crying about it because actual perfect ship

you know, I’m a writer, I absolutely and unequivocally believe that stories matter: that the way we criticise, construct and change our narratives has genuine impact on the world, and that having passionate, diverse, critical opinions about books and films and TV shows and comics and video games is not only wonderful, but necessary, such I will gladly fight and die on the hill of Fictional Feels And Fandom Culture Are Actually Really Important - 

- and then I see snarky fandom trashtalk about how Ship A is stupid while Ship B is perfect and people on all sides acting like fucking five-year-olds fighting over a cardboard box and crying and slapping each other and squabbling for control of various imagined high-horses while getting mortally offended by even polite disagreement and it’s like,

you’re fucking threatening strangers on the internet because you want a different set of pretendy people to kiss

look at your life

look at your choices


Anon asked: All of those kisses were perfect :) How about each team member’s reaction to Fitzsimmons finally getting together?

This starts off a little wistful but don’t worry. I tried to get happier as I went along. Actually they started happy and got wistful but I rearranged them because I’m not that cruel. Sometimes.


It's enough to make a grown man cry.

He’s maybe a little sad, maybe even a little angry or bitter about it at first, he’s a bit quiet at first, but Simmons makes a better effort to get along with him, and he makes them something cute for their anniversary and keeps them on track when they get ahem-distracted, and he’s happy Turbo’s happy and they love each other :)

Hunter -

I’m officially on your team, you bastards.

His apathetic asshole heart is warmed as he remembers the look in Fitz’ eyes when he was talking about that one, singular girl he liked. He gives Simmons The Talk and then offers her a beer and invites her into Fitz’ bro-dom. 

Bobbi -

Happy that Simmons is going for it, joins Skye’s fan club and gets nostalgic and thoughtful about her own relationships. Maybe she decides Simmons’ path is not for her but maybe her in syncness with Hunter, or Mack’s kindness, or Trip’s easygoing cheerfulness, makes her rethink things, or maybe she’s just amazed and grateful that Simmons could find all these guys in one - lucky girl, she deserves it.

Trip & Skye:

Trip - high fives Skye and is a general ray of sunshine, and recharges his sunshine batteries off the 1000-watt bulb that is FitzSimmons quasinewliwed period. Graciously accepts Fitz’ apology for having been a jealous piece of shit even though he never held it against the man. Cracks jokes and gives Fitz advice on how to romantic-partner.

Skye - is a little hopelessshippertrash shit. She’s the one that goes ‘ooooh’ when Simmons comes to breakfast draped in Fitz’ shirt, and who rearranges their bench tools into love hearts, and sings when they do cheesy shit because they will, hopeless in love science buns that they are, and says they’re so cute they’re making her sick, and gives Simmons advice on how to do the romantic partnering. And teases the ever living shit out of anything sexual, because everyone has that friend, and how’s a girl supposed to resist. SHENANIGANNNNNNS.

May -

does the I’m-not-smiling-but-I’m-totally-smiling thing. Or maybe she actually smiles oh my god she gives Simmons a smile just a little one but *internal combustion* because all of the reasons like she’s so glad Simmons  is happy and not crushed or too hardened by what has happened to her and actually will get to live with and love her man and if Mamma May has anything to say about it that will be a long happy life because this is what they are protecting sorry I got carried away I just have a lot of May-Simmons feels

Coulson -

*banner unfurls reading HAPPY FITZSIMMONS and rice rains from the ceiling* *internal Papa!Coulson-slash-hopeless-shipper-trash combustion* glances over at May and we all die