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Danai Gurira 2017 Tisch Gala Speech

Dramione fighting

•it’s almost bed time
•starts with a normal argument and goes back and forth until…
•Hermione snaps and starts yelling
•which makes Draco snap and start yelling back
•Hermione flinches at the volume of his voice
•she starts to tear up
•Draco notices this and apologizes for yelling and lowers his voice
•they continue arguing
•"I can’t do this any more,“ says Hermione.
•she grabs her purse and keys and walks toward the door
•right when her hand reaches the door knob, Draco softly grabs her other arm
•he pulled her into his chest as she starts sobbing
•he tears up as well because he hurt the only person he’s ever loved
•after at least 7 minutes of hugging, Draco pulls Hermione to the couch, wipes away her tears and they quietly talk about the problem
•they fall asleep on the couch together
•they’re back to normal the next morning

…………..goodbye Jack………

OW!!!!! My frickin goddam heart!!!!!! I was so scared the minute Ashi opened her mouth and made that portal. Dammit!! What a beautiful show and I loved every second of it. I can understand  this ending of Jack changing the past. This was his goal and there is that satisfaction of  finally saving his famiy. However, I was just hoping the Gods could help Ashi! There had to be a cost and it makes the ending so poetic but come on! The Gods should reward Jack at least….I knew that ladybug would be back. -.- When the ladybug first showed up with the white wolf. I was like….huh cute bug. Then Ashi had her flashback with it….I was oh frick no….This bug is symbolizing her. This bug is coming back… BACK TO THE PAST SAMURAI JACK!!! 

….now I have to mourn.The future of what could have been…..

I feel that Jack would have a son with Ashi. Just because there was so many daughters haha.