he scared his S/O, his heart will soften up and he will realize what had just occurred. After sitting down and contemplating everything, he would walk up to his S/O and try to talk it over and say how crazy it is for them to fight over little things and that he doesn’t want to lose them over foolishness and that his intentions were never to scare them like that.

Hoseok (J-Dope):

Hoseok and his S/O never liked to argue over simple stuff. But when he got jealous or angry, of course he wouldn’t be the Hobi they knew and loved. He would get quite irritable but will try to calm himself down so the argument won’t get bigger than it was, especially if he knew they were scared. He would walk away for a little while just to sit down and think things through and calm himself down and like Yoongi, would walk to his S/O and talk it over with them about how this argument is crazy and how he doesn’t want to lose them before embracing them tightly in which he would probably slightly cry to the thought of unintentionally scaring his S/O and losing them because of a silly argument. “I love you y/n I really do, and I want you to always remember that if we ever fight.”

Namjoon (Monie):

When Namjoon would get jealous or angry it would show. He always made sure others knew that his S/O was all his and no one else’s. When getting into an argument about something, when he would raise his voice he would realize that things were getting out of control when he saw his S/O’s face display a startled look. He would immediately try to talk it over with them and try to see their point of view of the situation and like Jin, would reassure them that there is nothing to be afraid of and that all he wants to do is take care of them. His S/O will reassure him that they are all his and that there’s NO way he will lose them to anyone else.

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

When Jimin was angry, it definitely caught his S/O off guard. When Jimin would get angry it would startle them because Jimin is usually a soft, sweet human being. When he would get angry or jealous he would try to mention it without coming off irritated. For example, say if someone else was talking to you and it looked like flirting, he would go up to you and hold your hand or display some type of skin ship while holding back his slight annoyance. But when it happens again, he would jump in and would make a small aggravated remark. When arguing with his S/O about the situation, when he would get to a point where he would get angry and startle his S/O, he would try to calm down, then most likely cry afterwards soon after realizing what happened. His S/O would come over and reassure him that it’s okay and he would continuously apologize over how he came off and mention on how he never wants to scare them like that and how he loves them too much for them to feel that way.

Taehyung (Jack):

Tae and his S/O barely ever argued over anything. But when it would happen and if Tae ever got REALLY angry about something he would start to raise his voice. Whenever he raised his voice it would surprise his S/O and especially because he has a deep voice it would scare them a little more. But, when he saw his S/O’s frightened face, he would automatically start to cry because this soft bunny would NEVER want to scare the person he loved and never liked to partake in trouble with anyone. “I’m sorry y/n i really am, I feel like a monster” he said, voice heavy while crying. His S/O would then cry because they never liked to see Tae this way, hug him and constantly remind him that it’s okay and that he’s far from a monster. He would hold them into a tight embrace like he never wants to let them go.

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

When Kookie would get angry it will show on this boy’s face. His tone will become slightly irritable and would become more and more evident the angrier he gets. This would make his S/O nervous seeing and hearing Kookie this way. As his S/O would walk away in fear, Kookie will look down and try to calm down and think things through and let his S/O be for a little while. He wouldn’t know what to do or think and would know that his intentions weren’t to scare them like that and wouldn’t know how to approach them. He would feel slight embarrassment from his hostile reaction because he knew he didn’t mean to come off so cold. While looking down and slowly walking over to his S/O he would tear up and repeatedly apologize. His S/O knew that he didn’t mean it and they would hug it out and try to get through this together. They would then try to take their minds off of what just happened someway, whether it be watching a movie, etc.

A/N: I don’t own these gifs, credit to those who do! Btw I hope you enjoyed it!

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 15
  • *Yuuri and Phichit talking about Greg again*
  • Yurio: Are you really ok with this?
  • Viktor: Of course.
  • Yurio: Truly?
  • Viktor: Awww Yurio are you worried about daddy?
  • Yurio: No. And you're not my dad.
  • Viktor: So rebellious.
  • Yurio: I just don't want you crying to me afterwards. It's annoying.
  • Viktor: Aww don't worry about daddy so much *nuzzles Yurio's head which he swats away* I know EVERYTHING so there's nothing to worry about.
  • Yurio: You two are the strangest couple. I warned you so don't you come to me when it all goes wrong.
  • Viktor: Yuuri! Our son is worried about our relationship!
  • Yurio: *internal screaming*

a relationship like no other

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Hello! Are there any more short fics that are written very poetically and with a lot of metaphors? Like Stitching up The Seams, Four in the Morning, Chocolate Ice Cream and bourbon, From Inside the Black Hole? I'd prefer if they were short-ish (just one part).Thank you!!

Chocolate Ice Cream and Bourbon - It’s not as if Dan doesn’t want to go to the parties that he’s obligated to go to as a university student. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and Dan knows that him and parties should not mix. That is, until he isn’t alone, and he meets a solemn writer named Phil.

Four in the Morning - Four in the morning is the poster child for loneliness, earth’s betrayal; Dan Howell’s never been good at falling asleep at night. Because being alone in an empty house becomes suffocating, Dan finds solace in a cashier working the night shift at a grocery who’s afraid to fall asleep: Phil Lester. Maybe some questions are better off unanswered, or maybe Dan’s just afraid of the response.

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter - Sex has always meant more to Phil than just sex, but it takes him a long time to learn that crying afterwards isn’t a bad thing.

Nobody, Not Even the Rain - (tw) Dan is fine. It’s what he’s told himself all along. Even though it hurts when he has sex with his boyfriend, even though he shakes for no reason at all; he’s fine. He’s happy. But when he meets Phil, he learns about respect, trust, and how a relationship is truly supposed to be like. Most of all, he learns that maybe he’s not doing so well after all.

