Can you imagine Oswald going to his mothers grave and just being like “I found the one mother just like you said. You would love him. He is so handsome and he treats me how you said i should be with respect and with love. I love him i truly do. ”

Im dying rn ahhhhhhhhh   

How To Get Away With Murder

Fluffly/Crackish Sam x Reader drabble also Dean.
“Are you mad at me?” You ask with a pout.

“I’m not mad!” He answers through clenched teeth.

“Yes you are, I know cuz you’re not looking at me.” You whine.

“It was an accident, I did not mean to break it, Baby”
You point at Sam’s split in half laptop.
“I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me?” You give him a shy smile and puppy dog eyes.

“I know you’re sorry Y/N. But I’m really mad and I can’t forgive you right now!”

“See! I knew you were mad!” You fake a little sob to make your boyfriend feel compassion about you.

“I’M NOT MAD!” He raises his voice.

“Don’t yell at me!!” You cover your face and ‘cry’

“Baby, no… Please I-I didn’t mean to yell! Please don’t cry, I’m sorry!!” Sam starts to apologize searching for your eyes, to show you he’s sorry.

And magically you stop crying wiping invisible tears. “Is okay baby, I forgive you!” You stand on your tippy toes and peck the side of his lips, smile and walk away, towards your room.

Sam let’s out a sigh.

Form the other side of the library Dean, who had been observing the whole thing starts laughing.

“What?” Sam asks his big brother.

“You do realize what just happened, right?”

Sam thinks for a moment before he starts walking the same direction you flew.

“Y/N, get back here!”
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