Okay this video gives me life ❤😩👅💦

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I think Yuri on Ice is the only show that manages to make me cry tears of joy.

Honestly, it’s been so long that a show makes my day. I know, I know. That’s really cliché and cringy, but in all honesty, this show just makes me so happy because how supportive everyone is, even the competitors to one another before they skate, H E A L T H Y AND G A Y relationships, and just the overall theme of love and care or motivation. And it makes me happy that it shows you can put aside your anxiety or low self esteem to do what you love and Yuuri pursues that after Viktor enters his life.
But it also made me realize how alone I am myself and how I struggle with what Yuuri struggles with throughout the show. Showing that this is a huge problem for many, MANY, people but it’s never bottled up. Not since Viktor literally pulls Yuuri out of that habit and to actually talk to him.
And it’s just beautiful and I cry at least 3 times in every new episode.
Hell, I just rewatched the airport scene and sobbed more and it’s been 5 days because it makes me so happy.
God… less this show and watch it if you haven’t. I swear, it’s worth it.