The Wanting Comes In Waves - After moving to the tiny Welsh coastal village of Rhagfyr, Phil struggles to find a new way of living, what with his new school and the decision of his future still on the table. Dan is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there’s beauty inside destruction.

I don’t blame you much (for wanting to be free) (ao3) - Phil first saw Dan, in a tiny museum in Manchester, wearing a nametag that said Dylan, cleaning one tiny patch of floor over and over, fringe falling in his eyes, staring at The Sea at Saintes-Maries like it was the best thing he had ever seen, like he was looking at something behind it, something hidden. Phil had said “hey, that’s my favourite too. Everyone always walks straight past it” and Dan had jumped like a startled cat and then instantly scurried off. Phil had thought no wait stay. And Dan hadn’t, obviously.

But We Were Screaming in Colour - au in which artist!dan’s idea of a romantic first date involves interrupting phil’s dissertation research and having sex in a pile of paint. this is their whirlwind relationship, as told in acrylic and prose.

Blue - Dan is an artist who sees people as colours and Phil needs money.

I looked up poetic fics and some of these came up, and then others are off the top of my head (: if anyone else has some recommendations, please feel free to rec them!

Veronica Comforting You Would Include...

So, this is for @emmcfrxst! Hope you feel better, Auntie Pasc!! (Also, which type of ice cream do you want me to bring??)

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  • When Ronnie finds you crying in the bathroom at school she just sort of loses it
  • Like “OMG, Sweetie are you alright!?” (Cause Ronnie says Sweetie, and I will take that to my grave)
  • But immediately after she mentally beats herself up
  • Because “No, they’re crying! WHY WOULD YOU ASK IF THEY’RE OKAY??”
  • She just feels completely powerless, and just pulls you in for a hug
  • She rubs your back and starts to whisper sweet words about how you’re amazing and how she loves you very much
  • She stays hugging you as long as you are crying for
  • And afterwards she helps you wash your face
  • And she peppers kisses all over 
  • Repeatedly telling you that she loves you and that she is so lucky to have you as a gf
  • When you feel ready to leave the bathroom, she holds your hand and walks out with you
  • She takes you home because she doesn’t want you to feel overwhelmed by people
  • She stays with you all day cuddling with you
  • And binge watching “Friends” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  • And watching cheesy 80′s movies
  • And making sure you’re curled up in 5 million blankets
  • Basically waiting on you hand and foot
  • Until you calm down enough to tell her what happened
  • When you do, she’s very attentive and hugs you even tighter 
  • She kisses the top of your head a lot
  • The next day she gives you a bouquet of red roses (Cause all the homo)
  • And again has magnolia cupcakes flown in from NY
  • And afterwards she takes you around Riverdale
  • She buys you your favorite milkshake at Pop’s
  • And just showers you with gifts and love
  • And she won’t stop until you tell her that you are 1000% better
  • You have to force her to stop with everything cause, “Ronnie, I don’t need this!!”
  • When you do stop her she gets all pouty
  • And you laugh because she’s so cute
  • And her face lights up when you laugh because she is so completely and utterly in love with you
  •  Whenever she finds you freaking out again she keeps on doing this
  • And when you ask why she does it
  • (Because you feel like you freak out too much and demand too much of her attention)
  • She reminds you that she is utterly in love with you and would do anything for you
The Chocobros React: You Confess To Them And Cry Afterwards


Hello! I’m really bad at being active at the minute on this blog, but rest assured once I force myself to take a break from stressing over my coming exams and revision, I’ll be writing out a lot of requests


Noct probably wouldn’t see this coming, having probably spent a while making sure that any niggling thoughts in relation to whom you liked were shoved away and locked up in the corner of his mind; he would have been in complete forced obliviousness, in other words. So when you do actually confess and then promptly burst into tears afterwards, he’d actually have no clue what to do. One thing’s for sure, though; he’d make sure to confirm the fact that your feelings are very much mutual with some gentle—yet hopelessly awkward—words.


It’s certainly plausible that Gladio wouldn’t exactly know how to deal with crying people—much less crying people that were both incredibly cute and had just confessed to him. And so, the moment he sees those tears slipping down your cheeks, he’d be at a bit of a loss for words (much like Noctis). Eventually, though, he would offer a hug and a reassuring smile along with a confirmation that he does, in fact, feel the same way as you and would love to take you out some time. 


Granted, it certainly would have taken a lot to gather the courage to confess to Ignis, so it’s not exactly much of a surprise to you, or Ignis when you start to cry (he’d be very much sympathetic, understanding the pressure that comes with confessions and the thought of rejection—though Ignis would never actually reject you because, wow, you’re really quite amazing? And he’s admired that fact for a while now). He’d be quick to tell you how amazing it is to see that you were braze enough to admit your feelings to him, and, lets be honest, he’d be just as quick (if not quicker) to say how those feelings are reciprocated and that he’s felt that way for a while now.


The moment those tears streak down your cheeks, Prompto would be by your side with a comforting arm around your shoulder. Never mind the fact that you’d just confessed your feelings for him (though it would definitely be a topic he’d like to look back upon later), his priority would immediately set his sights on getting you to stop crying. He’d murmur soothing words, occasionally attempting to drop little jokes that might make you laugh. When you eventually get ahold of yourself and stop crying, he’d be quick to mention how he’d definitely like to go out on a date, like, right now (he might sound a little eager but oh well, he’d be excited!)