crying a little because of their flawlessness

Real talk

Okay, imagine the bafamily with accents. 

Like, Bruce is pretty much flawless but even he has broad a's 

And Dick has a little bit more of an accent, but it’s tripped with multiple others because of his days at the circus. Like, he rounds his r’s and and sometimes messes up ch for the k sound and lots of other stuff.

Jason is full blown Gotham New Jersey accent. But even he has a Crime Alley accent, which is somewhat Gaelic sounding.

Tim, precious child, isn’t SUPPOSED to have an accent but due to his childhood romping lays it on THICK. It’s even a little nasally for certain words, because that’s how he heard them. 

Barbara pretends not to have one but she does. She does. It’s there and it’s powerful when she’s angry. 

Stephanie just. Just is unashamedly a Gotham girl. She has a similar sound to Jason’s, but it’s broader and and her intonation goes from flat to shrieky in 2 seconds flat.

Cassandra is pretty accent free, but little bits and pieces sneak in and it’s ADORABLE.

Damian, actually, speaks in a near British accent with Middle Eastern undertones. But he’s starting to sound like his dad, and when he’s not paying attention he follows Bruce’s voice pattern and intonation like the TINY BABY HE IS. 

loboselinaistrash  asked:

Ship question (mixing it up a little here) Garret and Dina from superstore

Oooo! Thank you for asking me this one, because it came out of nowhere and I am just like…

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Because it was so random, but I also love ships like that. Garrett being all flustered after they hooked up and all. I love them almost as much as I love Jonah and Amy.

I am literally Amy.

Send me a ship and I’ll rate it!

Wow that episode was cute and informative and funny.

It’s interesting that we’re seeing little by little throughout the show that HW isn’t flawless and infallible like they’ve led their constituents to believe. There’s definitely something going on that I hope we’ll know more about.

It is also nice to see Amethyst and how she’s changed. I feel like her development has been subtle, especially compared to Pearl, Garnet, Steven, and Peridot. Probably because there haven’t been many Amethyst episodes. But I loved seeing her be more open and vulnerable in this ep. Rather than lashing out or avoiding, she was open and honest and willing to talk about difficult or emotional stuff. I want to see more of that in the future.

And I’m just proud of and happy for Peridot. I feel for her a lot. She’s so important I love her.

Also… Is Mr. Smiley ok?