crying about it tbh

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will you help me I just finished the trilogy last weekend and I just. Can't find it in me to be excited for andromeda. I wanna be excited so bad but I literally just finished the trilogy and I am having trouble moving on from shepard

Last weekend? That’s normal!!! It took me MONTHS before I could think about the games or Shepard without crying still crying sometimes tbh…
And you’re just supposed to move on right away and get ready for Andromeda? 

I mean, I could tell you everything that I think is going to be exciting about MEA but why not take your time? Enjoy your trilogy feelings and don’t force yourself to “move on” if you’re not cool with it. (I don’t believe we’re truly moving on, btw. The trilogy is still going to be there for all of us.)

There isn’t a rule that says we all have to be excited for the game and Andromeda will be released in a month, maybe by then you’ll feel a lot better? 
If not, that’s okay. 

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paramore for the band ask

You must be kidding me :D Okay, okay. I can talk about them all the time.

Am I a fan?: Let me think… I’ve been a fan for about 8 years. Unbelievable. I want to cry tbh.

First Song I Heard By Them?: Decode. I’m really thankful to The Twilight because if not for it I think I would never become a Pmore fan. Why is this so sad?

Favorite Song?: I hate this question. My favorite song is all their songs and I’m not kidding. This band is everything for me and like I appreciate every sound they made. Everything. The last song I was jamming to was One Of Those Crazy Girls.

Favorite Music Video?: Playing God. There is no doubt. Maybe that’s because of I’m religious too or maybe because of Hayley’s pink hair. I don’t know actually. I guess it’s both xD I also think that this is one of the most underrated Pmore songs.

Seen them Live?: Noooooo. And I’m looser because I had a chance. If they fly to my country with the 5′th album I won’t survive. 

Favorite Member?: Definitely Hayley’s carrot microphone.

Put a band in my ask.


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Headcanon that since Hanzo is a lot shorter than Jesse, whenever they hug, Hanzo can hear Jesse's heartbeat and he LOVES it because it's just so soothing and reminds him that he's alive and with him and for this reason (more oftenly when they're alone) he always gives Jesse the longest hugs. (1/2)

I can’t help you my dude this McMerdered me.

like i can’t even put into words how much i’m here for this
100/10 recommend good wholesome headcanon.
headcanon accepted.
It is now canon.

you ever get those moments as a bbh stan where you realize how irrefutably in love with him you are and suddenly you can’t meme about him anymore or make fun of his goofiness because you just love him so fucking much and everything he does turns your world upside down and his smile shatters you into a million pieces ?? because same

hi yes hello. melly here once again to spread love and support!! today is yet another klance cause they are just??? theyre so cute im going to cry my eyes out. @stealing-klances @voltron-assemble @dadliestwarrior @snowglobegays

they love u all soooooooooooo much its almost unbelievable?! woah! and so do i<333 were so grateful u exist!! have a wonderful day, lovelies<333

crying about eddie in birdsong tbh

and yeah i literally took a screenshot whenever he was pretty so here are those 

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